Discover your passion through the darkness: Last moon in Scorpio 2017

New Moon in Scorpio

November 18, 2017

By Maharani Rutan©

This morning (November 18, 2017), we moved into the passionate energy of the new moon transiting Scorpio at 26 degrees at approximately 6:42 am EST and at 3:42 am PST.

The New Moon signals a time of expression and freedom. It’s time to question what it is considered passion in your life. It is also a time for ingenuity to get rid of damaging forms of emotions and any behavior or thinking processes from finding goals and wishes.

If you are a new moon baby it triggers areas of your life which need your energy and focus. This means that to thrive, one must place emphasis on things that are spiritual it also means spending time with elderly. This is also ideal time finish things which were left unfinished.

New moon signifies things to put into action. Unlike the full moon which represented emotional blueprint or rather, a thinking guide, the new moon is about taking the seeds and planting them. You will know what your heart desires and you will trust that everything will be fine.

The new moon blesses you and requests that you to take an opportunity at whatever that you want to create through the utilities available. The energy will supply awareness of the focus on the things to complete and things we want in the future.

The new moon in Scorpio is very demanding and determinate; it may force some people to unnecessary confrontation or be adversarial to have the upper hand, like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. The new moon will bless those to soar like never. Scorpios and fixed signs will disentangle the mystery and find the answers that no one ever could. Scorpios are kind of people that will draw the curtains open. After a time of retreat, they rise to do what must be done to become a better person through recharging their batteries. Do not fear the power of the new moon; allow it in and hold onto everyone around you.

Moon in Scorpio is not only about seeing your darker side, but it is also about knowing your own malicious parts. The new moon will allow the needed cleansing so that our spirits can heal to help others through compassion and directness. It is time to submerge into our sub-consciousness and find who we are and reach the plane of spirituality. It also enables us use are psyche and analyze why people do what they do. Seek the deeper truth and don’t be afraid of the forbidden to change. You will have the opportunity to rise again through the fire which we call life.

Almost everything in a Scorpio’s life is intense, deep, and mysterious. Every transit is also deeper than other astrological signs. Now, the time has come for the Phoenix to rise – ashes to ashes dust to dust. From the depths of Saturn’s lessons Scorpios, those that survived, came out on the other side; depending upon which theory that draws you. According VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theory), even if Saturn has now left Scorpio, it still has about two more years to clean up. This just means if it is unfinished business, you are now given an opportunity to clean up the mess and move on. The Saturn transit effects all Scorpios, those that have primary planets in Scorpio and those with houses in Scorpio.

When the moon is in Scorpio, we become more comfortable to hidden or profound powers and our psychic probes may be triggered. This is a time for working to preserve emotional control, and for working on disabling inner obsessional thoughts or desires.

This new moon is most auspicious for being in search of support from your Divine center and Higher Power; to softly release yourself from internal pessimism. Physical Power is the focus and the emotional power is the force.

The Moon in Scorpio marks a time of deepened hunger and desire. People may be feeling more powerful, thought-provoking, and inventive. In general, emotions at both ends of the spectrum are keen. Networks and relationships on a deep level could be made with members of the opposite sex with the Moon in Scorpio. Signified by the Scorpion, Scorpio owns a mysterious and piercing nature. Feelings of resentment and retribution may rise, and special attentiveness is needed to avoid disputes.

The Scorpio Moon can be a compound for power urges, which can often result in violence or even homicidal impulses. Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio thus their impact brings out robust passions and Pluto shows some very strong desires. People often become belligerent, critical, irritated, and moody while the Moon is in Scorpio. Increased concentration and a tinted sensitivity to personal offenses and insults are possible. Remember that Scorpio has a distrustful and enigmatic nature. Avoid social difficulties. Beware of jealousy and watch out for the Scorpio Sting. Please remember to forgive and forget. Be cautious interacting with the opposite sex. However, this could be a good time for intense merging with another on a deep emotional level!

Since, moon in Scorpio represents Impulsive, Conscious, Volatile, Courageous, and Spirited, it is my suggestion for us to remain balanced. It is my suggestion that you purchase a white candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with musk oil or sandalwood oil and chant the Psalm 39.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention.

The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. This year I have chosen 3 mantras; one for those learning, another for much more advanced practitioners, and lastly, for those who are experts and want to advance further.

The mantras for Scorpio moon are:


“Om Aing Kleeng Sauh”

(Om aiiiing Kliiiing So uah )


Om Narayanaya Sursinmhaya namaha


Yasya nke cha

vibhati bhudharsuta devapaga mastake,

Bhale balbidhurgale cha garalam yasyorasi vyalraat Soyam bhumivibhisanah survarah sarvadhipah sarvada

Sharvah sarvgatah shivah shashinibhah shri Shankar patu maam

This mantra is the to call to the lord Shiva to remove any obstacles in your way.

The intention of this mantra is the to keep us in balance and from losing our temper through darkness and unfocused energy.

Please note, I do not claim to be an astrologer, and these are general tendencies. The utilities of astrology are used as elements into Vedic readings – they embrace and encompass transformable changes into sublime bliss.

I would suggest if you are a fixed sign, particularly Scorpio, or have Scorpio energy in your chart it is time to get an in-depth reading with me to find out where this energy is moving, as well as speak to your astrologer and find out where the new beginnings are going to be triggered.

Dance Scorpio, like you never have before and embrace this time like it was the first day of your life

Maharani Rutan©

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Pierce your soul through rage or heal through the comfort of the Divine: Full Moon in Aries/Taurus 2017

Full Moon in Aries/Taurus

Full Beaver/Flower moon

November 3/4, 2017

By Maharani Rutan©

I have started, stopped, and started again to write this blog. It seemed that every time I started to write this blog, nearly every premonition which I had elaborated in my predictive post, as well as those following, had come to pass (read about it here).

I could not help but to exhale and consider homegrown terror attacks; the uselessness of lives being lost and the broken hearts of so many. Yet here we are. Those who are reading this have been impacted by many things, even if they were not a direct hit. It has been as if we were living in a real twilight zone, wondering if everything we are feeling and seeing is for real.

However, we know it is real. Everything hits home; it is a new era when the truth hits home. The eclipses in Aquarius, in the summer of 2016 and in summer, encouraged humanity to emancipate themselves from restrictions (Saturn). Knowing changes must happen, they did; with sudden changes causing disorder due to a lack of planning (Uranus). On the positive side, those suppressed are now speaking out against injustices that have been covert for so long; just to scream, “Listen to me!” as if it was the roar of a Lion.

The pair of eclipses with Aquarius with Leo in the spring and the fall also gave praise to people to express themselves, and the courage to pick themselves up to begin again. They learned to do things independently while developing their own humility for each other, irregardless of race, color or gender, and experienced the world together as a one.

Thus, together they have wept, beamed, giggled, and been astonished by all the changes with the eclipses, retrogrades, remarkable moons, and lunar energies. I continue to state that this will be a warm winter and water issues will continue throughout the winter and spring, as I first discussed during my eclipse blogs. Perhaps a little rain may help as Saturn has now entered Sagittarius. This does not mean that for all Scorpio’s Saturn is completely gone. It is vital for all those with VPAT chart or Western to look at the placement of Saturn before making an assumption that it is finished with a specific person.

For a deeper analysis, depending upon which focus one follows, my recommended Western astrologers can be found here. Please contact me personally for Vedic analysis as my Vedic contacts are personality driven.

Additionally, Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories state that our world does not revolve around the sun, rather than the moon; however, between the sidereal and tropical astrology there is a blank spot where the truth lives. Therefore, this can be considered a Fire and Earth moon (Aries in Vedic & Taurus in tropical). With the stubbornness of Taurus and combatant side of Aries you can be sure there will be many defensive arguments between people, and I would not be surprised if there is some political drama that will make many shake their heads.

This will only assist many people to finally end things which they should have ended during the spring lunar eclipse (read about it here) or summer eclipse (here). Nevertheless, there were opportunities to plant new seeds during the spring solar eclipse (read about it here) or summer eclipse (read about it here). Then again, if it was not meant to be it was supposed to be let go, and if it was not, things were made worse.

Whatever the path that was chosen by a person’s free will, it was a difficult path for sure. The Taurus moon now offers the vitality to examine decisions with a magnifying glass to see that we do not bleed again.

As those in the northern hemisphere, especially in the North Americas, prepare for Thanksgiving and begin to get ready for the winter, it has been known that the last full moon before the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere was named the beaver moon. Just as northerners get prepared for the winter so do the beavers. In the southern hemisphere, this is the best time for beautiful weather for some flowers where the flowers will now bloom and the corn will now begin to ripen.

If you looked at the sky on November 3, 2017, you should have seen how beautiful it was as the sun had a luminous glow. But the moon is not exactly full until November 4, 2017 in Taurus at 1:34am EST and 10:43pm November 3, 2017 PST, at approximately 12 degrees.

The last time the moon came close to this degree was on November 05, 2006 when it was 13 degrees in Taurus and 2009 at 10 degrees; both were full moons. If you are an avid reader of my blog you will notice the patterns as I have been saying most of the full moons are derived upon placements of 2006 and 2009 recollection and eclipses are based on 1994, 1998 issues. Keep a very close eye as most of the doors and issues of 2006 and 2009 are readdressed again. Perhaps the scenarios may not be the same but the issues are very close in nature. Within the next few days your dreams will tell it all.

All come to be cheerful under the elegance of the Full Moon – desire and confidence can become quite exaggerated and we may have more cognizance and attention on relationships. There may be a feeling of powerful energy by the light of the Moon opening the possibility for more luminous dreams.

Internal bleeding is more likely during a Full Moon, so take care. This is the time to gather, entreat and be Appreciative, and to work on pragmatism and triumph. Love and romance go wild under a Full Moon, particularly around midnight.

Venus is comfortably sitting in Scorpio until November 9, 2017. There is a yearning for profound and obsessive relationships with people. A possibility of deep intimate attachment through every connection – body, mind, and soul. Scorpio is an abysmal sign and it is easily able to cut off relationships if it does not seem right. Anything insincere won’t do – it must be adoring and deep.

This moon is quite exceptional in many ways. We are forced to postpone our own pleasure to allow our passion to evolve through fostering and kindness to others. This personal evolution has radiated a lot of agony and disadvantages which, in fact, has allowed us to share our learned familiarity with others; this also helps us to understand ourselves.

The moon in Taurus could give us the energy to connect more than usual. Philanthropic efforts will create a great sense of wholeness for many people and socialization is not out of the question. Relationships could be very smooth at this time because reliability brings a natural expression of emotions through love and understanding. These are great positives during the full moon but be careful – the obstinacy can cause differences and possible break-ups. The focus of struggle can be around stubbornness and failure to stay stable.

The Moon in Taurus pushes for a time of alertness and sensibleness. People may feel more old-fashioned and determined. This is a good time to finish tasks that have delayed as people may be more reliable and organized. Like the stubborn bull, representative of Taurus, people may be bull-headed; unsure in negotiation and be argumentative. Care needs to be taken to evade indulgence and erratic worries or cravings for material wealth.

Since the moon in Taurus represents moods and personalities that are Calm, Factual, Sophisticated, Merciful, and Stubborn, we must use the practical senses. No matter what astrological signs you hold, if there is Taurus anywhere in your natal or progressed chart you will be directly impacted by this energy. The Moon transiting Taurus gives us a varied assortment of feelings. Moon in Taurus is motivated towards self-actualization, perseverance, restraint, and safeguarding.

You may choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle.
This year I have chosen three mantras; one that is easy for those who are learning Sanskrit mantra and two that are for learned Sanskrit announcers. For the full moon in Taurus:


Om Hreeng Kleeng Shreeng

(ooom Hriiing Kliiing Shriiing)


Om Gopalaya Uttardhvajaya Namah


Om draamg dreeng droung sah shukray namah.Om Rajadabaaya vidmahe, Brigusuthaya dhimahi, tanno sukrah prachodaya

Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras, reaching the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention. Don’t forget to light a white candle that day; carve your name on the candle, anoint it with Frankincense oil, and chant Psalm 65 three times.

Please remember, I am not an astrologer nor do I claim to be. However, the Astrological alteration is an essential purpose compulsory to integrating the best results in Vedic Sanskrit readings. Vedic readings are based upon Indian sages who use the planetary stimuli to be more enlightening and aid mankind through ethics and consideration of karmas. It is through Vedic Sanskrit readings that we can incorporate how our actions cause reactions to conflicts which can be easily be avoided through thoughtful and homogenizing our egos.

Enjoy this moon as if was the first moon of your life and know that people and places in your life that had to go, should have gone. No one will place undo pain that you cannot handle, but remember that every pain brings strength of liberation and awareness.

Just a bit of a reminder those who have had a solar/lunar eclipse reading done in Feb/Mar & Aug/Sept, it may be time for an update. I encourage all Earth Signs (Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo including those that have their 1, 7, and 10th house in their VPAT chart to have a recap done between now and November 14, 2017. Additionally, be advised that do not expect your relationship reading to change if your personal reading has not been checked prior. As I always state we can’t expect change if we are not willing to change.

Wishing you and yours a warm, safe, and loving first full moon in Taurus.

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Maharani Rutan©

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Cathartic Moon will you find release? Libra New Moon 2017

New Moon in Libra

Happy Diwali

Happy Aso

October 19, 2017

By Maharani Rutan©

“Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven?
Would it be the same
If I saw you in heaven?
I must be strong and carry on
‘Cause I know I don’t belong here in heaven”-Eric Clapton

My Dedication to all those who lost their lives in the Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Fires, Tornadoes, and Shootings…heaven had vacancies for you..-Maharani Rutan

We have cried, been sad, confused, displaced, and angry. Some have grieved over their loved ones while others lost their homes and things that have made memories in their lives. Still others thought certain things were secured only to find out they weren’t. Scandals, lies, affairs, and threats have rippled the headlines. Yet the people remain united while people in authority appear to do what they can to tear everything apart. However, I never thought nor claimed it would ever be a easy 2017 (read more here).

But this should not come as a surprise; it was loud and clear, as well as predetermined, “There also could be ongoing issues of leadership in America i.e. wrongdoings or secrets becoming uncovered.” (Read more about it here). The issues of hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, and faulty reconstructions are going to take time to rebuild from. “The supreme leadership abilities with the highest bliss on a collective, and social service to the world would be considered part of the Leo/Aquarius Axis.” (Read more about it here).

As “We as People” sit back and watch our leadership, be it political, entertainment, financial or even retail, it seems that during the Full moon in Aries there was something that touched us. “Aries is the power which is also known as a realization of something.” (Read more here). Was it that this is not the leader we voted for? Was it that we expect more from the entertainment industry then we are observing or was it hidden all along? Was it that people in power have so much control that the financial security of millions is less important than their own greed? Or “Do they want to rule the world?”

All the answers will come in due time. However, the thrust, tug, query, probing, and trials through the lunar cycles reflect our transformation alone. How we handle the changes is our singular domain. Each and every one of us made it to the other side; though we cannot forget yesterday, and we cannot really start over. We can, however, begin the healing.

This new moon comes just in time to begin the healing; taking us past the mourning and helping us to start new. Perhaps it’s not the best time but what better time than Diwali and New Year?

The day before the most auspicious time for Hindus, the sky will be void with its first and final new moon in Libra for 2017. On October 19, 2017 at approximately 3:12pm EST & 12:12pm PST the moon will be voided with the New moon in Libra at 26 degrees in Libra (depending upon the orb).

As many of you are aware, I really believe that we must learn from the past; a past that often repeats itself. This entire year has been based upon the reverence of 2009. I first mentioned it in February during Penumbral Eclipse and Solar eclipse. Then again in August during the Penumbral Eclipse & Total Solar Eclipse. Additionally, every moon including this one has been 1 or two degrees off the moons represented in 2009. When those degrees were not relevant to 2009 they referenced 2006.

This new moon has not been this close to degree in the 21st century since 2009 when it was at 25 degrees. It seems that all that was done by the Obama administration to bring a little security and freedom to the U.S citizens, such has Health Care, and the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr Hate Crimes Prevention Act, are going to be re-written. The issues of North Korea in 2009 are being rehashed today. NASA said there was water on the Moon, and in 2017 NASA stated we can live on Mars. Tiger Woods was in a car accident in 2009, and in 2017 he was arrested for DUI. Though many incidents are not exactly the same the players and subject is, and it is a matter of recreating situations and seeing how humanity reacts.

The New Moon is always around individual developments. The new moon affords the drive to set aims concerning us. One of the major tasks for people is to distinguish relationships. This new moon will entirely emphasize it.

A new moon in Libra has an idealistic association as well as a social one. There is a grander need to recoil opinions between people that we care for. The new moon in Libra allows us to be relaxed and amiable. It also craves dedication and joint regards; both of which are desired so we see the best in the people around us. There is a robust submission that during the Libra moon some sort of an inspiration may come forth to bring constancy where there may have been worries.

Libra moon moves us to find harmony within ourselves so that we can act as a team, facilitate, and repair the needed stability with families and friends. It is also a time to bring flowers into the home and beautify it, purify it, and spruce it up to welcome friends. It may even force people to study art, write, change fashions and indulge in things we cannot afford.

Added to this symphonic moon, Libra moon also guarantees fairness and allows us to bring new people into our lives. If it is to bring someone new or to filter out struggles, this is done to bring congruence and reconciliation. The scales of Libra are very rare; it is the only sign that does not have a living thing attached to it. This means that it we are prone to be unbiased, where the head may rule over the heart. It is a motivation to explore one’s own beliefs before a choice is rendered. This is the time to give good intentions towards any conflict.

The Libra moon permits dialogues with a chance to give consideration and to be heard which allows great clearness. Furthermore, giving the courage needed to get rid of conducts and expectations that have wounded our soul and heart. The awareness that comes with this new moon gives the accessible energy to take our time. Relationships will take a new aspect and bring forth limitless focus powered with life of motivation, authenticity, assessment, and understanding.

But it’s not just a new moon in Libra; it’s a special moon, a spiritual moon, and a beginning. Normally, Diwali better known to many as “festival of lights”, usually comes later in October or the beginning of November. However, because of the lunar calendar this year it happened to be a little earlier in October.

Each culture and religion in India has a different mythology of Diwali but the basic meaning is the same. In my culture (Hindu, Brahman, Gujarati) it is known as Deepavali, this celebration consists of 5 days of worship, celebration, and the practice of culture.

The first two days of Diwali begin with Dhanteras; for these two days, most Gujarati people do a full fast (drinking or eating only nuts and fruits all day) and exchange small gifts as it is New Year – this begins on October 16. On the 2nd official day Cattle/Cows are worshiped, homes are thoroughly cleaned, debts are paid, and bank ledgers are made whole to prepare for Lab Pancham which will be observed after Diwali. The third day is the Official Dhanteras which is in honor of Goddess Luxmi (western spelling) Lakshmi. Most households purchase jewelry or gold on this day (there is an old saying that Lakshmi is happy if you make purchases of gold and jewelry this day).

The fourth day is the worship of Goddess Kali, or better known as Shakti. She has been known as a destroyer of evil and a protector from evil spirits and negative energy. It has also been known that she represents those born (October 23-27). These are people who have property of Justice as well as property of Scorpio. On the 5th Day, which is Oct 19, is Diwali where Lakshmi Puja will be the main event. Hindu homes will be lit up with lighted lamps, some doorsteps will have designs, families will gather, and children will light fire crackers, but don’t be surprised if they are fireworks, this is to ward off evil spirits. There are two extra days of puja and worship to reset and bless the books as well the home to start the New Year.

Not only is Luxmi blessing people, but Guru (Jupiter) is blessing Libra. Enthusiasm and high opportunities will be there for everyone. Altogether it’s a beautiful time for social gathering, when the awareness of self, as expressed in the first six signs of the zodiac, becomes united with the awareness of the needs and desires of others.

Since the moon in Libra represents characteristics of being allure, Remarkable, and Extravagant, Rational, and affectionate, it is my suggestion to remain well-adjusted. This New moon is surprising to many signs. It is my suggestion that to purchase a yellow candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with lavender or peppermint oil and chant the Psalm 26.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention; and when it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy.

This year I have chosen 3 mantras to assist those who have perfected difficult mantras and easy mantras for those who are still learning.



Om Hreeng Kleeng Shreeng

(Om hiring kliiing shriiing)



Om Tatva Niranjanaya Tarakramaya Namah


Om Sarvabaadhaa Vinirmukto, Dhan Dhaanyah Sutaanvitah… Manushyo Matprasaaden Bhavishyati Na Sanshayah…Om Om Shree Mahalakshmyai Cha Vidraahe Vishnu Patrayai Cha Dheemahi Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayat Om”

This mantra produces the quality of friendship within oneself and with others.


Please note that I am not an astrologer nor do I claim to be. Depending upon which methodology that you feel comfortable with my referral to Western Astrologers can be found here. As far as Vedic Astrology (which is usually in-depth and drawn processes) can be done but does take 30 days to process, please contact me directly.

The practicalities of the planets performance have unlimited emphasis on Vedic Sanskrit Readings. In the Hindu values, it states that we are human beings and we will continuously respond to our surroundings through self-image, drive, and actions until we can surpass the ego, become one with the universal energies, and learn to adapt and improvise to what is in front of us with complete embrace.

I wish you the best of the new moon and a Happy Diwali.

Maharani Rutan©

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Hear the Whispers of the Divine through the Spiritual Moon: Aries Full Moon 2017

Full Moon in Aries

Harvest/Flower Moon

October 5, 2017

By Maharani Rutan©

September is behind us and I can finally say that perhaps the energy can assist many of us from being an emotional sponge to the chaos of Mother Nature’s destruction. Sometimes in life we all must disconnect ourselves from social media and every course of information technology.

It seems as though my predictions which were emphasized in my Partial Lunar Eclipse of August 2017 came to pass; “Consequently, this distresses humans as well as the atmosphere of the earth. There is a good chance to hear about issues of water overflows such as hurricanes, flooding rivers, and even tornadoes that involve water. These issues could last up to 6 months.” (Read more about it here).

Similarly, the second prediction during the Solar eclipse later that month was fulfilled: “my predictions are that it would not be surprising to me if there is news about new illnesses, shortages in food due to crop damage, or there even could be issues of wind and strange weather patterns. (Read more about it here). These predictions have rippled the pain through my Achilles heel not once but 3 times (Harvey, Irma, and Jose).

It should be noted that my first accident did not occur during Harvey nor during the eclipse; “It often noted that things which happen, good or bad, focusing around the eclipse do not happen on the day of the eclipse, but could reasonably happen months later as triggers of other events or planetary changes interacting with changes.” (Read more about it here).

For me this occurred on August 29, 2017 (Hurricane Harvey), the second accident September 5, 2017 (Hurricane Irma), add to that tumbling down the stairs (sign of an earthquake in Mexico) landing on my heel again September 12, 2017. Finally, once more on September 14, 2017 (Hurricane Jose) injuring it yet again. I was radioactive to the energy of humanity and I had no choice but to disconnect from all internet pulses. But is it really over? Has the healing really begun? Or has Hurricane Maria sown her seeds as well?

There will be so much movement going on in our atmosphere that every planetary phase will be momentous. Our beautiful moon will begin its journey in a couple of days by forming a beautiful full moon. This signifies the transformation of seasons and is known as a Harvest or Hunters moon; providing light to collect food and meat for the long winter ahead in the northern hemisphere. While in the southern hemisphere, the cool air will bring about the flowers that would not normally bloom in the summer, known as the flower moon.

The luminous light will shine brightly while the moon smiles upon us around 2:40 pm EST, and 11:40 pm October 5, 2017. The energy of this light has not been felt so intensely since October 4, 2009, when there were transformations and endings, especially in the area of medicine.

Many people will feel the energy of the full moon as early as 5 days before (October 1, 2017), possibly causing anxious sleep patterns. Never get a reading during the waxing period, or even do anything impulsive, as your focus may be a little skewed. To receive the most constructive effect of the full moon try to remain calm. It would not be surprising that emotions will be all over the place.

This Libra-Aries full moon essentially is the opposition of two equals. Libra’s motto is “I decide on what is stable” and Aries: “I hunger for what I want and I will find power to get it.”

Therefore, this full moon demands things in life that are in balance and what force or determination is needed to get them. Those that will be impacted by this full moon would be all Fire Signs (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius), air signs (Libra, Gemini and Aquarius), and Scorpio as in VPAT, Scorpio is dimensional to the Aries mix.

Those that have Aries or Libra in their chart will either end relationships or begin new ones. This is a kind of a catastrophic moon where relationships of all kinds will be tried, fragmented, or fundamentally changed over time. For Aries and Libra, it is a time for modification and to expand what is already here. This is especially true for those that were born in the first 15-20 days of Aries or Libra; watch your health as you may get sick or experience lassitude.

The Full moon Aries brings to us a diligence of survival. Our purpose of this message will be focused around compliance, disconnecting and bringing out our very best. With it, bring out the best outcomes through goals and desires being granted by the universal energies. But take heed, one thing it will bring is a pathway that must be followed and there is always a fury when one goes against the rules of the universe. If, however, you follow the guidance of the universe and the path that the universe is trying to lead you to, then you will follow your spiritual path in joining with the Universe, bringing with it a Divine light.

This moon is so influential that perhaps it maybe a time for you to sit in silence for 3 days or even a week just connecting with your spiritual guides and embracing the energy as a good omen rather than evil. This gift from the universe is to try and decide what lesson is learned from the pain within every situation of a relationship. Be careful that while you are contemplating your thoughts you don’t overdo eating, drinking, or any compulsive tendencies.

One of the most precious gifts that is being brought to Liberians is the gift of Jupiter. Embrace yourself and thank Goddess Luxmi. Use it well as this kind of transit has not been your blessing since 2005. Additionally, for all fire signs, remember Saturn, the Goddess of Karma, is here to teach you lessons, part of which is that all things must transform. (read more about it here)

The distinctiveness of this full moon is at 12 degrees Aries/Libra, which means we are coming to some kind of a decision and it is in the house of relationships. This means that a final resolution will be made whether or not to move forward with any one relationship (i.e. business, friends, lovers, family, etc.). There will be many messages from the universe so pay attention each one. Libras are also known as having an emphasis of justice through awareness and constancy, which means that you should listen to your instincts. Aries is the power which is also known as a realization of something. Remember, in the spiritual world the Universe gave the Ram Divine willpower as creator himself.

It is my suggestion that you purchase a white and yellow candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with lavender oil or sandalwood oil and chant the Psalms 39 and 26. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention. When it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy.

This year I have chosen three mantras for those that are advancing to the next steps in perfecting their Sanskrit mantra pronunciation skills.

The mantra for Aries is:


Om Aing Kleeng Sauh

(om aiiing Kliiing Sauuuh)


Om hrim shri lakshminarayana namah

(om Hriim Shriii Lak Sh Mi Na ra Yana Namah)


Aum Angarkaya vidmahe bhoomipalaya dhimahi tanno kujah prachodayat…Aum Chitri Putrayai Vidmahe Loyhe Tangai dhimahi Tanno Bhooma Prachodayat

Please note these are general predispositions and not particular to any person. I would suggest that you contact an Astrologer for the latest update on how to handle this energy and what to expect. To contact a recommended Astrologer, Leslie Hale, Lee Stillwaters or any of my dear friends and astrological guides, go here.

Additionally, I do not claim to be an Astrologer, but as a Certified Vedic Ayurvedic Philosophical Theoretical Reader we must use the diagram of spiritual conversion as a utility to give you the most impartial pathway to a divine light which is only handled by the universal powers.

This is mostly a relationship moon. It is about making it or finally breaking it. It is also about what I need, and what we need so that ours can be strong.

Maharani Rutan©

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Let the Divine Light Heal the Pain: Last Full Moon in Pisces 2017

Full Moon in Pisces

Full Fruit Moon

September 6, 2017

By Maharani Rutan©

Tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, water everywhere; it seems that most natural disasters involve water, snow, and wind. This is most likely due to predispositions of the eclipses in Air and Fire. But it does not leave much for us humans. As I had spoken about these anomalies in my predictive blog late last year.

However, open your eyes to the sky on September 4, 2017 when Neptune, the God of Water and the ruler of Pisces, will be very close to Earth. This doesn’t mean that you will see it, but I will say that what is about to happen during this marvelous event on 5th and 6th of 2017 is not only interesting for Astrologers and Astronomers, but for Vedic Philosophers as well.

VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories) teaches that Shiva was born under the sign of Neptune, i.e. Pisces, and we recall that Jesus’s ministry was referred to as “Christian Fish Symbol” which represented “fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19). Fish are a different overtone for different people. Nevertheless, VPAT does not believe that Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus have that much of an impact on humans as these are issues that are controllable as they are related to emotions. But are they?

Many say that 98% of all humanity has Pisces somewhere in their chart and we are 98% water, therefore, many of us have intuitive abilities and are drawn to religious attributes. Thus, this beautiful moon will bring out emotions; recalling people who lost their lives in saving others in every aspect of disasters – not only natural, but also man-made. Pisces dynamism is just that, sacrifice at all costs for civilization and a flood of emotions. As it is stated in the Vedic Culture, God was a Pisces and the Christianity symbol is a fish.

The beautiful celestial event will cast over our atmosphere with its spiritual light of the full moon in Pisces on September 6, 2017 at 3:03am EST and 12:03am PST at 14 degrees in Pisces, depending upon the orb. In the Vedic culture, Full moon is not an omen, but rather a blessing. This is a perfect situation to start something new in the areas of spirituality and self-improvement, such as yoga, meditation, or anything that brings you closer to peace and serenity. Hence, conveying spiritual advantage is the subject of this full moon.

As we bring spirituality into our souls we will be given messages from the universe to call upon our higher power to have natural endings. Anything that no longer has our best interest at heart will end. But through the natural process, prayers and offerings are always welcome. Adorn the Divine with flowers and fruit and you will be blessed with healing.

This healing will come naturally for many Hindus as they take a holiday on September 5, 2017, as it is final day of Ganesh Visarjan. The actual festival began on August 25, 2011 where a large statue of Ganesh was adorned with flowers and worshiped; over 10,000 statues were displayed all over the larger cities. On Ananta Chaturdasi (Sept 5, 2017) the deity statues will be paraded through the streets while followers will sing and dance as they take the statues to the ocean and submerge them.

Though the story of this particular event is complicated and long, the meaning is so powerful that if we are reminded daily perhaps the world would change. The official meaning is that since humans cannot really understand to pray just on energy alone, we were given idols such as pictures and statues of Buddha and Christ, in order to make them visible. Additionally, because the universe is in a constant state of transformation, the form, shape, and color eventually fades or falls apart, but the energy still remains. Submerging the deities’ statues in the ocean, or another body of water, serves as a reminder even if our physical self falls apart our soul is kept alive. We are all universal and go through changes, as our physical body changes our soul never really dies, and during this event it is a spiritual awakening.

This moon is named after the blessings of the beautiful flowers and sweet fruit that tickle our nose; pumpkins, honeydew, cantaloupe, and other fruits we wait for all year. While the sweet taste of sugarcane burning can be smelled for miles, the soil multiplies with earth worms to repair the soil for the next harvest. This is one of the reasons why the northern hemisphere named the first full moon in September as the “Fruit Moon” and the southern hemisphere named it the “Sugar moon” or “Worm Moon.” But many times Harvest Moon. Those that have Pisces anywhere in their chart will be affected by this moon; the more you have, the more you will be an emotional sponge. To find your placement I would suggest you contact my recommended astrologer Lee Stillwaters, Xtrology or Leslie Hale.

There is no reservation that this drive will bring more psychic aptitudes, thus more predisposed to, or sensitive to, our environment and with others. All will seem more luminous under the light of the full moon. This may influence our sense of self, becoming more inflated, and mostly having to do with our personal relationships with others.

When Venus enters Virgo it critically impacts Virgo’s and it takes a hard turn from having everything fun to now being more serious. Virgo is naturally reticent, concerned, and a great listener. The problem will occur however, when the relationship becomes a little shifting; there could be more concerns about appreciation. Be careful not to be too critical to your partner, especially those that have Virgo planets.

The sun in Virgo and the moon in Pisces can be a very affluent time to heal. When the physical and spiritual worlds become one we are no longer obsessed with finding inadequacies but accepting of them as they come. Mantras, poonam Pooja, as well as prayers can have a major impact on healing and finding the answers on a higher plane.

Emotional bonds comforting, healing, and assisting those less fortunate than you is the theme of this full moon. There are also tendencies to meditate in a quiet place to heal internal pain and sacrifice for the sake of humanity.

With Mercury in a Post-Regression Juncture in Leo things may still seem confusing. Especially even more intense for fire signs (Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius) but along with their brothers and sisters who are paying back last of their karmic lessons. Scorpios and those that have any planets in Scorpio this is their last lessons in Saturn even though they will be tested every now and then. While Virgos will soon be passing the torch of luck to Libra soon, therefore slowly everything is shifting and the healing energy of this moon is welcoming.

During this full moon be very careful of indulgence, preoccupation, greediness, and selfishness. Since the moon in Pisces represents devoutness, insight, and extravagance to materialism, focus primarily on being considerate, artistic, and sympathetic.

You may choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras, achieving the desired result is dependent upon the value of intention; this is also true when it comes to finding a satisfying relationship, spirituality, and success. Before practicing or becoming diligent to our spiritual journey it is vital that intentions are clear and the outcome is not selfish.

The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. This year, I am giving beginners a chance to become more advanced and those that know the Sanskrit mantra to become experts in mantra rituals by offering 3 mantras.

The mantra for Pisces moon is:

Easy Mantra

Om Hreeng Kleeng Sauh

(ommm Hriing Kliing Sauuh)

Difficult Mantra

Om Kleem Uddhritaya Udharine Namaha

Expert Mantra

Om Namo Bhagavathe Dakshinaamoorthaye…Mahyam Medhaam Pragnyaam Prayachas Swaha Vrushabath Vajaaya VidhMahe Kruni Hastaaya DheeMahee-Thanno Guru: Prachodayaath…ApraMeyathva ya theedha Nirmala Nyaana Moorthaye…Manogi raam Vidhooraaya Dakshinaa Moorthaye Namah

For those who are religious on Poonam, make sure you do Satyanarayan Pooja and recite the above mantra changing the Namaha to Swaha

This is a very spiritual moon, thus aims regarding materialism must be voided and replaced with peace, unity, understanding, and compassion. For Christian practitioners, I recommend lighting a white candle on that day. Carve your name on the candle, anoint it with Frankincense oil, and chant Psalm 65 three times.

I am not an astrologer, rather a Vedic reader who incorporates the energy of both Vedic and Western astrology as a basis to Vedic ideology. Vedic readers investigate the difficulties to assist in altering an adverse destiny and karma to bring positive pathways into self-concept as well as self-actualization so the journey can be as sublime as the path that it has taken.

This full moon is going to affect almost everyone and it should be embraced as a change that is absolutely necessary. To recognize that something must go, or leave, and our psyche will help us with this pathway.

Enjoy this beautiful spiritual moon.


Maharani Rutan©

Heaven’s door has opened. In reverse: Total Solar Eclipse 2017

Total Solar Eclipse

New Moon in Leo

Black Moon

August 21, 2017

By Maharani Rutan©

The gates of the past and present are now open as our energy enters the door into the abyss, but all that we can see is darkness. Wherever there was once sunlight is now darkness. Nevertheless, the energy is so powerful and yet so sublime that it brings chills and subtle calmness in the air. The sky will be in total darkness over 15 to 16 states in the U.S. and the black moon, and the total solar eclipse, will bring spectators from all regions.

On August 21, 2017, similar to August 22, 1998, the total solar eclipse will begin its motion where the sun and the moon will be in be aligned so that the moon will cover the sun for a few minutes. The brilliance will begin at 12:05 EST and 9:05am PST. The first U.S. State to be able to view this will be Oregon. As the eclipse moves east, the greater the totally; taking a maximum of 90 minutes for the journey across the country. By the time the eclipse reaches the Southeast near South Carolina, the moon will begin to turn totally black moving into 28 degrees in Leo by 2:31 EST and 11:30am PST. By this time the maximum eclipse will occur; the total eclipse will begin and end near the Carolina’s at 2:48pm.

Unlike other writings, blogs, and articles, I will not go into details of how total solar eclipses are formed. Nor will I elaborate on how full moons are formed; however, I feel compelled to focus more on the timing of the eclipse and as well as the moon placement, as this will impact the transformational journey into the changes that are about occur for all visible cities as you will read later in this blog.

It is imperative that we all understand the VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theory) prospective on the importance of this eclipse and how it will impact the characters of each and every person and their environment. I am certain there are plenty of articles of how marvelous and how dramatic this eclipse is in Western and Vedic Astrology, NASA sites, and other sites throughout the web. Therefore, the information which I bring to you will be more of a mundane philosophical prospective of historical phenomenon in the past and present, and how we will re-create the future as I had stated in my predictive blog in December 2016.

All eyes from those in the United States and many others have long waited for this event; some call it the Great Eclipse of the Century. This may be due to the pure perfection of the Total Solar Eclipse which hasn’t occurred in almost 30+ years in the North America, and the fact that the entire eclipse will be visible. But Mother Nature and the Divine are not done dancing with us as they bring to us the second spectacular event – a Black Moon.

A black moon occurs when there are two new moons in one calendar month. If you recall on July 21, 2017 I wrote in my blog, welcome the first Leo new moon and the second is yet to come (read about it here). Another black moon will not occur until next year.

One by one each astrological characteristic will be going through a metamorphosis which will be so profound that by the time the next eclipse in spring of 2018 arrives we will not be the same people. Aquarius will end their eclipse cycle in February, Leo in August. And here we go again, Capricorn/Cancer series will begin as it did in 2009. In one month, Virgo will give the torch of Jupiter to Libra, and in two months Scorpio will break each and every shackle of Saturn, destroy it, put it back together, and give it to Sagittarius for their lessons in karma.

Just as the Lunar Eclipse on August 7/8, 2017 is a recreation of past events, strangely, this eclipse is itself unique. The total solar eclipse is at 28 degrees in Leo on the 21st of August and is exactly the same degree as it was in 1998. Basically, this means that it will touch on events of 1998. Additionally, it also touches on events from August, 2009. However, the universe is not done with Leo at this degree as the questioning will remain open for discussion until 2028.

Ancient Vedic text, as well as VPAT, has always considered that any areas where the eclipse can be visible are the areas which will be impacted the most. Therefore, not only is the eclipse individually based, but it is also country and regional based. For example, during the Lunar Eclipse, I have predicted that there would be plenty of water issues, i.e. rain, flooding, snow, tornadoes, and other things that involve water in the United States or the northern regions for the next six months.

Since the Lunar eclipse can only be viewed by Europe and certain parts of Asia, my predictions are that it would not be surprising to me if there is news about new illnesses, shortages in food due to crop damage, or there even could be issues of wind and strange weather patterns. I additionally stated in my blog, of the lunar eclipse in Leo in the spring, “Eclipse in a fire sign usually brings forth, to those countries where the eclipses are visible, things such as dissatisfaction of its people about the ruler, people becoming ill due to infections or unknown or incurable diseases, even death of an important person to that country. However, this is an axis taking into account two polarities” (Read more here), and at that time the eclipse could be seen in Asia and America.

The Total Solar eclipse will be seen by almost all of the United States and the same theory applies. Every eclipse is a 6 to12-month transit; sometimes lasting as long as 18 months. This is especially true when eclipses are in fixed sign (Scorpio, Leo, Taurus and Aquarius) as they are at their strongest; therefore, expect the impact of this eclipse’s effects to last even longer. The conflict with the east and west may continue for some time. Issues of security and family may be issues of talks and revisions for some time as well.

During the Solar Eclipse, I believe that it may be either a warm winter, or extremely cold, but one thing is certain, we need to be careful with fruits and vegetables as harvests may be affected by weather or pests. Additionally, Leo represents leaders which means there may be lots of activity within the military, and morals of the people may not be high. There also could be ongoing issues of leadership in America i.e. wrongdoings or secrets becoming uncovered.

Nevertheless, the new black moon like is no other, not only will it be all void but it will almost turn a hazy black at 2:20 EST , 11:20 PST while moving into 28 degrees in Leo. The eclipse and new moon will affect all late born Leos and fire signs, including ascendant or any one with Leo in their chart. This does not exclude fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) by domain. Once again, please remember this is based on VPAT which has no relation to Astrology besides the characteristics of certain elements.

In the Vedic culture, any kind of eclipse has been known to be an omen, and in many other cultures as well. Many theorists as well as astrologers believe negatives do occur in the eclipse times. However, few VPAT teachers and learners feel that eclipse is a time of change and embrace. With every negative comes a positive. Surely, eclipse brings difficulties for humanity as humans cannot handle change quickly; therefore, spirituality and reality must merge to give humanity equilibrium.

What does this mean for people on a personal front? One thing is certain, whether you have Leo in your chart or not, almost every one of us has a fire sign (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius) or fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) somewhere in our chart, therefore whether by domain or by association this eclipse will affect each and every one of us. Leo is a sign of family and leadership. Since Mercury is retrograding in Leo and moving into Virgo this will cause communication issues, whereas what we want to say is not what is coming out (read more here).

Our emotions impact what we say and how we say it, thus they also influence the person receiving the message. According to VPAT calculation, Mars, the ruler of men, or as VPAT sees those of leadership and authority, is currently in the placement of Cancer. This could cause many leaders to take things out of context, being overly melodramatic or defensive, and could even have shortage of self-control and ethical reliability. Additionally, Venus is also in Cancer therefore, when the stronger of the two elements is fragile, subtle dialogues, movements, and patience is often enabled. Therefore, every relationship whether family, co-worker, or friendship could become very melodramatic for a month, possibly becoming volatile, and as we gradually moving away from Cancer energy it will magnify the characteristic of the energy it is in.

Many people will be infatuated with doing things their way just to fulfill their self-satisfaction even if it hurts others, and thins will be all about winning and overcoming others. Appearing almost as if it is a game of who is going to come out the best, the reality is that there is no challenge. This will be a completion of a phase or a momentous modification in course of matters concentrating on home, family, and health. It may be that a relationship ends or there is a completely new beginning.

Whether a new beginning or an end, Saturn, a planet of past life karma and teacher of difficult lessons, was in Sagittarius for a little, while according to VPAT. As of August 21, 2017, it moves back into Scorpio for their final lesson; making sure Scorpio has learned all they need to learn so that they don’t repeat the same mistakes again. Scorpio and all those that have any houses in Scorpio, including their domains i.e Fixed signs (Leo, Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius), will be affected until October 28, 2017. So, if you see some people being a bit quiet, leave them alone and be kind to them. Many people who have Scorpio in their chart and being questioned by the universal energies about their past actions are frightened. They will be feeling the taskmaster more so than ever before. Read about the 7-year transit (this is only the 5th year so far) as the last two years are graduate school. While releasing Saturn and this eclipse is knocking on our door, suspicion, worrying, and emotional or over-reactive communication will be a possibility from now until end of October or possibly the beginning of November.

This eclipse is predominantly objective and persistently concerned with the need to control any tendency of misery and depression, or agonize or manifest our own fatalities. Do not act on compulsion or it may blow up in your face and do not offer money to anyone. It’s time to intensely reflect on influences in the world, and the full manifestation of humanity. This 6 to 18-month period is a time to concentrate on public/societies, making contacts, teaching/instructing, and fostering compassion to siblings and friends.

This specific eclipse places a colossal universal prominence in one area of the Zodiac. We may deeply consider our feelings and needs within the context of the house, sign, and planetary aspects affected. To fully appreciate the potential the eclipse, we must explore both houses and signs that are brought into play. Where the Moon sits, we can provoke our demons, old behaviors and doubts, and where the Sun is we may find the means to hold or discharge from all that oppression we experience in life through our creative efforts. In any event, there are prospects for deeper understanding and finding a balance in our lives.

It is often noted that things which happen, good or bad, focusing around the eclipse do not happen on the day of the eclipse, but could reasonably happen months later as triggers of other events or planetary changes interacting with changes.

The Moon in Leo symbolizes a time of desires and charm. Ruled by the Sun, Leo creates an inspiration of cordiality, passion, and pleasure. There may be an aura of creativity, dignity, and generosity. It is a good time to pursue romance, be social, and to help others. Like the Lion that symbolizes Leo, many maybe self-confident, craving extreme gratefulness and acknowledgment.

The Leo energy can sometimes cause people to be more narrow-minded, obstinate, full of pride, annoyed, arrogant, self-centered, and patronizing. It’s also harder (but not impossible) to make fluctuations or be supple. It has not been easy for Leo’s and fixed signs for the past 2.5 to 3 years as Rahu has been causing problems. Rahu is a planet that causes calamities, catastrophes, and unexpected or unforeseen events in one’s life. Now it is entering Cancer. This does not mean it will be bad; it can be good as well. Personally, my son who is a Leo has had many good aspects of Rahu. This is because he chose the path of being honest and took the spiritual path during the last two years; therefore, unexpected resources, scholarships, and other things came to him unexpectedly. Whereas, I know some Leo’s that have experienced the reverse because of the choices they have made.

Leo’s cherish family, especially their mothers as they are majestic, studied, or significant people in their lives. Often people with Leo in their chart look for individuality, friendliness, and power in that relationship. Even with the beautiful energy it may be a bit problematic to stay consistent without pulling your hair out at least once or twice between now and the first two weeks in September, as the mixture of 5 planets, including Mangal (Mars), Rahu, Buddha (Mercury), Surya (Sun), and Chandra (Moon) are within few degrees of Ketu. Then it will join forces at Ketu. This means that all fixed signs (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio) and Cardinal signs (Cancer, Aries, Libra and Capricorn) will be affected and their domains; all fire signs (Sagittarius included), air (Gemini), and water (Pisces). This covers nearly everyone.

As I elaborated earlier, VPAT considers every eclipse not good or bad, but just as change. What I am about to bring to you is not astrology or numerology. It is not premised on Western ideological astrological or Vedic astrological premises, rather a VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theory) based upon mathematical prediction. Astrological signs are mere place holders of characters of within a group of inferences.

If you are interested in speaking to a western astrologer you may reach out to Lee Stillwaters, Leslie Hale, or Xtrology for your Tropical or Mixture astrology for the remainder of this year or next. For Vedic or Sidereal Astrology please get in touch with me and I can recommend websites or other connections which can assist you. However, I do not have phone connections, only those that you may mail your information and wait for predictions to be mailed back to you.

My predictions below will begin with the characteristics of placeholders that will be most impacted by the solar eclipse. Please note these predictions must be combined with the lunar eclipse earlier this month to get an overall picture of what you can expect for the next 6 months to a year.

Fixed Signs

Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus

Leo’s, this is not your last eclipse. As matter a fact your transformation began on February 10, 2017 (read about it here) and will continue until January, 2019. But at least Rahu is out of the picture. On the other hand, when Saturn leaves Scorpio, this is something Scorpio will be thankful for (read more about it here) and moves in to Sagittarius for long haul (read more here), there will be be many changes you may have to get used to. Aquarius, you and Leo’s are holding hands through these transits. Although you prematurely began your transit in 2016 (read about it here), your difficult transformation are over next summer. On the positive side, when Virgo hands the torch of Jupiter to Libra, by domain you may feel some added bonus. Taurus, you will be happy to know that besides minor planets, I don’t really foresee too much going on for a little while so sit back and enjoy this time out.

Leo: The next couple of years are a part of your transformation. You have had 2 years of building a foundation when Jupiter was in your sign. Now difficult transformations make you strong. Anxieties, fear, restless feelings, and physical, mental and emotional tension. This may all have to do with Rahu finally leaving and now you are ready to change your physical and personality aspects. This can be a difficult change as approval, self-initiative, and motivation may be needed. Additionally, when Saturn is touching family issues it is not helping, even though you may be doing ok with your finances or soon will get a good occupation or a job, it seems that many debts may have to be paid up by the end of the year.

Aquarius: This journey may be difficult but it is indeed spiritual. Partnership and commitments are important to you, however, you will be considering and reconsidering your relationships of all kinds. If you are in a solid, cordial relationship, then you will be playing a psychologist to your spouse or partner. If your relationship is lacking in something, or you are holding on for some reason, I would not be surprised if there are chances of quarrels between you and your spouse or partner. At the same time, there may be possible misunderstandings with those in business relationships with you. However, whether you are a man or a woman, there will be constant conflicts with women in general.

Scorpio: Through the Saturn transit one of the negative concepts will be your health. If you do not watch it, I would not be surprised if you get ill. But if you take care of yourself then the fruits of your labor will bloom like no other. New income, business, or career will give a sense of pleasure and peace. This is the time the universe will give you motivation and you will finally be recognized for your hard work. I would also not be surprised if you brush shoulders with prominent people.

Taurus: You can now breathe easy. Jupiter has blessed you. The only thing that could jeopardize anything would be Pluto, but it would be at a distance. Because of many things ending and transits completing, so are many things leaving your life. This means there may be empty nests, you may have moved away from your family or friends, or just experiencing a bit of emptiness. On one hand you’re happy that it is finally finished, however, on the other hand you may feel discontented with your life and there may be difficulties with family members, especially motherly figures, either through communication or health, but there will definitely be deep soul searching about your life.

Fire Signs

Sagittarius,  Aries and Leo (listed above)

Sagittarius, though many will say that Saturn has moved on, according to VPAT as of October 28, 2017, your journey has just begun (read about it here). Please note that Saturn does not have to be bad as Saturn’s journey can be a beautiful gift of wonderful delight. Both you and your brother Aries should be quite happy that Rahu has moved away from you but Saturn and the eclipse will impact on your both. Uranus continues to be placed in Aries so you may continue to feel the unexpected for some time but remember, it’s all in how you handle things.

Sagittarius: Some may call you workaholics when you don’t have company around. But often this is not good when it affects your health. Minor frustrations may arise and if you decide to take a long-distance trip, give yourself plenty of time as glitches and fatigue may occur. It may also be difficult for you to be recognized and you could have some unrest. This is because you are learning a lot about who you are and the world you live in; you may dive into different cultures, norms, and philosophies. But watch out for that crazy M&M (Mercury Man) at the end of the year, he is coming to bite you.

Aries: So many unexpected things have occurred in your life; actually, this has been going on for about 7 years and I believe many of you may be saying “enough already”. The time is almost here I promise you. Saturn, Uranus, and the eclipse bring many changes for you, but nothing you cannot handle. If you recall, something big happened in February of this year – something ended. This time, that same thing is opening; it may have to do with a commitment, children, home, spouse, or other relationship. Or it could be heavy responsibilities. Now you really need to watch yourself and how you carry yourself as there is a high probability of verbal abuse, disrespect, and difference of opinions with family members, including partners and children. Health concerns, confusion, lack of focus, misinterpretation, and bad investments can occur. I would really suggest not taking anything personally at this time and it’s best to say nothing.

Cardinal Signs

Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Aries (See above)

Cardinal signs will move through mixed emotions for the next 6 months. However, Cancers will be going through a very deep transformation of Rahu as they dive deeply into Rahu transit for the next 2 years. As things happen unexpectedly for them, they occur to basically prepare them for their eclipse cycle in 2018. I spoke lightly about this transit in my lunar eclipse blog (read more about it here). Libra should be happy as they will be handed the torch of abundance from Virgo who has been holding on to it for the past 1.5 years. But they need to be careful as Jupiter can cause weight gain and an inflated ego. Unfortunately, things may seem dark for some time for Capricorn and the ongoing soul search of death and rebirth will continue for them at least until 2025. Perhaps other positive aspects will assist them with getting out of gloominess. Aries, you too have a long journey of transformation which has been described above.

Cancer: You have grown so much, however, now you are slowly approaching what I call a hibernation mode. Rahu may cause some ruckus in your life. Again, this does not have to be bad, but it can be; when you are not paying attention, accidents can happen. There may be unnecessary arguments with your family or partner/spouse. As you know, when that happens it affects your health. But this is because your temper is getting the best of you and your lips are talking way too much which will get you in deep trouble. Instead, you should be taking this energy, looking at your budget, and looking at ways of earning more money.

Libra: Things should not have been too bad for you for the past 6 months besides minor glitches. As the old saying goes, to pave the road, one has to break the old. Little by little you have done just that. Now you will be looking at your hopes, wishes, friends, love, luck, and future. But most of all, mighty Jupiter is dangling the carrot of resourceful advances, public respect, and accomplishment. Your heart will be blessed with the pitter- patter of delight in get-together with friends, family, and other events.

Capricorn: Most certainly, deep thinking has been there for you. Hence the universe will not let you be sad forever without a transformation of your own. Think back to 2009, it’s time to fix it. If you have done well, or if you can take the change, well you can be happy. However, this is one of those deep transformations; naturally it is about your individual transformation on a higher plane. With our power and control, who are you will be the question. If you worry too much it will affect your well-being, including your finances and self-esteem. Only you can choose your path.

Mutable Signs

Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius (See above)

Pisces: About the only thing that may disturb you is Neptune and Mercury retrograde. But that is not really bad. Mercury may slow you down and Neptune puts you in a dream world which won’t clear up any time soon, so enjoy the ride. The problem with this eclipse will be a double-edged sword. You do like to work hard and make lots of money. But if you do not take care of yourself and continue to do things for yourself while continuing to be at service to others, then you may not feel well at all. This could cause you life-threatening difficulties. However, diligence will give you dominance over many situations and you will have virtuous outcomes with victory and gratification. Thus, you must choose your health or your success. Choose between balance, or an all-or-nothing approach.

Gemini: Every three to four months you are like the Linda Blair project with M&M by your side. But you always seem to find a way out. Now the universe is blessing you finally, and telling you to get ready to learn. Hence the learning won’t be difficult but it will be different. The way you are communicating and acting towards others is just not working, it’s time to change. You will be given positive increases and advancements if you are mindful in how you interact with everyone. Additionally, how mindful you are about your rational processes and philosophies you share will be important. Through collective involvement your individual power will escalate. You will also be able to get assistance from people you never thought you could and you will travel.

Virgo: You now have less than a month to plant your seed. You may have gained some weight through Jupiter and now you may be considering weight loss or some sort of a health regime. Stress and uneasiness may cause many Virgos to take time away from their partners/spouses or family for meditation, spirituality, weight-loss, or retreats. Mindfulness is necessary in regards to resources and money. Too much stress and an inability to pay attention with wandering minds could cause minor accidents which could lead Virgos to think about death/rebirth. It could also be that they hear about the death of someone which could cause them to think about their life and how they must begin the laying down of arms and give themselves to their higher power. But most of all, practice selflessness to bring peace of mind.

The information above is VPAT trends not to be mistaken for astrology. For Western astrology charts and predictions please make an appointment with one of my recommended advisers Lee Stillwaters, Leslie Hale or Xtrology.

Numerous articles have horrified me as there have been immeasurable statements of chaos, war etc. Eclipses often carry progresses in one’s life or support personal accounts to make advances toward steadiness. It is a time for growth, out of breath truth, securing evidence of the spiritual world, and getting practical facts from people. Exhale, the meaning of sustainability and permanency will be present. If what you do for a living was done with all your effort, then heaven will be support you. If not, you will be given signs where your shortcomings were.

As this eclipse is the exact replica of the August 22, 1998 eclipse, I was curious to see what the parallels are with the present day. I remember my husband and I were having a conversation when the President was elected and I said to him “If our president causes a war or a threat of a war by August 2017, then he has repeated history.” Perhaps at that time it did not make sense or no one thought of that. But, as I sit here today and listen to the news, how close are we to a war with North Korea?

On August 07, 1998 and August 22, 1998, there was an Aquarius / Leo axis of eclipses, just as it is right now. At that time the lunar eclipse was visible in Africa and Americas, and the solar eclipse was visible in Europe and Asia. Therefore, the lunar eclipse directly impacted the United States as the bombings occurred in Africa killing 225 people and injuring 4,500 people. In retaliation (Leo power), two days before the eclipse (as I have said the energy can be felt 7 days before or after) August 22, 1998 the U.S. launched a missile in Afghanistan and Sudan (Asia). Therefore, whichever the country is able to view the eclipse is impacted by the eclipse.

Thus, the August 07/08, 2017 eclipse was viewed by Europe and Asia similar to 1998 eclipse (read about it here). In the same aspect, the August 21, 2017 eclipse will be viewed by the United States. If Mercury was not present would it have been identical? We know Mercury retrograde brings things from the past back and brings things to view again. Only time can tell what the fate will be of the nation through the energy of the Divine as the energy will be captured for the next 6 months. But I can say that 1998 was also a time when President Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice. Is there any similar chaos going on right now?

I also want to elaborate that in my lunar eclipse blog (read about it here) I spoke about winds. In 1998 some of the most intense hurricane and tornadoes destroyed crops in the United States. Could this happen to Asia this time or the United States?

The new moon conveys concerns of message, exactness, spreading the word, and reaching out. Facts are dynamic to decision making, and all the facts we have and need will now be available to us! With these most important aspects ending, we’ve learned the lessons of not collaborating, and refusing to incorporate new data with our experiences from the past. It is also a time to celebrate and have fun. Release stress through walking, playing, contacting brothers and sisters, and embracing the child within!

The moon in Leo is Spirited, Valiant, Intense, Supervisory, and Structured, AND SHORT-TEMPERED. It is my suggestion that you purchase orange and white candles and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with lemon oil or orange oil and chant the Psalm 65.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention. When it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. This year I have chosen to make available 1 easy mantra and 2 difficult mantras for the both the solar eclipse and the new moon.

The Solar Eclipse Mantra


Aum hram hrim hraum sah suryaya namah

(aauuum Hraaam Hreem Hraaaum Saaah Suuureeeyaaya Naaamaha)


Om Adityaaya Vidmahe divaakaraaya dheemahi, tannah suryah prachodayaat


Om Tryambhakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam Urvarukamiva Bandhanan
Mrityor Mukshiya Maamritat

For the New moon in Leo


Om Hreeng Shreeng Sauh

Oooom Hriiing Shriing Sauuuh


Aum namah suryay shantaya sarva rog vinashane Ayuh arogyam aishwarya dehi deva jagatpate… japa kusum sankash kashyapeyam mahadhytim dhvantari sarva paapdhanam pranatotsim divakara


Nagendraharaya trilacanaya bhasmanga ragaya mahesvaraya nityaya suddhaya digambaraya tasme na karaya nama: shivaya… Mandakini salila candana carcitaya nandisvara pramathanatha mahesvaraya mandarapuspa bahupuspa supujitaya tasme ma karaya namah shivaya

The objective of this mantra is to have balance through obscurity and blurred energy as well as bringing closer and opening new doors for fire and fixed signs. With every moon cycle, remember to cross out the old declaration, even if there is only the slightest change, and create new ones. The perfect number for aspirations is 10.

From August 22, 2017 through September 1, 2017, I will be offering my last 6-month in-depth readings of the year, focusing specifically on self-readings and short-term relationship readings. Wishing you the best of this eclipse and may the transformation you have in the new year come to be more auspicious and spiritual than the year before.


Maharani Rutan©

Copyright © 2017 cosmicpsychic, cosmicpsychics, Maharani Rutan@ et. all All Rights Reserved

Luminous Light: Partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius August 2017

Partial Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon in Aquarius

Raksha Bandhan 2017

August 7/8, 2017

By Maharani Rutan©

What a delight! After all the craziness of spring and summer, perhaps the universe is finally giving humanity a gift. There is a sense of delight in the air, even if VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories) state otherwise.

On August 7/8, there will be three beautiful celestial events, perhaps by name or by culture, but they are just as rich in culture as they are in name. Maybe this is why the names of the moons were also unique, depending upon the region. In the Northern hemisphere, the August Full moon is referred to as the Green Corn Moon and in the Southern hemisphere, the Storm Moon. This is naturally so, due to the massive rain and thunder that Mother Nature provides during the last days of summer.

I spoke about this celestial event in my predictive blog of 2017 as being the beginning of something new. On August 07, 2017, the Penumbral Eclipse begins at 11:50 EST and 8:50 PST. Though I would like to say that the United States will be able to view this eclipse, it may be a bit difficult. This time around, most of Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America and those who live close to the shores of the Pacific, Atlantic and the Indian Oceans, will be able to view this marvelous unification.

The partial eclipse occurs when the moon is full and when the sun, earth and moon are almost in a straight line; however, when it is a partial eclipse it never reaches a perfectly straight line. Instead, a minor portion of the moon is shielded by the obscurest part of the earth’s sleuth (the scientific name is umbra). Partial eclipse will begin at 1:22pm EST / 10:22am PST.

As the beautiful celestial moon begins to form at 2:10pm EST and 11:10am PST, the eclipse reaches its maximum eclipse at 2:20pm EST and 11:20am PST. Full moon in Aquarius will be luminous and stunning at 15 degrees, depending upon the orb, on the Leo-Aquarius axis. The brilliance of this moon can be seen as soon as 2:10 EST. This will be the last full moon in Aquarius this year, so clinch and inhale. The closest we came to this degree of moon was on August 9, 2006 when there was also a full moon in Aquarius, but at 16 degrees. VPAT states that sometimes when the orb is this close, the energy often recalls issues similar to those that occurred during the time of the last occurrence.

Maximum eclipse moves through the atmosphere until it finally begins to revert back into partial eclipse again at 3:18pm EST and 12:18pm PST. This will lessen the intensity for humanity about one hour later when Penumbral eclipse ends at 4:50pm EST and 1:50pm PST. The eclipse on August 07, 2017 transpires in Aquarius, the free energetic Aquarius whom will have surprise affected. This eclipse will also affect people with fixed signs strong in their charts (the fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius).

This time definitely recalls, to some degree, unresolved business/issues/dilemmas which occurred in the fall of 1998 to spring of 2000, Fall of 2008 to Spring of 2009, and Fall of last year. This is NOT the end of a cycle, but rather, a new beginning. It sets the stage for important lessons involved with reaching, recognizing, working towards individual influence, and how to use this energy, applying it to leadership and authoritative abilities. The supreme leadership abilities with the highest bliss on a collective, and social service to the world would be considered part of the Leo/Aquarius Axis. But it will also be substantial transformation in the course of concerns concentrating on home, family, and health. There could be a possibility that relationships could end, families drift apart, or family functionality may somehow alter.

Besides the Eclipse, and a full moon, it is one of the most beautiful auspicious days in the Hindu calendar next to Dwali. Based on the Hindu Lunar Calendar, Raksha Bandhan, also known as Rakhi Day, is the traditional day of love and celebration between brothers and sisters. Now any woman who looks up to a man as her brother, be it a neighbor, friend, cousin, or even a co-worker, is a part of the celebration.

The legend of Rakshandan has been depicted in the ancient historic writings of the Mahabhrata. When Lord Krishna hurt his finger during an epic battle against evil, his sister ripped a fabric from her Sari and tied it around his hand. In return, Krishna vowed to protect her as long as he lived. This tradition was carried forward by many other emperors during the B.C era. Additionally, the brother must come to the sister’s home and she must do Arti (bless him) and tie a Rakhi then he must promise to protect her. For fun he is supposed to give her money; becoming more fun when she says it’s not enough and complains.

Fixed signs (Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio), and those who have houses in these signs on your VPAT chart, go back to what happened to you around to the dates given; take a good look as it’s time to re-live it and make sure that you do not make the same mistakes again. It may be possible that you may relive it anyway as Mercury Retrograde may force it upon you (Read more about it here).

Persons with fixed signs (Leo, Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius) will have complications splitting opinions from emotions and identifying that somebody or something is not what it seems. Things are all self-perception or an illusion somewhat more than a passionate obligation. These individuals resolve to be preoccupied doing things that affect their happiness or are in pursuit of their hunger; all the while wasting their talents and having a tug of war between their heart and their goals.

The full moon in Aquarius will be luminous and stunning at 15 degrees, depending upon the orb, on the Leo-Aquarius axis. The brilliance of this moon can be seen at 2:10 EST, 11:10PST. This will be the last full moon in Aquarius this year so clinch and inhale. The closest we came to this degree of moon was in August 9, 2006 when there was also a full moon in Aquarius but at 16 degrees.

With Moon in Aquarius, people are prone to have an emotional coldness – a flair for impartiality concerning their own and others’ feelings. Their opinion would be sensitive to any situation whether rationally or scientifically. Many approaches may come up unpredictably. Preferring to channel sentimental energy into intellectual pursuits to subdue pain- whereas, the company of friends is an outlet for passionate satisfaction.

When the Moon is full, the force of the moon on one side of the earth and the Sun on the other side generates an unsteady magnetism. This heaviness enhances problems due to our physical structure which consists of 80% water. Consequently, this distresses humans as well as the atmosphere of the earth. There is a good chance to hear about issues of water overflows such as hurricanes, flooding rivers, and even tornadoes that involve water. These issues could last up to 6 months.

The eclipse energy is just like the full moon energy. Some people will begin to feel it 5 to 7 days before it occurs. However, due to all the planets, I would not be surprised if many did not feel it as early as July 21 forwards when Mercury began to move into Leo. Things may have caused some confusion within the family, where one side wanted freedom the other side wanted structure.

An eclipse intensifies full moon purpose which is mostly about conclusions, departing stages in one’s life, and the final end. For each climax, there confidently will be a new start. While it may be challenging, an adjustment is desirable for the healthier environment. This affect can be escalating for those who have the sun, moon, or any houses in Aquarius.

Those that were born February 04 through 09, or five days before or after, will feel this energy like no other. There is no hesitation that this vitality generates an internal pull, a sensation of totality, and may aid one to join substantially with others. All converts fragile and more powerful under the grace of the full moon – hunger and dignity can become overblown, and there is more consciousness and emphasis on relationships.

Lunar eclipses frequently impact relationships due to the push and pull of the sun and the moon along with the pressure. They often convey a message of conclusiveness, or obvious circumstances, to the area where the eclipse is placed, in this case (Aquarius). Eclipse’s often eliminates things out of people’s lives so that it fits the circumstances of the current standings. If it be a relationship, a home, career or a place one lives, if it is outdated or has no purpose it is time to let go. This can be difficult; thus, this is why the eclipse is here – to walk through the difficulties and to embrace the Supreme Being that the universe has made. Once the process is embraced, whatever is left is meant to be and other stuff will fall by the wayside.

This eclipse is predominantly relationship oriented and our influences with others can be detached, tested, or unexpectedly repaired towards calm as the jolt calls one to action. To completely raise the value of the prospective in the lunar eclipse, we commit to discover, equally, houses and signs combined. It is recommended to examine your VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theoretical Chart) and notice the placement of the moon; this is called Ketu (our demons, old habits and fears) and the sun placement Rahu (release from whatever bondage we experience in life through our creative efforts, better known as afterlife). Therefore, what we do in this lifetime gives us the chances for abysmal understanding, and the finding of balance in our lives.

The energy is perfect, whereas for the following 4 to 6 days there will be profound dreams and a lack of sleep. Some of the dreams may not make sense but remember keep these dreams to yourself as this is your personal communication between you and the higher power. The messages will be loud and clear as early as 40 days from the lunar eclipse and all the answers will be there for you by the next eclipse, within 6 months.

It is imperative to understand the effect of eclipse and the influences of each characteristic of human beings. The information which I am bringing to you is neither Western Astrology nor Vedic Astrology; it is Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories. The philosophical writings teach that names of characters in astrology are placeholders, yet each placeholder has special characteristics. No two people will have same characteristics. Where action causes a reaction causing conflict, humanities free will can cause conflicts and desiccate it as well.

If you are looking for a Western Astrologer you may make an appointment with my recommended astrologer Lee Stillwater or Leslie Hale as well as Xtrology. The abstract is a general tendency not to be exact with a specific person.

I will begin with the characteristics that will be affected the most.

Fixed Signs

Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio

Aquarius: You will find that your career life may improve; however, you may lose your patience with family members. If you decide to go on any trip, it will be beneficial for you. You may decide that your behavior and opinion of yourself needs a transformation. Due to emotional connections and disturbances it may take a toll on your health. There also may be consideration of redefining principles, self-respect, and happiness. Be careful with the upper part of your face if you are accident prone.

Leo: Unnecessary worries may be a waste of time as most of your wishes will be granted. Be sure to read every document as Mercury retrograde and the eclipse may cause fuzziness for you. Financial gains are possible; however, be careful with investments and your health, which is getting better. If travelling, make sure to view everything with caution. There may be trouble in paradise if you are in a relationship; if there is stability then there will be a deeper commitment. Now is the time to reconsider your relationship, looking at the physical and mental disposition of the other to see if they meet your expectation.

Taurus: You may have to relearn how to control pressure, as you will have work overload. There may be financial losses if there were financial investments in the past that were not secure and the worries will be overwhelming. There may be plenty of temptations. Professionally, things may be good, and while there is a possibility of diving into spirituality and meta-philosophy in your domestic life, job responsibilities must come first. Consideration and re-consideration of career where there is appreciation may be overdue.

Scorpio: There are possibilities of family disagreements. Finances will be stable with no growth, but there are plenty of expenses, and if you happen to travel during that time you may become lethargic. There may be deep thought of where you want to live or the type of place you would like to have, what type of education you should have, and your future.

Mutable Signs

Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces

Gemini: Things may not be as consistent as you are used to, especially in areas of work. Do not take anything emotionally or personally. There are tendencies of a lack of support and you may be forced to do things by yourself. Due to stress, you may have a cold or minor influenza. There may be plans to travel long distances or possibilities of going back to school. Your views of religion or philosophies may once again change. There will be deeper thought about religious outlook, a father figure, visions, and dreams.

Sagittarius: There is a possibility that things will begin to sync again. Endurance is going to be tested while any property related matters should be postponed as long as possible. Due to mental stress from things out of your control there may be minor colds or ear infections. You may consider purchasing electronics, learning something new, and doing what you can to keep lines of communication open. Short trips will beneficial to the soul. Reconsideration of relationships between siblings, where one resides, and how efficient one is in regard to completing things will be the focus.

Virgo: Improvement in your career is possible with new duties due to the blessings of Jupiter. You have all that you need to fix and collaborate on any issues in the workplace. However, you will now see your enemies without a mask and you will fear them, but now it’s time to teach them a lesson with your own weapons. Be careful of public humiliation. Stress may cause a fever or cold, and eat at home as much as possible. You will now reconsider the type of employee you are or the ones that work under you, debts you have, and any enemies along with why they are so.

Pisces: Be careful, your words may cut people like a knife; as I always say, words can never be taken back. Financial stability is on its way. It’s best to plan first, then explain. Family life is going to be exceptional but spending time with friends may be difficult. Your enemies are near and you may even see them. Be careful while traveling, making sure to take plenty of rest afterwards. Anything that was causing you problems physically will soon end. You are prone to reconsider legal issues, your relationships, success, and your reputation.

Cardinal Signs

Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn

Libra: You may feel that to obtain your goals you must work diligently, and your work ethics and reputation will rise. Consider options and the advice of others prior to resolving any vital dilemma or making judgments. Financially things will be status quo however, stress may continue and this may cause to splurge to dine out which could cause food poisoning. Relationships may be tested at this time. There is a possibility of reconsidering your love life, scruples, education, desire, and what you find stimulating.

Aries: There is a possibility of irritation at work due to lack of recognition from upper management. There is a possibility of financial gains through investments but make those investments wisely and don’t do them on a “get rich quick” scheme. There is little support from your colleagues. However, your health is good. You should be able to make new connections and keep your friends and associates close, but your temper and emotions may push them away. Chances of reconsidering friends, occupation, money, and desire, will weigh heavily on your mind.

Cancer: Unexpected financial gains are possible but it may be difficult to balance family and career life. There is a possibility of laziness, but family life will be very enjoyable as will travel. Be careful of legal issues but romance should be good right now. However, you will have a heavy heart meditating on doubts, insurance, long life, injury, suspensions, and rejections.

Capricorn: As Mercury moves into Virgo, and the eclipse does a number on Capricorn, signing documents and financial situations may not be the best. Consideration must be taken and take head of any professional consul prior to financial investments. Enemies are hidden and covert actions or reactions must be eliminated. It’s possible that the only person you may be able to count on is your partner or significant other. It’s better to pay off old debts and learn a new skill than to splurge. A deep reconsideration of income, revenues, accomplishments, dreams, family, and safety is absolute at this time.

Consider the information that is listed above as a general tendency not to be specific with a single scenario or a specific person. It is also driven by theoretical prospective of VPAT, not to be mistaken for Western or Vedic Astrology.

Eastern cultures base their entire lives around the cosmos and therefore consider eclipse as a very transformative time. Any eclipses are abysmal times to begin or end anything, no matter how difficult it may be; including every matter of the heart, financial related issues such as work, or any other imperative situation in one’s daily life. There is an old saying that things can only be blessed when the sun and the moon are present and not being blocked from humanity, otherwise things become very weird, unexpected, and appear out of nowhere.

The influence of emotional energy can be advantageous if focused into artistic endeavors and self-healing, but often there is a strong yearning to merely slide into diversion. It is better to indulge in optimistic activities, rather than harvest to more damaging fantasy doings. Miserable propensities can be effortlessly direct under this full moon and the eclipse. The influence of this energy can be exclusively tough or thought-provoking for those who were born under a Full Moon PHASE, as well as for those of the fixed Sun Signs Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus.

Also, for those whose birth Moon is in Aquarius, this Full Moon can sometimes signify a perilous time for possible misfortunes, injuries, sloppiness and the undertaking of rash decisions or judgments. During this spectacular time of the shining lunar eclipse and amazing full moon, attaining goals is our first priority. Strip yourself of all outer roles, doubts, and unimportant pursuits, and dive into the ocean of bright infusing all existence. Like a particle of sand that liquefies in the enormous sea, discharge your singular ego into the endless grip of divine realization. Respire in light; inhale out light. Touch the cells of your body and become incandescent and radiant with the powerful glow of divine

Sanction the substantial encumbrances of the past months to fall away. Fly like a light being and an angel of the heavens, in the melodious sky of paradise and peace. During the eclipse your psyche may be triggered but do not respond until you are undeniably convinced. The awareness will play tricks and later there may be a need to save grace and face.

Aquarius energy creates the foundation of emotional objectivity – a knack for impartiality regarding your own and others’ feelings. However, at the same time, Aquarius moon brings a sense of independence and diversity. There may be tendencies to be an outsider looking in. Watching delicate circumstances rationally and systematically- Feelings may come up indiscriminately. The tension in this moon will be to make a choice between what is more important, personal need or what is good for the soul and spirit. For emotional contentment seek the company of friends who do not criticize.

During the full moon, you may look to your mother for relationship and intellectual stimulation, yet you may feel that she is cold or aloof. Through her opinions there is a deep understanding of how life is a puzzle and it’s time to put it together.

Full Moons and eclipses in AIR SIGNS are times are more fragile motivation, because the Sun as Life Giver is strong in the FIRE signs. Emotions are robust, of a happy and lighthearted nature. Of course, this applies primarily to those whose charts are not unduly afflicted in the sign of Aquarius and the other fixed signs.

During the Lunar Eclipse, we must observe life in a different prospective. This means to re-write aspirations as:” I need aid in making what I vision and power to manifest joy through this process. I need the understanding to love more and the skill to involve in a positive environment. I need to understand about my goals.” I also recommend that during this cycle that you purchase a blue & white candle carve your name through to the wick and chant in silence Psalm 40 three times. Allow yourself to chant these words every night until the next eclipse in Aquarius (next spring) and let the grandeur of the higher power enter your body, mind, and soul.

With all submissions of psalms and mantras, completing the anticipated results are dependent upon the skill of purpose. The mantras can be difficult to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy.

For the eclipse there will be three mantras for the moon and two for the eclipse

The mantra for Aquarius/Capricorn moon is:


Om Hreeng Aing Kleeng Shreeng

(ooommm Hriiing Aiiinngg Kliiing Shriiing)


Om Shreem Upendraya Achutaya Namah


“Yasya:nke cha vibha:ti bhu:dharsuta: devapaga: mastake, Bhale balbidhurgale cha garalam yasyorasi vyalraat Soyam bhumivibhisanah survarah sarvadhipah sarvada: Sharvah sarvgatah shivah shashinibhah shri Shankar patu maam”

For the lunar eclipse:


Om Somaya Namaha

(ooom Soomaaayaaa na ma ha)


“Dadhi Shankha tushaarabham ksheero darnava sambhavam
Namaami shashinam somam shambhor mukuta bhushanam”


Om Ksheeraputraya Vidmahe Amruta-tatvaya Dhimahi Tanno
Chandra PrachodayatMars: Om Angarakaya Vidmahe Sakti Hastaya Dhimahi Tanno Bhaumah PrachodayatSaturn: Om Neelanjanaya Vidmahe Chhayamartandaya Dhimahi Tanno Shani Prachodayat:

This mantra creates the quality of friendship within oneself and others. The Siddha mantra uses the universal elements that govern each charka: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. The intention of this mantra is the to keep up in balance from losing our temper through darkness and unfocused energy it also smooths your path in life by helping you understand the lessons you have set for yourself and, through karma, the negativity will pass.

These are universal predispositions based upon VPAT predictive calculations. I am NOT an astrologer nor do I claim to be, however Astrology is a building block to the Vedic Sanskrit readers. While astrology focuses are on immobile emotional and physical events, a Vedic reader focuses on remedial factors to deal with the energy in hand. While Astrology focuses on educative predictions, Vedic reading looks at causes of an action which prompts a reaction.

VPAT ideology confers that these utilities are a necessary part of our lives. Since our mind guides the ego it is our emotions that set the plans into action, good or bad. If the action chosen is passed through humility and honesty, then life will always bring positive outcomes in the end. Wishing you the most pleasing and innocuous journey through this eclipse and I hope you are granted the positive light you desire.

Starting August 8, 2017, I will be accepting appointments for 6-month self-readings and 3-month relationship readings. Priority will be given to Aquarius and Fixed signs in the first two days. For more information please look at my service page for prices as well as how to book a reading. Additionally, I have added two more aspects to my reading which may be beneficial to those who gear towards timings.


Maharani Rutan©

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Life is blissful for Leo’s. Can you love like they do? 1st New Moon in Leo 2017

New Moon in Leo

July 23, 2017

By Maharani Rutan©

Just before the chaos, the universe blesses us with our first new moon in Leo. The energy will deliver wisdom and harmony. Our relationships with others are shifting. Anything that is not meant for us will go, and anything that stays is meant for us and will bring encouraging things.

People with Leo anywhere in their chart love their family and explorations, and this settlement comes with stunning wonder for Leo’s since this will be the first of two new moons in Leo this year. The void of the moon will affect all early born Leos between 0-1 degrees depending upon the orb, and it will void the sky at 5:46 am EST and 2:46 PST on July 23, 2017.

The New Moon enables a significant number of us to view our existence with a different prospective and sanction the gentle inspiration and insight to create our own new beginnings. The energy is perfect for any modification necessary for trying, exploring, starting or planting anything our heart desires. From new businesses, rearranging furniture, planting new flowers, or just exploring anything creative. Anything that has been put aside due to fear or uncertainty is now our window of opportunity; and now, our heart beats and reminds our mind to say “I am what I am”.

Leo moon blesses all projects, manifestations, and visions. Even through failure, it does not feel as if it were a failure of depression, but rather victory of knowledge and insight. This will be predisposed by affectionate, craving, and contentment where imagination, truth, and kindness will be glorified. This is the best time to look for close relationships or bring peace to all of your relationships.

The Leo moon often enhances people, giving the impression that they must be the center of attention and repeatedly get appreciation. If they are not given this praise they may act with immaturity. This could cause mischief or theatrical outpourings, being overly kind, or clashes. Alternatively, Leo people praise others and provide optimistic credit when they need it. They are boundless supporters and people pleasers that convey self-assurance and bravery in others. They are also very family-oriented, where mommies are perceived as very modest people and they grasp the independence, kindness, and gifts from their mothers or motherly figures.

The Fire vigor can occasionally cause us to be more compulsive, persistent, full of pride, provoked, narcissistic, self-centered, or patronizing. It’s harder (but not impossible) to make modifications or be flexible. The more regard, compassion, and care that is given during the new moon phase, the more optimism will come of it.

The moon in Leo is Brave, Bold, Intense, Skillful, Systematized, AND IMPULSIVE. It is my recommendation that you purchase an orange candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with lemon oil or orange oil and chant Psalm 65. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle.

Evoke that candle with all uses of psalms and mantras. Achieving the preferred result is conditioned upon the excellence of purpose. When it comes to outcome satisfying relationships, begin with a clear thought of what your goal should be. Never pray for someone, but pray for peace for everyone so that the person in your focus also receives the same without being selfish.

The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. This year I have chosen two mantras; one for those that are learning mantras, and one for those who are much more advanced.

The mantra for Leo moon is:


Om Hreeng Shreeng Sauh

(Om Hriing Shriing Suuah)


Om Kleem Brahmne Jagadadharaya Namah

This mantra will bring light and deliverance to your life with all the might and power of the universe.

Please understand that I am not an astrologer; however, Vedic readings assimilate the energies of astrology and bring to the analysis encoded difficulty and dynamics for the choices of a free will.

Vedic readings do not tell you what to do; rather, they arrive at a probable path which may be taken and allow free will choices to resolve conflicts before they occur.

I only wish that you make the best of this energy and spend more time with the people that mean the most to you.

Remember the Lunar and Solar eclipses are right around the corner. If you have not done so already, I would suggest you book your appointment for your six month self-reading and relationship readings as there are only a few appointments left.

Maharani Rutan©

Perplexed, Preoccupied and Paranoid: Who are you? 3rd Mercury Retrograde 2017.


Pre-Progression: Jul 21-Aug 6, 2017(Begins in Leo)

Pre-Regression : Aug 7 -Aug 11, 2017

Mercury Station: Aug 12-13, 2017 (Virgo)

Mercury Retrograde Regression: Aug 14-17, 2017

Mercury Retrograde Juncture: Aug 18- Sep 4 , 2017

Mercury Direct: Sept 5, 2017 (Leo)

Post-Regression Juncture: Sept 6-8, 2017

Post-Juncture: Sept 9-19, 2017

By Maharani Rutan©

Here we go again. For the past 2 months, most of us have been going through a bumpy ride through Mercury and Mars transits. I called this the M & M ride in my Full Thunder Moon in Capricorn, read about it here. The further we move away from the full moon the more confusing and more lethargic it becomes. What seemed real could have been, our tongues were twisted, and we were shocked to hear something we wish we had not.

As Mercury moves away from Cancer, where emotions are, on July 19, 2017 and moves into Leo, it moves into the sign of home. It will begin the slow journey backwards in time. In the VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories), it is believed that each planet moves from one zodiac sign to another to make sure each degree, or rather, each character of energy learns all that needs to be learned from the energy that the universe is trying to teach. These were the teachings of the predetermined view of my 2017 prediction blog (read more about it here).

When Mercury enters Leo on July 21, 2017, it enters the sign of home. Leo’s are on one occasion absorbed with investigating everything and they often speak from the heart; when a retrograde period appears, this means it be the conflicting. There will be a sense of candor in communication when will often tug themselves from objective oriented to logical. Words could flow more relaxed than ever before but there is always a sense of removing themselves when it comes to one’s ego.

Unfortunately for Leo’s and fire signs (Aries and Sagittarius), this is a triple whammy. The Eclipse last spring, and now the fall eclipse, along with Rahu (planet which rules windfall, religion, philosophies, intellectual nature, old age, sicknesses, karma, and indulgences), have been in Leo for the past 2.5 years joining Mercury. This does not mean that it is bad; it just depends on how a person handles the aspect of the planets. This would affect all those that have fiery planets.

During this period, Leo’s may have felt, at its worst, unpredictable events such as: financial losses, sudden deaths of friends or family, lack of acknowledgment, feeling abandoned, disengagement from family and friends, wasting time in trying to determine psychic powers but have none, extremely educated but powerless to find their way of life, and bad luck. At its best, during the transit Leo’s may have felt: optimistic life, an event that brings blessing, boundless wealth, and charisma.

Each fire sign has had a chance since December 2016 to reconsider past events as Rahu speaks of those things and Mercury reminds us again. Every retrograde December 2016-January 2017 began in a Fire sign (Sagittarius), transited in an Earth sign (Capricorn), and ended in a Fire (Sagittarius). March 2017-May 2017, began in a Fire (Aries), transited in an Earth sign (Taurus), and ended in a Fire (Aries). The summer Mercury will do the same.

The pre-progression will begin in Leo on July 21, 2017; asking fire signs, especially Leo, if they are ready to slow down. But one of the keys is going to be that the torch of Rahu will be passed back to Cancer. With Mercury going back, Rahu going back, and Cancer in the picture, all fire signs and all those that are Cancers or have Cancer in their chart will be analyzing their lives. The trigger events are from 2 years ago, the fall of 1998, and the winter of 1999. The critical thinking will continue all the way through the first eclipse, until the torch is completely passed to Cancers on the 17th of August. Nevertheless, nudge of Mercury will become more intensified as it moves into pre-regression period from August 6, 2017 through August 12, 2017.

Many of us could feel life just slackening down – giving room for rebirth and organization. Or cantankerousness, it is all about communication. Relationships could split up over inconsequential differences or a sudden absence of communication. People from the past could unexpectedly resurface to bring closings or new beginnings. But remember not to trust or feel everything that occurs during this period. Make your choices after September 19, 2017, that is if they are still around, or you are still around.
As I always say, if two people meet during the retrograde somehow, they will break apart during a retrograde. If they end during a retrograde they will come together during a retrograde. As VPAT theorizes, Mercury has way of making things confusing and nothing is final; it’s a way of communication, only to be able to reconsider, rethink, and find a resolution.

Three to four times during the year, the Cosmos questions humanity; whether their choices of the past were rushed or if they were truly what one longs or yearns for. I’m curious, if an ending of a situation is needed, do we give second chances or third chances? Any relationship that begins during this period usually does not last long, and those that break up will be up for reconsideration during the next retrograde period in November/December 2017.

Mercury placement in Leo amplifies itself and will give this light through inspiration, resourcefulness, and self-expression. It will be communication which will be a facilitator of excessive melodrama and frequent overstatement of problems leading one to the propensities of arrogance. This situation could lead to explosive circumstances and will last until August 12, 2017. Although there are always positives and negatives to all retrograde periods, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries will be affected in positive ways. Fixed signs (Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius) and Leo’s will be the most challenged, colliding right in the middle of our first fall eclipse and moving right into the sign of Virgo.

Mercury will station in Virgo on the 12th at 11degrees depending upon the orb, and the last time it came this close was in 2004 on August 10. The benefit of Mercury retrograde can be best described as rearranging your life, or your environments, and philosophy about where you are currently and where you want to go tomorrow minus the construction of any firm ideas. But don’t contemplate too much because it will alter. Your manner must be contemplative as it’s time to keep track of your opinions. But don’t rest whatsoever, think of a train still on the track, it just ran out of coal but is reloading.

With Mercury retrograde in Virgo, people with this sign conspicuous in their charts will be chiefly disposed to such contemplation. Additionally, because Mercury is moving into Mutable signs (Sagittarius, Pisces, and Gemini) they will not be left out. Even though Mercury is in the mutable sign, usually Mercury rules Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces, therefore those who have their sun sign in Gemini, Virgo, or Pisces, or prominent in their chart, will also be affected. It does not have to be negative aspects and some people say that Virgo will defiantly love the retrograde period. But all others may be challenged.

When Mercury is retrograding in the sign of Virgo it favors institution, knowledge, and taking care of business. Mercury retrograde will be questioning: “Why do I need to study this? What is the argument? What will I do with it?” People’s approach may change, their outlooks will be challenging, and everything may need to be faultless.

Mercury in Virgo has a leaning toward being tremendously diagnostic and concrete with assumed patterns. Mercury in Virgo may cause one to be imprudent, rational, restless, or even exaggeratedly finicky. Our awareness may race 100 miles per hour, often so draining that it may need deep meditation. Some of us may become enormously meticulous and possibly preoccupied, yet we find no time to do so. This could cause anxiety on our physical body and we may become ill or fatigued. As it will stations in Virgo August 12/13, 2017

This Mercury everyone is a prisoner of Leo and its brothers and sisters by domain (Aries and Sagittarius) and by relation (Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius). Then moving into Virgo and its brothers and sisters (Taurus and Capricorn) and by the domain (Pisces and Gemini). Finally, as Mercury is a ruler of Gemini it will rule all Air signs. This can only mean that Libra, who is an air sign, will be affected and its domain (Cancer) will have Mercury bothering them and a transformation begins for them.

As the overall tension begins to ease a bit, the tension of the eclipse still remains for another 6 days. Mercury tension may seem oblique, thus the Mercury retrograde regression period, 14th of August through 17th, may seem obsolete. Additionally, the pressure may continue as we move into the second eclipse; perhaps the Mercury retrograde juncture August 18- September 4 may be welcomed.

Perhaps Cancers may not like it as Leo passes the Torch that burned their hands and placed gold to their fellow brothers and sisters. Also, the Aquarius eclipse may be knocking on the shell of Cancers a little too loud.

A planet is termed as retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. This customary concept arises in the illusory planetary motion created by the orbital rotation of the earth, with relation to other planets in our solar system. Planets are never actually retrograde or stationary, they just seem that way, due to this optical illusion. Retrograde periods, often challenging for us humans, are not infrequent as each planet retrogrades, except the Sun and Moon. Mercury, much like the winged messenger of the gods, comes in on feather-light wings and commands us to express ourselves.

Mercury retrograde gives an upsurge to private misinterpretations; inconsistent, interrupted, or hindered communications, debates. and profession. Malfunctions and failures with phones, computers, cars, buses, and trains may also see this upsurge. All of these hitches usually arise because some crucial piece of information, or component, has gone astray, or awry.

The big enticement will be to overdo something in an effort to give back for emotional insecurities, so please watch yourself. Love affairs will be erratic and unreliable due to egocentric attitudes, and all areas of communication are inflated, especially in any intense leadership-oriented activity, matters of mind or home, or with anything to do with children, romance, and creativity in general. Documents can go astray also.

Mercury in Virgo/Leo could cause problems with not being able to see the larger picture of life; being overcritical, excessively concerned about minor matters and exaggerated OCD subjects by wanting things in order. Virgo rules day-to-day work, health, and service of greater goods. When Mercury retrogrades in Virgo there may be reexamination to drop old behaviors that revolve around food. Health checkups may give misdiagnoses and may have to be re-done. On the other hand, there may be a need to look at what is not working in your day-to-day life and begin tidying, stop routines, and disposition for the future. It is time for all that is causing feelings of being locked in or blocked in, to go.

On September 5, 2017, Mercury will station direct back into Leo and the post regression juncture continues day-by-day the tension eases September 6th through 8th. Finally, Mercury begins to move forward at a normal pace, one step at a time, September 9th through 19th 2017. Just in time for Virgo to give the torch of Jupiter to Libra.

Even though the tension of Mercury may ease the pain for some in September, it is not all adored for others. The bottomless wedges and heaviness of the last round of Saturn has had some grinding their teeth since June and not finishing until October 26. Saturn moving away from Sagittarius and into Scorpio is causing those with Scorpio in their chart to battle for their deliverance. Saturn, the teacher of karmic lessons, makes it problematic for these people because it is all about self-effacement and submission which can be difficult, even for those who are at ease with submission.

Therefore, the information below becomes an important aspect to keep everything in check and know the obstacles ahead. What I am about to bring to you is not Western or Vedic Astrology. Rather, Zodiac signs are place holders of characteristics in which energy is placed.

If your focus is primarily on Western ideologies, please speak to my recommended astrologers Lee Stillwater or Leslie Hale, if they are not available you may seek any of my recommended astrologers here.

Please remember VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories) are based upon where you are today, what you could possibly do tomorrow and what you can do to evade danger and how, by knowing ahead of time, you can remedy the situation.

I will begin with those placeholders as Mercury transitions through each zodiac sign, including Rahu. The paraphrases are positives and negatives of what you can expect during the transition of both.

Mercury in Leo
(Effected Signs)
Leo, Aries and Sagittarius

Mercury: July 20 through August 04 (Leo)
Considering negative and positive of all destiny and karma
Mercury: August 05-September 19 (Virgo)
Contemplating negative and positive aspects of material resources such as finances, possessions, inheritance and education
Rahu: Difficulties knowing who your friends and enemies are, and relationships/ marriages may seem less than adequate.

Mercury: July 20 through August 04 (Leo)
Considering the negative and positive of past issues of family and the home
Mercury: August 05-September 19 (Virgo)
Contemplating your obligations, past employers, jealousy, health, and stress
Rahu: Possible relocation, new opportunities regarding work and legal issues.

Mercury: July 20 through August 04 (Leo)
Considering negative and positive financial support debts owed and debt repayment
Mercury: August 05-September 19 (Virgo)
Contemplating career, family, politics, recognition, and success
Rahu: Recollection of a Fatherly figure, accident or hidden sickness or injury plenty of occult and spiritual practices.

By Domain

Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus

Mercury: July 20 through August 04 (Leo)
Anything you are learning, analyzing, or wanting to learn whether for your work, education, spirituality, or even for leisure, may seem confusing.
Mercury: August 05-September 19 (Virgo)
You may find it hard to communicate with your friends, supporters and family as what you want to say versus what they are interpreting are two opposite ends.
Rahu: This is a karmic time where your career and karma will cross paths. Where you must make a choice between love and career, but family must come first. However, you must be spiritual and not defiant; encourage revolutionary views and observations.

Mercury: July 20 through August 04 (Leo)
You may have work related issues where there may be stagnations, slowdowns, or things you may connect with, such as old clients or old work.
Mercury: August 05-September 19 (Virgo)
Interruptions in deliveries, monetary gains, and emotional or physical support are possible.
Rahu: This is a double whammy for you, dear Aquarius, and you can thank the eclipses for this. In one hand your work life should take off and you will have advantages over your competitors. On the other hand, if you are in a relationship you will encounter issues, and if you are not in one you will have a difficult time finding one.

Mercury: July 20 through August 04 (Leo)
Reexamination in your occupation is a possibility, inspiration and customer service may be at an all-time low due to misinterpretation
Mercury: August 05-September 19 (Virgo)
Possibility of overreacting, erratic choices, past issues in areas of relationships and children.
Rahu: You may thank Jupiter in Virgo for the positive luck and your own transformation for the negatives. You will have high energy where luck will follow you and the more unwavering and confident you are, the more you will accomplish. However, areas of relationships, of all kinds, may be difficult for you.

Mercury Rules Mutable Signs

Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and (Sagittarius is already mentioned above)

Mercury: July 20 through August 04 (Leo)
Delays in receiving, paying, or miscalculating finances
Mercury: August 05-September 19 (Virgo)
You may have confusions relating to family matters, inherited belongings, education or teaching, and personal relationships
Rahu: You may thank the Aquarius/Leo Eclipse for some of the double standards of this transit. On the positive side, you will have plenty of zeal with an optimistic outlook so that you are able to overcome many trials and tribulations. But you may become burden for your family members. Your finances will improve; however, most of your energy will be spent because of your worries over people you care for, due to their health.

Mercury: July 20 through August 04 (Leo)
Influx in teamwork, support, and understanding among the company of friends. Likelihood of connection with old friends, or friends leaving or disconnecting.
Mercury: August 05-September 19 (Virgo)
People may discredit, counteract, or give you mixed signals to where you may feel your self-worth is impacted, which may cause you to feel ill.
Rahu: Take care of your health, focus and deal with any legal issues. You may have people that try to tarnish your reputation. Your finances will get better due to your own occupation and hard work towards personal growth. Be diligent with your communication with seniors as there may confusion due to misinterpretation. Who knows, you may find new love during this time.

Mercury: July 20 through August 04 (Leo)
Stagnation in your family life and loved ones
Mercury: August 05-September 19 (Virgo)
Past issues resurface regarding business or relationships. Vague communication could lead to confusion that could end relationships
Rahu: Your work life is given gift to be able to face problems and trials at work so that you have an advantage on your adversaries. Your finances will get better, and if you are in technology or political affairs it will boom.

Cardinal Signs

Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and Aries (listed already above)

Mercury: July 20 through August 04 (Leo)
Internal conflict of the future, fluctuation of decisions and support of family and friends
Mercury: August 05-September 19 (Virgo)
Delays, misplaced items, overlooked items, traffic jams, communication issues.
Rahu: You can thank the Eclipse in Leo and Jupiter in Libra for the positives in this transit and slap the Aquarius eclipse for the negatives. Finances will get better; you will have peace, make wise decisions, and be high spirited. However, your family or extended family may have minor health issues. Minor disagreement may be possible and romance may seem to fizzle but patience will help.

Mercury: July 20 through August 04 (Leo)
Relationship issues, break-up, minor tiffs, stagnation, or distancing
Mercury: August 05-September 19 (Virgo)
Delays in travel, misunderstandings in instructions & communications with authority
Rahu: You can thank some of your lucky planets for all that is happening. Your finances will get better unpredictability. If you are a student or researching things, it will take off. However, health of your father or male guardian must be on the look out and be careful with marriage or relationship issues.

Mercury: July 20 through August 04 (Leo)
Stagnation at work, issues with your home, or a possible project may cause problems and insecurities.
Mercury: August 05-September 19 (Virgo)
Delays in travel, overcritical thinking and views, judgmental attitude, overly trusting with the wrong people
Rahu: You can thank lucky planet Jupiter for the luck you are getting and slap the Aquarius eclipse for any negativity. Your finances will improve and you will have success and new opportunities are headed your way. You may be very busy, thus not finding time for your family, and you may need to pay attention to them.

These are just minor tendencies and things that could motivate a world view through Mercury retrograde as well as what needs to be considered. Also, please remember these are broad Vedic philosophical predispositions and do not imitate astrology as the signs are just place holders.

If you are looking to find out how this transit will affect you individually in areas of Western Astrology you may consult my recommend astrologers Leslie Hale and Lee Stillwater or my other recommended Astrologers here if they are not available. Unfortunately, I am neither a Vedic Astrologer nor can I recommend a Vedic astrologer who can give instant advice; many of the advisers live in India and turnaround time is 90days.

Mercury brings travel difficulties and overlooked appointments of all kinds. The good things to do when Mercury is Retrograde: muse, consider, edit the book/poem/song/essay you’ve been writing, clean house, talk to your pet, listen to music, paint, and catch up on sleep!

Since Mercury is a very sluggish planet and it affects almost all planetary signs, it is my suggestion that you purchase a yellow candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with Inspiration oil or Eucalyptus oil and chant the Psalm 70 every single night. This period will last for 6-9 weeks and it will be hard on all of us.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until September 19, 2017. Remember that with all uses of psalms and mantras completing the preferred result is be determined by the value of intention.

The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. I have chosen three mantras for you during this Mercury retrograde:


“Om Braam Breem Braum Sah: Budhay Namaha”

(Om Braaan Briiim Bruuum Suuuah Buudahhhay Nahm-ah-ha)

“Om and salutations to Buddha, presiding spirit of planet mercury”


Om Budhagrahaya vidmahe, Indu putraya dhimahi, tanno somya prachodayat

Expert :

Priyangava-gulikashyam rupena pratimambudam
saumyam saumya-gunopetam tani pranamamy aham

This mantra is used to achieve mental transparency, to circumvent and overcome misunderstandings, and keep friendly communications flowing.

Please note that I am not an astrologer, nor do I claim to be. I am a Certified Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic  reader specializing in In depth readings. The application of a CVPA Reader is to take planetary placeholder tendencies, as well as attitude and behavior patterns of the reading, and bring forth an understanding to the truth. It is about preventive medicine and understanding that not every human is an exact science, which means for every action there is a reaction, however we all have the ability and free will to change our future.

I wish you the most rewarding retrograde period that you get plenty of rest, and have the chance to re think and renovate yourself after this period is over.


Maharani Rutan©

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Cosmos at War only Humans Provoked: Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Thunder Moon

July 08/09, 2017

By Maharani Rutan©

Take a deep breath and enjoy these few weeks before the monsoons of the planets hits humanity one by one. I spoke about the trouble times in my blog in December 2016 to prepare you for this day (read about it here). Now, it’s almost as if you have to look at the world through different glasses. Imagine for a moment that the planets are at war against each other in June and July (22-23), 2017. All of humanity on Earth is in the crossfire and chaos builds over time with the culprit being “M&M”.

For some this may be funny, but I call it Mickey Mouse rather than Mercury and Mars. I don’t know about you but both of these planets drive me bonkers. However you see them, know that they are crucial planets. According to VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories), the war is not new news, but old news. Some humans have been affected by this for 6 months, others for this month only, and some will be affected in July. When M&M gets involved with Gemini it spells TROUBLE. Imagine twins with M&M’s, oh boy.

For the past 6-8 months, there has been some on-and-off hopelessness, unhappiness, and even some despair for Leo, Gemini, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, and Taurus. In June, there will be high highs and low lows for Gemini, Sagittarius, and Scorpio. But it had been/is was very positive over all for Virgos. Finally, when Buddha moves away from Gemini (I am referring to Mercury) just after this full moon, there will be some significant changes that could occur; I will elaborate more later in this blog. But for now, this moon will be as memorable as the name it was given.

The Thunder Full Moon Cancer-Capricorn, on July 09 at 12:06 am EST and 9:06 pm PST July 08, 2017. It will transit Cancer-Capricorn at 17 degrees, depending upon the orb and hemisphere.

Every sign will be pretentious under this moon, particularly Capricorn or those who have Capricorn in their charts. Remember, we are still under many retrograde periods; therefore, be kind to yourself and others around you.

Along with this beautiful Full moon, it is a very auspicious day for some Hindus where we celebrate Guru Purnima. For Hindus all over the world, mostly Gujarati, Brahmins call it Vyas Purnima. This day is for blessing and commemoration of a Guru Ved Vyas who decoded and transcribed the eighteen Purnas and the Mahabarata. Many consider a Guru as an educator, divine faith healer, a remover of darkness, or a priest. Many followers fast and rejoice the sanctions of their Guru. It is the thankfulness for of all the delightful lessons that have been distributed on to them.

The Earthy Full Moon brings a time of wisdom and blooming. It is a period of individual nirvana, but also a time to examine for the abysmal significance in what you’ve generated. Especially needed at this time is to ask yourself: How can you incorporate your idea into the world for the better of all?

The Full Moon urges you to know the righteousness and meaning of the “other” – other people, philosophies, and morals. You are called upon now to work toward achieving steadiness – balance of your internal nature and outer character, balance of your necessity to take with your capability to give, poise of your vital standards with what is conceivable in the world. Capricorn Moon sets us straight up the mountainside toward our highest goals. Dig in those hooves and get climbing!

During the Capricorn moon the energy will be drawn to seek politeness and formality in all things – thus you may be one who does not eagerly express emotion. Emotional situations are serious, consider the consequences of your words and actions. There is a preference to be with people who are self-controlled and correct. Yearning for those who are determined, applied, and good leaders.

With the moon in Capricorn, the pulsation of Saturn is highlighted. It is time for quantifiable drive and a consciousness of work and duty. In the pursuit for standing and economic security, people influence indifferently, even cruelly, but it is an egotistical requirement rather than bitterness.

The Saturn impacts of Capricorn cause glumness or in-constructiveness to sneak in. Usually, while the Moon is in Capricorn energy is lethargic. It is time for industriousness, put on yourself to tasks while living exclusively in the present. The Earthy Capricorn Moon sets us up the traditional mountainside toward our highest goals.

Clear goals are going to be an absolute after July 3 when Mars leave Gemini, which will cause problems for Gemini’s and their family members, including their spouse. As Mars leaves Gemini it will then affect Sagittarius where there could be a financial crisis or pressures in their job. At the same time, Pisces may get a cold as they don’t like Mars because it makes them steamy. While Taurus is too stubborn to deal with the heat, they need to be careful with arguments too, at home and at work.

As we are in Cancer Sun, they won’t be left out of the disturbed energy. They could have some emotional remorse, and since they can’t argue, they will just fight themselves. Whatever crucial decisions are to be made wait until after the 14th. Please spend some time with your Leo friend, maybe both of you can help each other; self-confidence will also help.

Scorpios know what is happening with their life and perhaps they finally deal with their pain by spending time at a place they find peaceful. Meanwhile, Capricorns are faced with dealing with issues of their partners. The only people that will foster well during this period will be Aquarius, Aries, and Libra. Asking them for help however, may only get you a conceited answer or no answer at all.

The moon in Capricorn is Ambitious, Serious, Determined, Practical, and Capricious. You may choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all submissions of prayers and mantras, completing the preferred result is dependent upon the eminence of purpose. When it comes to finding satisfying relationships and success, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be.

The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. As you may notice I do not have candle or essential oil in this blog as the eclipse energy is so close and the chaotic energy of the planets are creating negative energy. Therefore, mantras will be enough healing energy at this time. I have chosen three mantras this year. The mantras for Capricorn moon are:


Om Aing Kleeng Hreeng Shreeng Sauh

(oommm Aaaaaiiiiinnnnggg kllllliiiinnng Hrrrriiing Shhhh riiing Saaauuuh)


Om Shreem Upendraya Achutaya Namah


For expert

Om Shanno devīrabhistdaapo bhavantupītaye Aparadhasahastrani kriyanteharnisam maya Dasoyamiti maa matva kshamasva paramesvara. Gatam papam gatam du Kham gatam daridraya meva ch…Agatah Sukha- sampatti punyoham tava darsanat”

Please note that I am not a Western or Vedic Astrologer, I am a Certified Vedic reader who incorporates Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories into every reading. This is to incorporate possible outcomes used to redirect the ultimate outcome into desired results. For a Western reader, you may seek my recommended Astrologers here

If you are an earth sign and have not had a update since the Eclipse, this will be your update until the August Eclipse. If you are involved with an earth sign the same principle applies.

Wishing you the best full moon of July as this will be the last full moon until the eclipse. Be well and I hope you have/had a good 4th of July.

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