Vindictive Arrogance: First Full Moon in 2021

Full Moon in Cancer/Leo

By Maharani Rutan©

As we slowly continue move through 2021 with a new President and vaccinations slowly moving into the community, we embark on our first full moon of 2021.  However, it won’t come without glitches, misunderstandings, and confusion.

Mercury retrograde continues to pull us down while the cosmos wants us to open our eyes.  The beautiful Cancer Leo moon sitting on the axis Aquarius/Leo will gravitate full at 9 degrees (depending upon the orb).  Some of us can see how bright it will be just by looking up a few days before.

On January 28, 2021, the old moon in the north and thunder moon in the south will certainly be auspicious for many of us, especially around 2:16pm EST and 11:16 am PST.   For many Vedic followers, full moons represent a very auspicious time to throw away the old and raise our hands to a new beginning from the cosmos. (Read more about it here).

In the Hindu calendar this full moon is also considered as a Poshi Poonam by the Gujarati Hindu calendar.  On this day mandirs (temples) are adorned by many communities and families that walk for miles to receive the blessings.  Flowers and fruits are given as a token of a blessing.  This Poonam (full moon) is celebrated to receive the blessings for those children who have slow speech. The old legends say that if the blessed fruits are given to the children who have delayed speech, they will receive the blessings and will be cured or blessed to speed up the process.  Many Hindus follow this as a way of continued religious practices. 

It may be a while before some of us will feel the energy of this full moon at this degree again.  However, this is not the first time we have felt this. Rewind for a moment to January 2002 and January of 2010 (one degree off).  The magical number is 8 (destiny).

There are many things that occurred in 2002 and 2010 which could possibly occur in January 2021, or rather, an end of an era to begin anew.  In January 2002 “The no child left behind act of 2001” finally became law which required schools to develop an assessment tool for students to continue to receive federal funding. Perhaps now President Biden will reinstate the DACA; even though he pledged to do so, perhaps now it will finally be established so those young immigrant children cannot be deported and now they can apply for federal loans and Pell grants, allowing them to afford higher education.

It is obvious that the FDA has already approved Pfizer and Medora vaccines, however, I would not be surprised that Johnson and Johnson vaccines will now be approved as Metformin was in 2002. 

One of the greatest pastimes for Americans is the Superbowl; lets rewind for a second and see if my prediction is correct, as I have never predicted a game before.  On a mathematical and VPAT aggravated calculation: In 2002, the Patriots won their first Superbowl, and their quarterback was Tom Brady.  Now Tom Brady plays for Tampa Bay.  In 2002, the Rams quarterback in the Superbowl was Kurt Warner, who is no longer playing. As I write this, Tampa Bay has already made it to the Superbowl, and while I am not getting a 100% certainty on who will be playing against them, between the Buffalo and Kansas City, but if I had to guess it would be Kansas City. 

As far as the score, all I can say is that we will be sitting at the edge of our seats and just as when we saw it all it will be a surprising win from nowhere with a possible score difference of 3-5 points in favor of Tampa Bay. For those who are rooting for either team, this is just an experimental prediction, so please don’t bet as I am bound to be wrong.

Even though the recycled energy of the energy at the same exact degree continues to unwind and rewind, this is the beginning of a cycle of something that began as an idea and embarked upon around August 2008.

Another obvious connection to 2008 occurred in August when Obama announced Biden as his choice for Vice President; now he is the President.  I have yet to wonder if history will repeat itself but on a different scale. Frequently on a full moon something outrageous and unforeseen always has occurred 5 days before or 5 days after the full moon (January 23-Feb 2).

I also would not be surprised if issues of weather warming focus on Anchorage, racial disparity issues in Montgomery, Alabama and Arkansas, immigration issues in Arizona, and vaccination issues in Connecticut, Florida, and Georgia. Additionally, authoritative issues between people and government in Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Michigan.  Lastly, political issues in New Hampshire, Oregon, and Washington State.

Worldwide, there could be new beginnings with China, Mexico, and Nigeria.

However, all will not be bad; this will be a beautiful aspect for those that have placement of Leo anywhere in their chart or even Cancer & Aquarius.  However, all water (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) and Fire (Leo, Aries and Sagittarius) will be affected.

Hereafter, the touchiness of the full moon and the retrograde energy may cause some hopelessness for earth and mutable signs due to Mercury, which hasn’t gone completely direct yet. Read about it here.

The full moons are a sign of change and strength, causing many humans to feel dispirited due to the gravitational pull of the moon around the Earth.

All our five senses will be enlightened with the full moon; however, the energy may cause pessimism and inflated actions, especially in area of interpersonal relationships of all kinds. The energy is so powerful that powerful dreams are likely.  

Often, full moons are related to chapters in a book; the notion of creating new chapters in our own lives is like a chapter in a book.  Every full moon gives us a chance re-write chapters that are no longer working. Whether it is the way we connect, relate, perceive a situation, or deal with problems in our lives. 

The Moon in Leo marks a time of determination and charm. Ruled by the Sun, Leo creates a power of loveliness, drive, and susceptibility. People may feel inspired, acknowledged, and generous. It is a good time to chase requirements, be supportive, and to help others.

Like the Lion that represents Leo, people may feel eminent but also desire for support and reaction. Care needs to be taken to avoid melodramatic demonstrations, to grab the attention, or control positions.

During every full and new moon, I bring forth tendencies explicit to the astrological sign highlighted by the lunar events. The principal placeholder affected by this moon is the sign of Leo.  For Cancers, please look at your predispositions here and your eclipse.

Remember, this is a beginning, therefore, something must end which could have been started in and around the new moon last summer, which was the lunar eclipse on 4th and 5th of July, and the solar eclipse here.


For the next 6 months, be aware that you may not receive the type of support you want from your loved ones, but things could turn around for you in the spring. However, if you are feeling lonely or feel that you need someone to talk to, avoid people you don’t know as it may be likely they could find something to use against you. During the first half of the year you may also find things to be difficult on the work/career front, and it may be surmised that you are not meeting their expectations; but once again, this will be short lived. Hard work could cause plenty of fatigue and care should be taken with how you walk as you may trip.  But it is not a bad 3 months if you look at your Mercury retrograde pre-disposition here.

Saturn (Until May 2021):  Health issues are possible. Education, exams, and unexpected increase in finances will be possible for you.

Rahu: Work related issues are possible, but you will overcome them and plenty of success is possible

Ketu: Possible family issues and mental stressors are possible. A family illness could also cause you stress.

Uranus: Fame and recognition are possible.

Chiron: Improvements in the way you take care of yourself and how you view your life.

Jupiter: Love and career bliss is possible.

Maharani’s Advice

For the next 6 months, at least, try very hard not to be egotistical and remember that you don’t know everything.  Working hard and diligently will be the success you will crave.  Your professional aspects look awesome.  Keep yourself away from sick people and have routine checkups; this is because often, if you are tired or run down the immune system can’t fight as hard. Don’t let other people get involved in your relationships and keep them private. If you want to open a new business do it without a partner otherwise it will not be successful. Until April you will have to be extra vigilant with your finances.

The Leo energy can sometimes cause us to be more partial, stubborn, satisfied, unfulfilled, vain, conceited, and patronizing.  It’s harder (but not intolerable) to make changes or be supple, Since the Moon is the closest ‘Planet’ to Earth, and this satellite literally zips around the Zodiac, finishing its circuit in less than a month, it also touches us more deeply than most Planets.

Leo is Spirited, Courageous, Melodramatic, Executive, Prepared, AND UNPREDICTABLE. It is my suggestion that you purchase a Green candle and carve your name through to the wick.  Anoint the candle with lemon oil or Lavender oil and chant the Psalm 65.

This year I have decided to do something different.  Not only will I bring forth a Sanskrit mantra but also a mantra to create change in the way one is viewing life, which can assist in making the transition easier for 2021.

Maharani’s Mantra for Leo for 2021

Be who you are and trust that everything you do will turn out fine

Sanskrit Mantra

“Om Sri suryaya namaha”

(Om Shree sur-ya-ya nam-aha)

This mantra will aid greatly in the peaceful and sweet transition to new and positive energy states.

Please note I am not an Astrologer nor claim to be one.  The Vedic readings incorporate the energies for the moon and sun, guiding the reader to bring the most cultivating answers to everyday changes which bring forks in the road, and to make your own destiny through answers of the future.

Share this beautiful journey which we call life with gratitude, peace, love, humility, and honesty which embraces changes bringing sublime bliss.  I hope that it is the best journey you have ever taken.



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