Love belongs to the Moon: Blessings are Never-Ending

“…thus, I will give the moon, the sun and soul, under the blessings of God”-

Maharani Rutan’

January 2014

By Maharani Rutan©

In certain astrological western studies, we have been taught to fear the full moons. There have also been some incidences that seem to be co-related to aggression, violence and fear due to the full moon. But what is so ghastly, is the notion that full moon causes accidental deaths, sickness, and natural deaths. Nevertheless, depending upon which cultural derivatives one wants to follow, in the Vedic cultures, full moons are blessings it allows space in our lives to plant seeds, to rid of baggage, and gives us clear vision. Thus, if there are endings this is because one refuses to live in the spiritual world whereas, if something does not fit in our lives it will be taken away.

It has been written that the Divine does not want to do harm on humanity, however, it also does not want us to hold on to things that causes burdens, pain or sorrow either. So, if there is sorrow, this only means we refuse to let go. In the similar relation, new moons void the sun therefore blinding us from the light of the Divine, hence not being able to receive the blessings.

Now these days, many principles trust that new moons are the day that one writes their objectives on paper and begins new plans. Some will encourage you to write a check to yourself to bring monetary gains. Yet, has one noticed that it never works out that way? This is because humanity cannot write in complete darkness nor think we need light.

In the spiritual world there is no value of money (as this is man made to exchange goods or services). Furthermore, the more we distance ourselves from the material life the more we are in tuned with the Divine. This is amplifying that richness does not come from how much you have, rather what you are willing to give up for others.

In the spiritual world we are all one, there no one better than the other nor does the spiritual energy see us this way. When we are one with the universal energy we open our mind and soul to bliss. The Vedas (Ancient Hindu text which are instructs and teaches the knowledge of being one and often referred to as scriptures written in Sanskrit created between 1500 and 1000 BCE) conditions that all spiritual forms are unified, thus instigating actions and reactions.

Furthermore, there is a constant: the sun. As an effect, the sun signifies everlasting and endless immortality. Mutually, the moon is exceptional as it waxes, wanes, and can appear in all stages between new and full. Yet the galaxy represents playground for the celestial transits and thus rebirth, and regeneration is part of the system which is known as reincarnation.

The Vedas, consider the supreme God is Indra (also known as Brahma). This supreme energy is the ruler of the entire being including the galaxy, planets and humanity. Hence, he has not been given the power to control free will. who controls everything in the universal world, except for free will. During the separation of powers Vedas, state, that the moon is a vessel; some call it a ship which has a mysterious drink called Soma.

The drink is so powerful and celestial that only holy people are privileged. The effects bring hallucinations so powerful that they can communicate with other beings and planets (God aka Sun, Moon, Mercury, etc.). The moon (Soma) has an unswerving relationship to Indra, thus certain great powers and is often associated with a motherly figure. Some say that the moonlight is expressively more glorious than the sun.

The moon is also known as Chandra, and which has supreme power of all thing including the linkage with mother nature and spirit guides. He is also denoted to as the God of fertility in relation to Cancer, the mother. The notion new moon is so sacrilegious many people who follow the Vedas, dismiss to celebrate their birthdays on the day they were born rather celebrate it on the next full moon as it brings blessings and holiness to all.

Vedas, note; nature desires the sun to vegetate, to be fruitful, blossom, and rebirth, furthermore, it also needs the moon to hibernate and grow. Consequently, life must circle around the moon, and dedications are always given during the brightness. Especially spiritual ceremonies and rituals. Because of this every spiritual Hindu holiday revolves around the full moon. One exception is Diwali, as it represents old year in the past. The meaning of this is that we are all interrelated and have a direct connection to the supreme being through the moon.

There are approximately eight practicing religions and remainders are hybrids (mix of two or more) and through its diversity many rituals and ceremonies are done during the moon. Especially, many Pooja’s (prayer sessions), and periods of fasting. Thus, the new moon is discussed to as Amavasya (when the moon is hidden) and the full moon is mentioned to as Purnima (when the moon is visible).

Contrasting western ideology, new moon calls for planting seeds and objectives, the Hindu culture sees it is an omen, since it blocks the moon. In following the scriptures many temples remain closed on that day, except on Deepavali, which falls on a new moon.

This is also happens when the eclipses enter the atmosphere, it does not matter if it is lunar or solar, since both hide the light and are considered unlucky. It is recommended to stay at home, fast, and wear lighter color clothes so that during the solar eclipse, one is not charred by the energy, and during the lunar eclipse, one is threatened.

When you see the moonlight never be scared, it is meant to heal, bless and love.


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