Penetrating Past; Fiery Future: Mercury retrograde June -August 2019


Mercury Retrograde Summer 2019

Jun 20-Aug 15, 2019


Pre-Progression: June 20-July 1 (Gemini/Cancer)

Pre-Progression Juncture: July 2-6(Cancer/Leo)

Mercury Retrograde (Station): July 7(Leo)

Mercury Station Regression: July 8-12 (Leo)

Mercury Retrograde Juncture: July 13-26 (Leo/Cancer)

Mercury Direct Regression: July 27-30(Leo/Cancer)

Mercury Direct: July 31/Aug 1(Cancer)

Post-Regression Juncture: Aug 2-Aug 5 (Leo/Cancer)

Post-Juncture: Aug 6-15 (Leo/Cancer)

By Maharani Rutan©

Now that we have been shocked, confused, saddened, and inspired by many events in the last 2 and half months, it’s time to slow down. As I stated in my predictive blog for 2019 “For many people, this year will be a year of looking at our past behaviors and how they impacted our current outcomes and results. Not all will be good and not all will be bad, but they will be shocking and transformable.”Read more here.

Looking back in time we have been here before, even Mercury retrograde degrees have been similar, causing us to revisit the past and past issues. These issues could be recalling situations from June-August 2000, May-July of 2008, and June through August of 2013 and 2018. I am sure you can recognize some of these dates as they have been repeating like a television show rerun.

It’s time now to digest and analyze everything we saw, heard, and experienced. On June 20, 2019, Mercury will begin its slow descender towards retrograde motion. Mercury retrograde is best known to transport issues in our structure, lost appointments, confusing communication, mail, and putting the internet into a general snarl-up!

This uncomfortable period lasts for eight weeks between the progressive and post periods, until August 1, 2019. It finally levels out on August 15, 2019, bringing things back to normal. Though many people will state that Mercury will go away on August 1, 2019, one must recognize that Mercury is a slow-moving planet (almost like a slow horse and carriage) therefore, the effect can be felt for four weeks before and four weeks after the event.

During the retrograde, the information we have from people and our situations will be mis-interpreted and what we say is not what is meant. Furthermore, what we perceive is not what is intended. But most prominently, what we view is an exaggerated vision. Consequently, it is not wise to express, convey, acquire, trade, sign, travel, ship, or mail anything and expect it to be on time, or even without modifications. It is worthwhile not to be quick with your money or any communication because actions or reactions we have to a certain situation may be regretted later.

Imagine for a moment that you have just boarded a plane for your vacation, but before you board the plane must fuel and you wait. This period is called the Pre-Progression period, which will begin June 20, 2019-July 1, 2019 in Cancer/Gemini (20-25 degrees). If things have slowed down or the messages are not coming in clearly, this is just the beginning.

Although Mercury only spends one day in Gemini, it does not mean that there will be no effect on Gemini’s or others. As Mercury begins to move into Cancer, people with this sign and Gemini’s projecting in their charts will be mostly inclined to such contemplation. There is little choice but to reexamine our specific understandings and views about who we are, where we are going, who are the people in our lives, and why we are here? There is, however, an opportunity to expand insight into our own self-discovery.

Gemini is governed by Mercury which means even if Mercury is retrograding in Gemini/Cancer, not only will all mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini) be pretentious, but all cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer) will also be affected. There is, however, a vision to expand consciousness into our own self-perception. When Mercury is retrograding in the signs of Gemini/Cancer it produces a need to talk about sensitive issues and be compassionately attentive. Often, this causes people to reach into something affectionate, gentle, and empathetic with real gratitude. However, it may cause an impulse to escape to a place they have never been before, something Gemini craves for.

Now that the plane has fueled, it’s time to clean the plane for the passengers and stock up on drinks and snacks. By this time, many may become impatient and this part of the Mercury journey is called Pre-Progression Juncture. During this time, I am sure you have noticed when you are waiting for the pre-check, people often make several trips to the counter and ask when boarding will be being. This is exactly the energy which is delivered during this juncture. We know something is going to slow us down, yet we do not know how to handle the energy.

From July 2, through July 6, 2019, the preparation begins. Just in time for the celebration of the U.S Independence, and in the heart of the 3rd eclipse in Cancer (July 2, 2019). During this time, relationships could be inconsistent and erratic due to ego-eccentric arrogance. All areas of messages are hyper-active, especially in matters of home, or to do with children, romance, and inspiration in general. Documents can go astray. Be sure to carry a diary and refer to it often.

On July 7, 2019, Mercury stations retrograde in Leo/Cancer (2-5 degrees depending on the orb). At this time, we are now boarding the plane, however, the line into the plane is going extremely slow; some people can’t find their seats, the luggage does not seem to fit in overhead bins, and there is chaos. Thus, our patience is tested. Mercury in Leo has no time to analyze anything which is speaking from the heart, but this time it may not be as nice as Leo’s usually speak. With their truthfulness in communication, words are commonly focused around what needs to be done rather than what is felt.

Many of us could feel that life is lethargic; giving room for reawakening and organization. Or, irritability could be the result; it is all about communication. Relationships could split up over unimportant transformations or a sudden presence of communication. People from the past could suddenly reappear to bring closures or new beginnings. But remember not to trust or feel everything that occurs during this period. Make your choices after August 15, 2019, that is if they are still around, and if you are.

During this period, at its vilest, Leo’s, including Aries and Sagittarius, may experience unpredictable losses such as economic, friends, or family; separation and being real with them could trigger desertion. My advice for you is, during the transit, be a little more confident and know this shall too pass.

Now that we have found our seat and put away our luggage, we await an announcement that the plane will be taking off in a couple of minutes, thus still waiting things to begin to move. This period is often referred to in VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories) as Mercury Station Regression. In easier terms, it means even though things are a little calmer, the tension remains. This period will last July 8-July 12, 2019.

Although there are always positives and negatives to all retrograde juncture periods, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries will begin to feel a little less restricted. However, now, fixed signs (Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius) will be tried the most as this period is now bumping right in the middle of our second eclipse of the summer in Capricorn, and a red moon. The energy will be penetrating at both ends as Mercury moves through Cancer and the energy of Capricorn.

Finally, we have begun to reverse backwards from the gate and the plane begins its journey toward the runway. Though there is a sigh of relief that it is finally going to take off, the plane is only moving 5 miles per hour. Suddenly there will be an announcement that several planes are in front and there is a 5-plane delay. Once again, we wait. Putting on our headset, or grabbing the book or magazine, and getting comfortable in the cramped seats is all that we can do. Thus, from July 13- July 26, 2019, Mercury moves back into Cancer forming a similar anticipation to when we were waiting at the gate for the plane to get cleaned. Again, we wait. This period is known as Mercury Retrograde Juncture.

When Mercury is retrograding in the sign of Cancer it produces emotional and sensitive confusion with the past. There is a determined choice of not wanting to look at the past, but we have no choice. This is because the past is overwhelming us; reexamining who, what, where, why, and how it happened.

Finally, the plane rolls down the runway and begins to climb. Many will close their eyes and drift to sleep while others will find things to keep them pre-occupied. Relaxing and getting comfortable in your environment is the only way to be, because at the end of the day we will be at the destination. However, in the middle of getting comfortable there is turbulence and the plane is moving from one side to another. Now many are panicking, but others know we will move past this. The minor turbulence is asking us not to get too comfortable and don’t think too much because things will change; we are still on the plane and have not fallen out. Energy will be still moving through Cancer but with a little more intensity; this is known as Mercury Direct Regression. The period does not last long as it only lasts from July 27-July 30, 2019. The energy is intense enough to let us know we are going to be OK but also to remind us to never take anything for granted.

As we hold on to the arms of the seat, we are about to do just as what was anticipated by Mercury retrograde. Mercury’s energy is both dexterous and insightful. Mercury is about short trips: a visit to a neighbor or a friend across town, the ordinary travel, or a weekend retreat. Relatives and transport in general, are also within Mercury’s empire. Talking, writing, reading books, online communications, and learning are all within Mercury’s sphere. This Planet pleads us to express ourselves often, and well.

Soon, there will be an announcement of being 10 to 15 thousand feet above ground and given the approximate time of arrival. It’s time now to sit back, relax, and remember that we can use this powerful energy in positive ways. Use this time to do activities that start with “re”: renew, repair, review, renegotiate, and research. Mercury retrograde will now station direct in Leo on July 31, 2019. The all clear and seat belt light turned off brings a sign of relief so just to sit back and enjoy this down time. Even if it means that we shut out the noise in the aisle and take a deep breath.

As I always say, if two people meet during the retrograde, somehow, they will break apart during a retrograde. If they end during a retrograde, they will come together during a retrograde. As VPAT theorizes, Mercury has way of making things confusing and nothing is final; it’s a way of communication, only to be able to reconsider, rethink, and find a resolution.

Three to four times during the year, the Cosmos asks people whether their choosing of the past decisions were hurried or if they were duly considered. Asking the question “I’m curious, was the ending of a circumstance needed, or are second or third chances deserved?”Any relationship that starts during this period generally does not last long, and those that break up will be up for reexamination during the next retrograde period in in the Fall/Winter.

Mercury placement in Leo magnifies itself and will give this light through stimulation, originality, and individualism. It will be communication which will be an implementer of extreme melodrama and recurrent exaggeration of problems leading one to the tendency of egotism.

Mercury retrograde does NOT mean that you must stop the plans you have in mind. Rather, take the time to perfect them, but be sure not to sign contracts or get yourself involved in legal issues because it is a guarantee they will be revisited before the next retrograde.

Now that we find ourselves comfortable in our seat, we become even more relaxed to the point of either diving into what we are doing to pass time or drift into sleep. Hence, whether we close our eyes or dive into our reading, the energy is emotionally driven as Mercury stationed direct moves away from Leo and goes back into Cancer at 23 degrees, and this is where it will station.

The last time Mercury retrograde was in Cancer was in 2007, 2012, 2014 and 2018. Every one of these years has brought forth the endings of old issues and beginnings of new ones.

Within minutes there is another announcement that the destination is not that far away, and the seat belt sign will be lit for the decent to the airport. It is being requested that all seat back trays and seats be in their upright and locked position. The sigh of relief that landing is not so far away will bring some tension and relief simultaneously. The Post Regression Juncture in Cancer which I call a yellow light, brings forth caution and will begin August 2 through August 5, 2019. During this period, things to avoid include conflict, gossip, and pointless communication. This is especially true with the opposite sex as these things may be misread.

We are now buckled into our seats and the captain is landing the plane. The contact of the wheel forces our seats backwards, and the reversing engines force us forwards; in the distance we can see the airport gates. Soon the doors open, and we are directed toward baggage claim.

Walking to pick up our luggage seems such a long walk and no matter how fast or slow we try to walk, we know that the baggage will not beat us to baggage claim. The post juncture period does just that, which is for humanity to know nothing is to be taken for granted, and nothing in life can be hurried. This period lasts for almost 2 more weeks, from August 6 through the 15th, 2019.

By now almost every Astrological sign has been impacted. If not by their moon, then by their sun or by association. But for Cancers and Gemini’s this is even more intense as Mars moves into Cancer on the same day as Mercury. Mercury is the ruler two signs (Scorpio and Aries) and it can be very powerful, however, for Cancers and Gemini this can be a very difficult transit as Cancers may clam up even more than normal. Holding in aggression will cause low self-esteem and can cause people to run away.

For Gemini it is a double whammy as Rahu is already beginning to transform them and will continue this journey until 2020. Hence with Jupiter going backwards into Scorpio and out of Sagittarius for a little while, and Saturn in Sagittarius until 2020 (according to VPAT) Sagittarius will feel the burn of reforming and reconsidering their actions and reactions.

The mixed energies of the Fire/Water synchronicity and Mercury retrograde will become a vital aspect to prepare for this difficult transit. Our skin will be pulled from all directions.

Predisposition during this retrograde period is not based upon Western or Vedic Astrology. Rather, zodiac signs are place holders of structures in which energy will be placed. If your focus is primarily on Western ideologies, please speak to my recommended astrologers.

Please remember VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories) are based upon where you are today, what you could perhaps be tomorrow, what you can do to avoid hazard, and how, by knowing ahead of time, you can remedy the situation.

I will begin with those placeholders as Mercury shifts through each zodiac sign; the paraphrases that could be positive or negative, depending upon your view of life. The first four predispositions will be geared towards Cancer, Leo, Gemini, and Sagittarius. Thereafter, their associations which will be Virgo and Pisces, as they are predisposed to Mercury retrograde more than others.

Following them will be Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus which will be disposed due to their ability to gravitate towards empathetic issues because of Leo. Also by association, Aries, which will be affected due to natural Leo/Sagittarius energy. Lastly are Aries, Capricorn, and Libra who will feel the effects but not as intensely as they will in the fall of 2019.

Cancer, Leo, Gemini & Sagittarius

Dear Cancer, Mercury retrograde has always done a number on you. That said, you should be feeling better than you had for the past two years and March should have set the stage. This is all because Rahu/Ketu has pushed you into making radical changes which were more difficult. Perhaps you and your brother Leo, had many things to share, especially looking at life in a unique way. If only you could share your experiences with Gemini and Sagittarius who are going through similar situations. Since no two experiences and feelings are the same, all you must do now is to sit back and watch your life unfold. Remember, Dear Cancer you have two more eclipses until your ride is complete; just ask a Leo how they feel now as their ride was completed in January with their final eclipse (read more here). Unfortunately, Sagittarius will begin their Journey next year followed by Gemini. Always remember if it does not fit in your life, it will either go away by choice, or it will be burned by moon or the sun energy through the eclipse.

Cancer: The journey of Mercury retrograde begins and ends in your sign. Therefore, I recommend that you look back at June-July 2007, and June-July 2013. You may feel this energy again next year as you prepare to finish your eclipse. This Mercury retrograde will have its good and bad. There can be possible illnesses to family and arguments with friends. Glitches in travel are more than a good possibility. You need to be careful as your health may hurt your resources and you may have financial difficulties. After the 20th of July you will find that any old family issues are resolved, and charisma will be your gift, leading to financial increases.

Leo: There have been so many changes in your life with your last eclipse, ending in January 2019, that now the universe is asking you to exhale and inhale and re-discover what you want to change in your life. Mercury will be moving backwards in your sign on July 7, 2019 and the fire may be a little hot. Though people consider Mercury to be a negative juncture, I feel this may be more prosperous than you can imagine. There will be many people that will recognize your talents and you will have the focus you need to move past any academic pursuit, however you will question if the path you have chosen was the correct one for you. Your financial worries will soon pass and by the time the second eclipse in Capricorn arrives, you will soon see the quality time with your friends and family will bring bliss into your life. (Your six-month transit can be found here during the lunar eclipse in Leo)

Gemini: By default, Mercury rules you and this means that you must do what you can watch what you say and when you say it. Ketu/Rahu is really asking you to dig deep into your karma and the people you have hurt to mend those bruises even if it means to lose grace. You may have some issues with your health and means of transportation. There could be plenty of -mis perception and concerns. Because you may have trouble with transportation it is not a good time to purchase anything in this area. Even if you think that the Cancer eclipse will not affect you, you might want to think again. It is time to plant your seeds as you are also about to go through some transformations in the summer of next year. Your family life will surely improve; however, it would not surprise me if you must travel. If you have self-confidence, you will realize you can accomplish almost anything. (Your 6-month forecast can be located here during your new moon)

Sagittarius: Because of Ketu/Rahu/Saturn influences you will transform. Just think, soon Jupiter will be moving into your sign and you too will go through an eclipse next year. By the end of 2020 you will be a new person. Opportunities will come to you in many aspects of your life. If you decide to go back to school or learn something new this will be an opportune time. I would not be surprised if you take on a new client or have a job offer coming your way. However, after the Cancer eclipse, there will exist the possibility that you may have minor conflicts with masculine figures in your life. You may find that small or large tasks are almost impossible due to minor glitches. Be careful with your social skills in public as you may find some ridicule. (Your 6-month transit report can be found here during the full moon in June.)

Virgo & Pisces

By association and being a mutable sign, it is quite difficult for you to be in flux, especially during retrograde. As far as I can see there is no real danger for both of you this year as both of your eclipses are behind you. Virgos have already pealed their skin during their eclipse 2015-2016, and Jupiter brought them luck. If you resisted your changes, then this year may seem difficult for you, if not, you may have seen increases in finances, moves, and academia. Thus, it may be advisable to sit back and relax a little bit Dear Virgo. Hence, Pisces also went through their eclipse around the same time; however, Chiron was really forcing Pisces to become more spiritual. The catch here was not to suppress.

Virgo: It may be possible that you become very melancholy and this may cause you to become depressed about the things you have not done in the past for people; even to the point of how you could have done things differently. There may be very deep memories of a father figure or fatherly figure in your life who may not be around any longer, and these memories could spiral your emotions. When the eclipse in Capricorn becomes magnified your focus may detour towards finances as there is a part of you that may want to travel. Physical fitness may be in the works for you but have some savings as unexpected expenses may cause issues. You might just feel the more successful you are the more difficult it becomes to balance your resources, but remember, with every confusion there is a massive clarity. (your six-month projection can be found here with the full moon in Virgo in February)

Pisces: As the fish swim in the sea going from here to there and everywhere, your mind may be mixed with all kinds of opportunities or business tactics you may want to try. But this is not the time or the place to try these opportunities. Be careful with your communication with female figures, especially mothers and wives. Your reputation will highly depend upon your actions in public as your character may be questioned if you initiate conflicts or question policies. However, after July 22, you will find it’s a whole new world. You will find plenty of collaboration with subordinates and co-workers. Competitors may want to be on your side. Business will be much more profitable; however, the tension and pressure of the work could cause unnecessary arguments in marriage or partnership. (Your 6-month transit report can be found here during the new moon in Pisces in March)

Aquarius, Taurus & Scorpio

Due to the pull of Leo being a fixed sign, and Cancer energies, the effects of Mercury retrograde will be just as impacting as Virgo and Pisces if not more. One of the most transformative characters of the zodiac has been Aquarius. Their eclipses of 2017-2018 have set the stage for their own longevity. Some Aquarius’ have come down with unknown or incurable diseases or illness only to find out it was not as bad as it had appeared. However, their view of life has altered their personal and financial power and it’s time for a spiritual retreat. But this is not so for Scorpios. Even if Scorpios are not going through any eclipses, there is still a pull of Saturn which is molding Scorpios. The best thing that continues to assist Scorpios at this time, according to VPAT, is that Jupiter is back in Scorpio and will remain there until August. Therefore, planting seeds of the future is the best one can do. Unfortunately, I cannot say that about Taurus as Uranus is making its journey through Taurus for the next 7 years and taking all of humanity with her.

Aquarius: There is an old saying, if you argue less and be more collaborative, you will see how things just start to appear with your own eyes. Focus may be difficult around this time. It may be better to avoid all conflicts in partnership and marriage. Be very careful with your investments as there is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme and you will soon find this out for yourself. The watery energy is much too much to handle for you. But rest assured as the end of July comes closer you will see that this too shall pass. Relationships of all kinds will straighten themselves out and you will find that you have more support than you think. However, if you question everything you will find people will be more argumentative with you. The eclipses of 2017-2018 were supposed to transform you into being more humble and forgiving; the more you wrestled with this the more it will affect your life. It’s better to say nothing than to say something that would be eventually be hurtful. (your 6 months transit can be found here during the new moon in Aquarius in February)

Scorpio: Being a water sign you can be an emotional sponge to many people, and you can tell if something is wrong. Often you have been known to feel things no one else could. Perhaps Mercury retrograde will give you ample time to make progress with your friends, family, and health. However, you need to take caution in areas of finances; it is not that you have added expenses it is that you are paying off too much and not saving enough. But that will soon end. After July 24, 2019, self-employed Scorpios should do well financially. Work environment will be very cordial and cooperative. Admiration and stature are also in the future for Scorpios as they hand the torch of Jupiter back to Sagittarius in August. (Your 6-moth transit report can be found during the full moon in May 2019)

Taurus: Everyone can say you are mother nature, but you surely have a way with people and materialism. 2013-2014 eclipses woke you up and tore you up. You are now on the other side, ready to transform society with your power of change. Even though you do not have any eclipses until 2021 in your sign you will continue to change the social aspect of your life. However, your stubbornness and pride may create some obstacles in family and financial matters. Do not invest in anything currently and stay focused on learning new things, even if they are difficult. After the Capricorn eclipse, things may seem a bit better as you work through family issues and your positive attitude will assist in bringing happier times for the family. Watch out for unnecessary worries and assuming things as they will bring needless conflicts. (Your 6-month transit can be found here. During the new moon in Taurus in May)

Capricorn, Aries & Libra

Dear Capricorn, your eclipses will soon be completed. This has been a difficult ride for you with Pluto in the mix, but once they are finished you will find your sigh of relief at the end of the year. Remember Dear Capricorn, new moons are not beginnings but endings to make room for beginnings. Nevertheless, your pain is not as great as Aries who is going through their Chrion which is forcing them to look at their past life karma and often feeling very alone. Overall, the only one that can sit back and watch everything would be Libra who is just passing time and enjoying their time for a bit.

Capricorn: Yes, this is a difficult transit, and there is a transformation coming up for you. Look back at your life during 2000-2002, 2009-2011. Every eclipse brings a new person to you, and I realize it’s not easy with Pluto pounding on you. But for every road you pave, a new one begins and during this retrograde you will find work, family health, and spiritual avenues are going to be blissful. However, everything may not be rosy as conflicts and difficulties in areas of career may be possible. This is not the time to rely on luck; it’s time to control what you have. Take good care of your health as you may not feel good. Because of irritability you may not be as collaborative with your subordinates due to interruptions in your projects and this will affect your relationships of all kinds. But perhaps after the eclipses you will feel a little better. (Your last 6-month transits can be located here during the Solar eclipse in January)

Aries: Sometimes its ok to think about your life and what you have done. As much as you do not want to, it’s time to pay back karma. Sometimes your temperament and inability to control what you say have hurt people. Mercury retrograde and Chiron is are forcing you to look at your actions and reactions. You will find that your friends and family circle will progress and soon your work life will bring some needed relief which will assist in helping you with your health. Nonetheless, you stay tuned in to your work and you will notice that those that work with you may not be cooperative. Once we pass all the eclipses you will find that people are more supportive and financial gains will be in order. (Your 6-month transit can be found here during the new moon in Aries)

Libra: By now you should be feeling better as your eclipses are behind you. Jupiter is also behind you, but what have learned from this fiasco? This is what this Mercury retrograde is all about. It’s about expecting the unexpected. Be careful with your health and it is not a time for travel even if it is short spiritual retreat. You may have minor sickness which could cause financial losses. Once we reach July 25, 2019 you will see that you will socialize and network with much greater ease. You will make new friends and financial gains are very possible for you. (your 6-month transit can be found here during the super full moon in Libra)

The predispositions which I have described above are general tendencies, not to be mistaken as 100% accurate for all. For individual dispositions, I would suggest you contact a westernor eastern astrologer. The information above is not astrology, rather, it is used as a place holder for characteristic overview.

A more expanded 6-month overview will be given during the Solar and Lunar eclipse in July which will incorporate further details.

As Mercury is a very slow-moving planet, it affects almost all planetary signs. It is my suggestion that you purchase a yellow candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with Inspiration oil or Eucalyptus oil and chant the Psalm 70 every single night. This period will last for 9 weeks and it will be hard on all of us. This will allow friendly communications as well as understandings in situations.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until August 15, 2019. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention. When it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be.

The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy.

I have chosen two mantras for you during this Mercury retrograde. The first mantra is easier to recite and the second is meant for advanced chanters.


Om Mani Padme Hum

(omm Ma nee Pud mee Hmm)


Om Muni Muni Mahamuni Shakyamuniye Svaha Om

This mantra is used to achieve emotional transparency, to avoid and overcome confusions, and to keep friendly communications flowing.

Please note I am not an astrologer, nor do I claim to be. I am a Vedic reader. The privileges of a Vedic reader are to take planetary dispositions, as well as insolence and behavior patterns of the reading, and bring forth reflection of the truth. It is about cautionary preparation and to understand that not every human is an exact science. This means that for every deed there is a response; however, we all have the free will, and skill, to change our future.

I wish you the most rewarding retrograde period, that you get plenty of rest, and you have the chance to rethink and renovate yourself after this period is over.

For those who wish to book their appointments for the Solar and Lunar Eclipse in July, the schedule will be posted by Jun 25, 2019. Additionally July Giveaways will be in the email boxes of those that are up to date on their information and reading.



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Secrets & Sacred Devotion: Full Scorpio Moon 2019

Full Moon Taurus/Scorpio

Vesak Moon

Flower Moon


By: Maharani Rutan©

On May 18, 2019, at approximately 4:15pm EST & 1:15pm PST, the sky will be well lit up with the most brilliant light of the Full moon in Scorpio with a Taurus Axis at 27 degrees, depending upon the orb. Many will probably see this moon begin to form on the 17th.

The moon comes just in time to bring the blessings of the Vesak, also known as Vesak Day. This is probably the most spiritual of all the moons for Hinduism and Buddhism. Throughout the scriptures of ancient history, it has been stated that Buddha was born on the full moon in May, or as they call it, the Taurus/Scorpio moon. This magnificent event will be celebrated not through parties or dancing, rather, it will bring a time of meditation, devotion and prayers.

The energy will be so powerful that through all the chants and rituals, I would not be surprised if it brings some healing energy for the entire world. This is a time for beauty and faith through consciousness to enlighten and purify ourselves, and to become one with the all God’s creatures and creation around you.

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” (Buddha).

Along with the Vesak moon, spring is full speed ahead and if you have not noticed, many flowers are blooming at this time, thus giving inspiration for the name of this moon, known as the flower moon. When flowers are at their ultimate and the existence of nature’s beauty surrounds us, we become revived to the modest wishes of life.

These are the same awareness’s which occurred in 2000. All because the full moon in Scorpio/Taurus touches the same exact degree, once again to the replication of issues from 2000. The closest to this energy that we have seen since 2000 would be 2003, 2008 or 2014. Perhaps issues of these years will be brought up again.

I had predicted in December 2018 that “the most important part of the number is associated with planet Guru (Jupiter) which will be moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius. This will have a phenomenal impact on what is discovered, or not discovered, during the first four months of 2019 (Beginning of April).” – read more about it here. So far, we have come to a crossroads with impeaching the president, due to things hidden from the eye of the public.

On an international level, “However, as Jupiter moves from Scorpio which is ruled by Korea, Norway, Panama, Turkey Morocco, and Lebanon, and moves into Sagittarius (South Africa, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and Australia), there is a possibility there may be plenty of news regarding these countries.”read more about it here. Each of these countries have gone through political and difficult regime transitions.

Here we are in May 2019, “For sure, there is still something covert happening on the financial front; I am not able to tap into it just yet. All I can possibly say is that it will be a shock when it happens, only because it may be revealed 5 days before or on the day of or after the full moon in Scorpio which occurs on May 18, 2019.”- read more here.

In the eyes of Vedic readers, this moon will be moderately significant to Scorpios; including those who have principal planets in Scorpio. Anxiety just adds to the pessimism; keep in mind that this moon is about reawakening, rejuvenation, and incorporation.

Pluto rules Scorpios, leading areas of anonymity and sunlight. It is a rupture between ethical and corrupt. Scorpios thrive on power, desire, and uncharted territories. Therefore, if anyone has the sun or the moon in Scorpio this event will be more powerful than any other. Ask yourself how much you can burn, or rather, recoup. From ashes to ashes, the Phoenix will rise.

Keep in mind that just because a chart does not have a sun in Scorpio does not mean that this moon will not touch you. As a matter a fact, if there are any planets in Scorpio their tendencies will be exploded by this. Do I have your attention now?

For Scorpios and ascendants of Scorpios, you may have mis-perceptions with your partner; there is something suppressed, but it was not really obscured as it was preferred to be ignored. Whatever you find out should not be done in disbelief. But, if you are in a healthy relationship it could mean that you have the advantage this month. Messages with your partner will be honest and close. If you are not married, an engagement or a wedding is in the air for some of you. Whatever it is, romance has no deficiency.

Everything becomes untainted and more powerful under the light of the Full Moon – thirsts and Independence can become quite inflated, and we may have more mindfulness and focus on relationships. There is a burst of dynamism from the light of the moon; perhaps there may even be more penetrating dreams at night.

The Moon in Scorpio marks a time of directing longing and desires. People may be feeling more arrogant and more confused, as well as being responsive and pragmatic. In general, sentiments at both ends of the gamut are sharp and likely to vary throughout this influence. Contacts on a deep level could be made with members of the opposite sex with the Moon in Scorpio.

Represented by the Scorpion, Scorpio owns a mysterious and prevalent nature. Frames of mind of deviousness and retribution may arise, so special caution is needed to avoid struggles. The Scorpio Full Moon can be an element for the governing of compulsions which can often result in fierceness or even damaging coercion’s.

Remember that Scorpio has a skeptical and secretive nature. Avoid social difficulties. Be cautious of doubt and watch out for the Scorpio Sting.

Please remember to excuse and overlook. Be cautious when relating with the opposite sex. However, this could be a good time for influential mixing with another on a deep emotional level!


Being a water sign, your sharp intuition is going to help you more than you know. Even if it does not seem that way right now. The positive aspect of being amiable with confidence and intellect will surely help you until October 2019. It is now time to learn or polish up on everything. Don’t overreact, instead wait, watch, and see what happens before you act or react. Your self-motivation and loyalty will help you tremendously this year. Switching jobs or hunting for a new one may not be as profitable for you nor will financial gains until after the fall. Family and relationship issues are possible. Do not have expectations as they may not be met this year, and to keep peace, keep them low. Be sure not to take any vacations that you cannot afford. Most of all, health seems to be quite well but legs and back could cause problems.

Saturn: April 2019-Sept 2019. Even though Saturn has left your planets you are still feeling the gist of the pain. You may feel that you need to work more diligently to maintain financial stability. You need to caution against unnecessary expenses. Do not get involved in family drama and think before you speak. Controlling your language and temperament may benefit you. It is better to say nothing than saying something you will later regret.

Ketu – Now that Ketu is in Sagittarius until 2020, there may be plenty of tests. You must be very careful regarding financial situations. Be careful as conflicts through critics may occur. Family situation could also cause issues. Unforeseen expenses could occur. Do not borrow or lend money at this time.

Rahu –  Rahu has officially moved into Gemini until 2020, this could bring positives or negatives until your birthday. This transit sits in your house of transportation; operating or being in a vehicle where man-made laws are not followed, or even speeding, could cause unforeseen accidents. Watch your financial sector and don’t spend unnecessarily. You will notice that family members are rude and unappreciative, but do not let this get you down as emotional waves effect you in every aspect of your life.

Uranus: In a few days Uranus is entering Taurus. Now, you are being given an opportunity to be strong and able to make huge changes. Soon, financial situations could get better for you, but be cautious not to get yourself into get rich quick schemes or things that do not seem right. But it’s time, looking at fear in the face is where the fury will be, and you are ready to soar.

Jupiter – Now that the planet of luck and expansion has moved direct back into your sign Dear Scorpio, it sits pretty in your house of supremacy and blessing. Your finances will soon soar and now you will receive the added support from your family. Your relationship with your family should dramatically improve as well as married life. You will now have the upper hand on many aspects of your life. Power and recognition are here to stay for a little while.

Mars: As Mars changes signs in June and continues to change signs almost every 60 to 90 days, this transit once again brings good vibes. Interpersonal relationships should grow and improve. However, in the month of June there could be some unavoidable stressors during travel. Just after the eclipse you will see that your reputation is on the rise.

Maharani’s Advice:

Even though this is not a year that you will feel 100% magnificent, Lady Luck is on your side. There will be plenty of opportunities for growth, education, and healing in all aspects of your life. However, financially, things may be a little like a roller coaster at times, therefore it is best not to spend more than necessary. It’s best to keep personal issues to yourself in areas of work because there will be plenty of people who will be jealous of you. Gossip and politics may be something that could set you back, therefore, staying focused on work and responsibility will be the way to go. Stay focused on every detail of your life, including education if this is where you want to go. Remember if you do not trust your partner in areas of interpersonal relationship then ask yourself why are you in it? Take good care of yourself during season changes as influenza and swelling of the body may occur.

As we move through the transit of Taurus/Scorpio moon, I would not be surprised if we hear more things about financial issues hidden from the public which are revealed. Additionally, it would not at all surprise me if Korea, Lebanon, Panama, Turkey, Washington D.C., Baltimore, or New Orleans are in the news. This period will begin as early as 7 days before the full moon which would be May 11 through 7 days after May 25, 2019. I would also not be surprised if the atmospheric pressure brings more rain and high tides.

The moon in Scorpio represents Impulsive, Strong-minded, Explosive, Daring, and Strong. It is my suggestion for us to remain balanced. This full moon is extraordinary to many signs. It is my suggestion that you purchase a white candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with lavender oil, sandalwood oil, and chant the Psalm 39.

This year I have chosen two mantras for the full and new moons. They will allow those who are new to reciting mantras to be able to pronounce easily and those who are fluent will become experts. Remember, it is all in the pronunciation.

For the Scorpio full moon:


Aum Aing Kleeng Sauh

(oom aeeng Kliing Sauh)


Yasya nke cha vibha:ti bhu dharsuta

devapaga mastake, Bhale balbidhurgale cha garalam

yasyorasi vyalraat Soyam bhumivibhisanah survarah sarvadhipah sarvadaSharvah sarvgatah shivah shashinibhah shri Shankar patu maam

Please remember that I am NOT an astrologer. Rather, I am a Vedic reader who integrates Astronomy, Astrology, and Vedic propensities to build the most precise readings which lead the pathway to modification and confidence.

If you are a Scorpio or have any houses in Scorpio and have not had a reading since the eclipse this is the best time to have a re-read. Also, if you are in a relationship this too is a great time.

Soon Mercury will be retrograding and the eclipses are right around the corner so get ready for some shake up.

May the light of the moon help you discover yourself and be one with yourself.



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Obscured, Obsessive, Opportunities: New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio

Blessings of Diwali

November 7, 2018

By Maharani Rutan©

One of the most auspicious times is nearing; the only time when the New moon is a blessing in the Hindu culture. Hence, it may be somewhat intense, and the energy will be a push to many of us.

The new moon will enter Scorpio on November 7, 2018 at 11:02am Est and 8:02 PST, however about one half and hour before and after, the sun and the moon will conjunct, thus if you have something very important to complete this is the time to do so.

This new moon represents the last day of the lunar calendar for Hindus and it is named “Chandra Darshan” as it marks that before the light there is darkness. The actual light will begin on the 11th. However, since VPAT is based upon the lunar calendar, it is in the sign of Libra. Additionally, Venus is retrograding in Libra which is auspicious as it gives many of us a chance to be fair in all areas of life.

However, Diwali is the festivity of new beginnings and a new year for many Hindus. Also known as “Festival of Light”, Hindu homes will be adorned with lights and oil lamps. Poojas (prayers and rituals) are conducted to honor Goddess Lakshmi (Love and prosperity) and Ganesha (Wisdom and luck). Because many parts of India call their devotion to either Lakshmi, Durga, and some Parvati, all are honored; but mostly Lakshmi. Vivid colors, cultural costumes, art work made of sand, oil lamps, fireworks, social gatherings, and dancing is part of the festivities. Diwali officially begins on the new moon and ends 5 days later.

The New Moon signals a period of expression and autonomy. It’s time to question what your desires are. It is also a phase to take stock, getting rid of undesirable patterns of sentiments and any bad routines that keep you from gaining your goals and wishes. Additionally, blessings are available to take a chance at whatever that you want to make through the functions available. The influence will be focus driven and give energy to complete things that were unfinished.

The Scorpio energy is very demanding and determinate. It may might force challenges and be adversarial in order to be tougher than ever before. It’s like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes.

The new moon will give motivation to fly like never before. Scorpios and fixed signs will not disentangle the mystery and find the answers that no one ever could. Even though these are the inquiries that have sweltered the pages of history, the curtains will finally be drawn open. It’s time for improvements and recharging batteries. Do not fear the power of the new moon; allow and embrace everyone around you. Remember that Mercury, being in Scorpio, will also slow people down. Read more about my predictions of planetary inferences here, blog is soon to come.

Moon in Scorpio is not only about seeing your darker side, but being tolerant of the malevolent parts of us and purging ourselves so that our spirits can heal to help others like us through empathy and openness. We must go into our subconsciousness and find who we are to reach the plane of spirituality. Also, it enables us to go inside of ourselves and find out why people do what they do and to what end. Seek the deeper truth and don’t be afraid to change. You will have the opportunity to rise again through the fire which we call life.

When the moon is in SCORPIO, we become more comfortable to hidden or profound powers and our psychic probes may be triggered. This is a time for working to preserve emotional control, and for working on disabling internal obsessional judgments or desires. There can be a need for knowing behaviors and responses that keep you locked in power struggles.

This New Moon is most favorable for seeking assistance from your divine center and Higher Power to gently release yourself from inner negativity. Emotional Power is the focus and the physical power is the force.

My predictions for Scorpio’s for the remainder of the year:

A spike in romance is possible until the 20th of November. If you are single you may meet someone new. Your financial life should be getting better soon but spending wisely and thinking through major decisions will be beneficial in the long run. Keeping a healthy life style, such as proper diet and exercise, will keep you away from sicknesses. During November, through December, you may become restless as Mercury retrograde is still slowing you down. With patience you may find your health and financial structure will begin to rise. However, charisma will help you bring 2019 into a brighter and more positive outcome. Hence, expenses are high in December although they can be recovered by working hard and diligently.

The Moon in Scorpio marks a time of strengthened hunger and desire. People may be feeling more dynamic and more stimulating, as well as being forced and ingenious. In general, emotions at both ends of the spectrum are heightened and likely to vary quite a bit throughout this influence. Connections on a deep level could be made with members of the opposite sex with the Moon in Scorpio. Represented by the Scorpion, Scorpio possesses a secretive and penetrative nature. Feelings of envy and vengeance may arise, so special caution is needed to avoid altercations.

The Scorpio Moon can be a catalyst for power urges, which can often result in violence or even homicidal impulses. Remember that Scorpio has an apprehensive and mysterious nature. Avoid social difficulties. Beware of jealousy and watch out for the “Scorpio Sting”. Please remember to forgive and forget and be cautious interacting with the opposite sex.

Since moon in Scorpio represents Headstrong, Willful, Hot-Tempered, Brave, and Energetic, it is my suggestion for us to remain balanced. It is also my suggestion that you purchase a white candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with lavender oil or sandalwood oil and chant the Psalm 39.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is dependent upon the clarity of intention. I have chosen 4 mantras for this year and two mantras for Diwali; perhaps bringing Lakshmi into your life could bring peace.


Om Aing Kleeng Sauh

(om aiiing Kliiing Sauh)


Om Narayanaya Sursinmhaya Namah


Aum Angarkaya vidmahe bhoomipalaya dhimahi tanno kujah prachodayat

Aum Chitri Putrayai Vidmahe Loyhe Tangai dhimahi Tanno Bhooma Prachodayat


Om Shanno devīrabhistdaapo bhavantupītaye Aparadhasahastrani kriyanteharnisam maya Dasoyamiti maa matva kshamasva paramesvara.

Gatam papam gatam du Kham gatam daridraya meva ch.

Agatah Sukha

sampatti punyoham tava darsanat

Diwali Mantras

Diwali easy mantra

Om Shring Shriye Namaha

(om shriing shhriivee Namaha)

Diwali Difficult mantra

Om Shree Mahalakshmyai Cha Vidraahe Vishnu Patrayai Cha

Dheemahi Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayat Om

Advance Diwali mantra

Om Sarvabaadhaa Vinirmukto, Dhan Dhaanyah Sutaanvitah

Manushyo Matprasaaden Bhavishyati Na Sanshayah Om

Expert Diwali Mantra

Om Shring Hring Kling Tribhuvan Mahalakshmyai Asmaakam

Daaridray Naashay Prachur Dhan Dehi Dehi Kling Hring Shring Om

The intention of this mantra is the to keep us in balance and from losing our temper through darkness and unfocused energy.

Please note I do not claim to be an astrologer, these are general propensities. The utilities of astrology are used as one element of Vedic readings – it embraces and incorporates transformable changes into sublime bliss.

I would suggest if you are a fixed sign, especially Scorpio or have Scorpio energy in your chart, you should consider getting an in-depth reading with me to find out where this energy is moving.

Due to some changes and a disengagement from certain live advice, I am able to incorporate deeper discounts. Look here for your price reduction.

Wishing you the fruitful moon and the most wonderful Diwali ever!

Dance Scorpio, like you never have before and embrace this time like it was the first day of your life.



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Behold! Rebirth! Phoenix has risen: Final Solar Eclipse in Scorpio till 2022


Partial Solar Eclipse

New Moon in Scorpio

October 23, 2014

By Maharani Rutan©

Abstracts from Leslie Hale and Xtrology

The magnificent event of the Partial Solar Eclipse will be a big sigh of relief for many fixed signs (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus) especially Scorpio’s. Between the Saturn transits (since 2012. Read about it here), Mercury retrograde and the eclipses, it is enough to drive anyone bonkers. But it is quite apparent that the universe is aware that Scorpios can handle transformation, births, and rebirths like no other sign in the astrology.

Fortunately, for my beautiful Scorpio friends, this will be the last eclipse in your sign until 2022. After this eclipse you can relax for 10 years. As far as Saturn goes, it won’t be in your sign, at least not before 2031. The eclipses asked how you have transformed while Saturn asked what lessons you learned.

“Our next and last eclipse of the year is a new Moon Solar Eclipse. But more news! The Sun just moving into Scorpio, Venus also just moving into Scorpio will be right there to meet up with the zero degree Scorpio Moon.”-Xtrology

“October’s solar eclipse occurs at 0 Scorpio October 23, 2014 at 5:57 P.M., EST. Scorpio is the ruler of the eighth house of transformation of all types including death, other people’s money, sex, taxes and transformative rebirths. Situations that involve money and joint finances, investments, insurance and taxes of all types may come to light during this time. The eighth house is indicative of how we feel in a relationship, money and assets connected with our partner, and Venus relates to money and younger females which may become important over this eclipse.”- Leslie Hale

Whatever the case may be, rebirth and transformation is nothing new to Scorpios. They adjust quite well to changes. However, the Saturn transit will continue in Scorpios until the end of this year and retrograde, with its last swing in the summer and fall of 2015, when it moves into Sagittarius.

“This is called INTENSITY! And don’t forget Venus’ ability to bring out jealous possessive behaviors. Oh, yes, this is what you should watch for.“-Xtrology

As 2014 is almost at a close this is the last eclipse of the year. The celestial energy has brought us so many guidelines and precautions; whether we have embraced them or caused chaos, it was our free will that directed us. The last two years have been explosive in areas of hidden secrets. Shocking deaths and unexpected re-births have jolted our lives forever and now it is time for a new path.

As we move through the fall of 2014, the skies will light up with a Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. This magnificent event is part of the series of eclipses which have impacted fixed signs since 2012. The eclipse will occur within 0-1 degrees (depending upon the orb) in Scorpio.


The solar eclipse will begins on October 23, 2014 at approximately 5:51 pm EST, 2:52 pm PDT. Be on the lookout for the eclipse as the greatest shadow will be at 6:08pm EST, just before the sun sets. When the moon passes between the Earth and the sun and obscures the suns ray to the earth we see the eclipse, but it usually becomes partial when the moons shadow misses the earth and passes the North Pole.

This eclipse is very rare as, for the first time in many years; parts of central and western North Americas will see this eclipse. Enjoy it as it won’t return this close to North America until 2017.



But the most magnificent thing will be the new moon in Scorpio at approximately 5:57 pm EST, and 2:57 PST (depending upon the orb), so why do I say magnificent? Possibility because this type of eclipse has not happened in 19 years, being at the same degree and this eclipse is a big relief to many Scorpios. The 2.5 years of eclipses took many Scorpios and fixed signs by surprise. The first eclipse began its journey on November 13, 2012 (Read about it here) at which time a new journey for many was the closing of one door and opening of another.

To better understand the effects of this eclipse look back at how things unfolded on a personal level November 1-12, 2012. Read about it here. Many of you may have lost your jobs, moved, broke up or found someone new or even started a new business or with a new company; whatever it was, it was transformational.


“Things and situations are often revealed on eclipses and while lunar eclipses are often associated with endings, solar eclipses can be associated with new beginnings as it is always a new moon. New beginnings of all types can occur in partnerships, joint financial adventures, psychology and the study of subconscious forces, wealth creation and investigations of all types.”Leslie Hale

Saturn pounding Scorpio is just the beginning of a cycle which could continue for many for about 2.5 years and some for 7 depending upon what foundational astrology that you follow. Read more about it here.

The effects of this eclipse can be felt as early as 5 days before (October 18, 2014). This is a new beginning for Scorpios and fixed signs. But Scorpios and Fixed signs will not be the only ones that will be affected by this eclipse. The energy of the eclipse will be felt by everyone; however, the intensity of the eclipse depends upon the house that the eclipse falls in an astrological chart.

During this eclipse many of you will be reinventing yourselves; bringing a new path to your lives through self-awareness and relationships. Scorpio is a sign of death, revival, and all relating to the edge of change.For the past 2 years Scorpios have been pulling their hair out while trying to stay calm. But now it is about questioning your needs, values, the types of people you want to network with, and the types of people who you want in your life. Especially with those that share the same morals.

“This is because eclipse eclipse. They take away. It’s there, then it’s gone. Poof!”Xtrology
“To get an idea how this eclipse may affect you, eclipses repeat themselves about every 18 years and the last time we had an eclipse at this degree was October 24, 1995. If that time period was significant to you, this one may be as well.”Leslie Hale

Solar energy is external; it often puts us in a mode of looking at our affairs, especially when your image is visible. There is a great possibility of losing control and being overly emotional. But one of the positive things is that Venus is also joining Scorpio by making things very romantic, especially as the new moon always fosters new beginnings. Now it is time to bring to life what you may have lost in the last 2 years. It is time for Scorpios to hone in on their psychic antennas and prophesize the future. Next to Pisces, Scorpios can be the best psychic healers, mystics, and they collect their wisdom through behavioral patterns.


But do not underestimate Scorpio’s as they have a tendency to go through horrific lows and they rise like a Phoenix on every occasion. However, when Venus is in Scorpio love is never easy; sometimes it is even more painful. But to Scorpios, every pain is an experience and being that Scorpio is the most powerful sign in the Zodiac they accomplish everything they set out to do.

‘Venus is conjunct the Moon having entered the same sign just an hour earlier, but Venus is at its debility in Scorpio and the Moon is at its fall in this sign. Planets in debility and at their fall are often found to be weaker or ‘needy,’ and often play out as such in terms of feelings and actions. Venus in Scorpio can become secretive and intense in terms of relationships, and works best for water signs.”- Leslie Hale

Because of the strength of this eclipse the effects could last for a couple of years rather than months. It is time to get rid of garbage that hinders you. Everything that is driven will multiply in strength. 48 to 72 hours before the eclipse, begin to write down your affirmations, concentrate, and meditate.

Besides the Solar eclipse, new moon, and Venus in Scorpio, the most auspicious time is also making its way into many Hindu communities. The celebration of Diwali is about wishes, healing, prosperity and most of all it is about the New Year and how Luxmi (Goddess of Prosperity) will light your life with blessing and joy.

Diwali celebration dates back to almost 30 AD. This auspicious event is celebrated by all Hindus. Diwali is known as a festival of lights or row of lights in celebration of victory of good over evil. It brings light to dark and understanding over obliviousness. This holiday happens on the first new moon after the fall equinox; bringing birth to a new year.

Some say that it is very similar to Christmas and New Year’s combined. Hindus will exchange gifts, light fireworks, and gather for dinner. But it is also a time to pay debts, to wipe the slate clean, get rid of the old cloths and purchase new. One of the most spiritual aspects of Diwali is that people get rid of clutter and clean their homes. They then decorate their homes with vivid designs and place Diva’s (oil bowls with wicks) to burn all night.

Diwali is also a celebration of Rama who went into exile for 14 years by force of his mother due to a crime he did not commit. Because he respected her so much he did not fight and went into the woods. Throughout his journey he battled the most notorious demon king Ravayarn who had kidnapped Rama’s wife, Sita. His victory brought the energy of Goddess Luxmi who, in turn, brought good fortune and prosperity to his people. There is an ancient prophesy that Goddess Luxmi does exist and that she only enters people’s homes which are clean, clutter free, and in which she has plenty of space to wonder and bless everything she touches.

On a personal note, my mother was born on Chopda Pujan. Depending upon the region of origin, different parts of India will conduct different pooja’s (religious rituals) but to all Luxmi Pooja is a must. However, in the Gujarati region every business man, including those that deal with money, brings their checkbook to zero by paying off all debts from the previous year and seek Luxmi’s blessings for the following financial year. Chopda Pujan is usually conducted during Diwali and during Luxmi Pooja. This is the main reason why she was named Dipotsavi which is a long name of Diwali.

However, she would have never thought 27 years later on the same exact date, hour and time she would bring a daughter into her world and she would be named “Rutan” (pronunciation). Now I celebrate her birthday and I celebrate my birthday at the same time. I feel very blessed that this year Chopda Pujan is conducted by millions of people who will be asking Goddess Luxmi for her blessings for a prosperous New Year and new financial life.

Solar zing is negligible, thoughtful, careful, and spirited – reflected and articulated from within our life force. This eclipse is particularly autonomous and purpose oriented – our values and willpower can be boosted and deepened. Many people, for centuries, have idealized the Solar Eclipse as a bad sign which enhances the resonances of nature and, in fact, creates spectacles in the world. Many Indian Scholars and Pundits (Vedic Astrologers) predict these changes will affect everyone’s public, commercial, and dogmatic sectors.

This eclipse will weigh on all of us and the light of your own Devine will be the safety and shield zone. The eclipse will also demand that you question family and financial security for quite a while now. But it will be more intense.

The solar eclipse forces you to aggressively make that change which was needed. It is about new beginnings, and all of a sudden old issues come to a head, forcing you to take a diverse approach. Whereas, good people become improved and the worst people turn inferior. One must take the time to cleanse the energy and be careful not to make bold moves.

“Venus conjunct the moon however, could provide softer energy than the last lunar eclipse, especially if this is in positive aspect in your own natal chart, and Venus conjunct the moon, trine Neptune is generally creative and at times romantic energy. Situations may also be misread, and as Mercury is retrograde, let time determine if your relationship will last if you meet someone new during this time and don’t jump to conclusions.”-Leslie Hale

This 6-month period is a time to focus on other people’s money or common ventures of some sort. This will be a confusing month between what the truth is and what is behind the scenes. Mars transiting in Sagittarius as of October 18, 2014 will cause quick tempers and feelings of anxiousness, wanting to have things happen yesterday. There is no time to waste and there may be a disposition to be very restless. If one is not careful those projects will fall by the way side. But on the other side Mars, in Sagittarius, one can make it a very fun time and “agree to disagree” is the best option.

Debates are very passionate and there can be some boldness in what they do. So depending upon your Mars placement it could impact you or people around you may take on these tendencies. For a further look into Mars transits please consult my recommended Astrologer Leslie Hale or Xtrology.

This eclipse is predominantly relationship oriented – our relationships with others can be severed, confronted, or unexpectedly repaired as the shock calls one to action. We may profoundly contemplate our outlooks and desires within the context of the house where planetary aspects are pretentious. To fully escalate the potential of the solar eclipse, we must explore both houses and signs that are brought into play. First, where the Moon is – we can confront our demons, old behaviors and reservations, and second, where the Sun is placed – we may find the means to grasp freedom from whatever oppression we experience in life through our artistic efforts. In any event, there are prospects for deeper consideration and finding stability in our lives.

A few days prior to the New Moon, known as the DARK MOON, dynamism are at their deepest ebb in planning for the new cycle to begin. Each New Moon indicates the vision to kick off a new progression in life. Depending on the central superiority of the sign in which the New Moon falls in a chart, drives on unpredictable levels are penetrating; be they sacred, impartial, logical, or forthcoming. The modality of the sign regulates whether the importance is on conservativeness, authority, or obedience. I would highly suggest you make an appointment with my recommended Astrologers and discuss how this phase will magnify your new beginnings or endings.

Typically, eclipses are to show all of us something; if it means to raise consciousness or just bring equilibrium. Scorpio represents the more profound and dark side of the planet, which usually has to do with something buried. In this eclipse it is about awakening society around them and finding other people’s crimps or flaws and with that knowledge, coaching spirituality. Scorpio’s have persistence, entanglement, and inspiration to teach people how spirituality, accountability, and actions must be done with personal veracity and devoutness. Whenever such teaching takes place, Scorpios become even more spiritual and find consideration through others; their apparition, determination and adjustment is created by looking at others and sticking to what they don’t want to be. The lesson here is instead of dismissing, learn to engage in it – take a risk.

The Moon in Scorpio marks a time of developed aspiration and passion. People may be feeling more self-assured and more inspiring, as well as being enthused and concrete. In general, reactions at both ends of the spectrum are piercing and likely to vary during this effect. Influences on an abysmal level could be made with members of the opposite sex with the Moon in Scorpio. Represented by the Scorpion, Scorpio enjoys an enigmatic and powerful nature. Feelings of distrust and vengeance may arise, so special caution is needed to avoid clashes. The Scorpio Moon can be a reagent for control impulses, which can often result in vigor or even destructive urges.

The New Moon signals a time of manifestation. There is an impulse to take faith and begin something innovative, be it a small modification or a whole new path on your journey through this life cycle. The energy is right for making impetuous changes and circumventing your predispositions. This is the time to act from your soul and conviction.

The moon in Scorpio is not only about learning your darker side but to be tolerant of the vindictive parts within us and emptying ourselves so that our spirits can heal to help others like us through understanding and honesty. We must go into our subconscious and find who we are to reach the plane of spirituality. Also it enables us to go inside of ourselves and find out why people do what they do and what is their purpose. Seek the deeper veracity and don’t be afraid to change. You will have the prospect to grow again through the fire which we call time.

When the moon is in Scorpio, we become more accustomed to buried or enigmatic impetuses and our psychic antennas may be activated. This is a time for working to uphold controversial control, and for overpowering internal obsessional opinions or cravings. Identifying habits and responses create power struggles. This New Moon is most auspicious for pursuing aid from your celestial focus and Higher Power to moderately give the freedom to remove inner pessimism. Passionate Power is the emphasis.

For all Scorpios, and those that have any houses in Scorpio, it is the most mystic time of the year; it’s the spotlight of the Phoenix. It’s time to let go of things that do not fit your desires, the world is seeing you – release the desire and put on a disguise that is apt just for you. Keep resolution, motivation, and inspiration. It will get slightly bizarre. Remember that it’s all in the tactics used. Distinguish and comprehend the psychic powers of the Scorpio, and remember they are often feared or valued; there is nothing in between.

“Mercury is still retrograde at 17 degrees of Libra, and about to enter its direct station period on October 25. Events connected to an eclipse can be delayed with a retrograde Mercury by days or weeks.”Leslie Hale

If a relationship is going through a difficult or confusing time then give your partner some time off. There will be a new sagacity of dynamism which will reinforce the passionate bond and resolution; it will be very much valued thus saving the relationship. If a relationship begins within a few days of the eclipse there will be an onward motion of appeal and it could be a unification which will help the relationship bond even further.

All Scorpions have been going through very problematic passages, especially within the last 2 years. Scorpions will now become a bit realistic, money oriented, and relationships will no longer be based upon the physical plane but rather, passionate and spiritual stability. Any Scorpios that are born in October will now let go of the past (relationships or burdens) and embrace a joyful conjunction of the spiritual world. hh
If you are a Scorpio and looking for work or a relationship, the opportunities for you want to strengthen your bond; it may come around December when Saturn gives you a little relief.

Since this is a very intense time, each individual sign will feel the effects of this eclipse differently and the tendencies are what is expected being derived from the Vedic prospective. But there is no doubt there will be heaving affects.

“Mercury opposes Uranus at 17/13 degrees of Libra/Aries showing the possibility of sudden and unexpected news/accidents and communication, but Mercury sextiles Jupiter at 19 degrees of Leo showing a potential for positive communication and an upbeat, positive mood or communication may be unexpected and take a turn for the better. This transit will affect Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn, especially if you have cardinal planets at 15-18 degrees. (in these signs). Mercury was at this degree September 15, and if this day or the few before or after was significant to you, Mercury repeating itself at this degree may do the same and be significant once again.”Leslie Hale

Please note, I am not an astrologer the information which I will be giving is a part of Vedic transformational inferences, not necessarily fixed in stone. Additionally, as this is the last eclipse for Scorpio until 2022, I will be beginning the predictions with fixed signs.

The tendency is a 6 month prediction of what is possible in one’s life, incorporating the lunar and solar eclipse transits. This eclipse has fixed signs written all over it and is highlighted for Scorpios for the next 6 months. Effects may appear as early as 90 days from now and climax in 120 days.

Fixed signs (Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius), you have been through so much. But many of you are making a beautiful transit. Leo’s have beautiful Jupiter in their sign for 2 years; enjoy my friends enjoy. Saturn is about to leave Scorpio next year. Mars moves signs every month and half or so; it is not fixed. The eclipse will switch signs next year and won’t be hitting any fixed signs until 2016; especially not Scorpio, so rest assured that it’s a sign of relief. Just hang on for 6 more months; get past this eclipse and you will be home free, I assure you.

Scorpio: This eclipse is all about your life, your work, home, and your perception of society. Between now and 6 months from now there will be job changes, or instability in the workplace. You may question who you are, what it is that you are doing, and how you are reacting to others. You might get a job or lose weight and not only change your personality but change you who you are defining, re-defining, and what you are becoming. You are looking at, and realizing, what your contribution and potential to the world is; what you give and what you receive. Basically you will not question and apply certain things such as, who are you? What do you want to be? What do you feel internally? What do you feel externally? Are people in your life fostering you? Are you fostering them? Is this healthy as Phoenix rises? He burns as he crosses the flame and now your wings are made of leather. It is who you are, how you are going to get there, how much you have surrendered, and how much more you are willing to give. It may give you vigor to transform or understand what is not working as far as you, your image, your personality, your work, and your community. So, the next 6 months is about wiping the slate clean and remembering that decisions you now make will be forever as when Scorpio is cut, it is boldly cut and there is no turning back. Look back at 19 years ago; who were you then and who are you now? What has changed and what are you willing to be? But, be careful – don’t do crazy things yet as Mercury will slow things down for you. Read about it here.

Taurus: The next 6 months emphasize your partnerships; whether they are with the spiritual path or relationships in general. You will now question every relationship and commitment, if is in the area of business or even a personal relationship, but it is also that you may discover that people are not looking out for your best interest. You may be tormented to stay in a dysfunctional environment or a relationship for the sake of security. Within the next 6 month period of time you may become very temperamental. Often people may get involved in a relationship for attractiveness or material benefits; only it may not be the wisest decision that you can make. It could also mean that there may be either a deeper commitment or a realization that it is an artificial relationship and it’s not deep, favorable, or peaceful. The inconsistency will cause breaks in alliances whether business, partnership, or of a spiritual nature.

Leo: What a wonderful eclipse you have. Not only is Jupiter (magnificent for money, wealth and luck) in your sign until 2015 but this eclipse will magnify you. You will feel that you need to make some personal developments in your life. It is about your family, harmony, and serenity in your life. Your own inner power will come from your home, family, and roots. You will find pleasure in creativity and ready to share love with love. However, at this time you might question your spirituality only because you will come to discover that what you once believed in was hypocritical. Yet with great patience and tolerance you will find your own personal truth. If are planning to go back to school or learn something new this is the ideal time for you and you will find luck or money, love, and inspiration as you too have transformed and matured in many different ways.

Aquarius: This eclipse can set you up very beautifully. You are being given an opportunity to get rid of baggage and sit where you are the most comfortable in areas of groups and professionals. You may be dealing with large corporations and group efforts and even through the glitches of obstacles, you are ready to converse with people. You will now watch what you say because your reputation must be viewed as stable and intelligent. The eclipse is a boomerang as what goes out will come back. Your money and your health will be under microscope. It could be that you will look for a position that will bring you the sense that you are helping people and give you the independence you desire. It could be in the areas of government, science, or technology. But be careful, Aquarius is known for their crazy ideas which may not go very well with others and this could cause delays. Sometimes when things get delayed you get ill then you may indulge and waste resources. This is not really a time to talk about small stuff; it is about important ideas, innovation, and humanity.


Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn), the last few eclipse you have pushed, pulled, loved, hated, cried, and laughed. You have been a puppet in every sense. You had your high highs and your low low’s. You may have gone through break-ups, engagements, a loss of money, or found a new job. You have been reprimanded, yet have been admired. There has been nothing in between. It’s like you are a rubber band; how far can you stretch? Thus you are still going through changes but these transformative eclipses have molded you, matured you, and placed a lot of responsibility on your plate.

Aries: For the next 6 months you are being warned about your temper and that the way you approach your finances and how you deal with people will be greatly challenged in some way. Not only are you changing in the way you are presenting yourself to the world but expect some issues regarding joint finances or other people’s money. For you, there may some tendency to make sure your needs are met before others and you may do what you can to fight for it. You may become angry quickly and through your own impulses. Be careful not to become ill and any disputes with other people may not be won. Pay extra attention to your health and you must make a change to redefine who you are and your environment. Defiance, violence, anger, resentment, and distress will cause a lot of pain to you more than others. Remember the old saying; you reap what you sow.

Libra: This by far may be the most magnificent eclipse you will have. Not only are you going to have harmony in areas of money but also your relationships are being tested. Be careful though, you may become irritable when things don’t go your way or happen quickly enough. There will be many times people can be late but they are not quite like you. But when you don’t have to fuss about your money why worry? You might even get a promotion or you may find a new job. But if you don’t, remain flexible. In matters of the heart and relationships there may be issues that may not be easily solvable. You are about to change your future and plant the seeds of tomorrow but be careful; it won’t happen very quickly and there may be hidden agendas. It is now about your self-accountability and what role you played in break ups, misunderstandings, and how hard you worked to accomplish what you wanted and needed. But, most of all, how you live your life, financially and spiritually.

Cancer: Not only is karma impacting you socially but also in the area of relationships. This may be a time where your relationships may be tested. But at the same time your creativity will be at its all-time high. You could deal with some experiences emotionally which may enlighten you to take self-accountability and move forward in a very positive way. At the same time, the more kind and giving you are, the more support you will receive. You will not only shine in your career (it may not seem that way now) but you may even develop a relationship with your family and personal relationships that will foster love and care. If you don’t foster these relationships it will be important lessons that will be placed there as karma is not always nice; if don’t pay the price now it will impact your future. Your reputation is at stake for the next 6 months.

Capricorn: With your reputation and career taking off you may choose to neglect your old friends, partners, and family. It could be through death or rebirth that you generate new friends and partnerships. You are a very hard working individual but you also have a tendency to push people away from you. As you do so and you reach the stars you may have to convince certain people that you have not given up on them. If you meet new friends/ groups, you may have to convince them why you belong with them. The eclipse comes in two folds, rejection and acceptance. You may become aggravated quickly when people are not cooperative and you may also push them away.


Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius) things change so much for you and often times the universe slows you down. But as all these things are happening with other astrological signs you sometimes pull your own hair out trying to understand. Your mixed emotions transcend and you are harder on yourself than anyone else. But most of all you always aim to please with gratification. People are not on your side all of the time only because they don’t understand that you are not as intensely driven with emotions, but more concerned than any other sign in the zodiac. Always remember that people may not always say thank you or I love you; stability and consistency comes at a larger price. These 6 months will surely change who you are and what you are becoming.

Gemini: You may seem very work oriented and your expression will be more serious than ever before. Duties of your work will play a very important part of your life. Friends will continue to create drama in your life. You may be called upon to teach, write job instructions, or you may decide to write something. You have absolutely no time for drama driven friends and it may even mean that you will disconnect yourself from people who continue to bring anxiety and pain into your life. Your health issues may be a concern to you. You will not give into boring work and you must have excitement all of the time. The rat-a-tat-tat of the work environment will excite you and you are ready to concentrate on achieving the task at hand. There may be a tendency to question your own beliefs in religious practices and you are slowly looking at the purposes of every relationship in your life. If they don’t foster you, you will disconnect them, if they do you will keep them.

Virgo: Along with structural, career, organization, and business life you have been going through so many changes. Through the transformational changes you are discovering your own personal power and choosing to express yourself through your own perception and adjusting with the environment. When you adjust to it you will shine like no other. Don’t get bogged down with details, it will only slow you down and you must be able to balance. You may become quite articulate with your words but at the same time you are a perfectionist and you expect this out of other people as well. But be wise while your environment goes through changes. Everyone will come to you and ask what to do; if you are not careful they may find you very intimidating. For the next 6 months this transformation will not only be about your money but it is how you articulate your words without being intimidating; if you want someone to do something a certain way you also have to do it as an example. This is especially true in areas of hording, procrastination, and cleanliness.

Pisces: Talk about being on top of the world – not only are you going to be financially put together, you will be calm while others are shivering. You may have a direct link to the metaphysical world more than you thought you had. Mystical objects, subjects, and conversations will have a very passionate attraction to you. Your visions will be very spiritual, religious and divine. You will come to realize that everything and everyone is interconnecting somehow, however you may be confused about where your life is going. There may be a tendency to look at life in an unrealistic or holistic way. Being a martyr or having a tendency toward self-indulgence may increase and this might be your way to withdraw from what is real or what is life. Don’t run away too far as your financial risk and fame could get the best of you if you are not careful. Remember, you reap what you sow.

Sagittarius: Taking a leap into the metaphysical world; spiritual needs are being blessed. Philosophical thinking; where many thoughts and predispositions with regard to spirituality and religion will be hidden from people. At the same time hidden enemies and liars will be obvious and ultimately left behind. Keeping quiet or speaking less than normal will help build your reputation. But when you are ready to listen, because you have been so quiet for so long, people may actually take time to listen to you and the exchange of ideas will allow you to freely express yourself without being judged. For quite some time you have been realistic about your life but you have suppressed it; now it becomes so clear that you might even say to yourself “I knew it”. Discovery through an chartered metaphysical world will enlighten you and you will seek your own truth. Reaping the benefits of all that you research and discover at this time and no longer living in the shadow of others but being just you.

“Like all eclipses, how this one plays out depends on how it aspects your own personal natal chart.”Leslie Hale

Eclipses frequently bring agitation to our fundamentals, pull us out of our routine and supply the vigor to see the world without rose colored glasses, or even blue if I may add, so that the world is vibrant and precise. To best appreciate this think about your foundation; think back to 1995 when Scorpio was last here, many of these patterns are repeating.


Any Eclipse is tough, they always shake and bang things with them happening rapidly. It could be a simple thing or something as marriage, promotion, business closing or opening, break ups or make ups. Whatever the case may be, it is the universes way of being forceful to move things forward. With the new moon falling on your birthday it is guaranteed you will unsurprisingly be renovated whether you like or not.
Eclipses always bring news: good, ruthless, or unpleasant. Try not to be impetuous during the eclipses as it’s better to contemplate than take action. Eclipses are about organization but not performing. Eclipses are expressive and a preemption. They help to get energy to do things that one has not ever completed; and don’t be a critic under any situation.

If a relationship is going through a little time off, now there will be a new influx of energy which will reinforce the emotional connection and endurance will be very much valued thus protecting the relationship.

Lastly, if a relationship arises within the few days of the eclipse there will be a forward motion of magnetism and it could be a merger which will help the relationship promise to go even further.


The New Moon signals a time of manifestation and autonomy. It’s time to inquire what your wishes are. It is also a time to take advantage, to get rid of harmful arrays of emotions and any immoral routines that keep you from finding your objectives and aspirations.

When the moon is in Scorpio, we become more adapted to buried or profound powers and our psychic feelers may be stimulated. This is a time for working to uphold emotional control, and for working on overpowering inner possessive thoughts or desires. There can be a need for recognizing habits and responses that keep you locked in power struggles.


The Moon in Scorpio marks a time of increased hunger and yearning. People may be feeling more influential and more stimulating, as well as being obligatory and resourceful. In general, emotions at both ends of the continuum are heightened and likely to vary quite a bit throughout this guidance.

Relations on a profound level could be made with members of the opposite sex with the Moon in Scorpio. Represented by the Scorpion, Scorpio enjoys a mysterious and perceptive environment. Feelings of jealousy and revenge may arise, so special caution is needed to avoid confrontations.

As the moon in Scorpio characterizes Impulsive, Determined, and Volatile, Courageous, and Robust nature, it is my suggestion for us to remain balanced.

This Eclipse and New moon is amazing to many signs. It is my suggestion that you purchase a white candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with lavender oil, sandalwood oil, and chant the Psalm 39. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle.

Psalms and mantras are created to energize certain aspects of your life, but accomplishing the wanted outcome is contingent upon the quality of purpose. When it comes to finding nourishing relationships you will need a clear understanding of what your goal should be.

You may choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. The mantra for solar eclipse is:

Om Sureya Namaha

(Om sur-eya nahm – ah- ha)

Om, and salutation to the sun and spirit of the light.

I suggest that all Scorpios try to recite the mantra above as well as mantra below for 6 months as this is the last eclipse until 2022.

Mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. The mantra for Scorpio moon is:

“Om Angarakaya Namaha”

(Om Ang-ar-ka-ya Na-ma-ha)

To call to the lord of peace and removal of any obstacles in your way; to keep up in balance from misplacing rage through obscurity and blurred energy.

Additionally, for now until November 10, 2014, Mercury is also retrograding in the sign of Scorpio and all kinds of glitches, miscommunication, and technical issues can happen. Read about it here

The mantra for Mercury, the Lord of confusion and communication, is:

Om Buddha Namaha

(om Bud da ha Na ma ha)

Prior to the Solar Eclipse I would also suggest that you take a spiritual bath. Additionally, I recommend that you speak to an Astrologer prior talking to me since the Astrologers guide in the indomitable passageway and I guide you in finding precautionary procedures. My recommended Astrologer Leslie Hale’s direct link can be found here or Xtrology found here.

Please note that I am not an Astrologer, rather, a Vedic Reader. Our groundwork is the study to hone into Astrological tendencies, along with Vedic preventive medicine, so that adaptation and changes occur with the vision of humility and spiritual inclination rather than forced changes which could sometimes create chaos or the breaking of alliances.

It is a time of festivity, pooja’s and gratitude. It represents the first day of our lives. It is when we are called to embark on a modification in our lives; to be a little more charitable, merciful, and sympathetic. If you are a Hindu I really suggest embracing this holiday and wishing you the best of Diwali. May Luxmi bless you with all of her splendor.

During this solar eclipse it is highly significant that you are able to introspect on 12 objectives. Keep in mind that there is a big variance between our needs and wants.

The universal energy always focuses on ordinary needs, not zealous desires, until we have met the expectations of our maker. If you have already made the 12 aspirations prior to your reading on October 08, 2014, make sure you cross out the ones that have already come into being and make new ones.


With every moon cycle, remember to cross out the old affirmation even if there is a slightest change and create new ones. The perfect number for aspiration is 10. This means to list 10 aspirations and recite them every night until the next moon cycle. Remember, never make the affirmations begin with “I need”, they must be worded “I will need to be shown how to retain”

For this solar eclipse I will be doing 6 month forecast readings on the changes and implications of the situations in your life. Again, please check my schedule before making an appointment or call back; it will save you some frustration and delay. If you are already in my existing database you should receive a newsletter on or before the 19th to book a reduced rate reading.

I would suggest that everyone get an in-depth reading on themselves as this is not only the last eclipse of the year, there will be NO eclipses in fixed signs until 2016. Predominately, Scorpio until 2022, however, if you are a mutable sign (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius) you will be affected by the eclipses in 2015 as it is a Pisces/Libra axis in 2015-2016. This is a start of a new phase for both Libra and Pisces.

The offer of a reduced rate will continue the whole month of October, 2014. Therefore, please send me an email to see what the best time is for your reading.

Wishing you the abundant moon and a delightful Diwali!

Dance Scorpio like you never have before and embrace this time like it was the first day of your life and kiss the sun.. as you never kissed it before..