Divine, Ethereal Humility: Last Eclipse in Virgo until 2025


Annular Solar Eclipse

New moon in Virgo

September 1, 2016

By Maharani Rutan©

Abstracts by Leslie Hale

The wrath of the summer heat has begun to move away. The droplets of summer sweat have receded from our foreheads and the wait for cooler days is shrinking. As Mother Nature begins to have a little mercy on us, we are ready to move away from being glued to television watching the most daring and agile athletes of the world to jumping into our own arena of contemplation.

It is very difficult for the most intense, analytical, hardworking sign of the zodiac to go through changes as they have in the past year. As complex as it may seem, some of them have been down this road before. For some younger generations, perhaps for Millennials (Echo Boomers) it may be hard for you to remember as you may have been very young. But some Generation X’ers can remember as if it was a razor cut that bled profusely. For Boomers II, it was a stitch without sedation; and for The Baby Boomers it was the knife that cut the heart. The day which I am referring to is September 1, 1997.


“We last experienced a solar eclipse at the same degree on September 1, 1997 and we experienced a lunar eclipse in Pisces at the same degree September 16, 1997. If you are old enough to remember, go back to these dates and think about the significant events on and around this period and you may have a clue as to what these eclipse may bring for you personally.”Leslie Hale

Here we are 19 years later and one of the most beautiful transformations for Virgos takes place as the last eclipse in the Virgo series. Some call this eclipse “Ring of Fire”, or “Solar Eclipse” however, the technical term is Annular Solar Eclipse. The solar eclipse always occurs on a new moon and the players of the dance, which I call the dance of the sun, moon and the earth, form a perfectly straight light; almost like a country line dancing. However, the Annular Solar Eclipse will allow the bright ring to appear whereas in a total solar eclipse it would cover the moon so that no light appears.

The eclipse begins in phases and always as a partial eclipse. At approximately, 2:13am EST, the eclipse will begin its motion and by 3:17am the full eclipse movement will begin. The eclipse will begin to maximize by 5:02am EST and the moon will go void into a New moon in Virgo at 5:03am at 9 degrees in Virgo, just like in 1997. As the eclipse continues to move, the full eclipse shadow will be at 6:57am and by 8:00am EST it is over.

Even though this is a beautiful spiritual event for Virgo, unfortunately the North America’s, and South America’s, will not be a part of this glorified event in the cosmos. No one will really see the full eclipse, but portions of this eclipse will be seen in some parts of Australia, South Asia, and the beautiful Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

However, not being able to see this eclipse may actually be a blessing as it is told in the Ancient Indian Scriptures that looking at the eclipse brings bad luck. I am sure Virgos agree when I say that they have had enough. But this is it for Virgo eclipses. Though the universe will come to check on Virgos progress in 2025, and Virgos could have minor bumps and bruises, there won’t be much they cannot handle.

“Eclipse are like wildcards and one of the ways we learn how and what we need to change and evolve. An eclipse can seem good or bad, depending on what aspects in your personal chart and often an eclipse is dramatic, or reveals important information if it aspects a significant point in your own chart/life. And eclipse often brings news pertaining to life’s biggest events the energy of an eclipse can go for months and some cases years.”Leslie Hale


Furthermore, not even Saturn will not affect Virgo’s as it left them in 2010/11, and they have transformed. Neptune likes it where it is and will stay there for a while so Virgos do not need to be dreamers as they make dreams a reality naturally. Mars in Virgo will be a good placement with the eclipse around the end of September. Of course, Mars never sticks around for too long. As far as Pluto, planet of transformation, and Uranus, they will both remain where they are and never go into Virgo. But we all know there is one planet that loves to annoy Virgos; that is Mercury, well one can never get rid of him. Additionally, I will elaborate more on the gifts that the universe still has to give to Virgos a little later.

Since this eclipse is the final eclipse for Virgo’s, it is imperative to understand what the universe had in mind when lessons kept repeating at 10 years, 19 years and again at 9 years from now. Maybe there are no similarities, but there seems to be some evidence that there are.


A few days before the eclipse in 1997, one of the most beautiful people, Princess Diana Spencer, died in an automobile accident in France. Microsoft became the most valuable company in the world, and Athens is chosen for the next Olympics games. Many are killed in the massacre in Algeria and scientists discover two diseases which migrated from an older disease, where there had been a vaccination. Lastly, Korean Air Flight 801 crashes in Guam killing 228, and Indonesia air with 235 dead. But discovery of landing the first craft on Mars.

“With an eclipse we have both endings and beginnings. A solar eclipse is more like a new beginning, and it is always a new moon. A lunar eclipse can bring more news of endings and its associated with full moon.”Leslie Hale

Moving forward to 2007, the Phoenix spacecraft lands on the Martian North Pole. Multiple suicide bombings kill over 600 people in Iraq, and Marion Jones surrenders Olympic medals after admitting to doping. An earthquake in Peru kills over 500 people and lastly Flight 269 from one to go airlines kills 89 people at the Phuket airport.

Collectively, we can presume some things that are similar to both eras and perhaps the universe is really being tolerant when teaching us to play nice, be careful, kind, giving, and explore. The eclipse on September 1, 2016 occurs in Virgo and will, for the most part, affect people with mutable signs (Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius). Under this energy everyone is so disordered or at odds about their own issues that they pay little attention to what they are saying, or trying say. People with mutable signs noticeable in their charts will have a tough time splitting the self from their feelings and not understanding that someone they want is simply is to fill the void instead of an emotional attachment or real commitment.


It is said in the ancient scriptures that those who view the eclipse will have it affect the person’s life negatively. Thus, not to take any risk for their people, many people began fasting 12 to 14 hours prior to the eclipse until the eclipse had totally past the solar system and during the eclipse they recite the Surya mantra. Many temples will close that day and spiritual baths are considered auspicious to wash away all the sins that are castes upon the evils of the eclipse and the sins of the year.

“Almost always unexpected information comes to light and at this time something may be eclipsed completely out of your life or into your life”Leslie Hale

The intensity of the eclipse really depends upon the planets and houses it touches in your Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Chart. Sometimes astrological or Vedic charts also affect the intensity as well. Eclipses are about changes. They are a breakthrough of the most important level, from a birth to a purchase of a home. It could be a loss or it could be a gain. Whichever the case, the universe wants progression forward; there is no doubt about it. Yet it may also seem that some of the themes are not directly related to an individual. Sometimes the impact is related to a family member, but at the end of the day there will be a correlation.

The solar eclipse, joined with the new moon, is about new beginnings and often brings shockingly positive news. Though for some it may not happen instantly, over time it will be very noticeable. Solar energy usually signifies male energy or Mars, and Lunar energy signifies the moon and we call it Venus energy. Therefore, the center focus may be related to a masculine energy in a person’s life.

Remember, a solar eclipse opens our eyes to things we have not seen before and a lunar eclipse makes a grand finale. Therefore, this eclipse could very well bring break ups where the masculine energy would walk away, or someone of authority leaves your company, or a friend, possibly a male, may just leave your life. Perhaps you will suspect something but it won’t be so clear yet.

With Mercury retrograde in Virgo, this will definitely impact Virgos and all Earth signs. Thus if you are involved with one ladies, it does not matter whether they are Earth signs or not, practice active listening. Especially with Saturn in the mix, last words will only cut like a knife and I have always said we can’t take back words. Therefore, things that happen 10 to 11 days before the eclipse are usually unexpected things we will always remember, or should.


For those who are born 5 to 10 days before, on, or after the eclipse, the energy of this eclipse is asking you for the next one year what you did in 1997, 2007 and now whether there are similarities and asks if you could or would have done anything different, and how. Additionally, what are you going to do to change this? This is because it is apparent that your method may not be working; if it is working then you have no reason to worry. The cosmos will be back in 2025 to see how humble and “Virgoish” you have become; or have you gone the other way? Usually, the solar eclipse brings true blessings and many could feel it days before.

Solar dynamism is exterior, patriarchal, shielding, and vigorous – being echoed and articulated from within our life force. This eclipse is predominantly objective and preoccupied with persistence – our principles and tenacity can be heightened and exaggerated. Profoundly reflect our influences in the world, and the full countenance of our civilization. This 6-month period is a time to center on community ties, make contacts, educating and fostering closeness to siblings and friends. This particular Eclipse chart places an enormous terrestrial highlight in one area of the Zodiac. Virgo, Pisces, and Sagittarius are vastly accentuated, and we need to watch against out-of-control chauvinism, misinterpretations, and over-sensitivity about limitations. Tiny specifics can over-run long-term aims.


The moon in Virgo brings mindfulness about all the little specifics and how we can aid and attend to others. Relish nourishing foods, pure accomplishments, and a spotless atmosphere. This is a time to be real and not live in an illusion; arranging every emotion rationally, always improving and humanizing every reply without offending anyone. Motivated for transparency and healthfulness, realism and hard work is the motto for Virgo energy. Virgos have great morals and spiritual gifts, and will help anyone in need. Nurturing others by analyzing their faults and helping to find solutions for them; look to a motherly figure as a model of pureness, principles, hard work and soberness.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, as is Gemini. While the Moon is in Virgo, it is also a good time for academic pursuits, and those needing serious specifics rather than pioneering creativeness. This is a good time for taking care of any matter that necessitates thorough attention. People may become shy and retreating with Moon passing through Virgo and will tend to be sharp, fussy, and even critical at times. These influences lead to a concern about food and health, for Virgo rules the guts and influence of absorption. Many people may feel the urge to clean up their homes at this time that is a good way to channel Virgo energy.

Solar eclipse is always like a pat on the shoulder from the universe when you have made positive changes in your life, kind of like a reward. Now, the universe will give to Earth signs and all those that have some earth in their chart especially Virgos, signs and directions to plan, plant, and start something new which will carry them into the positive future which could last into 2025. These seeds will begin to bloom within 90 days, 120 days, 1 year, and so on. To make it perfect there will be times of minor adjustments but there will be plenty of time to adjust. The Solar eclipse will again pat you for whatever you began in June, March, January of 2016 and the changes you made and adjusted to in 2015. Questioning were you a good team player? Or did you display feelings of insecurities, resentment, keenness, intimidation, revenge, gossip, or anything that was non-scrupulous? If so, then that will also be taken into consideration.

Virgos do not like people speaking ill of them and are very particular about how people view them. However, there is an old saying, two wrongs do not make a right. It is time to think of new ways to act, view life, solve issues, even the way you look. Breaking the shackles is the first step, breaking the negative thinking is the next, and living in a negative thought pattern is another. Earth signs including Virgos must stay away from words such as me, you, and I. Expanding their vocabulary to we, our, and us.

Even though this is a Virgo eclipse the energy will impact all of us in some way. It will give us all a chance to be critical of ourselves and how people view us. There is no reason to be loud, disrespectful, or even speaking negative about people in public or otherwise; as this is not what Virgo would want in their lives.

Although we would all love to live in a perfect world, Virgo’s are real and they realize this cannot be possible, however, the energy Virgos embrace is, “I know I cannot do this alone, what can we do together to make it happen?” For all the tribulations and trials that they have endured, just as any other person, Virgos do worry therefore, philosophical prospective of Vedic foresight will continue to bless Virgos until middle of 2018. However, the view point is Vedic and not to be mistaken as a Western prospective as a different outcome.

The predetermined forecasts which are listed below are based upon Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic theories. It is not Tropical, Sidereal, or Chinese. It is a theoretical prospective that no one human being is exactly alike nor one star is fixed. As the sun, moon, and earth belong to the galaxy, so do others.

If you are looking for a Tropical (Western) prospective as to how this eclipse is going to affect you; I would suggest you contact my preferred western astrologers, Leslie Hale or Lee Stillwaters or list of others which I highly recommend and have handpicked. As far as the Sidereal (Vedic) prospective there is one affiliation which I trust and it could take up to 4-5 weeks to get your life Kundi (forecast) back. It is also not recommended for everyone please email me for further information.

This eclipse, for many, is a 6-month progression for some but for others it can be 1 year, depending upon the placement of Virgo and Earth in your Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Chart. I recommend combining the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius which we had on August 18, 2016 as well as Mercury retrograde to get a better view of how things could possibly look for you.

To begin forecasting I will be highlighting those elements (astrological signs) that will be most affected by the eclipse. Please remember the signs in the VPA are placeholders, unique in the galaxy with different characteristics.

earth16Earth Signs

Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus

Positive influences: Jupiter
Negative influences: Pluto, Mercury

Earth signs, remember what I am about to detail here is again based upon a different kind of prospective and depending upon which path you would like to follow, the future can result in a different prospective.

Most of the influences which I had predetermined in my blog from the lunar eclipse remain the same except that a little time has moved the prospective a little closer (read about it here). I will not be expanding it again here. Additionally, the predictions may be brief as they will be expanded in future blogs.

Virgo: There will be a lot of moral support coming from business and romantic partners. It will also be a good time to think about future commitments and building future bonds.

Capricorn: Travel and communication will be the theme for this eclipse and perhaps by exploration there will come new prospective.

Taurus: Financial gains are again knocking at your door. It is time to join organizations or large groups to make new friends which could lead to networking and prosperity in areas of work and career.


Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Positive influences: Eclipse in Aquarius

Negative influences: Mercury, Eclipse in Aquarius

Air Signs, remember what I am about to detail here is again is based upon a different kind of prospective and depending upon which path you would like to follow, the future can result in a different prospective.

Gemini: Possible new project or new work. Those that are writers or work in creative fields may be doubly rewarded as they may get the recognition they wanted or deserved.

Libra: Take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Too much of a good thing is never good. Watch the spending and envy.

Aquarius: It’s a time of introspection and transformation. With this comes the behavior and attitude change.

Fire Sign

Sagittarius, Leo, Aries

Positive influences: Saturn
Negative influences: Saturn, Uranus, Mercury, Eclipse in Aquarius

Fire Signs, remember what I am about to detail here is again is based upon a different kind of prospective and depending upon which path you would like to follow, the future can result in a different prospective.

Sagittarius: Re-organizing, purchasing for, or beautifying your environment, as well as finding a reliable vehicle, or trading in the old for a new.

Leo: Diving into spirituality, learning, introspection, and settling old debts will be the theme.

Aries: Traveling abroad or short trips are likely, however, so are empty pockets. Money issues and health issues may cause problems in moving forward.

Water Signs

Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

Positive influences: Saturn, Neptune

Negative influences: Saturn, Neptune, Chiron

Water Signs, remember what I am about to detail here is again is based upon a different kind of prospective and depending upon which path you would like to follow, the future can result in a different prospective.

Pisces: Transforming emotions and heightened creativity.

Cancer: Traveling, spirituality, guarding your character and advancing your education will be the theme.

Scorpio: Going back to school or learning something new, possibilities exist for child birth or positive news regarding children.

This is a magnificent eclipse not to be undermined or taken lightly. This is not only about human change, but humanitarian giving.

The moon in Virgo is truthful, duteous, hygienic, complicated, and accommodating. It is my suggestion that you purchase a Green candle and carve your name through to the wick.

As this is the last eclipse in Virgo until 2025, it is my suggestion to anoint the candle with Peppermint oil and Sandalwood oil and chant the psalms 5 and 37. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the eclipse.

Remember that with all meanings of psalms and mantras, accomplishing the anticipated result is dependent on upon the value of the goal. When it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. Prayers should never consist of requesting desires rather, needs which are never a person but mundane things which assist in survival (basic needs). In the long run the universe will fulfill your desires as long as your needs are pure.

The mantra for the Solar Eclipse is:

Om Surya namaha

(om sur ya aa na ma ha)

Here is the actual pronunciation can be found below:
Copy and paste https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wlYyrWyXiA

Jupiter Blessings for Earth and Air Signs:


Om Guru Namaha

( Om Guru Namaha)

If you want to just listen close your eyes just listen
Copy and paste https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQYgiDBwacM

The ruling planet for the last eclipse in Virgo is Lord Shiva:


Om Namaha Shivaya

(Om nama ha Shiv a ya)

If you cant pronounce (this also just listen)
Copy and paste https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txLw5izh5ns


These are broad predispositions; every person, feeling, reaction, and action is unique to that individual. Therefore, this is not to be taken as a precise science or belief, only as material and consciousness of action and reaction to certain energy.

Vedic readings are quite distinctive. Not western astrology or Vedic astrology, they are an inimitable system which integrates astrology and inclination to bring the most exclusive potential of shifting actions and reactions. These actions and reactions bring spirituality and humility in areas of prospecting for new things, as well as seeing meditative factors in order to abolish, or at least walk around, negativity.

Starting September 1 through September 9, 2016 I will be expanding my normal 90 day reading to 6-month self-reading by appointment. I highly encourage the spiritual ritual of baths and disposal of prior notes in a very spiritual manner.

Wishing you the best this eclipse has to offer and all the joy that it brings with it.


Maharani Rutan©

Maharani468Copyright © 2016 www. cosmicpsychic.com Written and Edited by Maharani Rutan@
All rights reserved©

Calm, Complaisant and Careful future: Partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo 2015


Partial Solar Eclipse

New moon in Virgo

September 13/14, 2015

By Maharani Rutan©

There are so many analogies about the eclipses that between the meanings, and the energy, almost everything is lost. Depending upon which area of the world you were raised, eclipses can be ominous or they can be good. In my personal belief, eclipses are about history and change.

Just like every planet in the universe, such as Saturn, Mars, Venus etc., an eclipse impacts all astrological signs approximately every 18 to 25 years (depending upon other transits). History always repeats itself, though circumstances, players and environments can change yet history paves the way to our future. This is so that we can make decisions that are more concrete and sustainable as we grow to experience similar situations. For example, almost every one of us has come to a place we have never been before however it seems so familiar. Some call it Dejavu, I call it premonition.


Many times I pondered why the eclipses are so sacred and why they are needed. I can only think of one thing that my philosophy teacher said about the eclipses when she related to Socrates and Plato. She said, “Through the discoveries of philosophies, it has been theorized that humans thrive for change. From new homes to new things, art, music, or even wives. But, humans cannot handle when changes happen too quickly, especially if it affects their home, well being, or even their families. However, they love to watch the drama if it does not involve them. Eclipses are often related to the call of Gods, and these Gods question human decisions, and actions, if they serve the best interest of all. Therefore every human is tested and affected by this energy”- Professor Bancotti. No matter which religion is followed, all of the myths and superstitions of the eclipses are seen in many countries.

In India, “At the time of a solar or lunar eclipse, instantly stop all activities and chant the name of God in a purified state. After the eclipse, householders should bathe with the clothes they are wearing and then make donations according to their means.” (Shik 86/87) BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha. Additionally, all people are advised not to eat 12 hours before the solar eclipse (water allowed) and they are not allowed to touch food or any clothing during the eclipse. It is said that anything touched during the eclipse brings bad omens and should be discarded immediately.


Nevertheless, whatever superstition or myths you want to believe or practice, it is solely based upon your own cultural upbringing. But we can say it is related to history and the impact of the past as it relates to human experience. Like every eclipse, it’s about consideration and events of the past and how we handled them. Though this eclipse may not be as intense as the lunar eclipse of September 28, 2015, it will be strong enough to make changes in lives of many.

This is a series of eclipses which will uniform, transform, and create a new Virgo. This eclipse will question the events of September 22, 1987, September 1, 1997 and September 22, 2006. You will see something very similar in 2016, as the next eclipse for Virgo will be on September 1, 2016. As noted, history repeats.

“The Solar eclipse is in Virgo and this sign rules the 6th house of work, health and service. An eclipse of this nature can reveal situations and changes at work, in diet and health and our level of service we provide others in many different ways.Many will likely be focused on work rather than pleasure, and this is a perfect time for organizing the important matters of our life and utilizing our talents in the area of re-organizing our houses, thoughts and plans.”-Leslie Hale

The Partial Solar Eclipse occurs when all three major planets (Sun, Moon and Earth) do not form a straight line as it would in a total solar eclipse. The Partial Solar Eclipse will only cover the some of the sun. Additionally, this eclipse will not have the grandeur or visibility that many of the other eclipses show, such as the one at the end of this month. This is primarily because the eclipse begins so far below the equator and moving upwards that its prominence will be limited. The visibility also will be restricted to parts of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans as well as some parts of South Africa and Antarctica. Furthermore, the partial solar eclipse will be followed by a void in the moon at approximately 20 degrees in Virgo depending upon the orb, forming a new moon.

On September 13, 2015 at approximately, 12:40am EST, 9:40 PST, the eclipse will begin its motion. The sun will begin to move in a perpendicular line with the moon at a very slow rate. At 2:41 am EST, 11:41pm PST, the moon will become voided by the shadow of the sun, thus the maximum eclipse will be at 2:52am covering most of the moon. However, this is why it is called a partial eclipse, as the reflection of the two planets (moon and the sun) will make it appear as such. There will be a crescent sun in the sky. The eclipse will not last long and as the time the moon and the sun move apart the eclipse will be over by 5:05 am.

The new moon and partial solar eclipse come at a time when everyone’s thinking is already introspective, with justice, fairness, and relationships being pondered. Additionally, Mercury retrograde is about to move into its most intense period of time (read about it here). Since Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, they will feel the impact of the retrograde energy as much as those that are Libra, as well as those that have Libra in their astrological chart.

As much as the eclipse brings change, so does the new moon. Nonetheless, many people want to understand the energy of the eclipses and the moon to a time which they may experience. As far as the eclipses, September 11, 2007, was the closest experience to this eclipse; where new order, laws, and new direction impacted society. On the same day in 2007, Indonesia set the precedent that giving money to beggars and smoking in public will be prohibited. Focusing on human health and compassion, this is also a Virgo trait. Additionally in 2007, it was the remembrance of the 911 attacks where deaths, heroes, and losses made headlines once again. This is a very soft spot for Virgos as they become em paths to human existence.

“The shadow side of this sign is critical, judgmental, and sometimes brings feelings of self unworthiness. The positive side of the sign is practicality, management /leadership ability, and discerning thinking.”- Leslie Hale


Virgos nature is also in areas of music and arts, and their abilities to create new and inspiring ways to arouse artists is the key to their perfection. In 2007, Kanye West and 50 Cent were head to head however, #1 at the billboard was Kanye West with his single “Can’t tell me nothing.” Additionally, smart phone developer Apple sold their first millionth iPhone. Moving forwards 8 years, what does the energy of Virgo coming to bring to us? This we do not know, nevertheless, glory to Virgo!, With Jupiter in Virgo for almost 1.5 years (read about it here), Mars and Venus soon moving into Virgo, and this eclipse, the changes cannot be any better. However, Virgo’s are pessimistic, whenever good things happen, even if it is predicted they will look at the circumstances why something happened positively rather than looking at it as a cosmic glory. This, of course, can be scientifically be proven by their own experiences.

As I continue to be a believer in history repeating itself, I frequently advise my clients to keep a journal. Often journals can assist in recalling experiences and circumstances, including action and reaction of a certain period of time. This will allow to see that if universally, a similar situations occur again, one is already aware of its conclusion. This is also why flash back dates are always included in my blogs, so that the circumstances are easily captured. However, 20 degrees of a Virgo moon has not occurred in the 21st century. Similar energy can relate back to September 28, 2004 at 22 degrees in Virgo or the most recent would be September 11, 2007 (the eclipse of 2007).

“Venus and Mars are trine Uranus within a few degrees and these are positive, upbeat energies. But, this moon will oppose Neptune (discouragement, delusion, compassion, deep spiritual understandings), trine Pluto (determination), and sextile Saturn (security, stability)”- Leslie Hale


Solar energy is peripheral, self-protective, defensive, and energetic – as well as mirrored and articulated from within our life force. This eclipse is particularly inspiring and resolution oriented – our values and resilience can be improved and strengthened. We begin to feel these alterations powerfully and believe our support in the world with the full expression of our humanity.

This 6-month period is a time to focus on work, health, apparatus, and repetitive daily habits. This particular Eclipse will affect those that have Virgo planets anywhere in the chart including the sun and the moon. Virgos are highly accentuated, and we need to guard against being overly critical, politically driven, and manifesting worry about our restrictions. Tiny specifics can over-run long-term goals. However, Virgos will not be the only ones affected by this eclipse as all mutable signs will feel the potency (Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius and Virgo). At this time it is about countless finales and wonderful openings. “When one door closes another opens un-expectedly”-Anonymous

“But, Jupiter opposes Neptune at 7-8 degrees of Virgo-Pisces and this is a transit of confusion, lies and deception, trickery, smoke and mirrors and illusions, and you must discern what is truth and what is not.”- Leslie Hale

The few days prior to the New Moon, known as the DARK MOON, vitalizes are at their bottom most ebb, in planning for the new phase to activate. Each New Moon implies the outlook to kick off a new cycle in your life. Depending on the essential quality of the sign in which the New Moon falls in a chart, energies on inconsistent levels are complex, be they sanctified, impartial, logical, or forthcoming. The modality of the sign governs whether the importance is on consecutive, control, or submission. I would highly suggest that you make an appointment with my recommended Astrologer (Leslie Hale) or any of my recommend astrologers (here) and discuss how this phase will magnify your new starts or finales.

The magnificent new moon also brings rebirth to later born Virgo’s. However, Mercury is retrograding and is changing signs in Libra. This means that everyone will be affected and since Mercury emphasizes mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius) the changes will come but not as quickly as you would like. Read more about it here.

“This is a transit of absolute lies, thievery and trickery, and as a collective we must guard against illusions that hit some chord making it seem real, yet it is not.” – Leslie Hale

This moon is predominantly zoned for the positive for mutable signs. Particularly for Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces or whomever are born on the 12th through 22nd of their month in Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, or Pisces.

The New Moon invokes energy of affirmation, and a time to express what our needs are according to the visions available (through Virgo this month)The moon in Virgo carries awareness about all the slight intricacies and how we can help and aid others. Enjoy healthy foods, pure accomplishments, and clean air. It’s time to stop holding on to dust even if it is sentimental so that there can be room for new things.

There are propensities to sort feelings out reasonably, continuously achieving and filtering replies. The need to endeavor for transparency and healthfulness, pragmatism, and hard work are more important at this time. Produce divine peace by serving any person that wants or needs some support. By fostering others there is a bigger predisposition to understand through a third party prospective that it’s not so bad. Mother figures are role models of purity, principles, hard work, and practicality.

Virgos are going to feel the ahh moment energy as if they are being lifted from ashes and brought to heaven when Jupiter remains in Virgo (read about it here), Mars enters Virgo on 24th of September and Venus enters Virgo on October. Life can’t get much better than this for Virgos in September/October.

“As Jupiter is in the sign of service/work and Pisces the sign ruled by Neptune/12th house (lies, illusions, distortions of truth) the deception may come in the areas of work/service, or through our ideas, concepts and communications, religion, or philosophical beliefs or beliefs at the time. It could also come through something being presented to you: an idea, promise, business opportunity, or in some other way a distortion of the truth that can include self deception.”- Leslie Hale

When Mars enters Virgo, not only will Virgos get affected but the planetary energy may affect almost everyone. Now, people will have the energy to be the best they can be in areas of work. Precision, productivity, and meticulousness is the name of the game for Virgos. Often Virgos feel if they want to get anything done correctly they have to do it themselves. Therefore, not only will there be critical elements towards people, but also themselves. Sometimes when Mars is in Virgo there are tendencies not to take risks and play it safe. But this is the reason why Virgos have missed out on so many opportunities.

As shrewd as Mars in Virgo can be with its energy and perfection, the energy when Venus is in Virgo will be so unique and dedicated that you feel as you found your perfect match. Virgo people are not natural romantics like Libra’s are, but they are the most dedicated, almost like a Scorpio when they made up their mind. Everything in Virgo’s life, and Venus in Virgo, has to do with practical, expressive, caring for people doing things for them. The more unconditional love you give to them, without changing them, the more they will love you in return. But make sure they know how appreciative you are to them. If you do they will find heaven for you. If they can’t find it they will build it, and if it can’t be built then they will make you feel as if you are already in heaven.

“Collectively, religion (or that which poses under the guise of high philosophic ideals) can and will be a part of this and as a whole we we are prone to swindles, and mass thievery of some kind, deception, scandals and lack of clarity in facts. We could in fact hear news of religious figures.”- Leslie Hale

This eclipse, like any eclipse, is a relationship and work oriented eclipse. Even though eclipses are known to close doors, they are also known to bring wonders and delight. Every person will go through modification contingent upon the properties of their planets. I would greatly advise to make an appointment with my endorsed astrologer Leslie Hale to see how powerful it will be. As I am not an astrologer, and do not claim to be one, but rather Vedic reader. My philosophy combines astrological interpretations for the accomplishment and feedback through the energy of the planetary shift. This energy brings forth meditative factors, reactions, and conclusions through which I can guide you to the possible outcome that is yearned for without interfering in others karma, dharma, and space.

For some this period will not be as easy as it was before and for others it will be like a heavy monkey is lifted off their shoulders. In a matter of 4 to 5 days, Scorpios are completing one of the most difficult and intense times of their lives. Saturn, the planet of difficult lessons and wonderful surprises, is now leaving Scorpio. However, be aware that even though it has moved away in the Vedic philosophies, many will still feel the effects for another 4 years. It may not be as intense however because Vedic Philosophies believe that Saturn is such a strong planet that sometimes it takes years to get over the pain and begin to heal. Now Scorpios can sit back and relax and let nature heal them. The time is almost here, September 17, 2015, Saturn moves away from Scorpio(Read about it here) and moves into Sagittarius (read about it here). Dear Scorpio, this has been one of the most intense periods of your life.

“Mercury will square Pluto and this will be a time we may discover new information, be searching for answers, engaged in power struggles and have obsessive thoughts. To work effectively this transit needs a focus of some type of mental activity rather than obsessions that may not even be grounded in reality.”- Leslie Hale

The theory is that Saturn is a slow moving planet and it takes 29 to 30 years to make it to each planet. This means that Saturn, the God of difficult lessons is like a teacher. Every 29 to 30 years each astrological sign takes a test to see how many modifications, comprehensions, and applications were made since 29 to 30 years ago and how they are being applied. If the applications of the difficult lessons were learned then, the same parts will not be questioned again. For those who are over 29-30 years old, this is your Saturn return. The focal point of your lessons was around issues of Nov 1982 to May 1983, and from Aug 1983 to Nov 1985, in Vedic philosophies the dates are two years ahead and 3 years behind, calculating to approximately 1981 through 1988. From many perspectives something dramatic and significant may have happened during that time. If it is difficult to remember, it’s ok. This is why I recommend a journal for every major event in your life and it is easily noticed that history does repeat itself. (Read about it here)

I am sure Virgos remember 1976-1983, 2006-2013, those were pivotal time of your life, there would have been many changes for you; it could be such things as a career change, marriages, children, compensations, and much more. And when Virgos were finished they came out to the other side and learned to tolerate, adjust, and plant the seed of their tomorrows. This will be the same for Sagittarius, starting again on September 17, 2015. Though in the western philosophies the journey of Saturn in Sagittarius began in December 2014, the Vedic philosophies theorize that it began in 2013. Saturn could have possibly shown Sagittarius what is holding them back. Saturn could break up relationships, something or someone passed on, career change, financial change, marriages, or divorces. Now Saturn is giving seeds to plant along the highway and what they plant, and how they plant, will be their fate for 2020. (Read more about it here)

Every passage of 2015 was elaborated and summarized in my December 2014 blog, encouraging all of us to look at the big picture in 2015 and adapt to their own modifications.

The broad predispositions will drive its most important emphasis around mutable signs; consequently, the inclinations will highlight those astrological signs that will be impacted first. However, the best universal propensity is the association between Mercury retrograde tendency with the eclipse and possibly a bigger and more conclusive outcome which can be determined (read more about it here). Therefore, combining the tendencies from Mercury retrograde and the solar eclipse will give the best results from now until October 17, 2015.

Mutable signs, this eclipse will bring many changes to you, especially Virgo’s. Often times the energy can be magnified for those that have cohesion in the same prospective.

Mutable Sign

(Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini)

We don’t get to a breaking point. We bend over backwards till we can’t no more, than we snap back up and whip the sucker in the face that is pushing us that far in the first place”-Zodiac City

Virgo: Not only is this eclipse is going to make you wonder who you but also where it is that you are going. This is a series of eclipses that will completely transform you. Another eclipse is scheduled for September 1, 2016. Refer to the dates listed above and you will see how history always redefines you. The eclipse will trigger a deeper focus on how you see yourself and how it reflects on others. Deep analysis will be in areas of your health, energy, strength, and personality. It is about the self and how ones surroundings, and those that one is associated with, molds our outer and inner self. Virgo planets in specific houses will force more introspection as it is a time of analysis and change. But along with this beautiful eclipse, the planet Jupiter will shine (read more about Jupiter here). But don’t expect instant changes as Mercury may slow down answers (Read more here).

Sagittarius: You too are transforming as I elaborated earlier. This is the time to make changes so that you shine. These are your glory days, though it may not seem like it since so many things in your life are ending. Change is always difficult for you dear Saggy. But some of the changes you have been through have been marvelous and you can thank Saturn. The gifts and changes are just on par for what Saturn is bringing (read more about Saturn in Sagittarius here). This eclipse will be transforming your career, drives, long term and short term goals, your character in the world, as well as the community as whole. However, it would not surprise me if Sagittarius’s introspect on how they can contribute to their community or the world as whole. Additionally, the eclipse energy will focus on public gratitude; including, but not limited to, flashes of psychic power, thoughts, philosophies, lucidity, and intuition.

Pisces: This is also your year of transformation. The first tap of the transformation may have begun March 20, 2015 which triggered later born Pisces’ but affected almost all (read more about it here). The first lesson would be to look at your money as how you’re spending and receiving it may have changed. This eclipse will hit where your heart is in the house of marriages, relationships (all kinds business and romantic), dialog, promises, and perhaps you may also find out who is not really as fond of you as you thought. Pisces will now be questioning how they are reacting towards important people in their lives and perhaps for first time in a long time, Pisces will now take action to fulfill their needs and consider what others require. Surely, this eclipse will now bring into focus other people, places, and things in your life and our needs, along with those of others, may have slipped by the way side.

Gemini: At least you can say “been there, done that”. You may have ended your cycle of change in and around 2012. That was a rough ride, was it not? But enjoy this moment as the eclipses always come back around in the infinite number of 8, which means 2020 will be your turn again. Perhaps in the last 6 months to a year you may have had a job change where you left or the project ended, there also could have been a lot of introspection in areas romance and family. Now, it is about your family, old habits, finding boundaries, security, settling down, and the future. But be warned, you can introspect all you want but do not plant seeds or take action yet. This is because you and your friend Virgo will feel heavy burdens from now until October when Mercury retrograde loves to irritate you (read more about mercury retrograde here).

Since the next eclipse will be affecting cardinal signs, focusing on the tendencies of action and reactions for Cardinal signs may become justified, as they are all around us.

Cardinal Signs

Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn

“Talk is cheap, and while the rest of us are still gabbing on about when or how we will approach things you’ve already assembled an efficient posse and are half way through nailing your project”-Hedi Demari

Aries: It is almost over I promise you. You may have to picture yourself running to the finish line but your own fatigue and irritability may be stopping you. Since 2013, it has been so rough; some aspects were good some were extremely difficult. On one hand many Aries’ got married, while some split for good. Some had legal, career, and financial issues, but many Aries’ bounced back. Would it help if I tell you that this is it? There will not be any eclipses in Aries until after 2020. Now the time has come to introspect your work health, habits, co-workers, and painful occasions. It is time to look at your own thought processes in what is good and what is not. For the next 6 months you must really watch yourself. You may become ill, fatigued, may want to change a diet that may not be good for you, or you may get laid off or quit. It may be difficult to change jobs while feeling restricted. Remember my dear Aries you will be on fire in 2 weeks as the eclipse in your sign will bring closure to many aspects of your life. If you have been keeping a journal you might have realized what was questioned since 2013.

Cancer: The planets love to beat on Cancers. Because you are so sensitive and emphatic you always feel the pain and misery of your brothers and sisters in the Cardinal Signs. You have been run over by a bulldozer during the cardinal cross, and got a little shook up during the eclipse in April even though it was in Libra. But detach as much as you can because your turn is coming sooner rather than later. Breathe and relax as 2020 will bring for you another change which may pave the way to a new or bigger light. This eclipse will emphasize the way you talk, how much you have learned, how you digest information, how to get your messages across to people, and anything that has to do with communication if it be media or family. But the core is that your mind is restless and you may want to explore, research, or investigate how you can further your knowledge; you may even want to travel. And just maybe you might want to be a little closer to your brothers and sisters if you have any.

Libra: My sweet Libra. Life may have put you in a time of introspection, you may be questioning your past relationships and you too are going through some intense changes since April. Perhaps in April you may have been questioning who you are and now you may question where you need to be or what purpose you have in life. You now may be viewing your life and the secrets you may have hidden from people; you may want to be alone. Your losses, sorrows, and spirituality are in question now. For everything that you may have dreamt of, the hard work placed into these dreams, and the sacrifices made – was it worth it? You may feel confined and there is a bigger chance that you may get ill or you may feel people are abusing your compassion. Your reactions could create havoc. But do not look for answers quickly as Mercury is in your sign giving you all the necessary energy you might need to look deeper into the past and see what your dreams were, and are now (Read more about it here). However, your journey is not quite over, rather it began last year. I wish I could say it will end quickly but nothing in your life is quick because you want perfection. Just think of this way; by spring of 2016 you may feel much better than you do today.

Capricorn: There are so many signs that point to your worries; sometimes I can compare many qualities of Virgo with you. I understand you are a unique individual and even though you got beaten up a lot in 2010, you had the strength to stand right back up. Therefore relax a little bit as your journey will not begin until 2019 and until then you have plenty of homework to do. One of the most positive traits is that even though you are not a Virgo, you will be affected by the sweet Jupiter in Virgo (Read about it here) and perhaps you can smile just a little bit. Perhaps a little travel or learning something new or a change in perception or principles may cause you to introspect. Additionally, it can be that you want to publish something or you are looking for the truth, or even yourself, by putting your attention inward. Whatever it takes to make improvements in areas of body, mind, and soul you will wish to do. But foremost you may want to go far away seek out the seeds of the truth through philosophical ideas and because you may feel this is where it all began. And there is nothing wrong with that as long as you come back knowing the truth without turning your hair white.

Fixed Signs

Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio


“Fixed signs are not easily distracted–they keep their hands on the steering wheel and their eyes on the road.” – Susan Miller

Aquarius: You were probably about the only one that may have had a long rest period, except for when Mercury retrograde came around. Since 2009, basically you have been at status quo. But then when eclipses hit your brothers and sisters, such as Scorpio in 2012 through 2014, perhaps there were many changes and Saturn in Scorpio did not help you (read about it here). Perhaps things on the work front were difficult and money was hard to come by or relationships were/ are unsatisfactory. But take it easy. The universe slowed you down in the earlier part of this year, through the first Mercury retrograde, wasn’t that fun? (Read more about it here). You might as well take the next six months off since your transformation is coming in 2016. What good is the summer if you can’t change? I am sure for many of you next year will be very interesting to see. Now, it’s time to sit back, introspect, and plant the seeds of transformation for those deep issues, especially when it comes to other people’s money. Also look at anyone that shares money with you, perhaps it may not be readily available. It does not really matter; one thing for sure is that you must get rid of the baggage you are carrying on your shoulders – time to go off on your own and create a business that reaches the sky.

Taurus: Yes for you too, things have been a little difficult due to Saturn in Scorpio (read about it here); perhaps you ended a relationship or someone, or something, left your life. It was meant to go but you still can’t let go. The universe has been giving you hints yet you still hang on. But now you may become very busy as Jupiter in Virgo will keep your business busy if you are in business for yourself (read about it here). Do you see that your transformation is over? The intense energy and the tough decisions you have had to make took all of the energy from you and April 2014 was the last eclipse in your sign until way beyond 2020. But remember dear Taurus, whatever happens to your other fixed signs you may be impacted by it depending upon the position of those planets in your astrological chart. Now the universe wants you to look at your life and think about how creative you can be, how well you communicate with your children and parents, how you express your love, and how badly you want to be in a relationship. In addition you may also be looking at how you have gambled and took risk while wanting to have fun -you may have taken unnecessary risks. Now you know where you stand. Your experiences and self-accountability will assist you into brining your own self growth and accountability, especially self-confidence but you have to build this yourself and you can’t find it in others as it has to come deep within you.

Leo: What a life of a Leo. With Jupiter just now leaving your sign after two years, life must have been grand for you. Perhaps you are engaged, or want to get married, or had a child or are pregnant. It can even be that you now got the recognition you had waited for. The last eclipse in Leo was in 2008; Leo’s are definitely blessed as their next eclipse of rebirth is not due until 2017. What a life. Yes, many Leos are riding high, perhaps too comfortable but Leos can be stubborn too. All that luck acquired by Leo’s during Jupiter, I hope you saved it. This eclipse will see every dime you have possibly go to pay bills. It’s almost as if you saw your check – now it is here, now it is gone. Leo’s are so charming that they can attract money from even a dead tree. Leo’s will introspect what other talents they have to bring money to them and how they will create their own security along with the support of others.

Scorpios: The question is how deep are you? The mysteries of the phoenix, between Saturn in Scorpio since 2012 (read about it here) and all those eclipses. I am just wondering how much you have risen. The problem still remains that Scorpios cannot let go of dead wood. Perhaps after Saturn really leaves Scorpio on September 17 and enters Sagittarius (read about it here), they may open the door to find something waiting for them. Trust me when I say relax. Breathe deeply. The only way you will be affected by all the garbage in the world is if you have specific astrological signs tapping a planet in your birth chart. There are no eclipses until way after 2020 for Scorpios. However, this eclipse may shake a few things up for you. Certainly when things start to become smoother we always look at our environment and see what has to leave and what has to stay. One thing for sure this eclipse will force Scorpios will be doing a lot of thinking about people they are associated with and humanity as a whole. Scorpios thoughts will be wandering through meditating on expectations, thoughts, aspirations and always expecting the most unexpected. Now comes a time where Scorpios will look at every dream and desire, finding out how they can make it all work. Who knows, perhaps there is a thought and vision of humanity and why differences have harmed society.

Virgo and Gemini’s are ruled by Mercury so it’s a good time to go back to school. Making your studies interesting is the name of the game here. Virgos love a challenge and challenging pursuits will do better than the daily routine. This is a good time for taking care of any matter that needs careful care. People may become nervous and retrieving with Moon passing through Virgo and will incline to be sharp, demanding and even overly precarious at times. Virgo rules the guts and power of absorption. Many people may feel the urge to clean up their home environment at this time as it is a good way to channel Virgo energy.

Since the moon in Virgo is truthful, thorough, hygienic, ornate, and helpful, it is my suggestion that you secure a Green candle (unscented candle in a jar) or a green pillar candle unscented or scented and carve your name through to the wick or tape your name at the bottom of the candle. Anoint the candle with Inspiration oil or Eucalyptus oil and chant the Psalm 5. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next eclipse cycle in Virgo.

Remember that with all prayers, mantras, meditation, kriya, as well as yoga, achieving the best results depends upon the desire of the function. Meaning, praying for what we want may not always reflect the results as the universe always wants the primary prayer to be focused around needs. Often needs and wants are defined equally as in Vedic they are not equal.

For example, peace is a need and money is a means but it is a desire and therefore a want, not a need. Love is not a need it is a desire, as the universe has supplied each and every one of us a means to have love i.e., parents, friends, relatives, neighbors, groups etc. Therefore, looking for your financial troubles to go away, or finding the perfect man or a woman, or the perfect home or a city are all desires. When we are at peace, through the mantra we receive messages which we call ideas, a way out, or a solution.


Though these solutions may not be always what we want but in time as we start to apply the solutions and continue to enrich our lives by taking care of things that are important in our lives such as health, mind, body, and soul we see how we invoke the energy of positive transformations. With psalms and mantras, achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention, and when it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what the goal should be.

It may not seem that this eclipse is powerful, it is one of the most powerful series of eclipses which, I believe, will transform the world in areas of knowledge, spirituality, and humanity as Virgo possess all of these traits. Additionally the eclipse, Mercury, Jupiter, and soon Mars and Venus enter Virgo. The following mantras for Hindu practitioners will become transformative tools. These mantras do not just relate to Virgo’s but if you have any Virgo planet or you want to assistance through some of the powers of the mantras listed below, I would highly suggest you do so.


The first mantra is presented for the eclipse. Surya means sun, in the Hindu philosophies; it is believed that if you want to see God then we must look at the sun as no humanity can truly exist without the sun. By worshiping to Surya it is believed that it is the sun that removes darkness and brings wisdom. Many Gujarati’s practice this mantra in the morning by offering to the sun first thing after bathing.

Om Hram Hrim Hroumn sah Suryaya Namaha

(om Ha ram Hreeem sha sur ya Na ma ha )

Yoga students and teachers, I am sure you understand where surya namaskar originated. You are doing the surya namaskar which is recommended in the morning. Every position in Surya Namaskar should be recited by the original mantras that make up surya namaskar and are highly recommended. Here is the exact link to the mantras associated with Surya Namaskar (click here).

The second mantra is especially for Virgo’s. Character of Virgos relates to music, arts, creativity, understanding, wisdom, and supreme consciousness. Maha Sarswati provides solutions to obstacles of education and career paths. Though many Hindus may say it is for children only, this is not true, any time one has difficulty in their career she provides the answers.

Om Shreem Hreem Saraswatyai Namaha

(oooom shriiiiiim hreeeem sar arswa thaya Namaha)

(This mantra evokes the power of Sararswathi in assist in knowledge and gateway improve happiness through wisdom). To improve pronunciation you want to consider to listen to this mantra here

The third mantra represents Jupiter which is often called Gurave and it is appropriate to do Shiva Pooja and worship Lord Shiva if it is more comfortable.

Om Gurave Namaha

(om Gur avee Nam aha)

(This mantra awakens expansion of anything that is lacking control. Jupiter is growth, prospect, understanding, eagerness, and confidence) If you like help in the pronunciation of this mantra I suggest you click here (I also suggest either a 101 or 108 mala daily)

The last mantra is relating to Mercury which is your ruling planet, this affects Gemini and Virgo the most.

Om Bhudhaya Namaha

(ommmm budha ya namaha)

This mantra can be used by anyone that is being harmed by Mercury affects. This is to get relief from planet mercury.If you want the proper pronunciation you may click here

With every moon cycle, remember to cross out the old affirmations, even if there is the slightest change, and create new ones. The perfect number for aspirations is 10. This means to list 10 aspirations and recite them every night until the next eclipse cycle. Remember, never make the affirmations begin with “I must”, they must be worded “I will be guided.”

Please note, if you have had a reading from me done before please follow the eclipse ritual (burn the notes, take a spiritual bath) right after the eclipse. If you do not have the spiritual eclipse bath recipe or don’t know which one to use. Please contact me no later than the 7th as most items have to be ordered or have to be shipped and you may not have time.

The day before the eclipse please cleanse your home and give away some things that are just taking up space and bringing clutter to your home. It is good to burn sage in your home while you are cleaning, also burn it during the eclipse. This will assist in removing anything that brings negativity into you home.

Moreover, I do not take the title of an Astrologer but that of a Vedic reader. Vedic philosophies use graphs and general characteristics of the personalities of sun and moon astrology as the ground work. Once the connection is made the celestial information graphs the transformative information to bring you the most serene, substantial, and transformative pathway to a spiritual light to any situation.

I will be taking appointments beginning on the 14th of September at 8am to 9pm EST through September 20. For my schedule and availability please email me on Facebook, private email or keen mail.

May you be blessed with all your projects and things that bring you rejuvenation and prosperity.

Maharani Rutan©


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