Brutal Escape from and to the Past: First Mercury Winter/Spring 2020

       Mercury Retrograde 


Feb 1 through March 30, 2020

Pre-Progression: February 1 -12, 2020 (Aquarius/Pisces)

Pre-Progression Juncture: Feb 13-15, 2020(Aquarius)

Mercury Retrograde (Station): Feb 16-17, 2020 (Pisces)

Mercury Station Regression: Feb 18-Mar 5, 2020(Pisces)

Mercury Retrograde Juncture: March 6-8 (Pisces)

Mercury Direct: March 9-10(Aquarius)

Post-Regression Juncture: March 11-15(Aquarius)

Post-Juncture: March 16-30 (Aquarius/Pisces )

By Maharani Rutan©

On February 01, 2020, Mercury begins its fast track journey backwards in time through its Pre-Progression period. The slow transit will begin to intensify for 14 days. Thereafter, the pressure of things becoming chaotic is going to be very pronounced on February 15 and 16.

Moving forwards, February 17, 2020, Mercury will be stationed retrograde while transporting with it misunderstanding, missed communications, interruptions, reunions, and forces causing every one of us to think back at our past to see if we made accurate decisions. This planet is a very slow-moving planet; thus, it will go through several stages until it finally clears itself out on March 29, 2020.

If you meet someone new during retrograde it may be very perplexing and slow as you or the other person have strong planets. It may be brief, or that you might reconnect with a someone or something from the past, only to find out after the retrograde phase it was not worth the air or the time. It may be that during the reunion nothing has really changed, or you might even notice people come knocking at your door to finish their journey. Whatever happens, remember it is a journey not a destination.

Mercury in Aquarius could bring positive benefits of career, especially if one is taking a spiritual path, or working in areas of science. But this will only happen with hard work. When Mercury moves into Pisces great success and fame is possible but take care as you could have issues in relationships or with your health.

This retrograde begins its journey in Aquarius, which usually represents friendship and large groups of people, or even organizations, and continues until February 16, 2020. Thereafter it moves backwards in motion until March 29, 2020 in the sign of Pisces which is our spiritual nature.

A planet is defined as retrograde when it looks as if is moving backwards through the zodiac. This old perception ascends in the deceptive planetary motion created by the orbital turning of the earth relative to other planets in our solar system. Planets are never truly retrograde or stationary, they just appear that way.

Although it may seem that this will be a horrible journey, keep in mind that for every window that closes another one opens. This extraordinary retrograde period as it joins with Venus in Pisces (according to VPAT). When Venus (a feminine planet) is in Pisces it is vibrant. Venus in Pisces gives the possibility of looking past imperfection and there is a drive to the arts. For couples, the relationship must be very romantic or spiritual as it is the closest energy to the universe.

To truly understand the energy is to understand there will be certain areas that will have to be revisited. It is important to visit the areas which are being recalled from the times of February and March of 2007, when Mercury retrograde was at the closest degree as it will be during this time. Some the issues were from Virginia Tech’s campus shooting which resulted in calls for gun control that could be seen again. As the bird flu cause an epidemic, now the coronavirus flu has caused alarms across the world.

I also would not be surprised if tornadoes hit the areas of Missouri and Alabama. On the other hand, there is so much volatile energy that I would not be surprised if there is a fan brawl that occurs at a public sporting event. Also, did you know that Rudy Giuliani filed papers in 2007 for the candidacy for the Presidency? That should make some go hmm. We could also find out some new front runners (possibly Republican) could announce a late candidacy. However, we must keep in mind the retrograde is geared towards Aquarius/Pisces, which is innovation and spirituality. It also speaks of humanity and freedom.

I also would not be at all surprised if Jerusalem (spiritual city) and St. Petersburg become international headlines. Additionally, Russia, Iran, Vatican City, North Africa, and Normandy may make the news in one way or the other.

Retrograde periods, although often thought-provoking for us individuals, are not principally unusual. Each planet retrogrades, except the Sun and Moon. Mercury, much like the winged messenger of the gods, comes in on feather-light wings and commands us to express. Communication, thoughtfulness, and realization are all within Mercury’s domain, as are perception and balance, our manner of philosophy, and how we create and express our thought processes.

A mercurial nature recalls agitation and motion. Mercury is about a speedy wit, rational, possibilities, feelings, thinking, and the ability to justify things. Mercurial energy can be good or bad, but it will certainly be revitalizing!

This Planet also prompts us to move from one thing to the next and to get responses on both a physical and demonstrative level. Further, Mercury’s energy is both supple and perceptive. Mercury is about short outings; a social call to a neighbor or a friend across town, the workday travel, or a weekend escape.

We can use this influential energy in positive ways. Everyone is going to be affected; Saturn, a planet of difficult lessons, is in Capricorn May 2020, then it will retrograde. It is work related and about hard lessons wherever Saturn positions itself. In the middle of it all, the full moon in Leo/Cancer will bring some long-due family emotions followed by the new moon in Pisces where something will definitely end.

Relatives and passages are also within Mercury’s dominion, along with discussion, writing, books, online communications, and learning. This Planet pleads us to prompt ourselves often — and well. Because Mercury rules communications and transportation, these two areas are most predisposed during a Mercury Retrograde. Discussions might be more difficult, as crossed signals and uncertain meanings complicate normally frank discussions. Still, with a little reflection and review, you’ll get your point across.

Similarly, be prepared with a backup plan when you’re traveling. If your flight gets canceled or your car won’t start, remain calm and make the best of it. Remember, we can use this powerful energy in positive ways. Use this time to do activities that start with “re”: renew, repair, review, renegotiate, and research.

In general, Mercury rules contemplation and consciousness, processing and circulating information and all means of communication, trade, and transportation. By extension, Mercury rules people who work in these areas, especially people who work with their thoughts or their wits: writers and speakers, reporters and censors, gossips and spin doctors, tricksters and thieves.

Maintain privacy and dignity in the working environment and do not try to read between the lines when there is really nothing to find. When Mercury is retrograde, everyone’s thinking is more meditative, and we tend to think about issues and concerns that relate to the sign involved.

There is, however, an opportunity to gain insight into one’s own ego. Mercury sets out to rearrange our thinking processes and for many of us this is agonizing and exasperating. Moreover, these experiences reveal flaws in our internal organization as well as our external planning, which can make us feel imprudent and insufficient.

As Mercury always causes problems for many it is imperative that we are aware of restrictions in our lives and be mindful of things that need our attention. Since Mercury will move between two different signs, two sets of predictions will be allocated.

What I am bringing to you is not western or eastern astrology, rather, this is Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories which relies on probability and mathematical inferences. Do not mistake this for Astrology, rather probabilities and the use of each sign as a characteristic. These are general predisposition. If you are looking for a personal probability you may want to consult either with a Western or a Vedic Astrologer. Some are located on my link page here.

I will begin the probabilities for those that will be affected the most and are prominent to change.

Aquarius and Pisces

Aquarius is known to be a sign of innovation and technology, thus when Mercury goes retrograde there is bound to be time for issues of technology glitches, forcing many people to find different ways of resolution. But through this, good things can happen to; new networks can be developed, and you will find a way to acclimatize to manufacturer modifications. However, when it moves into Pisces, we are treading in a whole new world. This will not be a material or technological world, rather, a spiritual one. Pisces is known as one of the most intuitive signs but during the retrograde period there will be plenty of guesswork and messages could very well be dissimulated. During retrograde there is bound to be confusion and trust issues within yourself and others.


Mercury in Aquarius: Misunderstandings, others judging you

Mercury in Pisces: Issues regarding finances and discontent at home

Advice: Self-motivation and spending time with good friends are possibilities. Fire and Earth signs could help you get happy, quickly.


Mercury in Aquarius: Unreliable friendships and unnecessary worries.

Mercury in Pisces: Over committing. If things were bad in your relationship during the last retrograde, this time could see things get better.

Advice: Reflect but don’t overdo. Be easy on yourself and relax. A water or earth sign can show you how to relax.

Gemini, Sagittarius and Virgo

Dearest Gemini, as Mercury is your ruler the glitches that happen during Mercury retrograde is only a way for the universe to prevent you from double guessing so much. This is time to fine tune yourself by figuring out a different way of doing things. Remember, you are not a winner when things are too hectic. But since you like to talk so much, you might find glitches with your phone or other things you use to communicate. So, what will you do now? Why not ask a Sagittarius how they feel when things slow down for them? Since they are always in a hurry there could be issues with their transportation, and if they take too long getting ready, they could even miss their connection. This is a time for Sagittarius to also slow down and breathe the fresh air and walk for a change. But that is not a problem with Virgo as they always have a back-up plan. What will irritate them is that things will be inconsistent for them, such as things they do day in and out. They are meticulous with organization and having things be reliable and consistent. The best advise that a Virgo can give to Gemini and Sagittarius is to just breathe and stay very grounded.


Mercury in Aquarius: Delays in legal issues, relationship misunderstandings and contracts.

Mercury in Pisces: Lethargy, pessimism, and procrastination.

Advice: Refocus and keep a straight and narrow path. Success at work is possible. If you want things to work out in your favor, ask a fire sign to give you the drive you need.


Mercury in Aquarius: Communication mishaps, over commitments.

Mercury in Pisces: Worries regarding career, overly emotional.

Advice: If you are going somewhere give yourself extra time, keep your composure and be true to a loved one. If you want to keep grounded during this time, call out to your earth sign friends who will make sure you do the right thing.


Mercury in Aquarius: Health issues, legal issues, and minor repairs.

Mercury in Pisces: Unnecessary arguments in relationships, and work colleagues taking advantage of you.

Advice: You may tap into your intuitive abilities which is a positive, but you may become very attached to the moods of others. Talk to a Gemini or an Aquarius about how to detach your emotions.

Taurus, Leo Scorpio

By association, Aquarius is your brother. This means you could very well have Aquarius and Pisces somewhere in your chart and you will be indirectly affected. Mercury will cause disturbances in the characters of Taurus. You are the most considerate sign and often put on a mask when you are angry. Hence, during retrograde it may be that you are not making rational decisions and your temper is on the rise. If you do, you will see you are hurting people that you care about. Ask a Leo what it is like because Leo’s are also very considerate, but they crave to be the center of everything. Their self-esteem relies on the recognition of others. However, when things are not in their control, oh boy. It is so important for Leo’s to have all technologies working, but this time something will be lost. Both of you, however, should take advice from your sister Scorpio. Scorpio is a sign of total adjustment; they are the Phoenix rising and they rise above everything. Even so, Mercury retrograde can make them loose control in many things. One thing Scorpios know is that this shall too pass.


Mercury in Aquarius: Hard work, obligations and agitation

Mercury in Pisces: Unnecessary spending, defensiveness and family issues.

Advice: You may have plenty of mood swings be careful not to make any impulsive decisions right now only because you may feel all is lost try to talk to a fire or a air sign they will lift your spirits.


Mercury in Aquarius: Interpersonal relationship issues, including legal or contracts.

Mercury in Pisces: Financial losses, family issues.

Advice: Show some appreciation to those you love and find a central understanding. Agree to disagree and move on. Talk to an earth sign about this and they will be a great help to you.


Mercury in Aquarius: Family misunderstandings, impatience with elderly members of your family.

Mercury in Pisces: Demands from children, health issues, and incurring losses through investments.

Advice: When you feel nothing is working out as you have planned it may actually work to your advantage. Be ready to rebuild something. If you are not sure what it is, talk to a water sign for directions.

Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra

Though some of you can be irritated with Mercury it is not something you haven’t dealt with before. Capricorns are notorious in planning things yet when they don’t want to do anything they just may not. This is because there may be a great dependence on things that are not in your control, such as work you cannot do or are not capable of like your computer, or a roof leak. Then again, if you ask your brother Aries, they take initiative in everything, they do things fast and they want things fast. So, when they are speeding along a road that they are familiar with and now the road is closed what do they do? Have you seen an Aries’ temper? Your patience will be tested, especially on the road, Aries. The more you push your anger the more it will work against you. Go slowly while you are driving, and there are bound to be travel delays. Then again, try to ask your Cancer buddy how they drive. As I have always said, Cancers are very moody, but Mercury retrograde will pour them uncontrollable moodiness and often when you are crabby you go into your shell or hide from others. This time however, there could be confrontation when you hide in your shell. Be kind to yourself, Dear Cancer. You remember the loving side of yourself. If you get lost, ask a Libra how to balance that energy. Then again, they too will be affected. Libras need friendship to survive. Hence, their communication skills are not at their best. Because you don’t like to burn bridges Libra, do not be surprised when people come out of the woods, even exes. If you decide to take them back, go back to the past and rewind the tape.


Mercury in Aquarius: Misunderstandings in money and love.

Mercury in Pisces: Misunderstandings with finances.

Advice: Enjoy your time with friends and know that your hard work will be recognized in time. Ask an Air sign or an Earth sign what it is like to continue to move forward when facing adversity.


Mercury in Aquarius: Uncertain future, disagreements, and delays.

Mercury in Pisces: Silence is not your friend, family issues, and moodiness.

Advice: This is a time to surround yourself with people that make you laugh and help you through a new way of thinking. Talk to an Air sign or Fire sign, perhaps they can put a fire in your life.


Mercury in Aquarius: Misunderstanding in money, love, and especially in communications.

Mercury in Pisces: Moodiness and clumsiness.

Advice: Appreciate those who contribute in your life in every aspect. Find a working solution. Talk to an Air sign or an Earth sign to help you find it.


Mercury in Aquarius: Misunderstanding with family, spouse or partner, and health

Mercury in Pisces: Bad luck and work life may be challenging .

Advice: Appreciate who mean something to you and do not be critical as it is not that important to create conflicts. Talk to another Libra they can help see through things.

Please not the predispositions given above are based on VPAT predictions and not to be mistaken for an individual horoscope or guaranteed transits. I suggest you speak to an astrologer for your individual impact.

All areas of communication are pretentious. Approaches and inspiration for education, communication, and transportation are subject to snags under this aspect. It brings travel snafus and missed appointments of all kinds. Documents can go astray. Be sure to carry a diary and refer to it often. The good things to do when Mercury is retrograde: meditate, contemplate, edit the book/poem/song/essay you’ve been writing, clean house, talk to your pet, listen to music, paint, and catch up on sleep!

Since, Mercury is a very slow-moving planet and it affects almost all planetary signs, it is my suggestion that you purchase a yellow candle and carve your name through it to the wick. Anoint the candle with Inspiration oil or Eucalyptus oil and chant the Psalm 70 every single night. This period will last for 3 weeks and it will be hard on all of us but following my suggestions will allow for friendly communications as well as understandings in situations. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until March 30th.

Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. I have chosen one mantra for you during this Mercury retrograde:

“Aum bram brim braum sah budhaya namah”

(Om brom brim brauum sah Budh yaNahm-ah-ha)

This mantra is used to achieve mental clarity, to avoid and overcome misunderstandings, and keep friendly communications flowing.

Please note that everyone has Pisces somewhere in their chart. Those that will be affected the most during this transitional period are mutable signs (Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini). This means those with mutable signs such as the sun or the moon or even ascendants will be affected.

I am not an astrologer, nor do I claim to be. Vedic readings are focused and geared to show you the emphasis of actions and reactions, and they use the sun and moon signs as groundwork to give you the best possibilities. This is so you can make your own free will decision and it is not influenced by another, rather, it is what is in your best interest.


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Explosive Emotions and Gusty Fury: First Eclipse 2020

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon in Gemini/Cancer

January 10/11, 2020

By Maharani Rutan©
On January 10, 2020, at 12:07 pm EST, 9:02pm PST will be our next event. This is not a total eclipse, rather, a Penumbra which often occurs where there is no straight light between the Earth, Moon, and the Sun. In this article I will not go into the scientific reasoning or analysis, rather I will look at this eclipse from a humanistic approach. To explain, not only the occurrence of human behavior but also environmental, political, and possible structural changes that will change our society in 6 months.

The Penumbral Lunar eclipse begins its motion at 12:07 pm, along with a Gemini/Cancer Full moon at 20 degrees depending on the orb. Following behind will be the full moon which could be slightly visible at 2:23pm EST

The visibility of this eclipse will light the sky for almost the entirety of Australia where fires have rippled the wildlife and its people, Asia where earthquakes have changed many cities in previous years, and Russia, China, and Japan who have ongoing nuclear issues on the horizon. Included are India and U.K who have gone through economic changes. Finally, Hungary, Italy, France, Greece, Spain and South Africa are also part of this eclipse, which means that within 6 months these countries will go through a transformation either naturally or forcefully.

The beauty of this moon also has its significance as the Northern Regions identify this moon as the Old Moon and the Southerner Regions call it a Thunder Moon. Surely the southerners may have it correct as I do predict plenty of rain, snow, and issues of water damage to some countries and cities. I also would not be surprised if plenty of wind is also in the mix.

It has been theorized by VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories) that many of the effects of the eclipse could be felt as early as 7 days prior to the eclipse (January 6, 2020) and 6 months after (July 10, 2020). It is also important to note that in my 2020 prediction I did state some issues that are bound to be brought up during this eclipse. Read more here.

As my 2018 and 2019 predictions have unfolded, I would not be surprised if new things become evident during this eclipse. One thing for certain, something that we may have planted in July 2018 is now about to get off the ground or completely shut itself out through new discoveries.

This Lunar Eclipse and Full moon will influence people with mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo) and Cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, and Aries), including those that have any of those signs in their chart.

To fully gain the probable in the lunar eclipse, analyze all the houses in your VPAT chart. Where the Moon is, we can antagonize our friends with old conducts and doubts, and where the Sun is, we may discover the resources to hold or release from whatever oppression we experience.

These people will have a lot of difficulty in sorting out their view of themselves with the feelings they have. Weakening to distinguish that something or someone is not what it or they seem, and it is not as passionately connected as they had assumed. It is often said to understand what we will feel during the eclipse, particularly the ones that are geared to change (Cancer and Gemini) we must think back to how life was in 2001, 2009, and 2018 since every eclipse hits the same point during that time.

Throughout the eclipse, the sun and the moon will have vigorous roles in the message that is being transported by this eclipse. It is time to use these symbols from the cosmos to revolutionize something that has ended and start to build something new. Often it means planning until there is total collapse and finally making a reasonable decision. Eclipses are used as indications of the first phase and the conclusion of something, and often they are instructions in life as much as they can be said to be a turning point.

It is important to comprehend the connotation and purpose assumed during a full moon, especially when it comes to understanding how to live for a purpose. It is as commanding as everything the moon stands for. This moon rules areas of people, dreams, and karmic memories. But also, will rule communication, behavior, creativity, and being flighty.

A full moon in Gemini/Cancer is also a fickle minded, obsessive, emotional, and impatient time for many. National matters will preoccupy most of us during the full moon in Cancer. Sentiments and memories will lure us to people from our past. All situations from the past are always karmic, so we can go back and regret it or move forward and not look back.

Often, dumb words or actions, which separated us from them, take a little energy and humbleness to help the heart heal and right itself again. It is time to celebrate feelings, perchance very deep ones that we may have protecting implicitly for a long time, to express regret if needed and to generally be more caring and easy-going.

Many people will transform their strategies of the future by taking the time to consider all the things that have not worked and revamp them. The energy will affect behavior, the intuition, and the feelings and molding of instinctive behavior. A time of anxious emotions and countless compassion with people resort to life through emotions rather than reason. Particularly, examination will show what has held them back for so long to get their inspiring bliss. Since the eclipse falls in the ruler of Cancer/Gemini we are seeking the truth through sentimental communications.

This eclipse conveys shocking circumstances to bring to surface how we are with one another and questioning if our acts or reactions have met the higher good for all. Perhaps we will find that suicides were murders, and things that were hidden were the truth.

Looking back at time, remember the Al Gore/George Bush issues? Also, perhaps one cannot recall because we have been so accustomed to I-phones, but I-Tunes first came out in 2001, could it be that there will be a new application that will bring music and movies in the comfort of our home. Then again, Disney and Apple have already come out with their own sources of entertainment.

With Jupiter in Sagittarius until January 24, 2020, I still feel that some sort of a truth will be revealed regarding impeachment. Something is bound to slip, then again, President Trump is a Gemini after all, sometimes when we talk too much, we let things slip because we are angry. Hmm… That is something to think about.

Eclipses always come in pairs, keeping in mind for everything that ends there are always a new beginning. Just a few days before the Solar Eclipse in December 25, 2019, the impeachment inquiry began. Could it be that in the next 6 months all this plays out into a drama.

It’s ironic, while I was writing this, my husband said to me, “No president will be removed during a War.” Perhaps it may all halted because of the frictions with Iran?

I also would not be surprised if big Pharma must pay millions for the Opioid crisis within the next 6 months. There may also be more suicide bombings, as most suicide bombings are driven by severe emotions without thinking things through; both traits of Cancer and Gemini.

During the eclipse, those who have mutable and cardinal signs will be fanatical to do things that hinder with their demonstrative satisfaction or chasing after their desires while wasting their talents and skills trying to balance a war between their passion and their desire. Hence, I did say in my 2018 predictions, that I would not be surprised if there is some sort of impeachment, removal or dislike of our leader in the U.S by many (read more about it here.)

In the historical findings according to VPAT, it has been discovered that during the eclipse all those in the viewing area of the eclipse, or nearby, will have events that will affect their countries, leaders, and environment. Since it is noted that U.S is a Cancer Country and the ruler is Trump, this eclipse occurs in the 7th house which means relationships, partnership, and alliance.

Plenty of focus on climate changes should be noted, especially natural gas, wood, food, and water. Additional focus will be on how much we are able to adapt to these changes. This eclipse will also re-stimulate to some degree the matters which were elevated during the solar eclipse in 2018.

According to VPAT, the eclipse planets trigger Shani (Lessons Learned) in Sagittarius (Truth) and Ketu (Anger) in Sagittarius to aspect the sun (Capricorn). Therefore, many unforeseen and sad events are possible all around the world. Gemini’s are also the rulers of doubts and thus cause situations to be a bit out of control. However, Rahu’s placement (Jupiter) (Sagittarius) will make things slightly more tolerable.

This eclipse is geared towards law, children, education, learning, communication, and seeking the realness. The path will not be completely seen until the July 2020 eclipse while some of it may occur sooner. The eclipses were all about starting something groundbreaking when the old was getting dull. It was also about discovering the depths of relationships which were spiritually, physically, and mentally exhausting while serving others and finding a median. Whatever I grabbed during the eclipses I was always led to leave things that were never useful or spiritual. If it meant I left friends and relationships to have a higher calling, then that is what the eclipse does for everyone.

Look back and see how profession, money, and relationships transformed you? What choices did you make? Did you learn from them or are you at the same place, doing the same thing that you were doing during 2001, 2009, 2018, and 2019?

Each planet which I am offering is based upon VPAT predictions of what will emerge as general predictors for Gemini’s and Cancer. To look at the whole picture it is advised to combine everything and get a larger picture. However, since no one person has as 12 planets in one sign, it is advisable to insert the predisposition wherever there is Gemini/Cancer present in your VPAT chart.

I will list all the planets and end dates for specific transit. I will also list them in the order of my favorite to my least favorite (they are usually the toughest). Finally, I will not be mentioning any planets which are retrograde as it usually causes more confusion; instead, I will focus on the dates.

What I am about to present to you is a predisposition of VPAT predictions of each sign. Since Gemini and Cancer are highlighted in this eclipse, the focus will be to look at both astrological signs from now until their birthday, May-July 2020.

Please note these predictions are not exact to a precise person or a situation; rather, they are universal penchants to every aspect. If you have properly signed up for my newsletter you may have received a form in which it climaxes these aspects and I hope you are able to follow along.


Dear Gemini, you continue to go through changes, three times a year, with Mercury Retrograde. However, Rahu which is often identified as a deity of perception and apprehension has been a benefit, whether you know it or not. It can be great for your career, depending upon the placement. Nevertheless, one thing for sure, Rahu is a short transit, and nothing compared to what Cancers have gone through since 2018. Some have lost a relationship while others have ended their position. Then again, some have gotten married and still others have given birth. Whatever the case, maybe it was an eye opener for their future. This is your second to last eclipse for at least 7 years so plant your seeds Cancer. At the same time, be sure to give some hints to Gemini’s as to what it is like because they too will go through similar effects in November of this year.


The first six months are not bad at all. Remember that when Saturn moves into your sign for a bit on January 24, 2020, it is about other people. It is important that you continue a peaceful relationship with family and loved ones as there is a possibility of disagreements in the springtime. It has to do with your ego and assertiveness; therefore, you must control your annoyance and make peace. Be the source of support for anyone that may be ill in your direct family. Though your love life looks good there could be difficulties in Spring or early Summer. Financially, things look good until the eclipse in June. Your own stressors will cause you aches and fatigue.

Rahu: Be careful how you spend your money. There could be difficulties with elderly people. If you are in a relationship you may find things are not so peachy right now.

Ketu: You may find life a little difficult, especially in areas of a partner or someone you care for. This not a time to make decisions as far as relationships are concerned. There also could some treachery and isolation from time to time.

Saturn: Relationships will get better, but minor disagreements are possible. Be careful of what you eat as you may have some stomach issues. Financially, this will be a good time for you.

Jupiter: This transit is also good for you. Your relationships will get better and financial situations will stabilize. You will get the help you need from people whom you ask. But if you are not careful there could be stressors in your marriage, especially around may.

Uranus: Loves you when it enters Taurus. There is a possibility of dreams like you would not believe, and these dreams will lead you to the answers you are seeking. Make sure you have recharged your energy as you will be very busy soon.

Mars (February 10, 2020): During this time, things will be very good for you. Hard work will pay off. But at the same time, do not be overconfident. It is time for you to feel good and let your superiors look at your work with praise.

Maharani’s Advise for Gemini

Right now, just keep your eyes open and keep your money in your pocket as well. You may not have too much support. Sometimes your temper and agitation will get the best of you. Be very careful not to be egotistical at times, but most of all, don’t presume things won’t work.


You might find the first six months of this year to be a little difficult, like all things, you too must change. This means the very core of your life will go through a transformation. But the good news is that you only have one more eclipse for 7 years at which point you will have the possibility of planting new seeds. There could be family conflicts and therefore you may stress yourself out unnecessarily. Be careful of the company you keep as your character may be questioned as a result. Additionally, taking on new friendships or relationships may not be advisable before your eclipse. There may be difficulties in areas of interpersonal relationships as well. All this may have to do with how you communicate with people. Work life may become difficult as you may feel that you are not receiving the support that you need. Don’t give away your secrets as you will see others may copy you. Financially, things will be better for you until your eclipse. Don’t lend or barrow money. Due to the stressors from family as well as work there may be increased stressors which will lead to sleep apnea. Because of this, watch where you are walking.

Rahu: You may become irresponsible with your finances after realizing that you should have watched how you spent. You may be able to release any financial investments or lost money. There may be difficulties getting along with people younger than you.

Ketu: There may be difficulties on and off for the next 6 months. People may want a contest with you. Working diligently will be the only way you may get ahead.

Saturn: There is a possibility of putting things off until the last minute which may not be advantageous to you, especially in areas of business. Take care with driving, children, and your spending. Most of all, stay away from gossip as this will hurt you more than others.

Jupiter: Finally, your health will start to get better. Some past due bills or loans will be paid off. Be careful though, there may be conflicts with family members, yet the possibility exists that you want the family to come together. If you are involved in any legal issues, they will go well.

Uranus: There is a good possibility that ideas will fly off your head for the positive and you may even take a humanistic approach to things. It’s time to collaborate, talk about, and plan things that you are excited about.

Mars (February 10, 2020): There could be difficulties with family and relationship. This may be a difficult time. Stay away from useless conflicts. Difficulties in your work life may be possible.

Maharani’s Advice For Cancer

Even if things seem status quo, the first 3 months of this year remember, I did warn you. If you are in business for yourself be very vigilant as you may be taken advantage of. Keep your visions and dreams to yourself. Be very kind to your siblings. You may find at times that people will dismiss your true talents. Don’t get angry, just say thank you with a smile on your face. You will find that you are becoming much stronger. Remember, almost everyone will let you down and perhaps those that have hurt you, and still around, are the ones that will continue to support you with unconditional love.

Every new moon and full moon focus will be on their respective signs. As this is first moon of 2020, I will only be focused on those that are affected the most. Below are minor tendencies of those that will be affected, secondarily, and last.

Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio and Sagittarius

Along with Pluto, Sun, and Mercury, soon Saturn will be in Capricorn; certainly, this is a difficult eclipse for you. But Capricorns would not have it any other way. It is almost as if someone gets their head shaved and the hair comes back thicker and more beautiful than ever. Then again, this is not something Taurus’ can understand as the worries of Uranus in Taurus continue to change them for 7 years and beyond. It will make Taurus’ more mundane, focusing solely on spirituality within their lives. This could happen through death, birth, and sickness within their family structure. Scorpios are now on a road forward and preparing themselves for an eclipse in a couple of years. Saturn and eclipses are behind them, but this does not mean they don’t have changes to make, especially in areas of work and relationships. This is something Sagittarius knows best; always changing. Saturn will soon leave them, and Jupiter will move away, but the drum roll is that their eclipse is coming soon. Trust me when I say the eclipse is nothing compared to Saturn. Sure, changes are needed, but the biggest problem is how much information is given to others. They do not need to know everything and the more you make yourself an open book the more difficult these eclipses will be.

Capricorn: Hard work, challenges, adversaries, and opposition will be overcome. Health, however, may not be at its best and be careful with liquid consumption. Nothing bad, yet very nicely transforming.

Taurus: New financial opportunities are possible; however, expenditures may overwhelm you. Conflicts are possible with in-laws, direct family, and those that are not related because of how you talk and not what you are saying. Like I always say, if you say something with kindness it always has a different meaning and often your meanings are greatly received.

Scorpio: Strength, courage, initiative and confidence. Overcoming challenges and giving work all that you have. Be extra cautious so there are no accidents and be even more cautious with money. Be especially aware that you spend time and attention to family members. The only thing I can advise is to take things slow, look all around you, and be careful with money.

Sagittarius: Attitude, talking, and perception could cause problems for you. Family conflicts are possible because of how frank you may be, and this could hurt many relationships.

Aries, Virgo and Leo

Dear Aries, this is a tough time for you, as Chiron causes you to feel lonely, broke, and misunderstood; remember, when come out of it you will be a changed person. This is the time to really value what you have, just ask a Leo and Virgo. Both signs have gone through difficulties directly and indirectly. Leos and Virgos have already passed their eclipse. In addition, Saturn, Uranus, Rahu, Ketu, and Chiron are not going to be in Virgo or Leo any time soon. Then again, Virgos go through the difficulties of Mercury 3 to 4 times a year and Leo’s are indirectly affected by Saturn, so it’s not as easy as one may feel.

Aries: This eclipse cannot be more positive for you. Even though you may not see it right now, it will be clear in the months to follow. Financial growth is possible. Love relationships will get better, and you may even travel.

Leo: Work and educational stress could cause health issues. However, you could find that the hard work was well worth it. Your financial situation is going to soar. There could be conflicts in areas of interpersonal relationships because you may not have time for your loved ones.

Virgo: This will be a very vesting time as you will discover who you are, and your financial situation could get better. Your relationship with authority figures will soar as family relationships could weaken. Take care of your health and control the way you speak to people.

Aquarius, Pisces and Libra

Dear Aquarius though you may feel badly, either physically or mentally, I hate to say it, but it may be brought on by your own bad habits. What you are feeling now are the ashes of your own eclipse forcing you to change. Without change things only get worse. Just ask your fellow Pisces, they swim in their sea. Pisces have also gone through their eclipses, and their planet transits along with Libras. All of you have changed one way or another; it could be a residential move, career move, or things altogether different where there could be a spiritual transition for you.

Aquarius: Hard work, endurance, and determination will land you where you want to go. Love and finances will be good for you. Family, especially with children, will be quite lovely but it may be that you may have to play nurse to someone in the family.

Pisces: Financial and career life will rise and soon your health will get better as well. I also would not be surprised if you do a lot of traveling. But during any full moon, you may see your health is not well 2 weeks before and after. Be careful during your property transactions.

Libra: I believe you will say “how do you like me now.” There will be plenty of good going on for you; financial, family, and travel opportunities are here. But you do need to be careful during this eclipse not to have any conflicts at work and try not to have arguments for the sake of arguments. Conflicts are not something you like but sometimes they do happen because you may be the one to argue.

This eclipse falls in areas of communication and emotions; whether it is news about your next-door neighbor, your ex, or global events, it will most rebelliously get your interest. Everyone will be chatting, and it may even feel like you have information overload.

This eclipse is mainly relationship oriented, and our associations with others can be disengaged, tested, or suddenly welded together as the shock calls one to action. This eclipse centers on the home and family. It was ironic that as I was writing this, a very close friend of mine (Cancer) phoned me and said his mother passed away on December 31, 2019. I said to him, yes, it is the eclipse that is coming up and the one that just passed. Because this is a Cancer/Gemini eclipse, it has to do with family members, what we say, or what we did not say.

We may be intensely careful about our feelings and needs within the context of the house, sign, and planetary aspects affected. To fully gain the potential in the lunar eclipse we must discover both all the houses and signs that are brought into play.

This period is about where the Sun (Capricorn – Worries and insecurities) and Moon (Gemini – Fickle minded and talkative, and Cancer – Home and affection) are. The Moon is about our abilities to confront our demons, old deeds, and uncertainties. The Sun is where we may find the means to hold a release from whatever suppression we experience in life through our creative efforts. In any event, there are opportunities for deeper understanding and finding a balance in our lives.

Let the substantial problems of the past months drop away. Swim like a light being and fly like an angel of the heavens in the harmonious seas of bliss and peace. I strongly suggest taking your aspirations that you have made last month and cross them out one by one. Remember to never beg for your aspirations.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras, achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention. When it comes to finding a satisfying relationships and success, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be.

The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. This year I am going back to basics, whereas there will be only one mantra. This will allow those that have never used the mantras to be able to perfect them. And experts can now connect with the higher power even more so.

For the Lunar Eclipse I suggest reciting this mantra every day until the next eclipse.

Om Shraang Shreeng Shroung Sah Chandramase Namaha

(om Shraaang Shriing Sh roung Suah Chan dra Ma se Na ma ha)

The intention of this mantra is to call upon the God of protection and harmony to give you internal and external peace without doubts.

I will be offering 6-month personal in-depth readings starting on the 12th will be posted on the 11th. These readings will be encompassing areas of life that may not be touched upon by an Astrologer; I provide you choices and astrologers provide the journey. Together, the messages unify the sublime bliss of your choice.

Additionally, please note that I am not an Astrologer nor privileged to be one. The information provided is completely general so you can get a basic notion of what you can expect. Vedic reading incorporates a basic concept of how we live in the physical world and how we can change our destiny, to be written in pencil, never a pen.

Vedic reading also grips the concept that for every action there is a reaction. Until we know what actions are going to be touching our lives, we have no idea how react to them when they happen. Vedic readings predetermine the actions so your actions or reactions can be sustainable rather than over-reactive and unmanageable.

Wishing a safe journey through the passages of lunar eclipse.



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Power, Prestige, Pain and Pleasure: Predictions of 2020.. Destiny now Unfolds

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow.”

“Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” – Lao Tzu

By Maharani Rutan©

When I began to write this, it seemed that everything around me was very overwhelming. Splitting my time with many different tasks and promises was overbearing on my energy. After being exhausted I went for a walk and I saw a firefly, and in an instant, everything became so clear.

This is also not the first time I saw fire files they came to in my dreams all year last year, and ringing in my ear through music. But this song kept playing over and over as a ear worm.  So there is a reason but it will come in time like the last years song

You would not believe your eyes
If ten million fireflies
Lit up the world as I fell asleep
‘Cause they fill the open air
And leave teardrops everywhere
You’d think me rude but I would just stand and stare
I’d like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly
It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep
‘Cause everything is never as it seems
‘Cause I’d get a thousand hugs
From ten thousand lightning bugs
As they tried to teach me how to dance
A foxtrot above my head
A sock hop beneath my bed
A disco ball is just hanging by a thread (thread, thread)
I’d like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly
It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep
‘Cause everything is never as it seems (when I fall asleep)
Leave my door open just a crack
Please take me away from here
‘Cause I feel like such an insomniac
Please take me away from here
Why do I tire of counting sheep
Please take me away from here
When I’m far too tired to fall asleep
To ten million fireflies
I’m weird cause I hate goodbyes
I got misty eyes as they said farewell (said farewell)
But I’ll know where several are
If my dreams get real bizarre
‘Cause I saved a few and I keep them in a jar (jar, jar)
I’d like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly
It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep
‘Cause everything is never as it seems (when I fall asleep)
I’d like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly
It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep
‘Cause everything is never as it seems (when I fall asleep)
Source: LyricFind -Adam R. Young

As 2019 moves on, we begin to make some of our dreams a reality. There is so much to say about 2019, but all that we can do is shake our heads and wonder how this can happen in our world. The flashes of news from political egotistical remarks to unnecessary deaths has burned an empty hole in some of our hearts. Then again, shall I say this was predictable as it was bound to make remarkable changes for us. (Read More here)

In my 2019 blog I stated that we will end 2019 with a Karmic year of 1, which means it is a start, or re-start, of something we have already experienced. Now, we are moving into 2020 thus our karmic number now changes: 01 + 01+ 2020 = 6.

According VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories), the number 6 belongs to the sign Shukra known as Venus. At the same time, it forces many of us to change as our world changes around us. It is time to use the power of manifestation and things you want, the person who you want to be, and finally, leave behind people or things that no longer benefit you. This is also a time for health and hard work. It’s about expansion to the highest level. But it is highly important that no matter what happens we need to remain calm.

Most definitely, 2020 will be a time of change. This year will be like 2018 and 2019 as we will have five eclipses. At the same time, there will be plenty of relief for Cancers and Capricorns as they complete their series of eclipses; thus, giving them 7 years to plant the seeds that they want to have flourish. I cannot say the same for Gemini or Sagittarius, as they will begin their journey of transformation. It really does not have to be bad, as every eclipse opens a door, sweeps the floor, and places new carpets where they are needed.

Not only does an eclipse bring change to humanity; Solar eclipse brings environmental changes (the world shuts down) and Lunar Eclipse bring internal or self-changes (having to adapt to everyday life changing before us). They also bring weather changes (fires in California)  and chaos within a society (protest against racial disparity) or the world (Political riots in Asia). No one really knows why they all theorize, however, VPAT concludes as finding a strong threshold or a home. Eclipse wakes us up and riddles us to make us look at things that need our attention rather than focusing only on ourselves. But this is also exactly what we tend to do when planets move from one sign to another, or they move from retrograde to direct.

One of the most irritable aspects of planets is Mercury retrograde but in 2020 we will have only three of them. Besides Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, and Sagittarius who are always affected the most by the retrograde energy, this year it will be a double whammy for Pisces and Gemini. Additionally, Aquarius, Cancer, and Scorpio, and all those who have any of the above listed signs anywhere in their chart, will feel a piece of this extra energy.

In 2020 there will plenty of changes, not only with people, places, and things but attitude and how we live our lives. I believe the Asian market (China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka) will have some financial crisis’ however, they will grow even bigger and better as they have as the near moves into 2021. The most anticipated drama of the century will not come from your television, but it may come from the 2020 election. It may be someone we have not anticipated; however, our current administration may have incurred so much financial damage that it may take time to put it all together again. But when it does it will be a tower which cannot fall.

A similar situation could happen for the U.K. Since the eclipses last year were viewed more by the Asian countries, they often fall to their lowest and climb high, like there is no tomorrow. Within 3-5 years China, India, and Japan could have markets more stable than America. Nevertheless, with Mercury going into Scorpio in October, do not be surprised if more breaches and things hidden become uncovered.

Because of the moon placement and how the theories are determined, I would suggest reading my moon placement blog which will further explain why there is contradiction. Read more here. But the marvels of the full super moon and micro moons will surely leave with an ahh. There will be two super full moons, one on March 9 and another on April 7, 2020. The furthest new moon, which is referred to as Micro New moon, will be on March 24, but the two micro full moons will be October 1 and October 31, 2020.

Additionally, we will have a Black moon this year on August 18, 2020, and a blue moon on October 31, 2020. On top of that, we are also due for two meteor showers, one will be before this is posted on Jan 3-5, 2020 and another April 21-23, 2020.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so much is yet to come. It will be best explained as we move month by month.


2020 will begin with a bang, of course. There are positives and negatives to all sides. Jupiter, a planet of expansion, will still be in Sagittarius and will bring many needed blessings. This planet influences education and spirituality, but most predominately, children and honor. Additionally, Mars will be in Scorpio where it loves to be. It has been in Scorpio since December 3, 2019.

As Western Astrology is more widely read in the Americas, some may say it is in Sagittarius. But remember that one needs to understand where their position is as far as their views. This is by no way an Astrological blog, rather signs are only used as place holders.

Added to this mix, Sagittarius is also going through a transit of Ketu until the Fall of 2020. This will caution Sagittarius’ and ask them where they are going and how are they going to get there. Do they know their roads or are the roads so blocked that they cannot move one way or the other? Blockages may cause them to slow down. Also, Ketu has a brother who is known as Rahu and sits in Gemini, where they are also blocked by questioning if things that are happening around them are real.

It is also about past life karma and all the work that must be done. Both planets are also known as south and north nodes, also known in VPAT as Past life Karma and Future Karma transforms; the signs involved gives them a stronger threshold. A Good example of this would be the upcoming impeachment trial. Perhaps new laws will be made so that there are better standards in the government, education, and law.

The day before the first eclipse in 2020, Venus will be in Aquarius/Pisces. I call this phase a smart love, whereas the relationship will be based upon intelligence, but remember the Pisces side where Pisces does not want an intense and passionate relationship.

On January 9/10, 2020, there will be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in 20 degrees Gemini/Cancer. Once again, this eclipse will NOT be viewed by the Americas, rather, it will impact Asia (First corona virus in China), parts of Europe, and places in South Africa. But most definitely, Italy, France, Russia, and Australia will be in viewing range. Not only will these eclipses impact these countries, but it could also impact San Francisco and New York (First COVID case in NY misdiagnozed).

During the full moon, expect issues of heavy rain, floods, or snow. The pressure is enough to cause messy conditions on the roads, in the air, and on the water. The most important part of this eclipse is that something which you may have begun in 2018, or ended in the summer of 2018, will now have a fresh start, as this eclipse coincides with the Solar eclipse in July 2018.

If we turn the back the clocks, we remember the 150 people killed in the Japan Floods, the sanctions against Iran which hit our Gas prices, and our hearts patter pattering when we heard of the capsized boat killing 45 people with 5 missing in Thailand, not to mention the boys that had to be rescued by divers.

On the political front, the NATO Summit in Belgium did not go over very well for the U.S. Additionally, President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh as a U.S Supreme Court Justice. We all watched as he was questioned for hours for things he may or may not have done when he was in college. Perhaps another judge may be nominated as perhaps Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg finally wants to retire? Most of these issues, if not all of them, will be up for discussion between now and July 2020, as it takes a full 6 months for all predictions to fall into place.

The same day as the eclipse Uranus, which has been retrograde, will now go direct in Taurus. This transit will affect bringing new expansions in areas of technology, especially when it comes to food (remember the meatless burgers which became prominent during the Uranus direct. Relationships may not be the best whereas there could be distancing between two people, whether by physical or emotional distance. Due to financial dips there may be news that banks are closing or moving their locations to online only. There could be climate changes where the dislocation of people is possible.

It is also a time to appreciate one’s life and how your senses acknowledge the material and spiritual world. Enjoy this transit as it will remain here until August 20, 2020.

However, on January 12th we are going to have one of most spoken about celestial events in 35 years. Something is bound to happen when two planets that bring destruction, Saturn which brings difficult lessons and Pluto which is the God of the Underworld, collide. There are bound to be conflicts and society may go through a change. I wonder if this has anything do with the impeachment trial, or perhaps the Iranian conflict? Saturn is currently in Sagittarius where it wants justice, and Pluto is in Capricorn which has a tendency of overseeing oppression, authoritarianism, and wanting power.

The month of January will end with the new moon in Aquarius/Capricorn at 4 degrees. It is now time to think back to January 24, 2001. This moon is on the exact day and exact degree as it was then. And once again it will be closing a door to something you may have begun in July 27, 2018, which was also at the same degree. As we look back at January 2001, President Clinton said goodbye to the nation and George Bush took over the presidency. On the sporting side, the Superbowl was between Baltimore and the NY Giants. We know today, the NY Giants are not going to make it to the Superbowl. With the positives there were negatives too; over 25 thousand died in the Indian Earthquake. Winter storms hit the California Coast, while the Northeast only felt rain and very little snow. Nevertheless, there is a chapter closing from July 2018. Once again, history from the Summer of 2018 is happening again. For every new moon there is a full moon in 2020, for every full moon there is a new moon to coincide and replicate issues of 2001.

In the mix of all these things, repeating what we will learn in January 2020 is that mix of all that is going on where the U.S., Russia, Iran, U.K, Afghanistan, and Israel will be highlighted in the news. It is possible that it will people from these countries rather than the countries themselves.

By the time the end of January comes around one of the most important aspects is a release of Saturn (difficult karmic lessons) leaving Sagittarius and moving into Capricorn. Saturn loves to be in Capricorn and perhaps Capricorn will love it being there too.

People may become tuned in to helping others and are hard working. Capricorns will also get plenty of help from others. This will help them have great sense of reaching for the sky and that anything is possible for them now.


The month of love brings with it a slow placed energy. With all the active energy we have had since last year, it is time to slow down and the universe is going to force us to do so. Our first Mercury retrograde will occur in Aquarius/Pisces at 12 degrees. Many times, Mercury retrogrades represent things unfinished or answers which were never given to us. To mindfully look at the Mercury retrogrades in 2020, it may be advisable to look back as far as Feb 2007 through 2009 and at 2014 and 2015; these are important aspects of completing or revisiting issues of the past. Unfortunately, Mercury will not go direct until the end of March, and it may be the beginning of April until we can find some relief. So, sit back and enjoy the ride.

One of the most important points during the energy of Mercury will be the issues of Iran and Russia. Additionally, love relationships may fizzle as there will be plenty of misunderstandings. If at all, for those who may have a broken relationship, or the relationship fizzed during the last retrograde, this is the time to bring it back together again.

According to VPAT, the following day, Venus will be entering Pisces, while Mercury begins to slow things down in the romance department. Venus wants to turn it up a notch. There will be a tendency of being a little more gentle, compassionate, and very dreamy.

What better way to start out February than to enjoy the beautiful full moon in Leo/Cancer at 20 degrees. Once again, we are beginning something, or we may have something which is incomplete from the Summer of 2018. Also, the same exact scenarios that occurred on February 9, 2009 are repeating again. Keeping in mind the events which could occur, this can be 7 days before or after the actual full moon. Having said that, in 2009 President Obama deployed over 20 thousand troops to Afghanistan. Could it be that Trump does the same for Iran? Additionally, there were job cuts in the automobile industry, especially in Japan, due to an economic downturn. Hence, with the tensions in Iran, could the price of oil go so high that people slow down on their purchases of vehicles and another bailout must occur?

Additionally, there were many archeological digs from which we were able to discover fossils and things that we can now begin to understand. But at the same time, there were glitches in technology causing a satellite collision which could occur again. Then again, I would not be at all surprised if North Korea, South Korea, and Ukraine hit the news along with Los Angeles and New York.

Valentine’s Day is supposed to bring love in the air and signs of Spring, but instead it will put most everything into question as Mercury will be retrograde in Aquarius/Pisces and Mars will enter Sagittarius, according to VPAT. During this time there may be bursts of energy and love coming freely. There is just something about this time that brings pure energy. But this does not mean that all will be rosy either; expect plenty of anger and resentment, and there is bound to be avoidance of consequences by not taking accountability. Since Sagittarius rules law, truth, and education, it could be that the world will need to be ready for changes in the impeachment trial. Could it also be that some changes are coming in areas of higher education? But most definitely, not only will Sagittarius have power and energy, but it would not be surprising if Virgo, Gemini, and Pisces begin new projects or developments in their lives.

Perhaps the New Moon in Pisces will bring some peace which we so desperately need. On February 23, 2020, we will have a New Moon in Pisces at 4 degrees. Now we must complete what we began in the heat of summer 2007, or rather, never to go back to it again. Also, shall begin or revisit something we may have begun on February 23, 2001, as this was the last time the new moon was in Pisces at the same degree. Pisces’ being so intuitive and spiritual (though they may not show it all the time), will have the possibility that the energy is just right to have focus on Egypt, Jerusalem, or even Normandy.

VPAT always considers New Moon as an ending or blurred vision and looking at the past, I do feel that Iran will call their allies. I am almost positive that the U.S will also call on theirs and bombing raids would not be out of the question. One of the tactics of war would be even tougher sanctions on Iran, which could take the world and the U.S Economy to its most difficult turn of events.

Pisces is always known for a curiosity of the celestial and concerns in areas of human life. Perhaps this time we will find more information on the celestial formation and once and for all something might be done as a result of the recent e-cigarette deaths. Even though tobacco smoking was a risk in 2001, and became an epidemic, February 2001 is when many who began to suffer started to sue tobacco companies. Could it be time that similar issues for e-cigarettes happen this February?

Whatever happens in February are the risks of humanity but one thing for certain is there are 29 days this year in February. Perhaps this will be a very long February.


As we move into March all will be little lethargic as Mercury continues to move backwards into Pisces. The most difficult days will be February 18 through March 9, 2020. The most similarities of energy would be with the time around 2007. It’s about going back to the drawing board of the Iran/Iraq war when British Troops withdrew. Perhaps this time they may reenter Iraq?

The retrograde is about redoing something, depending upon sign it sits in. When Mercury moves through Pisces it may be about emotions, indulgence (i.e. drugs or other addiction), or spirituality in the form of religious beliefs. As it moves backward to Aquarius it is always about innovation, science, and space. Perhaps new things in all these areas will come to light. I also would not be surprised if Oklahoma City holds some sort of a vigil for some of those that passed away.

However, light will be quite bright as the full moon brightens the sky. On March 09, 2020, in Virgo/Leo this light will be so bright because it will be closest to the earth, as our first Super Moon. Once again, we are looking at similarities at the exact date and degree of the moon as it was in 2001. Additionally, we will see the closing the issues that were raised in September of 2007, and 2015. We are bound to see some unemployment issues rise yet we may be told they have decreased.

Since this is an earthy moon, earthquakes would not surprise me with gushes of mudslides and rain. In 2001, one of the largest earthquakes hit India killing over 21 thousand people. However, the biggest world conflict was between Israel and Palestine; could we revisit this again? As things unfold in Iran and Iraq, I surely hope that Russia halts the sales of weapons to Iran, as this may cause more bloodshed.

All this chaotic energy would not be at all surprising as Mars moves into Capricorn, whereas the tendency of people’s attitude and actions can be severe, sluggish, or hostile. Yet this will all be based upon some sort of an emotional disposition. This intense transit could begin as early as St. Patty’s day, which this year falls on Friday, March 13, or as late as one week later. What do you know? The new moon in Aries.

Our first Micro New Moon will occur on March 24, 2020 which is also a New Moon in Aries. It is obvious that whenever Aries comes into play, it can be a very aggressive energy. But then this new moon would not be complete unless there are similar issues from the past coming full circle. Rewind for a moment to March 2001 when the new moon was at exactly 4 degrees like this new moon. Nevertheless, this is also ending a something that began in September 2015. Every full moon impacts a new spiritual beginning and energy to ignite your own inner strength and power. However, full moon always represents something that never got off the ground and will now be perfect, or at least we will have a chance to experience it in full motion.

Could it be that finally, interference in elections will end? I also hope that there are no more shootings; but most of all, any fires that kill any children. But I would not be surprise at all if there are some casualties in an Asian country such as China, Japan, or Korea. Aries energy can be so powerful that there could be unnecessary arguments which damage other people. Tempers will rise and there will be plenty of reckless energy.

Hopefully this energy won’t last long when Venus enters Taurus. As Taurus is ruled by Venus, there are bound to be lots of things happening in areas of music and the arts. Beautiful homes and landscapes are going to be theme. We can begin to relax, because Mercury will begin to station direct into Aquarius, and all those glitches in areas of science, spirituality, and space now become much clearer to everyone. Hence, there will be one sign that could be jumping for joy.

Capricorns will finally get their bite of the pie when Jupiter enters Capricorn. But be careful as Jupiter can bring negatives and positives (read more here). The craziness will occur with them as Jupiter does not like Capricorn as much as Saturn loves Capricorn. Capricorns will now soar in their motivation and will work hard. It will bring plenty of influence on spirituality, especially to make sure they are meticulous with everything they do.

With Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto in Capricorn, it seems that mud and mudslides could be the theme for March; then again, it may be earthquakes and nature causing fury on our turf. This is exactly what nature wants, for us to open our eyes as we move into April. With ravishing Venus in Aries where passions will be high, hopefully our aggression will not force us into a material world rather than humility.


As we move into April, the Jupiter/Pluto presence will force us to go for whatever success we want as it’s a driven energy. If it be in areas of career or any projects, it will impact your life one way or the other. The other side of this transit can lead to egoism, greediness, vengeance, or to seek this power. It’s best to succeed without manipulation and hidden tactics. It’s time to grow up by taking on a mature and level head during this time, because a few days after this vital energy we will all be forced to look at things differently.

With our eyes wide open, our last and 2nd Super Moon will light the sky once again in the scales of Libra at 18 degrees on April 07, 2020. Once again, the issues of 2001 April are highlighted, as well as an examination of issues of September 2007 and October 2015. In the scales of Libra there could be much blame on the U.S for any chaos that occurs in Asia. The issues of Ukraine could be brought up again. There could be racial issues that could cause a divide. In the mix of it all I would not be surprised if Canada, China, Japan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia become prominent in the news.

I also would not be surprised if we hear news of a U.S Attorney – maybe a resignation? With the Aries energy, perhaps issues of bombs and fires are very possible. With the full moon also, the pressure could cause an early hurricane or tornado season for many.

No matter what happens early or during the full moon on April 07, 2020, life will be made quite simple this Easter and perhaps the universe will even allow many of us enjoy the taste of spring on April 12, 2020.

Ten days after Easter, life will continue to sparkle for many. This will be an opportunity to absorb and learn everything. The more resistance we have, the tougher life will be; Saturn will look at Capricorn in the eye by creating a quincunx. It is a time to wake up and change ourselves by healing past things. It’s also a time to look at what one can do and how they behave; to look inside ourselves and see the real us. Once again, Pluto (in Capricorn) and Chiron (Aries) will make a nice harmony together if there is no resistance. On the same day, the void of the moon in Taurus will force our eyes closed once more.

As the new moon in Taurus voids the sky on April 23 at 3 degrees, we must wonder what chapters will be closed during this time. Remember, new moons always close chapters and full moons bring the energy to begin a new one. Whatever we set in motion on October 26, 2007 and October 27, 2015 we must now reconsider, and whatever we could not complete April 23, 2001 will need to be restructured to make it possible for us to have a concrete ground. However, remember there will be another chance to revisit these issues in 25 years.

Once more rewinding back, President Clinton has just left the Oval office and now the Bush administration had its hands full. Tornadoes ripped across Kansas and wiped a quarter of its towns. The LIFE act (Legal Immigration Family Equality Act), where those that may have come to the U.S, or worked Illegally, can obtain an immigration visa to the U.S instantly. But we all know this is a known issue where our current government is trying to remove illegal immigrants; including raids which are conducted without notifications. Therefore, there are bound to be issues of illegal immigration, perhaps DACA or other laws which could have an opportunity to change, or we can close our eyes to it.

Income inequalities were a growing concern in 2007 dividing the countries between the “Have’s and Have-not’s.” Currently we have a soft housing market, could it be that there could be a Mortgage or Interest crisis that could cause things to rattle and shake again? Then, I would not be surprised if there would be some major glitch in Chinese toys or merchandise causing the U.S. to reconsider the treaty with China. There are, of course, the gun issues which have continued to put fears into children and their parents. I also would not be surprised if there are even tougher laws about this. But I also would not be surprised if there is a change of seats for House Speaker either. There will also be possibilities of sending more troops to the Iran/Iraq border. As this is a Taurus moon, multiple issues involving health and food could also hit the news.

We will end April with Pluto which is in Capricorn at this time and will be moving retrograde, not stationing direct until October. This will be at a time when issues of the past, including matters of love and power, could be questioned.

The next 6 months is about you looking at changes that need to be made, especially in areas of the directive attitudes you have. It’s also about looking at your subconscious mind and seeing what you are ignoring, and looking at people, places, and things that must leave your life, just in time for 3 planets to move retrograde in May 2020.



We will begin May with a little bit of relief, but not for long. Enjoy the moment as Mars moves into Aquarius, according to VPAT. Whereas, many attitudes will be about people being fair to one another. With emancipated freedom for all, there will be plenty of stability and dependability. Perhaps trust can be established with those authority and masculine figures in our lives.

A few days later, on May 10, 2020, the full moon will move into Scorpio/Libra at 17 degrees depending upon the orb. It seems as the world had ended something, but it was not perfected, therefore whatever was started in May 2001 has to be once again revamped. But most of all, whatever we ended in October 2007 must be restarted as it was unfinished. Those issues that needed to be fixed in 2001 were first brought up for consideration slightly in May of 2009, and then again in May of 2012. Nevertheless, we must know what we are looking to do because if we aren’t able to make headway, we may not have many opportunities until 2026.

One thing for certain, headlines will be animated in Washington D.C., New Orleans, Vienna, and Baltimore. This is especially true when the headlines are about issues of Iraq, Israel, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Syria, and Turkey. I’m certain that something will be hidden or be quickly uncovered during a Presidential address to the Nation as it was in May of 2001. There also could be issues revolving others leaving the administration and those that are brought in. Perhaps there will be tougher laws when it comes to illegal drugs. Or it may be there could be a mandate to vaccinate against certain types of illnesses.

Being that it will be a full moon, pressure of the tides could strike tropical storms in the east. Most of all, I hope there are mitigation efforts as I still am concerned that California may make history again as wind and water could bring major mudslides or fires. On the economic front, I would not be at all surprised that the Dow soars.

With all the twists and turns, it’s time to slow down once again as the ghost period of Mercury retrograde begins to bring chaotic energy. Beginning in Cancer, moving backward to Gemini, the forward to Leo and back again, the crazy energy will begin on May 31, 2020 and will continue until July 26, 2020. Additionally, the drum roll for the most transformational issues will be the Eclipse in June, as Cancers will complete their journey and now Gemini/Sagittarius begins theirs. Also, Capricorn will also complete their own transformation slowly but surely.


June will begin with a bang, as this kind of energy has not been felt since 2012 when the eclipse was last in Sagittarius. The lunar eclipse in Scorpio/Sagittarius will surely bring plenty of changes for many of you. This eclipse will occur on June 6 and 7 depending upon the place of residence. At 15 degrees in Scorpio and Sagittarius, many changes will be created.

This is a second beginning of old ideas which may have occurred in December 2007 and 2018, as well as tweaking things from June 2001 and 2012. We are making a full circle once again; whatever remains during this full moon is meant to be, and whatever is gone must once and for all be gone. As for this energy, we will not be confronted again until December 2037 to see what we adapted and what must go once and for all.

The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is like the one we had in January 2020, however this time perhaps many portions of Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe may see this. Hence, Korea, Syria, Turkey, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Spain will be in the mix of all this. But at home, affected cities will include Washington D.C., Baltimore, and New Orleans. I would not be surprised with all the fire in this eclipse that we hit record high temperatures or even flooding that we may not be prepared for.

Since this is a Sagittarius eclipse, I would not be at all surprised if children, law, and truth are the highlights, then again, it is also in Scorpio. The facts will remain that something will be uncovered again. A focus on education and teens will be in discussions held by the U.S Administration. Health Care may also be an issue, or at least up for debate as far as reform. Homeland security and gun violence in the schools may also create some sort of new law or reform. Climate change conferences may wake up leaders to take an active role which could change the emission standards in many states.

Issues of law and order, including sexual assault victims, may reveal themselves as the hidden becomes an open venue for many. Fire, Tsunami, and earthquake issues in the viewing countries are very possible. With fire and water a focus of the Lunar eclipse, something is bound to see some steam.

The eclipse energy usually lasts for well over 6 months and it could very well take some time before we will all recover from the mixed emotions. With Mars moving in Pisces two weeks later, transparency will be the key to have absolutely no boundaries as we will feel everything around us, and our antennas will build makers when the time is right to set the stage for action. Though we will be given this gift until almost August 2020, don’t breathe too deeply as another eclipse is right around the corner.

Solar Eclipse and the New moon in Cancer will be the last eclipse for Cancers for a bit. A 0 degrees, all early born Cancers will be affected early, more so than later. But this is not the first time many of us have felt this, and it will not be the last. Issues from June 21, 2001 (exact degree and date as the eclipse June 2020) December 2007, December 2015, June 2017, and December 2018 will all be revisited.

Family and home are the most important things to Cancer. Anything that brings more security to the family as a unit will be the force behind the transformation of this eclipse. Cancers are also very empathic, spiritual, and intuitive; therefore, it would not be surprising if religion is also a focus. I feel that due to the extreme heat caused by the past lunar eclipse, shark attacks or water accidents may also be a possibility. I certainly hope that there are no more displacements of people in California due to fires.

Collusion issues have been ongoing since 2017, and many people were in the heart of this issue in 2018 and perhaps now truth will be set free? Could another business of the President be closed due to misused funds? But more importantly, someone important and someone that may be dearly loved by many could pass away that could leave us all in a “Aww” and shock moment.

All will seem much clearer as to what we need to do when Neptune retrogrades in Pisces. There will be no more living under a cloud. Reality has never been so good when the truth always sets us free. A friend of mine once said to me, “We are all swimming in an ocean drunk and everything seems surreal. But when we wake up it’s like the fog is lifted and we can see again”-Lee Stillwaters.

Then again, this will all be done so slowly as Mercury stations retrograde in Gemini/Cancer. If you keep a diary, which I recommend, go back to your diary from June 2007, 2014, and 2015. Similar issues are bound to happen. It may not be the exact scenario, but surely it will be similar. There will be plenty of misunderstandings in the U.K., U.S., North and South Korea, India, and Ukraine.

On the other hand, there are bound to be re-connections with people from the past that may come knocking at your door to see if you really want them in your life. Relationships could break up or things could suddenly straighten out. No matter what the case is, it will be very emotional and it may have to do with family matters and misunderstandings as changes of heart and mind will be key to resolution.

Maybe it’s exactly what is needed as Venus enters Aries. There could be driven energy to go after what we desire, no matter what the circumstances are. There is an old saying, “If you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen.” Dramas are very possible with the water, fire, and air energy. Hence, this is exactly what Jupiter wants, to go backwards into Sagittarius to make sure they have all that they need, and all the seeds are planted correctly. This will be a glorious time for many. Enjoy your time and plant the seeds with fertilizer as it won’t last too long until the next eclipse where Capricorns will finally finish their transformation and turn into butterflies.

For those who are not an earth sign (Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo), hang on you are in for a very bumpy ride in July.


Nothing much is happening during the first few days of July. But on the 4th and 5th of July there is plenty happening. The full moon and the Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius/Capricorn is bound to bring some openings to many. This is the last eclipse that Capricorn will have to suffer through until 2027. Sitting pretty in Sagittarius/Capricorn at 13 degrees, I can say all mutable signs (Gemini, Pisces, Virgo, and Sagittarius) and Cardinal Signs (Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, and Libra) will be affected. This includes those that have any planets in the signs mentioned above.

It’s time to turn back the clocks again. It’s time to solidify the business which we began on July 4, 2001 and in the summer of 2012. It is also time to reconsider things from January 4, 2011 and January 2, 2013 to see if these ideas, circumstances, and attitudes are worth keeping. Having said that, it is imperative to understand that in the karmic theories everything in life makes a full circle.

The full moon always brings pressure and tides, but this is also a Fire and Earth eclipse. Therefore, I would not be at all surprised if mudslides and flooding break bridges. Also, fire or glitches in our infrastructure are possible, such as planes, trains, and things that move us from one place to another.

I am sure many of you recall the flooding in Virginia which broke the bridges and killed two people. If not, surely you can remember Hurricane Sandy which ripped the East Coast and brought oceans of water after first flooding the Southeast U.S. Both incidents occurred in July of 2001 and 2012. Similar situations occurred in January 2011 where major flooding occurred in Brazil and Australia, while snow fell in areas of the United States which had not seen snow in years. Flooding and snow in the northern and southern regions paralyzed the east coast of the U.S., while freezing temperatures in China caused the evacuation of over 70 thousand people. Similar issues occurred in January 2013 when, triggered by heavy tropics, an EF3 tornado touched Northern Georgia killing 20 people. Australia also had a heatwave which killed many. This is definitely nature’s way of saying to us “What have you done for me lately?” Unfortunately, I expect to hear more news similar to what I have just discussed.

I also would not be surprised if we hear news regarding issues of Australia, Chile, India, U.K., Afghanistan, and Sudan. Furthermore, the spotlight may also be on Oxford, Mexico, Delhi, Toronto, and Budapest. The full moon always brings some sort of a blessing, so it does not mean it will be negatively impacting our view. Perhaps something beautiful will occur which could leave us to feel very happy to say that it was fair. As this energy lasts for 6 months into the future, now is the time for Sagittarius and Capricorn to shake their hands and go their separate ways.

Finally, one of the worst transits, except for Saturn, will go backwards in time, meaning we will finally see who we are and the baggage we have been carrying from the past that has caused us so much grief. It’s time to put away the book of excuses as your passion will lead to where you need to be. Now the universe will heal you, and everything that is experienced while Chiron is retrograde is a lesson that you will learn. Those that could be impacted the most are again Fire signs (Sagittarius, Leo, and especially Aries). But at least there will be some relief as some planets move forward.

Some relief will be here for sure as the planet of communication and infrastructure begins to move direct. Communications will finally straighten out and perhaps we all can continue to move forward. This is the time many will find a way out of the relationship from the past, and the current will stay or go. We will no longer be in a fog of severe emotions and incomplete communications. Perhaps all the plans which were once halted may also move along nicely, but something must definitely come to a close.

When Mercury has completely stationed direct, the new moon in Cancer at 28 degrees will surely bring something to a closure. We cannot possibly see without the light. It all was bleak when it began in July of 2001. Though we had a chance at resolution in July 2009 and July of 2012, now we must choose it or lose it as we will not have a chance to revisit this for a long time. To really understand what the issues were, we must think back to July 2001. If you can recall the summer of 2001 then you will be able to recall the circumstances very well. This is a Cancer moon, having a lot to do with family and your own emotions.

In July 2001, China and Russia signed a Treaty of Friendship. The G8 summit took place with massive riots against a globalization movement and a 60-car train derails in Baltimore. On the other hand, the first hybrid vehicle by Toyota called the “Prius” makes a name for itself. Could we now see better vehicles? Can the leaders finally see that Mother Nature does not need to be contained with buildings? This, of course, is yet to be determined. Then again, it is the nature of the beast as Venus in Gemini is about being a bit curious.

Venus in Gemini will ask questions, analyze, research and then spread the news of what was found. But Gemini’s are fickle, meaning they will question their own research a lot before they even think about presenting it. Whatever is discovered it could very well play into the month of August.


As we move into summer’s heat and humidity, the eclipses are behind us and Mercury has cleared our energy for just a bit. The universe will now open our eyes to the first full moon of August in Aquarius/Capricorn and the transformation changes for both will continue to move forward until February 3, 2021.

The Green Corn moon will get us prepared for Fall, and the Storm moon in the south will prepare them for monsoon and hurricane season. I would not be at all surprised that the U.K., Afghanistan, India, Russia, and Sweden make headline news. Additionally, New York may still experience the controversy of financial hardship or economic reform. Florida may be very busy with atmosphere changes such as hurricanes, massive floods, or water damage. There could also be dramatic events in Washington while Alaska is examined with a microscope for climate change.

Though I would like to say that history repeats itself, the energy of this moon will be slightly off. Perhaps the first non-astronauts may enter space as NASA had launched Genesis in 2001. As Timothy McVeigh was executed then, could we see either a terrorist or even a drug king be in the same spot? But as Bush refused to sign the Kyoto Agreement on Climate change, I can sincerely hope that there is a change of heart for the current President of the United States.

However, the energy of this moon is so close to the degree we felt in 2009 and 2012 that I can’t help but to see so many similarities which are yet to come. I predict that there may be another woman in the supreme court by the time this year is over. Perhaps someone will retire. Additionally, we may find out that the death of someone who was spotlighted in the news which could have been ruled suicide becomes a homicide, and someone will be slapped on their hands.

With Uranus retrograding on the 15th, it may be a time we look at what must go in our lives and what must stay. Through the pandemic crunch we will come to realize that we may need to make a budget, as stock markets could continue their roller coaster rides. But with Mars in Aries, tempers will rise, and chaos could be the key. Then suddenly pitch black.

The cosmos will deliver to us the 2nd black moon of 2020 on August 18, 2020. Black moon is usually the new moon and this moon falls on the loving Leo. Something is bound to end. This may be relating to issues of 2001, 2009, and 2012 once again. But whatever it is, there may be issues revolving around or associated with the U.S, Korea, Columbia, and perhaps on the home base in New York and Georgia.

Whatever the endings are going to be, they will be heaped through poured emotions as Venus enters Cancer according to VPAT. Roller coasters of self-protective energy could possibly cause some of us to second guess our decisions. It will be just in time to bring forth some concrete light as we enter September.


Highlighted with the brightness of its beauty, the full moon in Pisces/Aquarius will surely bring some light to many. Natural beginnings mean an end to something. In this situation, perhaps we should become more spiritual and maybe there will be an advance in a vaccine for COVID-19. However, the worm moon to the southern hemisphere will surely bring crops and hunters moon to the north will bring light to the hunters.

It’s certain that it is a start of something which began in March 2014, and especially planted seeds of 2006 along with an exact replica of energy felt in 2001.

I would not say this was good energy as just 9 days later, on September 11, we will be mourning our loss from hijacked planes with three attacks on the United States. I also would not be surprised if we hear about a patent on something unique.

Since the full moon is in Pisces/Aquarius, conflict regarding religion and freedom could be the key to headline news, possibly an Israeli/Palestinian conflict or some sort of religious upheaval. But surely, a breakthrough in science and technology will also lead to innovation. Furthermore, old burials, fossils, and discoveries could help us better understand the past.

It could keep us busy until our first new moon in Virgo on September 17, 2020. This may have a lot to do with health issues and structure, hence possibly like the energies felt in 2009, 2012, and 2017, natural endings to things that may have begun in March of 2003 2007, and 2014, but once again the exact degree in 2001.

One of the best aspects of September is when Rahu enters Taurus. This could bring recognition when it is due. But at the same time, tempers could rise and relationships could also go through a rocky road. With Ketu entering Scorpio there will be plenty of time for research and investigations of things that were once hidden, bringing them to light. The layer of surprise is exactly what is unknown. Nevertheless, Saturn has now moved back into Capricorn according to VPAT thus giving us the strength to work hard and help others do the same. Ambition and dependability will be the name of the game at the end of September because within a week we are in for a very bumpy ride when Mercury retrograde once again slows us down.

I do feel that we are in a puppet show of Gods as gigantic roller coaster rides take us from the heavens to hell and back, and survival of the fittest are the warriors of the future as we enter autumn


Every time I want to continue completing my predictions for 2020, my hands shake, and fingers begin to sweat. I can only imagine what wonders and shocks the universe will throw our way.

With Mercury retrograde ghost period energy beginning in October, the sluggish energy could slow us down even further. There could be plenty of confusion in areas of law and love and as always, people come knocking at our door after we have closed the doors to them. Do you really want to open that door again?

Nevertheless, we will open October with Full Micro Moon in Aries/Pisces. During this time many will be consumed by dreams of grandeur and goals, some of which may be so unrealistic that they could do whatever they can to convince others. I would not be surprised if the aggressive nature of humanitarian or equality becomes the forefront of change. The more we see how people are hurting physically and emotionally, the more empathetic and compassionate we become. At the same time, because our emotions will be so steamy, people may not readily listen to us. Those that could be affected by the energy could be in California, New York, Florida, New Jersey, and Texas. Similarities could resemble issues that may need to be reconsidered from October 2001. Most of all, putting an end to situations that could have begun in March of 2006 2014, and 2017.

With the steam of Aries/Pisces moon energy colliding with Mars Retrograde in Pisces, there is a greater chance of tempers rising. Our patience will be tested to its highest limits. However, it will all give us a chance to internalize if we are conflicting with the outside world or having an internal conflict which restricts us in every way.

Whether we choose to believe or not, our world as we have known it is never going to be the same again. With the long journey of Pluto in Capricorn this is bound to occur. But it will be a slow turn of events. Almost every time we have had Pluto in Capricorn there has been a revolution. Then again, I have been talking about revolution for quite some time. Just think of it this way, the Declaration of Independence, Industrial Era, and for Indians it’s when the British overthrew the Indian Government and occupied India. Much of the Pluto in Capricorn period revolved around looking through the abyss. Either the richer will get richer while the poorer will get poorer, or we will finally have equality and regain a foundation of strength and equality. I can almost foresee this happening between 2023-2024 when it moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius. The seeds are being planted right now.

With Mercury stationing retrograde on October 13, 2020, I would not be surprised if the issues of the last retrograde come into focus. I am sure you recall that was a long 3-month haul into isolation for many of us. Maybe we finally open the doors. But what I fear is that if we don’t open them gently, the isolation will repeat itself again. The intense energy of Mercury retrograde station will certainly bring some surprising news or news that was once hidden, and I would not be surprised if it follows some sort of a legal issue.

But all is not lost as we enjoy the most beautiful celebration of Navratri (nine nights). There are only two times that a new moon is about celebration in the Hindu culture; they are Navratri and Diwali. For sure, the new moon in Libra on the 16/17 of October will end a cycle and await the energy of beginning a new one during Diwali.

Those that will be affected by this moon would also be those that have been in the news for a while, such as China, Japan, Iraq, Israel, Koreas, Syria, and Turkey. At home, however, keep a close eye on what happens in California especially Oakland, Miami, and New Orleans around this time.

To best understand this energy, look back at the Falls of 2001, 2009, and 2012. At the same time, whatever officially began, whether a relationship or some sort of a beginning in the 2004, will have to finally come to an end.

When Venus enters Virgo, there will be plenty of devotion, consistency, and acceptance. Finally, after so much trouble, anger, and resentment, the energy may cause some of us to have a change of tune. However, Virgos’ natural tendencies are that they like things consistent, thus any kind of change can be scary. For Virgos, starting the 22nd of October until 18th of November, you will be the best you can be.

Our Halloween 2020 will come with the best surprise, which is not only a Blue moon but a Micro Full moon in Aries/Taurus. Goblins, Vampires, little ferries, and frozen characters will walk the streets for trick or treats and no need to worry about light as there will be light everywhere, just look at the sky and you shall see.

One of the best things about this moon is uniqueness; there has not been one exactly at 8 degrees since 2001, then again, everything in 2020 is repeating 2001. Looking back and think about something you started in the spring of 2003, 2004, 2009, 2017, or 2014. Each of these years had to do with money. Was it that you purchased a home, made an investment, moved, or spent on something else which was significant? Finally, it will be revamped and redirected. But for sure, Chicago, Los Angeles, Louisville, and Atlanta will have something significant change, as will Spain, Germany, Japan, and Rome.

Nevertheless, I have always said that a full moon can be felt for 7 days before and after; therefore, this moon will not be any different. There will be some aggression and stubbornness during the election this year in the United states. Keep in mind the moon on October 31 is Aries/Taurus, therefore, I would not be surprised at all if Biden takes a huge lead because something is uncovered during the election.

What it will be is yet to be determined, but because Mercury is going to continue to retrograde and goes direct on Election Day, I would not be surprised that results do not come until the 3rd week of November. I certainly hope that I am incorrect on this. As we close out October and go into November all I can say is let the games begin…


As Mercury continues to remain in Libra/Scorpio, secrets and law are highlighted, and there may be things uncovered from the past. The United States elections will be watched by the world. There will be drama for sure, as the people of the U.S want a fair election.

Because the elections are still not calculated by November 15, 2020, there will not be realistic celebration. There will, however, be a spiritual celebration all over the world. The celebration of Diwali and the new moon in Scorpio is bound to place endings of some sort to bring forth a new year for many. In fact, this Diwali celebration will be as beautiful as it was in November 2001 and 2009. During that time perhaps something came to an ending naturally and new ideas came to mind. Nevertheless, those ideas and thoughts went under review and were rediscovered during the Spring of 2006 and 2014.

Whatever the circumstances and similarities of these events, they certainly made headline news for Anchorage, Little Rock, Denver, Hartford, Tampa, Boise, St. Paul, St. Louis, Nevada, Newark, North Carolina, North Dakota, Harrisburg, Newport, South Dakota, Washington State, and Cheyenne. The question here is could it be these are the places where we wait for votes to be counted, or is there something hidden we do not know about? Whatever the case, the eyes of the world will also be on Austria, Korea, Lebanon, Turkey, and Syria. I can’t help but to say something is really hidden in New Orleans, Baltimore, Washington, and Cincinnati. Could it be that votes are lost, or could it be there may be some election fraud? Whatever it is, know that it won’t be long before it is uncovered.

A couple of days after the new moon, Venus is moving into Libra, which gives us the energy to be to be fair, and this energy invites us to be accommodating. If anything does not get straightened out know that it will within 5 days of the new moon. This is because Jupiter will be moving direct into Capricorn according VPAT and Jupiter loves Capricorn. Now it will be a time to know if the right thing is done, then doors will open with grandeur, resulting in financial growth and hard work.

Perhaps nothing will make us happy until Mercury moves through all the stages, and by Thanksgiving it will be behind us. Therefore, enjoy your time with your family. You have two days of bliss until major transformation comes again.

This will be an eye opening. But then we could all be wearing rosy glasses with a utopian vision of grandeur of the future when Neptune moves direct in Pisces on the 28th day after thanksgiving. Nevertheless, we can only hope that Neptune keeps us grounded as the eclipse in Gemini/Taurus makes a grand entrance as being 2nd to last eclipse of 2020.

As every eclipse comes in pairs, this eclipse piggy backs off the Solar Eclipse in June and lunar Eclipse in July. Unfinished business will be finished. Those that will be affected by this eclipse are Gemini/Taurus. Rewind for a moment – I can guarantee you that you have been in this energy before unless you are under 16, then you should not be reading this anyway, but if you do, read and you will learn something.

This energy will be exactly like the energy in November 2001 and 2012; can you see something already? Perhaps elections every 4 years? In 2001 the U.S Election was between (R) George W Bush (Cancer/Gemini) and (D) Al Gore (Aries/Sagittarius). Of course, there was a legal issue that was brought, arguing that all the votes were not counted, and the Supreme Court sided for George W. Bush.

In 2012, the electoral vote accepted the nomination of (D)Barrack Obama (Leo/Gemini) and (R) Mitt Romney (Pisces/Scorpio), people just did not feel comfortable as there was too much secrecy. Thus, the people sided with Barrack Obama for his second term.

I am sure you see the sign already, both presidential nominees had their moon in Gemini. In 2020, here is the possibility (I admit I could be wrong): (R) Donald Trump (Gemini/Sagittarius) and (D) Joe Biden (Sagittarius/Taurus) what could this mean? All I can say is that this will be a battle that will be unforgettable. If we were to look at history there were two presidents that were Gemini’s before Trump, they served only on term; Kennedy & GHW Bush. Whereas, there were 3 presidents prior to Biden; Van Buren (2 terms), Taylor (died in office) followed by Pierce (resigned) (served 1 term but Taylor & Pierce covered (1.5 terms). It seems to be a pattern here and I am sure you will figure it out.

Once again if we were to look at the patterns of the eclipse and go back in time once more; immigration protests (communication of fairness) and Enron fraud (something hidden gets uncovered) in 2006 shocked us all.

There were similar issues of immigration where children without parents were crossing the border and President Obama tried to find a solution while Nathan Mueller of Ing took billions of dollars for his lifestyle rather than helping people.

Could we find similar issues in November?

I can say for certain; Indianapolis, Annapolis, Ann Arbor, Saint Paul, Jackson, Montana, Reno, Trenton, New York, Charlotte, Ohio, Salem, Greenville, Waco, Vermont, and Wyoming will be a part of the eclipse transit. What part they will play is left to be decided, but it is guaranteed that things will continue to remain uncertain even as we move into December.


December 1, 2020 could be a time of unexpected financial or material gains when Venus moves into Scorpio; however, many are not looking for instant gratification. Companionship bliss will happen with passion and deliverance. Take care though, as keeping secrets is never a good thing for relationships. If there is loyalty and gratitude this transit can be very beneficial. Enjoy the ride and breathe deeply as the last major transit will surely bring endings once again.

The total solar eclipse in Sagittarius will most definitely uncover secrets and bring truth to the surface. This is an ending of a cycle that began in December 2001, was redefined in June 2003, and now those ideas, places, and things are no longer useful. For example, in 2001 the world suffered a major economic deterioration due to the 911 attacks. The economic fall in 2001 was not seen at that severity for 20 years. In the summer of 2003, our eyes opened when we saw unemployment rise to almost 6.5%, again going back to 20 years prior. These trends are already happening, but we do not know how the world is affected, but we know for sure that with COVID the unemployment is at 8.4%. I certainly hope it does not get worse. I remember my grandfather once said, “sometimes in life we have fall hard to appreciate what we have.” I do believe we have fallen hard.

Similar energies to natural endings happened in the winter of 2009 and 2012. In December 2009, economist Ben Bernanke was given honors after rescuing the world from deeper recession. This did not mean we were in the clear, no, it meant something had to give. After many years of trying to put the world economy back together, even in the winter of 2012, it was strategized that the economic growth will still be trickling like a drop from a facet. And those that suffered the most were United States and Japan. This is all because our eyes were closed, and we could not see beyond the clouds.

The magnificent re-starts came in the summer of 2011 and 2014. As I discussed in the previous paragraph, there were improvements to the global economy; it began in 2011 but it was slow, and it was just re-emerging. By the summer of 2014, globally, the world is finally at a position to say we have recovered from the great recession through the growth of strong job prospects, and international reforms.

Nevertheless, those that would be greatly impacted by this eclipse would be those in Spain, Chile, Saudi, Kenya, and Libya. But don’t expect that everything will be alright at home either. There may be some states that will have natural endings and open eyes to justice such as Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Louisiana, Indiana, Illinois, Delaware, and Alabama. I hope that these states have nothing to do with the election, then again, I would not be surprised if these states have more mail-in votes which create controversies in the U.S politics.

With all the fiery energy and the lethargic introspection since the July eclipse, finally we can see a little clear. Chrion was retrograding since July and it allowed us to understand past pain and how to push past it. Hence, being retrograde for so long, we were going through a major introspection. Now we can heal our wounds, take initiative and allow ourselves self-expression. But remember, we will go through these transits for another 5 more years until it switches signs. So do not run, it is nothing personal against you, everyone is feeling it.

The grand finale will be when the moon is bright in Gemini/Cancer on the 30th. We may really want to talk about our emotions. This is the only moon that does not coincide with any of the constellations of 2001. Rather, its journey began in December 2009 ended in June 2011 and now it is a restart, never to return at this degree again.

Cancer energy is about the family and the protection to do the same, either to negotiation or through talks. In December 2009 this was the main theme as the U.S healthcare bill was passed. As family income begins to recover, poverty continues to rise through racial and economic disparities but most of all, credit card debts were at an all-time high. By the summer of 2011, healthcare goes back to the house for reform which focuses on fairness of affordable care. This would allow those making between 130%-150% over the poverty level to pay 3 to 5 percent of their income cap for health insurance.

During 2011 the American Jobs Act allowed small business to grow and hire through payroll cuts, tax credits for employers hiring veterans, modernizing and supporting the school system by keeping front-line workers in their positions, and re-employment assistance. Therefore, it can be said that in December 2009 (Full moon) seeds were planted and by summer 2011 (new moon) something more had to be done because it could not stand alone. Now in 2020, I would not be surprised if we go through stronger jobs/health care or similar reforms to bring the economy back together as we will not have a similar chance through this degree again.

But all won’t feel the effects at the same time. Those states that will find the most impact would be Arkansas, Michigan-especially Detroit, Ohio, Oregon, Washington State, California-especially San Francisco, and Texas-especially Huston and Waco.

As we end the year it is important to understand that when we began on 1-1-2020 our numerical number was 6 which emphasizes our work, daily routine, health, diet, exercise, and physicians. Now we need to consider, were any of these changes in our lives?

I would say all of them as many worked from home, others got laid off or furloughed, our daily routine changed to 6 feet of distancing, face masks and washing out hands. COVID 19 caused deaths transmitted through droplets so our outlets to work out or exercise were limited and in many states we even had a curfew.

Now we end the year 12-31-2020; whereas the numerical number is 2 this is the sign of Taurus, currently Uranus is in Taurus. Everything happens unexpectedly and takes us to the abyss. The number two represents our relationships-especially family, questions how we used our finances, did we verbalize our concerns whether written (social media or other means) or verbally (through marches and reform)? But it’s not just as simple as that; its deeper. It is about how much we rely on money, it is our needs and core values, and does money dignify who we are? And to what degree and to what sacrifices?

These are the basic concepts we must end with because a new year brings a new lesson to be learned which will much deeper than this but more spiritual and it connects us all together.

There is a certain part of me hopes that not all or even a slight predispositions are correct.

The other part of me wants to chase fireflies in the wilderness and be one with nature.  Also to understand we cant not change people we can only change ourselves for the betterment of society.



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Glory, Gratitude and Grievance: Premonition of 2019

“The World is your Oyster

Its up to you to find the pearl.”

Chris Gardner

by Maharani Rutan©

(Special thanks to my Husband who put up with my nights locked in my office writing this) (Please note all italics in purple reflects correct predictions for 2018 and those in pink reflect 2019).

Within a matter of a week, 2018 will be behind us and hopefully we are all much wiser and stronger than we were. It is extremely important to understand every challenge in our lives exists to learn from and there is nothing that has occurred serendipitous, at least not this year nor in 2019.

In this blog I want to recap some of the highlights which are in the past but will be a point of referral. As everything in life makes a full circle, so do our lives, conflicts, and nature in which we learn. Throughout this blog I will be referring to my predictions of 2018, which I wrote in December of 2017. As you will notice, about 90% of those predictions are not only accurate but also historical.

The first thing in my prediction was that I dedicated the song “We are here” by Alicia Keys. So why this song? There was something that triggered inside of me which made me want to reach into my visions and I was trying to connect the dots, but now it all makes sense. “We” is the collective “Us” – Humanity, and “here” is a place, it could be the home or any place we call home and reaching to others for a helping hand. But is also something even more profound; a message of action and movement. “We are here” basically stands for “reach out to us, we are all the same.” This focus is primarily on unnecessary and unprepared deaths.

“I feel that 2018 will bring people together more so than ever before. As the catastrophes of 2017 brought neighbors and families together to build something profound, I believe individual mindsets may change into more compassionate and understanding states.”- Predictions of 2018. According to NJP Source, “41% of all donations were sent to assist in natural disasters”, so let’s rewind to the beginning of the year. Keep in mind how the planetary inferences are influence the events of natural and human evolution or destruction. Additionally, they also impact communication, actions, and reactions of many events. It’s too bad that our leaders often do not consider prophecies before they take actions and react to scenarios that could impact millions.

Now we are moving into 2019, and a new lyrics trigger my visions…

Rainin in Paradise

By Manu Chao

Welcome to paradise Welcome to paradise
Today it’s rainin Today it’s rainin Today it’s rainin Today it’s rainin
Welcome to paradise Today it’s rainin
Welcome to paradise Today it’s rainin
Welcome to paradise Today it’s rainin
Welcome to paradise Today it’s rainin
In Zaire
Was no good place to be This world go crazy
It’s an atrocity
In Congo
Still no good place to be Them kill me buddy
Its a calamity
Go Masai go Masai Be mellow Go Masai go Masai Be sharp
Go Masai go Masai Be mellow Go Masai go Masai Be sharp
In Monrovia
This (is) no good place to be  Weapons go crazy
It’s an atrocity
In Palestinia
Too much hypocrisy This world go crazy
It’s no fatality
Go Masai go Masai Be mellow Go Masai go Masai Be sharp
Today it’s rainin Today it’s rainin Today it’s rainin
Today it’s rainin
In paradise Today it’s rainin
Welcome to paradise Today it’s rainin
Welcome to paradise Today it’s rainin
Welcome to paradise
Today it’s rainin
In Baghdad
It’s no democracy That’s just because
It’s a US country
In Fallujah
Too much calamity This world go crazy
It’s no fatality
Go Masai go Masai Be mellow Go Masai go Masai Be sharp
Today it’s rainin Today it’s rainin Today it’s rainin
Today it’s rainin
In Jerusalem
In Monrovia
Guinea-Bissau Today it’s rainin
In Jerusalem
In Monrovia
Guinea-Bissau Today it’s rainin
In Jerusalem
In Monrovia
Guinea-Bissau Today it’s rainin

Welcome to paradise Today it’s rainin
Welcome to paradise Today it’s rainin
Welcome to paradise Today it’s rainin

At this time there is no real justification why this song was chosen.  But the reason will come as time passes. (So far I can only imagine that the Amazon a beautiful paradise is on Fire and perhaps the rain represents someone will stop it? .. I am still thinking and its october)

Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories, are based on several variables. However, since many of the old and new scriptures mention the concept of numerology, astrology, mathematics, and karmic theories, it is important we understand how all these play in the synchronicity of humanity.


Our upcoming year will have two types of variables; the year 2019 and the beginning of the year, January 1, 2019.

The basis of this year will be 2019. Add to that the beginning and end of the year which is: 1-1-2019 (beginning) and 12-31-2019. First, we must look at 2019.  Vedic philosophies break this up into the following:

Dharma Number

2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 2 +1+9 = 3+9 = 12 = 1+2 = 3

Therefore, our dharmic number is 3. As I stated before, we began with 1 and every year we add one more number until we restart at 1 which almost always relates to the years it was 1 in the past. I will explain what 3 means a little later in this blog. But for now, each element must be isolated and analyzed so we are aware of the consequences and gifts of the universe. Therefore, VPAT is considered predictive theories.

Karmic Beginning

Our year begins as 1-1-2019 now to break it down into our path of 2019.

1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 1+ 9 = 2+2 +0 + 1 + 9 = 2 + 2+ 10 = 2 + 2 + 1 = 5

The calculation depicts that our karmic beginning will be based on 5. Each of these elements has a meaning and it is vital that we understand what we need to learn from all this

Karmic Ending

Our year will end as 12-31-2019 and breaking down the Karmic ending is going to directly relate to our path of 2020

1+2+3+1+2+0+1+9 = 3+4+2+10 = 7 + 12 = 19 = 1

Karmic Endings for 2018

1+2+3+1+2+0+1+8 = 3+4+2+9 = 7+11 = 18 = 9

VPAT has consideration for every number which is a utility to our work in this world. Without going into the complications of VPAT Numerology, consider that there are no double digits in VPAT Numerology. The number 1 represents a new beginning or a new you; often it means a transformation of some sort, but it always represents something innovative or original. Whereas, the number 9 represents an ending; usually it’s a crisis or seems like one, but a tear jerkier. You may have even lost someone close and dear to you.

While analyzing the karmic endings for 2018, there is some sort of a crisis we will face. As I had predicted, “The cosmos will end the year with Mars in Aries which could cause some anger and resentment issues, and all I can hope for is peace by December 31, 2018.”Quest for Peace. Hence, the representation of endings is possible, and they are unavoidable. The number 9 also represents the planet of Mars which focus on aggression, men, authority, and military (U.S Leaders behaving badly, with no respect to each other). In VPAT it can represent a personality which is assertive, telling it like it is, and quick tempered. Thinking about the number 9, what has been happening in the States? If we look back at everything that has happened in 2018, many of us may be waiting for the other shoe to drop or something shocking that may still occur before the year ends.

As we move into 2019, its numeric value is 3 and can be a representation of many things bad, but often it ends or concludes in something beautiful. The number 3 is also a representation of Guru (Jupiter) which also a planet of protector of the world and the largest planet in the universe. Therefore, I would not be surprised if there is more controlling behavior as to who is the best (Continued dispositions of other World and States leaders by Pres. Trump). It is also associated with discipline and upholding human-made or universal laws (Legalizing Marijuana, Roe vs Wade over turned, immigration). Perhaps people will shine and take responsibility for things. The number 3 also represents hard work, creativity, and work oriented situations (shooting at the work place in California, Colorado and Arizona)

Because of the representation of this house, I would not be surprised if transportation, k-12 education (6/28/2019 so far 5 school shootings), and details are in the news. Also included will be communications of all kinds which focus around the country impacted (discussed later in this blog). But the most important part of the number is associated with planet Guru (Jupiter) which will be moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius. This will have a phenomenal impact on what is discovered, or not discovered, during the first four months of 2019 (Beginning of April). Nevertheless, Jupiter feels most comfortable in Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter is a magnificent and glorious planet which often brings prosperity, facts, understanding, and blessing. Jupiter is also known to many as a planet of light as it flushes all dimness in one’s life and brings clarity.

However, as Jupiter moves from Scorpio which is ruled by Korea, Norway, Panama, Turkey Morocco, and Lebanon, and moves into Sagittarius (South Africa, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and Australia), there is a possibility there may be plenty of news regarding these countries (North Korean leader keeps promising not test nuclear weapons but continues, Saudi’s refinery being bombed.). Thus, the first four months will be focused around Jupiter in Scorpio where those countries listed above will be impacted for the better, but it could also mean jealousy from other countries. Jupiter will then move into Sagittarius for about three to four months. This will impact all those countries that are ruled by Sagittarius, but it is only a short stay. Jupiter will then move back into Scorpio and remain there until one week before Thanksgiving, which means that Korea, Norway, Panama, Turkey, Morocco, and Lebanon will continue to be in the news (Turkey invades Syria, North Korea continues to test Nukes, Morocco students win the Medicine competition,raging fires in Lebanon) .

Additionally, Jupiter is a personal planet which means those having Scorpio in their personal planet, especially in Jupiter, will find that they will have blessings, assurance, and hopefulness. Additionally, their finances, interpersonal relationships, education, and travel plans will be positive for them. Thus, Scorpio should enjoy the first three months of 2019. At the beginning of April until the end of April, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius. The best way to explain this (for those who have been keeping a journal) is to go back to 2008-2009 and recall where your personal and financial life stood. In the beginning of May until end of November, Jupiter moves back into Scorpio but this time it is retrograde. During this period finances will be slow; it’s time to look at what is around you and how you have related to your personal and financial life. This all has to do with the past and all the karmic duties which were, or were not, left undone.

The prediction of the universal energies of 2019 will be based upon hard work, important lessons, fruitfulness, and blessings. But then in what areas, one may ask. Going back to the karmic numbers, the karmic beginning is equal to a 5, which can equate to the planet of Mercury (Buddha)( Communication is ruled by Buddha and it has been bad for the U.S). Representation could associate to wanting things quickly(Mexico us boarder wall). It gives energy for ideas to pursue prosperity and how to alter concepts, communication, and being on the move frequently. We will not sit still. But the question is can you talk the talk and walk the walk in the beginning of new year? Can you live life to its fullest and enjoy it? It’s about children, marriage, home and family, and things you do for pleasure.

I also would not be surprised if Morocco, England, Kuwait, Sweden, and Belgium are in the news for the first few months of 2019. But more so London, Melbourne, or San Francisco. This is all in relation to numeric karmic beginnings in 5 which gears around Mercury.

Speaking of Mercury which has always been problematic for many people, in 2019, we will have 3 Mercury retrogrades. The first retrograde will occur during the winter to spring 2019. This will begin in Pisces at the end of February and continue its path until the middle of April in Taurus (Read more here). We will then have about a month and a half to reconsider things (possibly just enough time to plant our flowers for the summer). Thus, giving us enough time to watch them grow until the second Mercury retrograde of summer-fall to make us slow down again in late June, in Cancer, and continuing to move backwards in time until the middle of August where it sits still in Leo (Read More here). Perhaps we can say how sweet is September. We will have a chance to enjoy it until the last and final Mercury retrograde of 2019, which will begin in the second week in October, in Libra, and continue to move retrograde until the middle of December in Capricorn (Read more here). This occurrence will be just in time to end the year with a new beginning for our Karmic ending of 2019.

For many people, this year will be a year of looking at our past behaviors and how they impacted our current outcomes and results. Not all will be good and not all will be bad, but they will be shocking and transformable. To really understand this, process the incorporation of numerology, Vedic Philosophies, and Astrology must be intertwined to for the best predictions.


January 2019

2019 will begin with a definite bang. I call this a full steam volcano. With Mars being a water/fire sign (Aries according to Western/Pisces according to Vedic) combined, one would see this as issues of emotions and aggression. I would not be surprised if you hear things in the news that are emotionally driven with hostility (Stats show 80% of Americans are angry and embarrassed about our government).

Nothing can take the place of the lessons we are learning this month. The Dharmic number for 2019 is 3 and the karmic beginning of 2019 is 5. When adding 5 and 3 together the result is 8. The number 8 represents infinity as well as karma and destiny in the Vedic Philosophies. This means that this year is a karmic year, but it also represents other people’s money along with death and rebirth (Sanctions, ending policies, hurricane and natural disasters deaths). It also relates to your association with the world and the sacrifices that need to be made. There will not be a gray area during the beginning of this year; it is either going to be very successful for many or a complete failure for others. There is also an association to Saturn that ties in with hard work and rewards.

As stated above, Saturn is in Sagittarius according to Vedic Philosophies and all predictions are based upon the placement of the moon. Therefore, what better way for universe to wake us up but to trigger Saturn, which is ruled by Capricorn, placement of which is in Sagittarius on January 6, 2019. This will be our First Partial Solar Eclipse focusing primarily in Asia and the North Pacific. This would only summarize that it will affect these regions the most and exhilarate in Sagittarius and Capricorn. A correlation to an eclipse is always in place as it brings up unfinished business and wants humanity to make improvements of the existing environment.

The Sagittarius/Capricorn eclipse is at the exact degree and exact sign as it was in Jan 06, 2000. Looking back at that year, many of the issues were revolving around take overs, buy outs, and the Dow being at its highest peak. Contrary to the positive news, there were hijackings in Malaysia (Asia) and an airline crash in the Pacific Ocean. The questions and answers to the parallel are the same; we will hear a lot of news regarding Asian, Pacific, and financial topics (Trade war between China, Some of Japan and the U.S). This is because now is the time when Saturn is highlighted and there could be possible promotions, job changes, financial buy outs, purchasing of new businesses to solidify investments, and finances through hard work (Intel and Apple merger, Sprint and T-Moble merge), . But this is only the first eclipse in Capricorn as the second one in the summer will, or could, close some doors for people (Marie Callendars, Barneys, Payless, all filed Chapter 11) .

Due to the earthly environment of Capricorn, weather-wise, I would not be surprise if we hear of things that have directly to do with the Earth, such as earthquakes or crops. In 2000 there were nine known earthquakes in Europe and Pacific areas (Poland, a Coal Mine collapsed and 15 miners were injured). This year there have been 12 earthquakes around the same regions some 4.9 to 6.7.

Once again, Numerology will be a factor of the new beginnings. As the eclipse is officially on January 6, 2019, breaking this down to 1 + 6 +3 (Year number), represents 1, meaning beginnings for Capricorn/Sagittarius. Even if Grahas is considered omen, this is a fabulous awakening. The negative impact considered by Vedic Philosophies is because it ends something to begin something. But this will not be the end of January as wake-ups after wake-ups will bring enlightenment to many.

Just as we open our eyes to work and structure, the first full moon, as well as the second, and last, eclipse in Leo until 2026, occurs at 0-1degres. This is also an exact replication of the eclipse on January 21, 2000. This eclipse has such an uncanny resemblance as it falls on the exact day, only 19 years later.

Since Leo represents leadership, home, and strength, I surely would not be surprised if issues of family, security, leadership, and home are highlighted (Partial Shutdown, Pres Trump declares boarder wall (Mexico) national security issue). Nonetheless, this eclipse will be the most beautiful Total Lunar Eclipse one may have ever seen. It can be viewed in Central, North and South America, Europe, and Africa, which means 70% of the world may be affected by this eclipse (Hurricanes, drought, and leadership continues to be questioned in this region).

Lunar eclipse is always associated with the full moon, and this means that there are chances of unexpected and difficult weather patterns that follow the moon. On January 18-30, 2000 a powerful snow storm hit North Carolina dropping 10 inches of snow in 24 hours. Perhaps due to the mild winter, there could possibly be shocking snow or monsoon rainfall (Weather forecasters stated that this was the wettest January and could continue all the way through Summer 2019).

On the other hand, the second eclipse is in the sign of Cancer/Leo, which could possibly mean fires in areas which are being hit with drought. Since this eclipse is being viewed by 70% of the world the scenarios of 2000 could once again repeat, including the fires which occurred in Africa displacing more than 6 million people (Influx of asylum seekers move towards the Mexico/ U.S Borders). After all, Leo is about the home and restructuring what is out dated. Also, it is about leadership and home.

At the end of January 2000, President Clinton promised the nation tax relief to middle and lower classes and embraced married couples even more with an additional tax break. But as I write this, is it ironic that there are some states that are rebuking Obama care as Unconstitutional? (All 2019 Presidential nominees are using Obama Care as their first issue in hand  Perhaps this will be the focus of the eclipse and restructuring.

This eclipse will be the most powerful and beautiful sight to see as the super moon will shine a light on Leo & Cancer to bring new beginnings and let go of the old. The beautiful symphony could bring tears to many people’s eyes as something has to give; whether it is tears of joy or sadness, we will have plenty of time to rebuild and restructure.

Looking at the numerological inference of the eclipse date, there is one to be noticed which affects those areas that will need revision. In this case, the second eclipse is on January 21,2019 and would look like so: 1+21+3=1+3+3=7. The number 7 represents partnership of all kinds, meaning family and marriage, but mostly areas of feelings and emotions. This is going to be a time where many will be more affectionate than ever, and the news spotlight may also focus around banking, religion, power, and some things that may be written. Added to that, I would not be surprised if Japan, Sweden, or North and South Korea are in the news, as well as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Bombay, and Rome.  In some cases issues can take up to 6 months to reveal it self (Swedish girl comes to America to talk about Climate change, North Korea continues to test missiles hence, South and North Korea meds. Several NYPD officers commit suicide.  Chicago PD investigates Attorney General of Chicago because of false allegation case. Mass fires and shootings in LA and Phili including death by Vaping.  Roman cathedral on fire to be rebuilt again) , .

No matter what happens with the whirlwind of emotions and shake ups, February will bring some due healing, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

February 2019

Following the super moon with the lunar eclipse on the 21st, our skies will now go pitch black with the first micro new moon in Aquarius (15 degrees) on February 4, 2019. Just a day before Venus enters (Capricorn in Western/Sagittarius in Vedic) we are once again reminded that the energy around may exist, so things may be more practical, serious, and robust, while stability is imperative in areas of love. Once again, we are asked what happens when lights shut out, is the glow still present? I also would not be surprised if we hear about issues of ethics, education, and man-made laws. Furthermore, there will be deep soul searching as to where you fit into this beautiful world. Just in time for the beautiful Chinese  New Year.

The serious energy may turn more aggressive as we move closer to Valentine’s day; the day to make your dreams a reality. Many of us may be so impatient with movements of our lives that we could do a complete 180. It is a time to look at what is holding you, and society, back and what it will take to be emancipated from the restraints. The focus will be more upon things happening from out of the blue; it will be about sexual issues, or the complete opposite, religion (R. Kelly  sexual assault allegations, Cardinal Pell sexual mis-conduct investigation),. Some this energy could be felt as early as February 10 and continue until Valentine’s day.

Once again, the sky will light up with the second super moon of 2019. This time though it will be at 0-1 degree in Virgo. We are once again forced to look at issues from 2000. This full moon coincides exactly to the degree and date that it was in February 19, 2000. With the sun in Pisces and Moon in Virgo expect some muddy energy and lots of rain.- Read more here

This is also the second super moon at 0-1 degrees in a specific sign. According to Vedic theories this will be a Leo/Pisces moon, however, with the mix of earth, fire, and water, there will be many emotional ups and downs and the issues could all be related to the family, work, and foundation in which one resides. There may be issues regarding health, flu, and large corporations (Largest measles epidemic in the NY and NJ areas in 2019). We need to rewind back to similar events and include the concept that the full moon can give a surge of energy 5 days before and after. The tornado outbreak in Georgia in 2000 left massive damage, resulting in hygiene and clean water issues (North American winter storm which covered Northern Planes to Eastern Canada, forced people to be stuck in their vehicles for hours as ice formed on the ground while sheets of snow covered many regions). I can only hope that we are better prepared as on this day things will begin to slow down.

Our first Mercury retrograde of 2019 will begin exactly on the same day as the super moon and will go backwards in Pisces, move through Aries, and end in Taurus. This drawn out process will intensify starting the 19th of February through April 19, 2019. This may be one of the most intense Mercury retrogrades as it relates in the house of Pisces. As I was told by my Guru, 80% of the population has Pisces in their chart. This could mean that they will be emotional at times, fiery at other times, and stubborn moving forwards. One thing for sure, as we move into March, it’s always quiet before the storm. Some will feel relief and others will feel like screaming.- Read more here

Hence, whatever the emotions are, good or bad, we are once again called upon to introspect on the issues of 2000. The last time Mercury was retrograding at a similar position was February 21, 2000 in Pisces. As Mercury is notorious with communication and infrastructure, in 2000 there was a major Y2k issue, though everything seemed alright, however, when it came to the next leap year many systems failed. So perhaps we may find out about more hacking, personal information stolen, or something that has to do with communication failure (Lab Corp, Blue Cross Blue Shields, and many others became Victims of Identity Hacking in 2019). This is because something must give, and it will give in the month of March where major planets will be weaving through our solar system and assisting us to build an even more stable environment.

March 2019

We will begin this month with a unique sense of circumstances, with Mercury retrograde in Pisces/Aquarius, moving into Pisces/Aries by the end of the month. Added to that, Rahu and Ketu are finally out of Cancer and Capricorn; a big relief for both signs. However, I can’t say much for Gemini and Sagittarius. It is quite noticeable that Rahu and Ketu are one sign retro, this is because both the transits are focusing on the past karma and dharma. These transits will make a beautiful twine to our lives depending upon the placement starting March 04, 2019.

A couple of days later, on March 06, 2019, the new moon will enter Pisces and will bring us lessons of spirituality like no other. But also, this will be an awakening to look at issues of the past once again. Like the previous moons, this moon is also a replication of the one on March 06, 2000. Even though no major events will be triggered right away, planting the seeds of gratitude and spirituality will be the key as Uranus will finally go direct into Taurus on the same day.

Uranus in Taurus is a very long transit and all those that have Taurus planet, must expect the unexpected. Even if Uranus does not stay direct the entire year, it is a calling for certain. During these traumatic moments, mother nature wants humans to take care of her and not take her for granted. This means for us to expect severe weather patterns and earthquakes (Overflowed river in Bolivia displacing 106 homes, including 2000 families.  North American blizzard 2 ft of snow in Colorado, however the melting of the ice caused flooding) . This is our message to take care of the environment. Many people will not have their eyes wide open to look at the road ahead; hence, humans cannot take sudden changes. Meanwhile, Taurus is a sign of money. The symbol for Wall Street says it all. Careful attention to investments, and loans must be your first consideration, because when anything is too strong and too top heavy it has a chance of falling and building it back up is a difficult thing to do (Stock market investors in fear as Tariffs by Pres Trump puts them on edge).

The awakening to new changes and beaming delight will once again bring us to wake up and see the light. March 20, 2019 is not only the spring equinox (in the north) but also the first day of spring. It also marks a time of Hindu holidays. Perhaps spring will bring us happiness but the full moon, once again at 0-1 degrees in Libra, will also bring some shake ups. It seems that every full moon will have a reset button for those whose sign falls on the full moon. However, the important fact of this full moon in Libra is a replication of scenarios which need adjustment from March 21, 2008 when the moon was at 1 degree in Libra.

Libra is a sign of justice and balance. Could it be that perhaps we will once again have another Republican nominee for the primary election? Or perhaps some sort of compensation for those hurt in the school shootings? (Compensation is on the table for Florida Shooting Students and Compensation continues for 911 victims) Or as Uranus brings shocking events, an unlikely candidate would come out of the woodwork (Joe Biden confirms that he is running for Presidency 2020).

Maybe a large banking firm must return money to its clients. But would it surprise us if the movements of “me too”, “cyber bullying”, or even “unethical practices” finally see payment for their victims? (H.R.1585, Violence against Women Act is re-written so that Cyberbulling, acts against Elderly, Sex Trafficking, and much more states that Victims shall be made whole so they have a right to sue or receive compensation.) This is a sign of the times. But whatever the case may be, all legal issues will be delayed due to Mercury and perhaps not be reconsidered until end of March or beginning of April.

April 2019

The new moon in Aries at 5 degrees will put some fire in the belly for some of us who are itching to do something grand on the 4th of April. But what is it about these moons that seems to bring repeated patterns for humanity? Is it a call for us to be more constructive, innovative, courageous, or autonomous? The only way to find out is press the reset button to April 4, 2000. There is an old saying that you can rule a nation, but you cannot monopolize it without cost (Phone call in April to Ukrainian by Pres Trump which was revealed withholding funds for defense support on going in September for impeachment) .

In the beginning of April, not only the new census revealed that our population was increasing but the population in the west and south increased even more than other states. Perhaps there will be choices being made regarding the Mexico/U. S border wall? (A threat by President Trump to close down the Mexico/U.S wall for good. )The social hands will be on the leader of the United States.

Jupiter (planet of luck and success) in Scorpio, (according to VPAT) will retrograding as of April 7, until April 30. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces and feels most comfortable when it is in Sagittarius instead of Scorpio. Thus, there is a possibility that many of us may be involved in fanatical or irrational actions, reactions due to the fire and water combination (Man shoots his entire family in Ohio because he was angry at his wife). With all the bad and steamy divide there will still be some wonderful aspects for Pisces, Taurus, Cancer and Libra.

The full moon in Libra on April 19, 2019 will carry a very spiritual overlay of celebration for Good Friday and begin a new passage for many. But there is something significant about the full moon. Perhaps you have noticed. We will have two full moons in Libra; one on March 21st, the day after the Spring Equinox, and another on April 19, 2019. The last full moon was at 0-1 degree and now we have a reset key again, starting all over again at 29 degrees. Thus, once again April 18, 2000, we also had a full moon in Libra. Perhaps it is a way for the universe to let us know that we need to finish old business in areas of love and money.

Since the full moon is an Aries/Libra moon, there is a sense that endings will not be easy for many and could cause emotional damage which can be avoided. At least it will not be synchronized with Mercury as Mercury will be completely stationed direct.

With two planets, Pluto and Saturn, moving retrograde, there will be plenty of time to introspect. Both planets will not move direct until the fall of 2019. None the less, we will be called upon to question what needs to be done to mend a relationship, and often there are prospects for letting go of past baggage and awareness to bring a sense of clarity in one’s life. Saturn is also known as the judge and jury of a person’s life where legal and educational issues will still be a forefront of news (Lori Laughlin pleads not guilty to educational scandal), and conversation (read more about it here). Pluto (lord of the underworld) will also add energy to make sure you let go of anything that is no longer useful to you. So, it is taking your personal power away and will burn ashes to ashes dust to dust.

May 2019

By the beginning of May there will be three planets retrograding: Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter. Perhaps we will work harder and be more competitive in career and personal life which would not surprise me. On May 4, 2019 the new moon will give us the energy to make that move as Taurus moon can deliver energy as hard working as a Virgo moon.

The new moon in Taurus at 14 degrees, will once again amplify the triggers of 2000 (Read more here). Taurus is represented by the bull, also used as the image of wall street (Stocks tank due to U.S China Trade War). Hence, “new” does not mean it is new, but rather, new moons represent letting go of something to make space for something new. If looking at the situation in aspects of numerical sequences, we are once again resetting the representation of 2019 which is 3 and this means hard work builds money and profits. But this time we must take into consideration the spiritual side as well.

With Uranus in Taurus, also with the new moon, I would not be surprised if shocking or unexpected issues regarding businesses, banking, even issues with earth, play out. One thing will be for certain: the world could go into early recession or the economic growth occurs suddenly, then drops. Either way, something is bound to happen (U.S Waivers those purchasing oil from Iran including China, Japan, and India) .

Mother’s Day falls on the 12th of May, but just 6 days later, the full moon in Scorpio will make an auspicious awaking for many (Read More here). Last year, I predicted that something hidden in the credit reports will come to light. There is covert information being spread. In 2019, all secrets will be revealed; whatever has been hidden since 2000 will be revealed as scenarios, degrees, and dates continue to repeat (Education pay off for elites, Sexual assault in the workplace, Personal information being shared including mistreatment of elderly and police brutality) .

There have been ongoing talks about the next financial crisis and it may be like the ones that occurred March -July 2000 and 2001 and again 2008 and 2009. For sure, there is still something covert happening on the financial front; I am not able to tap into it just yet. All I can possibly say is that it will be a shock when it happens, only because it may be revealed 5 days before or on the day of or after the full moon in Scorpio which occurs on May 18, 2019.

If this occurs it will take a good 18-20 months to recover, therefore, choose your investments very wisely in 2019 (S&P  looses 4 trillion dollars the worst dip since 1960’s). This is especially true during Uranus in Taurus, as we all know Taurus likes the finer things in life, but with that comes a price tag which may not be affordable.

The only thing that may be very gracious in May of 2019 is that it will be a time to relax and glance at the sky while the blue moon makes a grand beautiful entrance. This happens when there are two full moons in a calendar month.

This means the weather patterns and rain can cause issues, especially around mud slides, or something to do with tectonic plates and earthquakes. Hence, May cannot end fast enough to have a whole lot of things going on in June; or is it the opposite? (Tornadoes rip through the mid-west, after shocks in Yellow Stone)

June 2019

We will begin June with new moon in Gemini on the 3rd at 12 degrees, focusing solely on areas of communication and changing our minds. New moons are not usually new things but putting away or getting rid of old things. (Read more here) The repeated trends of 2000 continue with this new moon also falling at exactly at the same degree and same date.

In 2000, the U.S. was disengaged from participating in the World Expo and the U.S influence over the nations of the world was declining, while the morals of the nation were at low point. This is not surprising as influences of outer and inner planets can influence our world view (There continues to be a decline in World trust to the US leaders).

The trigger of positive impacts is always the full moon, not the new moon. What better way to start a new beginning when the moon is triggered by the arrow of Sagittarius, gleaming at 25-26 degrees in Sagittarius. (Read More here) Additionally, Saturn being retrograde, is also in Sagittarius. This should be just as beautiful as it was in 2000. Could it be that issues revolving around legal and spiritual matters are brought up again? The main concern could revolve around ethical and social standards in areas of education or social prospective (U.S Supreme Court sends back the case of the immigration status on the Census back to Local jurisdiction, California court system are forcing UofC to conduct bribery issues). .

Neptune, a planet of illusion and making everything so pretty, will retrograde from June 19th until almost the end of November. Pluto has been retrograding since April and will continue to do so until Mid-October. Saturn has also been retrograding since April and will continue to do so until Mid-September. Jupiter, planet of luck and beauty, has also been retrograding since April and will not go direct until Mid-August. Finally, Mercury retrograde will top this mix when it begins to retrograde June 20 through August 15, 2019.

By the end of June, we will have 5 planets retrograding; I guess it’s a way to let us know it will always be quiet before the storm. This is exactly what the universe has in mind when Mercury once again begins to move backwards on June 20 and, despite all the pressure, it will land at its hottest spot in the middle of our summer eclipse.

With all the retrograde energies in place, the universe really wants us to look at life through different lenses. Thus, July will begin with a gigantic bang (Second Libya civil War begins, Sanctions against Iran, 6.4 Earthquake in California, Jeffrey Epstein arrested, Tax return for President continues to be a topic, Mahatma blackout)!

July 2019

The U.S. is referred to as a Cancerian nation according to VPAT, therefore, the eclipse in Gemini/Cancer could have an impact on the Northern Region. Mercury retrograde in Leo/Cancer will also create a double whammy on the U.S. leaders and those of authority. Thus, it will have a tricking effect on everyone.

The total Solar Eclipse in Gemini/Cancer on July 2nd is once again a replication of the July 1, 2000 eclipse. There has always been a saying that eclipse energy can be felt two weeks before the eclipse the day of and two weeks after. Not only that, the detailed energy will last for six months to a year. Most significant is the placement of the eclipse and who will be affected by it.
This eclipse, on a personal level, will be felt by all Gemini and Cancers, including those that have primary planets in Gemini/Cancer. Hence, it does not exclude whose whom have these placements anywhere in their chart.

On the world front though there will be little visibility of this eclipse in North America. Mostly, it will be seen by South America, and some parts of the Pacific region; which means those areas that are visible to the eclipse will be most impacted. I am predicting sad news or family issue news regarding this region to be possible (Hail, and Volcanic ashes jeopardize certain parts of South America, California desert has continue to shape through Earthquakes). Since this eclipse is not a full moon, but a new moon, there can still be issues of weather patterns suddenly changing which may have a lot to do with wind damage. As Gemini is an air sign and Cancer is a water sign, the results of their presence may be seen in tornadoes, hurricanes, tropical depressions, and floods (Asia Floods displaces over 200 people, Storm Berry makes landfall in Louisianan, Hawaiian Island threatens land from wild fires, California declares state of Emergency due to Earthquakes) . Not all things are bad as Venus also enters Cancer. It is high energy, perhaps comparable to the one beginning in 2018. This time however, our emotions are leading the way which could cause many of us to get into conflicts with authority figures due to the Saturn transit.

No matter what happens, there will be still be a lot of shaking going on July 10 through 15 with major planets in opposition (Wild fires, Earthquakes and floods see above). The energy of the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto could cause undo stressors to many people (Presidents conversation with Ukraine). It is about reform, structure, and difficult lessons; we could also assume things that are not necessarily true. The following day Mars and Uranus battle it out, meaning that there could be violent activities. Furthermore, Uranus is in Taurus which is an Earth sign, so I would not be surprised if earthquakes, volcanoes, or even mudslides are in the news. All the turbulence is once again a question from the universe if we are ready for a change or will we continue to live in destruction. This is also just in time for the Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn.

Partial Lunar Eclipse is not an ordinary eclipse, but it is also associated with the Micro Full moon; which means it is the furthest away from us, or it may seem that way. Nevertheless, the patterns of 2000 are making me even more jumbled as to how or why almost every full moon and some new moons relate exactly at the same degree, date, and in relation to the sun/moon sign. To get the true answers to this I would have to go back to Pruitt’s theory, hence, I have no time nor patience to find out why. Then again, I am not an astrologer or astronomer and often science does not make sense to me. Perhaps it has too much restriction and not enough variable, and this also exactly what the energy of the eclipse will dwell in (Trump investigation by Muller which states , there is substantial evidence however…). Hard work and when to stop if necessary.

The Lunar eclipse will be partially visible in South, East, and North America as well as Asia, Australia, and Africa. The question in VPAT is if the world leaders do control their resource expenditure will we go into recession? Capricorn is a sign of hard work and being a bit miserly with finances and saving it for later, and this is exactly where we need to be. Perhaps we won’t have a chance recover so fast as the heat and resources such as oil, gas, and housing could be impacted by the Earths instability (U.S becomes the largest Petroleum and oil producer in the world, hence it does not bring in as much profit without working harder). However, remembering that this is a Sagittarius/Capricorn eclipse, there is a good possibility that Afghanistan, Bosnia, Haiti, Sudan, Chile, China, and South Sudan may be in the news (Drone attack at the Saudi Airport, Protest continue in Hong Kong , Proxy war between U.S and China,Chile suffers the worse drought in over 50 years, 4.2 Earthquake Shakes Bosnia, Deadly floods in Haiti kills 10 and many homeless, July was the bloodiest month in Afghanistan). Don’t think though, that the United States will not be involved in this. My prediction is that the borders of Mexico and Canada may be involved (U.S bans those that seek asylum must seek asylum in the first country they pass, Shared security between Canada and the U.S).

As we move through July there could still be turbulence, as now Venus battles it out with Pluto and Saturn. During this time, one should be extra cautious and treat relationships with kid gloves. Remember that Mercury is still be retrograding and moving into Leo. This relates to the place where the mother is and home. With all that scuffle in July 2019, it seems that August brings the most confusion and yet some sense of stability.

With the sun and the new moon in Leo on July 31st, included in the mix will be Mercury. Most of the crazy energy of July could possibly ease the pain for many at 15 degrees in Leo, exactly again as in 2000. But this may only last for a day or two until it all shakes and shivers again. Nonetheless, our only black moon of the year will also be hoovering with its energy, as it is, after all, the second new moon of the month and it’s time to reset.

August 2019

August 1, 2019, Mercury will be stationed direct in Leo, but the song is not over until it is really over. From the looks of it, a long summer is due and slow progression also until August 15, 2019.

The day after Mercury stations direct, the crazy energy begins again. Venus does not like Uranus, even though it’s ruled by Taurus, therefore expect unexpected changes in finances, relationships, economics, and political fronts (China / U.S trade war continue, Russia and U.S relationship questioned) . The only way to get out of this crazy energy is to be more spiritual and try hard not to walk into the tornado as it may sweep you into the wind. This phenomenon occurs two times in August: the 1st and the 9th. It is hard to imagine that with all the crazy energy something good is about to bring us light.

Crazy Uranus will stop himself before more destruction and moves retrograde in Taurus. Jupiter, our planet of luck, is also moving direct in Scorpio (according to VPAT), and of course Mercury is already direct. What better way bring us luck but to bring light to our gloomy days with the full moon in Aquarius at 22 degrees, and we should ask once again if it is 2019 or 2000. The answer is very clear; it is the same exact degree, time, and sign as the full moon in Aquarius in 2000. On August 15, 2019, or rather, August 15, 2000.

Full moon in the friend sign of Aquarius will give us all the opportunity to be ourselves, to become friendly with everyone and bring new ideas to the table (Space X successfully launches). Full moons are also natural new beginnings by ending something and making space for new. This is also a time we could all find out if we will have a new leader, but then the Leo sun and Aquarius moon has a double-edged sword. There cannot be two leaders in one house, which means there will be plenty of he said she said (Tweets, anger, and he said she said between Trump and Omberosa). It’s also begins an unofficial hurricane season (Hurricane Dorian heads towards Florida).

According to weather forecasters, ever since El Nino started making an impact (officially June 1, 2000) the impact and destruction has increased due to global warming. With Leo/Aquarius, cyclones and typhoons are very possible. Thus, in the eye of the Eclipse, the tropical season will begin in the South, North, and Central Americas and include Africa. If we had 9 Tropical depression in 2000, I would estimate at least double that in 2019.

This means just in time for Mars to enter Virgo. Remember that Virgo needs to help people as this is their nature. Perhaps we will need this type of energy as we all want to do things that may be in service to others, just as we did for people who were affected by Hurricane Keith, Tropical Storm Leslie, Hurricane Gordon, and Tropical storm Helene; all occurring August through November 2000 (Tropical Storm Barry, Tropical Storm Dorian,Tropical Storm Frinand and Tropical Storm Melissa)

On Friday, August 30, 2019, the energy will be perfect as the new moon enters Virgo at 6 degrees in Virgo. This degree was on the 29th of August in 2000. Just like the full moon, the new moon usually has its own impact two weeks before and after the stage of being void.

It has been the case that a new moon brings endings to make room or build new, and full moon completes something to bring more stability. We saw this with Hurricane Debby which made landfall and cleared away by the 24th, just a few days before the new moon. I predict that in 2019 something similar is bound to occur, however, being that the new moon is in the sign of Virgo, I would not be surprised if earthquakes or something to do with the earth occurs in Asia or South America (10 Earthquakes in one day from Asia to California). For sure, something big is to happen in the political front as well as Boston, Mass (Gay/Straight parade gets approved in Boston). This could also mean things could be quieter for the first two weeks in September.

September 2019

Our first moon in September will be a Full moon in Pisces on Friday the 13th, 2019, on the same day, time, and degree as September 13, 2000. All I can say is water, water, water everywhere, as hurricane season is full force upon us. “Hurricane Dorian made landfall in Bahamas heads towards the U.S.  Over 40 dead in the Bahamas. “

We must now look back, not as a destruction, but the beauty of its rebuild. Society must now be more spiritual, compassionate, and humble. Emotions could very well run high. Also, there could be some news regarding religion or water issues. “Typhoon hits South Korea leaving 50k without power, over 30 pilgrims killed and over 150 injured in Karbala Iraq while making an Ashura”

The pressure is all over from the summer as we move into autumn. Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn are all direct now, which means that communication will be much clearer, luck will back, and Saturn could leave a little something for those who worked hard. It is a good thought that Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune are all retrograde. Often when they are directing, we see things fuzzy, unexpected, and deep. But in this instance, everything seems clear; just in time for the New Moon Libra. Before the new moon enters to bring us closer to ourselves, to see how we are loving ourselves before we can love others when Venus and Saturn want to have a head to head. Now is the time to introspect on what is occurring to make you happy and how much of it. Still, the universe is not done with us as Mercury and Pluto will also have it out when it’s time to get your hands dirty and resolve conflicts; it’s now or never. “UK and EU reach an agreement to withdraw from the EU.”

September 28, 2019, the new moon will enter Libra at 5 degrees, voiding the sky and bringing love and autumn at 5 degrees. Furthermore, I will not mention 2000, as every moon is replicating sequences of the 2000 scenarios. Hence, Pluto is done fighting as he is going direct soon, and things will be even calmer than before. Perhaps October will bring fresh faces and people from the past. “TV reboot : Nancy Drew, Batwoman,  Tom Hanks (Mr. Rogers)”

October 2019

As we move into October one of the most intense moments will be when Mercury enters the sign of Scorpio. This can be a difficult transit as secrets and communication could be based upon jealousy, envy, or even a little bit of manipulation. Add to that, Venus will also enter Scorpio which can add to the power struggles in areas of money and relationships. Venus does not like to be in Scorpio as the energy of Scorpio can be deceptive and intense. “President continues to deny the conversation with Ukraine President, while insulting others.

By the 10th of October Venus will have a head on collision with Uranus, expecting the unexpected. Be very careful around this time as the smallest arguments will come from nowhere and could be so intense that I would not be surprised that conflicts do not work themselves out until after mid or end of November. “Hard Rock Hotel under construction collapse and kills 2 and injures 20. Gas explosion in China kills 10 people.  Apartment collapse in Brazil killing two and injuring 10.”

Adding to the mix, Mercury will motion backwards for the last time in 2019 in Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. No matter how intense this energy becomes, the Aries full moon on October 13, 2019 will give many of us with primary planets in Aries to stand up and shine; just like it did in 2000 at 20 degrees in Aries. We could hear a lot of news regarding England and at home in Georgia. Perhaps we find out there is a new Presidential Candidate in Georgia? “Presidential debate is to be held in GA. ” “I just hope that there are no world power struggles in Africa and the U.S., otherwise, crazy and unexpected accidents could occur, be they by rail, air, or boat. Then again, I would not be surprised if terrorist issues are also in the news. This means that we will all feel the intensity of this moon October 13-18, 2019. “U.S President announces no intervene orders for the conflict in Syria.  Syrian Civil war intensifies.  CDC announces more deaths due to vaping.  More protest in Hong Kong.”

Things do get better on the following day when Mercury and Pluto want to play nice and then we can finally look at what we are here to do and the purpose of our life. October 19-21, when Saturn and Venus want to play nice, is not only about difficult lessons in relationships, but also financial structures which is more important, because one cannot spread themselves so thin (S&P drops 500 points and Dow looses 100). Know that whatever decision you make, love is highlighted this month. Creativity and romance are front and center, and it’s time for the most intense transformation of your life. It’s time to leave the old baggage behind and move forward with new things in your life.

October 27, 2019 is not only Diwali, but also a New moon in Scorpio. I have written in my full moon blog that the only time new moons are auspicious in Vedic theories is on the day of Diwali. This will not be an ordinary celebration or new beginnings, as there are bound to be some hindrances. Once again, we are called upon to discard things that are not meant for us, including a career or paths which just do not meet our expectations.

However, be cautious with making spur of the moment decisions as Mercury will be stationing retrograde in Scorpio on Halloween 2019. The intensity with Venus, Sun, and Mercury in Scorpio can be enough to cause everyone to pull out their hair; perhaps this is all because elections are right around the corner (Trump goes on a Twitter ramp against the democrats over 10,000 tweets on October 29).

November 2019

This will be one of the most intense months when it comes to political fronts (Nancy Pelosi announces the Trump impeachment hearings). Venus does not like it in Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. Perhaps this is the first sign of relief. Then again, Pluto (the planet of the underworld) and Mars (men) have some difficult confrontations. Perhaps we will be looking at the controversies and conflicts play out. I would not be surprised if there needs to be a recount as this election in right in the heart of Mercury retrograde. Often this means to redo something. The positive note is that Jupiter enters Sagittarius and leaves Scorpio. This where Jupiter feels comfortable.

November 12, 2019 is our first and only full moon in Taurus at 19 degrees, then again, should I say that its exactly same as the 2000? But it’s not. the full moon in Taurus at 19 degrees in 2000 fell on November 11, 2000. Hence, it does not make that much of a difference as it is at the same degree. Finally, things that were once hidden away from us have some light of their own (Trumps taxes are revealed on Nov 19, 2019). It may be time now to revamp our love life and financial life as the President may make changes that mean savings funds could come to use.

Finally, Mars enters Scorpio on the 18th of November, and this is where he feels at home at times. Mars in Scorpio often elects to avoid conflicts. This is a good thing and it will stay there for the remainder of the year. The best part is that Mercury will begin to move direct in Scorpio/Sagittarius (Something hidden, something legal) on November 20, 2019, but there is some time before any kind of relief (Sondland reveals there was extortion issues).

The spiritual and outgoing Sagittarius moon will bring back life to many of us by bringing some optimism our way with a new moon at 3 degrees November 26, 2019. Is unreal that this is the only moon that is one degree and one day off the one in 2000. Remarkable change indeed; then again, Saturn remains in Sagittarius and direct, and some important lessons still must be learned by Sagittarius before it moves in and out of Capricorn next year. Perhaps we can thank our lucky stars, and those around us, on Thanksgiving Day which will fall on November 28th. I would not be surprised if Sagittarius feels a little confused as Saturn still has another year and now Jupiter for another year. Expect hard work with luck and legal issues to dominate the year to come.

December 2019

Smiles, joy, and love bring togetherness when Mars and Venus kiss and tell from December 2 through December 7, 2019. Then again, too much of a good thing always leaves a bad taste as Neptune and the Sun head off in a battle to confuse humanity. Instead of being interactive, be retroactive and spend some time by yourself; perhaps take the day off and catch up on some needed sleep. You might need that sleep as the full moon will surely wake you up. One thing is for certain, the days of Mercury retrograde in 2019 are gone, enjoying the holiday season with grace and open communication.

On the 12 days of Christmas, my true love gave to me? A full moon in Gemini. At 19 degrees, once again replicating or coincidental? Whichever the case may be, worrying about saying or doing the wrong thing may be the theme for this new moon, but it is also about finishing up things you did not finish this year. Be very realistic with what you are doing and how you are doing it because things may come to a head with high beams on and no place to go. Use this full moon to seek out the spiritual divine or journey and breathe it all in. Apply the energy well, as a couple of days later there could exist the danger of envy and impulsive behaviors. Make sure you make a long term wish as whatever you are wishing for, as long as it is spiritual and good for all, will be granted 8 years from now.

We will end the year with our last solar eclipse in Capricorn; once again asking the question what have we accomplished and where are we going? This eclipse, however, will not be seen in the Americas at all. This means clearing away the debris painfully to bring new starts to Europe, Asia, Africa, and part of India. But good things could happen suddenly. This energy can be felt as early as December 16 and two weeks out but for some people it is a 6 to 12-month transformation.

The last few days of the year will leave us feeling optimistic, as we are given a glimpse of the advancements of new inventions, and possibly expanding your circle of friends. It’s time to let go of any hindrance and, like they say, time and history heals all wounds. It also allows us to change the future for our children and ourselves.

The predictions which I have listed are based on Vedic Philosophical Ayurveda Theories, and are NOT necessarily true to one person; rather they are broad prospective of potential events yet to occur.

2019 will be a mix of many things that will leave us with shock and give us gifts of hard work. Without going into too much into detail, here are my thoughts on 2019:

United States

Possible legal issues regarding major corporations and high-ranking individuals

White House in turmoil and many will leave the administration

Leader of North America will put polices in place which could cause conflicts and chaos until December 2019.

Possible impeachment or legal issues regarding the role of a leader

Sudden and unexpected changes in the U.S economy

People may lose faith in their leader

Stock market will look like waves of water

Work related crimes could occur

Home prices could rise

Unemployment could fall to an all-time low

Wages will rise which will allow affordable housing


Unexpected spillage of oil/gas or something that contaminates resources which could impact U.S.

Family, taxes, and infrastructure scares

Floods, mudslides, and tropical depressions are possible

Earth shifting as well as typhoons occur unexpectedly

Unexpected accidents occurring with air, rail, or boat transportation

Price of oil could rise due to war or conflicts

Regulation of internet infrastructures could stabilize privacy

Vedic Ayurvedic Philosophical Theoretical Prediction 2019

VPAT predictions are viewed through markers of Astrology. Please remember these use a broad prospective and only a 6-month mark not for the entire year.

Capricorn: Improvement in Love/Career

Aquarius: Improvement in Career/Inventions

Pisces: Improvement in Passion/High Energy

Aries: Improvement in Health/Travel

Taurus: Improvement in Love/Money

Gemini: Improvement in Career/Love

Cancer: Improvement in Family/Communication/Negotiation

Leo: Improvement in Love/Career

Virgo: Improvement in Love/Finances/Travel

Scorpio: Improvement in Love/Patience/Career

Sagittarius: Improvement in Love/Career/Education

For every full moon and new moon cycle I will be featuring a sign which will encompass a forecast for 3-6 months of general predictions.

This year we will have 3 Mercury retrogrades, a black moon, a blue moon, 3 solar eclipses, 2 lunar eclipses and planets will be retrograding and moving direct on a continual basis.

It will be imperative that focus, education, and security be the basis of growth in 2019 to be well prepared for many transformations to come in 2020.

Wishing you and yours the best of 2019.



Maharani Rutan

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