Envision a Vision: First Step: Jupiter in Virgo 2015-2016

juptvirgo25014Jupiter enters Virgo

August 11/12, 2015 through October 2016

(This is for all those Virgos whom I adore)

By Maharani Rutan©

I have always been curious as to how the complexity of astrology, whether Vedic or Western, predetermines specifics in events of the world as well as in people. The other day I was watching the History Channel; the main topic discussed the “combination of Astronomy and Astrology”-History Channel. To my surprise it was quite fascinating. Though this series questions faith, religion and opens up the discussion of existence, their modern science theory has always fascinated me.

With a little help from my Guru in India, I have decided to write more about the planet of Jupiter. Though there has not been much discussion of this planet, I feel this planet is like whipped cream on an apple pie. Yes, the Apple Pie does taste good alone but it tastes even better when there is whipped cream – but it depends if you like whipped cream. I find it a breath of fresh air. Therefore, those that have had Jupiter in their sign must have felt that was as well.


However, choosing this planet was also serendipity as Jupiter is moving into Virgo on August 11/12, 2015 and it will grace all Virgos for 18 months where it will go direct and stationary between Virgo and Libra. There was a similar event such as this from August 2003 through October 2004. During that time Virgos had planted some sort of a seed. Whatever the seed that was, 12 years later it may bloom again. Depending on how badly you want it.

Many of you may not even know what Jupiter is while some may know that it is a good planet to have. Well my friends, everyone has Jupiter (Guru) in their charts and it crosses each sign 2.5 years according to the sun or the moon (Vedic or Western). I will not go into the jest of the difference between the two, but the only thing you need to know at the moment is that Vedic theory is where the earth revolves around the moon; whereas, western theory depicts that the earth moves around the sun. This only means that whether you focus on Vedic or Western, the signs that one characterizes is either one sign ahead of the other or vice versa. This also makes a big difference when creating individual charts as well as the placement of each planet. There are many different mathematical aspects of astrology and each astrologer places their own twist on how to interpret the situation. But I can guarantee that each astrologer feels Jupiter is a blessing.

No matter which philosophy one follows, the planet of Jupiter has the same meaning. Jupiter is a good blessing, affluence, assistance, trust, optimism and positivity. I have had dialogs with my closest friends whose primary focus is on Western Astrology, and my Guru who uses Hindu Ancient Vedic Philosophies, to guide me through my prayers and be my console. I was reminded to let the people who do their jobs well do that job, meaning there are so many gifted Western Astrologers who have years of experience that are well respected. For those who want to probe in that area, I could suggest you contact any one of my astrologer associates by clicking (here). For my Hindu Vedic Astrology followers, your Gurus are easy to find; just step into any Temple and you will find Pundits. These Pundits know more about Vedic Astrology than those that try to sell it to you on Indian Television Channels. And all your contributions are tax free at the temple.

However, Vedic Readers have a completely different prospective. Imagine for a moment that Astrology is the GPS of your life, it tells you which way you will go and at what time. In mathematical calculation of day or year it can also predetermine a good day for something i.e. marriage, home etc. Some Astrology (Vedic) also recommends you wear a certain stone or fast a certain day, to reduce the severity of planets. However, Astrology may not tell you if you take the wrong road what could happen, nor will it tell you, if the road is bumpy, what you should do, and most of all what about the weather. I realize there may be some out there however; the accuracy of those GPS’s can be questioned. Therefore Vedic Reading incorporates the characteristics of Astrology. It maps out the terrain for a short period of time so that next time you are down that bumpy road in the rain you might want to pull over. So when the sun shines again you have gotten where you needed to go just in time.


The Planet Jupiter is also similar in the philosophies in that it touches each sign; kisses them and asks the question what will you do with what I have given you? Jupiter is ruled by Sagittarius and Pisces in Vedic, its name is Guru. Since my philosophies are rooted from the eastern world I will have a primary focus on Vedic vision, thus if Western Astrology is the way one wants to proceed I would highly suggest you contact my recommended astrologers here. But you can always have an open mind to other philosophies to bring richness and knowledge to your experiences.

Jupiter in Sankrit (the oldest native Indian language) is named as Brahaspati, or Guru for short. It has been said in the old ancient writings that Guru oversees all the planets. He is the teacher and he rules the sun and the moon, including its movements. Guru as we will call him from this day forward, brings good fortune, faith, thinking, mysticism, prosperity, children, accomplishment, integrity, affluence, and partnerships. You may notice many characteristics of Sagittarius and Pisces, and what they rule. Hence, there is an addition to Guru: wherever Guru is placed in ones chart is where one will reap the benefits the most. This placement is the transference of past life karma of the good that he/she will be a benefactor of.


Like Sagittarius, Guru blesses journeys, knowledge, reliability, ethics, handouts, compassion, concern and introspection. This is especially the case for those whose decisions would change the lives of many; Jupiter is also highly imperative for women.

To not to make this blog more complicated, my direction will be focused on how Jupiter magnifies or harms our life. Though we know now the ruling planet of Guru, however he loves to be in a sign of Cancer and Capricorn. So if you Jupiter is placed in your chart in a sign of Cancer you will naturally be blessed, but it does not mean you will always be blessed. This does not mean that other planets or astrological signs will not be blessed but when Jupiter enters ones Sun, Moon, or Mars and is in a sign or Capricorn or Cancer it is usually magnified.


As Jupiter changes signs every 18-24 months. On August 11, 2015, Jupiter will enter/return in the sign of Virgo. Nevertheless, before one can determine severity or the impact of Jupiter, it is imperative to understand the characteristics of the astrological sign.

Virgos are very hardworking people who use their acute, systematic, and organizational skill to move forward in life. Sometimes Virgos get so involved in little details of things that they can’t look at the big picture. They are extremely clean people, though they are good at taking care of themselves, their addictive personality may move them into direction of eating sweets, or extreme salt. The most gratification to a Virgo is their career, not only do they want to be recognized but they want to complete everything perfectly. If they work in a field of helping others they will have instant gratification. Though they are their best in the medical field, they are such perfectionists that they can worry more than they work at times. They are often referred as overachievers and neurotics.


But now Virgos can breathe a little. Virgos will now have a clearer mind as to what is happening in their lives. They will become much more practical yet optimistic and all their talents will come naturally such as truth, health, problem solving and being analytical. There were many hints that the universe had given to you in approximately 2002-2004. Any risks you took that were mistakes brought you to today. Now that you have learned to make mature decisions, Jupiter will bless us to look at things in a much larger view. Virgos will question what they need to do to change. They know though that they want life to be perfect, they are not perfect, and that it is not the experience but the journey that will take them there.

For all the hard work Virgos have put into themselves through changes and all the pain and suffering. this is the best time of your life. It’s time to get your hands dirty as you will reap what you sow. Your skills will be perfected, and who knows, you may learn something new. Virgos will also become busy bees. It will be time to take those baby steps. Virgos looking for some sort of break, here it comes. Those Virgos that are seeking to expand, move, or alter their career, Jupiter will help you succeed.


For anything that is work oriented, one should allow Virgos to lead, or be involved, because Jupiter is kissing them – it will succeed. Speaking of which, success only comes when Virgos feel good about themselves, and finally they will look at their health habits such as food and diet and decide to take better care of themselves (no more cookies, apple fritters and chips) –Who me ? I would never say such thing dear Virgo.

Baby boomers, and Generation X; 54-58 and 66- 70, this is your Jupiter. With its return you are now about to go deeper into your heart and make your wishes come true; but not just Virgos, however, all earth signs will be affected. If your work is honest, with morality and values, you will reap the rewards but if you take on too much as a part of ego driven leadership then you won’t be able to handle all that is imposed on you.


Throughout September, with the eclipse and confusion of what you need to do to bring luck (Neptune/Jupiter Square), you may seem confused. But when Jupiter was in Leo you learned something very important; either look out for yourself or look out for yourself and others. From that idea you will now have the inspiration you need to move forward. Now is the time to take your ideas home.

Mercury is going begin to move backwards in time in Virgo. The ghost period begins on August 25, 2015 and it switches signs on September 12, 2015 when it moves into Libra until October, 22, 2015 (give or take a couple of days). Additionally, New moon in Virgo on September 12, 2015 paired with the partial solar eclipse at 10 degrees Virgo will assist all Virgos to shed their old skin and promise of a new one (blog to be posted by Aug 20-22, 2015).



Virgo’s have been thinking too much; as a matter of fact, I could smell the fire all the way here. Your visions will come to reality. Remember that Guru is on your side, you can now improve every aspect of your life such as love, life, work, and career. You may get an itch to go somewhere where you have never been before. You will no longer fear that someone will create restrictions or place heavy burdens on your plate. Be careful though, when Jupiter is in a specific sign there are extra pounds that should be there and because you are enjoying life so much you may forget your blood pressure or sugar. Forget those Apple Fritters, Chocolate Chip cookies and most of all rich foods that make you go yummm. You will regret it later.

Virgos may be very concerned about family, home, and work. I would not be at all surprised if there is a large purchase such as a building or apartment, or come on some money you never thought you had. At the same time, Virgos do love their families and there will be deep worries relating to family matters. But don’t expect your entire journey for 18 months to be a bed of Roses. You may become short tempered and when you feel your opinion is not being heard, be flexible and open.


My dear Virgo, be good while Jupiter comes to visit. If you want things to be fair don’t micromanage, and you will soon realize everything is not as is seems if you place your feet in another shoes.

I will write more as the eclipses passes by but for now …. Enjoy your gift and part II will soon come.

Maharani Rutan©


Eastern Vedic Readings

Eastern Vedic Readings

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