Vaporizing Vortex : Total Solar Eclipse 2019

Total Solar Eclipse

New Moon in Cancer

July 2, 2019

By Maharani Rutan©

I feel that we have been here before. This is the first total solar eclipse viewed in the Americas since 2017 (read more here), where it began in Oregon and ended in the Carolina’s. However, as eclipses always bring transformations to the regions of their beginning and end, shortly after the 2017 total solar eclipse, both Oregon and the Carolina’s had natural disasters as well as upset political defeats.

On July 2, 2019, the second “Great American Solar Eclipse” will begin to move northward over Argentina, the Pacific Ocean, Chile, and parts of the Americas. Though the eclipse will not be visible in North America, it is imperative to understand that those parts that are viewable during this eclipse will continue to effect people for 6-7 months afterwards.

Ultimately however, this gorgeous Eclipse will only be visible if you are close to the Pacific Ocean, and it will be most like the one in August 2017. Hence, without going into the scientific parts of the eclipse, the simple way to understand this upcoming eclipse is to explain it in terms of similarity with the eclipse of 2017.

The total Solar Eclipse in Gemini/Cancer at 10 degrees (depending upon the orb) will begin at 3:22pm EST, with the moon to be voided first at 3:16pm EST. Therefore, as the sun begins to gravitate toward the moon a full ring will be formed at approximately 5:45pm EST.

Those that will be affected by the Solar Eclipse are Cancer and Gemini, and those who have their houses, ascendant, or any nodes in the both Gemini and Cancer. But many of you may feel this eclipse as early as 10 days before and it will continue to impact people 6 months into the future.

A perfect example of this, while I was writing this blog, I received disturbing telephone call from my mother saying, “It is a sad day for us now. Our birds flew away.” The lovebirds were/are my sister and her daughters’ birds who just happened to be Gemini/Cancer. The love birds, to my sister (Gemini), were something that brought a sense of happiness. Hence to my niece (Cancer) they were family members and cannot be “just replaced.” This energy represents something leaving in our lives, even if it is dear to us, to make room something new.

New moons always represent endings according to VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories), whether end of a situation, relationship or even a goal. This is because it has now served its purpose. For every natural ending there is a new beginning.

Lunar and Solar eclipses come in pairs, as this eclipse as well. The most recent eclipse in Gemini/Cancer was also a Solar Eclipse on June 12, 2018. And, since all eclipses come in pairs, the best way to understand them is to rewind even further. I call it a continued conversation. This is a polarity to the issues of July 2011, of issues of New Year’s Eve 2009 (give 7 days before and after) and, December 30, 2011. Hence the topics could be about issues which began as early as July 2000. Usually, this means that this has been an ongoing topic through negotiation and re-negotiation.

Some of the political changes in 2000 had to do with the Putin/Clinton Summit, the Israeli Peace Summit, the economy at its highest in spending, and the nomination of Gore. Also, same Sex marriages were recognized by Vermont, while wildfires continued to torch the west from Montana to California.

Moving forwards to December 2009, with similarity to 2000, New York rejects same-sex marriages, and the U.S. faces the worst economic hardship since the great depression. But the eye opener was the increased focus on Roe v Wade with pro-life policies. Thus, the common denominator between the two years were issues of same-sex marriage, Roe vs Wade (Pro-life / Pro-choice), and the economy; whereas 2000 was great in spending and in 2009 it hit an all-time low.

After a change of leadership and moving forward to July 2011, many people finally felt some sort of relief when Osama Bin Laden was killed by U.S. Navy Seals a month before the eclipse. After years of going where no man has gone before, Space Shuttle Atlantis headed for its last mission through the Space program in July.

The government shut down due to budget problems in this same period. Casey Anthony gets off on murder charges. But the west is feeling the disaster again through dust storms which shut down the Phoenix Airport. Meanwhile, the “Don’t ask don’t tell” order ended which is a ban on gay men and women. Just 6 months later our eyes are opening again when Penn state and Jerry Sandusky issues are no longer hidden from the public.

Once again, the West coast is hit through raging fires near the Hollywood areas. Finding the parables to 6 months is easy; fires and dust continue to impact the west and focus on family and LBGT issues are still topics of discussion. Nevertheless, the issues which were once hidden from us now rise to the surface to bring us shock after shock. Perhaps this time they bring closures to deeper issues of family and individuality which have been an emotional front for many.

Solar energy is bordering, defensive, distrustful, and spirited – echoed and expressed from within our life strength. This eclipse is predominantly detached, and resolution concerned. Our standards and tenacity are heightened and deepened. For centuries, many people have idealized the Solar Eclipse as a bad forewarning which boosts the sounds of nature and creates phenomena in the world. Many Indian Scholars and Pundits (Vedic Astrologers) predict these changes will affect everyone’s community, finances, and intolerant sectors.

One of the main potentials for the solar eclipse is to recognize the whatever disengages or leaves our lives what meant to do so. This is a calling for us to understand that nothing in life lasts forever. As nothing in life is forever, never dwell on matters that have wounded us and exhausted our emotional, economic, and spiritual beings. Now we must close the doors and remember that lessons are learned and re-learned as we move forward.

The total solar eclipse is in the sign of Gemini/Cancer. It will focus on how one communicates with people, home, family, mothers and where one feels the most comfort (home); your mother and you might even spend a lot of time at home. It’s important to look at how one fits into the world and what you have to offer to the world at large.

This 6-month period is a time to bond neighborhood ties, interacting, refining and nurturing understanding to relatives and friends. This Eclipse places a huge planetary prominence in areas of two zodiac signs. Gemini and Cancer are extremely highlighted, and it is important to guard against out-of-control independence, confusions, and over-sensitivity about boundaries.

One week before the New Moon, known as the “dark moon”, drives are at their deepest ebb, laying the groundwork for the new cycle to begin. Each New Moon indicates the chance to begin a new cycle in your life. Contingent on the essential eminence of the sign in which the New Moon falls, dynamism on flexible levels are sharp, be they heartfelt, worldly, emotional, or sensitive. The modality of the sign controls whether or not there is consistency or acceptableness.

This solar eclipse will bring out shares of curing, kindness, passion, articulated needs, or unconscious and reservation; the quiet side of you.

The moon in Cancer brings reassurance, sentiments, empathy, opinions, and over-emotional issues in our lives. The Watery Cancer Moon conveys recollections of one’s childhood, warm motherly arms, and tender touches for loved ones. Our hearts swirl in a sea of the earliest metaphors.

Because of irritability and being overly sensitive, wanting to be alone to hide in a comfortable place will be an outlet. Protecting and defending family and customs will be the theme for the next six months. Due to the Gemini energy in the mix of Cancer, the tendency of being unpredictable may not go over well as being supporting and nurturing is in the mix. With the mix of both Air and Water, a possible pressure and over sensitiveness could cause one to hurt people or be short, as others may lash out. Remember the old saying, it is not what you say it is how you say it, and words can never be taken back.

Since the Moon rules Cancer, solar stimuli are crucial and most easily stated when focused through this sign. The moon significantly affects our personality. The concealed and emotions mold intuitive behavior. When the Moon is in Cancer, it is a time of anxious feelings and great compassion with people. It is not wise to resort to life through emotions rather than reason.

During this very venerable period be cautious not to psychologically wound others or allow yourself to be offended. Generally, people will be un-receptive, easy-going, sentimental, affectionate, and encouraging. Unfortunately, this motherly expression of caring is often expressed with food and it is easy to eat too much. Cancer is a nurturing sign and the most fertile sign of the zodiac. With the moon in Cancer, it is a good time for creating life and for growth.

This eclipse will pressure all of us and the light of your own Divine will be the comfort and protection zone. The eclipse will also question you about your home. What about your family? What about your security? You have been wondering about these issues for some time. The solar eclipse forces you to aggressively make that change. It is about new beginnings, and suddenly, an old issue comes to the forefront, forcing you to take a different tactic. Good people will become even better and the worst people even worse. One must work to cleanse the energy and remain easy, not making bold moves.

This eclipse greatly affects Gemini and Cancer, and all those that have Gemini or Cancer in their chart. To know which part of one’s life it will affect more than others is to analyze one’s VPAT chart, look at placements of Gemini and Cancer in your chart, and know those areas will dramatically change. If you have had a chart done since the last eclipse (January 2019), there is no need to have another done. However, I do offer a free VPAT chart which you can keep and refer to. If you would like to have a chart done, please contact me on or before the 1st and I will be happy to send you one on or before 31st of July.

What I am about to bring to you are minor predispositions. The eclipse and this moon are intense for Cancers and Gemini and the predictions more than other zodiac characteristics.


Dear Cancer, it has been a long road for you. Perhaps you became overly sensitive within the last year and the volcano recently burst. But granted, you had many opportunities during the last several years to make changes. It may have been that you have moved, had children, got married, or perhaps even a change of occupation. Whatever it was there were several things that have also left your life; it could be children moving away or moving away from your family. Perhaps something happened to a member of your family such as a divorce, sickness, or heartache. Whatever the case was, it was because Rahu/Ketu transits. Rahu magnified your life and questioned if you like living the way you do. Why do you try to dominate others? Are your views so important that you create havoc in your life because people distance themselves from you? Its intensity has been crucial whereas you may have progressed well in work and financial matters, it may have taken a toll on your physical wellbeing, either by wrong diagnosis or minor sickness. That is behind you now, and now you must look and analyze what have you done. Could have done it differently? How have you treated others and because of this, have you been hurt also? But now you are digesting everything and perhaps you have become very sensitive these days, and it’s ok because it allows you to look at yourself in the mirror and understand no one is like you. But if you have hurt others you can expect them to forgive you as you never forget. But you have come a long way since 2000, 2009, and now. Your last solar eclipse in July could have woken you up and your emotions were wild. Are you that way again, or will you understand that this time around you must not hurt anyone? It is not about who is right or who is wrong. It is about knowing you are an individual and so are others. However, your friend Gemini does not know what you have been through. I am sure you remember when Rahu first came into your life; it may have been that you were close to getting married, in your first relationship, moved, or had an addition to the family. Then suddenly, gloom. Perhaps you can explain this better as you continue to mature into the beautiful person you are, inside and out.


Saturn: April 2019-Sept 2019. Saturn is in your opposite sign of Sagittarius thus affecting your relationships, how you make money, and other people who support you. You may find that your relationships are nonexistent, or the spark has gone out. Be careful not to get into any disputes with anyone now. You may also find yourself doing a lot of traveling and thus causing undo stresses in your life. Your temper may rise and affect your health. The positive aspect is that you may feel the need to spend some intimate times with friends.

Ketu – Even though Ketu has left you. It may still hurt a bit. It’s like the slow burn from a hard workout the previous day. During this time there will be plenty of hostility. You may find your work life is challenging and you may have to work harder than normal to carry out your goals. You may have financial hardship and spend money furiously. Be kind when talking to people otherwise it may end up in a deeper hostility.

Rahu – During this time you may have a tendency of spending which will increase your expenses. You may decide to take a short or long trip abroad. There could be disturbance in your romantic life. Legal issues may not go well for you. Misunderstandings with subordinates and supervisors could cause a challenging workplace environment. So long as there is complete focus you should do fine.

Uranus: You may find that you liked your career, but soon you will have to reconsider what you want to do and where you want to work. When things happen suddenly such as layoffs, a reduction in commission, or lack of support, remember not to think all is lost but rather, the universe is preparing you for better.

Jupiter –Jupiter is going back and forth in Scorpio/Sagittarius and won’t settle down into Sagittarius until November 2019. There is a flux of energy for you which could be good or bad. On the positive side, education or learning something new will be beneficial for you; even doing something that is creative such as painting, music, or anything in the arts. You will find that if you have children they too will do well. However, on the negative side, you may find that your love life has lost its passion, or you have difficulties. It is time spiritual and meditative energies and rituals.

Mars: As Mars moves into your sign there exists the possibility of being conceited. Your energy and tenacity may cause people to misread you and could cause conflicts and disparity with family or friends. Do not make decisions in haste. Be careful not to think you know everything in your workplace. You may even find there are hidden enemies that could cause crisis for you at your workplace. You will also have a strong desire to buy things that are grand. Married life may not be as harmonious because of aggressiveness and an authoritative attitude. Due to stress there could be stomach problems, and alienation could also cause misunderstandings. Do not dive into get rich quick schemes and try not to travel too far away from home.

Maharani’s Advice

Dear Cancer, it’s not that you won’t be happy, but like anyone, there are minor hic ups for the rest of the year. Family and child interactions will mainly keep you content. Perhaps a religious or other type of celebration may take place within your home. However, family disagreements and conflicts may cause stress. You will see the advice of family members very useful in your transition through 2019. Your temper in all relationships must be analyzed with a microscope. Your professional life may go through difficulties in May, June, and the last two months of the year. Do not get into a business partnership with anyone now and be careful with your finances and investments. If you are not focused, don’t walk as you may have minor accidents. The only things that are concerns include ego, sarcasm, pride, and your aggressiveness.

The following predictions will be based upon VPAT and the impact of one’s life. I will begin with Cancer and Gemini as they are transforming during this eclipse.

Cancer: Your next 6-month forecast is above but take into account that from now until August you are taken over by Mercury retrograde. Additionally, this eclipse is a 6-month progression where misunderstanding and conflicts in your love life and professional life are possible. There also could be a change of leadership in your workplace. Stomach and back related issues are possible. Your next eclipse will be in January. Remember, when one door closes the other will open. Your Mercury forecasts are linked here.

Gemini: Though many will say you there is no major impact from this eclipse, sadly, in VPAT definition, there will be. This eclipse will bring forth financial and legal issues. You may find there could be conflicts with your loved ones. There also could be a leadership change in your work environment. Remember, Mercury retrograde always causes difficulties. Your extended forecast can be found here, and Mercury forecast here.

Aries, Libra and Capricorn

Since this eclipse is based in Cancer and this being Cardinal Sign, by association, VPAT concludes that there will be tension.

Aries: As Chiron has continue to make you feel like you are alone in this world, remember that life can only get better once we become more spiritual. There could be health issues for a female relative in your life. Be careful going on any retreats as you may lose something. Siblings could have martial or family issues. There also could be a change of leadership in your workplace and the quality of your work will be questioned. Your extended forecast can be found here, and Mercury forecast here.

Libra: You don’t have much going on. You have been through the Jupiter eclipse and many other intense journeys, and now you are further ahead than many. However, don’t think that this eclipse will be easy for you. There could be a family loss, or you may worry for a family member. There could be a sudden financial decline in your child’s or spouses’ resources. Stay focused even if these are only minor worries. Your extended forecast can be found here, and Mercury forecast here.

Capricorn: Pluto is still in your sign making life a bit difficult for you. But remember that your eclipse is coming on July 16 and trust me when I tell you that you will go through a major change. It is best to combine this with what you receive on the 16th to get an overall picture of which areas of your life may change. You could find that within the next 6 months someone may take advantage of your financial resources or there is anxiety and pressure at work or within yourself. You may not be able to sleep well due to bad dreams. Your last 6-month predictions can be found here. Your Mercury predictions are here. Please note, I will be doing an expanded predisposition during your eclipse.

Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio

Since fixed signs are more in tune with eclipse energy, next to Pisces, it is imperative to understand they will be emotional sponges.

Aquarius: This eclipse may confuse you a bit as your last eclipse should have transformed you in many ways. However, this eclipse should bring you good news. You will find contentment from the disbelieving places. You may worry for your siblings and maternal role model. However, be careful not to invest for anyone, or yourself, as you may have major losses. Your extended forecast can be found here, and Mercury forecast here. Your next extended forecast will be in the fall.

Taurus: As Uranus is in Taurus it will bring you shocking results. Note, this transit will be for a while so keep it steady. Your usual tendencies of worries of hearing unpleasant news could cause anxiety attacks. Be careful while you travel as minor accidents are bound to happen. You may worry for your children, motherly figures, and siblings. Your extended forecast can be found here, and Mercury forecast here. Another extended forecast will be available in the fall for you.

Leo: You have been through it all. Your last eclipse has brought you a new vision and hopefully you follow through. Hence this eclipse brings forth a mixed bag. You may feel confused about decisions, move (either work or home), experience work related issues with your partner, or long for a closer family life. Your extended forecast can be found here, and Mercury forecast here. Another extended forecast will be available a couple of weeks from the eclipse.

Scorpio: Jupiter is still sitting pretty in your house at the moment; however, it won’t be there forever. I hope you focus on your career, education, and finances more than anything else. This eclipse brings forth a lot of worries for you. Your focus detours away on financial stability for yourself. You may find out about someone passing, experience worries for a mother or motherly figure, or the need to defend children. Watch out for a partner’s mental needs and accidents could happen. Your extended forecast can be found here, and Mercury forecast here. Another extended forecast will be available for you in the fall.

Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces

By association, the most Sagittarius and Pisces may feel this eclipse is their psychic antennas will be alert.

Sagittarius: You are still going through a Saturn return in your sign; however, I promise it is almost over. One more year and you can look for a gift at your front door. On the positive side, August is your month according to VPAT; luck will be back in your favor. Hence, this eclipse will bring forth worries and confusing thoughts. Be careful not get too intertwined in your spouses’ family. Recklessness of your partner in business speculation could cause conflicts. Take care to keep sugar levels at normal levels. Your extended forecast can be found here, and Mercury forecast here. Another extended forecast will be available in the fall for you.

Virgo: Your eclipses are behind you, as well as Jupiter who gave you the grace of expansion. But this eclipse will bring concern for your motherly figure due to bones, high sugar levels, or other worries. There could financial losses for your spouse, and work pressure. Your extended forecast can be found here, and Mercury forecast here. Another extended forecast will be available for you in the fall.

Pisces: You already finished your eclipses last year. Chiron has already moved away from you. Now both aspects are asking you what you have learned. As one of the most intuitive signs, this eclipse could drain your energy. Take care at work as your ethics will be questioned. You may find yourself worrying about your children. Your extended forecast can be found here, and Mercury forecast here. Another extended forecast will be available for you in the fall.

The information which I have provided consists of general tendencies and is not to be mistaken as being completely accurate for all those involved. If you wish to find out how the eclipse will affect you, it is my recommendation to have an in-depth reading. To find out what your reading will cover you may view several categories here. For cost and special discounts look here, where a special eclipse schedule can also be found.

Commonly, people will be unwilling, sometimes easy-going, overly dramatic, friendly, and fostering. Unfortunately, this protective expression of caring is often expressed with food, which is easily overdone. Cancer is a fostering sign and the most fertile sign of the zodiac. With the moon in Cancer, it is a good time for creating life and for growth.

However, it has been taught and written that eclipses always bring epic change to areas that are viewed and in the sign in which it falls. Since the eclipse does fall in water and air signs, it would not be surprising if there are floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, or other water related natural disasters in the areas of South America, Chile, Panama, and Costa Rica. Furthermore, as this is also an air (Gemini) energy, there is lethargic energy which can lead to illness.

Though there will be many people who may predict a wonderful eclipse time, it has been in my experience that every eclipse causes chaos. I believe this to be especially true for this one. There will be ongoing irritability and vengeance. As this eclipse is in Gemini and Cancer it would not be surprising if U.S. cities such as New York and San Francisco make the headlines. Headlines could also be seen for countries such as the U.S, Belgium, Belize, Ecuador, Somalia, Norway, Kuwait, and South Korea.

Despite any difficulties in one’s outlook, remember that it is all in the attitude to make things change. Preceding the Solar Eclipse, it is advisable to take a spiritual bath with ingredients that magnify solace in the energy of Gemini and Cancer.

Additionally, I recommend that you speak to an Astrologer prior to speaking with me since Astrologers guide in the determined pathway and I guide you in finding precautionary events. All my recommended Astrologers can be found here.

You may also choose to narrate a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Keep in mind that with all submissions of psalms and mantras realizing the desired result is dependent upon the quality of the goal. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy.

The mantra for the solar eclipse is composed of two mantras. An easy mantra for those who are just learning and a difficult and more scriptures mantra for those that are fluent in Sanskrit.


(the proper pronunciation is Au is pronounced as O always roll the r’s and e’s. This will bring vibration to tongue, throat, and upper jaw. Thus, the vibration becomes tuned in with celestial energy.

Aum Hreem Hleem Surya Namaha

(omm Hriiim H leem sur yay a Namaha)


Om Bhur Bhuvah Svah; Tat Savitur Varenyam; Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi

Dhiyo Yo nah Prachodayat

This eclipse will last for 4 hours, thus for those who are experts in Pooja and mantra, I would suggest you recite it 22,000 times. Most malas are 101 which can coincide to about an hour to hour and half of repetitious mantra (jap).

Some of the VPAT precautionary advice during the eclipse is to bring protection.

Here are some of the do’s and don’ts:

Do not drive, bank, or socialize at least 12 hours before, and 4 hours after, the eclipse. If you must commute, do it very slowly. If you can take the day off it may be advisable. Two days before cleaning your home, de-clutter as much as you can. Remove things from the floor (especially shoes and put them in a show rack or a box). Burn sage before beginning your spiritual bath. Write down all the habits or things you would like to change. Set the list in front of you while you recite the mantras.

Remember that the eclipses bring drama and ego clashes with leaders and upper management. Political leaders may not make sound decisions. There is a danger of water turbulence, plane accidents or glitches, and emotions will be high. Do not take anything to heart now until after the energy subsides. This type of behavior could start as early as 10 days before and continue until 10 days after the eclipse.

Again, if you would like to make an appointment with me please contact me via Facebook, where you will find information on how to book an appointment.

For those who have booked their appointments with me, you will automatically receive a free dharma reading and a mini forecast sent to your home, along with a gift.

If you wish to sign up and begin receiving a discount on your readings, the direct link can be found here.

Wishing you all the blessings.



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Penetrating Past; Fiery Future: Mercury retrograde June -August 2019


Mercury Retrograde Summer 2019

Jun 20-Aug 15, 2019


Pre-Progression: June 20-July 1 (Gemini/Cancer)

Pre-Progression Juncture: July 2-6(Cancer/Leo)

Mercury Retrograde (Station): July 7(Leo)

Mercury Station Regression: July 8-12 (Leo)

Mercury Retrograde Juncture: July 13-26 (Leo/Cancer)

Mercury Direct Regression: July 27-30(Leo/Cancer)

Mercury Direct: July 31/Aug 1(Cancer)

Post-Regression Juncture: Aug 2-Aug 5 (Leo/Cancer)

Post-Juncture: Aug 6-15 (Leo/Cancer)

By Maharani Rutan©

Now that we have been shocked, confused, saddened, and inspired by many events in the last 2 and half months, it’s time to slow down. As I stated in my predictive blog for 2019 “For many people, this year will be a year of looking at our past behaviors and how they impacted our current outcomes and results. Not all will be good and not all will be bad, but they will be shocking and transformable.”Read more here.

Looking back in time we have been here before, even Mercury retrograde degrees have been similar, causing us to revisit the past and past issues. These issues could be recalling situations from June-August 2000, May-July of 2008, and June through August of 2013 and 2018. I am sure you can recognize some of these dates as they have been repeating like a television show rerun.

It’s time now to digest and analyze everything we saw, heard, and experienced. On June 20, 2019, Mercury will begin its slow descender towards retrograde motion. Mercury retrograde is best known to transport issues in our structure, lost appointments, confusing communication, mail, and putting the internet into a general snarl-up!

This uncomfortable period lasts for eight weeks between the progressive and post periods, until August 1, 2019. It finally levels out on August 15, 2019, bringing things back to normal. Though many people will state that Mercury will go away on August 1, 2019, one must recognize that Mercury is a slow-moving planet (almost like a slow horse and carriage) therefore, the effect can be felt for four weeks before and four weeks after the event.

During the retrograde, the information we have from people and our situations will be mis-interpreted and what we say is not what is meant. Furthermore, what we perceive is not what is intended. But most prominently, what we view is an exaggerated vision. Consequently, it is not wise to express, convey, acquire, trade, sign, travel, ship, or mail anything and expect it to be on time, or even without modifications. It is worthwhile not to be quick with your money or any communication because actions or reactions we have to a certain situation may be regretted later.

Imagine for a moment that you have just boarded a plane for your vacation, but before you board the plane must fuel and you wait. This period is called the Pre-Progression period, which will begin June 20, 2019-July 1, 2019 in Cancer/Gemini (20-25 degrees). If things have slowed down or the messages are not coming in clearly, this is just the beginning.

Although Mercury only spends one day in Gemini, it does not mean that there will be no effect on Gemini’s or others. As Mercury begins to move into Cancer, people with this sign and Gemini’s projecting in their charts will be mostly inclined to such contemplation. There is little choice but to reexamine our specific understandings and views about who we are, where we are going, who are the people in our lives, and why we are here? There is, however, an opportunity to expand insight into our own self-discovery.

Gemini is governed by Mercury which means even if Mercury is retrograding in Gemini/Cancer, not only will all mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini) be pretentious, but all cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer) will also be affected. There is, however, a vision to expand consciousness into our own self-perception. When Mercury is retrograding in the signs of Gemini/Cancer it produces a need to talk about sensitive issues and be compassionately attentive. Often, this causes people to reach into something affectionate, gentle, and empathetic with real gratitude. However, it may cause an impulse to escape to a place they have never been before, something Gemini craves for.

Now that the plane has fueled, it’s time to clean the plane for the passengers and stock up on drinks and snacks. By this time, many may become impatient and this part of the Mercury journey is called Pre-Progression Juncture. During this time, I am sure you have noticed when you are waiting for the pre-check, people often make several trips to the counter and ask when boarding will be being. This is exactly the energy which is delivered during this juncture. We know something is going to slow us down, yet we do not know how to handle the energy.

From July 2, through July 6, 2019, the preparation begins. Just in time for the celebration of the U.S Independence, and in the heart of the 3rd eclipse in Cancer (July 2, 2019). During this time, relationships could be inconsistent and erratic due to ego-eccentric arrogance. All areas of messages are hyper-active, especially in matters of home, or to do with children, romance, and inspiration in general. Documents can go astray. Be sure to carry a diary and refer to it often.

On July 7, 2019, Mercury stations retrograde in Leo/Cancer (2-5 degrees depending on the orb). At this time, we are now boarding the plane, however, the line into the plane is going extremely slow; some people can’t find their seats, the luggage does not seem to fit in overhead bins, and there is chaos. Thus, our patience is tested. Mercury in Leo has no time to analyze anything which is speaking from the heart, but this time it may not be as nice as Leo’s usually speak. With their truthfulness in communication, words are commonly focused around what needs to be done rather than what is felt.

Many of us could feel that life is lethargic; giving room for reawakening and organization. Or, irritability could be the result; it is all about communication. Relationships could split up over unimportant transformations or a sudden presence of communication. People from the past could suddenly reappear to bring closures or new beginnings. But remember not to trust or feel everything that occurs during this period. Make your choices after August 15, 2019, that is if they are still around, and if you are.

During this period, at its vilest, Leo’s, including Aries and Sagittarius, may experience unpredictable losses such as economic, friends, or family; separation and being real with them could trigger desertion. My advice for you is, during the transit, be a little more confident and know this shall too pass.

Now that we have found our seat and put away our luggage, we await an announcement that the plane will be taking off in a couple of minutes, thus still waiting things to begin to move. This period is often referred to in VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories) as Mercury Station Regression. In easier terms, it means even though things are a little calmer, the tension remains. This period will last July 8-July 12, 2019.

Although there are always positives and negatives to all retrograde juncture periods, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries will begin to feel a little less restricted. However, now, fixed signs (Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius) will be tried the most as this period is now bumping right in the middle of our second eclipse of the summer in Capricorn, and a red moon. The energy will be penetrating at both ends as Mercury moves through Cancer and the energy of Capricorn.

Finally, we have begun to reverse backwards from the gate and the plane begins its journey toward the runway. Though there is a sigh of relief that it is finally going to take off, the plane is only moving 5 miles per hour. Suddenly there will be an announcement that several planes are in front and there is a 5-plane delay. Once again, we wait. Putting on our headset, or grabbing the book or magazine, and getting comfortable in the cramped seats is all that we can do. Thus, from July 13- July 26, 2019, Mercury moves back into Cancer forming a similar anticipation to when we were waiting at the gate for the plane to get cleaned. Again, we wait. This period is known as Mercury Retrograde Juncture.

When Mercury is retrograding in the sign of Cancer it produces emotional and sensitive confusion with the past. There is a determined choice of not wanting to look at the past, but we have no choice. This is because the past is overwhelming us; reexamining who, what, where, why, and how it happened.

Finally, the plane rolls down the runway and begins to climb. Many will close their eyes and drift to sleep while others will find things to keep them pre-occupied. Relaxing and getting comfortable in your environment is the only way to be, because at the end of the day we will be at the destination. However, in the middle of getting comfortable there is turbulence and the plane is moving from one side to another. Now many are panicking, but others know we will move past this. The minor turbulence is asking us not to get too comfortable and don’t think too much because things will change; we are still on the plane and have not fallen out. Energy will be still moving through Cancer but with a little more intensity; this is known as Mercury Direct Regression. The period does not last long as it only lasts from July 27-July 30, 2019. The energy is intense enough to let us know we are going to be OK but also to remind us to never take anything for granted.

As we hold on to the arms of the seat, we are about to do just as what was anticipated by Mercury retrograde. Mercury’s energy is both dexterous and insightful. Mercury is about short trips: a visit to a neighbor or a friend across town, the ordinary travel, or a weekend retreat. Relatives and transport in general, are also within Mercury’s empire. Talking, writing, reading books, online communications, and learning are all within Mercury’s sphere. This Planet pleads us to express ourselves often, and well.

Soon, there will be an announcement of being 10 to 15 thousand feet above ground and given the approximate time of arrival. It’s time now to sit back, relax, and remember that we can use this powerful energy in positive ways. Use this time to do activities that start with “re”: renew, repair, review, renegotiate, and research. Mercury retrograde will now station direct in Leo on July 31, 2019. The all clear and seat belt light turned off brings a sign of relief so just to sit back and enjoy this down time. Even if it means that we shut out the noise in the aisle and take a deep breath.

As I always say, if two people meet during the retrograde, somehow, they will break apart during a retrograde. If they end during a retrograde, they will come together during a retrograde. As VPAT theorizes, Mercury has way of making things confusing and nothing is final; it’s a way of communication, only to be able to reconsider, rethink, and find a resolution.

Three to four times during the year, the Cosmos asks people whether their choosing of the past decisions were hurried or if they were duly considered. Asking the question “I’m curious, was the ending of a circumstance needed, or are second or third chances deserved?”Any relationship that starts during this period generally does not last long, and those that break up will be up for reexamination during the next retrograde period in in the Fall/Winter.

Mercury placement in Leo magnifies itself and will give this light through stimulation, originality, and individualism. It will be communication which will be an implementer of extreme melodrama and recurrent exaggeration of problems leading one to the tendency of egotism.

Mercury retrograde does NOT mean that you must stop the plans you have in mind. Rather, take the time to perfect them, but be sure not to sign contracts or get yourself involved in legal issues because it is a guarantee they will be revisited before the next retrograde.

Now that we find ourselves comfortable in our seat, we become even more relaxed to the point of either diving into what we are doing to pass time or drift into sleep. Hence, whether we close our eyes or dive into our reading, the energy is emotionally driven as Mercury stationed direct moves away from Leo and goes back into Cancer at 23 degrees, and this is where it will station.

The last time Mercury retrograde was in Cancer was in 2007, 2012, 2014 and 2018. Every one of these years has brought forth the endings of old issues and beginnings of new ones.

Within minutes there is another announcement that the destination is not that far away, and the seat belt sign will be lit for the decent to the airport. It is being requested that all seat back trays and seats be in their upright and locked position. The sigh of relief that landing is not so far away will bring some tension and relief simultaneously. The Post Regression Juncture in Cancer which I call a yellow light, brings forth caution and will begin August 2 through August 5, 2019. During this period, things to avoid include conflict, gossip, and pointless communication. This is especially true with the opposite sex as these things may be misread.

We are now buckled into our seats and the captain is landing the plane. The contact of the wheel forces our seats backwards, and the reversing engines force us forwards; in the distance we can see the airport gates. Soon the doors open, and we are directed toward baggage claim.

Walking to pick up our luggage seems such a long walk and no matter how fast or slow we try to walk, we know that the baggage will not beat us to baggage claim. The post juncture period does just that, which is for humanity to know nothing is to be taken for granted, and nothing in life can be hurried. This period lasts for almost 2 more weeks, from August 6 through the 15th, 2019.

By now almost every Astrological sign has been impacted. If not by their moon, then by their sun or by association. But for Cancers and Gemini’s this is even more intense as Mars moves into Cancer on the same day as Mercury. Mercury is the ruler two signs (Scorpio and Aries) and it can be very powerful, however, for Cancers and Gemini this can be a very difficult transit as Cancers may clam up even more than normal. Holding in aggression will cause low self-esteem and can cause people to run away.

For Gemini it is a double whammy as Rahu is already beginning to transform them and will continue this journey until 2020. Hence with Jupiter going backwards into Scorpio and out of Sagittarius for a little while, and Saturn in Sagittarius until 2020 (according to VPAT) Sagittarius will feel the burn of reforming and reconsidering their actions and reactions.

The mixed energies of the Fire/Water synchronicity and Mercury retrograde will become a vital aspect to prepare for this difficult transit. Our skin will be pulled from all directions.

Predisposition during this retrograde period is not based upon Western or Vedic Astrology. Rather, zodiac signs are place holders of structures in which energy will be placed. If your focus is primarily on Western ideologies, please speak to my recommended astrologers.

Please remember VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories) are based upon where you are today, what you could perhaps be tomorrow, what you can do to avoid hazard, and how, by knowing ahead of time, you can remedy the situation.

I will begin with those placeholders as Mercury shifts through each zodiac sign; the paraphrases that could be positive or negative, depending upon your view of life. The first four predispositions will be geared towards Cancer, Leo, Gemini, and Sagittarius. Thereafter, their associations which will be Virgo and Pisces, as they are predisposed to Mercury retrograde more than others.

Following them will be Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus which will be disposed due to their ability to gravitate towards empathetic issues because of Leo. Also by association, Aries, which will be affected due to natural Leo/Sagittarius energy. Lastly are Aries, Capricorn, and Libra who will feel the effects but not as intensely as they will in the fall of 2019.

Cancer, Leo, Gemini & Sagittarius

Dear Cancer, Mercury retrograde has always done a number on you. That said, you should be feeling better than you had for the past two years and March should have set the stage. This is all because Rahu/Ketu has pushed you into making radical changes which were more difficult. Perhaps you and your brother Leo, had many things to share, especially looking at life in a unique way. If only you could share your experiences with Gemini and Sagittarius who are going through similar situations. Since no two experiences and feelings are the same, all you must do now is to sit back and watch your life unfold. Remember, Dear Cancer you have two more eclipses until your ride is complete; just ask a Leo how they feel now as their ride was completed in January with their final eclipse (read more here). Unfortunately, Sagittarius will begin their Journey next year followed by Gemini. Always remember if it does not fit in your life, it will either go away by choice, or it will be burned by moon or the sun energy through the eclipse.

Cancer: The journey of Mercury retrograde begins and ends in your sign. Therefore, I recommend that you look back at June-July 2007, and June-July 2013. You may feel this energy again next year as you prepare to finish your eclipse. This Mercury retrograde will have its good and bad. There can be possible illnesses to family and arguments with friends. Glitches in travel are more than a good possibility. You need to be careful as your health may hurt your resources and you may have financial difficulties. After the 20th of July you will find that any old family issues are resolved, and charisma will be your gift, leading to financial increases.

Leo: There have been so many changes in your life with your last eclipse, ending in January 2019, that now the universe is asking you to exhale and inhale and re-discover what you want to change in your life. Mercury will be moving backwards in your sign on July 7, 2019 and the fire may be a little hot. Though people consider Mercury to be a negative juncture, I feel this may be more prosperous than you can imagine. There will be many people that will recognize your talents and you will have the focus you need to move past any academic pursuit, however you will question if the path you have chosen was the correct one for you. Your financial worries will soon pass and by the time the second eclipse in Capricorn arrives, you will soon see the quality time with your friends and family will bring bliss into your life. (Your six-month transit can be found here during the lunar eclipse in Leo)

Gemini: By default, Mercury rules you and this means that you must do what you can watch what you say and when you say it. Ketu/Rahu is really asking you to dig deep into your karma and the people you have hurt to mend those bruises even if it means to lose grace. You may have some issues with your health and means of transportation. There could be plenty of -mis perception and concerns. Because you may have trouble with transportation it is not a good time to purchase anything in this area. Even if you think that the Cancer eclipse will not affect you, you might want to think again. It is time to plant your seeds as you are also about to go through some transformations in the summer of next year. Your family life will surely improve; however, it would not surprise me if you must travel. If you have self-confidence, you will realize you can accomplish almost anything. (Your 6-month forecast can be located here during your new moon)

Sagittarius: Because of Ketu/Rahu/Saturn influences you will transform. Just think, soon Jupiter will be moving into your sign and you too will go through an eclipse next year. By the end of 2020 you will be a new person. Opportunities will come to you in many aspects of your life. If you decide to go back to school or learn something new this will be an opportune time. I would not be surprised if you take on a new client or have a job offer coming your way. However, after the Cancer eclipse, there will exist the possibility that you may have minor conflicts with masculine figures in your life. You may find that small or large tasks are almost impossible due to minor glitches. Be careful with your social skills in public as you may find some ridicule. (Your 6-month transit report can be found here during the full moon in June.)

Virgo & Pisces

By association and being a mutable sign, it is quite difficult for you to be in flux, especially during retrograde. As far as I can see there is no real danger for both of you this year as both of your eclipses are behind you. Virgos have already pealed their skin during their eclipse 2015-2016, and Jupiter brought them luck. If you resisted your changes, then this year may seem difficult for you, if not, you may have seen increases in finances, moves, and academia. Thus, it may be advisable to sit back and relax a little bit Dear Virgo. Hence, Pisces also went through their eclipse around the same time; however, Chiron was really forcing Pisces to become more spiritual. The catch here was not to suppress.

Virgo: It may be possible that you become very melancholy and this may cause you to become depressed about the things you have not done in the past for people; even to the point of how you could have done things differently. There may be very deep memories of a father figure or fatherly figure in your life who may not be around any longer, and these memories could spiral your emotions. When the eclipse in Capricorn becomes magnified your focus may detour towards finances as there is a part of you that may want to travel. Physical fitness may be in the works for you but have some savings as unexpected expenses may cause issues. You might just feel the more successful you are the more difficult it becomes to balance your resources, but remember, with every confusion there is a massive clarity. (your six-month projection can be found here with the full moon in Virgo in February)

Pisces: As the fish swim in the sea going from here to there and everywhere, your mind may be mixed with all kinds of opportunities or business tactics you may want to try. But this is not the time or the place to try these opportunities. Be careful with your communication with female figures, especially mothers and wives. Your reputation will highly depend upon your actions in public as your character may be questioned if you initiate conflicts or question policies. However, after July 22, you will find it’s a whole new world. You will find plenty of collaboration with subordinates and co-workers. Competitors may want to be on your side. Business will be much more profitable; however, the tension and pressure of the work could cause unnecessary arguments in marriage or partnership. (Your 6-month transit report can be found here during the new moon in Pisces in March)

Aquarius, Taurus & Scorpio

Due to the pull of Leo being a fixed sign, and Cancer energies, the effects of Mercury retrograde will be just as impacting as Virgo and Pisces if not more. One of the most transformative characters of the zodiac has been Aquarius. Their eclipses of 2017-2018 have set the stage for their own longevity. Some Aquarius’ have come down with unknown or incurable diseases or illness only to find out it was not as bad as it had appeared. However, their view of life has altered their personal and financial power and it’s time for a spiritual retreat. But this is not so for Scorpios. Even if Scorpios are not going through any eclipses, there is still a pull of Saturn which is molding Scorpios. The best thing that continues to assist Scorpios at this time, according to VPAT, is that Jupiter is back in Scorpio and will remain there until August. Therefore, planting seeds of the future is the best one can do. Unfortunately, I cannot say that about Taurus as Uranus is making its journey through Taurus for the next 7 years and taking all of humanity with her.

Aquarius: There is an old saying, if you argue less and be more collaborative, you will see how things just start to appear with your own eyes. Focus may be difficult around this time. It may be better to avoid all conflicts in partnership and marriage. Be very careful with your investments as there is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme and you will soon find this out for yourself. The watery energy is much too much to handle for you. But rest assured as the end of July comes closer you will see that this too shall pass. Relationships of all kinds will straighten themselves out and you will find that you have more support than you think. However, if you question everything you will find people will be more argumentative with you. The eclipses of 2017-2018 were supposed to transform you into being more humble and forgiving; the more you wrestled with this the more it will affect your life. It’s better to say nothing than to say something that would be eventually be hurtful. (your 6 months transit can be found here during the new moon in Aquarius in February)

Scorpio: Being a water sign you can be an emotional sponge to many people, and you can tell if something is wrong. Often you have been known to feel things no one else could. Perhaps Mercury retrograde will give you ample time to make progress with your friends, family, and health. However, you need to take caution in areas of finances; it is not that you have added expenses it is that you are paying off too much and not saving enough. But that will soon end. After July 24, 2019, self-employed Scorpios should do well financially. Work environment will be very cordial and cooperative. Admiration and stature are also in the future for Scorpios as they hand the torch of Jupiter back to Sagittarius in August. (Your 6-moth transit report can be found during the full moon in May 2019)

Taurus: Everyone can say you are mother nature, but you surely have a way with people and materialism. 2013-2014 eclipses woke you up and tore you up. You are now on the other side, ready to transform society with your power of change. Even though you do not have any eclipses until 2021 in your sign you will continue to change the social aspect of your life. However, your stubbornness and pride may create some obstacles in family and financial matters. Do not invest in anything currently and stay focused on learning new things, even if they are difficult. After the Capricorn eclipse, things may seem a bit better as you work through family issues and your positive attitude will assist in bringing happier times for the family. Watch out for unnecessary worries and assuming things as they will bring needless conflicts. (Your 6-month transit can be found here. During the new moon in Taurus in May)

Capricorn, Aries & Libra

Dear Capricorn, your eclipses will soon be completed. This has been a difficult ride for you with Pluto in the mix, but once they are finished you will find your sigh of relief at the end of the year. Remember Dear Capricorn, new moons are not beginnings but endings to make room for beginnings. Nevertheless, your pain is not as great as Aries who is going through their Chrion which is forcing them to look at their past life karma and often feeling very alone. Overall, the only one that can sit back and watch everything would be Libra who is just passing time and enjoying their time for a bit.

Capricorn: Yes, this is a difficult transit, and there is a transformation coming up for you. Look back at your life during 2000-2002, 2009-2011. Every eclipse brings a new person to you, and I realize it’s not easy with Pluto pounding on you. But for every road you pave, a new one begins and during this retrograde you will find work, family health, and spiritual avenues are going to be blissful. However, everything may not be rosy as conflicts and difficulties in areas of career may be possible. This is not the time to rely on luck; it’s time to control what you have. Take good care of your health as you may not feel good. Because of irritability you may not be as collaborative with your subordinates due to interruptions in your projects and this will affect your relationships of all kinds. But perhaps after the eclipses you will feel a little better. (Your last 6-month transits can be located here during the Solar eclipse in January)

Aries: Sometimes its ok to think about your life and what you have done. As much as you do not want to, it’s time to pay back karma. Sometimes your temperament and inability to control what you say have hurt people. Mercury retrograde and Chiron is are forcing you to look at your actions and reactions. You will find that your friends and family circle will progress and soon your work life will bring some needed relief which will assist in helping you with your health. Nonetheless, you stay tuned in to your work and you will notice that those that work with you may not be cooperative. Once we pass all the eclipses you will find that people are more supportive and financial gains will be in order. (Your 6-month transit can be found here during the new moon in Aries)

Libra: By now you should be feeling better as your eclipses are behind you. Jupiter is also behind you, but what have learned from this fiasco? This is what this Mercury retrograde is all about. It’s about expecting the unexpected. Be careful with your health and it is not a time for travel even if it is short spiritual retreat. You may have minor sickness which could cause financial losses. Once we reach July 25, 2019 you will see that you will socialize and network with much greater ease. You will make new friends and financial gains are very possible for you. (your 6-month transit can be found here during the super full moon in Libra)

The predispositions which I have described above are general tendencies, not to be mistaken as 100% accurate for all. For individual dispositions, I would suggest you contact a westernor eastern astrologer. The information above is not astrology, rather, it is used as a place holder for characteristic overview.

A more expanded 6-month overview will be given during the Solar and Lunar eclipse in July which will incorporate further details.

As Mercury is a very slow-moving planet, it affects almost all planetary signs. It is my suggestion that you purchase a yellow candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with Inspiration oil or Eucalyptus oil and chant the Psalm 70 every single night. This period will last for 9 weeks and it will be hard on all of us. This will allow friendly communications as well as understandings in situations.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until August 15, 2019. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention. When it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be.

The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy.

I have chosen two mantras for you during this Mercury retrograde. The first mantra is easier to recite and the second is meant for advanced chanters.


Om Mani Padme Hum

(omm Ma nee Pud mee Hmm)


Om Muni Muni Mahamuni Shakyamuniye Svaha Om

This mantra is used to achieve emotional transparency, to avoid and overcome confusions, and to keep friendly communications flowing.

Please note I am not an astrologer, nor do I claim to be. I am a Vedic reader. The privileges of a Vedic reader are to take planetary dispositions, as well as insolence and behavior patterns of the reading, and bring forth reflection of the truth. It is about cautionary preparation and to understand that not every human is an exact science. This means that for every deed there is a response; however, we all have the free will, and skill, to change our future.

I wish you the most rewarding retrograde period, that you get plenty of rest, and you have the chance to rethink and renovate yourself after this period is over.

For those who wish to book their appointments for the Solar and Lunar Eclipse in July, the schedule will be posted by Jun 25, 2019. Additionally July Giveaways will be in the email boxes of those that are up to date on their information and reading.



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