Cryptic Spiritual Healing: Final Eclipse in Pisces


A good father is not someone who loved, understood, or gave you the most, but who taught and supported your dreams the most. Especially a man who sacrificed riches to rags to keep the family together against all odds so that at the end of his days they called him a “good man.” With respect and honor.-Maharani Rutan©


I have written many blogs in my lifetime, yet this blog may be the most emotional and personal to my heart. It has involved enormous strength, emotion, and patience. It seems that I have always been the one that has told many people to be strong, to look past weakness, and learn to move on. Although I was aware of this advice, I was not prepared for what the universe delivered to me in the last eclipse in Leo (read about it here).

On February 12, 2017, as I boarded a plane, my own words echoed in my head and rang true in my ears. “Leo represents the family structure and something has to give as the Leo eclipse will affect all fire signs, including those that have fire sign in their chart (read about it here).” I also stated that “the eclipse could impact people as early as 10-12 days before and continue 10 to 12 days after.” Perhaps it was my premonition, or those dreams that kept me up late at night, of my father all in white waving at me. His eyes were the color of snow and his hair was a perfect gray, just gliding in the wind with a great big smile from a distance. I was the last to hold him, last to look in his eyes, last to tell him to wait, and last to tell him I loved him.


Why it was happening to me my psyche was empty, I knew that I was not immune to the pain. I also knew that the time was drawing near. I knew the planets were aligned just right and if it were to happen, it would happen. Maybe it was Saturn in Sagittarius as he had 3 rounds of this in his lifetime. Yet Saturn was knocking at my Mars/ Venus. Or perhaps Saturn leaving Scorpio on the 26th and he became ill on the 27th of January. I could sit all day and theorize why, and what caused it. But at the end of the day all things must die and be reborn again.

Now, it is too late to wonder. Because he is gone; leaving behind his wife (my mother), two daughters (my sister and I), three grandchildren, and one great granddaughter. In his bio it was written that he said a “soul is something weapons cannot cleave, fire cannot burn, water cannot wet, and winds cannot dry”-STJ.

In honor of my father I waited until February 24, 2017 to begin my writing with the hopes that Shiva would grant me the strength to make this blog inspirational to those who have lost a family member. Additionally, to show the strength of the cosmos and the underlining transformation through the power of the eclipse and the impact on humanity; but most of all, why sometimes in life things just have to be let go to give them rebirth.

February 24, 2017 represents a very auspicious day for all Hindus; it is the Mahashivaratri Festival which is translated as Night of Shiva. This is the day Shiva married his bride Parvati, but there are many other legends which represent its importance. My atonement is to my father as it is believed that the worship of Shiva forgives people of past sins, thus attaining moksha and salvation, and they can do it for themselves or others. Therefore, every word that I write will be a dedication to my father who fought for his life 12 days before the eclipse and 7 days after. Shiva is also a representation of Pisces; as old philosophies of Hindu culture and Vedic scriptures have stated that 99% of the population has Pisces in their chart somewhere. I have begun to investigate the 1% that does not have Pisces in their chart, and why, but will leave that for completion at another time.


First Annular Solar Eclipse of 2017

Last Eclipse in Pisces until 2035

New Moon in Pisces

By Maharani Rutan©

February 26, 2017, is the 2nd eclipse of 2017, yet the first Annular Solar Eclipse and the last eclipse in Pisces until 2035 with the New moon in Pisces. With this much water, the cosmos is surely giving humanity spiritual divinity. I had written in depth about this beautiful steller event in my prediction of 2017 (here).

There are many types of eclipses and the names are given by the rays that are visible through human eyes. The Latin translation of “annulus” is Annular, which is almost as if there is a ring of fire around the sun during the shortest eclipse. Due to the uniqueness it will appear differently in several regions. This will not be an eclipse that North America will be able to enjoy; rather it will partially be seen in many areas of South America, Africa, the Indian Ocean, and Antarctica.

The Solar Eclipse begins its motion on February 26, 2017 at 7:10am EST, 4:10am PST. As the eclipse moves into full eclipse at 8:15am EST and 5:15am PST, the moon will gradually begin to wane to new moon at a slow speed. The maximum eclipse will occur at 9:58am EST and 6:58PST and one minute later the new moon will join the symphony to make a beautiful ring. The eclipse will then dance across South America and Africa until its finishes its motion at 12:35pm EST and 9:35pm PST.

Solar Eclipse is known as Surya (Sun) Grahan (eclipse or stolen). This is when the moon blocks the sun and usually it takes place on a new moon, making the earth dark. But behind every scientific theory there is always an ancient element; in the Vedic scripture (the short version) Rahu and Ketu cursed the moon and the sun that whenever the sun and the moon came close to each other there would always be negative energy to humanity. Therefore, mantras are chanted and precautions are taken.

This eclipse is going to generate Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Virgo. Please remember that even if you are not a mutable sign it affects the house where these astrological signs are placed. For those who have had a VPA chart done, take a look to see where you are blessed.

Looking through many ancient scriptures, theories, and analysis, I often feel that 80% of what is written seems very negative and often shocking. I feel as though we make our own destiny and it is not what is happening in the planets; it is our attitudes to the planets that makes all the difference in the world. However, one thing is for sure, we must learn from our past and apply it in the present so we can change our future.

I am the number one fan of history and the parallels it carries into the present. We have had a similar eclipse in Pisces on February 26, 1998, when the Solar Eclipse was at 7 degrees in Pisces; yet in 2017 the eclipse is at 8 degrees on the same day and two hours later.

February 1998, was romantic indeed, Titanic was the #1 movie and also had #1 song by Celine Dion “My Heart Will Go On”. President Clinton was in the spotlight with his affair, Oprah Winfrey won her trial, and the U.S unemployment 4.6%. Fast forward to when the new moon was in Pisces at 9 degrees without an eclipse. Opposite from 1998, the top song was Beyonce’s “Check On it” and Madea’s Family Reunion was the #1 movie with President Bush in the White House. Fast forward one more time when new moon was at 6 degrees without the eclipse February 25, 2009. The #1 Movie was Madea Goes to Jail and the #1 Song was “Right Round” by Flo Rida. Somehow, as we are transforming our nation the softer society is becoming much sterner becoming much more utopian. Once again, this eclipse is triggering changes.

Keep saying farewell to foundations of life to generate space for use in signifying the next level of some larger work in the world. Remember that a Solar Eclipse is a New Moon, carrying the potential of new things to come, new things to be rewarded, and new ingenuity to embrace.

The importance of a Solar Eclipse is that the effects last for years rather than weeks. Mercury, the ruler of the Eclipse and mutual greeting with Venus, is in a degree of restoration and rebuilding. What follows will hold for every person, especially those born on the cusp, around the 21st to the 26th of each month. The focus will be on temporary gain, perhaps at the expense of durable security, as long-term commitments can make them feel trapped.

Solar drive is outward, authoritarian, defensive, and vigorous – an echo articulated from inside our existence power. This eclipse is predominantly demonstrative, preoccupied with sensitive burdens, which can be unexpectedly idealistic and flattery or passionate display is likely to cause some to be upset. If you feel no change during this solar eclipse you will feel it in the fall eclipses. Appreciate all that optimistic conditions come upon and don’t be impudent enough to believe they can easily overcome the negative ones.

The new moon brings issues of communication, accuracy, spreading the word, and reaching out. Facts are vital to decision making, and all the data we have and need will now be obtainable by us! With these major aspects ending, we’ve learned the lessons of not communicating, and rejecting to incorporate new data with our experiences from the past. It is also a time to rejoice, have fun, release stress through walking, playing, contacting brothers and sisters, and embracing the child within!

The Moon in Pisces ushers in a time of attentiveness and soberness. Relating effortlessly with others particularly enthusiastically, with unlimited ability to comfort and heal. Giving all of yourself for the sake of those around you; however, there is a likelihood of being confused with self-emotions, so being a hermit may be the best way to understand them.

This will be especially difficult for Sagittarius as VPA continues to theorize that Saturn, the karmic teacher, will continue transit until Jun 21, 2017. It will then briefly will go into Scorpio and return into Sagittarius. This journey has another 3 more years. (Read more about it here). Hence, as many would say Saturn causes difficulties for many people, in my personal opinion I would say Saturn can be a good thing; it is a matter of how one handles them during the transit. However, it does not have to be all bad. On the other hand, earth signs, especially Virgo’s, are still smiling.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, is still glorifying Virgos and all earth signs until September, even though right now it is retrograding. Western theory and astrology will, however, contradict this due to the theoretical prospective. I highly recommend that those who are focused on Western Astrology do not try to analyze VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories) as it is a unique structure.

It is my suggestion that if your center focus has always been Western Astrology, it would be good for you to contact my recommended astrologers Leslie Hale or Lee Stillwater to see how this eclipse will impact you personally. The focus of this blog is based upon Vedic theories, not to be associated with Western Astrology, and the association to astrological signs are place holders of personal characteristics. These are general tendencies and are not fixed for individual characteristics or primary predictions.

The eclipse does not have to be disturbing as countless will claim; eclipses can bring developments in one’s life or sanction personal inventory to make improvements to stability. It is a time for expansion, gasping truths, acquiring information of the spiritual world, and get sensible facts from people. Let your breath out, the importance of sustainability and stability will be present. If your job or work was done with hard labor and meticulousness then the heavens will definitely support you; however, if you were spinning around just getting by then the angle of the eclipse will show you the direction you’re lacking to be successful.

This eclipse will be exceptional in its own way; it is a renewed start for many, and for others it is an eye opener. Please note, I am not an astrologer and these are broad trends that will have emotional impacts on world opinions and insights of many depending upon how well they are controlled. The general tendencies will be chronologically listed by the sign which will be impacted the most.

Both Lunar and Solar eclipse prophecies should be joined to make a map of what is to take place in one’s life over the next 6 to 18 months, including risk avoidance. Remember, the lunar finishes by our action and the solar activates with our reaction. Since the new moon is in Pisces, I will begin with Pisces and all mutable signs, followed by Leo and all fixed signs, and lastly Aries and the Cardinal signs


Mutable Signs

(Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini)

This eclipse is the most important eclipse of your lifetime Dear Pisces. This is the end of your cycle of Eclipses which began for you on March 20, 2015 (read about it here). In my predictive blog I had suggested that this will be a year that you will make some major changes in your life, be it be a new job, relocation, or even a life changing event, something is going to give. But you may not be the only one smiling as the heavens above are also smiling upon your brother Virgo who continues to be blessed. However, right now Jupiter, which was bringing expansion and luck to Virgos, is taking a break and will be back to see how well Virgos are doing without sparkles of fairy dust (read more about it here). On the other hand, your sister Sagittarius is now growing up and finding that difficult lessons bring precious gifts and she will continue to grow with a little help from her karmic teacher Saturn (read more about it here). While the twins continue to get shaken and rattled by Mercury retrograde in April/May/June and this fall (read more here).

Pisces: Remember this is a growth process for you. The next 6 months will be crucial to your future. The last eclipse gave you shocking luck which could have brought you new work or good surprises in your career or health. Sometimes when we are lucky some things can get difficult. Be very cautious as you have a habit of working hard, you may not realize it but there may be times that you get a little under the weather as a result. Be cautious of how you spend your money and I would not be surprised if you have to travel more than you anticipated. You may also have self-confidence issues and could be prone to accidents, especially with your feet. If you recently got a job promotion, or changed departments, be careful as you may now have enemies that you did not know existed.

Virgo: You may feel that money has been dripping in little-by-little and I wish I could say that things will be better quickly. Jupiter is retrograding and wants to see you apply the lessons on your own. The eclipse in Leo was not so hot for you, perhaps there was some insecurity in your work. Like I always say, eclipses bring bad and good together. Hopefully this eclipse will bring some pleasure. During this eclipse many things will turn around in your work but careful, still keep in touch with your close friends and relatives. Your relationship with your spouse may be improving and soon you will be able to come up with some plans to compete with enemies and competitors. Legal issues may also go well for you.

Sagittarius: If you have not been feeling well, health wise, please continue to take care of yourself. Perhaps you wanted to travel and glitches occurred, or needed to learn something that you could not learn. And of course, good old Saturn did not help you either. But this eclipse could bring some beautiful things. Even though things are looking better be a little cautious driving and don’t sell anything right now. You may still find some difficulties at work, and if you are going to school this may also cause issues because of Saturn, but not to worry. Your work and business will get better, you will have the confidence you need, and you will get to travel like you want. Just try not to argue with family.

Gemini: Something may have happened at your work where you may have been given some opportunities but maybe there is just so much to travel. Your patience may have been tested and something had to give. But like all things, if it was not that bad then you may have the same. You may finally decide to invest some time in some religious things and travel places where you had not gone before. Your relationship with younger family members should be getting better. At the same time, I would not be surprised if you get a promotion of some sort or get into some sort of a public event. Now it’s time to ask for forgiveness without losing face.

Fixed Signs

(Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus)

This will not be the easiest year for you Dear Leo and Aquarius. Both of you will be transforming into beautiful butterflies. But like every butterfly, each must break out of a cocoon that is so utterly comfortable. The journey of the idealistic Aquarius already began in August of 2016 and will continue until mid-2018. Along with it you will change all the fixed brothers and sisters. Sweet Leos do not like change and this eclipse threw a bombshell on Leos (read more about it here), but Saturn moving into Sagittarius also affects Leos as it touches all fire signs (read about it here). On the other side, Scorpios are feeling a tad bit better now that Saturn is slowly moving away (read about it here). But most of all, Taurus will continue to get the blessings from Jupiter, but right now Jupiter is on a lunch break until June which may affect many areas of their lives.

Leo: The last eclipse was your first and many things may have forced you to change your life (read more about it here). On top of that, Saturn in Sagittarius did not help you, or did it? If so, I am sure it was not as positive as you may have wanted it to be and more tears than laughter may have brought sadness to your heart. You now have put a lot of stress on yourself. You need to make sure you look at your health through a microscope. You may have to be a mediator for family members. At the same time, you will have plenty of support from your spouse. Work out old differences and be careful of communication as you may be misunderstood.

Aquarius: The eclipse last year (read about it here) and the Leo eclipse (read about it here) may have given you mixed results but your love life should have improved a bit. If all was good for you then remember to balance everything; we must have the good and the bad to create balance. I can’t say this will be your favorite eclipse but there are things you may enjoy. The negative side is that you may have some problems with communication which could lead to misunderstandings with family. Be careful with money and your health as you may catch a cold. Be cautious with any investments, and most of all, your temperament.

Scorpio: Finally, you should have felt better; however, the lunar eclipse in Leo should have brought some major endings for you. It may have shaken your foundation. I can’t say this is the perfect eclipse for you. However, Saturn is in Sagittarius. This eclipse may bring issues of family and home. Scorpios’ center of focus should be on their maternal aspects and leaving arguments aside. There may be issues at work, and if studying, there may be difficulties in concentration. Additionally, there could be difficulties in focusing on relationships. Be careful with any investments, and children may be the focus at this time.

Taurus: The last eclipse perhaps was not good but at least Jupiter was gracing you until beginning of this month. This eclipse you may be happy with the way things turn out as you find unexpected financial gains. Be careful however, you may find out there are people who are talking behind your back. You may now have a chance to fix past mistakes but you still need to focus on your mother; control your temper, be careful walking and driving, and postpone any financial decision.



Cardinal Signs

(Aries, Capricorn, Libra, and Cancer)

Right now things are not so bad for cardinal signs except for the backlash from other comparative signs. Aries may be feeling the heat of Saturn from Sagittarius. Capricorn may be magnified with good wishes of Jupiter; however, things may be a little quiet for them. Libra may be wrapped up in work and religious activities, and Cancer may be feeling the effects of the Pisces eclipse.

Aries: Perhaps you have lost your job or are having difficulties and are looking for a new job. Though the last eclipse should not have been bad, you may have felt some stress because of Saturn in Sagittarius. Perhaps this eclipse you may find things to be gracious for you. You may find that family relationships could start to get better and maybe your friends could even help in financial endeavors. Do not gamble or invest in “get rich quick” schemes as they will work against you. You must take care of your health and your expenses. Be careful walking or driving as carelessness and being in a hurry will cause unexpected accidents.

Capricorn: Perhaps the last eclipse was not as good for you as you had anticipated. You may have been ill, or you had adversaries or enemies you had to deal with. During this eclipse you still have to take care of your health; you can no longer ignore it. You may also need to focus on legal and family issues. Be careful with investment property. While your confidence should be coming back, you will still have issues with your siblings because you may be over reacting.

Libra: The last eclipse should have been very favorable for you and you should have had plenty of support from your family and friends. The only thing you were cautioned about was your finances. But as always with Libras, when it rains it pours. Your work life should improve a lot. Your confidence should be high, but with all this good energy it is easy to get confused and distracted so be careful with your money, walking, or accidents.

Cancer: Nothing seems to bother you; sipping piña colada’s last eclipse. You may have had misunderstandings with your family. Unexpected expenses may have occurred and allergies were also an issue. Now, you will have easier access to travel and perhaps you may do some religious activities as you have the time. However, you must take care of your health. If you have been ignoring something you must get it treated. You may still have some family issues, just stay calm, cool, and collective.

Please note these are VPAT tendencies not to be mistaken for astrology. For Western astrology charts and predictions please make an appointment with one of my recommended advisers Leslie Hale or Lee Stillwater.

The solar eclipse in Pisces does require some due diligence. Care needs to be taken to avoid self-indulgence and excessive concern, or desire, for material possessions. Since the moon in Pisces represents Profound, Ingenious, Psychic, Empathetic, and Creativity in everyone, we must use the practical senses.


You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention. When it comes to finding satisfying relationships and success, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be.

I have chosen four mantras for this eclipse; two easy and two difficult. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy.


The mantras for this Solar Eclipse are:
Easy mantra

Om Surya Namaha

(Om su r ya nama ha)


Om Adityaaya Vidmahe divaakaraaya dheemahi, tannah suryah prachodayaat


Pisces moon are:


Om Hreeng Kleeng Sauh

(om hriiing kliiiing suuuuah)


Om Kleem Uddhritaya Udharine Namah

Woman in White Watching OceanThis Siddha mantra uses the universal origins that rule each charka: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. This is also a time of Mahashivratri for most Hindus and thus a propitious time for renewal and rebirth for many.

With every moon cycle, remember to cross out the old affirmations even if there is the slightest change, and create new ones. The perfect number for aspirations is 10. This means to list 10 aspirations and recite them every night until the next moon cycle. Remember, never make the affirmations begin with “I must”, they must be worded “I will be guided.”


Please note that these are broad dispositions, and I highly recommend that you make an appointment with Leslie Hale to find out how this eclipse will move you. Often, Astrology could be a guide to what is forthcoming and Astrologers are able to give you a pointer of what you can expect. At the same time, Vedic readings are also relatively significant since aspects of the sun, moon, karma, dharma, destiny, and spiritual predispositions translate what is about to come so that you can make adjustments to gain the most benefit from the eclipse.

I will be offering 6 month personal in-depth readings starting the 27th of February appointments are on a “first come, first served” basis regardless of how late or early you have booked your appointment. These readings will be incorporating parts of life that may not able to be expanded on by an Astrologer. Incorporating both readings will give you complete clarity of what is to come, what can be done to prevent it, and what needs to be understood. Together, you can amplify the best of both worlds and create a destined path of your choice.


Please remember that I am NOT an Astrologer nor do I privilege to be one, rather, I am a Vedic Sanskrit Reader who combines Astrology as a value and basis of the reading. This surrounds the splendid transformation destiny and Karmic reading as an inference to all readings. The interrelations between Astrology and Vedic readings could be seen as similar however, the information received by a Vedic reader can often be overwhelming, true, and substantial to progressive and peaceful future.

I hope that this solar eclipse and new moon in Pisces brings to you and yours a peaceful, loving, and harmonious 6 to 24 months. And remember that eclipse readings come in pairs. As most clients are aware, it is necessary to compare and contrast in order to get the most vibrant and accurate reading. If you are not able to finish your reading, or not going to be at a silent or quite place where you can take notes, it is best to wait.

piseces lost_11

For my regular clients, I hope you were able to utilize the new spiritual cleansing recipe to prepare, allowing you to be grounded for your reading. The cleansing provides pure healing, insight, and calmness.

This will be the last 6 month reading until the fall and just remember good old mercury is not so far away.


Wishing you and yours the most spiritual journey.

I wanted to give a special thanks to Rasheda, Judy, Linda and Paul for not only holding me up during my most difficult times but applying what I taught you.  Which is to love unconditionally, and holding hands at a distance.

Maharani Rutan©

Maharani468Copyright @2017,;
Written & Edited by Maharani Rutan@2016 & Co. All rights reserved

Moving into Philanthropic Phase or Evanescent?


First New Moon of 2017

New Moon in Aquarius

January 27, 2017

By Maharani Rutan©

Opening the door to new friendships, innovation, ideas, and being yourself is theme of the beautiful new moon. Even though it creates a void, it does not really matter as we are ready to have a new beginning.

Cuddle the energy, plant your seeds, and breathe a sigh of relief. Enjoy the time, brief though it may be, where there is almost nothing in the way of your own freedom.

On January 27, 2017 our sky will have a void of the moon at 8 degrees in Aquarius depending upon the orb. The transit of the void could happen at different times contingent upon where you live therefore, at 7:07pm EST and 4:07pm PST.

The only thing I foresee that could cause some disturbance is the high strung energy of Mars and Venus in Aries. As I mentioned in my predictive blog of 2017 (read about it here), people may be very competitive, high strung, and very direct saying exactly what they want to say. Of course, within few days, Venus enters Aries where communication could become even more abrasive, but just in time for the full moon energy and the eclipse.

Vedic ideology states that the grahas is defined as grab or grabber of something; in this sense it refers to the moon or the sun. So the eclipse is either Chandra Grahan or Surya Grahan. Chandra refers to the moon and Surya refers to the sun. Both usually affect human energy 7 to 10 days prior to the eclipse. Therefore, enjoy the new moon energy as much as you can because within 4 to 5 days’ time many of you will start to feel the pull of the Eclipse energy.

Though the new moons are not as significant in the Vedic culture as they are in the western culture, they are always a time spiritual beginnings no matter which ideology that one follows. New moon signifies a renewed sense of self where full moons are closures of the emotional self and openings of the physical surroundings.

New moon supports changes internally so they can be cultivated externally. New moon energy always blesses negotiating contracts, beginning new projects, even making those phone calls or letters which you may have dreaded. With Mercury completely direct on the new moon there is no better time to get it all done (read about it here).

Imagine for a moment that a new moon is a clean slate in which you build something, anything, that you want. It could be a dream which you make into reality or even a new year’s resolution which you made but never initiated. Now the universe will bless the energy and gives the support needed to make it happen.

People who have primary planets in Capricorn/Aquarius (note I stated two signs – this VPA states it’s a quality of both), will be prone to being reserved – an ability for detachment concerning others’ feelings. Viewing every emotional situation rationally and scientifically, feelings may come up unpredictably; preferring to channel emotional energy into intellectual pursuits and choosing to seek the company of friends for emotional contentment.

Encouraging others by appreciating their intellect and accepting their conventionalities will be the theme of the new moon. Of course, this applies primarily to those whose charts are not unduly afflicted in the sign of Aquarius and the other fixed signs.

People with fixed signs (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius) may isolate emotionally and become more impartial so that there is no overreaction to situations. It is time for impartiality and truth so material can come in a more refined way. It is also a time when you can discover an abysmal self-manifestation through a higher mind and reason. Cultivate your dreams and send the best ones back into your world.

New moon in Aquarius is about alterations in our lives in order to make improvement. Often times it makes us feel as though we are totally without help in the world. We will understand that affirmative changes will occur through inspiration and kindheartedness but will also be very vague.

Since moon in Aquarius represents Defiant, Desolate, Coherent, Welcoming, and Erratic, it is my suggestion for us to remain balanced. This new moon is extraordinary to many signs.

It is my suggestion that you purchase an aqua candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with lemongrass oil or sage oil and chant Psalm 51. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle.

Remember that with all solicitations of psalms and mantras attaining the anticipated result is determined by the value of meaning. The mantras can be tough to enunciate for many but it is an influential source of energy.

In 2017, I am choosing two mantras for every lunar cycle. The first mantra will be easy but will have the connection needed to bring power to the mantra and the second will be for those learned mantra users.

Aquarius moon is:

Easy Mantra

“Om Hreeng Aing Kleeng Shreeng”

(Oooom Hriiiing Aiiiing Kliiiing Shrrring)

(breath in with each first letter and breathe out you should be able to feel the vibration in your nose upper lip and jaw)

Advance Mantra users:

Om Shreem Upendraya Archutaya Namah

This mantra produces the quality of friendship within oneself including others.

Please note I am not a western or Vedic astrologer. I am a certified Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic reader. Our chief responsibilities are to use astrology and numerology as placeholders to determine obstacles and conclusions, thus finding a pathway to a person’s karma, dharma, universal, spiritual and Ayurvedic solutions to sublime bliss.

If you are looking for a western reader you may contact my preferred astrologers Leslie or Lee, or any of my other recommended advisers here. Using western techniques, they can help you find out how new moon, and other aspects, is going to affect you. The information above is a generalization not to be determined as a unique prospective of how it may affect you individually.

Do not forget to put your plan into action and enjoy this new beginning. Have wonderful new moon in Aquarius!

This will be the last blog before the eclipse. Just a reminder if you are planning on having a 6 months reading on yourself, my schedule is pretty booked up already. Please contact me through your normal channels on or before the 30th to see about accommodating time for both of us.

Maharani Rutan©

Maharani468@Copyright @2017,;
Written & Edited by ©Maharani Rutan @2017 & Co.

Magic of Reality and Liberation: Last Super Full Moon 2016

122416Last Super Full Moon 2016

Full Moon in Gemini

Cold/Strawberry Moon

December 14, 2016

By Maharani Rutan©
Within few days it will be Christmas Eve and within three weeks we can finally say goodbye to 2016. However, the Universe will not let us close the year without us opening our eyes one more time.

Our awareness of 2016 was important lessons of hardships, kindness, shocks and healing. Therefore, the last super moon of 2016 will brighten the sky one last time this year. Though it will not be as bright as the one in November, it will be bright enough to make a significant emotional impact on many of us.

As I had explained in my December 2015 blog (read about it here), we would have 6 super moons; 3 of which will be super new moons that would occur the spring/summer and 3 super full moons which would be fall/winter starting October 14. Here we are at the last moon of 2016.

December 14, 2016 at 7:06 am EST, 4:06 PST, we will have a full moon in Gemini at 22 degrees in Sagittarius-Axis, depending upon the orb. Gemini seeks discussions whereas Sagittarius seeks the truth, and together a new opening to make peace through negotiation will be on the horizon.

Secret of mysteries, the Moon calls to the envisioning depth to wake and wander in realms beyond the coherent, logical, and the lunar daylight self. It is time to fold away in the dream-time; heeding to your intuition, search for solutions in ancient memories buried inside your unconscious. Release your hold on the routine now; don’t try to have it all make sense. Keep a dream journal and be open to moon undertones. Work with hunches, autonomy, and other forms of mystic intuition that let the mind drift free. It is time to be magnified in a search of the greater truth and worship the ever-changing beauty of the night.

Everything becomes vibrant and more potent under the light of the Full Moon – impulses and dispositions can become quite magnified, and we may have more consciousness and focus on relationships. The energy is just right for incandescent dreams. Bleeding and hemorrhaging are more likely during a Full Moon, so take care.

This type of energy may not have been felt this intensely in this century; the closest we have come is in 2008 when the Gemini moon was at 21 degrees in the Sagittarius axis.

While the moon is in the dual-istic sign of Gemini, people may never make up their minds. With the Gemini ease of seeing both sides of everything, we feel more supple, changeable, and garrulous. However, as Sagittarius loves entertaining, this should be a very stimulating full moon.

Be aware, after the 19th you might find things slackening down; relationships could finish abruptly because of things that were repressed for way too long. Even if the relationships were just fine, they too could get a little wobbly. Mercury retrograde is about communications; all that was stable before is now being reconsidered (read about it here). This period actually began December 1st and it won’t completely straighten out until January 27, 2017.

The irritability of the Gemini moon means that nothing is reliable. Communication and inconsistent, or two-sided, features are stressed. Inquisitive concepts and stimulus may come in an instant, where one door opens to another. This cantankerousness may be stimulated through email, internet, or telephone communication. Explore all that is desirable, but at this time, you should not plant roots because you may change your mind.

The Airy Gemini Moon gives our emotions wings of magic, openhearted chats, friendly social calls, community interests, and a bit of change-your-mindedness….

It is my suggestion to bring out those aspiration papers again and cross off the ones you have already changed and make new ones. I also suggest purchasing a Yellow candle, carving your name on it, anointing it with sandalwood or frankincense oil, and chanting the following chant: “”I ask to find the inner light of my creativity” I wish for the universe to help me achieve the acknowledgment that I desire.” “I pray that I may find the strength to take chances with my creativity.” Along with Psalm 7, recite this chant every night until the next full moon phase which will be January 12, 2017.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning. Remember, with all applications of psalms and mantras, to achieve the desired results they must be done with selfless motives. If you do not have these selfless motives, no matter how many times manifesting vibrations are chanted, results will not be achieved.

This full super moon I have chosen two mantras. Additionally, I have included a more complicated and powerful mantra on the list; if you are unable to pronounce it, it is best to do chant the easier one. Furthermore, Gemini, and those that have Gemini in their chart, will be affected by Mercury retrograde which begin December 1, 2016 (read about it here). The mantra for Mercury is as follows:

“Om Mani Padme Hum”

(ommm MaaaNeee Paud meee Hooom)

For Gemini Full Moon

Om Braang Breeeng Broung Sah Budhay Namaha

(ooom Braaaaa nag briiing brouuuung saaah budah ya Namaha)

For those that are fluent in Hindi and Sanskrit and you would like to combine both mantras and you are able to pronounce it correctly.  Below is the most complicated mantra.  As you know pronunciation is important as the vibration is a important aspect to the mantra.

Om Shreeng Aing Sauh

(ooom Shriiing Aiiiinnnnng suuuuah)

(the nose and upper jaw must vibrate)

The intention of this mantra is to call upon the God of security and harmony to give you internal and external peace without uncertainties.

Please remember that I am not an astrologer and these are general predispositions not to be associated with the absolute. To find out how intense this full moon could be astrologically, I highly urge you contact my recommended astrologer Leslie Hale or Lee if they are unavailable you may choose another Astrologer from my group recommend page.

Vedic reading incorporates the sun/moon signs with a common place vessel to highlight the areas of Destiny, Dharma, Karma, Asthma, and Spiritual preferences, bringing you the most probable circumstances with options for choices and improvisation.

I wish you the best of this full moon and please be careful how you communicate, to whom you communicate, and what you are saying; especially during Mercury retrograde and Sagittarius-Gemini Axis.

If you had a reading from me last eclipse in August, and September and you have not had an update, please remember this will be the last update until February 10, 2017. There will not be any further updates until the eclipse time. Additionally due to Mercury retrograde I suggest that if you wish to have a update that you do so between now and December 18, 2016 or wait until January 09, 2017, thus will only recap one month until the eclipses of 2017.


I wish you and yours the most blessed, safe, and Holiday Season

Maharani Rutan @

Copyright @2016,; Written & Edited by Maharani Rutan@2016 & Co.

“Sleep in Heavenly Peace”: Last Mercury Retrograde 2016


Last Mercury Retrograde 2016


Pre-Progression: Dec 1-14, 2016 (Begins in Sagittarius)

Pre-Regression : Dec 15-17, 2016 (Moves into Capricorn)

Mercury Station:Dec 19, 2016


Mercury Retrograde Regression: Dec 20-22, 2016

Mercury Retrograde Juncture: Dec 23, 2016 -Jan 7, 2017

Mercury Direct: Jan 08, 2017


Post-Regression: Jan 09-12, 2017

Post-Juncture: Jan 13-27, 2017

By Maharani Rutan©

Within a few weeks we can all finally say good bye to 2016, and ponder what surprises that the cosmos has for us for 2017. But not to worry there will be plenty of time to ponder. As we had ended 2015 and begin 2016 we all contemplated what the universe will bring to us.

The year 2016, begin with mercury retrograde, “Its passage in Capricorn/Aquarius axis which usually represents worries, friendship, and organizations, until February 19, 2016” (Read more about it here)


Though, many in advisers in psychic and new age communities will be certain to say that mercury is not retrograding until December 19, 2016. Those in the Vedic philosophical teachings will always state that there are planets that are very slow in moving backwards, and slow in moving forwards. This is because the cosmos wants humanity to be sure to understand the message behind the phenomenon.

Certainly it is difficult to say that all of us can remember specific date and time. This is why I always recommend that my clients keep a journal so important events can be recalled easily. Just like anything in life not only does everything always makes a full circle but everything is always recalled. For instance, mercury is going to be retrograding in Capricorn at 15 degrees on December 19. The closes to this was on December 17, 2003 which as 12 degrees. Perhaps recalling 2003 may be difficult but it is the universes way of asking what have we learned from it.


Mercury retrograde will be back again in Capricorn in the summer of 2019, however it will not be at this degree until June 18, 2020. Mutable sign, (Gemini, Pisces, Virgo, or Sagittarius) mercury can be very challenging period for you. However, this year’s concentration fell on earth signs where the intensity of retrograde magnified the energy first with Capricorn the same time in 2015 (read about it here), which impacted Capricorn/Aquarius. Followed by nudging Taurus with the 2nd Mercury retrograde in April through June shaking up Gemini in the process (read about it here). Finally discombobulated Virgo’s during their last eclipse while tailgating Libra August through September (read about it here). Here we are now, at the same exact point as we were December 19, 2015, once again there is a whole lot of shaking going on with Mercury in Sagittarius/Capricorn axis.

The journey of retrograde at the end of this year will begin in Capricorn/Sagittarius axis. Capricorn usually represents negative thinking but at the same time it needs profession, status and success to feel good. Whereas, Sagittarius seeks courage, education, motivation and conviction to keep smiling and together it question each and every one of us especially those that have mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius) and Earth signs (Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn), if what you do for a living does not inspire, excite, allow you to expand what career goal then why are doing what you are doing? This inspirational mode will continue dwell those that have above listed signs in their charts until January 27, 2017 where it will end the journey in the Aquarius


Mercury rules mutable signs but this time almost everyone is taken prisoner. Anticipate communication misunderstanding, deceitfulness, and miscalculation. Those that will be impacted by Mercury will be almost everyone, including but not limited to Capricorn, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and all those that have any of these planets as their primary in their charts. Planets are never actually retrograde or stationary, they just seem that way, due to this visual misconception.

Retrograde periods, while commonly perplexing, are not principally rare. Each planet retrogrades, except the Sun and Moon. Mercury, much like the winged messenger of the Gods, comes in on feather-light wings and instructions us to speak. Communications, feeling and awareness are all within Mercury’s territory, as are objectives and consistency, our process of balanced, and how we express our thought progressions will be highlighted.

An unpredictable nature carries to attention irritation and motion. Rat-a-tat-tat — things occur carelessly. Mercury is about a fast wit, philosophy, choosing, arrogance, perceptive and the capability to justify things. Mercurial energy can be ethical or callous, but it will surely be stimulating! This Planet also encourages us to transfer from one thing to the next and to get reactions on both a physical and psychological level. Further, Mercury’s vitality is both vigorous and insightful. Therefore it propels things so fast that sporadically we can say or do things without reasoning and regret them later.

Mercury is about short journeys: a social call to a neighbor or a friend at a short distance, the daily travel, and a weekend retreat. Relatives and transportation over-all are also within Mercury’s realm. Messages, letters, paperwork, online communications, and education are also within Mercury’s domain. This Planet begs us to be hasty — and well, just be you.


Discussions might be more perplexing, as crossed signs and unclear inferences cloud normally straightforward negotiations. Still, with a minor caution and consideration, you’ll get your point across. Similarly, be prepared with a back-up plan when you’re traveling. If your trip gets put off or your car won’t start, stay serene and make the best of it.

Mercury rules self-examination and consciousness, relaxation of the rules and is sociable and all means of communication, trade, and transport. By extension, Mercury quite often creates glitches for those people who work in these areas, especially people who work with meditation or intellect: authors and speakers, spectators and adversaries, gossips and medics, cheats and thieves.

The inferences which I am focusing on are ideally from Vedic readings as these are NOT Western Astrology or Eastern Astrology predictions. Rather, all inferences below are general tendencies. Each tendency will be unique to that individual and I suggest that you speak to my recommended astrologers, Leslie Hale, Xtrology  or Lee.

I will begin the general propensities on the astrological signs that will be affected the most. However, please remember the tendencies are based upon markers that are bestowed upon VPA charts not to be mistaken for astrology.

If you are looking to see how mercury retrograde will impact you personally, I suggest you contact my recommended astrologers Leslie or Lee.

Everyone will be a prisoner this mercury retrograde. Earth signs & Mutable signs, listed in order below, will be taking the pain for many of us. If a chart has Earth or mutable signs anywhere those planets will be triggered.

121016Earth Signs

Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus

I know, this year has been hell. I wish I could say it’s almost over but next year you will have one retrograde in your sign. Without retrograde how do you know if you are going in the right direction?

Capricorn: Last year the universe wanted you to look at changes you needed to make in areas of friends and colleagues. Now, the universe asks you to reconsider everything whatever connections which are left are has a wrench thrown. You may see more misinterpretations, confusions and most of all you may feel no one is listening to you. There may be many things you may have to redo only because you did not pay attention to details as you should have. But one of the positive things that is coming your way is Uranus (God of destruction and chaos) will go direct by the end of this year this means that you will now have the focus you need to make the changes to your home and family. Therefore, thinking mercury as bad things take this opportunity to think of it as a second chance to make it right. The last supermoon in December will be blessing for you as well.

Virgo: You are a natural born workaholic but there are things you may love to do which is to relax and veg but you may not have time for that. This may cause you to slip on perfection and effectiveness of your work. Often during this time you may feel you are not getting rapport you want or you may get too much micromanagement. You cannot stand drama and you might find it’s come from everywhere. Don’t be surprised if old skeletons you put away come out of nowhere. But like anything changes is difficult for you with Uranus going direct you are now ready to make changes needed to safeguard your most precious interpersonal relationship. Perhaps the super moon will show you if that you will reap the work needed in career if not you will be frustrated more so than ever.

Taurus: Maybe your own insecurities and aggressive nature have torn relationships that you should have kept. Now you will see for yourself what it feels like to be smothered, and sometime it may feel everyone wants your time. However, it could also be that there is so much damage done, you may feel all alone and no one is really talking. There may be many misunderstandings and travel will have many mishaps. Hence you always want what you want and this could make things even more complicated for you. However, you may have been holding on to something or someone that needs to be let go but did not have the power or strength to really do so, now Uranus will help you do that at the end of the year. But before that the super moon will help you with your financial and emotional life by helping you transform your life.

121116Mutable signs

Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius and Virgo (elaborated above)

Mercury retrograde has always been difficult for you. Though you are used to it by now as it does happen three to four times a year, it has been a nuisance in your everyday life.

Gemini: This mercury is just making you a sour puss. You may become so serious that you will not be positive with anything. Perhaps I might call you extremely moody for a month and half. Maybe an old lover or a friend comes knocking at your door and finally you can put things to a rest or start over. But the positive is that Uranus will help you find your dreams and future you will now have better solid friendships and more independence better than ever before and your supermoon will also help you reap what you sown. Remember work hard otherwise you know the universe slaps you for your laziness.

Pisces: People often misunderstand you that you are a loner. You are the furthest from it. Matter a fact sharing your own dreams, expectations and your insecurities with others helps you understand life better. Mercury retrograde may make you feel as though you are walking alone in a dessert all by yourself and when you are with people no one is listening. Often when you try to assert yourself you are really questioning yourself. You are now questioning yourself your visions, individuality, and prospect. You might even be inclined to reach out to old friends to see if anyone is reconnecting with you on the same level. Perhaps there is no need to worry Uranus at the end of the year will now help you see things much clearly as to your transformation and stability and help to your own transformation in February. The super moon before Christmas will wake you up and give you nudges to let you know you have a second chance at your dream

Sagittarius: This mercury I can just picture instead of mercury representing the thinker it may be Sagittarius representing the thinker. There is going to be plenty of back and forth issues regarding money matters. There could be stubborn quality and lack of active listening. The most frustrating part will be that your life may go into what I call a stagnation mode it will be like a roadrunner on a screen running but not going anywhere. Maybe running in place won’t matter much when Uranus helps to bring some control and fun back into your love life. Better yet the super moon helps you rebuild a existing relationship and gives you the courage to finally walkaway.

121216Fixed Signs

Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus (expanded with earth signs).

There is an old saying fixed signs cannot adapt to changes well but actually it is the opposite they adapt so well that they change with the change.

Aquarius: You may feel everyone wants a piece of you and all you may want to do is go under a blanket and hide. There is a great chance of you feeling fatigue, emotionally drained. Going back to people, places and things from the past is never easy for Aquarius especially having to deal with demons and mistakes. But as unsettling as it is there is a lesson behind this which is question your own inspiration and hidden matters. Perhaps mercury and Uranus are working together to help you make the changes you have anticipated ready to transform your life the way you want it to. The supermoon will finally give you the courage to walk away from a relationship or get closer to someone you really care for.

Leo: Too much planning and not enough doing may be the problem during mercury retrograde dear Leo. You may read too much into something and being concrete is not always a good thing where the details are lost in the meaning. The pressure can cause old health problems to come back and here we go again old health treatments will have to be tried again. But changes have been difficult and stressful for you and perhaps Uranus will make it a bit easier by the end of this year. However, supermoon will defiantly open your eyes to what needs to leave your life such as a person, people or things.

Scorpio: I feel so confused. I am sure I will hear many of you say that this retrograde period. It’s almost as if your mind has more energy than it knows what to do with. Things that are being said, ideas that are being shared but most of all discussions that are being led have a different outcome than what your mind is trying to convey. Thoughts and communications are not flawless, specific and transparent. Even if you have had difficulties in communication during this period, by the end of the year; Uranus is finally going to help you get your health, work and everyday life back in order and super moon will help you reconnect with your inner child if you want to cry its o.k let it out.

121316Cardinal Signs

Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn (expanded with earth signs)

I have been told are the most shrug people during retrograde. They understand retrograde they adjust and they keep moving.

Aries: There could be problems at work and the goals and objectives you have for yourself. I would not be surprised if there are misunderstandings also. This may all have to do with the responsibilities that are placed on you and you may not be ready to hold yourself accountable. This will cause your reputation to be tarnished. This mercury is about second chances and resetting your objectives and goals so they are realistic. With Uranus going direct the end of this year you may finally feel more in control and with the full super moon now you are able to communicate more openly, emotionally, and transparently. This will in fact help you understand the world better than ever before.

Cancer: It’s not often when people do not get along with Cancer people but this retrograde period it may be the most difficult of them all. There will be plenty of misunderstandings with people that you love. You may find things are out of sync and this may cause minor disturbance in your environment which lead to disagreement and minor chaos. When this happens the self-assurance is never the best and everything seems blah. Maybe the nudge of Uranus finally assuring you about your career will help you see things in a brighter side at the end of the year . But before Christmas the full moon will make you a bit more emotional and you might want to be by yourself and let your inner child and past be released through music or just want to be a couch potato.

Libra: I don’t think there is ever a time Libra’s have a difficult time expressing how they feel. Hence this mercury retrograde period it may be very difficult to stay harmonized your own emotions will lack impartiality. There may even be a part of you that just does not want to deal with emotions. This is not because other people’s issues are not important but something deep inside of you is much more important which is tearing you apart. With the super moon just before Christmas it will help you complete things you could mot before and Uranus going direct by the end of the year will assist you in finding yourself and your changes to impact your relationship with yourself and others


Anxiety and substance, even groundless worries and doubt, are awakened, especially from work or are in a hostile condition; susceptible to being emotionless with a pessimistic idiom. Sustain discretion and poise in your occupation and do not try to decode written things too much.

Mercury is very lethargic and it touches almost all planetary signs. It is my suggestion that you purchase a yellow candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with Inspiration oil or Eucalyptus oil and chant Psalm 70 every single night. This period will last for 6-7 weeks total and it will be hard on all of us.


This will allow friendly communication as well as understanding in situations. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until January 27, 2017. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras, triumphing the expected outcome is dependent on upon the prominence of purpose.

The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. I have chosen two mantras for you during this mercury retrograde:

1216bud“Om Mani Padme Hum”

(Om Maa nee pud mee Hummm)

“Om and salutations to Buddha, presiding spirit of planet mercury”


These mantras are used to manage coherent clearness, to elude and resolve confusions and have welcoming communications.

Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic readings have a characteristic prospective. We determine the improper actions and catch answers by creating a distinctive of gratitude through actions and responses. Astrology is grounded utility in which Vedic readings comprised upon. I am not an astrologer nor do I claim to be however, basic appreciative in astrology does assist us in applying what we know to what we need to know in order to clasp the energy and direct it to the most positive outcome.

This blog will not contain information on what remedial on what to do or what not to do, as there are plenty of internet websites and astrological sites that can provide that. Rather this is based upon Vedic prospective of what to expect to that it can be diverted and be mindful of it.

Please use this energy well to restart and find your resolutions because there is an uncomfortable path ahead with the eclipses. Two will be in February 2017. Be gentle with yourself.


Maharani Rutan©

@Copywrite 2016 &
Written by Maharani Rutan©2016

“Study the past..”: Mercury Retrograde April-May 2016


“…if you would divine the future.”


Pre-Ghost Period: Apr 12-23, 2016

Pre-Ghost Period Intensified: April 24-27, 2016

Retrograde Station: April 28, 2016

Retrograde Intensified:April 29-May 3, 2016

Mercury Retrograde  Regression:May 4-17, 2016

Retrograde Intensified Clarity: May 18-21, 2016

Mercury Station Direct: May 22, 2016

Post Ghost Period Intensified:May 23-28, 2016

Post Ghost Phase Return to Normal:May 29 – June 4, 2016

By Maharani Rutan©

We began 2016 reflecting and introspecting on the recent changes, but more so reflecting upon our visions of 2015. The cosmos slowed us down as we transitioned in to Mercury retrograde in Earth signs around Christmas with the ghost period in Capricorn (read about it here).

As I stated in my blog at the end of last year, Earth signs are in for a very bumpy ride with Mercury retrograde and Jupiter retrograde (read about it here). At the end of the day life will be better than it ever was for them.

Lately, I am sure many of you may have notice I am in search of my own truth and this means investigation and looking at patterns in the cosmos. Just as history repeats itself so do aspects of cosmic interrogation.

Mercury retrograde transited Earth signs in 2003, beginning the retrograde motion at 28 degrees and stationed direct at 12 degrees in Capricorn (Earth signs). Moving forward 6 years into 7th year (2009-2010) Mercury moved retrograde 21 degrees and stationed direct 5 degrees in Capricorn again. Both in 2003 and 2010, the degree did not matter even though it was always 16 degrees difference. Earth signs will dominate Mercury every 6 to 7 years which means there is a possibility that the next Mercury retrograde in Earth signs, if my calculation is correct, will be January 2022.

Since the retrograde this year began at almost 1 degree in Aquarius and ended with 14 degrees in Capricorn with the leap year included, it will be 24 degrees in Capricorn in 2022. I hate math but the patterns make me wonder if we are going back in time or moving forwards. Or is there a special energy that is allowing us to redo life? Whatever the case is, it is something to consider.

Here we are again, the ghost period (some people call it the pre-shadow) slowly moves towards retrograde. It will begin moving retrograde on the 12th of April and intensify over time until it reaches 23-24 degrees in Taurus. The intensity will be at its maximum on April 27, 2016. The energy may also feel a bit weird as it will be stationed retrograde. It will sit there for 6 to 7 days until approximately May 3rd or 4th. Thereafter it will move backwards and the intensity will ease a little for another 10 days or so, through May 14-15, 2016.


We again will ride on a roller coaster as it becomes intense again for 5-6 days from May 14/15 to May 20/21, 2016. Finally on the 22/23 of May, Mercury will station direct. This is where many people will be told “Mercury is direct, everything is fine, you can now resume doing what you are doing, etc.” However, what most people fail to consider is that post ghost period intensity (Post shadow) is equally as important and all the steps are required to completely comprehend the perceptive notion of retrograde. Thus the post ghost period will continue for another 4-5 days placing it one month from its intensity which is the 28th of May. Things will become much clearer to everyone by June 06, 2016.

When Mercury is retrograde decisions are more reflective and we are inclined to contemplate about matters and worries that relate to the areas of our life that are directly impacted by the slowness. With Mercury retrograde in Taurus, people with this sign conspicuous in their charts will be particularly prone to such introspection.


Since Mercury is impacting all Earth Signs, it is going to be prone to primarily impact not only those that have the sun or the moon in Taurus, but also Earth Signs (Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus). Additionally, by association Taurus is a fixed sign, which means (Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will not be excluded.

Mercury rules Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces. Therefore, those who have their sun and moon sign in Gemini, Virgo, or Pisces, or protruding in their chart, will also be affected. It does not have to be a destructive aspect as some people say that Taurus will defiantly love the retrograde period. But all others may be tested.

Below are short para phrases giving the warning signs for each zodiac during this 8-12 week process. These are not fixed in stone and are merely general tendencies. To find out how Mercury retrograde will affect you personally, it is my suggestion you speak to an astrologer.

The tendencies below are based upon Vedic premonitions not astrology, numerology, nor any other component of new age philosophical prediction utilities. I will begin with the most impacted due to Mercury affecting Earth sign.

Taurus: Difficulties trying to express yourself

Virgo: Scattered with ideas and feeling a bit suffocated with, and without, personal space

Capricorn: Too much work, not enough time for play and re-connections with people from the past (further information due to Pluto)

Gemini: Feeling drained around large groups of people

Aquarius: Overly subjective or overly objective nothing in between

Libra: Obsessive and dominate conversations

Pisces: Unable to communicate clearly which can lead to misunderstandings

Cancer: Unable to look at unconventional things and difficulties with people and groups

Scorpio: Difficulties communicating with people you love.

Sagittarius: Missing deadlines, inability to work with groups

Leo: Lazy & irresponsible and may have blocks

Aries: Stubborn, inflexible, and lazy

During Mercury retrograde there is an opportunity to develop understanding into our own self-image. Mercury retrograding in the sign of Taurus favors retrospective, concrete answers and vital perception where principles are an essential means for understanding. Mercury retrograde generates a psychological and expressive emphasis on self-autonomy and love with independence. People’s arrogance may force adjustment and may be motivated to be very determined and hypercritical. The big enticement will be to burden people into sharing the same mind-set.

Taurus denotes to principles and those things that are a normal part of the structure such as food, shelter, and clothing. Mercury in Taurus transports data which delivers evaluation of such items and the standards we place on them. Assets will become a key component which influences the modification. Some people may amend their financial objectives and find a diverse means of financial structure.

A planet labeled as retrograde seems to be moving backwards through the zodiac. This outmoded concept arises in the illusory planetary motion created by the orbital rotation of the earth, with relation to other planets in our solar system. Planets are never essentially retrograde or stationary, they just seem that way, due to this optical illusion. Retrograde periods, while challenging, are not predominantly unusual. Each planet retrogrades, except the Sun and Moon. Mercury, much like the winged messenger of the gods, comes in on feather-light wings and advises us toward expression.

Communication, understanding, and consciousness are all within Mercury’s domain, as are rationality and perceptiveness, our manner of thinking, and how we produce and direct our assumed processes. A mercurial nature conveys concentration, impatience, and motion. Rat-a-tat-tat — things happen fast here. Mercury is about a rapid wit, speedy rational ideas, potentials, thoughts, perception, and the capability to streamline things.

Mercurial energy can be good or bad, but it will certainly be energizing! This Planet also stimulated us to change from one thing to the next – to seek answers on both a physical and psychological level. Furthermore, Mercury’s energy is both agile and sensitive. Mercury is about short journeys: a visit to a neighbor or a friend across town, the routine travel, and a weekend escape. Siblings, and transportation in general, are also within Mercury’s realm. Talking, writing books, online communications, and education are also within Mercury’s domain. This Planet pleads with us to express ourselves often — and well.

Because Mercury rules communication and transportation, these two areas are most inclined during a Mercury Retrograde. Discussions are problematic as overlapped gestures and uncertain values cloud typically forthright dialogues. Still, with a slight carefulness and reflection, you’ll get your point across. Similarly, be prepared with a back-up plan when you’re traveling. If your flight gets canceled or your car won’t start, remain cool and make the best of it. Who knows — you might not have met that captivating new person in the airport lobby or bus stop if you had taken your journey or driven to work.

Think of this influential energy in optimistic ways. Use this time to do activities that start with “re”: renew, repair, review, renegotiate, and research.

In general, Mercury rules thinking and perception, processing and disseminating information, and all means of communication, commerce, and transportation. By extension, Mercury rules people who work in these areas, especially people who work with their minds or their wits: writers and debaters, commentators and critics, blathers and spin doctors, tricksters and thieves. Mercury retrograde gives rise to personal confusions; inconsistent, disordered, or deferred communications, consultations and trade. Malfunctions and failures can occur with cell phones, processors, cars, buses, and trains. These glitches typically rise because some vital part of data, or element, has gone awry, or has been skewed.


When Mercury is retrograde, everyone’s thinking is more introspective and we tend to focus on issues and concern that relate to the sign involved. Artistic predispositions comprising of artistry, composition, painting, or design are inclined to be jammed by conditions outside one’s control. Legal matters will advance sluggishly and unexpected complications are likely to appear.

Mercury retrograde leans towards absence, complexity of insight, and has no endurance for thorough analysis. All areas of communication are affected. Approaches and incentive for learning, communication, and transportation are subject to problems under this aspect. It brings travel snafus and missed appointments of all kinds.

Fire signs (Leo, Aries & Sagittarius): Directly or indirectly, you will be affected by all the predispositions. To find out how these predispositions are going to affect your personal life, I recommend you contact my recommended astrologers here.

Sagittarius people may feel that triple whammy as they will be shoved, pushed, and pulled with messages that are discombobulated. A few days after Mercury begins its ghost period, Mars will be entering retrograding in their sign. During retrograde there could some passive aggressiveness for fire signs in general. Adding to the passive aggressiveness, Saturn is still retrograding in Sagittarius which began in early March. Saturn is a planet of karmic lessons (read about it here). Usually, when Saturn is direct he is being appeased by ones actions, but when he is in retrograde it is about taking the entire length of time (Past, present and predetermined future) and punishing Sagittarius people. An example of this is the old saying, “Karma bites harder when it is done to you.” Lastly, by association it is Mercury retrograde who like to aggravate Sagittarius people. I wish I could tell Sagittarius people to go on a one month vacation but they won’t listen. Perhaps Aries can sprinkle some Venus fairy dust on to Sagittarius. Then again, Aries had a beautiful New Supermoon in their sign on April 07, 2016; did you see it? Of course not, it was a new moon, thus nothing to see. But it was a great day for affirmation and making a wish. Leo: Not much is happening to you but keep your head on a swivel as you may get caught in the crossfire.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Capricorn & Virgo): By association, all Earth signs will be going through difficulties in many areas, especially with two retrogrades in your sign, or three for others.

Taurus: This Mercury has your name written all over it. Perhaps it may be best for you to look back to the spring of 2010 as similar energies were in place at that time. Additionally, Jupiter retrograde does not help either; perhaps both your love life and work life can be on trial. Additionally, with Pluto retrograde, Taurus people have a chance to look at their past actions and behavior patterns, accept responsibilities, face those whom they have hurt, and then move on. It is all about transformation. Then again, Virgos are also feeling that push and pull but in a different way. Mercury has always been difficult for you. Especially when people don’t call you in time, when flights are delayed, or electronics break down. There is a greater chance of zero patience.

Furthermore, the universe has tested your patience since the beginning of January when the planet of luck, Jupiter, has retrograded in your sign (read about it here). You may have found that looking for a raise, finding that right networking connection, or even finding that right job has been hard to come by. Added to that, you are also dealing with matters of the past; perhaps you are looking at past work, what you were doing, who you were with, or whom you were or are. That introspection could get a little intensified. This is because your brother Capricorn started it.

Capricorn, the planet of transformation, Pluto, has been retrograde and stationed in Capricorn a while now for you and you have been going through continual changes. But your Virgo friends did not help you any when they dropped the ball of Jupiter retrograde on you. Thus, your work life may seem difficult and you have already felt the crisis mode of Mercury retrograde at the beginning of this year – well, you get to feel it again.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius): You may be the lucky few, perhaps for now. Then again, I may have to bite my tongue when falls comes around. Gemini: Mercury retrograde has always been somewhat of a problem for you but then you may be very used to it by now as it always slows you down to reconnect with people, places, and things from the past. However, as a mutable sign you might be slightly affected by Saturn in Sagittarius as well as Jupiter in Virgo. Libra and Aquarius may be saved by the bell or perhaps they will feel the pain by association. But remember Libra, you just came out of a period of the Eclipses which means that internal and exterior transformation is pivotal for you. As for Aquarius, the only suggestion I have is to enjoy this as you will go through your own transformation in the fall.

Water Signs (Cancer, Pisces, & Scorpio): Mercury retrograde many not affect water signs as much as anticipated, after all, water signs are always emotional sponges to many other astrological brothers and sisters. Hence Pisces is a mutable sign and by association they are always affected by Mercurial energy and their eclipses have affected everyone, either directly or indirectly. Therefore, the only suggestion I have is that water signs are going to have to breathe deeper than many other signs as people may act a bit more disoriented than expected.

Mercury retrogrades antidote is to reflect, envision, edit the book/poem/song/essay you’ve been writing, clean house, talk to your pet, listen to music, paint, and catch up on sleep! Remember that Mercury is a very sluggish moving planet and it affects almost all planetary signs.

It is my recommendation that a yellow candle be continually lit after carving your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with Inspiration oil or Eucalyptus oil and chant the Psalm 70 every single night. This period will last for 8-12 weeks and it will be hard on all of us.

The flow of the yellow candle will bring forth friendly communications as well as understandings in situations. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until May 21, 2016.

The application of psalms and mantras in accomplishing the anticipated result is contingent upon the value of aim. When it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. I have chosen two mantras for you during this Mercury retrograde:

“Om Budhaya Namaha”

(Om Bood-han-yah Nahm-ah-ha)

“Om and salutations to Buddha, presiding spirit of planet Mercury”

This mantra is used to attain spiritual transparency, to avoid and overcome misunderstandings, and to keep friendly communications flowing.

Additionally, earth signs are still going through Jupiter Retrograde until May 2016 and I highly recommend they continue their mantra:

Om Gurave Namaha

Om Ga rua vee Nam a ha

This Mercury is more intense for earth sign people than for any other signs. Sagittarius should continue the Shani Pooja and Shani Mantra.

Please remember. I am NOT an Astrologer nor do I claim to be one. Rather, I am a Vedic Sanskrit Reader who embraces Astrology as an effectiveness as the basis of the reading. It also ambiances the splendid transformational destiny with the Karma reading as a conclusion to all readings.

I would highly recommend that during the retrograde period no legal, relationship, travel, or major decisions be made. If you can wait then do so until June.

Relax and give yourself extra time.

Remember to be on the lookout as we will transit through two beautiful moons during this retrograde period.

Maharani Rutan©

Copyright © 2015 www.

“..Darkness was over the surface of the deep..”:Total Solar Eclipse 2016


Total Solar Eclipse

New moon in Pisces

Super New Moon

March 08, 2016

“Now the Earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the water.” Genesis 1:2

By Maharani Rutan©

Abstracts by : Leslie Hale

The turn of events in every aspect of our world gives us no choice but to make changes in our lives. Those choices are either forced upon us or burdened so that we have no option but to transform.

Not only is the eclipse transformational but it is as spiritual as one can comprehend. This is the 2nd eclipse of the series of eclipses in Pisces that began in March of 2015 (Read about it here). This absolutely does not mean that only Pisceans’ are affected by this eclipse; rather, each and every one of us will be affected.

In ancient Vedic philosophies it states there is a piece of God/Universe in all of us; we are part water and creatures of confusion with great strength. Therefore, it is concluded that there is Pisces in the chart of every human being. To prove their point, ancient Vedic philosophers sanctioned all people to prove them incorrect and anyone that could would sit on the thorn of power. That challenge is still offered yet no one has stepped up. This is because no matter which astrological traditions are practiced, whether it is Natal, Sidereal, Sinhalese, or Tropical, nothing departs from the philosophy that “God is within in all, therefore we are as one.”

The most magnificent will be the questioning in the cosmos by our very first Super New Moon. Supermoons are known to appear bigger and brighter than all other moons. It also means that at these times the moon is closest to the Earth. As far as the new moon, we may see it but the eclipse will surely be eventful for those living near the Pacific Ocean and partially for people in South and East Asia, including parts of Australia.

The total solar eclipse only occurs during a new moon. As the planets shift through the orbit the moon happens to get between the sun and the earth which casts a shadow on Earth’s surface. The shadow creates a total, or a partial, eclipse. As you may recall, the last total eclipse was on March 20, 2015 which was also the new moon in Pisces (Read more about it here).

The eclipse will begin its motion on March 08, 2016 at 6:19pm EST and the moon will slowly move between the earth and the sun around 7:15pm EST. The moon will be formed perfectly void exactly at 8:55 and will pass between the sun and the earth, forming an exact total solar eclipse, at 8:59pm. This event will take about 1 hour and 38 minutes to complete the eclipse, then entering partial eclipse mode at 11:34pm on March 8, 2016. Even though it seems that it is a long event the actual total eclipse will only last for 10-15 minutes.

As beautiful as it may seem, the New moon and causation of the energy of the eclipse in Pisces is more detrimental than the cosmos. The new moon will void our skies at 8:55pm EST, 7:55pm CST and 5:55pm PST at 18-19 degrees Pisces (depending upon the orb); can I say rewind, re-run? We had a Solar Eclipse at the same exact degree on the same exact day: March 08, 1997. However, while moon has not been at this exact degree since 1997, the closest it has been was in 2008 and it won’t be this exact degree again until 2035. Thus, not only will this be serendipitous for many of us, it is spiritually connected.

As I began to write this blog, I had just completed writing the blog about the full moon in Virgo. Many people do not understand how the full moon and new moon affects individuals and how planetary inferences affect people’s world view and actions. Often they dismiss these ideologies and then wonder why there is so much chaos and confusion while looking for rationalization in their everyday life. Yet there seem to be no answer. Finally, when someone explains it in terms that they can understand, the Ah-Ha moment comes to them.

When the cosmos shuts out the light, like it will during the eclipse, this can impact the world view and focus of humanity; instead of looking at what is in front of us and things that are available to us, we look at what we cannot have. Solar eclipses end key periods in our lives to begin a new cycle. In this case, as I stated, this cycle began in 1997 & 2008. Therefore something which began in 1997 (if some of you were around) is finally ending and a part of something that began in 2008 is also ending. Its best to look deeply into what was really going during the spring equinox of both years and look at the circumstance now; if it is not complete it is time to let go.

“The Pisces eclipse opposes Jupiter and squares Saturn. The opposition to Jupiter means things may be blown out of proportion and the square to Saturn can show us where our restrictions are in life, and in some cases endings. “-Leslie Hale

Depending upon which philosophy one follows, eclipses have always had a bad omen associated with them by definition. To some it puts things out of order which causes fear and chaos. Some fear that because it becomes dark, evil will dominate the earth. This all stems from the Greek definition of the word “abandonment”, to leave, or detach. In literal terms we are doing the same, detaching the old and making room for the new. We are evolving and as we continue to do so we must look at each element in our life through different levels as we mature, and bring new concepts into our life while looking at each particle through spiritual glasses. How else are we going to be accepting of spiritual power if we are not mature enough to understand and accept it? Thus, we must let go and make room for new.

Whether it is a full moon or a new moon, whenever there is a Pisces moon there are Neptune qualities which embark several properties. Pisces has extraordinary restorative properties; however, as a water sign, Neptune has the usual propensity to bring desolate gusts and water. We have a new moon in Pisces every year and every year we have had natural disasters involving water, gusts, snow, and things revolving or surrounding water. Usually, the events occur without warning, and for others there are no meditative factors to stop them.

“Pisces/Neptune rule the things dreams are made of and at the same time it can show us our worst nightmares. It is important to stay grounded in reality during this period.”Leslie Hale

This eclipse is the proclamation of the events of 1997 and 2008. We are also now aware that the energy of the eclipse can be felt as early as 5 days before a major eclipse. The propensity for natural disaster damage of Neptune caused major flooding in the Ohio River which was declared a major disaster on March 04, 1997, Cyclone Justine in March 1997 cleaned house in New Guinea, and Cyclone Hina in Tonga. Let’s fast forward to March 2008; Neptune was at it again when major floods hit parts of Texas all the way to Pennsylvania killing 14 people and thousands of people had to evacuate. The Bihar Floods of India in 2007 -2008 destroyed many, including entire animal herds and farmlands worth millions to farmers. But there is an old saying – whatever Neptune destroys was confusing and not secure, thus not passing his test. In our own lives, similar to those things from 1997 and 2008, if things do not pass the test, they will be gone.


Solar Eclipse dynamism is marginal, gentle, protecting, and energetic – ricocheted and transported from within our life power. This eclipse is particularly detached and purpose oriented and our ideologies and persistence can be improved and reinforced. We initiate deep reflection of our influences in the world and the complete manifestation of our humanity.

It is now time to eliminate all sluggishness or choices that you may have put off. It is time to act and change your life. Without modifications in the areas of immobility and delay, there will be karmic lessons to pay after 6 months. The information that will be received from the cosmos and our own psyche will certainly revolutionize what you thought something or someone was. Actions are based upon the disclosures that are exposed within a few weeks after the eclipse and transiting for 6 months. Therefore, the moon in Pisces plays a significant role for revelation and spiritual awakenings.

“Eclipses reveal, shock and sometimes end situations. Not all eclipses are bad however, and depending on where this eclipse falls in your natal chart will show you where your focus is going to be personally.”-Leslie Hale

This eclipse is so influential that it is prudent to treat it as if it was a total full moon. Therefore, do not make any choices regarding relationships, careers, legal issues, or moving. Any decisions that are made 7 days before and 7 days after the eclipse may either not turn out in your favor or show that what you saw, and you think you need to see ,will be two totally different things. Neptune (Pisces) will cause mis-perception creating the need for reconsideration in every decision.

“Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion and issues that have been clouded, can now come to light as Saturn is involved in this eclipse and Saturn shows us our realities and what we actually have to contend with.”Leslie Hale

This new moon will provide adequate energy to exact self-destructive thinking and actions. The moons vigor will permit the awareness to use our secretive power to join to our main psyche (God) helping us to manifest our visions. However, Saturn (planet of lessons and Karma) entered Sagittarius on December 23, 2014 and has continued its journey transforming Sagittarius, people with Sagittarius in their chart, as well as mutable signs (Read about it here).

As of March 21, 2016 Saturn is retrograding in Sagittarius. Retrogrades are often characterized through evaluating things from the past, how they were controlled, and what could have been done to create better outcomes. While Saturn retrogrades, messages, ego centrism, as well as clashes, are possible if we are not patient. While in direct motion (read about it here) it reforms, produces, rewards for hard work, and brings lessons and challenges. When retrograding, it will slow down our life; Saturn is on a coffee break and takes advantage of preparation, shaping, and creating goals to plant seeds in the autumn of 2016. Saturn will affect all those who are Sagittarius and those that have planets and houses in Sagittarius. You may consult Lee Stillwater if you need further information on Saturn and Chiron (here).

As if we have not had enough retrogrades this year, poor earth signs and Virgo’s continue to experience them. This is especially true for Virgos; we know how much you like your sweets and the universe had given you the pleasure of lady luck right by your side. A gift of Jupiter last August (read more about it here), many Earth signs including Mutable signs and all those who had Earth signs in their charts, were happy and content with their financial security, prospective careers, or job hunting, and things did not look bleak. Then the cosmos asked, and continues to ask, a question from January 07 until the middle of May 2016. Whatever the question, it has a four prong theory: self-discipline, karmic test, smugness, and lastly, spiritual growth.

There is an old saying; “nothing in this world is free” frankly, this is true. But to have such a gift one has to earn every bit of Jupiter, a planet of expansion and fulfillment. Self-discipline is exactly how it sounds; when things don’t go your way, do you have a tendency to over react, worry, blow things out of context, etc.? If you do, you must break this habit as patience, self-discipline, and faith will work for you. The second prong deals with the Karmic Test which is that you must, no matter what you have or don’t have, always be content and good to people as happiness comes to those with good spirits. This means to accept everyone, no matter their status in life. Self-righteousness/smugness focuses primarily on ignorance, greed, selfishness, and wastefulness; always be humble and kind. Lastly, spiritual growth says that this is time for being involved in spirituality. If you don’t have a faith or religion get involved in mundane philosophies as yoga, meditation, self-help, or anything that brings peace and happiness to the soul. For a deeper look into the effects of Jupiter, I would suggest you contact my recommended adviser here.

With Mercury having just moved out of retrograde, Jupiter and Saturn still remain in retrograde. Essentially, every person will be pretentious in one way or the other as a result. Whether this is through Jupiter, Saturn, or this moon, circumstances and world understandings will certainly be implementers of rebellion, either physically or psychologically. The change will open many doors to medicine (perhaps cures) and spirituality. The greater importance will be where Pisces is obvious in one’s chart. It is extremely important to comprehend the Pisces sensitive impact and how prone we are to be psychic sponges.

“This eclipse forms a mutable T-square with Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun and we may actually be trying to cover a lot of ground during this time. Mutable planets, especially one involving a complex pattern like a t-square means things can be changeable.”Leslie Hale

The spiritual moon will give resistance while enchanting us to act, give rise to mortality and its nature of secrecies, and finally, rebirth. This moon will increase visions and shock the mind to a new path in life. The past and present of life must die. Discriminating patterns must also be determined. Remember, this is the silence and darkness before the dawn. The theme will be to signify life as if it can really be unnatural through manifestation and thoughts.

The New moon is an indication a time to clear things through reflection and unrestricted love. To be able to differentiate that people are doing what they can with what they have. It’s a respectable time to absolve those whom have hurt you. It is time to let go of principles, even if it means to cry, and let it all go so you can trigger a relaxing process. It’s a time for fate, the eye of infinity. Fastening the love you have for someone and being the psychic sponge for those that value healing energies. Provide yourself the consideration of new beginnings.


Pisces moon highlights a time of immobility, prayers, and the sowing of seeds for springtime. It is a time of earth regeneration when the first traces of spring are so enticingly close. It’s also a moon of Shiva who removes our inefficiencies in order to bring spiritual development and perfection. Shiva is the graceful lamination that carries us to an upper plane in our lives; to give us passageway to hold our life with humbleness and kindheartedness so that we walk in his light.

The information which I am about to present to you is not predisposed to individual astrological charts; rather, it reflects Vedic tendencies and generalization. If you want a personalized astrological reading I would suggest you make an appointment with my preferred astrologers, Leslie Hale, Melanie, or Lee.


Please note I am NOT an astrologer and will never claim to be. The universal predispositions are grounded upon Vedic examination and evolution’s. They are NOT Western Astrology, nor are they Vedic or Progress Astrology. Rather, they are a determination of the conflicts that can be avoided by each individual.

Remember that the trend is currently based only on the solar eclipse. When combined with the lunar eclipse broad tendencies (will be posted at the end of March), one will be able analyze the situation as a whole for a full six month prophecy.

Remember that the trend is currently based only on the solar eclipse. When combined with the lunar eclipse broad tendencies (will be posted at the end of March), one will be able analyze the situation as a whole for a full six month prophecy.

I will begin with the prophetic symbols impacted by the eclipse more intensely than others. These people could become extremely irritable or extremely kind depending upon how they are able to handle the energy. Again, it is advisable to understand that to get a complete picture of how the next 6 months will be determined, you will need to combine the solar and lunar eclipse tendencies.


Mutable signs are continually metamorphosing with Mercury retrograding 3 to 4 times a year and slowing things down for them. Learning difficult lessons through Saturn crossing through Sagittarius and the retrograde energy of Virgo.

Pisces (Meena): All Pisceans, including those that have minor Pisces in their chart, will be affected by this eclipse. The intensity of this eclipse will be experienced by those people who have the sun and the moon in Pisces and minor and major planets in Pisces, especially those that are born March 03-13. Pisceans will now be able to find some of the most gratifying changes in their own personalities, especially those that are in industries which use vision. They will now be able to express themselves better and in the way they should. The key points are integrity, pride, existence, and experience. Things that no longer benefit them will now exit. The problem with this is Pisceans have a difficult time letting go. The things that have to be let go are things that have made them defensive, angry, and very touchy about discarding.

Gemini (Mithuna): There could be major changes in occupations and projects with possible promotional endeavors. They may have the complete focus they need to be recognized for their work; if they are writers they will shine, if they planners for large groups of people they will be recognized beyond their dreams. You may not be as affected by this eclipse as you will the next eclipse in Libra, by association, so get prepared for your own transformation.

Virgo (Kanya): Though this may not be more about you, you could inherit more than you could have desired. Your life partner or your mate is about to be delighted, and with this you will receive maximum joy and moral support like you have never received before. If you are not married, or with someone, it’s an ideal time to open the doors to new possibilities and start the show. Don’t worry Virgo, lady luck is only gone until May. Make sure your decisions are spiritual and humble in every way.

Sagittarius (Dhanu): It’s spring time! It’s time to fix your home and bring the beauty back. If you are looking for a house, this is the time go for it. If you are looking for a car, it is best to do it 2 to 3 weeks before retrograde, or before the next eclipse in the fall. Then again, Saturn is retrograde so it’s best you do it now before you get bopped by lessons learned in the fall. (Read about it here)

The next eclipse will be a lunar eclipse in Libra, similar to the alignment we had in March/April of 2015 last year (read about it here). Therefore, another alteration for Cardinal Signs (Cancer, Libra, Aries and Capricorn) is equally important. But remember Libra, this is it for you. If you have not learned it by now you may pay the price in 7 years when the universe asks you what alterations have you made? Have you taken risks for the price of pleasure?

Libra (Tula): The eclipses you may have ridden through (April 2014 – read about it here), or (April 2015- read about it here), should have taught you needed lessons. If you haven’t learned them you will be stuck with what you have. Staying busy and entertaining will be great; however, taking good care of your health and debt must be your number one priority right now. This is the time to get your health regimen in gear. Most of all, because Libras are naturally charismatic, there is a high chance of envy among friends.

Capricorn (Makra): This is the best time to travel. Open up lines of communication because important good news is on its way. You are also looking and thinking from a whole new prospective, but this time with effectiveness and improvement. Please remember Capricorn, by association you will be affected by Jupiter retrograde until May 2016 (read about it here).

Aries (Mesha): If you just came back from a long journey and you want to go back, then you may do so. But you must, be very careful as you may have some unplanned expenses if you have not saved. You also must watch out for health issues as you may not have paid attention and now they may get worse. Remember Aries, you still have a lot of cleaning up to do, and you too, by association, will have many changes to make due to Saturn in Sagittarius (read about it here)

Cancer (Karka): Protect your character at all cost; it seems that people want stomp on it a little bit. If you want to go on a long distance trip this is the best opportunity for you. If you are looking for news from a distance, it is on its way. It is time to learn spiritual activities such as yoga or meditation, and it won’t hurt if you go back to college and heighten your skills.

Fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, & Scorpio): Some of you have been beaten, stepped on, or ran through the garbage disposal, and came out on the other side (Saturn in Scorpio). Others went through one year of intense introspective time when Mercury was in air signs, beginning with Mercury in Aquarius . But lucky for you Leo, you were in the grand time of your life when you have lovely Jupiter in your sign for almost 2 years, until August of 2015 . Now it is time to rest. Many of you may only feel restless energy, while others become emotional sponges for people in their lives.

Aquarius (Kumbha): Finally, your time has come. The eclipse is on your side and it comes with success in your finances. Many Aquarians will now have the focus they need to plan their financial endeavors more successfully. The garbage of family negativity is now in the past and the universe is now giving the healing energy necessary to move past difficulties.

Taurus (Vrishabha): On one hand things may be coming in a trickle where Jupiter Retrograde (read about it here) may teach you important lessons to be humble. On the other hand, I am sure you remember that you had some unexpected money that may have come to you last year and this year I would not be surprised if it happens again. Another positive thing is that your circle of friends is about to expand too. For those working in larger corporations, this is going to be a blissful expansion in your professional life.

Leo (Simha): You have had almost 2 years of bliss. Some of you may have gotten married, had children, new jobs, or had a baby; something positive must have happened. If not, you did not take the opportunity of Jupiter . Now, by association, Saturn is bringing difficult lessons (read about it here). But no need to worry too much as this is the time to dive deeper in areas of the philosophical world to find your calling, and in the financial world to get yours in order.

Scorpio (Vrischka): You have been run over by the Saturn truck for two years (read about it here) and now it is time for you to rest. But, you know you. You seem to have the knack of being an emotional sponge to people. So why not get away from it all and go back to school? If you decide that education is your path, this is the best time for it. Brush up your skills because you will benefit. Or, if you want to have children, it might happen; be careful though, if you are not planning them an oops moment could also happen. Then again, if you already have children they will surely bring news that will bring music to your ears and cause your heart to pitter patter.

Keep in mind that everything above consists of general Vedic philosophical tendencies and NOT astrology. General astrological charts and predispositions can be uncovered by a learned astrologer such as my recommended astrologers, Leslie, Melanie or Lee. My predictions are based on the groundwork of Vedas and learned prospectus; not to be compared to Astrology of any kind.

Please keep in mind that I am not an astrologer, rather, I am a Vedic reader, and there is an infinite distinction. Astrology is a tool which opens the door into the enigmatic future. Alternatively, the philosophies of Vedas give me knowledge to determine the forks ahead while the cogitative and psychic energy force interprets these paths into Vedic Readings.


The Pisces new moon denotes a period of immense viewpoints and responses. However, for those with large egos, self-destructive impulses will emerge. For many, it is difficult to cultivate and demand significance, and the excellence, of life. The inspiration of subtle energy can be helpful if focused into pioneering endeavors and self-healing. However, there is a vigorous desire to merely slip into prying. It is better to indulge in creative hobbies rather than generating more malicious, troublesome undertakings.

Low-spirited tendencies can certainly rule under this New Moon. The motivation of this New Moon can be predominantly tough or perplexing for those who were born under a New Moon phase, as well as for those of the mutable Sun Signs Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius. This also holds true for those that have any planets in Pisces (in this case, everyone) plus those whose birth Moon is in Pisces. The New Moon can suggest a solemn time for likely accidents, hurts, negligence, and the accountability of hurried choices or judgments.

Pisces Moon makes many feel desolation with a sympathetic and discerning heart. Donate to others, share your revelations, and open your feelings. Don’t let your itinerant heart get lost! The Moon in Pisces results in a time of exhilarating compassion, and devoutness. People may become more sensitive, understanding, and ingenious. As innovation will be intensified, this is a noble time to learn musical skills and other creative activities. Signified by a pair of fish, Pisceans are self-sacrificing and sanctified, often mightily conscious, and they are vulnerable to the accommodating.

As the Moon moves through Pisces, individuals could sense feelings of being excited and caring but also restrained, distrustful, and appalled. Revelations and memories might stir throughout this influence. Neptune transmits a driven energy psychic tentacle which rules Pisces. Views are robust when the moon is in Pisces. There is unadorned warmness to music. Propensities to experience uncovered, spiritual, and altruistic pleasures are also felt.

The moon in Pisces adds an embryonic dogmatism that can generate moods of powerlessness, drifting into withdrawal as an expressive armor. Individuals may feel compliant, subtle, sincere, considerate, and content but effortlessly dispirited. Some might see combinations of blurred remembrances (often identified as past lives) or insights into spiritual wisdom’s and how they relate to present circumstances.

The moon in Pisces demands an answer to the question: how spiritual is life’s path? It’s about transporting us nearer, rather than letting go. The moon is supporting us to form our lives for the following year.

The liveliness of Pisces strengthens and begins to grow more intense as early as March 02 and this energy may persist for another 6 months. This is a period to love those who love you, let go of the wounds and discomfort of others, and inspire yourself. Envision for an instant that you are walking on the beach, as you walk you leave footprints and the waves wash them away just like this moon does. Leave the past behind. Be the change and move concerning your destiny. Reflect more. Bond with people who are around you. Center on things that have formed difficulties and losses, find the spiritual path, and learn the lesson.

The moon in Pisces is Mysterious, Ingenious, Psychic, Detached, and Creative. We must continue to be observant and use our psychic gifts to move in the course of decision-making. It is my suggestion that you purchase a Purple candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with Sage oil or Lavender oil and chant Psalm 08.

You may also choose to re-count a mantra every morning for 6 months. The gifts of prayers and mantras are remedial approaches through honest prayers. These prayers must be focused on your essentials: i.e. food, peace, etc. instead of your yearnings for a person or material things. When looking for peace in your relationships, it is important to begin with a pure understanding of what your aim should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy.

The mantra for the solar eclipse:


Om Surya Namaha

(Om Sur ya Nam aha)

The purpose of this mantra is to call upon the God of shelter and harmony to give you internal and external peace without reservations.

The mantra for Pisces moon is:


“Om Nama Shivaya”

(Om Nah-Mah Shee-Vah Yah)

This Siddha mantra uses the universal origins that rule each charka: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. This is also a time of Mahashivratri for most Hindus and thus an auspicious time for regeneration and reawakening for many.

When dealing with distressing situations it is my recommendation that before you have a reading done you must clear doubt and apprehension from your emotions so a reader can give you the richest reading possible.

I will be offering 6 month personal in-depth readings starting on March 09, 2016. Appointments will be accepted as early as the 3rd of March and my schedule will also go out on the same day. The appointments are on a first-come, first-served basis regardless of how late or early you have booked your appointment.

I hope that this solar eclipse, super moon, and new moon in Pisces convey to you and yours a serene, affectionate, and sweet 6 months. Remember that eclipse readings come in pairs. As most clients are aware, equate and dissimilarity is essential to get the most vibrant and correct reading. If you are not able to complete your reading or not going to be at a silent or quite place where you can take notes it is best to wait.

For my regular clients, there is a new spiritual cleansing recipe to prepare and be grounded work for your reading. The cleansing offers wholesome restorative, vision and serenity.


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Rise to the glow of the Lions Roar: 1st full moon of 2016


Full Moon in Leo

January 23, 2016

By Maharani Rutan©

As we lay sleeping through the beginning of January, and Mercury retrograde continues to pull us down, the cosmos wants us to open our eyes to our first full moon of 2016. The beautiful Aquarius/Leo full moon at 3 to 4 degree (depending upon the orb) will certainty keep many of us up. The full moon will be at its brightest at 8:46pm EST and 5:46pm PST on January 23, 2016.

With the winter starting late the chill is finally arrived, the howls of hunger and bare essences of wolves in the woods and villages are heard as they are lurking for their next meal. For this reason the Native Americans named the first new moon in January as the Full Wolf moon.


More and more I have been geared toward the philosophical importance of the full moon and its trivial effects on cosmos, humanity, and spiritual transformation. Due to my Gujarati Brahmin upbringing it is imperative that Poonam (full moon) be the highlight of spiritual learning and teachings. As of the Fall of 2015, I began to transition, focusing only on full moon, eclipse, and super moon transits and planetary Vedic transits as the highlight of my topics. I hope that you enjoy the topical convergence.

In the Hindu calendar this full moon is also considered as a Paush Purnima by tradition. It basically depicts that those who bathe in the holy rivers to rid themselves of their sins and also donate to the needy, not only have their sins removed but also have their wishes granted. It is recommended that the night before the full moon, and the day of the full moon, all diet be converted to a vegetarian diet. On the day of the full moon one should not eat until after performing the Pooja. Devotees may go to the temple and do the Pooja or conduct the Lord Satyanarayan Pooja at home and Prasad (offering to Deity) must made with wheat powder, milk, and sugar. If you are unaware how the Pooja must be done you may talk to any of your Hindu devotee friends (it is a very complicated process). You may eat after the Pooja is commenced however, no meats are to be consumed until the following day.


Even though this type of energy has not been felt at this degree in this century, perhaps the closest it could have been was in January of 2008. I wonder if history will repeat itself but on a different scale. Usually on a full moon something shocking and unexpected always has occurred 5 days before or 5 days after the full moon. Therefore, I would not be surprised if stock market drops again , unexpected news is heard of someone retiring, the federal government finally gives a go ahead on the increase of interest rates for home lending, and lastly the weather, could we be up for chill factor or one of the warmest winters? Whatever the case there will be definite news about gushing water, snow storms, and high tides.

(I had originally posted and written this blog on 13th of January, 2016.  The Dow defiantly dropped on the 15th (read here), it was also announced that winter storm Jonas was due to hit on Jan 22/23 the day of the full moon (read about it here). I believe there is still more shocking news to come. 

However, all will not be negative; this will be a gorgeous aspect for those that have placement of Leo anywhere in their chart or even Aquarius. However, all fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio) will be affected.


Hence, the irritability of the full moon and the retrograde energy may cause some depression for earth and mutable signs due to Mercury which hasn’t gone completely direct yet. Read about it here.

The full moons are a sign of transformation and force many humans to feel discouraged due to the gravitational pull of the moon around the Earth and the sun. A couple of days before the full moon, usually two to three, the energy begins to shift and is considered a “Waxing” stage. Thus the moon moves further behind the Earth and the Sun’s glow makes it look like a large white spot in the sky. This gravitational pull affects the weather patterns which can result in high tides (great for surfing). The full moon gives reasoning to touchiness, anxiety, and often love-hate relationships. This is not a damaging, but rather a constructive situation. The main reason for this is because by the time the moon passes, the answers are crystal clear which will in fact energize many to be more tranquil and energetic.


This moon will defiantly take many of us back and you should expect the unexpected. All of our five senses will be lighted with the Full Moon – however, the energy may cause cynicism and hyperbolic behavior, especially in the area of interpersonal relationships of all kinds. The energy is so penetrating that intense dreams are probable. Bleeding and hemorrhaging are more likely during a Full Moon, so take care.

This is the time to gather, envision, and be grateful; work on efficiency and achievement. Love and romance go wild under a Full Moon, especially around midnight. The full moon naturally attracts high detachment, clear mindedness, and an awareness of one’s own needs as well as the needs of others.


Often full moons are compared to chapters in a book; the notion of creating new chapters in our own lives. Every full moon gives us a chance to re-write chapters that are no longer working. Whether it is the way we connect, interrelate, observe a situation, or deal with problems in our own lives.

The Moon in Leo marks a time of purpose and charm. Ruled by the Sun, Leo creates a power of pleasantness, ambition, and vulnerability. People may feel enthused, accepted, and liberal. It is a good time to pursuit desires, be cooperative, and to help others.


Like the Lion that symbolizes Leo, people may feel distinguished but also yearn for support and reaction. Care needs to be taken to avoid melodramatic demonstrations, attention grabbing, or control positions.

There is an emotional need to want and be admired by others. Expression of feelings may be in a childlike manner – either cheerfully or melodramatically. There is also a natural tendency to be around children. Encourage others by giving compliments and cheering them to be tough, bold; bold is the key of Leo’s strength. There is also a desire to view a mother or a motherly figure to be glorious, amazing, or as a respected person. Look for freedom, pleasantness, and strength in that relationship.


The Leo energy can sometimes cause us to be more biased, tenacious, gratified, frustrated, narcissistic, arrogant, and condescending. It’s also harder (but not impossible) to make modifications or be flexible. Since the Moon is the closest ‘planet’ to Earth, this satellite literally zips around the Zodiac, completing its circuit in less than a month. It also touches us more deeply than most planets.

The influence of this FULL MOON can be especially difficult or challenging for those who were born under a FULL MOON PHASE, as well as for those of the fixed Sun Signs [Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus].

The moon in Leo is Energetic, Brave, Over-dramatic, Managerial, Organized AND ERRATIC. It is my suggestion that you purchase a Green candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with lemon oil or lavender oil and chant the Psalm 65.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention. When it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be.

The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. The mantra for Leo moon is:


“Om Sri suryaya namaha”

(Om Shree sur-ya-ya nam-aha)

This mantra will aid greatly in the peaceful and sweet transition to new and positive energy states.

With every moon cycle, remember to cross out the old affirmations, even if there is the slightest change, and create new ones. The perfect number for aspirations is 10. This means to list 10 aspirations and recite them every night until the next moon cycle. Remember to never make the affirmations beginning with “I want”, they must be worded “I need to be guided…”

Being that this is quite a difficult time for those affect by Mercury retrograde, such as mutable signs, I suggest that you reference to my blog and chant the mantra listed on my last blog on Mercury here.


For each astrological sign to have the best of all worlds here is a two word advice for you for this month:

Aries:    Be Enthusiastic & Responsible
Taurus: Be Calm & Cautious
Gemini: Be Prudent & Rest
Cancer: Be Physical & Exercise


Leo:             Be Focused & Healthy
Virgo:          Be Focused & Hygienic
Libra:          Be Well-Read & Learn
Scorpio:      Be Active & Patient
Sagittarius: Be Aware & Attentive


Capricorn: Be Focused & Listen
Aquarius: Be Rested & Patient
Pisces: Be Rested & Self-Reliant

Please note that I am not an Astrologer nor claim to be one. The Vedic readings incorporate the energies for the moon and sun guiding the reader to bring the most cultivating answers to everyday changes which bring forks in the road and to make your own destiny through answers of the future.


If you are looking for personalized astrological inferences you may contact my recommended astrologers here. I am just your guide to show you how your actions and decisions cause you forks in the road.

These are general tendencies though some personal things can be similar to what I have explained. Each vision, destiny, karma, and spiritual path is individualized by the grace of the higher power.


To find out how this moon will affect you personally, I highly recommend you make an appointment to speak to my recommend astrologer Leslie Hale or my recommended group of astrologers to lead you to the best way in dealing with conflict resulting in peaceful solutions.

Share this beautiful journey which we call life with gratitude, peace, love, humility, and honesty which embraces changes that bring sublime bliss. I hope that it is the best journey you have ever taken.

In Hinduism as well as Vedic astrology and philosophy Leo is known as Simha Rashi and the sound is just like Simba from Lion King. Though this is not the best year you will have but it is not the worst financially work could change and be careful accidents have known to happen if you are not planning on a child.

Leo moon brings grace and love of family, love with passion, grace, and gratitude.

This moon will affect all fire signs and opposite all water signs.

Maharani Rutan ©

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Generosity, Grace and Glory: Transformation 2016 Predictions


2016 Vedic Philosophical Prediction

By Maharani Rutan©


On Christmas Eve Day I decided to write my predictions for 2016. I could not help but to ponder the sadness of 2015. The great legions that passed away that that made differences in the lives of so many. From the co-founder of North Face (Douglas Tompkins) who kept us warm in the cold weather, to the designer of the Bat-mobile which everyone wanted (George Barris). Not to mention Former Senator Fred Thompson, perhaps better known as the District Attorney in Law and Order. We also saw the passing of Jackie Collins who kept most women’s romance alive in their hearts through her wonderful novels, Bobbie Kristina Brown – the only legacy of Whitney Houston who could have shimmered the world, Omar Sharif a heartthrob of the 60’s, Nicholas Winton who saved 650 Jewish children during the holocaust, and Dick Van Patten who played the father in the show 8 is enough.


Some of the most heartfelt deaths of this past year included B.B King (musician), Percy Slege (Musician), adored Leonard Nimoy (aka Mr. Spock in Star Trek), Zsa Zsa Gabor(actress), then there were those that the heavens set the stage. From Afghanistan, Africa, France, India, Australia, U.K, Japan and much more. Some of these deaths could have been prevented while others were caused by natural disasters. But whatever the case, and no matter what the circumstances, we cried many tears, we mourned, we feared, but most of all, we live daily to protect our family, friends, and country.

We will soon begin 2016 with many uncertainties, including where the future of one of the most powerful nations falls as it is placed into the hands of its political process. Thus we have plenty to think about and Mercury retrograde from 2015 going into 2016 will make sure that we think about how our communication and telecommunication is reliant upon the messages being delivered. At the same time Jupiter will also retrograde in Virgo.


Last fall Jupiter entered Virgo which brought or rather, is still bringing, opportunities to Virgos; but Virgo should not have wasted time. They should have been on the move: investing, looking, planning, organizing, networking, but most of all building as time is of an essence (read about it here). However, January 5, 2016, this magnificent planet of luck and fortune will be moving retrograde. There is an old saying, everything should be in moderation otherwise we may become ill. Meaning that if you love sugar and eat too much of it then there is a probability that you may become a diabetic and you may never have candy again. Therefore, when Jupiter begins to go retrograde in Virgo, all earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo) will be going through introspection in regards to understanding how to improve themselves so that they are able to handle more critical issues in their lives when Jupiter goes direct. The worst thing one can do around this time is to get scared because life slows down as you know it. Therefore, Capricorn and Virgo will have a double slow down whammy in January and February of 2016. However, it may last a little longer for Virgos as Jupiter stays retrograde until May 2016.


On January 03, 2016 Mars will enter Scorpio which could be good or bad as it means that everything in life as we see it may be all black or white with nothing in between. But it is about challenges, making profound changes, keeping things a secret, and testing our limits. Within two weeks or so Venus will enter Capricorn, and therefore, while their luck of Career and life as they knew it slows down, perhaps their luck in love and all things such as art and beauty will be at their best. Thus Capricorn may still be a little dissimulated and Scorpios may go through some through some transformations.

As Valentine’s Day gets a little closer and Mercury retrograde starts to move direct, we will feel some relief. However, Venus also moves from worrisome Capricorn and into friendly Aquarius. The residue of Mercury still remains however, so watch out for old lovers returning. I wish I could say that instantly the phase will be over but the light at the end of the tunnel will not be bright until the end of February when we finally get some relief, not for long though. Brace yourself! And hold on tight as the spring brings us some bumps and bruises along the way, as it did spring of 2015.


As tough as it was for us in 2015, the eclipses were not as bad as they will be in 2016. In 2015 we had 4 eclipse, in 2016 we will have 5. A solar and lunar eclipse in the spring of 2016 and Lunar-Solar-Lunar eclipses in the fall of 2016. In spring 2015, our first solar eclipse magnified openings with the Pisces/Aries eclipse on March 20 (Read about it here), followed by the Libra/Aries eclipse on April 4 (read about it here).


No, I have not forgotten, as always it appears that super moons seem to follow the eclipse, or vice versa; we will have six super moons in 2016, just like 2015. Instead of all of the new moons being in the beginning of the year, they will be during the eclipses or little after.


Our first new super moon will cover the entire sun disk and form a total solar eclipse. This eclipse will focus on early born Pisces’ who will now open their eyes with the first total solar eclipse on March 08, 2016, and Libras who will now end their last eclipse for a while with the Libra/Aries eclipse on March 23, 2016. Fortunately for Libras, they will not be affected by eclipses now for quite some time, but that will not stop them from being affected by other aspects. These eclipses will magnify changes for both Pisces and Libra’s for 6 months, setting the stage for their own transformation and I would not be surprised if all those that have planets in in mutable or cardinal signs are affected by these eclipses. Even though the eclipses are transforming Pisces, Venus will grace them by entering their sign, at least until April 05, 2015, while Mars likes things to be fair in Sagittarius and wants the truth. Additionally, by now Saturn is going retrograde and perhaps Sagittarius’ can at least breathe for a little while, at least until August when Saturn goes direct again.


Finally, the merry-go-round begins to slow down and we are able to get off. However, while we are huffing and puffing while holding on to the railing, the universe looks down and says, “oh you need some rest? No problem! I will give you rest.” He puts his whistle in his mouth and blows and says, loudly ‘HEY! MERCURY! THESE HUMANS ARE TIRED!” Mercury smiles, and rubs his hands and says, “oh goody!” Even if our life is about to slow down this does not mean the cosmos slows down. Our second super new moon will be on April 07. One week later, on April 12-14, Mercury retrograde will take the second earth sign hostage. First, he took Capricorn, next is Taurus which means that not only are Taurus’ going to be affected, but all earth signs. I know Capricorn, its hell, I know. Oh, Virgo too. And let’s not forget Gemini, Pisces, and Sagittarius. Oh, why not by default, all those associated too. While our spring quickly begins to move to summer our heads are now between our legs and we are in a fetal position.may1As earth signs bask in the heat in May, the third super new moon will enter our atmosphere on May 06, 2016. Additionally, a few days later, the splendor of Jupiter moves direct in Virgo at the beginning of May once again. But, by association all earth signs will shine bright with kisses and splendor in the glory of prosperity and abundance until September 2016. By the time Mercury retrograde moves into the ghost period. Gemini’s will be whistling as Venus moves into their signs and summer love will bring their love life a little sparkle. However, when Mars had gone retrograde in Scorpio in April, Scorpios and its opposite Aries, people became, and will continue to become very irritable. This anger may disturb the harmony for many people, and possibly even what they do for a living. While Earth signs are confused, Air signs may love the summer romance, while Water and Fire signs may be creating some steam. I call this period simply, a mixed bag of tricks. May will, however, also bring our last Blue moon until 2019; be on the lookout as it is going to be marvelous.


Finally, in June and July the universe will give us the break we all need. In June, Venus will enter Cancer and it’s time for Cancerians to spread the love and turn the torch over to his brother Leo. Family and love is always where Leo’s enjoy love to be. Now everyone can finally enjoy their summer until we are glued to our television, or taking a nice vacation to Rio, for the summer Olympics. Or are we preparing for the next eclipse, or the next full moon? No matter what it is, take your favorite Ice tea, put a lounge chair in the water, put on your John Belushi glasses and float. This is exactly what Pisces, and those with Pisces in their charts, will do starting in June when Neptune goes retrograde again. Ok, you may even feel a bit tipsy.

As the summer gets hotter Mars will enter Sagittarius in early August which will affect all fire signs. Sagittarius’ love to have fun but this time they will get what they want, and if they don’t they won’t hang round for long. Just a few days after Mars enters Sagittarius, Venus enters Virgo (August 04, 2016) where Virgos are sexy, shining, and making everything so sweet. With Jupiter and Venus in Virgo I wonder how many followers beautiful Virgos will have; they will shine bright and have what they need. But if you asked me I think the Olympic committee should have called me before they set the date for the Olympics in Rio. As we are glued to the television on August 5, 2015, the Mercury retrograde ghost period will begin to start making things quite difficult for earth signs, but this time he is holding Virgos hostage. Hence, Virgos will not mind, they will shine quite pretty. As for the rest of us, well, all other earth signs and mutable signs may have a slightly tough time, especially Sagittarius. Saturn, a planet of difficult lessons, finally moves direct in the second week so tough lessons are already on their way for Sagittarius.


Moving into mid-August, transformation for Aquarius people now begins with their first partial lunar eclipse. These are questions that arose from the eclipse of August 7, 1998 combined with those from the eclipse on August 5, 2009. All those with Aquarius and Air signs in their charts, and fixed signs, will be affected by this eclipse and all unfinished business must be taken care of now. But hold on tight, really tight, we are not finished yet! As we end August, Mercury is still retrograding. The summer Olympics are now over, we just passed an Aquarius Eclipse on August 18, 2016, and we are now ready to hide under the blanket. It’s like the Eagles song Hotel California, “you can check out any time you like but you can never leave.”


There is a whole lot of shaken’ going on beginning on September 1, 2016; this is the second Virgo/Pisces eclipse, the first being in 2015. You are now being questioned about things from 2006. Yes Virgo, you will be affect by one more eclipse two weeks later, then you are done for 5 to 6 years. Yes, Venus has left your sign by September and you have now given the torch to Libra where it is at home. You will also hand over the torch of Jupiter to Libra as it’s their turn to hold on to it for a little while because too much of a good thing is never good. I hope you used your time well as Jupiter will not be back in your sign until 2025 in the western astrology but guess what… in the eastern astrology it’s about to enter your Jupiter in September so maybe, just maybe, you hit the lotto with a double whammy? Maybe.

If you sit for too long to have a drink of water that is way too long on September 16, 2015. We will have another eclipse, yes you got it, and that makes 5 eclipse in 2016. This one is in Pisces therefore it will be considered Pisces/Virgo eclipse. Yes, I promised you Virgo, it is the last eclipse and it is. Pisces however, you do have one more in 2017 and you are done as well. This is also asking about your 2006 lessons. A few days later Venus will enter Scorpio and some things will be hidden. Mars will also enter Capricorn and here we go again – worries galore. But at least for Capricorn, things will look much clearer when planet rebirth goes direct.


I am looking at, and writing all of this, and I am thinking we need a break in October. Do you feel it coming? By now we are in our ghost period of Mercury retrograde. There needs to be some deep concentration on the Presidency of United States and the people cannot do this when “stop-go” continues to happen. So now the slowdowns are gone for the year. I think. The eclipses are finished. Jupiter is in Libra and Saturn is still in Sagittarius until next year. Uranus will retro and direct in Aries for a while. Neptune will be in Pisces for a while, Pluto will remain in Capricorn for a while, and Chiron in Pisces. So what’s left?


Ahhh… Super moon! The first super moon will be on October 16, 2016, which will also be a full moon in Aries. As I always say, if you find full moons are bad, a super moon is worse. But something very phenomenal is also occurring just 5 days before the presidential election, which is the black moon on October 30, 2017. The black moon is also a new moon in Scorpio; it a sign of death, rebirth, and secrets; hmm… sounds very mysterious. No, I am not going to predict who will President.


By the beginning of November we now have a new ruler of the most powerful nation in the world. Mars is in friendly Aquarius yet perhaps friends may be a little demanding of us. Venus, meanwhile, is in worried Capricorn. Finally, our second and the brightest super moon occurs on November 14, 2016; which so happens to be in Taurus. Tsk tsk, a bit stubborn; and to think, in 10 more days we will have Thanksgiving. Are we going to feel as though we wonder where the year went, or are we going to remember the year as thank God it is over? Except for the uncertainty of the nation, November is not so bad. And I promise, the year ends just like it began.


December 1, 2016, Mercury will enter the ghost period with Mercury in Sagittarius causing intensity around Christmas (something look familiar?). Our third and final super moon occurs on December 14, 2016 (Full moon in Gemini). Ending the year with Venus in Fun Aquarius, Mars in Pisces, Jupiter in Libra, we can now exhale. Virgo’s no more eclipse as promised.


So what will we learn in 2016? We will learn more about money; how we spend and how we should spend. We will learn about value of relationships. We will learn about family. Most of all, we encounter important lessons of work in progress as 2017 through 2018 is a transformative period of spiritual transitions for many.

Please note these are general predictions not to be noted as western astrology predictions, if you are looking for a western astrologer that can look at your personal chart please see my link here or contact my recommended astrologer Leslie hale here.

Wishing you the best of 2016 and may your transformation be delightful and spiritual looking forwards to talking with you on Facebook and look for my blogs of 2017.


Maharani Rutan©

Maharani468Copyright © 2015 www.

The Abyss: Slow motion. Eight days to 2016 or eight very long weeks in 2016


Mercury Retrograde 2015/2016

December 19, 2015 -January 4, 2016

January 5- 25, 2016

January 26-February 16, 2016

By Maharani Rutan©

So we began the year with a full moon and we end the year with a full moon. But one thing for sure, the universe wants us now to really take the time to think about everything that just happened in 2015. Digest our independence, the freedom we take for granted, including conflicts on a political, personal, and professional front. With the conflicts, we not only suffer on an emotional level but they will resonate to our nerves and muscles when we feel the pressure.

The trickster is back! The ghost period of Mercury retrograde has already begun in Capricorn/Sagittarius on December 19, 2015 at approximately 6am EST at 14 degrees. The intensification of Mercury will be at its strongest January 5, 2016 when it begins its journey at 1 degree in Aquarius. Mercury then begins to station direct on 25 of January again at 14 degrees in Capricorn and rests back to 1 degree Aquarius on 16th of February 2016. However, many will still feel the effects of Mercury through its ghost period until February 19, 2016 and until it finally stations direct on the February 28, 2016.


Many Vedic philosophies consider that a planet which retrogrades initiates its period about 2 to 3 weeks before retrograde position. This is especially true in the Vedic comprehension of how to plan for the obstacles for tomorrow and you will regress any issues. Therefore, I would consider that many of you may start to see the effects as early as the 19th of December, 2015. This phase may be considered an outline of what is yet to come.

This Mercury will take everyone hostage. By default, Gemini’s ruler is Mercury and thus by association, all mutable signs (Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius) are always affected. The year-end Mercury is a lot like the beginning of 2015 when we began the year with Mercury in Aquarius. Therefore, all air signs will be affected once again (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius), and by association, this means all fixed signs will be affected (Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius and Taurus) until mid-January. As we move into the more volatile energy between January 1 through 31, Capricorns will get whacked and, of course, by association so will the cardinal signs (Cancer, Aries, Libra and Capricorn). So if you ask me, no one will really survive this retrograde. But like I always say… It’s in the attitude folks.


When Mercury is retrograde, everyone’s judgment is more reflective and we tend to think about matters and worries that relate to the sign involved. With Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and then into Capricorn, people with this sign prominent in their charts will be particularly prone to such introspection. There is little choice but to reconsider our individual opinions and thoughts about being.

There is, however, a chance to grow and understand our own self-image. When Mercury is retrograding in the signs of Aquarius it creates an emotional and zealous focus on self-autonomy and love with freedom. People’s approaches may change and may be motivated to be very tenacious and hypercritical. The big temptation will be to pressure people into sharing the same mind-set.

The last time this transit was like this was during the winter of 2008-2009 when the energy was just as intense. Last year we had series of retrogrades which affected air signs; this year though, air signs will be affected by association and the intensity will not rise to what it was in at the end of 2014/beginning of 2015. The difference is that this time it involves everyone. In 2016, Mercury is beginning its movements in earth signs as it ends the air sign period and moves into earth.

As this Mercury sets his foot on more earthy stages the focal point will be earth signs and the affects over introspection of these signs. Mercury in Capricorn produces an ability that is conservative, organized, strong-minded, practical, insightful, stable, and well prepared. During this period many of you may become stern and lack laughter or humor at times. This is because acceptance is being forced into learning that is bestowed upon monetary security, our placement in society, or work principles.

Love affairs will be unpredictable and inconsistent due to egocentric approaches. All areas of communication are alarming, especially matters relating to relatives, business, and particularly anyone who is doing home business, travel, and real estate sales or purchases. Documents could easily go astray. Be sure to carry a journal and refer to it regularly. Gossip regarding associates, partners, and colleagues should be discounted or taken with a grain of salt; especially if sex or money is involved. The plot will coagulate with overtones which lead up to February 28, 2016, which is when Mercury begins to move forward.

There is little choice but to re-examine our individual image and attitude about endurance. When Mercury is retrograding in the signs of Gemini it creates a lucid and communicative motivation and causes us to climb into something new and exceptional. You may even want to get away to a place that you have never visited before. The information that is received by the cosmos during the retrograde period is coming at you to re-examine your past. Thus, history may disturb you or give you better insight into your psyche which will be based upon the truth. This may cause you to return because of fear that may confine or cause you to dread the future or acceptance of change. These tendency will to be prone to confusion, indecision, fickle mindedness, and frustrations. Often times there are predispositions that you must do whatever you can not to become hateful towards criticism and not take it personally.mercaq210015This period can also ruin any business dealings, legal issues, and especially matters of interactions which may be blocked in some way. Writers also may have a block of some kind; it is time for a break if you can.

Recognize that Mercury, when it comes to romance, is about the desires of both people. Since relationships are based upon needs of two there may be a choice between past relationships and the present. This will be a time where people from the past may return and it may be during this time where have to choose if you want to move forward in the relationship or re-consider having a new beginning in your life. Any incomplete business from the past will be re-examined at this time. The energy of Mercury gives you the chance to know exactly what you are doing, especially when considering whether to close, or re-open, doors. Many relationships that do not have a firm foundation could break up during Mercury retrograde because of miscommunication or through re-examination.


If there is a needed desire to keep a relationship concrete, then it is advisable to consider every relationship with kid gloves, because it is bound end. Additionally if there are any endings, the communication may not straighten out until March 1, 2016; waiting too long may be subjected to “too little too late”. However, relationships are not the only subject of concern during this retrograde period.

Communications of all sorts, whether they be personal, business, legal, political, or even governmental, will have their issues. Due to distributed energies and obstructions, there is an overall theme of arguments, delays, minor mistakes, delayed communications, getting lost, missed appointments, mechanical outage, computer issues, and most of all, accidents.

Planets are never actually retrograde or stationary, they just seem that way due to this visual false impression. Retrograde periods are often difficult since human nature does not want to go back but to only move forward, hence cannot often grip change. Each planet retrogrades, except the Sun and Moon. Mercury, much like the winged messenger of the gods, comes in on feather-light wings and commands us to communicate. Communication, understanding, and consciousness are all within Mercury’s sphere, as are reason and analysis, our manner of philosophy, and how we create and express our thought progression.

In general, Mercury rules thinking and understanding, indulgence, all means of information distribution, trade, and transport. Additionally, Mercury rules people who work in these areas; especially people who work with their minds or intellect such as writers and orators, commentators and columnists, scandal and spin doctors. Mercury retrograde gives rise to personal misinterpretation; faulty, disrupted, or delayed communications, talks and trade, glitches and breakdown of phones, computers, cars, buses, and trains. These problems usually arise because some critical piece of information was lost or wrong. When Mercury is retrograde, everyone’s thinking is more meditative and we tend to think about topics and concerns that relate to the sign involved. Artistic predispositions including crafts, music, art, or design tend to be blocked by conditions beyond one’s control. Legal matters will proceed bit by bit and unpredictable barriers tend to appear.


The good things to do when Mercury is Retrograde: envision, reading, adjust the book/poem/song/essay you’ve been writing, clean house, talk to your pet, listen to music, paint, go for a walk, learn yoga, exercise, and most of all catch up on sleep! Mercury is a very lethargic moving planet affecting almost every sign with no discrimination. It is my suggestion that you buy a yellow candle and carve your name through to the wick. Smear the candle with Inspiration oil or Eucalyptus oil and chant the Psalm 70 every single night. This period will last for 6 weeks (2 weeks prior, 2 weeks retrograde, and 2 weeks moving) and it will be hard on all of us.

These minor suggestions will allow friendly interactions as well as compassion in circumstances. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until February 28, 2016. Remember that with all functions of psalms and mantras achieving the desired consequences is dependent upon the quality of intention. Also, when it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear perceptive of what your goal should be.

The mantras can be hard to voice for many but are a powerful foundation of energy. The mantra for Mercury energy is:


“Om Budhaya Namaha”

(Om Bood-han-yah Nahm-ah-ha)

“Om and salutations to Buddha, presiding spirit of planet mercury”

This should be recited December 19, 2015 through February 28, 2016


This mantra is used to achieve mental rationality, shun and conquer confusion, and keep welcoming interactions flowing.

It is my suggestion that you re-visit areas of your life that need the utmost attention, which is all about you. In this life, even though people in our lives do play a great role, we must take into consideration how we act towards them. We must also take into consideration if our actions, or reactions, create unnecessary conflicts. All humans are given an ego and through our egos we can either create a sublime bliss in our relationship, or create chaos.

It is my suggestion to set up a timing reading with me or reach out to Leslie Hale who can best help you understand how this retrograde planet will affect you. Remember I am NOT an astrologer, however in the Vedic philosophies we do consider astrological inferences does create a certain characteristic attitude or behavior towards conflicts that interfere in sublime bliss.

Wishing you a joyful holiday… look for my 2016 predictions soon…


Maharani Rutan©

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Ending 2015 with your eyes wide open: Final Full moon 2015

Full Moon in Cancer

December 25, 2015

By Maharani Rutan©

We began 2015 with our eyes wide open, with a full moon at 14 degrees in Cancer (read about it here) and now, we end the year with our last full moon in Cancer; still with our eyes open at 3 degrees in Cancer.

The internet has been blasted by the recurrences of the full moon on Christmas Day. Surely, we have many full moons on Christmas Day/Eve with the last one on December 24, 2007 at 2 degrees in Cancer, and previously on December 26, 2004 but at the midnight hour it was pretty lit at 5 degrees in Cancer. This year, it will be on December 25th 6:12am EST, 3:12 PST.


However, I have stated in the last three to four blogs that history repeats itself, so without looking can you guess to what degree and what date the next full moon will fall on Christmas Day and what year? The math is quite simple. We did not have a full moon on Christmas Day between 2000 and 2003 which means that between the last one (2004) and the most current (2015) is the difference of 11 years. Therefore, the next full moon will be in 2026 and because history repeats itself it has to go back to the degree it was prior to 2015 this means it will be on December 24, 2026 at 2 degrees in Cancer (I could be wrong as I am not an astrologer nor a mathematician or a scientist but it’s worth a good guess).

Even though this full moon will fascinate many, depending upon which hemisphere one resides, the names of the moon are associated with the hemisphere. In the north they name the full moon in December as the Long night moon or actually, the cold moon because of the cold conditions and the night seems to be so long because the sun never seems to come up. In the south it is called a Rose moon as the hue of the warm and cold air form a reddish tint to the moon.


Often it has been rumored that during the full moon the howling of wolfs will trigger some unimaginable supernatural activities in the atmosphere such as natural disasters, like rain and earthquakes, without warning. But, just as our air brings her wrath onto our earth, human lives will dive into the depths of their own emotions. Cancer moon often brings a lot of water, snow, and surging rain which could cause devastation to hills and mountains. It could also cause destruction to our own emotions.

The Full moon gives a gesture for us to appreciate the significance and purpose given to us to discover what it means to live with a purpose. It is as influential as everything the moon stands for. This moon rules areas of people, visions, and karmic memories. Domestic issues will disturb most of us during the full moon in Cancer.


Sentimentality and past memoirs will draw us to people from our past. These feelings exist on a karmic level which allows us the chance to go backwards and save things and people from our past. In many cases this involves those we believed we had let go, or perhaps, we may not have let go of them when it was called for. Often times it was regretful words or actions which separated us from them, and now all it takes is a little effort, modesty, and being humble to make the heart heal and be right again. It is time to open to your feeling; perhaps very deep ones that we may have kept concealed and silent for a long time; to apologize, if need be, and in general, be more kind and nonjudgmental.

After the planets have choked many of us with the Uranus/Saturn/Pluto/Mars energy, we can finally welcome the Winter Solstice and a day after, this moon. We can sing the “Shake it off” song. But please don’t try to ski if you don’t know how. If you are a Sagittarius or have any houses in Sagittarius you might do that. I’d hate to see you break bones while your Cancerian friend sits there and laughs at you making a fool of yourself.


A full moon in Cancer is also a compulsive time for many. This is especially true for those who have difficulty connecting with people as it could cause binges like drinking, chocolate, Ice cream, or even sexual liaisons, all of which will be regretted later. It will be a bad hangover which may take months to get over.

But where there is ruin there will be new development. The full moon always brings closure in order to bring to us a better tomorrow. The hills of the new, and new beginnings, will bring with them central changes which have been dreaded for so long. These worries manifest in the form of ambiguities and it is these mysteries that have also held us back for so long.


This full moon will emphasize how confident we are in the emotions that are attached to our communication, how much we share, and how much we relate to others. The full moon can be a luminous time; however, it all depends upon our moderation of the energy.

The cancer full moon is also very special as the energy will allow freedom from old wounds which may have caused cruel resentments and the powerlessness to forgive and move past vital things. The energy of this moon will give the healing required to absolve, thus freeing one’s self from emotional constipation. To only imagine a world without chains or to revert the energy back into the self so that the energy can be placed somewhere else which results in beautiful things of the future.

This moon allows that balance and to appreciate that perhaps it is not our discomfort to hold on to, but it’s the opinions of our environment that make you feel the way you do. Whether it be people or places, the voices have caused a lot of pain and unreasonable decisions based upon other people’s values and norms, not of your own.

Brace yourself though! Letting go of harmful energy is not always easy as it has been consistent for so long. Imagine for a moment an addict goes cold turkey one day from something he or she has been using for many years. Similar to that, love can be just as addictive if it makes us feel good. Therefore, letting go will cause many to be moody and unreasonable. Give yourself time to heal and others as well. Trust your intuition.

Open your mind and heart wider than ever before. If you need to cry, then cry. Let it all go. Your heart and mind, and especially psyche, will let you know that it is ok to do so and that the tears are not of pain but of love. Show your love to someone with the kindest spoken words and the hurt will diminish through compassion. However, if there is indecision or bitterness then the spoken words will cut like a knife, deeper than the depths of any soul.

The first step of letting go is to physically do it. Cancers love to be cared for and love their homes. The force of this moon will give the energy needed to clean the home of clutter, finish the projects which were not finished, and bring the beauty and light of the full moon into the home. Through all this electricity in the air don’t forget to go into your shell too from time to time. Cancers love their solitude, this is how they love themselves and are accepting of others. Through the separation there will be answers to understanding the past and plant the seeds of tomorrow. Cleaning of the body, mind, spirit, and the physical world will lay a solid foundation for tomorrow. However, Cancerians know that tomorrow cannot happen overnight; it is going to have to happen one day at a time.


Significance of this moon is not just about emotions but it is also about closeness. Cancer is a sign of fostering and the love of a mother for her son or daughter. It’s a karmic connection, a sacrifice, and an allegiance to safeguard the family. The need to protect may be so strong that there may be predispositions to bring out indulgences such as eating, drinking, and spending too much. It is a tall order to release feelings and, at the same time, try to understand them. A birthmother may play an important role in one’s life while trying to appreciate the deep meaning of love mixed with discipline. Memories of positive childhood experiences will create imaginative responses, thus triggering the psychic energy which will be directly connected to the birth mother. The feelings may be very clingy and obstinate but the need to follow them is more gratifying.

The moon in Cancer brings encouragement, passions, compassion, resourcefulness, and sentimental issues in our lives. The Watery Cancer Moon brings up memories of childhood, warm motherly arms, and tender touches for loved ones. Our hearts swirl in a sea of ancient imagery…. watch out for crabbiness!


There may be a lot of sensitive emotions and a need to hide under a shell, for some time, in seclusion. Defending ones tradition and family maybe be number one on everyone’s agenda. Although dispositions may be changeable, people may often be very nurturing and caring. Elderly people may be looking for protection and nurturing. Care needs to be taken to avoid hurting the feelings of others as well as having your own feelings hurt.

Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, lunar influences are strongest and most easily expressed when focused through this sign. The moon greatly influences personality, the subconscious, and the emotions which mold instinctual behavior. When the Moon is in Cancer it is a time of tense emotions and great sensitivity with people responding to life through emotions rather than reason. During this very vulnerable period be cautious not to emotionally wound others or allow yourself to be wounded. Generally, people will be passive, easy-going, sentimental, loving, and nurturing. Unfortunately, this motherly expression of caring is often expressed with food and it is easy to overeat. Cancer is a nurturing sign and the most fertile sign of the zodiac. With the moon in Cancer, it is a good time for creating life and for growth. Don’t be surprised if you find some news about a new baby or give birth; it could also be weddings and reunions. It is all about families and children.

The moon in Cancer represents Fostering, Sensitive, Delicate, Creative, and Romantic. It is my suggestion that you purchase a pink candle and carve your name, and the name of your loved one, through to the wick. Anoint the candle with lavender oil, or inspiration oil, and chant Psalm 70. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle.

Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention, and when it comes to finding a satisfying relationship with another person, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. The mantra for Cancer moon is:


“Om Shrim Chandrakia Namaha”

Om Shreem Chan dra kia nahm – ah- ha)

Om, and salutation to the creative abundance that is the very form of the universe.


This Mantra opens the universal forces in your life and allows the righteous changes to occur. With every moon cycle, remember to cross out the old affirmation, even if there is the slightest change, and create new ones. The perfect number for aspiration is 10. This means to list 10 aspirations and recite them every night until the next moon cycle. Remember, to make the affirmations begin with “I feel the resolute. I protect, save, nourish, and assimilate all of life’s emotions; I have a desire to connect to the source of subconscious and be reserved, quite, and love without conditions.”

Please note that I am not an astrologer nor do I claim to be. These are general tendencies; not necessary or exact to every recipient. However, it gives a basic glimpse of what to expect during the lunar cycle. To understand what to expect in your particular situation, you might want to consult with an astrologer who can help you fill in the voids of confusion. You can find them at recommend astrological link here


Vedic readings are unique in many senses; where it encompasses the phases of the moon and creates a reading which is based upon actions and reactions to the more mundane parts of our lives which we can control. This control is triggered through actions and reactions which create a symphony of destiny, karma, dharma, and spiritual transits which often confuse us. Our lives are not just about looking at the past; they also encompass the present so we can choose to build a future of our liking. A Vedic reading embraces those utilities and helps you create that picture perfect world through spiritual messages.

I hope that this full moon brings you the sublime transits you have asked for and the healing energies filling your heart with love and inspirations.


I wish you and yours a very happy and healthy holiday season. Stay tuned for my 2016 predictions and keep warm.

Maharani Rutan©


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