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Maharani Rutan was born in a little town in Gondal, India.  Raised by her Grandparents, she spent many of her days at Shri Bhunashwari Temple which was built by her Grandfather.  When she was born her hair was white as snowflakes and her eyes were blue as the ocean from that day forwards her Grandfather named her “Maharani” which means Queen or someone royal and “Rutan” which means a precious gem.  It is not every day that a Indian girl is born with white hair and blue eyes.  To some westerners it may be known as “Albino” but in the Indian culture means someone with great wisdom.  From the age of 5 it was complusory for her to be involved in poojas, mantras, practicing healing as well as learning about Vedic readings.  This was the norm in the higher cast of Brahmins where priests and their families had the capacity of healing, reading and through experating rituals they develope a unique way of reading the psychic pheonomenans.  At the age of 6 she was introduced to Sanskrit readings. Which matured into Vedic Readings. Maharani comes from a family of people with great intution, healing powers, sprituality and a open nature God which encaptulates her path into the unknown and often times gives her the capablities to vision the future like it was a story being told to her. Her first psychic experience was at the age of 8 when she felt the jerk of her heart and only to find out later that her favorite aunt had pasted away,her second exprience was when she predicted that she was moving to a country oceans away where they spoke a diffrent languange 2 years before her parents decided to settle to America. She than continued her path into the spiritual world and brought her abilities to share in America at the age of 10. Though she did not really share her abilities with the public until she was 16, she continues to strenghten her abilities as a vedic reader to bring only solace, compassion and direct answers to her clients even today..

Types of Readings

Focusing on self readings ,relationship and financial reading.  Exceptiong of the Solar and the Lunar Eclipse the readings are focused on a short term changable future (3 months) giving alternatives for change.  The readings are completely futuristic. There is no past because the past can not be changed.  There is no simple yes or no because we do not live in a black and white world.  There is no real time because we live in a universal time and our free will sustains the change or amplifies the change.  The vedic readings do not answer the question of death, birth or marriages this can only be read by a Vedic Astrologer and Vedic readers do not cross that path.  The Vedic readings also do not go into the depths of health related issues.  As far as legal issues are concerned the readings can only show what could transpire to signify the change.  The Vedic readings are created to change the future and bring healthy change which karmically allows desity to emcompass a positive Dharma.

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Self (In-depth) Reading

Here are some of the answers that will be answered in personal reading:Your personal in depth readings answers following questions:

What are the circumstances in your life?

Why that there are circumstances.

What you can do to improve the negative forces in your life.

Who are the people that are coming into your life and what messages are they brining.

What your primary focus should be.

What to expect in the next 3 months and often I receive timing cards.

At the end of the reading I draw a complete 3-month analysis. Which answer the following questions:

Why are things happening to you the way it is in the next 3 months?

What to expected to happen every month.

What is the focus for reading in process?

What are the four elements that the universe is brining to you?

What you are going to do or option that you will have to complete your task for those 3 months.

** Readings are between 16-20 minutes long and often I get done with in 12 to 13 minutes with a recording device.  It is my suggestion that you get a piece of paper or pencil out and start to write down what I have said.  Often I have clients record me.  I go through 5462 cards and additional 72 cards for your overall readings. ***

Relationship Readings

I do not read on the relationship.  I read on the party in questions.  I believe that until you know what the other person is going through then you are never going to find the answers that you are looking for.  And no matter how well you know this person you do not know their karma or their past only the information that they have revealed.  This information may be hidden for many reasons, such as lack of insecurities, abandonment and other issues of their lives.

Here are the questions which my love reading answers:

Why is the interested party going through what they are going through?

What are the circumstances that stand in between you and your love interested?

It will also give you information about their financial well-being as well as emotional and often we receive timing cards.

It will also give you a best course of action.  Appx 15-20minutes

Financial Reading

Most of my readings are based upon a 3 months forecast and I basically focus on month-to-month and your best course of action along with what you can change and what you cannot. I do not play God to your decisions because I believe in Karma.  Since our lives are of constant changes nothing in our lives is etched in stone.  Destiny and Karma is what we make of it.  To have the ability learn as much as we can since we were born on Earth alone and we will die alone it is what we take with us to heaven is the key to our lives of eternal success.  Financial readings are anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes..

How to order a reading.

Below are the list of prices avaliable for your in-depth reading.  All payments must be made in advance for a reading with a 24 hour turn around.  I do not take appointments any further than one week in advance.  Choose the payment option which is suitable for you.  Please know if the time goes over you will be billed additional minutes and usually for first time callers I do spend a little extra more time to explain the readings.

Please contact me first at mrutan@bellsouth.net set up a time that is best for both of us.

Payment can not be accepted until the time has been allocated but the prices are below

15 minute reading $45.00

30 minute reading is $60.00

60 minute reading is 99.00

I have removed the paypal button this will disallow users to pay before setting up a time.

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