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July 1, 2012

Readings with Strawbreeze Tarot & Maharani

Greetings to all! I am happy to announce that I am returning to the air. I will be joining Starbreezetarot on Sunday June 17 at 8:00PM EST at on Blog Talk Radio.  You can find the direct linkhere.. or

I am so excited to be returning to web talk  radio and I hope that you will join us! Starbreezetarot and I will be taking calls and giving free readings for one hour. I look forward to hearing from old friends and meeting new ones.

For your free reading simply call into 646-716-4947.. ask your questions

We love to hear from you .!!!


 Last Radio show of 2010

December 17, 2010

8pm EST

BlogTalk Radio

Lets talk about ..

The Total Lunar Eclipse


Eventful 2011

Call in number for a free reading

(914) 338-0876

Join Maharani at her second home; at Eastern Serendipity to say goodbye to 2010. Her special guests for this two hour episode is none other than Maharani’s adopted Astrological Brother Lee welcome 2011 with love and spirituality. This last episode of Eastern Serendipity for 2010 will embark on a serene topic of the  Total Lunar Eclipse of the sun as well as all as the unique transits for 2011 which may change some of our lives forever. Cuddle up with your favorite blanket, make some hot coco and listen as Maharani brings to you the vibration of Lee have an in-depth look into the astrological transformation. Smile a little, laugh a little and let the troubles of the 2010 off your shoulders and embrace 2011. For those who want a free astrological reading with Lee may choose to call into the switchboard please note the space will be limited but the chat will be open for enjoyment purposes. Eastern Serendipity doors open at 8pm EST on December 17, 2010, welcome and get warm.

Special Abstract from the Guest speaker about the Lunar Eclipse:

The dawn of winter and completion of 2010 is ushered in by a total Lunar Eclipse in the last degree of Sagittarius/Gemini on December 21, 2010. Mercury turns direct on December 30, 2010 just in time for the New Year, followed by a partial Solar Eclipse at 13 deg 39 min in Capricorn on January 4, 2011 officially initiating the lunar cycles for 2011.  Those with natal planets near the middle degrees of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra may experience new beginnings under this first New Moon and Solar Eclipse of 2011.” Lee Stillwater

If you wish to have a reading done by Lee Stillwaters.  You may email me at with your birthdate, time and place of birth.  If you want your reading to be priority in our show you must also include the telephone number you will be calling from.

Thank you once again… and wishing you the happiest of 2011. 


December 3, 2010

9pm EST

BlogTalk Radio

Lets talk about ..

The New Moon in Sagittarius


Mercury Retrograde

Friday, December 03, 2010, Maharani will be opening her doors to Eastern Serendipity to welcome you to share the wonders of December 2010 and better prepare us for 2011.  With her special guest Leslie Hale, the topic of this 2 hour show will encompass the New Moon in Sagittarius as well as many other pivotal changes that could be a stepping stone for an inspirational 2011.

Here is an abstract of what Leslie Hale says about December 2010:

“The year’s most festive month begins with a New Moon on the 5th in the sign of wide open spaces. New beginnings for Sagittarians and everyone can experience a sense of expansion and wonder as the new moon in Sagittarius encourages our sense of excitement, new ideas and our imagination can trip the light fantastic.  The planet of communication goes retrograde 5 days later, showing us there are things we haven’t considered in our business lives and giving us a chance to reexamine our actions and decisions over the past several months pertaining to our highest priorities.. On the 21st we have an eclipse in Gemini, the sign ruling communication of all kinds.  Get ready for some expansion in your ideas and a focus on communication of all kinds this holiday season.  Retrograde Mercury gives you the perfect excuse to slow down, rethink your path, and celebrate with friends and family before the New Year arrives.”—Leslie Hale

Come and relax and learn.  If you wish to have a reading done by either Leslie or Maharani and have your reading be priority on the radio we will be taking request, however, you must email your information at  The call in number is 914-338-0876.  That will be open for your enjoyment however; due to the high numbers of call volume there will not be any chat readings only live readings.

The direct link to this show can be found here.  For more information on this new moon by Maharani you may visit the blog here. Or you may visit Leslie Hales blog regarding Mercury Retrograde here.

I hope you can join us and laugh a little, smile a little, live alot.




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Happy Thanksgiving Comments and Graphics for MySpace, Tagged, Facebook

Client/ Friends appreciation weekend!

Back by popular demand!

Destiny readings are back.

I will be doing fee Destiny reading starting at 7am EST on November 26, 2010 through November 28, 2010 at 5pm EST.

The only things ask is :

1. If you have had a previous reading from me please check here to see if your reading has expired or not there are dates as to when the readings are transiting to the next phase. If you reading has expired please email me your birthday in mm/dd/yyyy format at and within 24 to 48 hours your will receive an email from me to check the link where you can find your reading.

There is absolutely no obligation and it will NOT be specific to a certain areas of your life only what your destiny is geared towards.

2. To receive this reading your email address must be registered under my mailing list not as a single opt however a normal opt. Signing up for the mailing list is Free. With the mailing list you receive monthly lunar transits along with free offers and events listings. The email address will be crossed checked from the email which I received to get a free reading to make it fair to everyone.

This offer again is absolutely free there is nothing to purchase, donate or give away!

From my home to yours.. .. Happy Thanksgiving.



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A gift… for being you ..and being a part of my life…

Tomorrow I celebrate you..not me..

The show was a blast last night !. Thank you ShyOwl and Leslie for making it so special for me. The archived version is available here…

Now…… As promised as of this morning October 23, 2010 @ 8am EST, I am doing free destiny readings incorporating as a theme of giving back for my birthday tomorrow October, 24. Please remember all entries must be received by 3pm EST on October 24, 2010.

If you had a reading from me done last month please check the date as to when your reading expires or rather when you will be going into a another change. If your date is beyond today, than you might consider waiting because it usually takes 50 to 60 days before Destiny changes. You can check here

To receive your free reading please email me at please send me your birth date in an mm/dd/yyyy format. Within a few hours check back at this link, and see if your reading is posted. Please be sure you are on my mailing list to receive your free reading. If you are not on the list you may sign up here.

Additionally, all Cardinal Signs… don’t forget I have discounted your personal readings by 30% until November 8, 2010. This offer is only available by membership and you can not be affiliated with any for profit psychic lines where I am a member of due to conflict of interest. You may sign up for your FREE membership to cosmicpsychic here.

Wishing you the best of everything always and forever….



October 22, 2010

9pm EST

BlogTalk Radio

Lets talk about ..

The Blood Moon & Venus Retrograde

Friday, October 22, 2010 is a very inspirational day. Not only is it the 2nd Full Moon in Aries but also begins a list lunar cycles which will be very revealing to many. This is the first of many patterns which are about to began a new chapter of celestial transformations.

The new moons will always begin at early degrees from now on and the full moon will end at later degrees. Also for truth is being discovered for the 2nd time in areas of relationships and convictions to move forward with grace. The question is for many to realize if the past is really worth holding on to if it is then hold on tight because the Universe will bring distractions along the way to question you.

I will once again open the doors to Eastern Serendipity to discuss two issues love and money and our truths. My special guests will be Leslie Hale, whom I adore and respect with highest regards for what she does so well. She has also been my gateway to the unknown. And ShyOwl who is the most compassionate, spiritual and enlightening highlights of many of my days there are no real words to discribe what a insperation she has been to me as well as many others. I am absolutely sure that both of these guests will bring a spiritual awakening to you as well as they have done for me. It is through both of these people which I am able to awake to reality and continue my path to no longer walk in the shadows of others and soar higher than ever to the sky spirituality and transformation. So….

Reserve this Friday evening, Let us celebrate new beginnings. We have lots to talk about. Especially three topics: First how Maharani will celebrate her birthday. That folks is a joke. 2nd the Blood moon a Pagan’s new beginnings and astrological new beginnings with ShyOwl. Lastly, Venus in retrograde with Leslie Hale. Who will answer what will be in store for you while you double check your relationship? My wonderful guest ShyOwl will talk about the Blood Moon and Leslie Hale my Astrological Guru will invite discussion of Venus retrograde and the celestial changes that are in store for the rest of 2010. The show begins exactly at 9pm EST on Blog Talk radio, no you don’t need to be around a radio, just a phone or a computer and if you have a question come and stand in cue around 9:15 and call into 914 338 0876. If you feel you don’t want to ask question but just listen and chat with us, you can join us there too. Come and say hello Chat will be available and I surely will be there. The direct link to the show is here.

I hope you can join me for this only show for October… the next show is under way for later November and I am trying really hard to convince my one and only my confidant and my hero Lee Stillwaters to join me to talk about the end of choas…



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Upcoming Events:

AUGUST 21, 2010






Don’t miss this event! Astrologers Jamboree III may be the most interesting experience you may have on Internet Radio. This two hour New Age Astrological segment will be hosted by Maharani who will host Eastern Serendipity and welcome two of the most well-known astrologers. The guests include Toni Thomas and Rex Estell.

The show will promptly begin on Blog Talk Radio on August 21, 2010 at 9pm. Maharani will open the segment to open the discussion about Mercury Retrograde which officially began on August 20, 2010 and the ever so famous Astrologer’s pivotal event that has only happened 40 years ago and it is about to happen again on the day of the show and continue until August 24, 2010. Throughout the show both of the Astrologers will be taking your calls.

For your call to be prioritized you may send me your birth day, birth year, birth time and the place of your birth including your first name, the number you are calling from and your questions. Please note if you already have had a reading from Rex please allow another opinion by choosing Toni and if you never had a reading how about trying out Rex. Both of the Astrologers are outstanding and I highly respect them.

Little blurb about our guest speakers..

Toni Thomas

Private Website:

Toni’s Credentials:
“Toni has over 1700 private clients Nationwide. She has appeared on National Television and has been featured in Newspapers and is continuously asked to speak and consult with groups large and small.” She believes that “Reading astrological charts are very complex and detailed art. Toni pairs her astrological knowledge with her education and years of experience each time she does a translation of a client’s personal astrological chart. Each client can be assured of her added insights in this translation as she guides them with deep and compassion. She sees each session as a lesson in helping you understand your chart so that you, the client, can understand the cycles of your life.” –

The Cardinal Grand Cross:

“The Cardinal Grand Cross involving Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, the Moon in Cancer; Venus, Mars and Saturn in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn begins to build the tension on August 6. This entire process is expected to last for 8 months. During this time period Jupiter (the Planet of expansion and good fortune) will make you eager to experience new adventures and expand the horizons of your life. Uranus will intensify this urge. Old behavior patterns in relationships will be triggered as your need for independence and fulfillment is in conflict with the needs of those around you. Just remember that this energy creates the opportunity for growth.”

Mercury Retrograde:

“Mercury retrograde implies ‘backwards’ motion. The planets don’t actually move backward. The movement of the planet just slows down in relation to the movement of the Earth so it looks like the planet is moving backward in relation to how fast the Earth is moving. Yet we still do feel the affects of the planetary motion as it feels as though you are in a speeding card and the driver just slammed on the brakes. Mercury is the planet of communication, so you will see all sorts of communication issues going haywire. You miss appointments, your computer equipment crashes, mail gets lost, you hate your haircut or you forget your sister’s birthday. Since Mercury rules speech, make sure what you say is really what you mean. Mercury goes in this ‘retrograde’ motion 3 and sometimes 4 times a year and lasts for 3 weeks. The next time Mercury will retrograde will be August 20 until September 12 as Mercury is moving through Virgo”

I suggest you visit Toni’s website at www. and read her testimonials or just to get know Toni.

If you wish to have Toni read for you on Eastern Serendipity please send me a private message with the subject labeled Astrologers Jamboree III attn Toni at All submission must be sent to me by August 19, 2010 so that I can forward your information to Toni to have your chart ready and you can have your reading as quickly as possible.

The second half of the show Rex Estell will invite your calls for your personal readings.

Rex Estell

Personal website

Rex’s Credentials:

“25 years plus experience doing live readings gives me insight and answers that only come with years of study, application, time and experience. I’ve done thousands of readings in my career, that’s about 3,000 readings a year, including many Psychic Fairs in Taos over the years. Using Astro*Cartography, the Astrology of location, I can easily explain what are your best and most natural career places and other options suited to your long and short term goals. Career choices and direction are easy to map out, as well as your fortune, luck, and path of greatest ease in life!” –

Cardinal Grand Cross:

“There are big changes on the horizon for August to talk about, analyze and intuit, as we are under the influence of a Cardinal Grand Square until the 21-24th. This is one of the more intense line-ups we get in the Stars, as Pluto, the transformer, squares Saturn on the 21st to bring the last of 5 squares to completion, and we are free to rebuild from the ashes of the old.”

Mercury Retrograde:

Though that we will talk about more in-depth of this subject on August 20, 2010, show Rex states, “Mercury Retrograde, joining 5 planets already in Retrograde. As we ‘tough it out’, we learn new skills, and begin a new phase in our lives, that parallels that of a great new civilization”

If you wish to have Rex read for you on Eastern Serendipity please send me a private message with the subject labeled Astrologers Jamboree III attn Rex at All submission must be sent to me by August 19, 2010 so that I can forward your information to Toni to have your chart ready and you can have your reading as quickly as possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you or reading for you. Please remember if you wish to have your reading prioritized you must be on my mailing list and send your Astrological information no later than August 19, 2010 and must be present to have a reading done. None of our speakers or host will do email reading for free.




August 20, 2010

9pm EST Blog Talk Radio

Open your spirit and your heart on Friday, August 20, 2010, as Maharani returns home to Eastern Serendipity to talk about Mercury Retrograde. This one hour show will feature a special guest Rex Estell. This experience will bring a preview of what can be expected as many of us transition through the experience of Mercury Retrograde. Through out the show Maharani and Rex will give mini readings and answer questions on the almost every aspect of your life. Maharani will bring to you the most in depth spiritual Vedic reading with speed, intensity and accuracy. Rex will bring the most compassionate Astrology which will hit home for many. All that is asked of you is that you bring an open mind and writing material or even a recording device and get ready for chance of a life time. Both of the readings will be futuristic. Encompassing no yes or no questions but a vision to understand and change any chaos and bring healing to your life.

This show will also prepare you to what is coming up on Astrologers Jamboree III.Read more about it Here

Your host for the one hour segment Maharani Rutan. Who will be brining on to the show Toas very own Astrologer, Rex Estell ., who will talk about his own prospective on Mercury Retrograde. Rex will also be returning to Eastern Serendipity on August 21, 2010 to co-guest with Toni Thomas on Astrologers Jamboree III.

If you wish to have your questions prioritized you must be a part of my mailing list, must call into the show and send me an email prior so that I know you are on the switchboard.

To join my mailing list is quite simple just click  Here  fill out your information and on a weekly basis you will receive a newsletter regarding the latest lunar changes, radio shows, and other events I will be hosting. As well as receiving priority and discount readings.

For this show however, please be sure to be on the mailing list and again please email me at and make the subject line attention “August 20 show attention Maharani” and if you wish to have a reading done with Rex please make the subject line “August 20 show attention Rex”

Looking forward to hearing from you ..



Upcoming Events:

July 09, 2010

9pm EST Blog Talk Radio

 Clear you Friday evening while opens the mystical doors of Eastern Serendipity again and to return home to talk about the Solar Eclipse. This one hour segment will open the doors to begin our journey into the Total Solar Eclipse of the sun on July 11, 2010. Through out the show Maharani will give mini psychic Vedic Sanskrit Readings and answer questions on almost every aspect of your life. Maharani brings to you the most in depth spiritual Vedic reading with speed and intense accuracy. All that is asked of you is that you bring your open mind and your visions, especially a pen or a recording device and get ready for the change of your life time. The readings will be completely futuristic; there will not be any yes or no questions but a vision of an eraser to any chaos in your destined path. Prepare for a journey to reconcile with a whole new outlook and embrace your destiny and karma to its fullest. Five minutes with Maharani will open the vision of clarity and understanding like never before.

July 10, 2010

9pm Blog Talk Radio



This is going to be one of the most riveting show and a must listen to. One of the most well known astrologer is coming to visit Maharani at her home Eastern Serendipity. Maharani’s guest the experienced and compassionate Rex Estell Known as RexFredricks to many .The entire show is dedicated to the effects of the Solar Eclipse on July 11, 2010.

Read about Rex and his scope on the Solar Eclipse at Astrologers Jamboree II events page.

This transformation is crucial aspect of action and reaction and our analysis of life. This guest speaker has an inspirational prospective of this alteration and the future. During the entire episode Maharani will be assigning questions to Rex to answer, and topic will be discussing your specific questions which may impact you for approximately 3 year or 6 months. Impacting every aspect of the solar energy and your life, come and join us.  If you do not want to participate.  It is ok.  Just listen.  On July 6 through 10th Maharani will be taking pre booked appointments to speak to Rex.  Simply fill in the contact information with your first name, birth date, time of birth and the city you were born, and Maharani will forward the information to Rex so that the reading will be as quickly as possible.  But sit at the edge of the your seat because you are about to TRANSFORM!!!


JUNE 26, 2010


June 26, 2010 9pm on Blog Talk Radio

This is a must listen to show two of the most welcomed Astrologers are coming to visit at her home of Eastern Serendipity . Maharani’s guest include the compassionate Leslie Hale, the grounded Selene. The entire show is dedicated to the Partial Lunar Eclipse of the Sun which most of you may see at 7:38am EST before the show starts.

This transformation is crucial aspect our emotions, and the view of life. Each guest speaker has a wonderful prospective of this transformation and things yet to come. Throughout the show we will be taking callers and answering discussing the most controversial issues of life embracing the paradigm shift into the lunar eclipse of the sun and making our transition to the solar eclipse. Come, sit down, relax, listen and we welcome your questions. We have limited space on the switchboard, therefore, I highly encourage that you set up a private reading and mention Maharani and I am sure they will discount your reading if you wish to have your reading prior to the show. This two hour show will be riveting experience for those who wish to make a change in their lives or just simply want to know how it will affect them. Sit at the edge of because you in for a big surprise.


Here is a glimpse of the astrologers that are coming to Eastern Serendipity

Leslie Hale’s credentials:

Leslie is a professional astrologer who approaches all consultations in an open and honest manner. Astrology is her passion and she has studied under many successful and well know astrologers for over 30 years. She began practicing astrology as an avocation in 2003 and has since consulted with over 5,000 clients in all walks of life.

 Leslie Hale~

Mention Maharani or Eastern Serndipity and you will receive a 10% off your Reading for the Lunar Eclipse

Here is abstract of what Leslie says about the lunar eclipse :

The lunar eclipse is at 4 degrees of Capricorn conjunct Pluto and nothing will be happening on a surface level. Pluto is intense, and with the planet of communication opposing the planet of transformation we can expect some interesting if not unexpected events and communication. Events will occur quickly at this time on the world stage and in our lives. Hang on to your hat, it is going to be a wild ride over these few days.”

Psychic Selene’s Credential:

Throughout her teens and on into her early twenties, she studied astrology, philosophy, world religions, reincarnation and herbal healing, while pursuing her degrees in Social Sciences and in Accounting. She also has a business background and worked in publishing for over a decade at a local newsweekly and at Magical Blend, a renowned metaphysical magazine. She began studying Astrology in 1973 and still works at expanding her knowledge of this vast subject. In 1982 she devoted herself to mastering the Tarot which brought in much deeper levels of knowledge and information.



Special Price for Eastern Serendipity Listeners

Eclipse Specials
30 minutes $50.00 1 hour $88.00

(This is already reduced price by 10% from her normal price)

Here is a abstract of what Selene says about the Lunar Eclipse:

 “The Full Moon in Capricorn on June 26th brings a powerful Lunar Eclipse as a grand cross occurs between the Sun, Moon, Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury in the early degrees of the cardinal signs. Eclipses are windows of opportunity for change; this eclipse will bring challenges that trigger us to take steps forward on our paths as we are propelled to move ahead rapidly during this time of initiation. Ready or not, we will be making decisions now that will impact us for a long time to come. Join us in this informative and lively broadcast to receive valuable insight and guidance about how to navigate with more ease through this eclipse window.”

 Listen to the live presentation Eastern Serndipity on Blog Talk Click on the icon below and Listen to the live broadcast

Listen to internet radio with Maharani Rutan on Blog Talk Radio


June 25, 2010:


Clear your Friday evening while Maharani Rutan while she opens the mystical doors again to begin her début return to her home at Eastern Serendipity.

 The topic of this one hour segment will open the doors to begin our journey into the Partial Lunar Eclipse of the sun on June 26, 2010. Through out the show Maharani Rutan will give mini psychic Vedic Sanskrit readings and answer questions on almost every aspect of your life. Maharani brings to you the most in depth spiritual Vedic readings with speed and intense accuracy. All that is asked of you is that that you bring your open mind and your visions, especially a pen or a recording device and get ready for the change of your life time. There will not be any yes or no questions focus of the show will be to show you the circumstances in which things may cause dilemmas in the future. The reading will be completely futuristic; the past does not matter what matters is the future and how you can take that eraser of destiny and prepare your path of reconciliation with life, destiny and karma to its fullest. Five minutes with Maharani will open the vision of clarity and understanding.

For those who have signed up for my mailing list will get the first priority to get their questions answered for free so sign up today.
For those interested in making changes in your lives or just simply want to know what is going to happen
Here is what I offer in my reading for the lunar eclipse.
1. Will offer all the positives and negatives that will occur in your life in the next 6 months including any timing which I pick up (Destiny changeable)
2. Will offer the focus for the reading and the break down of month to month focuses (Destiny’s future focus)
3. Will offer all the changes the universe wants you to make in 6 months
4. Will offer you all the chaos which will occur if you don’t make the changes
5. Will offer the gifts from the universe
6. Will offer why things have been the way they have been
7. What your mind and soul is saying but you are not understanding
8. Changes to be made in the Spiritual World
9. Focus for the next 6 months.

For every pre-booked reading between June 26, 2010 through July 05, 2010 will also receive a 60 day Sanskrit Destiny reading which focusing upon your own transformation journey by email. Total value $25.00 for FREE!

For those who have had a reading from me done before with a recording device I am usually finished within 15 to 20 minutes and those who have never had a reading from me done before – a normal reading takes between 30 to 45 minutes (without any questions)

I suggest two readings one for the Lunar Eclipse and another for the Solar Eclipse (show and details have yet to be published)

Listen to the live broadast of Eastern Serendipity below click on the icon.

Listen to internet radio with Maharani Rutan on Blog Talk Radio

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