2014, Lessons Learned, 2015 applying the lessons.

predid201517Farewell 2014.. we have learned so much

Welcoming 2015, with are arms wide open

By Maharani Rutan@

For many of us 2014 has been the most difficult year that we can remember. We were forced to adjust, change, and adapt to events in our lives that were out of our control.

We started out with our first super moon, even though it was a new moon, and it was hardly seen thus causing many people to feel like it was a full moon. With our eyes closed we began 2014 and Capricorn led the way (Read about it here). We were slowly raised by our emotions through the full moon in Cancer (Read about it here). But of course the universe will not let us fully wake up until we understand and are mesmerized by our past and make sure we are slowed down by the trickster Mercury in January/February 2014 (Read about it here).


When we slowed down in January and February the universe finally gave us the strength to get busy and start working in the month of March; the vacation was over and it was initiated by the Full moon in Virgo (Read about it here). But it was not just about working, it is about passion and deliverance of what you believe in and the new moon in Aries brought the fire needed to forge ahead (read about it here).

We worked and planted the seeds but our lives are never complete until we feel people in our lives are fulfilling all of our needs and we have a balance in our lives. The total lunar eclipse in April in Libra questioned our basic essentials of a relationship and gave us the courage to leave relationships or start new ones (Read about it here). But this was not easy, especially for Cardinal Signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorns) as the grand cardinal cross ignited the second eclipse through stubborn Taurus (Read about it here).


April brought remarkable changes for cardinal signs as well as fixed signs.Any transformation is not complete until there is something that ignites the climax of it and the Full moon in Scorpio made sure that there was a climax before we slowed down again in May (Read about it here). Exhausted and confused, the universe asked if we were ready to slow down or continue to live like we do. It was a matter of emotions, family virtue, and wake ups through the 2nd Mercury retrograde in Cancer in May and through July (read about it here).

After a hectic April and May, the universe came to bring us magic through the full moon in Sagittarius (Read about it here) where she spoke, and demanded, the truth. While truth and justice can be difficult, the universe made sure compassion, love, and understanding sparked the magic with the new moon in Cancer (Read about it here) at the end of June.


The universe woke us right up and said, now that you are awake let me wake you up some more with the 2nd Supermoon in July 12, 2014 (Read more about it here). Bursting with wonderfulness, Jupiter entered Leo while Saturn was still in Scorpio. And did we wake up. Capricorn brought us realistic worries and the new moon in Leo brought us peace with our family. It brought a new way to talk to our families, especially those that are important to us. It also brought a new way to elaborate what we have done and make amends.
Once we were at peace and made amends a beautiful spiritual release woke us up again with the 3rd super moon on August 10, 2014 (read about it here). As it lit our skies, it also lit up a deeper understanding for fixed signs (Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius and Taurus) and we became more introspective; discovering that how we talk to people does affect the outcome. The full Super moon triggered many of us to get our hands dirty to start planning and preparing for things that matter to us through the New moon in Virgo (Read about it here).


Our planting, deliberating ,and preparing for a change in ourselves which affected those around us was questioned one more time with the 3rd super moon on September 09, 2014, in Pisces. It was outstanding and created an illumination in the sky (Read about it here). Which was encouraged through finding peace and love and happiness in our lives, which meant sacrifices and the new moon in Libra gave us a chance to consider it (Read about it here). In between there was Mercury Retrograde questioning every move that we made (Read about it here).
However, some of us were not ready to learn that and were not ready to give up what we had. Something had to give which brought us straight into autumn of 2014 with vigor and tenacity. The month of October began with the total lunar eclipse in Aries bringing forth anger and anticipation (Read about it here). Scorpios and some fixed signs finally graduated, releasing the chains and shackles to transform themselves through the final solar eclipse in Scorpio (read about it here).


The final clash occurred in fixed signs, saying you can’t hurt me anymore, through the full moon in Taurus in November 2014 (Read about it here). But most of all, the truth will set you free through the new moon in Sagittarius (Read about it here).
The transformation was not over for many of us. Talking it out was the last thing we could do to savor anything that remains and the full moon in Gemini blessed this (Read about it here). But talking is only one thing when things were hidden and the shackles were not coming off easily.


However, the planet of difficult lessons released Scorpios (read about it here) which were imprisoned for so long and emancipated them. As they will soon discover that in the next 2 years, Scorpios may have been wrongfully convicted and all the positive gifts will be placed at their door steps. Now, Saturn, the God of Karma and difficult lessons, has captured all Sagittarius asking them “can you or are you willing to change who you are to bring truth and justice, or are you going to hide behind the curtain?” (read more about it here).2014 will end with the simple pleasures of love of family and start anew in 2015.

These few days are about planting the seeds of 2015 and bringing romance and creativity in our lives; or is it?


We will begin the year with the first new moon which is also considered a super moon. This super moon, which is really the new moon, will hover over us until spring and the full moon will light the summer sky as early as July ending in September 2015. During these times expect high tides and water issues, sometimes electric malfunction have occurred.
Like 2014, we will also be told to slow down by the universe in the middle of January until the middle of February which will cover us until spring. But the trickster comes back and shakes us up to enjoy the summer slowly through the second retrograde beginning in May and lasting through the end of June. Then the trickster will be back again for its final transit with the final Mercury retrograde from the beginning of September to the end of October, making sure we learned all we needed to learn in the past 6 months.


One of the most incredible occurrences that began in November, called the Black Moon, entered Virgo and will stay there until August 30, 2015. This leads to many embarrassing moments; the more embarrassed we are the more we should look at who is speaking and ask why we put ourselves in these circumstances anyway.
Jupiter will continue to bring smiles to Leo’s. Though it may not go direct until April 10, 2015, it will still bring lady luck to many Leo’s until 2016.


Saturn has left Scorpio but will be back in the beginning of June until middle of August to make sure that all the lessons he wanted us to learn were learned so that Scorpios can really move on. The cycle of Saturn has just begun for Sagittarius, however. Don’t think about hardships, think about the beauty which has been hidden for so long will finally come out.
As transformational beings, something always has to trigger us to force a change because many of us like consistency too much. Consistency becomes too comfortable but how can we evolve as spiritual beings if we don’t learn and adapt? Therefore, the first eclipse in Pisces will change the structure of our own spirituality on March 20 when the solar eclipse could burn us. However, it will be eased by the lunar eclipse in Libra on April 04. Usually Libra says it was needed to bring balance to all of us as relationships are about love and sacrifices.


Summer will fill us to enjoy ourselves and things may be really quiet but as soon as we get used to some sort of quietness, the first wake up burn will be on September 13 in Virgo. Usually, solar eclipses bring endings and new beginnings and this time the Aries lunar eclipse will remind us to go for what we want.

By the time we close 2015, we will have learned so many lessons in areas of education, religion, work and power that perhaps stronger and more spiritual individuals will surpass the difficulties by looking at their own attitude rather than jumping to conclusions.


Maharani Rutan