Generosity, Grace and Glory: Transformation 2016 Predictions


2016 Vedic Philosophical Prediction

By Maharani Rutan©


On Christmas Eve Day I decided to write my predictions for 2016. I could not help but to ponder the sadness of 2015. The great legions that passed away that that made differences in the lives of so many. From the co-founder of North Face (Douglas Tompkins) who kept us warm in the cold weather, to the designer of the Bat-mobile which everyone wanted (George Barris). Not to mention Former Senator Fred Thompson, perhaps better known as the District Attorney in Law and Order. We also saw the passing of Jackie Collins who kept most women’s romance alive in their hearts through her wonderful novels, Bobbie Kristina Brown – the only legacy of Whitney Houston who could have shimmered the world, Omar Sharif a heartthrob of the 60’s, Nicholas Winton who saved 650 Jewish children during the holocaust, and Dick Van Patten who played the father in the show 8 is enough.


Some of the most heartfelt deaths of this past year included B.B King (musician), Percy Slege (Musician), adored Leonard Nimoy (aka Mr. Spock in Star Trek), Zsa Zsa Gabor(actress), then there were those that the heavens set the stage. From Afghanistan, Africa, France, India, Australia, U.K, Japan and much more. Some of these deaths could have been prevented while others were caused by natural disasters. But whatever the case, and no matter what the circumstances, we cried many tears, we mourned, we feared, but most of all, we live daily to protect our family, friends, and country.

We will soon begin 2016 with many uncertainties, including where the future of one of the most powerful nations falls as it is placed into the hands of its political process. Thus we have plenty to think about and Mercury retrograde from 2015 going into 2016 will make sure that we think about how our communication and telecommunication is reliant upon the messages being delivered. At the same time Jupiter will also retrograde in Virgo.


Last fall Jupiter entered Virgo which brought or rather, is still bringing, opportunities to Virgos; but Virgo should not have wasted time. They should have been on the move: investing, looking, planning, organizing, networking, but most of all building as time is of an essence (read about it here). However, January 5, 2016, this magnificent planet of luck and fortune will be moving retrograde. There is an old saying, everything should be in moderation otherwise we may become ill. Meaning that if you love sugar and eat too much of it then there is a probability that you may become a diabetic and you may never have candy again. Therefore, when Jupiter begins to go retrograde in Virgo, all earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo) will be going through introspection in regards to understanding how to improve themselves so that they are able to handle more critical issues in their lives when Jupiter goes direct. The worst thing one can do around this time is to get scared because life slows down as you know it. Therefore, Capricorn and Virgo will have a double slow down whammy in January and February of 2016. However, it may last a little longer for Virgos as Jupiter stays retrograde until May 2016.


On January 03, 2016 Mars will enter Scorpio which could be good or bad as it means that everything in life as we see it may be all black or white with nothing in between. But it is about challenges, making profound changes, keeping things a secret, and testing our limits. Within two weeks or so Venus will enter Capricorn, and therefore, while their luck of Career and life as they knew it slows down, perhaps their luck in love and all things such as art and beauty will be at their best. Thus Capricorn may still be a little dissimulated and Scorpios may go through some through some transformations.

As Valentine’s Day gets a little closer and Mercury retrograde starts to move direct, we will feel some relief. However, Venus also moves from worrisome Capricorn and into friendly Aquarius. The residue of Mercury still remains however, so watch out for old lovers returning. I wish I could say that instantly the phase will be over but the light at the end of the tunnel will not be bright until the end of February when we finally get some relief, not for long though. Brace yourself! And hold on tight as the spring brings us some bumps and bruises along the way, as it did spring of 2015.


As tough as it was for us in 2015, the eclipses were not as bad as they will be in 2016. In 2015 we had 4 eclipse, in 2016 we will have 5. A solar and lunar eclipse in the spring of 2016 and Lunar-Solar-Lunar eclipses in the fall of 2016. In spring 2015, our first solar eclipse magnified openings with the Pisces/Aries eclipse on March 20 (Read about it here), followed by the Libra/Aries eclipse on April 4 (read about it here).


No, I have not forgotten, as always it appears that super moons seem to follow the eclipse, or vice versa; we will have six super moons in 2016, just like 2015. Instead of all of the new moons being in the beginning of the year, they will be during the eclipses or little after.


Our first new super moon will cover the entire sun disk and form a total solar eclipse. This eclipse will focus on early born Pisces’ who will now open their eyes with the first total solar eclipse on March 08, 2016, and Libras who will now end their last eclipse for a while with the Libra/Aries eclipse on March 23, 2016. Fortunately for Libras, they will not be affected by eclipses now for quite some time, but that will not stop them from being affected by other aspects. These eclipses will magnify changes for both Pisces and Libra’s for 6 months, setting the stage for their own transformation and I would not be surprised if all those that have planets in in mutable or cardinal signs are affected by these eclipses. Even though the eclipses are transforming Pisces, Venus will grace them by entering their sign, at least until April 05, 2015, while Mars likes things to be fair in Sagittarius and wants the truth. Additionally, by now Saturn is going retrograde and perhaps Sagittarius’ can at least breathe for a little while, at least until August when Saturn goes direct again.


Finally, the merry-go-round begins to slow down and we are able to get off. However, while we are huffing and puffing while holding on to the railing, the universe looks down and says, “oh you need some rest? No problem! I will give you rest.” He puts his whistle in his mouth and blows and says, loudly ‘HEY! MERCURY! THESE HUMANS ARE TIRED!” Mercury smiles, and rubs his hands and says, “oh goody!” Even if our life is about to slow down this does not mean the cosmos slows down. Our second super new moon will be on April 07. One week later, on April 12-14, Mercury retrograde will take the second earth sign hostage. First, he took Capricorn, next is Taurus which means that not only are Taurus’ going to be affected, but all earth signs. I know Capricorn, its hell, I know. Oh, Virgo too. And let’s not forget Gemini, Pisces, and Sagittarius. Oh, why not by default, all those associated too. While our spring quickly begins to move to summer our heads are now between our legs and we are in a fetal position.may1As earth signs bask in the heat in May, the third super new moon will enter our atmosphere on May 06, 2016. Additionally, a few days later, the splendor of Jupiter moves direct in Virgo at the beginning of May once again. But, by association all earth signs will shine bright with kisses and splendor in the glory of prosperity and abundance until September 2016. By the time Mercury retrograde moves into the ghost period. Gemini’s will be whistling as Venus moves into their signs and summer love will bring their love life a little sparkle. However, when Mars had gone retrograde in Scorpio in April, Scorpios and its opposite Aries, people became, and will continue to become very irritable. This anger may disturb the harmony for many people, and possibly even what they do for a living. While Earth signs are confused, Air signs may love the summer romance, while Water and Fire signs may be creating some steam. I call this period simply, a mixed bag of tricks. May will, however, also bring our last Blue moon until 2019; be on the lookout as it is going to be marvelous.


Finally, in June and July the universe will give us the break we all need. In June, Venus will enter Cancer and it’s time for Cancerians to spread the love and turn the torch over to his brother Leo. Family and love is always where Leo’s enjoy love to be. Now everyone can finally enjoy their summer until we are glued to our television, or taking a nice vacation to Rio, for the summer Olympics. Or are we preparing for the next eclipse, or the next full moon? No matter what it is, take your favorite Ice tea, put a lounge chair in the water, put on your John Belushi glasses and float. This is exactly what Pisces, and those with Pisces in their charts, will do starting in June when Neptune goes retrograde again. Ok, you may even feel a bit tipsy.

As the summer gets hotter Mars will enter Sagittarius in early August which will affect all fire signs. Sagittarius’ love to have fun but this time they will get what they want, and if they don’t they won’t hang round for long. Just a few days after Mars enters Sagittarius, Venus enters Virgo (August 04, 2016) where Virgos are sexy, shining, and making everything so sweet. With Jupiter and Venus in Virgo I wonder how many followers beautiful Virgos will have; they will shine bright and have what they need. But if you asked me I think the Olympic committee should have called me before they set the date for the Olympics in Rio. As we are glued to the television on August 5, 2015, the Mercury retrograde ghost period will begin to start making things quite difficult for earth signs, but this time he is holding Virgos hostage. Hence, Virgos will not mind, they will shine quite pretty. As for the rest of us, well, all other earth signs and mutable signs may have a slightly tough time, especially Sagittarius. Saturn, a planet of difficult lessons, finally moves direct in the second week so tough lessons are already on their way for Sagittarius.


Moving into mid-August, transformation for Aquarius people now begins with their first partial lunar eclipse. These are questions that arose from the eclipse of August 7, 1998 combined with those from the eclipse on August 5, 2009. All those with Aquarius and Air signs in their charts, and fixed signs, will be affected by this eclipse and all unfinished business must be taken care of now. But hold on tight, really tight, we are not finished yet! As we end August, Mercury is still retrograding. The summer Olympics are now over, we just passed an Aquarius Eclipse on August 18, 2016, and we are now ready to hide under the blanket. It’s like the Eagles song Hotel California, “you can check out any time you like but you can never leave.”


There is a whole lot of shaken’ going on beginning on September 1, 2016; this is the second Virgo/Pisces eclipse, the first being in 2015. You are now being questioned about things from 2006. Yes Virgo, you will be affect by one more eclipse two weeks later, then you are done for 5 to 6 years. Yes, Venus has left your sign by September and you have now given the torch to Libra where it is at home. You will also hand over the torch of Jupiter to Libra as it’s their turn to hold on to it for a little while because too much of a good thing is never good. I hope you used your time well as Jupiter will not be back in your sign until 2025 in the western astrology but guess what… in the eastern astrology it’s about to enter your Jupiter in September so maybe, just maybe, you hit the lotto with a double whammy? Maybe.

If you sit for too long to have a drink of water that is way too long on September 16, 2015. We will have another eclipse, yes you got it, and that makes 5 eclipse in 2016. This one is in Pisces therefore it will be considered Pisces/Virgo eclipse. Yes, I promised you Virgo, it is the last eclipse and it is. Pisces however, you do have one more in 2017 and you are done as well. This is also asking about your 2006 lessons. A few days later Venus will enter Scorpio and some things will be hidden. Mars will also enter Capricorn and here we go again – worries galore. But at least for Capricorn, things will look much clearer when planet rebirth goes direct.


I am looking at, and writing all of this, and I am thinking we need a break in October. Do you feel it coming? By now we are in our ghost period of Mercury retrograde. There needs to be some deep concentration on the Presidency of United States and the people cannot do this when “stop-go” continues to happen. So now the slowdowns are gone for the year. I think. The eclipses are finished. Jupiter is in Libra and Saturn is still in Sagittarius until next year. Uranus will retro and direct in Aries for a while. Neptune will be in Pisces for a while, Pluto will remain in Capricorn for a while, and Chiron in Pisces. So what’s left?


Ahhh… Super moon! The first super moon will be on October 16, 2016, which will also be a full moon in Aries. As I always say, if you find full moons are bad, a super moon is worse. But something very phenomenal is also occurring just 5 days before the presidential election, which is the black moon on October 30, 2017. The black moon is also a new moon in Scorpio; it a sign of death, rebirth, and secrets; hmm… sounds very mysterious. No, I am not going to predict who will President.


By the beginning of November we now have a new ruler of the most powerful nation in the world. Mars is in friendly Aquarius yet perhaps friends may be a little demanding of us. Venus, meanwhile, is in worried Capricorn. Finally, our second and the brightest super moon occurs on November 14, 2016; which so happens to be in Taurus. Tsk tsk, a bit stubborn; and to think, in 10 more days we will have Thanksgiving. Are we going to feel as though we wonder where the year went, or are we going to remember the year as thank God it is over? Except for the uncertainty of the nation, November is not so bad. And I promise, the year ends just like it began.


December 1, 2016, Mercury will enter the ghost period with Mercury in Sagittarius causing intensity around Christmas (something look familiar?). Our third and final super moon occurs on December 14, 2016 (Full moon in Gemini). Ending the year with Venus in Fun Aquarius, Mars in Pisces, Jupiter in Libra, we can now exhale. Virgo’s no more eclipse as promised.


So what will we learn in 2016? We will learn more about money; how we spend and how we should spend. We will learn about value of relationships. We will learn about family. Most of all, we encounter important lessons of work in progress as 2017 through 2018 is a transformative period of spiritual transitions for many.

Please note these are general predictions not to be noted as western astrology predictions, if you are looking for a western astrologer that can look at your personal chart please see my link here or contact my recommended astrologer Leslie hale here.

Wishing you the best of 2016 and may your transformation be delightful and spiritual looking forwards to talking with you on Facebook and look for my blogs of 2017.


Maharani Rutan©

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He’s Back..Mercury Retrograde Dec 10-Jan 11

The trickster is back! The Ghost period of Mercury retrograde has already begun in Capricorn/Sagittarius on November 22, 2010.  The magnification of Mercury will be at its strongest December 9, 2010 to December 31, 2010 and it will continue its travel through the ghost period again December 31, 2010 until it is exact position on January 18, 2011.

Many Vedic and some western astrologers consider that a planet that retrogrades commence its period about 2 to 3 weeks before retrograde position.  Especially in the Vedic wisdom, meaning prepare now for the obstacles for tomorrow and you will regress any issues due to planetary pressure. Therefore, I would consider that many of you may start the effects as early as 22nd of November.  This phase may be considered outline of what is yet to come.

Though mercury is retrograde at 5 degrees in Capricorn, there is no doubt that it will affect Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn).  But it will also affect later signs of Sagittarius as well as early signs of Capricorn.  Since mercury is a very slow moving planet we have to consider the affects of mercury as a vehicle without gas.  Though it can move it is not accelerated until the engine has gasoline and right now the gas stations are closing one by one and they will reopen after the first of the year.  In addition, if you are not a cardinal sign you will not get away from this effect these issues will be intense for mutable signs such as Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo, Gemini’s until December 21, 2010, then it moves into Capricorn magnify cardinal signs such as Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libras, starting as early as 22nd of December 2010 and it wont ease until 5th of January 2011.   Unfortunately mercury returns back into Capricorn at 9 degrees on January 18, 2011 when it stations it self.  Trust me when I say Mercury Retrograde takes everyone as a prisoner.

Mercury in Capricorn produces an intelligence that is traditional, systematic, determined, sensible, perceptive, enduring and well prepared.  This period many of you may become strict and lack laughter or humor at times, this is because understanding is being forced into learning and learning that bestow upon monetary security or our placement in society or work principles.

Since Mercury already rules Gemini and Virgo, it will affect our communication and practical skills.  However the disadvantage is often through Pisces who control our spirituality and emotions and Sagittarius controls how well we accept the truth and knowledge.  This means almost everyone will be affected.

Love affairs will be fickle and inconsistent due to ego centric approach.  All areas of communication are upsetting, especially matters relating to relatives, business, particularly anyone who is doing home business, travel, relationships, and estate purchases or sell of. Documents can go misplaced. Be sure to carry a journal and refer to it frequently.  Gossip regarding associates, partner and colleague should be discounted or taken for a grain of salt especially if sex or money are involved and the plot will thicken with innuendos which leads up to December 31, 2010, which is when mercury begins to move forward.

There is little choice but to re-examine our individual vision and attitude about existence. There is, however, an opportunity to expand insight into our own self-image. When mercury is retrograding in the signs of Gemini it creates a lucid and communicative focus and causes us to climb into something new and unique and you may even want to get away to a place you may have never gone before.  The information that is received by the cosmos during the retrograde period is coming at you to re-examine your past.  Thus, history may haunt you or give you a better insight into your psyche, which will be based upon the truth.  This may cause you to revert into expansion through fear that may intern cause you to dread the future or through acceptance to change. These tendency will to be prone to confusion, indecision, fickle minded, and frustrations.  Often times there are predisposition that you must do what ever you can not to become hateful towards criticism and not to take it personally.

This period can also damage any business transactions, legal issues especially matters of interactions which may be blocked in some way, and writers may have a block of some kind.  It is a time for a break if you can.  Recognize mercury is about the needs of both when it comes to romance. Since relationships are based upon needs of two there may be a choice between past relationships and the present.  It will be a time where people from the past may return in you life and it may be during this time where you may have to decide if you want to move forwards in the relationship or re-consider to have a new beginnings in your life.  Any unfinished business from the past will be re-examined at this time.  The energy of Mercury gives you the opportunity to know exactly what you are doing especially to consider closing doors or re-open them.  Many relationships that do not have a solid foundation could break up during Mercury Retrograde because mis-communication or that through re-examination it has run its course.

If there is a needed desire to keep a relationship solid, then it is advisable to consider every relationship with kid gloves, because it is bound end. Additionally if there is an ending the communication may not straighten out until January 18, 2011 and waiting too long may be a subject to little to late. However, relationships are not the only subject of concern during retrograde period.

Communications of all sorts whether it be personal, business, legal, political and even governmental will have their issues. Due to scattered energies and frustrations, there is a over all theme of quarrels, delays, minor mistakes, delayed communications, getting lost, missed appointments, mechanical outage, computer issues and most of all accidents.

To see how this retrograde will affect you especially for those who hold the any planets in Cardinal sign, Sagittarius, Pisces especially Gemini, I would suggest to contact my suggested astrologers for remedies.  Their contact information can be found here. Please note that if you want understand the past you might want to look at how mercury affected you December 26, 2009 through February 04, 2010 when mercury was in Capricorn

This conventional concept arises in the illusory planetary motion created by the orbital rotation of the earth, with relation to other planets in our solar system. Planets are never actually retrograde or stationary, they just seem that way, due to this ocular false impression.  Retrograde periods, are often problematic since human nature does not want to go back but to only move forwards, hence can not often handle change. Each planet retrogrades, except the Sun and Moon. Mercury, much like the winged messenger of the gods, comes in on feather-light wings and commands us to articulate. Communication, understanding and consciousness are all within Mercury’s sphere, as are reason and analysis, our manner of philosophy, and how we create and express our thought progression.

A mercurial nature brings to mind agitation and activity. Rat-a-tat-tat — things happen fast here. Mercury is about a quick wit, quick thinking, potential, attitude, analysis and the capability to rationalize things. Mercurial energy can be good or bad, but it will certainly be stimulating! This Planet also prompts us to move from one thing to the next and to get rejoin on both an objective and psychosomatic level. Further, Mercury’s energy is both skillful and sensitive. Mercury is about short distance travel, visiting with old friends and neighbors, and getting away for the weekend.  It also emphasizes close friends and relatives.  Mercury will also allow you to speak, write and learn.  Express your self as often and well with kindness and objectivity and anything less will not be appreciated or accepted by mercury energy.

Through mercury energy you will be taught how to communicate and if the communication is not well articulated it will be challenges.  Transportation and communication are the most influenced during mercury retrograde. Dialogs will be difficult to interpret where what is meant to be said and what is being said may confuse the simple negotiations.  This why signing contracts and being involved in legal issues may not be advisable. Hence, with a little caution and being careful in your communication with steady and slow communication the point that is made may be embraced

Have an alternative or back up route while traveling.  There may be a chance that flights may get cancelled or problem with a vehicle while you are traveling, during this time remain clam because as always have a back up plan. When you do have a back up plan perhaps if you are single you might meet someone new or if you are attached it might be a chance to get a little romantic. Use this time to do activities that start with “re”: renovate, revamp, review, renegotiate, and research…

In general, Mercury rules philosophy and insight, dispensation and distribute information and all means of messages, trade and transport. By addition, Mercury rules people who work in these areas, especially people who work with their minds or their intellect: writers and orators, commentator and columnist, scandal and spin doctors, tricksters and thieves.  Mercury retrograde gives rise to personal misapprehension; defective, dislocate, or delayed communications, talks and trade; glitches and breakdown of phones, computers, cars, buses, and trains. And all of these problems usually arise because some critical piece of information, or section, has gone lost, or wrong.  When Mercury is retrograde, everyone’s thinking is more pensive and we tend to think about topics and concern that relate to the sign involved.  Artistic inclinations including crafts, music, art or design tend to be blocked by conditions beyond one’s control. Legal matters will proceed bit by bit and unpredicted barriers tend to appear.

Mercury retrograde tends to lack depth of insight and has no tolerance for detailed scrutiny. Process and incentive for knowledge, communication and transportation are subject to obscurity under this aspect. It brings travel snafus and missed appointments of all kinds.

The good things to do when Mercury is Retrograde: contemplate, study, amend the book/poem/song/essay you’ve been writing, clean house, talk to your pet, listen to music, paint, go for a walk, learn yoga, exercise and most of all catch up on sleep!  Since, mercury is a very sluggish moving planet affecting almost every sign with no discrimination. It is my suggestion that you buy a yellow candle and shape your name through the wick.  Smear the candle with Inspiration oil or Eucalyptus oil and chant the psalm 70 every single night.  This period will last for 6 weeks (2 weeks prior 2 weeks retrograde and 2 weeks moving) and it will be hard on all of us.

These minor suggestions will allow friendly interactions as well as compassionate in circumstances. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until January 18, 2010. Remember that with all functions of psalms and mantras achieving the desired consequences is depended upon the quality of intention, and when it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear perceptive of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to voice for many but it is a powerful foundation of energy.  I have chosen three mantras for this period. The mantra for Mercury energy is

“Om Budhaya Namaha”

(Om Bood-han-yah Nahm-ah-ha)

“Om and salutations to Buddha, presiding spirit of planet mercury” This should be recited November 22, 2010 through January 18, 2011.

Om Gurve Namaha

(Om Gur ve Nahm-ah-ha)

Should be recited November 22, 2010 until December 21, 2010

Om Shri Shanishwaraya Namaha

(Om Shri Shani-sha-war-ya Nah ah-ha)

Should be recited from December 22 through December 31, 2010.

This mantra is used to achieve mental lucidity, to shun and conquer confusion and keep welcoming interactions flowing.

It is my suggestion that you re-visit areas of your life that needs the up-most attention which is all about you.  In this life even though people in our lives do play a great role, we must take into consideration how we act towards them.  We must also take into consideration if our reaction or actions create unnecessary conflicts. All humans are given an ego and through our ego’s we can create a sublime bliss in our relationship or create chaos.  It is my suggestion to set up an in-depth reading for your self through Vedic philosophies or reach out to your Astrologers.

For those who follow my shows on December 03, 2010, at 9pm Eastern standard time.  I will be hosting Eastern Serendipity with Leslie Hale who will expand on this period and perhaps, you can get a free reading done to find out how these aspects will affect your life for 6 weeks period of time.


For those who attened the December 03, 2010 show or just could not make it and want a transcript you click on the icon below or the direct link to the show can be located here.

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Once again I want to thank Leslie Hale for coming on the show and brining us such a wonderful insperation and we look forward to having her on the show again ..

I also encourage everyone to have relationship in-depth reading done during December 10-14, 2010 even if you had one done shortly before to better prepare you.  And please remember Gemini’s will be greatly affected by this retrograde period as well as the Lunar Eclipse on December 21, 2010.

Wishing you the most peaceful, blessed mercury retrograde period.



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Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon In June 2010

Partial Lunar Eclipse


Full Moon in Capricorn

On June 26, 2010, at approximately 7:38 am EST, we will have a Partial Lunar Eclipse of the sun.  This eclipse will be visible on the pacific and eastern side of Australia, and in all of the Americas especially the New England and Eastern Canada.

This lunar eclipse is very intense it will be at 4 to 4 ½ degrees in Cancer/Capricorn and the moons will also conjunct Pluto. This means unexpected confessions, structural changes. The climax of the cardinal grand cross is not finished yet.   Since this eclipse is falling in the signs of the cardinal (which means those who have a strong cardinal emphasis in their chart or born with in 4-5 degrees of the Cardinal sign) will go through experiences of stresses.  Those that will be greatly affected by this eclipses would be in early signs of (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capicorn) also those who have houses, and Ascendents in Cardinal Signs.

(Saturn, Pluto, Sun and the Moon..what choas)

Some of the stresses which may accumulate would be that we will refuse to listen to people; we may want to influence situations to our advantage. Information which we receive will be intentionally withheld from us. Women are going to be the most effected since the moon signifies emotions and the sun signifies action.

People with cardinal signs will have difficulties sorting out their sense of self from their feelings, deteriorating to distinguish that a person, thing or a place is an illusion. It is not is not what it appears to be but rather an optical illusion instead of an expressive dedication.  Cardinal Signs or those with cardinal signs in their charts will preoccupied to do things that impede with their emotional satisfaction or pursing after their obsession while what talents and skills go to waste.  This push and pull between what one we can do and what one is capable of doing.  Between passion and goals to they want to obtain.

This eclipse will also mirror the images of similar issues that were the focal points to people’s lives on or around February 07, 2008 as well as actions of 1990, 1991, 2001 & 2001.  This eclipse is an end of something momentous in your life which will propel change in direction of affairs focusing on home, family and health.  It may be that you will conclude a relationship or your partner may become unresponsive.

When a lunar eclipse occurs, the earth is transient linking the Sun and the Moon, creating a Full Moon as we experience every month – but in this case, the alignment is faultless – the occultation of the Moon complete. The intensity of the Full Moon is great, yet she is totally covered for about an hour by the earth’s shadow.

The Sun and Moon are occupying opposite Astrological signs, therefore emphasizing the particular divergence innate in those signs. During the period of occultation, the Moon’s comforting light is momentarily and we may experience a catastrophic issues of need, and the particular sort of lack depends universally upon the astrological sign in which the eclipse occurs, and personally upon the natal astrological house (realm of influence), as well as the major aspects made to natal planets.

This eclipse is predominantly relationship focused – and our connections with others can be cut off, challenged, or suddenly repaired and the shock it could suddenly be one or the other. We may deeply believe our thoughts and needs within the circumstances of the house it is in, thus symbol and planetary characteristics affected. To fully appreciate the prospective of this lunar eclipse, we must look at both houses and signs that are highlighted. Asking such questions as: Where the Moon placement in our sign? How can we deal with our demons, old way of life and doubts? Where ever the suns placements is where we may find the means to grip and liberate from whatever oppression we are understanding in life through our inspired efforts. In any event, there are chances for deeper perceptive, and finding a balance in our lives.

The Full Moon brings a time of brightness and hopefulness. It is a period of personal accomplishment, but also a time to investigate for the deeper meaning in what you’ve created. How can you combine your vision into the world for the greater good of all? The Full Moon urges you to recognize and respect the importance of the “other” – other people, other ideas, and other values. Relationships are of great significance at this time, and you feel a need to allocate, to unite to a partner, whether romantically or through other means. You are called upon now to work toward achieving poise – set of scales of your inner scenery and outer traits, balance of your need to take with your ability to provide; balance of your ultimate ideals with what is possible in the world Capricorn Moon sets us straight up the saddles toward our maximum goals. Dig in those hooves and get climbing!

The pressure of this Full moon can be particularly complex or demanding for those who were born under the Full moon phase, as well for those of the mutable Sun Signs Virgo, Gemini & Sagittarius.  Therefore the lunar energy will be present in the cardinal signs and full moon energy for the mutable signs.  Additionally since no one has a chart with the same signs in all of their houses, this can only mean everyone will be affected by the lunar eclipse and the Full moon.

Social standings, achievement, having your plate full, don’t let it stop you!….. You can tackle anything. Love seriously, too.

You seek politeness and self-respect in all things – thus you may be one who does not readily articulate sentiment. You take expressive situations dangerously, weighing the conclusion of your words and actions. You prefer to be with people who are regimented and accurate. You are determined, sensible and a good leader. You nurture others by acknowledging their accomplishment and encouraging them to continue. Your look to your mother for obedience and order, and may see her as a person of high status.

The moon in Capricorn the vibration of Saturn and Pluto are emphasizing. It is time for material aspiration and consciousness of work and duty.  Looking for status the financial safety, people might become insensible even indifferently cruel, but the egotistical necessity rather than animosity.

The Saturn influences of Capricorn cause cynicism or pessimism to creep in.  Pluto forces us to look at our needs and wants and if it is not useful or beneficial it will force it out of our lives whether we like or we don’t. Generally, while the Moon is in Capricorn energy is lethargic.  It is time for attentively applying your self to responsibilities while living solely in now. The Earthy Capricorn Moon sets us straight up the ridge toward our premier goals.

Do not allow your self to be encumbered by the past months drop it away. You should have wings of a dove and let the light shine on you from the heavens to bring you to the sublime bliss which whips you away into a glorious heaven. I strongly suggest taking your aspirations that you have made last month and cross them out one by one.  Remember never beg for your aspirations.  Make 10 new ones as if you were born again. But do not write these aspirations until the morning of the Eclipse.

During the Lunar Eclipse we must try to look at life in a diverse manner.  You might want to re-write the aspirations like this:” I need help in creating what I dream of and power to manifest contentment through this progression.  I need the information to love more and the capability to connect in a encouraging surroundings.  I need to appreciate goals.”  I also recommend that during this Moon cycle that you purchase a purple & carve your name on it and anoint the candle with lavender or peppermint.  Chant in silence psalm 40 three times.  Allow you’re self to chant these words every night until the next moon cycle and let the glory of the higher power enter your body, mind and soul.

Since, moon is determined, somber, unwavering, sensible, and capricious. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is depended upon the eminence of purpose, and when it comes to finding a satisfying interaction and success, it is of the greatest significance to begin with a clear understanding of what your objective should be.  Never ask for your wants but rather your needs. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but it is a powerful source of energy the mantra for Capricorn moon is:

Om Sri Shanaishwarya Namaha

(OM Sri Shan aish shwarya Namaha)

The mantra for the Lunar Eclipse is

Om Chandrakia Namaha

(Om Chan dra kia Na ma Ha)

This Siddha mantra uses the universal fundamentals that govern each charka: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. The intention of this mantra is to keep up in stability from loosing our temper through darkness and unfocused energy.

Lunar Eclipse brings lots of changes; I will be doing 6-months in-depth readings instead of my normal 3-months reading.  Remember that we can manifest what ever that we want.  Lets look together what you want to change so the alteration to the solar eclipse can be smooth sailing.

 On June 25, 2010, I will be airing a special show Eastern Serendipity
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I wish you the best of the lunar cycle and please remember to breathe and clean up your clutter in your life and environment and leave the garbage behind.
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For those interested in making changes in your lives or just simply want to know what is going to happen
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1. Will offer all the positives and negatives that will occur in your life in the next 6 months including any timing which I pick up (Destiny changeable)
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6. Will offer why things have been the way they have been
7. What your mind and soul is saying but you are not understanding
8. Changes to be made in the Spiritual World
9. Focus for the next 6 months.

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Trends June & July 2010

This message is brought as preventive maintenance for those that have the sun, moon, and ascendants in cardinal signs.

On June 26, 21010, at 7:38am EST and 4:38 am PT we will have a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of the sun and at the same time we will also have a full moon in Capricorn.

This eclipse is the conjunction of the eclipse that took place the summer of 2009, December & January of 2010, this is phase III. The Cancer/Capricorn eclipses have been on going since July of last year and many of us were going through emotional roller coaster like no other.

The eclipse June 26, 2010, in Capricorn will be focused around Capricorn tendencies which calls for our focus to be practical, ambitious cautious, reserve, methodical and self controlled. The most effect signs will be cardinal signs such as Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, other signs will also be affected in the placement of their charts.

On a much more mundane level, everyone will feel the stresses of this eclipse and the level of the stress will depend upon where the eclipse falls in your astrological chart. There will be tendencies of deception, personal values could be threatened, and we will feel to express our selves more with no personal control.

Some may feel agitation, disgruntlement another may be out to impress to sow the fabrics of their own achievements. There is no doubt about thought no matter which direction we take we may feel irritated by circumstances which old us back

People with cardinal signs  will have difficulties separating their self-image from their emotions, failing to recognize that someone or something is not what it appears and it is all a self image or a mirage rather than a emotional commitment.  These people will be obsessed to do things that interfere with our emotional satisfaction or chasing after their yearning while talent and skills are wasted so there is a tug of war between emotions and ambitions.

But one of the things we need to understand is through this transformation … there is a beautiful metamorphosis…

Allow the heavy burdens of the past months to drop away. You should swim like a light being and an angel of the heavens, in the harmonious seas of bliss and peace. I strongly suggest taking your aspirations that you have made last month and cross them out one by one.  Remember never beg for your aspirations.

As time gets closer to the Lunar Eclipse complete blog will represent the expectations of events yet to occur and those that maybe influenced by past transitions.

For your personal trends and what you can expect out of this transition, I would suggest you set up a private consult with my inspirational astrologers Leslie Hale or my sweetest Boss Janet Moon or grounded Selene. Each and everyone of them are ready to embark you on a journey of inspiration and revealing truth.

If you like to hear them in person they will be visiting Maharani in her show Eastern Serendipity, look at the events page for show times and listings.

I wish you the most solace and wonderful June / July I hope to hear from you on the radio show or just opt in at my newsletter.