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Maharani Rutan was born in a little town in Gondal, India.  Raised by her Grandparents, she spent many of her days at Shri Bhuvvaneshwari Temple which was built by her Grandfather.  When she was born her hair was white as snowflakes and her eyes were blue as the ocean from that day forwards her Grandfather named her “Maharani” which means Queen or someone royal and “Rutan”as it is pronounced which means a precious gem.  It is not every day that a Indian girl is born with white hair and blue eyes.  To some westerners it may be known as “Albino” but in the Indian culture means someone with great wisdom.  From the age of 5 it was compulsory for young Brahmin girls to be involved in poojas, mantras, practicing healing as well as learning about Vedic scriptures but not always readings.  This was something special she shared with her Grandfather the Priests he allowed her to associate with.  Through the rigorous teachings she learned  capacity of healing, reading and through exasperating rituals, and  unique way of reading the psychic phenomenons. 

At the age of 6 she was introduced to Sanskrit readings. Which matured into Vedic Readings. Maharani comes from a family of people with great intuition, healing powers, spirituality and a open nature God which encapsulates her path into the unknown and often times gives her the capabilities to vision the future like it was a story being told to her. Her first psychic experience was at the age of 8 when she felt the jerk of her heart and she felt feverish.  When she awoke she was told later that same day that her favorite aunt had pasted away.  Her second experience was when she correctly predicted her own move to another country oceans away. Where they would speak a language she would not understand, where it would be cold, and food would be rich in flavor.  And this would be two years before it would happen and before her parents made the decision to come to America.  She than continued her path into the spiritual world and brought her abilities to share in America at the age of 10. She continued to make small predictions here and there but she only shared it with her parents as no one would believe her and surely her prediction were accurate.

Finally she shared her first public experience in High School when she successfully predicted the winner of the National Gymnastic team then minor incidents that could happen at the school before they did.  Matter a fact she predicted that her parents would purchase a business 1 year before they did in Florida. 

Today, she continues to share her abilities to bring to her clients strength, solace and lead them to the path of spiritual divinity.   She does this by strengthening her skills through Vedic In-depth readings and Vedic Philosophies.


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Year to date: October, 13, 2018

World accurate predictions: 22,864

U.S Political accurate predictions: 17,529

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