Reluctant Revelations and Revolutions: Super Flower Moon Lunar Eclipse

Total Lunar Eclipse

Super Moon

Full Flower Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius

By Maharani Rutan©

The total super flower moon lunar eclipse will begin to move from the west to the east on May 26, 2021.  At approximately 4:14 am the full flower moon will enter Scorpio at 11 degrees, according to Vedic philosophy, and Sagittarius at 5 degrees depending upon the orb. This is the climax of the eclipses that occurred in June of 2020.

Eclipse will move from the east, Korea, Philippines Australia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan to the Western Americas, Los Angeles, Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and San Francisco.  As it moves to eastern America it will reach its maximum and become a partial eclipse; those that will view it will be in NYC, Philadelphia, DC, Detroit, Chicago, and the outer countries such as Canada, Brazil and back down.

According to Vedic Philosophies, though the moon signifies a rebirth, and new possibilities through light, the eclipse has a much greater power known as Graha. Those that practice spiritual living and base their work on helping and philanthropic efforts will be blessed, while those that look at the specter of life through material lenses often have unexpected things occur that bring shocks.  This eclipse is about purifying friendships, self-autonomy, community, and the world at large.  

The total lunar eclipse will fall at 5 to 6 degrees in Sagittarius depending upon the orb. And 11 to 12 degrees in Scorpio.  You may ask yourself why the difference in signs and degrees.  This is primarily because Vedic philosophies believe that the full moon brought light to humanity and thus humanity was created in the light whereas Western philosophies gear towards darkness rather than the light.  It does not matter which philosophies you are drawn to, but it does matter that the focus should be on one sector, not both.

This eclipse will be concentrated around early Sagittarius, including descendant, ascendant, and those that have mutable signs in their chart (Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini’s, and Virgos).  Also, Scorpios that were born 11 to 12 days into the sign of Scorpio.

The importance of this eclipse will steam for sure.  Sagittarius being a sign of fire, justice, truth, and freedom, and Scorpio being a water sign, brings forth rebirth, determination, and intuitive power, can surely create steam when they come together.

This is certainly, to some degree, the beginning of a cycle that originally occurred in May of 2013 and November 2013.  This is an eight-year cycle which means that there will be a Karmic significance to everything that happens individually and with the world.

Many pandits (priests) believe that the energy becomes celestial over time, not suddenly, therefore some will feel it as early as May 21, 2021.  There is an old Vedic superstition that if any human that views the eclipse in any way or form, surely evil will come to them.  It kind of reminds me of the eclipse that was viewed by Trump in 2018 and from no-where, within 6 months, the longest government shut down, personal attacks based on a secretly (Scorpio secrets) recorded phone call (to find the truth Sagittarius); could the superstitious be correct? Whatever the case may be, this will be a long drawn-out process for the next 6 months until the eclipse in Sagittarius arrives in the winter.  For sure, something is bound to come out which was stirred up in 2013.  Do you know what was hidden from you in 2013? 

Intensity of this eclipse can be recalled from the Partial Lunar eclipse in May 2013 (read about it here and solar eclipse in November of 2013 (read more here). 

This eclipse is very relationship orientated – our connection with others can be broken, analyzed, or unpredictably restored as the revelation challenges one to dispute. To totally understand the prospective in the lunar eclipse, we must explore both houses and signs that are created into work.

The Moon confronts our fears, old-fashioned actions, and anxieties (in Sagittarius/Scorpio). The positioning of the sun is the response to freedom from all that oppression we face in life away from our creative accomplishments (Gemini). In any chapter, there are opportunities for richer understanding and achieving steadiness in our lives.

For every zodiacal sign, this eclipse will be unique.  Wherever there is placement of Scorpio and Sagittarius is where the transformation will begin.

With Sagittarius occasionally divulging more than they can chew, matters will be brought forth which may cause extreme differences, both inner and outer, and with Mercury retrograde in the mix, things could drag to the maximum height (read more about it here).

Every full moon and new moon I bring predispositions to how the energy will weave through the next 6 months.  This is not astrology, rather, it is a combination of numerology and Vedic Philosophies, whereas each zodiac sign is a character of the cosmos and should be regarded as such. 

For an overall prediction, it is suggested to combine the lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, Mercury retrograde, and your own full moon prediction for the best scenario of the 6-month forecast.

I will begin with the two main characteristics which will be impacted the most during this eclipse followed by those that will be impacted from the most to the least.


Dear Scorpio, with Ketu in your sign for a little while, arguments and unnecessary conflicts are possible.  Just ask a Sagittarius who has gone past this last year.  But Sagittarius has moved past all the difficulties.  Unlike you, Scorpio, where you tend to keep secrets and sit back and watch people fall on their faces. Sagittarius is a very verbal sign and they want to bring all their garbage in the public eye, which can often create unnecessary enemies for them.  Learning from each other would be the best possible scenario.

Scorpio: Lack of focus, health issues, work relocation, and financial issues are possible. If you are in a healthy relationship/partnership you will receive plenty of support when you may undergo stress.  Also be extra cautious and look for Vedic predispositions which can be found here.

Sagittarius your Vedic predispositions

Sagittarius: Financial losses, disrespect, and aches and pains are possible, especially issues related to eyes and gut.  However, focus on your work and trips are possible.

Saturn: Governmental payments and minor conflicts with easy resolutions are possible. Noticeable disrespect from others will be more noticeable than at any other time.

Rahu: Competitors at work will be easily defeated.  Organization, respect, and promotion at work is possible.

Ketu: Expenditures will bring tension to a partnership/relationship.  Overspending will cause health issues.

Chiron: Future plans are coming to fruition through fate.

Uranus: Overcoming obstacles through courage and wisdom.

Jupiter: Travel and spiritual retreats are possible currently.

Gemini, Virgo, Pisces 

As with the lunar eclipse, soon the solar eclipse and Mars pounds you dear Gemini, you may be feeling the heat. It may even be feast to famine, perhaps you are feeling so good maybe you continue to worry.  But your worries are nothing compared to how Virgos’ hide their worries. Even when there is nothing for Virgos to worry about, except Uranus which rattles them, I can say they handle it better than Pisces who may not always look at the spiritual nature but, rather, indulge themselves so they don’t have to feel the pain?  But all of you will feel the push and pull of retrograde, then again, it is nothing you have not felt before as it happens every 3 to 4 months.

Gemini: Financial stress and lack of collaboration at work could cause unnecessary health issues.  Job or business transfers may be possible.  Hard work will reap the rewards.

Pisces: Added responsibilities at your business or job are possible; this could cause minor agitations and outbursts.  It is advised for you at this time not sign any legal documents, and this is not the time to go back to school as you could have a lack of focus.  But be careful, your own agitations could tarnish good relationships with others.

Virgo: You could finally see the results of your hard work, as financially and spiritually things are looking good for you.  But be careful as Uranus could cause unexpected expenses.  Job opportunities are headed your way, and long distance travel is also possible.

Aquarius, Taurus, Leo

Indirectly, Leo and Aquarius may be feeling the pain of the eclipse and Mercury retrograde.  But for Taurus, Rahu, Venus, and the touch of Mercury could cause you to feel like you are up against the wall or flying high.  Be careful, don’t fly too high, come down and learn to laugh a little. 

Aquarius: Extreme pressure to detail in areas of work will be necessary, new ideas are finally making some headway, and it’s time to plant the seeds.  Travel is also in the works for you.

Taurus: Stress related issues will soon be resolved, but be careful as your temper could cause problems with the ones you love. Hard work will pay off, however, there may be a tendency to spend more than you have.

Leo: There is plenty of energy for you.  You will be more detailed oriented and gain financially through experience and while doing so you could network new business relationships.  Work pressure could cause stomach and body aches. Try to be mindful of your spending.

Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

Being the first sign of the zodiac does not mean you are dismissed from the transformational changes dear Aries.  With Chiron in your sign, I certainly feel as though you may be looking at life with magnifying glasses and asking yourself “is this all there is?” It is a long journey.  But at the end of the day, you too will be gifted as Capricorn, who has difficult lessons with a gift at their door.  It may seem like only Cancers and Libras could be saved, or are they really?

Aries: Financial losses and an uncontrollable temper is possible, this could cause unnecessary health issues. Partnership issues could arise where words cannot be taken back, thus deadlines at your work or business could be missed.

Capricorn: Financial gains and focus are probable, including the support from your family. A change of jobs will bring rewards, however, be cautious and do not sign any documents at this moment.

Cancer: Career and professional advancements are possible.  Family and finances will remain a steady stream of bliss. However, this requires hard work which could cause minor influenza or stomach issues.  Be cautious regarding your relationship with superiors and work travel is possible.

Libra:  Difficulties in areas of work and finances are possible, so resolve issues carefully.  Depending upon how you handled your spiritual life during the last eclipse, your financial situation could go either way with either gains or complete losses.

Please note these are predispositions and not exact predictors, rather, they are possibilities.  If you are looking for an exact determination, you may contact a western or eastern astrologer, but not both as you may hear opposite thoughts.

If relationships are too intense this will destroy what is left in the relationship since there are many thoughts and ideas to accomplish. Therefore, having an ideal partner for those that have Venus in Sagittarius, or even those involved with a Sagittarius, must realize that there needs to be persistent understanding, kidding, joking, travel, dreams, beliefs, truth, and most of all, love.

In the Vedic point of view, surpasses are deemed as suspicions of difficulties. Eclipses typically trigger primary devastations such as adverse climate conditions that could bring such things as downpours, volcanic activity, and anything that has to do with water and fire due to the sign and its placement.  But also remember, do not be surprised that things which were hidden will come to light. 

This 6-month cycle is focused on education, teaching, morals, travel, and expansion. This Eclipse is of enormous universal importance in two areas of the Zodiac, Sagittarius, and Scorpio; however, Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, and Virgo will be extremely highlighted. Small details can overrun long-term ambitions.

While this eclipse creates changes, we will also experience a flower moon at 4:45 am EST.  Mythologies believe the first full moon in May to be the Full Flower Moon, because blossoms are generally everywhere, and the sun and the moon keep them cultivated.

At times, this Full Moon can highlight crucial organizational or scientific innovations, or collective changes and developments. Computers and other hi-tech equipment can be an issue to failure and other conditions. Be on guard against “the unexpected or unusual” across this time.  People may display bizarre conduct under this pressure as well and unexpected antagonisms or separations may occur for some.

The Furious Sagittarius Moon forces us to communicate admirably and get to the heart of the matter. Faith is robust, small talk is out… big dreams and grand plans take shape in our minds. Take a little trip… read a book.

The Moon in Sagittarius brings a time of seeking exciting action and freedom. People may feel more timid, respectful, and fun loving. It is a good time for exploring interests and ideas and for expansion of the mind. Like the Archer that represents Sagittarius, people may have an inclination toward seeking out truth and complex meaning, following awareness, and flights of sophistication. While the desire for freedom will be strong, people may want to do what they want, when they want, and be impulsive and independent. These inclinations can cause impatience and a strong need for freedom.

During the Sagittarius moon it is time to care for others by making sure everyone is content.  It is also a time of being fostering and often this type of energy makes sure that a motherly figure will be a delight to one’s life.  Talking frankly and directly to the point may be harsh but it is also real. This moon also implies the taking of obligation in areas of family and for those whom you love, which could mean devoting more time to the ones you love. But how will you do that when you may also come to be very busy working?  

This moon is quite friendly but needing to split yourself between family, friends, and duties may cause you to be eccentric and defiant. Be careful of your remarks and be placid.  Possibly take a trip by the sea or read a book instead of extending yourself too thin and make sure you take time for yourself.

Allow the harsh problems of the past months to fall away. During the Lunar Eclipse we must attempt to look at life in a unique way.  You might want to recreate the hopes like this: “I need support in creating anything I envision and energy to express joy through this means.  I require the knowledge to love further and the skill to grow in an optimistic situation.  I must realize my objectives.” 

Since the moon is in Sagittarius, it is straightforward, robust, self-assured, and intellectual. It is my suggestion that you purchase an Orange candle and carve your name through to the wick.  Anoint the candle with sandalwood or lavender oil and chant the Psalm 17. 

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention, and when it comes to finding satisfying interactions, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be.

The Sanskrit mantras can be difficult to pronounce but are a powerful source of energy on levels of sounds through us and the creator.  For the Solar Eclipse it is suggested that the mantra of Surya be chanted every morning and every night for the entire transit (6 months). The mantra for Lunar Eclipse is:




Please remember that these are general tendencies.  It is my suggestion that all with mutable signs set up an appointment with me and get a 6-month in-depth reading on the self before getting a relationship reading.  In addition, please remember that I am not an astrologer, but rather, a Vedic reader who incorporates tendencies of the sun and the moon which is the groundwork for a specialized reading. I bring to you the outcomes that can be changed. 

This Lunar eclipse I will be doing 6-month in-depth readings to pair with the Solar eclipse in June.

Being a Vedic reader does not make me an Astrologer.  Vedic reading is focused on, and geared towards, transformational changes which are embarked upon by actions and reactions.  One ounce of prevention brings solace and understanding of the future. 

Appointments for 6-month in-depth readings are available, so please follow the instructions here. 

Wishing you the best of the transitions through eclipses…



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