Lionize, Liberate, Learn and Love: Last Lunar Eclipse in Leo beyond 2040

Total Lunar Eclipse

Super Blood Moon

Super Moon

Full Moon in Leo

Jan 20/21, 2019

By Maharani Rutan©

I am sure you recall the “Great Eclipse of the Century” in August of 2017. The universe is calling on us again with the “Total Lunar Eclipse” intertwined with the most beautiful Super Blood Moon.

It was called a Great Eclipse of the Century because of the visibility in the United States; we are here once again. This eclipse is making a grand entrance and majestic exit. Whatever changes will be works in progress until 2026.

The total lunar eclipse will be visible to the entire regions of the Americas, Europe, and Asia, including the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans. In VPAT(Vedic Philosophical Ayurveda Theories) philosophies, whenever one planet obscures light from another planet it has an adversarial effect. As the full moon is auspicious in VPAT philosophies, this is only auspicious when the sun and moon are naturally rising and naturally moving beyond the horizon. The eclipses not only cause disorder for the planetary deities who are there to protect us, but also have powerful negative effects on people.

As superstitious as it may sound, it has been proven that those who look upon the lunar or solar eclipse usually have bad luck. The viewer has negative effects on their lives for at least 6 months to a year. Therefore, most often you will not see Hindus out and about during the eclipse nor do they go out of their way to view it. If the Gods are tormented by the negative connotation, think about what happens to humans.

The old moon and the Thunder moon, as named in the northern and southern hemispheres, will not luminate until the eclipse begins. On January 20, 2019 the Penumbra Eclipse will motion over the moon at 9:36pm EST. As the moon becomes grand and rises as a super moon at 10pm EST we will not be able to view it as the partial solar eclipse will begin at 10:33pm EST.

Thus, a full eclipse will begin at 11:41pm EST, maximizing and bringing forth total darkness at 12:12am EST. For those who want to take a chance to view it, you will have about 31 minutes until the movement towards the partial eclipse at 1:50am EST then back to the beginning at 2:48am EST.

In my predictive blog of 2019, I stated that every instance of the full moons and the eclipses are replicas of exact degrees and astrological signs in the year 2000. On January 21, 2019 the impact of each eclipse is related to the planet it rules; in this case this is a Cancer (VPAT) / Leo (Western) axis. This also means that all those in the viewing area of the eclipse (all those listed above) will also be affected.

The eclipse on January 20/21, 2019, occurs in Leo or Cancer, ascendant, or anyone with Leo and Cancer in their chart, not excluding Fixed and Cardinal signs. Those included in this realm of the eclipse are almost everyone except for those that have Earth (Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo) prominent in their signs. A VPAT chart will give you the exact proximity of the impact, rather than estimating.

Leo is a sign of the home and Cancer is a sign of emotions and heart. Thus, we can all relate when things affect our homes. For example, we had a lunar eclipse last year at the end of January and we had a lunar eclipse at the same time in 2000. If we compare both 2000 and 2018, we can possibly get a glimpse of what is to come.

We do have to keep in mind that the eclipse energy can be felt as early as two weeks before the intensity on the day of, and two weeks after. But for some people this is a 6-month to a one-year process of transformation. Because the solar eclipse this year is two weeks before the eclipse, the safe side to predetermine the outcomes would be around the 11th of January 2000, and January 2018.

In January of 2000, the Algerian civil war and Islamic conflicts were in the news, whereas in 2018, Israel-Palestine struggles were making headlines; thus, we are seeing conflicts in religious areas. Leo also represents our foundation (religion, culture etc.). In September of 1999, Hurricane Floyd left disaster up and down the Eastern Seaboard and it took until almost January to even start rebuilding.

Fast forward to 2018 when, due heavy rain, the entire state of California was either on fire or under heavy rain in 2017 and it was not until late January until the cities began to rebuild. In relation to this eclipse, Leo also represents the home and community. Both incidents brought people together to build a collective community.

To be able to see the parallels of how eclipse effects the viewable region, we turn to the lunar eclipse of 2000 which was visible in Asia, Antarctica. Yunnan, China’s earthquake left 42 thousand homes flattened. Whereas the 2018 eclipse, which was viewed by the upper peninsula of North America, saw a 7.9 magnitude earthquake causing similar if not more damage than then one in 2000.

Here we are now, this eclipse is being viewed by most all South and North America. My prediction is that earthquakes, mudslides, fires and international conflicts are all possibilities within the next six months. Though many will look at these events as trauma (which is it is), the outcome is to bring society, neighbors, countries, and the collective “us” together as a family.

Additionally, people with fixed and cardinal signs will have complications unraveling their self-perception from their feelings, failing to recognize that someone or something is not what it appears. Thus, it is all a character defect or an illusion rather than an emotional commitment. These people will be fanatical about doing things that restrict their sensitive gratification or chasing after their hunger while flair and skills are wasted. It is at this point that a tug of war between emotions and motivations begins.

When a lunar eclipse occurs, the earth is transitory between the Sun and the Moon, creating a Full Moon as we experience every month – but in this case, the position is flawless – the occultation of the Moon complete. The intensity of the Full Moon is boundlessly and totally covered for about an hour by the earth’s shadow. The Sun and Moon are inhabiting opposite Astrological signs, therefore emphasizing the polarization characteristic to those signs.

During the period of occultation, the Moon’s supportive light is momentarily suspended. Experiencing a crisis of deficiency depends upon the astrological sign in which the eclipse transpires, and generally upon the natal astrological house (realm of influence), as well as the major aspects made to natal planets.

This eclipse is particularly relationship oriented, and our connections with others can be disconnected, tested, or abruptly repaired as the surprise calls one to action. We may extremely reflect on our spirits and needs within the situation of the house in one’s astrological chart. Sign and planetary facets may be pretentious. To fully grow the probable in the lunar eclipse, we must discover both houses and signs that are brought into play.

Where the Moon is positioned, we can provoke our demons, old behaviors and doubts, and where the Sun is we may find the means to hold and release from whatever oppression we experience in life through our creative efforts. In any event, there are prospects for unfathomable understanding and finding a balance in our lives.

The Moon in Leo marks a time of determination and charisma. Ruled by the Sun, Leo creates an inspiration of warmth, passion, and delight. People may feel inspired, honorable, and substantial. It is a good time to pursue romance, be social, and to help others. Like the Lion that symbolizes Leo, people may feel confident but also want gratitude and acknowledgement. Care needs to be taken to avoid exaggerated displays to grab the spotlight or leadership positions.

Cancer brings fostering, sentiments, compassion, thoughts, and romantic issues in our lives. The Watery and Fiery Cancer brings up memories of childhood, warm motherly arms, and tender touches for loved ones. Our hearts swirl in a sea of early metaphors…. watch out for crabbiness! Becoming sensitive expressively and the need to hide in your shell sometimes may be the mood for the next few months. But at the same time, you may find yourself a strong defender of family and tradition.

Although dispositions maybe become unsettled, people will come to you willingly for nurturing and care. Care needs to be taken to avoid hurting the feelings of others as well as having your own feelings hurt. Moon in Leo/Cancer is a beautiful synchronicity as Leo represents the family, or the father, and Cancer represents the mother. Furthermore, the moon in Leo also represents Sun and Cancer represents Moon.

Looking back at the Leo/Cancer eclipse, even though I am not neither sign and I have nothing in Leo and only one planet in Cancer, this was a very emotional time. The first Lunar Eclipse in February 2017, my father became ill early part of February and passed away 24th of February, my father passed away due to complications with his heart and kidneys. The following year couple of days before the eclipse in January 2018, my mother had a heart attack and in February 2018 couple of days after the eclipse, my mother had open heart surgery, but she was so strong that she pulled through. I tell you this to demonstrate that this is a time of Mother/Father and family. Leo (Father) is where the heart is, and Cancer(Mother) is where the emotional heart is.

With Moon in Leo, you may have an expressive need to shine and be praised by others, articulating feelings in a naïve manner, either spiritedly or theatrically. A normal kinship with children and a skill for organizing and leading are all possibilities. Especially present will be the nurturing others by generous admiration and bringing out boldness and fearlessness in others will come easy.

On the other hand, Leo’s have high respect for their mothers; they see their mother as a noble, studied, or respected person, and look for individuality, warmness, and fortitude in that relationship The Leo energy can sometimes cause more fanatical, tenacious, proud, annoyed, arrogant, narcissistic, or patronizing qualities. It’s tougher (but not impossible) to make fluctuations or be supple.

The lunar stimuli are tough and most eagerly voiced when energizing both signs. Consider that, as elements, Leo is a fire sign and Cancer is water sign. When mixing fire and water it will create steam. Thus, we need to be cognizant of this when in matters of behavior, perception, and frame of mind. The energy will generate anxious enthusiasm and unlimited attention towards people. At the same time, the steamy energy can be very unsettling for others, whereas moods, actions, and reactions could be wary, narrow-minded, emotional, and on the other spectrum, welcoming and nurturing.

Regrettably, if nurturing linking does not exist, there may compulsive behaviors which could lead to over doing things such as food, alcohol, spending, or other things that may not be good for one’s healthy emotions.

On the political front, there may be many issues concerning family structure, needs being met, and how to keep families together during tough times. Cities coming into focus could be Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York. On an international front, focus may be on North and South Korea, China, Russia, Rome Madrid, Sweden and Tokyo.

Any conflicts, chaos, or disasters which occur during this time may also have to do with the intense energy of several planets. Currently, Saturn is still in Sagittarius and is direct until end of April. Saturn is the deity of difficult lessons but is also a teacher where there is a gift bestowed upon those who take the initiative to make positive changes in their lives without dependence upon others. Saturn in Sagittarius will affect all fire signs by association, therefore, it will impact Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius.

Saturn also asks the questions if we mean what we say, if we practice what we learned, and are we honest inside as we expect honesty from others? Also, if anything in your life is causing you restriction, Saturn will make sure it leaves your life no matter how important it is. This means home, family, love, job, or places you live, etc. During this time Saturn is doing its thing by bringing out secrets and the illusions we place upon people.

On the flip side, Mars is in Aries until almost the end of April. Mars feels the most contented here. By association this will affect all fire signs (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius) and will help in being more confident, firm, hostile, gutsy, forceful, while everything that seems challenging, competitive, and difficult is no longer pain staking nerve racking and smoother sailing. All the lessons of Mars will be innate in you as if they came in an instant.

The lunar eclipse is a very deep transit. The triggers of the moon touch upon feelings and the sun highlights self-identity. Hence, our feelings will be overrun by our emotions as our feminine and masculine sides are triggered by the pressures of both planets on either side. This can lead to disappointment, anxieties, and bitterness. Often, we are not accepting the underlying causes of difficulties in our lives and are not ready to accept the truth.

Lunar eclipse also assists us with building new things in our lives; if it is not stable, it will break away. In this eclipse, the world at large may be focusing a lot on our civil liberties, sexual characteristics, fairness, natural life, philosophy, and evolution. It’s time to rip apart all the darkness and be at peace with yourself. Allow spirits and spirituality to guide you.

Additionally, all the shake ups and wanting to tear apart things has a lot to do with the Rahu and Ketu transit which affects us for another 60 days until it changes signs to Gemini/Sagittarius. For now, until March, if you are a Cancer or have Cancer in your second house or are a Capricorn or have Capricorn in your second house, you could see some unexpected career opportunities. Financial increases may also be seen in many aspects.

This, however, is not the only good news for you Leo’s and Cancers. What I am about to present to you is a predisposition of VPAT predictions of each sign. Since Leo and Cancer are highlighted in this eclipse, the main focus will be to look at both of these astrological signs from now until their birthday, June-August 2019.

Please note these predictions are not exact to a specific person or a situation; rather, they are general predispositions to every aspect. If you have properly signed up for my newsletter you may have received a form in which it highlights these aspects and I hope you are able to follow along.

Each planet which I am presenting is based upon VPAT predispositions of what will transpire as general predictors for Leo’s. To look at the whole picture it is advised to combine everything and get a larger picture. However, since no one person has as 12 planets in one sign, it is advisable to insert the predisposition wherever there is Leo in your VPAT chart.

I will list all the planets and end dates for specific transit. I will also list them in the order of my favorite to my least favorite (they are usually the toughest). Finally, I will not be mentioning any planets which are retrograde as it usually causes more confusion, instead, I will focus on the dates.


Consider this eclipse as the first day of your life. This is time to plant your seeds, as what you bring to the universe’s table will be those seeds which could blossom in six months to a year. But it is also a transit of sustainability. This is your last eclipse; it is your new beginning, but most of all, this is your journey to find yourself in the world that is so unique to you. For many Leo’s, and those that have Leo planets, this is not going to be an easy eclipse. Our wonderful planet Mars is having it out with crazy Uranus. During the eclipse this conflict could cause irrationality or brute reactions to things. There may be a lot of confusion. Forget collaboration or cooperation during this time, and a need for change may take off in a wacky manner. If you meet someone new, start a new romance, or even restart a romance between January 7 through January 31, it is considered dark energy. The best way to describe this is like drinking a 5-hour energy drink but after the 5 hours are up, you have no energy. In this case, the dark energy can cause so much damage that it could bring pain that may be difficult to mend together, sometimes taking until the next eclipse in Leo to do so, which won’t be until 2026. Then again, others may be irrational towards you or just remain quiet during this period. Furthermore, do not start any romance, mend an old romance, or fix old situations February 18 through April 18 and again June 18 through August 18, 2019. These dates represent time in which Mercury retrograde could cause confusion (read about other transits in my predictive blog here).

Saturn: April 2019-Sept 2019. Saturn is in Sagittarius and, by association, you too are affected by the difficult lessons. But this time you are ready for anything and trust me when I say this is your gift. My caution to you is not to spend unnecessarily. This is the time to expand on your career life, education, travel, friends, and family. Lady luck is blessing you with flourished material and professional growth so do not let this slip away.

Ketu – Since Ketu is changing signs as of March, there are two instances; one is from now until March, and it changes directions at the end of March. You will have good health, an ability to pay back debt, and you will feel very content.

Ketu: March 30, 2019. There could be some financial challenges for you and minor conflicts in relationships. You may not be able to focus on your studies as much as you want and will need to take care of your health.

Rahu there is a change of sign in March, therefore this prediction reflects everything until March 30, 2019. Your financial structure should be getting better, including the way you approach life. This will assist you in moving forward in areas of career and financial gains.

Rahu: March 30, 2019. Nothing in the transit of sign change is changing except that you will have an unexpected career opportunity. Financially, and with respect to your career, things are looking great. However, your focus and ability to follow direction due to miscommunication is possibly hindered.

Uranus: Aug 2019. For most people dear Leo, this would be a horrible transit. But you can take the craziness as you are a natural born leader. This is a time for travel, education, diversity, and finding your higher self. If opportunity of growth and expansion, both externally and externally occurs, make sure you take advantage of it.

Jupiter – There will also be a change of signs at the end of March. Therefore, two instances of this will show as opposite or very similar. There could be possible conflicts with people you care for which could cause health issues or minor sickness due to stressors. You may also have unnecessary worries for your mother or mother figure.

Jupiter: March 30, 2019. Financial gains, network expansion, involvement in spiritual and philanthropic events are the theme. Material and spiritual gains which lead to expansion in career and a new home, car, or major purchase, are possible.

Prediction, Warnings and afterthoughts by Maharani For Leo’s

 Be careful of minor health issues, do not take anything lightly. This year the problems that seem so difficult will be overcome. A career move is very much possible and financial gains are unsurpassed. But, be careful of unexpected expenses in May. If you are looking for love, it seems the period between May and the middle of June is your best time; just be yourself, compromise, love, impress, and use your charm. Exercise and healthy eating habits will put you on top of your health. You see already your seeds are being planted without even asking. Welcome to your last lunar eclipse, enjoy it.

Every year, we usually have four eclipses and they always come in pairs. This is the universe’s way of pushing us to let go of unwanted garbage and they are usually charged by the energy of any full moon. These times are often about changes in your life; letting go and learning not to smother. This is something Cancers know best. They don’t like to be smothered nor do they smother, and this eclipse is all about the emotions.

What I will present to you is a general predisposition to the sign of Cancer, not necessarily individual circumstance. I will also present the planets in order, from those I least favor to the most favored. Some of the planets will be changing signs before your birthday, therefore, you may see two instances of the same planets with a different date.


Sweet Cancer, this is also your time. Think back to the rough years of 20092011. Remember the worries, uncertainties, and restrictions in your life. Now look at you today. Since 2009 you may have ended relationships, moved away, or are in a new career or profession. Something you could have never imagined in 2009. Also, if 2009 was not bad, go back to 2003-2005 as I am sure that was the toughest time for you. For the past two years you have been discovering yourself and paying back tough Karma; finding your own dignity in life through growth and success. At the same time, you are being given an opportunity to see how stressors can cause problems to our health and focus. You may also discover that not telling the truth, or twisting it, has its consequences. This is especially true when you cannot lie very well and additional stressors cause problems.

Saturn: April 2019-Sept 2019. Saturn is in Sagittarius and moving back and forth. Fire and water do not mix well but sometimes they can if they are meant to diffuse. Saturn is a teacher and a karmic guru. Once the lessons are learned there is always a gift at the doorway and how it should be seen. This is because it’s not the best time for your right now, because your temper will rise. Do whatever that is necessary to control engaging in conflicts and stay focused on the work at hand. This year you may be traveling more than other years but it also comes with agitation. The more you involve yourself in situational conflicts, the more you will become physically ill; the illness could be as minor as a cold or something even greater. This is because you wear your emotions on your sleeve. Instead, spend quality time with your friends, and plenty of time with your siblings. Most of all, if you can feed birds nearby that will help you ease the tension. This is not a year for personal relationships.

Ketu – Since Ketu is changing signs as of March, there are two instances; one is from now until March, and then it changes directions at the end of March. Your focus this year may be on your life partner or someone significantly important to you. Time will be spent taking care of them, but while you do so it may be that your work life or profession that will decline, thus causing tension. This can lead to tiffs which would be detrimental to peace between the both of you. Avoid confrontations with people you care for and remember that your career and professional prospects are plenty.

Ketu: March 30, 2019. Avoidable anxiety, sickness, and doubts could cause aggression through the year for you. Competition, obstacles, and working diligently for success is the theme for 2019. Hence, the harder you work the less you are taking care of your health. Exercise, eating healthy, and seeing your physician is an important factor during this transit. You must be very mindful with your spending as you may accumulate things that are not necessary and place yourself into even deeper financial difficulties. Be kind and humble during communication, especially with a pure heart, otherwise conflicts could lead to stressors that will cause a decline with your health.

Rahu – there is a change of sign in March, therefore, this prediction reflects everything until March 30, 2019. Be mindful towards your movements and responses while in public. Remember not to be too sensitive; it is not how someone is saying something, it is what they are saying. The problem is that you may become defensive towards people.

Rahu: March 30, 2019. This year, you need to watch your spending and indulging on unnecessary things. The more you travel, the more pressure it will create on your closest relationship. Be careful not to do things that are covert or illegal. There are chances of trials, miscommunication, and sluggishness with project completion.

Uranus: Aug 2019. There will be positives and negatives while Uranus flips between Taurus and Aries. There is a possibility of career change, professional promotions, and vindication. Dissatisfaction with your profession may cause a new learning methodology to better prepare you. Trust your decisions, even if they seem risky. It will work out at the end, as it always does for you.

Jupiter – there will also be a change of signs at the end of March, therefore, two instances of this will show as opposite or very similar. This is one of those moments of contentment, slackening, amusement, creativity, spending time with children/grandchildren or other people’s children, indulging, and the arts.

Jupiter: March 30, 2019. Be very careful this year with your health and take extra caution while doing anything risky which could cause you physical injury. Slow down while driving as well. You may find you are physically and mentally lethargic, therefore, I suggest that you take time out for yourself. Be careful not to pass judgement or show hostility. The best way to handle these situations is to practice collaboration and communication which is respectful. Your dream job will be around the corner if you polish up your educational skills.

Prediction, Warnings and afterthoughts by Maharani For Cancers

Now it’s time to sip your fancy drinks, but be careful, you know you love the finer things in life and this will be a year of things full of activities and memories. You will have plenty of drama of your own as you will have internal conflicts around moving from one place to another or transitioning to a new career. Be careful with minor conflicts with family members in the spring. Try not to dive into negative thinking. Be helpful to those at the workplace as the more cooperative and a team player you are, the more you will be recognized. You will get to a point where you build a home life which is peaceful and serene. It’s time to say what you want to say and show, and tell, people you love that you love them. Relax and be close to home and relax as this is what you use to regenerate. The problem is with your love of food, so it is very important that you maintain a healthy regimen. I think there should be a party for you and Leos while you are basking in the sun and the rest of us watch you and sulk.

The Super Moon is the closest ‘Planet’ to Earth, and this satellite literally zips around the Zodiac, completing its circuit in less than a month. It also touches us more deeply than most planets. I strongly suggest taking the goals that you made last month and crossing them out one by one. Remember, begging for your aspirations does not result in a positive effect.

During the Lunar Eclipse we must try to look at life from a different aspect. You might want to re-write the objectives like this: “I need help in generating what I dream of and the power to manifest happiness through this process. I need the information to love more and the ability to engross in a positive environment. I need to understand my goals.”

I also recommend that during this Moon cycle you purchase a white and yellow scented candle, either lemon/orange for the yellow and vanilla or orchid scent for the white, carve your name on it and anoint the candle with rose or lavender oil. Chant, in silence, Psalm 40 three times and Psalm 51 three times. Allow yourself to chant these words every night until the next moon cycle and let the glory of the higher power enter your body, mind, and soul.

Since, moon in Leo is Frisky, Courageous, Studied, Supervisory, and Systematized AND TEMPERAMENTAL, it is my suggestion for us to remain balanced.

You may also elect to narrate a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all requests of psalms and mantras, achieving the desired result is dependent upon the eminence of purpose.

The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. The mantras for the lunar eclipse are:


Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

(oom Naamooo Bha ga vate Vistu veya )


Om tryambakam yajāmahe sugandhim puṣṭivardhanam

urvārukamiva bandhanān mṛtyor mukṣīya mā’mṛtā

This Siddha mantra uses the universal elements that govern each charka: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. The intention of this mantra is the to keep us in balance and from losing our temper through darkness and unfocused energy.

Please note I am not an astrologer, nor pretend to be one. These are VPAT tendencies which are predispositions created by theory-based practices. To get your personalized horoscope, become familiarized with the type of astrology which makes you the most comfortable and seek an expert in that area.

It is highly recommended not to eat during the eclipse and 24 hour before the eclipse to eat only vegetarian food and stay away from fried foods. Additionally, spiritual bath during the eclipse is highly recommended and avoid watching the eclipse as it could bring forth hardship. You may watch it on television but not with the naked eye or even with glasses. There is an old saying if you watch the eclipse things could negatively happen within 3 to 6 months at the earliest and it could last for many years.

For those who follow my newsletter, note you are recommended to take a spiritual bath and then re-read the information that I provided. I will be offering 6-month readings from January 22 – Feb 2, 2019 on individual future, or 3-month readings on a relationship.

Since it is the last eclipse in Leo until 2026 and last lunar eclipse in Leo well beyond 2040, if you have Leo anywhere in your chart, I recommend that predictive reading is a option for you. My schedule for the eclipse is already posted (here), please check the price and what your reading will entail prior to contacting me for your appointment.  This will save both of us time and energy.

I hope you have the most spiritual and holistic eclipse possible.



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