Bold, Intense and Intimidating Super Full Moon in Scorpio 2020

Super Moon

Blessed Buddha Purnima

Full Moon in Scorpio

May 07, 2020

By Maharani Rutan@

On May 07, 2020, a magnificent supermoon will illuminate the sky with our second supermoon of 2020. With this brings highlights of the Milk Moon in the northern hemisphere and Beaver Moon in the southern.

Not only is it a super full moon but is also transiting Scorpio/Libra at 17 degrees. The full radiance could be seen 6:45am EST and 3:45 am PST. It also brings the spiritual significance of Buddha Purnima.

Although Buddha Purnima is celebrated on different days around the world, in India it is celebrated as the first full moon in May according to the Hindu calendar. There is a beautiful story behind Buddhism, as they say, just like Hinduism, it’s not a religion but a way of life.

It has been conceived that full moons disturb our views of people and frequently make us short-tempered. The logical facts show that the mass of the water current against the moon is the basis of numerous sporadic behaviors in people. Water is attracted towards the moon when the moon is full which strengthens the pressure of water retention and hemorrhages around the world; including in people, places, and things.

But the full moon does not have to be bad at all. In VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories), it is believed that the full moon brings light which opens humans’ eyes to realize that something must give. (Read more about it here)

Whether it is a new opening or a new ending it really does not matter, what matters is to understand why the world has stopped. Even though the poor are getting poorer, at least the richer are not getting richer during this pandemic. Then again, I had already anticipated something like this would happen. “Income inequalities were a growing concern in 2007 dividing the countries between the ‘Have’s and Have-not’s.’” Currently we have a soft housing market; could it be that there could be a Mortgage or Interest crisis that could cause things to rattle and shake again? (Read more about it here)

When we look back at the past once again this year, the moon is at the exact degree, date and similar time to the one in May 2001. So many things have similarities between 2001 and now that I am amazed that we are not learning lessons from the past. Maybe some do not recall the housing market issues in 2001. Perhaps it could be the mortgage interest which could cause the housing market to boom, while the stock market is barely making it. Though the stock markets are not in crisis mode as we now have overseers, many still have lost millions. Companies are filing Chapter 11 and small business are also going out of business due to COVID-19. I would say that is just as bad.

As the world rippled in fear of terrorist attacks in May 2001, now the world fears deaths due to COVID-19. Many Catholic universities closed due to funding or political issues, in May 2020, others may close for similar issues. As we continue to see that if we have not taken care of our budget properly in the last 10 years, surely these issues have risen now. Perhaps many of us do not remember but we were in a recession in 2001, and stimulus packages were handed out due to the tech bubble; now it is because of the pandemic. But the world bounced back stronger than ever, and perhaps the economy will now get a spiritual boost during this full moon. However, we know that the world, as we called it yesterday, will never be the same.

With Pluto, Venus, and Saturn retrograde, it is time to look at the past and see what we can change and what must be changed. Look at every relationship with a magnifying glass and work with your own ethics. Remember that something is hidden.

Some people may not feel the effects of this moon as it depends on several aspects. Primarily affected are those that have many planets in water, and they could find this full moon to cause headaches, fatigue, and possible sickness 5-7 days before and after the full moon. Additionally, if there is water in the chart, it is a double whammy.

Nonetheless, everything becomes immaculate and more focused under the light of the full moon – desire and confidence can become quite inflated, and we may have more grasp of, and a spotlight on, relationships. There is a good chance of getting a flow of energy from the light of the moon and having more luminous dreams.

Every month opens the avenue of change and transformation, as it highlights a specific celestial sign. What I bring to you is NOT astrology; rather, Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theory based upon numerology, Ayurvedic theories, and predispositions. The planet’s determinate is not based on western or eastern ideologies, rather philosophical transformation.

If you are looking for an exact predisposition in your sign and how this moon will impact you, it may be advisable to seek out either a western or eastern astrologer.

For those other than Scorpio combination of the Lunar eclipse, Solar eclipse, and/or full or new moon in your sign to give a general predisposition. The predictions for Scorpio are based on the next 3-month prospect, however, it could very well change during the solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, and Mercury retrograde in the next few weeks.

Strong Scorpio, no matter what happens to the world, financially or in areas of career front, you must take all the strength and self-initiative to make your life better. You will soon recognize that you are able to over come obstacles as well as those who challenge you. But you must stay religious and be thankful for all that you have. You may even receive financial gains when you don’t expect it. Family life will be filled with great fun and laughter. But remember all will not be smooth sailing as it is now. Keep cool from mid-May to end of June. If you are in a relationship you will find happiness. Careful how you spend your money though there could be unexpected expenses until end of June. Take good care of your health and exercise as much as you can.

Saturn: You may become very lazy and won’t be able to meet deadlines. Financial front looks positive if you don’t spend beyond your means. Higher education will also go well

Rahu: You will regain your motivation and get your work done. Recognition for your hard work will also be possible. However, relationships could be difficult at this time.

Ketu: It is time to watch what you say and when you say it as it will cause problems with all relationships. Hasty decisions will not go in your favor

Uranus: People are changing before your eyes. Its best to maintain self-control rather than trying to control people. Put a smile on your face and you will bring wonders of people you can network with.

Chiron: This is the time for you to be a problem solver to everything in your life from work, health and finances. Time to look at life in a more well-rounded way

Jupiter: Financially you will do great however, looking new work may be difficult however family seems to be a support system for you at this time..

Maharani’s Advice

Dearest Scorpio. Now is the time to take religion, spirituality and education seriously. You will soon realize if you maintain control you will have the recognition and support from everyone. Any travel that you have for business will go well for you. A steady source of income will be there for you. But sometimes you worry too much, spend too much and you don’t rely on the universal power. Know you are blessed anything else does not matter.

Scorpio owns a mysterious and unavoidable nature. Feelings of deceit and revenge may rise, so special caution is needed to avoid brawls. The Scorpio full moon can be an element for unrestrained urges, which can often result in ferociousness or even damaging compulsions.

The moon in Scorpio represents Impetuous, Determined, Unbalanced, Valiant, and Vigorous energy. It is my suggestion for us to remain balanced. Because this full moon is extraordinary to many signs, it is my suggestion that you purchase a white candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with lavender oil and sandalwood oil and chant the Psalm 39.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. For this year, I have chosen one official mantra for the Scorpio moon.


Om Aing Kleeng Sauh

(ommm iiing Kliing saaa uhaa)

A Vedic reading embraces an adjustable destiny and the forks that lay ahead for karmic changes. It also embraces how our own willingness to beautify and make changes allows prosperity and happiness in our lives.

Vedic reading is a pathway to changes and acceptable things in our lives whereas Astrology brings a foundation of the path. Together they bring a symphony of cohesion bringing peaceful resolutions.

Even though there may be plenty of anxieties and worries of the future, just remember until the world begins again or at least starts to move, our lives are at a stand still.  Therefore, getting a reading on a whim or out of mere desperation or even hopelessness will only outcome negative results.  Unless, you are seek counsel of a astrologer.

Wishing you a harmonious full moon.



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Secrets & Sacred Devotion: Full Scorpio Moon 2019

Full Moon Taurus/Scorpio

Vesak Moon

Flower Moon


By: Maharani Rutan©

On May 18, 2019, at approximately 4:15pm EST & 1:15pm PST, the sky will be well lit up with the most brilliant light of the Full moon in Scorpio with a Taurus Axis at 27 degrees, depending upon the orb. Many will probably see this moon begin to form on the 17th.

The moon comes just in time to bring the blessings of the Vesak, also known as Vesak Day. This is probably the most spiritual of all the moons for Hinduism and Buddhism. Throughout the scriptures of ancient history, it has been stated that Buddha was born on the full moon in May, or as they call it, the Taurus/Scorpio moon. This magnificent event will be celebrated not through parties or dancing, rather, it will bring a time of meditation, devotion and prayers.

The energy will be so powerful that through all the chants and rituals, I would not be surprised if it brings some healing energy for the entire world. This is a time for beauty and faith through consciousness to enlighten and purify ourselves, and to become one with the all God’s creatures and creation around you.

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” (Buddha).

Along with the Vesak moon, spring is full speed ahead and if you have not noticed, many flowers are blooming at this time, thus giving inspiration for the name of this moon, known as the flower moon. When flowers are at their ultimate and the existence of nature’s beauty surrounds us, we become revived to the modest wishes of life.

These are the same awareness’s which occurred in 2000. All because the full moon in Scorpio/Taurus touches the same exact degree, once again to the replication of issues from 2000. The closest to this energy that we have seen since 2000 would be 2003, 2008 or 2014. Perhaps issues of these years will be brought up again.

I had predicted in December 2018 that “the most important part of the number is associated with planet Guru (Jupiter) which will be moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius. This will have a phenomenal impact on what is discovered, or not discovered, during the first four months of 2019 (Beginning of April).” – read more about it here. So far, we have come to a crossroads with impeaching the president, due to things hidden from the eye of the public.

On an international level, “However, as Jupiter moves from Scorpio which is ruled by Korea, Norway, Panama, Turkey Morocco, and Lebanon, and moves into Sagittarius (South Africa, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and Australia), there is a possibility there may be plenty of news regarding these countries.”read more about it here. Each of these countries have gone through political and difficult regime transitions.

Here we are in May 2019, “For sure, there is still something covert happening on the financial front; I am not able to tap into it just yet. All I can possibly say is that it will be a shock when it happens, only because it may be revealed 5 days before or on the day of or after the full moon in Scorpio which occurs on May 18, 2019.”- read more here.

In the eyes of Vedic readers, this moon will be moderately significant to Scorpios; including those who have principal planets in Scorpio. Anxiety just adds to the pessimism; keep in mind that this moon is about reawakening, rejuvenation, and incorporation.

Pluto rules Scorpios, leading areas of anonymity and sunlight. It is a rupture between ethical and corrupt. Scorpios thrive on power, desire, and uncharted territories. Therefore, if anyone has the sun or the moon in Scorpio this event will be more powerful than any other. Ask yourself how much you can burn, or rather, recoup. From ashes to ashes, the Phoenix will rise.

Keep in mind that just because a chart does not have a sun in Scorpio does not mean that this moon will not touch you. As a matter a fact, if there are any planets in Scorpio their tendencies will be exploded by this. Do I have your attention now?

For Scorpios and ascendants of Scorpios, you may have mis-perceptions with your partner; there is something suppressed, but it was not really obscured as it was preferred to be ignored. Whatever you find out should not be done in disbelief. But, if you are in a healthy relationship it could mean that you have the advantage this month. Messages with your partner will be honest and close. If you are not married, an engagement or a wedding is in the air for some of you. Whatever it is, romance has no deficiency.

Everything becomes untainted and more powerful under the light of the Full Moon – thirsts and Independence can become quite inflated, and we may have more mindfulness and focus on relationships. There is a burst of dynamism from the light of the moon; perhaps there may even be more penetrating dreams at night.

The Moon in Scorpio marks a time of directing longing and desires. People may be feeling more arrogant and more confused, as well as being responsive and pragmatic. In general, sentiments at both ends of the gamut are sharp and likely to vary throughout this influence. Contacts on a deep level could be made with members of the opposite sex with the Moon in Scorpio.

Represented by the Scorpion, Scorpio owns a mysterious and prevalent nature. Frames of mind of deviousness and retribution may arise, so special caution is needed to avoid struggles. The Scorpio Full Moon can be an element for the governing of compulsions which can often result in fierceness or even damaging coercion’s.

Remember that Scorpio has a skeptical and secretive nature. Avoid social difficulties. Be cautious of doubt and watch out for the Scorpio Sting.

Please remember to excuse and overlook. Be cautious when relating with the opposite sex. However, this could be a good time for influential mixing with another on a deep emotional level!


Being a water sign, your sharp intuition is going to help you more than you know. Even if it does not seem that way right now. The positive aspect of being amiable with confidence and intellect will surely help you until October 2019. It is now time to learn or polish up on everything. Don’t overreact, instead wait, watch, and see what happens before you act or react. Your self-motivation and loyalty will help you tremendously this year. Switching jobs or hunting for a new one may not be as profitable for you nor will financial gains until after the fall. Family and relationship issues are possible. Do not have expectations as they may not be met this year, and to keep peace, keep them low. Be sure not to take any vacations that you cannot afford. Most of all, health seems to be quite well but legs and back could cause problems.

Saturn: April 2019-Sept 2019. Even though Saturn has left your planets you are still feeling the gist of the pain. You may feel that you need to work more diligently to maintain financial stability. You need to caution against unnecessary expenses. Do not get involved in family drama and think before you speak. Controlling your language and temperament may benefit you. It is better to say nothing than saying something you will later regret.

Ketu – Now that Ketu is in Sagittarius until 2020, there may be plenty of tests. You must be very careful regarding financial situations. Be careful as conflicts through critics may occur. Family situation could also cause issues. Unforeseen expenses could occur. Do not borrow or lend money at this time.

Rahu –  Rahu has officially moved into Gemini until 2020, this could bring positives or negatives until your birthday. This transit sits in your house of transportation; operating or being in a vehicle where man-made laws are not followed, or even speeding, could cause unforeseen accidents. Watch your financial sector and don’t spend unnecessarily. You will notice that family members are rude and unappreciative, but do not let this get you down as emotional waves effect you in every aspect of your life.

Uranus: In a few days Uranus is entering Taurus. Now, you are being given an opportunity to be strong and able to make huge changes. Soon, financial situations could get better for you, but be cautious not to get yourself into get rich quick schemes or things that do not seem right. But it’s time, looking at fear in the face is where the fury will be, and you are ready to soar.

Jupiter – Now that the planet of luck and expansion has moved direct back into your sign Dear Scorpio, it sits pretty in your house of supremacy and blessing. Your finances will soon soar and now you will receive the added support from your family. Your relationship with your family should dramatically improve as well as married life. You will now have the upper hand on many aspects of your life. Power and recognition are here to stay for a little while.

Mars: As Mars changes signs in June and continues to change signs almost every 60 to 90 days, this transit once again brings good vibes. Interpersonal relationships should grow and improve. However, in the month of June there could be some unavoidable stressors during travel. Just after the eclipse you will see that your reputation is on the rise.

Maharani’s Advice:

Even though this is not a year that you will feel 100% magnificent, Lady Luck is on your side. There will be plenty of opportunities for growth, education, and healing in all aspects of your life. However, financially, things may be a little like a roller coaster at times, therefore it is best not to spend more than necessary. It’s best to keep personal issues to yourself in areas of work because there will be plenty of people who will be jealous of you. Gossip and politics may be something that could set you back, therefore, staying focused on work and responsibility will be the way to go. Stay focused on every detail of your life, including education if this is where you want to go. Remember if you do not trust your partner in areas of interpersonal relationship then ask yourself why are you in it? Take good care of yourself during season changes as influenza and swelling of the body may occur.

As we move through the transit of Taurus/Scorpio moon, I would not be surprised if we hear more things about financial issues hidden from the public which are revealed. Additionally, it would not at all surprise me if Korea, Lebanon, Panama, Turkey, Washington D.C., Baltimore, or New Orleans are in the news. This period will begin as early as 7 days before the full moon which would be May 11 through 7 days after May 25, 2019. I would also not be surprised if the atmospheric pressure brings more rain and high tides.

The moon in Scorpio represents Impulsive, Strong-minded, Explosive, Daring, and Strong. It is my suggestion for us to remain balanced. This full moon is extraordinary to many signs. It is my suggestion that you purchase a white candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with lavender oil, sandalwood oil, and chant the Psalm 39.

This year I have chosen two mantras for the full and new moons. They will allow those who are new to reciting mantras to be able to pronounce easily and those who are fluent will become experts. Remember, it is all in the pronunciation.

For the Scorpio full moon:


Aum Aing Kleeng Sauh

(oom aeeng Kliing Sauh)


Yasya nke cha vibha:ti bhu dharsuta

devapaga mastake, Bhale balbidhurgale cha garalam

yasyorasi vyalraat Soyam bhumivibhisanah survarah sarvadhipah sarvadaSharvah sarvgatah shivah shashinibhah shri Shankar patu maam

Please remember that I am NOT an astrologer. Rather, I am a Vedic reader who integrates Astronomy, Astrology, and Vedic propensities to build the most precise readings which lead the pathway to modification and confidence.

If you are a Scorpio or have any houses in Scorpio and have not had a reading since the eclipse this is the best time to have a re-read. Also, if you are in a relationship this too is a great time.

Soon Mercury will be retrograding and the eclipses are right around the corner so get ready for some shake up.

May the light of the moon help you discover yourself and be one with yourself.



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