Robust, Rage and Regression: New Moon in Aries April 2018

New Moon in Aries

April 15, 2018

By Maharani Rutan©

On April 15, 2018, at approximately 9:57pm EST and 6:57 PST, orbiting approximately 26 degrees depending upon the placement will be the new moon in Aries. This period will bring renewed thoughts and robustness through the fiery moon in Aries. The new beginning will transform all those who are born in the later sign of Aries. As this is such a unique transit it may feel like you are on antihistamines.

However, for some Bengali’s, this is a perfect reset button welcoming spring and a start of something new. Read more about New Years in the spring here.

In one hand there will be a burst of energy to hurry up on ideas and be bold. In the other hand Mercury moves direct now (read more here) and will slow you down to reconsider if this is really what you want. But be cautioned that the post regression period is as crucial and painstaking as if it was in retrograde station. Mercury tends to be the slowest planet but the fastest transit. Therefore, things can change in an instant.

As mother nature has been cruel to some northerners with sporadic snow and rain, it could be her way of letting us know that we have much to do. If you have not begun your projects, this new moon will give the dynamism to do so. It may also give you the strength needed to do things in a different way, or to examine what does not fit your lifestyle any longer. This means all that is out of order will be forced out or one may get signals of the want for change.

But watch out, all may look beautiful, however, Chiron (known as a wounded healer in Western Astrology) but in VPAT, (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories) as a past life karma igniter, is moving into Aries for a little while. Ok. Ok…for a long while (10 years). But for now, it is a short while – from April 16, 2018 until July 2, 2018. Then it retrogrades back into Pisces again.

Chiron is a healer but he is also a teacher. This planet wants us to move away from the material world and look for more spiritual beliefs. It often causes loneliness, feeling left out, or it can cause enormous depression. In VPAT it can be called something of a mid-life crisis and happens around the age 50. Those babies that were born 1968 through 1978 will go through their Chiron, especially Aries’. The only way to lessen the severity is to devote yourself to more spiritual aspects such as yoga, meditation, mantras, and performing more holistic duties.

Perhaps April 15, Tax Day for many is just a glimpse of what we have coming. We must look at new projects, new way of earning money or even perhaps get a second job. We have already had Wall Street tank and many lost monies. This definitely is a preparation of what is coming in May 2018. Perchance could it be that history repeats itself again when Uranus enters Taurus? “The last time this magnificent planet entered Taurus, our world was not the same; it was the time of the Wall Street crash, the great financial depression, and World War II”. (Read more about it here).

Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius may help slightly and push away a little bit of pain? Remember, VPAT considers Saturn still in Sagittarius, NOT in Capricorn, at this time. Though the transit could last for 2.5 years, depending upon how many planets one has in Fire signs it could last up to 7 years.

With the mix of energies that was felt in March we are continuously directed to follow a path of self-reflection. It is time to have better control of things we can control, especially in the areas of other people’s money or professionalism.

The new moon gives prospective to put new things into action. The liveliness is influential enough to give the motivation that one needs to make accurate choices. Minor fluctuations will activate larger changes and taking chances will be wonderful. It is a time for manifestation, planting seeds, and the creation of plans.

When the moon is in Aries there is no time to contemplate; relativity it is balanced between taking action and making sure desires are met. Aries wishes passion and fire. In the same respect, there is a need for independence, poise, and disposition. There is a desire to take charge of emotional situations and find immediate resolution.

The Moon in Aries marks a time of augmented success and drive. People may feel more enthusiastic and be more spirited. This is a good time to begin new projects or to try to apply chosen transformation. Like the charging Ram that represents Aries, people may be motivated to rush vigorously and impulsively without seeing the potential outcome to both themselves and others.

Consideration needs to be well thought out to avoid narcissism and hot-blooded behavior. The Fiery Aries Moon brings eagerness to our emotions, instant reactions, and bravery in the face of any opponent! Give in to the energy and strive for new beginnings.

Since the moon in Aries represents impulsive, stubborn, short-tempered, daring, and eager inclinations, it is my suggestion for us to remain autonomous. I recommend that you purchase a white candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with lavender oil and sandalwood oil, and chant the Psalm 39.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. This year there are four mantras. Depending upon your capacity to learn and pronounce them, each mantra is more powerful than the next. The more complicated it is, the more powerful; however, proper pronunciation is necessary otherwise the purpose will be defeated. Therefore, start with the easiest and progress up the levels.

The mantra for Aries moon is:


Om Aing Kleeng Sauh

(ooom Ahhiiing Kliing Sa uuuh)


Om hrim shri lakshminarayana namah


Aum Angarkaya vidmahe bhoomipalaya dhimahi tanno kujah prachodayat…Aum Chitri Putrayai Vidmahe Loyhe Tangai dhimahi Tanno Bhooma Prachodayat


Yasya:nke cha vibha:ti bhu:dharsuta: devapaga: mastake, Bhale balbidhurgale cha garalam yasyorasi vyalraat Soyam bhumivibhisanah survarah sarvadhipah sarvada: Sharvah sarvgatah shivah shashinibhah shri Shankar patu maam

This mantra is the dis-speller of unconsciousness and unawareness.The intention of this mantra is to keep one in balance; from losing our temper through darkness and unfocused energy.

Affirmations for the energy of the New Moon in Aries:

I use my narrow-mindedness and anger constructively … to make productive changes in my life.
I respect the encouragement behind my passions and desires … and use this control sensibly.
I use my self-assertion to construct, control,
and uphold the conditions I want in my life.
I offer brave, positive direction to myself
and others with my choosing and actions.
With pleasure and gratitude, I launch my resourcefulness …
to begin the energetic makings and projects of my life.

This new moon will tug soul and spirit, carry confidence, and promote healing. However, it is also action-oriented. It prompts values in our lives to start something new; perhaps a new project or relationship (or bring back an old one). Perhaps you want your individual freedom now? It is about reinventing, reassessing, and allowing you to let the past go and be enthusiastic about what is yet to come.

It is time to let go of the ways that were not working and release poisonous relationships that are broken by concentrating on leniency and moving on. This new moon will bring forth those issues by forcing one to come to terms with severe realities and releases. These issues are the things that continue to hold you back.

Please note that I am not an astrologer; rather, I am a Vedic reader, and astrological venues are the groundwork utilities needed to enhance Vedic reading. If you wish to speak with a Western astrologer, it is my suggestion that you contact my recommended astrologer Leslie Hale or other colleagues of mine whom I highly respect and speak for.

May this moon bring you the energy that you need to begin new things and be inspired to be creative.

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Blue Moon Blessings for our Brave Babies: Full moon in Libra 2018

Full Moon in Libra

2nd Blue moon 2018

March 31, 2018

By Maharani Rutan©

With the spring equinox behind us, we have the privilege of enjoying the sun and I can only hope that the storms are behind us as well. However, one never knows when mother nature will get upset and remind us that she is a powerful force.

March 30th marks the time of the second most beautiful constellation. In my 2018 predictive blog (written in December 2017), I stated that “In 2018, the skies will be twinkling every now and then, we will have one super moon, one micro full moon, and two micro new moons. Additionally, we will have two blue moons, one black moon, and one red moon.” Read more here.

This is the second blue moon of 2018, but it is also a full moon. A blue moon usually occurs when there are two full moons in one month. On March 2, 2018, we had a full moon in Virgo as Holi began in many parts of the world, marking time for spring to begin. This second full moon will now glorify equality and justice.

I have always pointed out that the full moon effect usually begins 7 days before and 7 days after the full moon appears. Isn’t it kind of ironic that “March for our Lives” was held the day I write this blog (March 24)?

On March 31st, we will have a full moon transiting in Libra at 10 degrees. The full moon will illuminate the sky with a hue of blue around 8:37 a.m. EST and 5:37 a.m. PST, transiting 10 degrees, depending upon the orb.

Even as the moon will be blue, beautiful, and full, for many Christians it will signify, “Black Saturday” or Easter Eve; often represented as mourning Jesus’s death, while meditating and fasting for his resurrection. Many churches around the world will celebrate Easter vigils, meditations, Baptism, and the Service of Light, while Deacons will make Easter Proclamations and scripture reading will be heard throughout the congregations. The following day will be the joyous celebration of the resurrection. But how could it be that this falls on April 1 (April Fool’s Day)?

There have been many stories as to how April Fool’s Day was adopted. I believe that added to Easter, not only can children have fun, but adults can as well. Many of us have been basking in mourning, shock, and speculations, it’s time to let loose and laugh a little.

This moon will affect all those that have Libra in their charts, as well as cardinal signs. When the Moon is full, the gravitational pull between the Moon, on one side of the earth, and the Sun, on the other, has a great effect on our own bodily water levels, as well as the earth’s. You may or may not notice the effect (depending on how powerful the Moon is in your Astrological chart), but there is no dispute that this energy creates an inner pull and fullness which may help us to sensitively connect with others.

Everything becomes lucid and more intense under the light of the full moon – passion and poise can become quite overstated, and we may have more insight and spotlight on relationships. There is a good chance of getting a surge of energy from the light of the Moon and having more luminous visions.

But be careful that the romanticism and hallucination, created by this moon, does not cause more confusion. Mercury retrograde is in full blast at the moment and may only get more intense as time goes on.  Read more here.

The full moon brings with it random decisions, yet some may find balance between control and harmony. However, there may be some tension between our private desires to be alone, and feeling so alone that we will find anyone to fill the void. This could leave one with an extremely bad taste at the end of the day. Therefore, it is suggested that you do not make any decisions regarding relationship issues until the energy of the moon has passed the orb. This is 7 to 10 days before and after the full moon.

Then again, the delight of this moon brings with it Venus which sits pretty in Taurus. Neat, expensive, and romantic things are what Taurus loves most. These go hand-in-hand with Libra who loves poetry; perhaps a love story can be written.

During a full moon there is high impartiality, clear mindedness, and an awareness of your own needs, along with the needs of others. Listen to your inner voice and seek a balance that is important, one that is not about power and control. There are no winners or losers in a relationship, there are only educated individuals.

Perhaps there is a feeling that there is too much taken and not enough received, or that the burdens are just too much to carry. This moon questions our competency to accept other people’s duties, or if we should simply let them go. The pressure of this moon will not keep many quiet like they should; if you find yourself in this situation, remember to speak with truth and honesty. Don’t over scrutinize as emotions may get the best of most of us – be cogent.

Due to the volcanoes within our emotions, control issues may not allow stability to be restored as it should, therefore watch what you say to avoid fiery arguments. Convey needs and find sacrifices which are necessary to alter your own identity so that relationships can be honored.

The full moon brings with it a robustness to plant and harvest. While the moon is in Libra, there is a need to have a nourishing relationship with a loving partner in order to feel at peace, psychologically. There is an urge to regularly evaluate emotions, seeking just the right symmetry with others. There is also an energy for grandeur and the fine arts, so express them in a significant way. Inspiring others by giving them honesty and seeing their spectacular uniqueness is the theme for this full moon. There also could be an admiration of a mother or motherly figure to model wisdom, sensitivity, appeal, and fairness.

Since the moon in Libra represents Appealing, Beautiful, Expensive, Fair-Minded, and Loving, it is my suggestion for us to remain balanced. This full moon is extraordinary to many signs. It is also my suggestion that you purchase a yellow candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with lavender oil or peppermint oil and chant Psalm 26.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras, achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention, and when it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be.

This year I have chosen four mantras; the easier ones will assist those who are new to mantra chanting be more flawless and articulate. The more difficult mantras will assist those that are advanced, and experts, dive deeper into the spiritual world.

The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. The mantra for Libra moon is:


Om Hreeng Kleeng Shreeg

(oom Hriing Kliing Shriing)


Om Tatva Niranjanaya Tarakramaya Namah


OM draamg dreeng droung sah shukray namah…Om Rajadabaaya vidmahe, Brigusuthaya dhimahi, tanno sukrah prachodayat


Om Sarvabaadhaa Vinirmukto, Dhan Dhaanyah Sutaanvitah… Manushyo Matprasaaden Bhavishyati Na Sanshayah…Om Om Shree Mahalakshmyai Cha Vidraahe Vishnu Patrayai Cha Dheemahi Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayat Om

These mantras produce the quality of friendship within oneself and others. Their intention is to smooth your path in life by helping you understand the lessons you have set for yourself, and through karma, the negativity will slowly go away with every moon cycle. Remember to cross out any old affirmations, even if there is the slightest of change, and create new ones. Remember to never make the affirmations begin with “I balance”, they must be worded “I need balance in my life with friendship and love.”

When it comes to aspirations, the perfect number is 10. This means to list 10 aspirations and recite them every night until the next moon cycle.

This full moon will have a great impact on cardinal signs and it is advisable to have an updated reading on yourself. Remember, for every ending there is always a new beginning. But remember mercury retrograde will not make relationships easy.

Wishing you the best of this moon and I hope that it brings inspiration. Love to you always.



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Darkness blessed with Grace: New Moon in Pisces 2018

New Moon in Pisces

St. Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2018

By Maharani Rutan©

During this sluggish time as Mercury makes is way to retrograde, we are given an opportunity to turn every dream into reality. Hand in hand with St. Patrick’s Day, wishes also could be granted.

As the luck of the Irish brings joy to many with celebrations and laughter, the New Moon brings forth return, reappearance, and rebirth. In VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories) no matter what cycle the moon is orbiting in, the sun, moon and the earth are significant parts of our ancestors. The New Moon in Pisces also represents returning to ones roots.

On March 17, 2018 we will have a New Moon in Pisces at 27 degrees, at approximately 9:12am EST, 6:12 am PST depending upon the orb. Those that will be affected by this moon will be just about everyone, especially those that have primary planets in Pisces.

There is an old saying in the VPAT, that 92% of the human population has Pisces somewhere in their chart, therefore, all would be affected. Those that do not have Pisces in their chart will continue to return to earth until such time there is Pisces placement in their birth chart.

Although many people may say that the New Moon is a is time to take action, VPAT will relay that it’s time to come up with ideas and the desire and not to act upon them yet. It could be as simple as changing one’s way of living, or how they are living. But it is not the time to plant seeds. Seeds should always be planted on the full moon as the moon blesses it.

This is the time to act from your soul and trust the universe will lead you in the right direction. Please remember that we are still under Mercury energy and relationships may have problems while communications may be a bit confusing (read more here).

The New Moon sanctifies the “new”; an invitation to understand that even crazy ideas can be profitable. It is about formations, ideas, and prospects, especially for a higher spiritual level.

Pisces moon is generally a time of congruence, love, and the rooting of every seed; whether it is a life or in the ground. It is a time of earth rejuvenation as the first traces of spring are so mischievously close. It’s also a moon of Shiva who destroys our imperfection to bring spiritual development and evolution.

The Pisces New Moon signifies a time of very exaggerated dispositions and replies. The influence of sensitive energy can be beneficial if focused into ingenious activities and self-healing, but there is often a strong desire to simply slip into interference. It is better to contemplate in optimistic interests, rather than produce a more harmful distracting activity.

Gloomy predispositions can easily take control of one’s life under this New Moon. Its influence can be particularly tough or confusing for those who were born under a New Moon PHASE, as well as for those of the mutable Sun Signs Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius. Also, for those whose birth Moon is in Pisces, this New Moon can represent a serious time for probable accidents, injuries, disorder, and the responsibility of hasty choices or decisions.

The Watery Pisces Moon touches every person suffering with a caring and subtle heart. Careful what you put to others, share your dreams, and tap into your deepest imaginations. Don’t let your wandering heart get lost!

The Moon in Pisces marks a time of zealous kindness, downheartedness, and spirituality. People may become more indirect, sympathetic, or creative. Intuitiveness will be heightened. This is a good time to discover musical talents and other artistic actions.

Represented by a Pair of Fish. Pisces are philanthropically and spiritual, often strongly intuitive, and they are willing to the collective insensible. While the Moon moves through Pisces, people may feel loyal and quiet, but also fragile, submissive, and fearful. Visions and recollections may be stimulated during this affect.

Since the moon in Pisces is Deep, Inspired, Psychic, Mediated, and Ingenious, it is my suggestion that you purchase a Purple candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with Sage oil or Lavender oil and chant the Psalm 08.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle (March 31, 2018). Remember that with all submissions of psalms and mantras, accomplishing the anticipated outcome is dependent upon the eminence of purpose. When it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of extreme importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy.

This year, as many are becoming more advanced in Sanskrit mantras, moving into more powerful mantras and proper pronunciation will be the key to better manifestations. The mantras for the Pisces moon are:


Om Hreeng Kleeng Sauh

(oom hiring kliing sauuuh)


Om Kleem Uddhritaya Udharine Namah


Gurubrihaspatirjeevah suracharyo vidaanvarah vaagisho dhishadon dirshashamshruh pitambaro yuvaa


“Om Namo Bhagavathe Dakshinaamoorthaye…Mahyam Medhaam Pragnyaam Prayachas Swaha Vrushabath Vajaaya VidhMahe Kruni Hastaaya DheeMahee-Thanno Guru: Prachodayaath…ApraMeyathva ya theedha Nirmala Nyaana Moorthaye…Manogi raam Vidhooraaya Dakshinaa Moorthaye Namaha”

This Siddha mantra uses the universal elements that govern each charka: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

Please remember that I am not an astrologer, rather, a Vedic reader. If you are looking to see how this New Moon will affect you directly, I suggest you look up some of my wonderful colleagues that specialize in Western astrology. My readings focus on the deviations that can be applied to bring sublime bliss to problematic conditions and help you find forks to make choices.

Make this moon the most spiritual moon that you have ever had, and remember, Mercury retrograde influences all aspects of one’s life.

Thank you for continuing to read my post. I have been so blessed and have now been freelancing some cultural articles on keen that you may like.

The first article was written during Valentine’s Day and how Vedic cultural defines love. The second article focuses on how Vedic culture relates spring to Holi.

Maharani Rutan©

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Slow, Steamy, Sedentary, Stormy Spring: Mercury Retrograde Spring 2018

     Mercury Retrograde


Pre-Progression: Mar 6-18, 2018 (Begins in Pisces)

Pre-Progression Intensity: March 19-21, 2018 (Pisces/Aries)

Mercury Station Retrograde: March 21-23, 2018 (Aries)

Mercury Station Regression: March 24-26, 2018

Mercury Retrograde Juncture: March 27-April 09, 2018

Mercury Direct Regression: April 10-14, 2018

Mercury Direct: April 15, 2018 (4° Aries)

Post-Regression Juncture: April 16-19, 2018 (Aries/Taurus)

Post-Juncture: April 20-May 06, 2018 (Taurus)

By Maharani Rutan©

The eclipses in Leo and Aquarius are behind us and now we will see the results of our own manifestations and lack of responsibilities in our faces. The super new moon and super full moon woke us up and the blue moon brought what was to be the most beautiful cosmic event in our skies.

Each event brought transformations to every one of us as it hit home and shocked the world. As I stated in my predictive blog of 2018, this year will consist of forced change, whether we like it or not. Many of the events which I predicted have already come to fruition, and many more are yet to come. We can either choose to fear or we stand up and be strong against the tides of change. The choice is ours and the time is now. The universe will now slow us down once again, to recapture, rethink, reconsider, and recognize what needs to be done and make plans with backup plans to bring forth a transformation unlike any other.

We can already see that our leaders are contradictory and nations are baffled by the chaos of the world. But how many chaotic experiences must humanity endure before it comes together with one mission in mind… Peace.

Many thinkers, astrologers and those that follow planetary fluctuations, claim that Mercury is an omen, or a period when everything goes wrong. VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories), depict Mercury retrograde as bliss; a time to consider our actions and how they impact humanity. Mercury retrograde only causes problems if there are other orbital inferences that bring havoc to one’s life.

March 6, 2018, marked the second Mercury retrograde, rather transit, of 2018. This time, however, Mercury will enter its “Pre-Progression” phase in Pisces from March 06, 2018 through March 18, 2018. The “Pre-Progression” phase can manifest as preparation for a journey, but no destination has been determined. The “Pre- Progression” period to many of us is just minor confusion such as dialing a wrong number or typing “there” instead of “their”, but nothing major. This is not a bad thing as we are warned to pay careful attention to things and not to take anything for granted. It may be a possibility that people are taking you for granted or there are conditions in which one may feel deceived.

However, the reset button is near as the lunar calendar for most Hindus will begin when there is a New Moon in Pisces. The spring equinox is also around the corner, bringing the time when birds chirp and flowers bloom. Perhaps this is exactly what we need as the chaos of politics and the sadness of the world continues to wander in our minds and hearts.

Mercury retrograde in Pisces creates spiritual and emotional confusion, with inexplicable dreams or other cerebral experiences. Spiritual processes being entangled with emotions, we find it hard to separate feelings and views from enthusiasm and confidence. Our balanced direction can be tottering, wavering, and overly-spiritual, but it also rises to exhaustion and upsurges in the desire to consume alcohol. Nervousness and strain, even groundless fears and mistrust, are stimulated; this is especially true when working or living in hostile environments which inclines one to a piercing, cynical tongue. Uphold solitude and poise in the working environment and do not try to read between the lines when there is really nothing to find.

The search many exhaust the energy environment when logic and reasoning are off during the “Pre-Progression Intensity” period March 19-21, 2018. Hence, don’t get too caught up in the Progression period as the Spring Equinox is for us to enjoy. During this time recollection of our own communication skills and relationships may come to mind. Think about what happened in the world, as well as for yourself, around March 12, 2012. It is the same feeling and association that can be felt during this “Pre-Progression Intensity.”

The fire and water mixture can cause commotion in relationships, work, and the way we communicate with one another. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini which is a planet of communication and a mutable sign. Mercury usually affects mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius); even if Mercury retrograde does not fall in mutable sign these people will feel the discomfort of this period. But remember what I said, it is not a time to be frustrated, rather, it is a time to take things slow and not take anyone or anything for granted.

The intensity of Mercury retrograde will be a very chaotic energy for some, yet blissful for others, as it “stations” in Aries on March 22, 2018 at appx 7:00 pm in 16 degrees Aries. When Mercury moves backwards into Aries it will be conflicting and more powerful. Aries is a fire sign and it is notorious for its carelessness; often hurting people who seek justification instead of owning their responsibility, therefore, vigilant communications is necessary. Some words will cut people like a knife and hurt people we don’t mean to hurt. In the work environment there may be times where being too forward may be more harmful than helpful. Knowing the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness would be recommended.

Mercury retrograde gives escalation to personal misinterpretations, unreliability, interrupted or deferred communication, discussions and trade; malfunctions and failures with phones, computers, cars, buses, and trains are possible. One or more of these issues occur when some vital piece of data, or component, has gone off track, or awry.

Planets never essentially move backward or remain motionless, they just seem that way due to a human visual illusion. Regressive periods, though frequently problematic for humans, are not unusual. Each planet retrogrades, except the Sun and Moon. When Mercury goes retrograde (the illusion of traveling backward), it will impact many things, including how we interconnect and how we respond, ultimately testing our communication. Because Mercury rules messages and passage, these two areas are most influenced during a Mercury Retrograde. Discussions might be complicated as blurred meanings perplex normally straightforward discussions. Still, with a little attentiveness and observation, you’ll get your point across. Similarly, be ready with a backup plan when you’re traveling. Use this time to do activities that start with “re”: reestablish, refurbishment, reconsider, renegotiate, and explore.

When Mercury is in Aries, there is a tendency to make hasty decisions. The energy may be impetuous at times due to Mars’ (ruling planet of Aries) stimulus, leading to disastrous situations. There is a predisposition to jump at inferences. This will be especially true for those that have Aries in their VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theory) chart including all fire signs, Leo, and Sagittarius.

The most intense period could last 1-2 days, March 22-23, 2018. Thereafter, the “Mercury Retrograde Regression” period will begin and continue cause chaos in many people’s lives from March 24 through 26, 2018.

In general, Mercury rules rational and conscious thought, exemption, and distributing information, and all means of communication, trade, and transport. By extension, Mercury rules people who work in these areas; especially people who work with tools of the mind: writers and speakers, performers and critics, gossips, or con men.

Mercury sets out to restructure our methods of thought and for many of us this is raw and annoying. Furthermore, these identifications reveal mistakes in our inner thinking as well as our peripheral planning which can make us feel impulsive and inadequate. It brings travel snafus and missed appointments of all kinds. Documents can go off track. Be sure to carry a journal and refer to it often. “Added to that, we are to be gifted even more when Venus enters Taurus, where she belongs, and it will be all about principles of pleasure.” – Read more about my predictions of 2018.

As Mercury remains in Aries and continues its path through Retrograde Juncture from March 27 – April 09, 2018 many will feel that they are being pulled toward and nostalgic of the past; remember, this is a phase and it too will pass. But for Aries, and those that have fire sign planets, I would suggest you reconsider the last 8 years of your life and look to see how changes in your life are needed. This is especially needed in communication and how it leads to unexpected results.

VPAT prospective and viewpoints consider every unexpected event as a part of the learning process. There are several aspects that will be affecting fire signs, especially now that Mars has already entered Sagittarius (per VPAT). There will be several months of pressure in the world. The ongoing issues of Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius will affect how we attend to our responsibilities. We must all abstain from group think and act methods; there may be many that are not on the same wavelength or somehow the philosophical thinking has become askew, thus our defense mechanisms will be to criticize them.

Perhaps a new relationship, new home, or a new way of communicating would be just the thing we need during this frustrating period; but not now, and not just yet. “Mercury Direct Juncture” will continue to make things clear for many of us from April 10 through 14, 2018. It could even mean things get worse before they get better; therefore, making decisions during this time is not beneficial.

Finally, “Mercury will be Stationed direct” at 4 degrees in Aries on the 15th of April and we can only wonder what’s next. From April 16 through 19 information, frustrations, animosity, and stubbornness may reappear for some of us as the “post regression juncture” begins to move away from Aries, going into Taurus. It will be a plus when Mercury moves into Taurus as relationships may take a turn for the better and we may all pay more attention to our money.

In the middle of the energy lifting, Saturn, which is currently in Sagittarius (VPAT), will begin to retrograde. Topping the cake will be the New Moon in Aries April 16/17. This can be a good thing overall, depending on how much one has learned through the transits. Adding to that, Uranus, a planet of the unexpected, will also retrograde, helping all of us to reconsider unexpected events of the past making sure they do not happen again.

The ahhh’s will not really come to fruitfulness until April 20th as Mercury enters Taurus and it is passing through its last phase of the “Post Juncture” period April 20, 2018 (Uranus retrograde) until May 06, 2018. After this, we can go back to our normal routine…but can we?

Mercury turns retrograde three times a year, as a rule, but this year we will have four retrogrades this year. The properties of each period are diverse, depending upon which signs it falls on. This retrograde period begins in Aries at 16 degrees plus or minus a few degrees and ends in Aries/Taurus at 4 degrees.

What I am about to present to you are VPAT predispositions of tendencies during the Mercury retrograde period March 8 through May 06, 2018. This is not a representation of Vedic or Western Astrology, rather, each characteristic is named the same to associate with that time period. If you are looking for a Western Astrologer you may find my recommendations here. If you are looking for a Vedic Astrologer please message me and I can recommend some.

I will begin my predictions with mutable signs (Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius & Virgo) as they will be affected first and the most.

Moving on to Cardinal Signs (Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer) and finally to Fixed Signs (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio).

Mutable Signs

Though the intensity of Mercury Retrograde always causes crazy chaotic energy for most, all of you must remember do things slowly and this won’t cause too much of a problem. Except for the crazy energy of retrograde Pisces, Gemini’s and Virgos are sitting back and watching everything happen. However, Sagittarius needs to be a little bit mindful as Saturn continues to transform ; and with unexpected energy with Mars, Saturn, and Mercury, this could be a very transformative time.

Pisces: The next few weeks can be a little difficult or you can take an advantage of the opportunities. You may have issues with family, work, health, and your children. The best course of action is to expand your network and be cautious with resource management.

Gemini: I believe you love this time, don’t you? There may be problems with finances and health issues, but your romantic life does not look too bad. However, caution must be taken when it comes to communication and hidden enemies as they may be jealous of your recognition.

Sagittarius: I realize that Saturn may not have been your best friend lately, however, trust me when I say that everything has its reason. No matter how much you are loved, there may be something lacking in your relationship or you may not want to be in one. You must caution against aggressiveness, assertiveness, and especially, unnecessary arguments. Instead, focus on your work as hard work will pay off.

Virgo: I believe you are used to slowing down. However, you have absolutely no patience at times, or you may be selective in what area needs your patience. This is not a time to wander in places you don’t know and pick unnecessary arguments just because someone does not see things in your way. Instead, concentrate on work as your work and professional life will stroke your ego a bit.

Cardinal Signs

Dear Aries, this is the most transformative year for you; not only is Mercury Retrograde in your sign, but you are dealing with a double-edged sword. Uranus is leaving your sign so unexpected things may not happen as frequently as before. But I will remind you again, for 6 months many things that you may have had a hand in and caused you chaos will be in your face. Of course, there is the backlash of Saturn which is teaching things too. Then again, your brother Libra is learning a few things as Jupiter, a planet of luck, is going backwards assisting Libra with learning from the past. But I think Libras just need lessons from Capricorn as they have been going through a deep, dark period for some time. This time though, their eyes may be open but maybe not, as Pluto in Capricorn goes retrograde too. So, who is sitting pretty? I say Cancers until the summer, then time will tell.

Aries: Sometimes in life when we say nothing, we say everything. This should be your motto for the next 6-8 weeks, dear Aries. You may still feel dissatisfied with your work, and you may not be able to focus. There may be a part of you that could become argumentative with friends for no reason. This may be because you are not sleeping well. Why not put this energy to use and go on a trip as it will go well for you; and if you are in business for yourself, you may find new places to drum up business.

Libra: You have been sitting pretty with Jupiter in your sign even though it may not seem so. Your relationships, business, partnerships, and even family will be good, and any projects you take on will have ample time for completion. However, work life may be non satisfactory or not living up to your expectations. Instead of over reacting stay tuned, things are about to turn around. Try not to go anywhere too far as it may not be advantages for you.

Capricorn: Life has been about darkness for you for a little while. People may say it’s because of Saturn, but they don’t know Saturn is your friend. Be cautious, as you may have family related issues and financial challenges. Sometimes one can go further with candy than vinegar; be careful with an assertive personality as it may affect your health. But if one was just to take the time away from worrying, more exercise may help.

Cancer: You are probably smiling right now with a pina colada in your hands. Well, there is no need to gloat (smiling). You know Mercury is just a pest to you; you may have some minor disagreements in a relationship. Do what you can to be a nurturing person towards children as you may be very concerned about their health, and the health of elderly people in your family. Do not invest money and avoid all legal issues. But finally, your health should be getting better and if you decide you want to travel for pleasure, go ahead have fun.

Fixed Signs

Dearest Aquarius and Leo, your transformations have been incredible. You have helped us build and bring forth innovation. The best thing is Aquarius’ time will soon be over and perhaps Leos can teach us a thing or two about loving unconditionally. This can be a little difficult for Taurus’ as Mercury has pounded them for the last year. But now unexpected things (Uranus) will soon go into Taurus and money matters may be the focus. Then there are Scorpios, who are still licking their wounds from almost five years of Saturn; the next two years should be easy, but transformation will continue, which is not a bad thing.

Aquarius: Mercury retrograde is not as bad to you as you may think. Just be careful signing legal documents and investing in property. Why not also take this energy and focus on family and friends? You will see that you will receive a lot of support there. Not only that, but there could be incidences where you will be recognized at work, perhaps a promotion or an increase in salary. There could also be tendency to hold a religious function in your home. Make sure you get enough rest because headaches may cause some disturbances.

Leo: Saturn and the eclipses have transformed you and made you even more mature than ever. But it can be a tough situation. You may have some dissatisfaction with family relationships and health issues. This is all brought on because you may have some unexpected expenses that could cause stress. Instead be patient, meditate, and go for long walks.

Taurus: Mercury can be tough but last year you saw the full wrath. This year is a different surprise as transformation won’t come when it is expected. You will notice your family is supportive of you, and if you have children they will do well, allowing you to be less worried. However, be careful of accusation and your tongue as it may spoil things for you. You may want instant results in areas of work or promotions, but delays may happen.

Scorpio: I would say, for the first time, you are the last. But remember that you are still going through the residue of Saturn. You may still have some issues with family members. Be careful of your attitude and take care of your health. You may also feel as though you are not getting the rapport you want from your co-workers or at your pace of business, and health may fluctuate due to money, education, or travel matters.

The tendencies which I have elaborated are strictly based on VPAT and not to be mistaken for Western Astrology or Vedic ideas. Please remember that these are wide-ranging tendencies. I am not an astrologer, rather, I use the instrumentality of astrology as the symphony of Vedic readings.

Since Mercury is a very slow-moving planet and it effect almost all planetary signs, it is my suggestion that you purchase a yellow candle and carve your name through to the wick.

Anoint the candle with Inspiration oil or Eucalyptus oil and chant the Psalm 70 every single night. This period will last for 6 weeks and it will be hard on all of us.

Doing this will allow friendly communication as well as understanding in situations. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until May 06, 2018.

Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention. When it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be.

The mantras may be hard to pronounce for many but it is a powerful source of energy I have chosen four mantras this year as many of you are now becoming experts in pronunciations. Therefore, the more difficult the mantra, the more powerful it becomes.


Om bram breem broum sah budhaya namah

(om Braam Briim Broom Sahh Bud ha ya Nam ah)


Om Man Padme Hum




Oṃ muni muni mahāmuni śākyamuni svāhā Om muni muni mahamuni shakyamuni svaha

“Om and salutations to Buddha, presiding spirit of planet Mercury”

Those who are going through a Saturn transit please refer to the Saturn Mantra and those with Jupiter transit please utilize the Guru mantra which is the best.

This will be a very trying time for many of us. Give yourself extra time in travel have a backup plan. But most of all bite your tongue as words can cut like a knife.

Even though this is not the best time to have a reading done, keep in mind nothing is etched in stone until May 06, 2018. Therefore, I suggest that any readings you have done during March 06 through May 06, 2018 that you keep an open mind not to be 100% correct.

Additionally, be vigilant of legal documents, driving, speaking, investments, moving, and changing jobs. But be extra cautious in relationships as they could break up, if they do during this time they will sort themselves out after the retrograde period. So be sensitive and do not do anything that could undermine anything that could bring a blissful beginning. However, if there is a reconnection from the past, note that you may have old wounds and break ups are possible next retrograde. So, be good to your self and others


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Perfecting Today’s Future through Lessons of the Past: Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius 2018

Partial Solar Eclipse

Black Moon

New Moon in Aquarius

Chinese New Year (Year of the Dog)

February 15/16, 2018

By Maharani Rutan©

The Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo has now passed us and as I’ve written in a previous blog, “Remember things that happen within the 3-week period during and after the eclipse usually have long lifelong effect. If the eclipse happens on your sun it will have a great influence on your life, but if there is a clash it may be problematic for 6 months.” (Read more here)

This can only mean that some of you may have felt the effects of the Solar eclipse during the lunar eclipse as it was so powerful. We are already saddened by issues of “Security and well-being” (read more here) as the flu epidemic and tax reform continues to set fear and uncertainties in our lives.

This eclipse is the latest in a series of eclipses which began in August 2016. Therefore, here we are again to call this eclipse “Back to the Future II.” Not only is this eclipse a new moon, but paired with the partial solar eclipse it will be equally significant.

I always encourage everyone to understand that every eclipse will be significantly felt 7 days before and 7 days after the eclipse; however, for some this affect could last up to 6 months. Therefore, the abyss of the past, and the future energized by the sun through the solar eclipse, are the seeds planted by the moon. Keep a close eye on the things to come as every eclipse will be changing humanity and its environmental intensity as I stated in my predictive blog of 2018 (read about it here).

One of the most positive things I can say, besides all the wonders of the eclipse, is that the U.S. will not be impacted by this eclipse. According to VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurveda Theories), those countries that can view the eclipse would be impacted more than those which cannot. Those countries and areas will be affected by things that occur in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Antarctica, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, and the southern coast of South America.

One of the rarest phenomena is that this new moon is also called a Black Moon Month. I had stated in my Lunar eclipse blog, “There are no full moons in February” (read about it here). This defines the month as the shortest lunar month. Further scientific theories state that with two new moons in a month, the second moon considered to be black; this is also the case when there are four new moons in a season.

There were a few black moons that I can recall, but the energy felt from this black moon will be close to the February 18, 2015 black moon as at that time the moon was in also in Aquarius (read more here).

Without going into any more scientific facts, the partial solar eclipse will begin at approximately 1:55 pm EST and 18:55 UTC in the Pacific Ocean on February 15 UTC. The eclipse will then gradually move to the maximum eclipse at 3:51 pm EST and 20:51 UTC. Since this is a partial eclipse it will not cover the entire sun, thus will look like a crescent. At 4:05 pm EST & 1:05 pm PST the moon will go void as it enters 27 degrees in Aquarius. The partial eclipse will end at 5:47 pm EST and 22:47 UTC. Though this is rather a simple partial eclipse, the emotional ties to this eclipse will be felt for months as this is a replication of an eclipse that has occurred at the same degree.

On February 16, 1999, we had an Annular Solar Eclipse in Aquarius at the same exact degree. This could only mean that issues occurring in 1999 may resurface. So back to the future we go.

Whether it is a solar or a lunar eclipse, the energy of the eclipse will be felt 7 – 15 days before and after. However, the transformation could continue for 6 months into the future. If we were to recall the history of February 1999; in politics, the 2nd week of February, the 42nd U.S. President Bill Clinton was acquitted of impeachment by the senate, and in health, genetically modified food was claimed to have negative impact on human health. Corruption scandals in the International Olympic committee caused members to be excused. The Columbine shooting in April killed 13 children. The West Niles Virus impacted the United States. The Y2k scare caused many companies to hire consultants for their patches. And Star Wars Episode I debuted.

The most crucial part of first six months of 1999 was the number of Tornadoes that claimed the lives of many in the United States. Then again, some history has already repeated. In January 1999, from January 1-10 a North American Blizzard claimed the lives of over 72 people and cost over 400 million; and in 2018, the American Blizzard was renamed “bomb cyclone.” The blizzard brought snow and fringed weather patterns to places that have not seen this type of weather in a long time.

If we are repeating 1999 patterns, then I am predicting that several Hurricanes are due this fall; starting in August and going forward to November/December, 2018. Additionally, more secrets will be revealed and issues of taxes, money, and corporate scandals are possible. This is due to the magnificent effects of Saturn in Sagittarius, who only wants the truth, Jupiter in Libra who wants balance, and Rahu and Ketu, the punishers of past karma. I can only anticipate that globally, we can plant some positive seeds this eclipse with the black moon and the new moon in Aquarius.

Aquarius moon signifies the accommodating awareness, social mindfulness, and thorough measures. It is about what you can do by yourself; individuality and distinctiveness will liberate those that have been surrounded by other people’s ideas. This new moon asks us to reconsider everything and find a different way to heal, visualize your life contrarily, and how as a collective society we can collaborate. Specifically, it asks us to imagine how we will bond together to mend old wounds and live by ideologies rather than emotions.

The new moon is the energy to look at everything in a new perception and take risks where everything is likely. The Aquarius moon’s chief focus is on doing things which are group connected, whether they are big plans or small things such as shopping. Every group movement will be holy during this new moon. The new moon reassures you to take any risk, take hold of every day, and look at the desires and prospects available to everyone. But it especially blesses Aquarius to start over.

Aquarius is a sign of emotional detachment. Often, these people tend to remain neutral to almost everything because everything in their eyes has a reason. This is time to do things that require the collective mind, nurture your friends, and remain objective. The energy is just right to channel logical pursuits. You will find yourself most satisfied being around friends, and their company may satisfy the emotional voids felt by letting go of things. Through gratitude and being nostalgic there is a great care of fostering and fairness.

Unlike Western astrology, VPAT ideology claims that Saturn rules Aquarius; this means almost every Aquarian will have obstacles in their lives. Nevertheless, it gives a boost as well. The sensibility and reactive actions may come in such a way that many individuals have a liberal mind, concentrated analyzing, aloofness, and humanitarianism, but this comes with a price. Due to the nature of Aquarius energy, justice and fairness may not always be readily available as Aquarians’ are quite demanding when it comes to personal and professional relationships.

Those that are Aquarius, or have any houses in Aquarius, including fixed signs (Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus) may become detached emotionally. It is suggesting that nurturing friends, remaining objective, and doing things with a world view manner may be helpful.

New moon in Aquarius is about uncertainties in our lives and to obtain stability through balanced thinking. Aquarius dynamism often grounds us to be reserved which can lead to isolation or feeling alone, but once we realize that entertaining, making changes, and being repeatedly sympathetic lessens the severity.

This eclipse, along with the energy of the moon, could cause positives and negatives; however, the aspects of Rahu and Ketu, the unexpected teachers of karma and past life, will cause discomfort.

What I am about to foretell is based upon VPAT, not to be confused with Western or Vedic Astrology’s. The names of each sign are used as place holders for a date of birth.

Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories primary function is to divert danger and find an alternative solution toward positive outcomes. If you are looking for a western astrology, my recommendation is to contact any one of my advisers here. If you are looking for a Vedic Astrologer, please email me and I can recommend some to you. True Vedic Astrologers, based out of India, perform ceremonies for you at no charge and recommend stones for you to purchase.

Due to the lunar eclipse in Leo and Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus moving into Taurus, and Ketu/Rahu in Cancer/Capricorn, those affected by the eclipse will be emphasized. Please remember, just because the lunar eclipse is not in your sign this does not mean you will not be affected. The best way to define how the eclipse will affect you is to have a VPAT chart done. I offer the VPAT chart to my regular clients as well as those that have followed my blog. The below are predispositions, not to be used as exact occurrences (though I have been told it seems to clearly affect the characteristics).

Fixed Signs

The Solar eclipse will bring something new for you, dear Aquarius. I know the feeling of being lethargic and itching for a change, and trust me when I say it’s almost over, I promise. Let’s just say that this fall will be the ending of your eclipse cycle until 2027, so take a breather. Taurus however, will rock the planet of Uranus and expect the unexpected in finances and lots of worries. Leo, you are not out of the woods just yet, now that you have gone through your own eclipses and Jupiter was in your sign not too long ago. You are now being questioned about how well you learned everything. Saturn being in Sagittarius makes continual changes for you by association of fire signs. Scorpio, unless you have lots of Libra, Cancer, or fire in your chart, this should be a smooth ride for you. You have been pounded by Saturn for a while and soon Jupiter will move into Scorpio.

Aquarius: The Lunar eclipse in Leo may have caused some relationship issues for you; perhaps an associate is disconnecting themselves from you. The consideration here is how much of it is your fault. Now the time comes that you must look at how you are budgeting your finances and your feelings. It is also a time to look at how much you have saved and how much your family has saved. But consideration must be emphasized in areas of habits and how they affect your life in general. Be careful with your injuries below the nose, i.e. mouth, throat, nails, teeth, or even the nose. One of the most significant above the nose will be your eyes. Even though others could have minor injuries, eyes could have sustained issues.

Saturn: Good financial outlook and new opportunities
Rahu: Courage with an outlook of overcoming challenges improves
Ketu: Possible separations, headaches, and over spending secretly
Jupiter: Work challenges, health declining, perseverance is the key

Taurus: No matter how pivotal previous years were, you will remember 2018. This is a brand-new person; everything from your belief to who you are, including relationships, will change for you. Uranus, a planet of change, will rock your world like no other until 2026. The Lunar eclipse made you focus on your home, now the Solar eclipse is having you analyze your life. You may consider your profession, work, ambition, determination, or finances, but most of all I would not be surprised if you became a workaholic.

Saturn: Unpredictable losses and health issues
Rahu: Change in career or advancements
Ketu: Indulgence in religion and long-distance travel
Jupiter: Relationships of all kinds could get better, but all decisions must be analyzed thoroughly

Leo: Even though you may not be a Sagittarius, by association many things that occur with Saturn in Sagittarius i.e. education, work, and family may be important issues for you now. But certainly, this eclipse may be a positive phase for you. Every relationship from business to personal will be in focus for you, as you just ended cycle of what does not work in your personality. This eclipse will have you focus on everything you are looking for and everything you are not getting in areas of relationships.

Saturn: Relationships will improve and financial life will be one on of tithing
Rahu: Stress and work issues will be overwhelming
Ketu: Hard work and declining health
Jupiter: Stress, family health, and relationship issues

Scorpio: You have just passed a very heavy Saturn and as you ease out of it things may still seem difficult for you. The Lunar Eclipse may have caused you to reconsider your life, who you want to be, and what you want to do. You may have cut ties with clients, or ended a job or project. Perhaps it’s the best for you to bring less tension in your life. Those projects, clients, and assignments that stay are meant for you. It’s time now to not hold back but express yourself, play, learn, socialize, and invest in healthy investments. Most of all, smile more as your expression will bring you happiness.

Saturn: Relationships with family members and hard work pay off
Rahu: Improvement in your religious and love life
Ketu: Standing up for challenges and rise in ambition
Jupiter: Stress in travel, a rise in confidence, and analyze financial

Mutable Signs

As Saturn in Sagittarius continues to transform all fire signs including Sagittarius, we must look at the world as an ever-changing evolution. This is nothing unfamiliar to Geminis as this year we will have 4 Mercury retrogrades and they too will evolve like their fellow brothers and sisters (Aquarius). Virgos have now completed their Eclipse and Jupiter, but they will be affected by Uranus moving into Taurus and maybe highly concerned about money coming and going. Fortunately for you dear Pisces, you may just sit back and be in your own little world as Neptune continues to be in Pisces for some time. We will tell you when to wake up.

Sagittarius: Its true Saturn does not have to be your enemy, it can be your friend. With the Lunar eclipse in Leo, your focus may have been on legal issues and higher learning. Now it’s time to think about your roots. Mentally, this eclipse has a lot to offer to you, including being at peace. You are now ready to build a place that you call “home” where love, compassion, and understanding can be formed.

Saturn: Needless arguments with loved ones, mental stress and stalling
Rahu: Declines in finances and health
Ketu: Decline in finances and increase in arrogance
Jupiter: Family disputes and a lack of patience

Gemini: Though the last eclipse was just up your alley, through socialization, communication, and networking, it’s time now to change directions. If you apply yourself, you could have positive recourse in areas of spirituality, learning, wealth, and teaching. Now is the time to apply the ultimate truth which is that connection between you and the higher power. But don’t get frustrated too easily as Mercury will come and bother you this spring and fall.

Saturn: Hard work will pay off and you will be a social butterfly
Rahu: Mental stresses and disputes with family members
Ketu: Decline in respect and health improvements in areas of Spirituality
Jupiter: Conflicts at the work place and a rise in financial expenditures

Virgo: You have gone through your share of high highs and low lows. People, including yourself, may be questioning if you are bi-polar. Convince yourself that you are not, you are just a little confused. During the last eclipse you may have wanted to be a hermit and spend some time thinking where you are going and how you are going to get there. Now, you may be thinking about relationships of all kinds; especially those that are dear to you. What do you want to do with the relationships? Do you want them and how do you want to build them up again?

Saturn: Hard work will pay off and you may relocate
Rahu: Rise in finances and job, vigilant as seniors make take revenge
Ketu: Pointless doubts in a relationship and inability to focus
Jupiter: Challenges at work and feeling fatigue

Pisces: I bet you are happy now that all the eclipse junk is behind you. However, since Neptune is in your sign, remember that nothing is really real, or is it? The last eclipse will continue to make you focus on our work and your health. This eclipse will make you question who you are and what do you want to change about yourself, because something is not working.

Saturn: Decrease in your income, increase in your expenses
Rahu: Concerns over family health issues and increased expenses
Ketu: Increase in education and learning and decline in areas of relationships
Jupiter: Progress in your work with increased effort

Cardinal Signs

You must be feeling a little giddy now, dear Aries, as Uranus will soon move away from your sign. Nothing unexpected is going to happen. However, Saturn in Sagittarius will continue to put hardship on you, along with the Leo eclipses. At this time, you may wish you were more like Libra who is about to shine bright being that Jupiter is in their sign (according to VPAT) for some time. However, Cancer is about to chew some of their nails off because the series of eclipses is soon to enter their sign, and of course, Rahu/Ketu along with Capricorn is not helping. Then again, no one has it worse than Capricorn as they transform due to the Uranus and Rahu/Ketu changes. So, breathe.

Aries: I am sure that you may feel by now everything is coming together. But is it? With Uranus in your house for so long you may have felt everything was happening quickly and suddenly. But it did give you a chance to reconsider your relationships, family, and your home. This eclipse will assist you in reconsidering your friends. You also may be reconsidering how you make a living, along with what has been successful for you and what has not.

Saturn: Slow progress in your work and a decline in your patience
Rahu: Increase in your expenditures and possible relocation
Ketu: Inability to focus and change of jobs
Jupiter: Declining of health and finances

Libra: The crazy eclipses are behind you and now you are glorified with Jupiter. You should not be feeling that bad. But perhaps you did previously as you disconnected yourself from people who thought they were your friends or something you used to do. But now you must get your health and career back on track. This is the time to plant those seeds as needed.

Saturn: Increase in travel and disputes with family members
Rahu: Hard work, increase in your finances, and focus on mother’s health
Ketu: Pressures of work, financial losses, and discontent with relationships
Jupiter: Increase in respect at work, possible promotion, and prosperity

Cancer: While you were sipping on pina colada’s for some time, did you think it would last forever? Remember that Rahu/Ketu is about death and rebirth, karma, and paying it forward. The eclipse in Leo could have caused you to lose, or end, a specific type of career you used to do and now it is about paying back karma. Expect the unexpected on the positive side; it is about curing or finding a solution to ongoing issues i.e. health or financial areas.

Saturn: Increase in travel and decline in your health
Rahu: Increasing arguments and being domineering
Ketu: Prosperity in areas of occupation and disparity in areas of relationships
Jupiter: Addition to your family, or extended family, and wisdom soars

Capricorn: You may naturally worry like your sibling Virgo; you have every right to do so. Rahu/Ketu transit, with Pluto and now Uranus, your head may be spinning like crazy. You may have ended a project or the additional income that may have been coming in has stopped. It also has to do with past karma pay back. Now, you must reconsider how you communicate with people and how it effects your work life.

Saturn: Increase in travel and decline in your health and finances
Rahu: Business and career will improve while relationships may decline
Ketu: Stress, detachment, and negative thinking
Jupiter: Increase in finances and an addition to your family

The above predictions are based are based upon VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories) and not reliant upon Western or Eastern Astrology. For western predictions you may seek my recommended advisors Leslie Hale or Lee Stillwaters or any of my other preferred astrologers here.

Remember, this is the exact opposite to the eclipse in August 2017. However, the world will go through significant changes until Saturn really moves away from Sagittarius. My predictions for this eclipse are about paying back karma. As women and the deprived will rise up to regain their personal power back. Many major industries that keep the world and countries in order could go through a period of “Cleaning house” i.e. administrations, large corporations, education, and anything that does not work will be destroyed or gone one day soon.

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, fires, floods, and water related issues are possible. Financial falls and continued stock market declines are possible to bring balance between the haves and have nots. Conflicts and financial instabilities are possible starting in May.

Since moon in Aquarius represents Defiant, Unforgiving, Clear, Hospitable, and Unpredictable, it is my recommendation for us to remain well-adjusted during this energy. This new moon is unusual to many astrological signs. It is my recommendation that you purchase an orange candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with lavender oil or sage oil and chant the Psalm 51. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next eclipse.

This year I am incorporating five mantras for the eclipse and moon in Aquarius. It is my recommendation that until the next eclipse that you don’t steer away from this, as the next eclipse will change your world

When it comes to finding nourishing interactions, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a vibrant understanding of what your goal should be.

The mantra for the Solar eclipse are:



(auum Hriiim Hliim Sur yay a na ma ha)


(om aadityaay vidmahe bhaaskaraaye dheemahi tanno bhaanu prachodayaat)

The mantra for Aquarius moon is:


Om Hreeng Aing Kleeng Shreeng

(om Hriing auinng Kliing shriing)


Om Shreem Upendraya Achutaya Namah


Yasya:nke cha vibha:ti bhu:dharsuta: devapaga: mastake, Bhale balbidhurgale cha garalam yasyorasi vyalraat Soyam bhumivibhisanah survarah sarvadhipah sarvada: Sharvah sarvgatah shivah shashinibhah shri Shankar patu maam”

The purpose of this mantra is to foster steadiness on your pathway in life by helping you realize the teachings you have set for yourself and through karma, pessimism will be overcome.

As with every moon cycle, remember to cross out the old affirmations, even if there is the slightest change, and create new ones. The perfect number for aspiration is 10. This means to list 10 aspirations and recite them every night until the next moon cycle. Also remember to never make the affirmations begin with “I want”, they must be worded “I need to be shown how to retain”.

Please note, I am not an astrologer. Vedic philosophical theories are unique as they predetermine the actions and reactions of individuals through dharma and karma incorporation. Every reading is unique, bringing the truth and choices for the optimistic and reliable source of changes and transformation.

This will be last 6-month reading until late summer and highly representative of all aspects of our lives. Currently I am taking appointments and my schedule will be published soon for those who have consulted with me before as well as for those that follow my blog.


Maharani Rutan©

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Involuntary Passage: Magenta Lunar Eclipse January 2018

Total Lunar Eclipse

Super Blue Full moon

Super Red Full moon

Super Full Moon in Leo

January 31, 2018


By Maharani Rutan©

Many of our lives are contingent upon the lessons of the past. Our characters are built upon our mistakes as well as our achievements. Once again, we are reminded that almost all of history must repeat itself to ensure that we have learned what we needed to learn to move to the next phase.

In only the first month of 2018 we have cried, mourned, been devastated, and fought for equality. We have watched leaders make fools of themselves while we scratched our heads with the question of “why.” Now, by the end of the month we question the very essence of family structure and what we call security; but most of all, we question how the lessons of the past affect us. These answers will not come to us overnight, rather, they may take several months to reveal themselves. I believe they will gradually come to us so that we can make sense of it all.

Some of the most positive aspects of January 2018, have been the beautiful Super full moon in Cancer and Micro New moon in Capricorn. Perhaps, planetary, our perception and emotions may have been tugged but the sky was beautiful to see.

January 31, 2018, will be one of those rare moments when the full moon will be described as a blue moon, one of only two that we will have in 2018. The phrase was coined by astronomers as “once in a blue moon”, meaning that only once in a blue moon do two full moons happen in a calendar month. But the rarity is that the second blue moon will be in the spring, and once again the past will repeat itself in 2037 when there will be exactly two blue moons in a year to repeat – January and March.

What I like about this moon is that this is the first time in a long time it is not only s blue moon, but it is also a red moon and a super moon. What a grand scale! We just passed our first super moon on January 23, 2018, and we are glorified again. We must enjoy this scenery as this type of aspect will not occur for at least 12 years, with the last occurrence being well over 130 years ago.

Scientifically, the total lunar eclipse occurs when three planets, the sun, moon, and earth form a straight line. Thus, any sunlight that is caste upon the earth is impassable to the moon. Because the density of Sun is much larger than the earth, the sun’s ray casts Earth’s shadow on the moon and it covers the moon entirely; often giving it a red luminosity.

Another uniqueness of this moon is that there will be NO FULL Moons in February. Therefore, some have adopted the January 31, 2018 Super Red-Blood moon to be renamed the “Snow Moon” as it is anticipated those in the northern hemisphere will have a very cold and possibly snowy February. Equally, in the southern hemisphere it is named correctly as the Red moon. This seems simple enough; blue representing the snow and cool weather, and red representing the light, enough for barley to grow. But its something even more special about this moon, which is also the day of our first eclipse in 2018.

The total lunar eclipse on January 31, 2018, will be visible in North America, the Pacific Ocean, Asia, and Australia. Its duration will be 1 hour and 16 minutes as it completes its cycle. The shadow of the sun will begin to cover the earth through the Penumbral Eclipse on the 31st at 5:51am EST and 10:51 UTC which can be seen by the eastern coast lines of the U.S and Canada. While the moon becomes full it begins its alignment with the Earth through its Partial Eclipse at 6:48am EST and 11:48 UTC. Though the total eclipse will not be seen by the North America’s, it will begin as the moon becomes fuller at 7:51am EST and 12:51 UTC. The moon will be completely full due to the super moon effect at 8:28am EST, 5:28 PST and 13:29 UTC; it will also be the maximum eclipse. The full eclipse will end at 9:07 EST and 14:07 UTC, thus within a half-hour or so, the magnificent cosmos show will wind down. The partial eclipse will end at 10:11 am EST and 15:11 UTC and will go back to original form at 11;08 PST and 16:08 UTC. This entire process could make it seem that the moon is red; however, it will depend upon the orbit’s degree.

Now that we have discussed the scientific gravitational degrees of the eclipse, it is time to analyze how this scenario relates to our past. I can say with certainty that this eclipse is at the exact degree, and sign, as the eclipse on January 31, 1991. Like the saying goes “Back to the Future”. As much as I would like to concentrate on other countries and pop cultures, I believe that more drama has been going on in some very specific nations i.e., U.S, Russia, and Korea, than any other countries, therefore, my top focus is going to be on these countries. It’s imperative that before the discussion of history is evaluated, the polarity is imperative to bring a connection between the past and the present.

In January 1991, the first African American woman was elected as Mayor of Washington D.C. (Sharon Pratt Dixon), and in January 2018 the first transgender person is seated in the Virginia House of Delegates (Danica Roem). January 1991 sees air strikes in Iraq, while in January 2018 air strikes continue in Somalia. January 2011, Eastern Airlines files bankruptcy but continues to operate for two more years, and in January 2018, Toys-R-US & Sears file for bankruptcy – could they operate for two more years? January 2011, President Bush appoints staff who retire or resigns, and in January 2018 President Trump appoints staff that resigns or are fired. Jan 7, 1991, Saddam Hussein prepares his military to wage a war against the U.S, and in January 2018, North Korea’s Kim John Un prepares to wage a war against the U.S. January 1991, Hurricane Hugo is linked to 61 deaths, while January 2018, mudslides and snow storms are linked to 60 deaths. There are many more polarities but the question is, what are we to learn from these coincidences? The answers are not available to us right away, rather, we must wait until the eclipses through Aquarius/Leo axis is complete.

The journey of the Leo eclipse will not end, at least until January 2019. What we will learn will be the things that are most intimate for us; which is the structure of society, leadership, security, and protection.

The first question of our structure was answered when our eyes were forced opened by the Lunar eclipse in February 10, 2017. “The only way this can happen is to alter separate ego centrism from ‘I’ thinkers to ‘We’ the people”. The first lunar eclipse of 2018 will do just that; opening our eyes while we hear the “Lions roar.”

The second question of leadership was answered in the past six months as we questioned the leadership during the fall eclipse on August 21, 2017 and on wards. “This could cause many leaders to take things out of context, being overly melodramatic or defensive, and could even have shortage of self-control and ethical reliability.” Read more here

The third question is one of security, which can be in the form of employment, taxes, finances, or anything to do with security of living and well being. All these answers will be provided for us in the next six months. We will be made to either rethink our budget or rethink what we need to do to secure ourselves.

As a VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theory) reader, I must observe and respect the Vedic rituals such as Chandra Grahan (literal meaning: stealing of the moon aka lunar eclipse). This eclipse is very unusual certain rituals must be done before sundown and after. To simply put it, if the eclipse is visible in your city you should observe ultimate sacrifice (half fast day) if not, then you may not have to. However, to be on the safe side it should be observed as weather conditions do not account for the visibility. Furthermore, not only is this eclipse going to be politically driven, but it will also be relationship oriented as the full moon always brings endings and new beginnings.
Because this is a super full moon eclipse I suspect the effects of this eclipse will be felt as early as the 21st of January and will continue outwards until the eclipse in August 2018. However, keep in mind that the predisposition of eclipses is based upon VPAT which states that the Lunar eclipse is in Cancer, not Leo. Additionally, Rahu and Ketu are in Capricorn and Cancer, which means these people are going to have a difficult time sleeping or are going to be unable to sleep during the times given above.

Lunar eclipses have always been known as an omen. As Chandra (moon) is related to family and personal dilemmas which causes social and psychological intensity. Mostly, the intensity is related to issues which were brought up or related to December 2010 eclipses.

I will not be surprised at all if the difficulties of world leaders continue to intensify, or if the weather patterns cause crops to be unavailable or enter the market at a high cost. Additionally, there may be issues of terrorism, depression, and unstable economy for those that reside within the viewing are of the eclipse (North Americas, Asia and Australia). But I hope that my visions are proven incorrect when world issues surround nuclear or chemical weapons that effect our environment. Hence, it could be the opposite when all are halted.

On a personal level, for 7 days before the day of the eclipse and 7 days after, no major decisions should be made that would change one’s life. These decisions could pertain to marriage, jobs, moving, or even traveling for business. There could be a very strange outcome or some shocking endings.

The end of January will bring roller coaster rides for many and continue through February. A couple of days before the eclipse, Mars will enter Sagittarius and with Saturn in Sagittarius (per VPAT) will cause many people to experience “Fight or Flight” feelings. Many will seem angry and in order not to say anything they don’t mean, they may run away. Furthermore, projects may not be completed, and if it is not smoothing they may not be completed at all.

In the Vedic Philosophies, anyplace the eclipse is observable will be affected the most. The lunar eclipse will have a long-lasting influence on all fixed signs due to its placement in Aquarius/Leo as both are in fixed signs; therefore, all those under those signs (Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus) will be magnified. I will go into more detail later in the blog.

This is also a time that Aquarius/Leo’s are discovering themselves; finding out who they are, and how they are in harmony with their relationships. Both Aquarius’ and Leo’s are often concerned about what others think; it is about looking privately and standing out for who they are. Unique creativeness are idyllic to bring modesty and effort, independently of others.

The full moon, or lunar eclipse, is always about discarding the old to make room for the new. Yet, in the Vedic Philosophies it is recommended that people recognize, and are cautioned to exercise, the same formalities as counseled during retrograde, but with even more discipline during the eclipse.

There is a profound anxiety for sensitive situations and wishes within the context of the house, sign, and planetary aspects affected. To fully increase in value the potential of the lunar eclipse, we must search both houses and signs that are brought into play. Where the Moon is – we can provoke our demons, old behaviors, and uncertainties, and where the Sun is we may find the means to hold and issue from whatever oppression. We can now have understanding in life through our inspired efforts. In any event, there are prospects for deeper empathetic understanding, and finding a balance in our lives.

The Moon in Leo marks a time of determination and charisma. Ruled by the Sun, Leo creates a guidance of cordiality, eagerness, and delight. People may feel inspired, gracious, and liberal. It is a good time to chase romance, be collective, and to help others. Like the Lion that denotes Leo, people may feel self-assured but also require gratitude and appreciation. Attention needs to be taken to avoid overemotional spectacles while attempting to clutch the limelight, or in management positions.

Often full moons, especially attached to the eclipse, are compared to chapters in a book; the conception of forming new chapters in our lives is like a chapter in a book. Every full moon we produce a thesis which means we propose a change rationally that we need to alter because of conditions which are no longer working. Whether it is our appearance or dealing with problems in our own lives, the transformation is imminent because old ways are not working.

As the moon begins to move from bright to dim, and creates a metamorphism to a New moon, we create antithesis. The prevailing energy of the new moon (which was a couple of weeks ago) gave the beginning of simplicity in what needs to change; our thesis (awareness or a change), is it likely or is it a nullification which causes a response, and we begin to plant the seeds.

When the moon orbits to nurture itself into waxing moon we triumph to resolve struggles between thesis (ideas or a modification) and antithesis (what we need to do to make it happen or what won’t work) and this synthesis will permit the truth to form new ideas while undertaking issues that do not work in our lives. In easier terms, we could end a chapter in our lives or even began a new one. But changes will be the climax.

A Lunar Eclipse is painstaking by its effect on zealous reactions. Psychic sensitivity and spiritual tendencies during a lunar eclipse occur because of the lunar energies. So, take this energy and put it toward constructive activities such as writing in your journal and acceptance of your feelings on paper. Remember things that happen within the 3-week period during and after the eclipse usually have long lifelong effect. If the eclipse happens on your sun it will have a great influence on your life, but if there is a clash it may be problematic for 6 months. To find out more about where your placements are I would suggest you speak to a western astrologer, either Leslie or Lee. If not, please refer to the link to find other recommended astrologers (here).

The power of this Full Moon and the eclipse can be particularly tough for those who were born under a Full Moon PHASE, as well those that have significant houses in Aquarius/Leo, not to mention those with fixed Sun Signs (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus).

The Leo vigor can frequently cause us to be more biased, tenacious, content, annoyed, conceited, vain, and superior. It’s harder (but not unbearable) to make changes or be supple, since the Moon is the closest ‘Planet’ to Earth. It also hits us more deeply than most Planets.
The material which I am about to present is not grounded upon western or eastern astrology rather; it is based upon a Vedic philosophy. This philosophy arises from its roots as placeholders which use the method that there are no absolutes. Though astrology and numerology can be used as placeholders (like a name tag) the mixture is what makes a soul.

These are general tendencies based upon the methodology of VPAT and not to be confused for astrology. Those that have had a chance to talk to me may have had their VPAT chart done and I recommend that you now take this material and use your columns to foretell your six-month outcome.

Principal placeholders that will be pretentious by this eclipse will be fixed signs therefore, I will be emphasizing Leo/Aquarius primary and move into those that may be least affected.

Fixed Signs

(Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus)

This is the 4th of Aquarius’ series of eclipses; the first was Aquarius/Virgo axis in August of 2016 which was focused around work (read more about it here). The 2nd Series in Pisces/Leo Eclipse changed how we looked at life. In the fall of 2017, the journey continued as both Aquarius Eclipse and Leo Eclipse changed their perception of life. This continual transformation will affect fixed signs until 2019 even when Aquarius leaves in the fall. However, Saturn in moved into Sagittarius (read about it here) until 2020. This means it will affect all fire signs including Leo. While all fixed signs will be affected by this eclipse as it is in their sister house.

Leo: This is the second of the series of eclipses for you, Dear Leo, until January 2019. You will now ask questions as 5 W’s one H. Who do you want to be like or who are you? What do you want to do in the future? Where do you want to work and live? When do you want to do it? The last question is how will you do this. The first step will be to examine yourself, your health, personality, and your visions of life. As you make ground breaking changes necessary to make these changes. But remember, Saturn in Sagittarius (per VPAT) will continue to transform you until 2020, in a way you have never experienced before.

Aquarius: Even though this eclipse is not in your sign this is an Aquarius/Leo axis which means you will be affected unlike the last eclipse which reformed you. This eclipse will force you to reconsider every relationship in your life, i.e. business, personal, and family. It will be a time looking at everything from desires to commitment as well as happiness, success and vision. Also remember Jupiter in Libra (per VPAT) will bring things you treasure and things that no longer serve a purpose will leave. Since VPAT does not focus much on the sun signs; rather, it has a moon focus, expect the unexpected good or bad, this is your eclipse too.

Scorpio: This eclipse is more karmic than you ever would have thought. You will now be concentrating on your career, goals, occupation and all things that make you the person you are. It will go profoundly into the origins of your accomplishments, influence, standing, social status, financial strength, recognition, esteem, and the position you are longing. It is about your face and how you will increase your goals in the bigger picture.

Taurus: Consideration of physical value is going to take much of your energy. However, it is a time to be able to balance your personal life and things that are meaningful to you. You may consider the focus of things that you own such as your home, vehicle, jewelry, and family values. Hence, it is time to look at your work and personal life, how you will maintain peace and harmony, and how you can have the best of both worlds while bringing yourself happiness. However, with Uranus in your sign now you must do what you can to save for a rainy day.

Cardinal Signs

(Aries, Capricorn, Libra, and Cancer)

This eclipse is making some significant changes to Cardinal signs. As we are now moving away from Uranus in Aries. Some Aries’ should feel good as nothing will be that shocking. However, Saturn in Sagittarius will continue to impact your work and friends, Dear Aries. If you have not paid your debt to someone, or something, you will pay Karma as Saturn governs your Karma. However, nothing will compare to the depths of Rahu and Katu transits in Capricorn/Cancer which will impact after life and a reconsidering of the present. Soon, Cancers will be going through their own transformations. A Little hint is the 2009 eclipses. Additionally, with Jupiter in Libra (according to VPAT) Libra’s will now go through their own wonderful transformation in areas of money, home, relationships somewhat a euphoria effect.

Aries: You should be feeling a lot better. Now is the time to revive and reflect on how you differentiate, justify, and examine everything in your life. It may be time to go back to school or do a spiritual vocation. As you do so you will have blessing and affluence. But the problem is you wager on your reserves too much. Whatever makes you feel good and whatever makes you feel bad will be the focus of the eclipse.

Libra: As you continue to enjoy the gifts of Jupiter, remember to watch your weight and indulgences as they could cost you plenty in the long run. This eclipse is about wonderful surprises for you. Unexpected money, happiness, and prosperity is coming to you. It does not mean go and win the lotto (well that could happen but I did not say so) it’s about inheritance, and profitable gain. You could be more social than ever before and you will have supporters that will assist you in every way.

Cancer: You have been riding high for quite some time now. The time is almost near for your own eclipses this summer. Hence Rahu/Ketu transit is making you look at life in a deeper sense. Consider whom you leave things behind for. Whom have you hurt that you need to mend with and what Karma will you take with you? It’s time to consider your family and how you are maturing. You will have a double-edged sword here. Not that it must be bad at all but it is about your family, relatives, moods, reactions, and how you relate to them. Your thinking and focus needs to be on budgeting debts and profits, and how you manage them. Remember that according to VPAT this is your eclipse even though Leo’s are focused. Something will definitely end.

Capricorn: Having Rahu/Ketu and Pluto in your sign is not always easy, you may have your high highs and low lows and it can cause depression or even anxieties. This is your transformation. If you have not taken care of your health you will be shown your weaknesses. Things will happen out of the blue and you could have enormous losses or gains. You may anticipate family money, or insurance which could be taken away or given to you. Even with any negativity, your psychic antennas are beaming and your intuition is strong, so use to your purpose.

Mutable Signs

(Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini)

With Saturn in Sagittarius, by association all mutable signs should be feeling the effects of Saturn. It could be dissatisfaction at work, long hours, fatigue, or unfulfilled expectations. Fortunately, at the end of the tunnel (2020) you will no longer let minor things change your moods or perception. With Uranus moving into Taurus, it could be that Virgos may feel things happen suddenly or unexpectedly. While Gemini is getting rubbed by Jupiter in Libra, they may be turned between having fun and working. Lastly, Pisces is still trying to dust their shirts from their eclipse last spring and continue their journey to change.

Sagittarius: Saturn can be quite difficult but also leaves a present at the door. Saturn is debt paying transit so be careful what you do and say as it will be a difficult transit if you don’t. On top of the disturbance of karma teacher this eclipse is also sitting in your dharma home. This can be a good period. You may go through a period when you don’t know where you are going but you will discover things which no one has ever known. It’s time to go back to school, go to a spiritual retreat, or do charitable work; the more you do the more you will be rewarded.

Virgo: As your transit of luck and financial uncertainties have moved past you, the universe tests you to see how you can handle things that are the unexpected. When Uranus goes into Taurus, your hard work and money will have unexpected shocks, both good and bad, so be prepared for the unknown. This eclipse is about endings. It will focus on impartiality, isolation, seclusion, depression, and dependencies. It is about letting go of things that no longer serve a purpose and cause negative thinking in your life. It is time for you to remove yourself from anything that is tangible and bring humility and freedom into your life.

Gemini: I guess it can be said that you may be on a win-win situation for a minute or two. With Jupiter in air signs you will find it benefits you. This eclipse takes place in a house which you are an expert at: communication, learning, and investigation. It is how you share your information with people and how you build rapport. However, it is not just about information, but also how you apply what you know with people. It is about media and every person in your life. Additionally, since you love to travel, this will be about travels also.

Pisces: You have now completed one phase of your transformation. Remember, every year after an eclipse you become more mature. But this means owning up to your mistakes and the lessons you have learned during your occupation. Now it is time to reconsider how you handle conflicts, adversaries, and how they affect your health. You will now have to dig deep to confront your fearful demons, and how you attend to others.

What I have offered are universal predispositions based upon VPA. Everyone’s characteristics will be diverse, contingent upon the individual VPA chart. This is not astrology and I strongly recommend if you need an astrological reading to contact Leslie Hale or Lee Stillwater, or any of my other recommend Astrologers here. If you are looking for a Vedic Astrologer, contact me privately as I can point you in the direction which is most beneficial to you.

Moon in Leo could cause a subtle need to sparkle and be well-regarded by others. You may express your feelings in a naïve manner – either vivaciously or dramatically. A natural magnetism with children, influence, and leadership comes naturally. Nurturing through respect while reassuring them to be strong, bold, and spirited will also come naturally. You view your mother as a royal, powerful, or a valued person; and look for autonomy, friendliness, and power in that relationship.

Through the Lunar Eclipse, it is vital to analyze situations in a changed facet. It is time to re-write your aspiration: “I need help in forming what I vision of and power to manifest happiness through this process. I need the information to love more and the ability to engage in a positive environment.”

Moon in Leo is Spirited, Brave, Studied, Administrative, Planned, AND MOODY. It is my suggestion that you purchase a Yellow candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with Orange and Rosemary Oil and chant Psalm 65. Chant, in silence, Psalm 40 three times. Allow yourself to intone these words every night until the next moon cycle and let the glory of the higher power enter your body, mind and soul.

The Lunar eclipse also needs extra care. For this lunar eclipse purchase a mauve candle, carve your name through to the wick, anoint the candle with passion fruit oil, and chant Psalm 51.

In addition to these mantras, I recommend a Vedic Spiritual Bath; though this year’s recipes are not available to the public, those that did receive it please follow it.

For this eclipse, as well as the full and new moons, I have incorporated 4 mantras, each one more difficult than the other and more powerful. Do what you can to use proper enunciation as it is the most powerful method of help.

Additionally, to calm the effects of the lunar eclipse, I have incorporated a lunar eclipse mantra. This I suggest reciting now until Feb 15, 2018 and during the midnight hours of the full moon. The Leo moon mantras are:

Easy Mantra

Om Hreeng Shreeng Sauh

Om (Breathe in) Hriing (out) Shriing (in) Suuuuah (breathe all the way out)


Om Kleem Brahmne Jagadadharaya Namah


Aum namah suryay shantaya sarva rog vinashane Ayuh arogyam aishwarya dehi deva jagatpate. japa kusum sankash kashyapeyam mahadhytim dhvantari sarva paapdhanam pranatotsim divakaram


Nagendraharaya trilacanaya bhasmanga ragaya mahesvaraya nityaya suddhaya digambaraya tasme na karaya nama: shivaya. Mandakini salila candana carcitaya nandisvara pramathanatha mahesvaraya mandarapuspa bahupuspa supujitaya tasme ma karaya namah shivaya

Mantra for eclipse for those who know proper annunciation


Om Shraam, Shreem, Shroum Saha Chandramase Namaha”.


Om Kshirputrayay Vidmahe Amrit Tatvaaye Dheemahi Tanno Chadrah Prachodayat

This Siddha mantra uses the collective essentials that manage each charka: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. The purpose of this mantra is the to keep us in balance and from becoming irritated through darkness and unfocused energy. This mantra will support an easygoing and pleasant transition to new and positive energy states.

Please Note: I do not claim to be a Western or a Vedic Astrologer nor have the credits or academia to be titled as such. I am a Certified Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Reader. My philosophical explanations are based upon Science, Nature, Karma, Astrology, Numerology, Dharma, Ayurvedic, Philosophies, Universal, and many other ideologies to bring collected explanations of possible channels rather than absolutes.

I have already started accepting appointments for those who have Leo in their 1st, 7th, and 10th house for February 1 and 2. If you wish to have a reading please remember that I am only offering 6 months reading for 6 days for this eclipse.

Wishing you the most blessed eclipse. This transit will be powerful and last for 6 months; beginning as early as 7 days before and after.

Maharani Rutan©

Copyright © cosmicpsychic, cosmicpsychics, Maharani Rutan 2018. All Rights Reserved.

My mind is dark but my Soul is the light: Micro New Moon in Capricorn 2018

Micro New Moon

New Moon in Capricorn

January 16, 2018

By Maharani Rutan©

Struggling to wake up with Mercury Retrograde at the start of 2018, the Universe has thrown some wrenches our way to make sure we are seeing everything with our eyes wide open.

The year began with the most beautiful, and brightest, super moon of 2018. The Cherokee Indians were correct in naming it cold moon. As I stated in the Super moon blog, “I would not be surprised if the colder states are colder and the warmer states get much more rain than anticipated and it too becomes very cold or hot. This will go hand in hand with our feelings as pressure from the water and the rain causes many of us to become more emotional than normal.”- Read more here.

With our eyes watery from the brightness of the super moon and cold weather, the universe is having some mercy. Now what we are about to see is a complete void, with our first Micro New Moon in Capricorn. Possibly, it is the Gods in heaven way of letting us know what it would be like if we had no moon at all, or what it would be like to have it so far away.

Micro New Moon will be a void in the sky, however it will also seem as if the outline of the moon is 25-35% smaller. Not only will it seem smaller, but like a normal full moon, this new moon will bring high tides due to the gravitational pull on the one side of our two main planets – the sun and the moon. Once again, I would not be surprised if we have more unexpected wrath from Mother Nature, but this time the plates may be the focal point i.e. earthquakes, tsunami or typhoons.

We must also remember that for every negative this always a positive. The gracious micro new moon will enter the sign of Capricorn, which wonders through the cosmos at 28 degrees on January 16, 2018 at approximately 9:17pm EST and 6:17pm PST.

To bless this transit, Venus also changed signs to Aquarius the day after, January 17, 2018. Not only will fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) be feeling this but by association, all air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) will get a whiff. Venus in Aquarius can bring caring, supportive, optimistic, and aspiring energy. Hence, it can also bring some personal reserve, impartiality, and directness. This can be good or bad depending upon how you fancy your relationships.

The Earthy New Moon brings a time of gorgeousness and maturing. It is a period of individual contentment and a time to introspect. It’s time to consider: How can you combine your dreams, bring them into the world, and say this is good for everyone? It is about self-sacrifice.

The New Moon signals a time for being bold and taking plenty of risks as long as they are divine. Remember that perfect job you wanted? Manifest it, draw it, and picture it. Remember the perfect relationship you wanted? Think about it and ask – does it happen or is it a deception? The new moon will usher Capricorns and Earth signs to start again and Cardinal signs to produce something for months to come. Don’t forget to write that check to yourself for whatever amount you “need” to pay off those bills and place it where the universal energy will see it. Remember, there is a difference between need and want.

A new cycle has started. It is the seed of footing for a new lunar cycle. The chart of the New Moon is the key to stimuli in the coming lunar month. The New Moon is an asking time; time to direct what our wishes are and surrendering to the plans accessible through this moon in Capricorn. The moon urges you to decide and honor the status of the “additional” – other people, thoughts, and principles.

You can hold everything. Love completely, too. This is the time to Fold, Implore and be Grateful, and to work on efficiency and success. There are tendencies to have a very eccentric nature and to complete and attain discrete concepts and values. But there is also a bias to reply rashly and fervently.

Diffidence and arrogance in all things will be the drive – thus, communication may be difficult to express. Take all subtle circumstances sincerely, seeing the outcome of opinions and actions.

The New Moon brings with it ambitiousness, practicality, and being a good leader. By fostering others there is response to their actions, prompting them to continue. The greater need is to look to your mother for discipline and order, and you may see her as a person of high status.

With the moon in Capricorn, the vibrating of Saturn is highlighted. It is time for determinate energy and an awareness of work and responsibility. Hunting for statuses and financial security, people might become tough, even coldly unfriendly, but the selfishness is a requirement rather than hostility.

The Saturn effects of Capricorn often causes cynicism or pessimism to creep in, and while the moon is in Capricorn energy is lethargic. It is time for carefully applying yourself to errands while living solely in the present.

The moon in Capricorn is Focused, Gloomy, Robust, Tangible, and Capricious. You may choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle which will be our first eclipse in 2018.

This year I have decided to incorporate 4 mantras to assist in advancement of Sanskrit utilities as well as bring a more diverse devotional connection. For the Capricorn moon, the mantras are as follows:


Om Aing Kleeng Hreeng Shreeng Sauh

(omm (breathe in through your mouth) Aiiing (breathe out through your nose) Kliiing (breathe in) Hriing (breathe out) Shriing(Breathe in) Saauuhh(Breathe out)

During this mantra, you should feel the vibration through your ears, upper jaw, nose, and chest. This is how the more advance method should be practiced as well.


Om Shreem Upendraya Achutaya Namah


“Yasya:nke cha vibha:ti bhu:dharsuta: devapaga: mastake, Bhale balbidhurgale cha garalam yasyorasi vyalraat Soyam bhumivibhisanah survarah sarvadhipah sarvada: Sharvah sarvgatah shivah shashinibhah shri Shankar patu maam”


“Om Shanno devīrabhistdaapo bhavantupītaye Aparadhasahastrani kriyanteharnisam maya Dasoyamiti maa matva kshamasva paramesvara. Gatam papam gatam du Kham gatam daridraya meva ch…Agatah Sukha- sampatti punyoham tava darsanat”

If your primary planets are in Capricorn it is recommend that you do 108 mala beads in the morning and at night.

Additionally, it is my suggestion that you purchase a white candle and recite Psalm 117 if you find the mantra too difficult. Make sure you take the time to write down 10 aspirations and recite them every day, wording them to say, “I can have…”

Please note that I am not an Astrologer. These are general tendencies which are incorporated in Vedic foresight which enhances and brings distinction between the East and West.

Vedic reading is unique; the evaluations and results are based upon supplementing actions beyond words, bringing explanations and suppositions. It brings complications to the head to bring soother resolutions. It brings two paths which focus on what is present day and what could be in the future. But most of all, it halts time, like it is in warp energy, so that appropriate assessment can be made as to which path could deliver positive or manifested results.

I wish you the best of the new moon. Just remember to plant those seeds that can sustain chaos as there will be a lot of shaking and stirring the pot at the end of the month.


Copyright © cosmicpsychic, cosmicpsychics, Maharani Rutan 2017. All Rights Reserved.

Quest for Aspirations of Peace ~Prophecies of 2018



(Correct Predictions are highlighted within the paragraphs)

By Maharani Rutan©

As everyone prepares to shuffle family and financial states, the world as we had known it has dramatically changed. I began writing this blog when the tax reform in the United States was passed and on its way to the President of one of the most powerful nations in the world. Then I thought to myself, something must change and began analyzing the VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories) to look at profound changes.

I feel that music is a part of our souls, and words have a deepest impact. Therefore, before beginning to read this predictive blog, take the time to exhale to listen to “We are here” – by Alicia Keys. The lyrics are written in such a way that all will make sense.

We are here
We are here for all of us
We are here for all of us
That’s why we are here, why we are here
We are here

Bombs over Baghdad, tryna get something we ain’t never had
Let’s start with a good dad
So real but it’s so sad
And while we burnin’ this incense, we gon’ pray for the innocent
‘Cause right now it don’t make sense
Right now it don’t make sense

Let’s talk about Chi town
Let’s talk about Gaza
Let’s talk about, let’s talk about Israel
‘Cause right now it is real
Let’s talk about, let’s talk Nigeria
In a mass hysteria, yeah
Our souls are brought together so that we could love each other

We are here
We are here for all of us
We are here for all of us
That’s why we are here, why we are here
We are here
(bottom of the page is the Video for eyes to open)

VPAT heavily relies on the concept of numerology and philosophical theories. As we move past 2017 which is considered “1”, often referred to as an innovation or a new start, we now move in the year numerated as “2”. Depending upon the circumstances and when the country became independent the numerological inferences would change. However, since I am scoping the overall emphasis I will focus upon the year as a marker.

January 1, 2018, falls on a Monday, and usually Mondays is a start of a new week. In the same respect, 2018 will be broken down as 20=2, 1+8 = 9 therefore, 2+9 =11= (1+1) = 2. The best thing that can happen to many of us is to embrace this year, no matter how difficult it may become. Number 2 is a representation of Chandra which is the moon and is usually considered a representation of Cancer. Every characteristic of Cancer will place itself in this year’s drama or resolutions.

I feel that 2018 will bring people together more so than ever before. As the catastrophes of 2017 brought neighbors and families together to build something profound, I believe individual mindsets may change into more compassionate and understanding states. There will be more creativity, so expect news about paintings, artists, beautiful homes etc. in the news. Innovations and intellectual processes will also be in high demand ( Falcon Heavy rocket was mostly a success for SpaceX, Iphone X). There could be a more soft-spoken nature and possibly very emotional periods (The “Me Too” movement, “March for our lives”).

On the other hand, there are falsities, or we may hear a lot about addiction of all kinds (Opioids:  Nation Under Siege). Many may be bored with their work if it does not continue to excite them. People will be influenced by the moon, therefore their concentration may go from one thing to another in the spur of a moment and lack in confidence at times. But because of the sympathetic nature, many of us may become very sensitive to world in deprivation.

While the people of the world watch the leaders, I would not be surprised that devastation by natural disasters and war continue. The immaturity of leaders to gain power and show who is more powerful than the other (United States , North Korea, China) will only bring many people together. But peace can only occur when we notice how blind we may have been.

Due to the eclipses in Aquarius and Leo, the early Spring could very well trigger another natural disaster (4 Nor’easter). Such a disaster can only be a warning for humanity not to take nature for granted and that not everything should be built upon. But when that does not work, it becomes quite possible that mother nature may blow her top (Mayon volcano on January 31st 2018) . Along with earth shaking (Gulf of Alaska January 23, 2018, Hualien, Taiwan Feb 06, 2018), as it did in 1991 and 2006, it would not surprise me if we continue to hear about flooding waters (Argentina & Paris Floods: January & February 2018), wind (Bomb Cyclone January 2018), or fire damage as we move through 2018; and all because not everyone agrees on global warming.

But there is a reason for most of this, whether you choose to believe or not. VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories) has stood to be correct for may predictions. I have been talking intensely about Rahu’s placement in Cancer. As the U.S is a Cancer country this would bring about unexpected events that shake the very core of a person’s life (Valentines Day Shooting in Florida). It could cause mental or physical illnesses or possibly influence unexpected events in one’s life like uprooting a home or other displacement (Flu epidemic, Hurricane Maria).

Additionally, due to Ketu, the chaos and upheaval (including natural disasters) is all about paying back past Karma. This is to bring many people to the point of understanding that the spiritual way of living is always through humility and peaceful conversation – that power, greed and manipulation does not always work in a spiritual world. There is an old saying there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, according to VPAT, this is about difficult but revealing lessons. Sagittarius’ tendency is to move forward only if it is truthful and righteous, anything in between will not count. It is also about legal issues, values, ethics (U.S Presidents investigation), norms and expectations. Some things that were once hidden (Scorpio) are now being revealed and people will have a voice (Me too movement, Facebook and other retailers data breaches). There is nothing that can be done except to take full responsibility for our own Karma and the foundations which we may have once known will change, usually for the better (Weinstein, Lower, Cosby, Porter). All we can possibly do is thank our lucky stars as Jupiter in Libra brings support and balance through the scales of justice (Martin Shkreli sentence).

With the two eclipses in Aquarius and Leo, along with the standalone Cancerian eclipse, innovation, financial adjustments, and corporate taxes could bring about new jobs with domestic and international relief to many people, though it may not seem that way in the beginning of the year as change is difficult for anyone. However, the time will come to search even deeper for the truth between March and October 2018, when the truth as we knew it will bring eye openers to many.

Consequently, as I had stated before, this year represents “2” which is in partnership and collaboration; at the same time, it is about juggling finances, time with family, and getting things done in a timely fashion by juggling and re-adjusting priorities. As this is a generalization, not everyone will feel the same affects and all we can really do is look at each month and seize the day. I would also suggest you contact an astrologer that you feel comfortable with, either Western or Progressive, and see how things pan out. However, what I give to you is a basic VPAT of trends which could impact your environment so that you are aware of them and are able to make modifications.

Changes are exactly what is going to be in sync in January 2018. As the whole world is still on slow speed due to Mercury ghost period, hopefully we can all transition to a completely different prospective. However, the cosmos has something different in mind for humanity.

In 2018, the skies will be twinkling every now and then, we will have one super moon, one micro full moon, and two micro new moons one in Capricorn in January 2018. Additionally, we will have two blue moons (one in Leo & one in Libra), one black moon, and one red moon. During the twinkling, there may even be times when our skies will light up with at least 10 meteor showers; a sight everyone should try to see. In the mix of all the twinkles and fires in the sky, the planets will also mix and mingle.

Saturn will continue its journey through Sagittarius on and off until 2020, therefore causing radical changes in infrastructure and justice. Jupiter will stay in Libra until the Fall but many will still feel this up to 2019. Moving into Scorpio in the Fall, Pluto will remain in Capricorn for another 2-3 years; therefore, our structures may still be in the dark for a while. Neptune is also going to continue to remain in Pisces, and this is all because it takes 13-14 years to move through each planet and its journey only began in 2013. Uranus will continue to remain in Aries on and off until 2019; therefore, many unexpected power-driven changes will also occur. Rahu and Ketu will also continue their journey to look at past life karma and unexpected issues until 2019.

You may say to yourself by now, “How does this affect me?” or “It all sounds so dim.” But rest assured that for every negative in our lives there is always light at the end of the tunnel and every month there will be a reason for a season, as we will continue to start waking up on December 31, 2017.

As we begin 2018 we will awaken by the light of the biggest and the brightest Super moon. But this super moon may be a little emotional as it rests in 11 degrees in Cancer. However, we are still not fully awake as the Mercury energy (according to VPAT) continues to make many of us still a little sluggish. Nevertheless, if you are not fully awake by the super full moon, then you sure will be by Uranus going direct. As I say, “Brace yourself as we are going for a very bumpy ride!” Uranus is known to cause disruptive events, usually unexpected, that shake us to our foundation. But when it is retrograding it becomes a little quiet. Hence, on January 2, 2018, Uranus will be moving direct and will remain direct for the next 7-8 months. Weather, politics, money, and power are all scopes of Uranus; something is bound to stir up. Thus, the cosmos will also let you know it is a little stirred by the first meteor shower. Many will not be able to see it because of the full moon but there will be many more opportunities later.

By the 11th of January things will begin to get a little quiet and start to move as Mercury will have already begun to move quickly ahead, preparing us for our first super new moon and our first blue moon of 2018 in Capricorn. But our friend, sky, has Aquarius written all over it when Venus and the Sun dances in Aquarius January 17 through 19th. This movement will be topped off with the first micro new moon on January 16, 2018. But Mars in Sagittarius on the 26th will make sure everyone is treated fairly, as it is just in time for our first total lunar eclipse and blue moon, which will also be a micro moon. This eclipse is paired with the eclipses we had during the Spring of 2017.

One of the most beautiful aspects of this eclipse is that it is exactly at the same degree and date as the one on Jan 31, 1999. This usually means same related issues will be brought up again either to re-establish, repair or renovate. Once again, the eclipse will be retransforming the Western world as it did in the Spring. However, the issues at hand could be related to the issues of family structures. But, because it is a full moon and the eclipse, I would not be surprised if issues of weather patterns, water, floods, or even fire become the news of the media (Thomas Fire CA, MudFlows Southern California, North American Cold Wave, Nor’easter). By now people are ready to scream revolution (“Me Too Movement”). Do not be surprised if the heavens hear the cries of humanity and it is portrayed in the color of the moon which could be red.

The last time the moon was red was in 2015 and there was a big fiasco about the return of Christ and bloodshed. I am not saying that theory is incorrect however, not much happened and therefore all one can predict is that the heavens will be hearing us; but in silence, as the moon transit takes some time and the skies will be pitch black in February with no moon light. Thus, without light humanity becomes cold and chaotic.

February 2018

February begins with loving Venus in Pisces/Aquarius on the 7th of February. Perhaps love will be friendly and dreamy. Don’t believe everything you see, touch, or even kiss as Neptune makes everyone feel as if they are in love and that the person is perfect. However, hold on tight as we move right into darkness. The VPAT theories predict an anomaly, by theory Feb 15, 2018 eclipse will be a black moon as there are no new moons in 33.3 days. The eclipse in Aquarius once again heads us right back to the past. I have always said the past repeats itself to make sure we have our i’s dotted and t’s crossed. The eclipse at 27 degrees in Aquarius is the exact replica of events that were being addressed when it was as the same exact degree and same sign on February 16, 1999. Which means – here we go again, with Mercury and Venus in Pisces communications may be very emotional and it’s time to look at the past.

Both January and February eclipses are exact replicas of 1999 eclipses, which tempted me to explore even further what we are up against. In January 1999, President Clinton’s trial of impeachment began (Pres. Trump impeachment and investigation), weather patterns were horrendous due to snow storms (Cold Wave, Noreaster), and the largest drug bust in Texas seized the day. In February president Clinton was impeached but it was overturned by the Senate by asking for a pardon (Trump denies the charges and 2 FBI directors are fired), and February 1999 saw the largest number of deaths in modern history. We are here again, perhaps more information will be discovered whereas, a president could possibly have the impeachment process completed?

March 2018

The healing words of Mercury and the sun in Pisces, with little help from Neptune, once again could be swept under the rug as we begin March. On the 1st, the full moon in Virgo will make sure we are awake and working; however, within a week’s span two major planets will begin their retrograde phase. One will get a bad rap and the other will be glorified.

In VPAT nothing really retrogrades; rather, it slows down or opens our eyes. On March 5, 2018, Jupiter in Libra will be retrograding which is not a bad thing. This will be a time of happiness, but only in areas of your life that are important. There could even be a chance of unexpected travel, growth, and a possible new relationship. The positives depend upon how humble you really are. If the intent of the prosperity is materialistic, deceiving, or impractical then the universe will make you wait even longer.

On the same day, Mercury will begin its ghost period to retrograde in Aries. Expect misunderstanding, disagreements, and aggressiveness in all issues of life, including politics and finances. This phase will continue to cause major chaos in our lives all the way until the beginning of May 2018. With the new moon in Pisces March 17. 2018 smack in the middle of all the craziness, perhaps we have a new beginning to spirituality and learn to be at peace again. Perhaps this is just what we need when the Spring Equinox wakes us all up to the birds of Spring on March 20, 2018. Added to that, we are to be gifted even more when Venus enters Taurus where she belongs and it will be all about principle of pleasure. Ending March with a full moon in Libra, which is also a blue moon, usually means if it does not please you then it will go away.

April 2018

Whenever things start to break down or cause a collision, humanity must stop and look. Think of April like an accident on the highway. Everyone must look and it slows down everything for everyone. The beginning of April will start to feel better as Mercury stations direct on the 15th and rest of the road is on neutral. Rest assured that just because Mercury is stationing direct that doesn’t mean everything else is going to be perfect. I don’t believe in perfection because it is always a personal perception.

The New moon in Aries will trigger things to move forward on the 15th, yet only for a few moments. The slow motion of planets, like a car without gas, is slowly approaching. April 17th through mid-July will see be 3 planets retrograding. I mentioned earlier that Jupiter Retrograde is a good thing, until July 20, 2018.

On April 17 Saturn is retrograding until mid-September. VPAT theories state that Saturn will continue to be in Sagittarius on and off until 2020, therefore, Saturn in Sagittarius will bring limitations where many of us may feel we are not getting the recognition we deserve, and the richer are getting richer and poorer even poorer. Not only that, but it is time to pay the piper. Saturn is the teacher of Karma, and Karma could bite. It could also hurt all the way until Autumn. Five days later, Pluto will also be retrograding which will show many of us who, or what, needs to change and how it affects each one of us individually. Thus, meteor showers, clarifying the direction of humanity, will be followed by the full moon which will light the sky to our biggest change since 2012.

May 2018

By May 5, 2018, it will be full steam ahead and communication will go back to normal. That is exactly what we need, in time for Mother’s Day on May 13, 2018. Perhaps this would be the best thing to happen since 2012.

On the day of the New moon, May 15, 2018, Uranus, the planet of unexpected and insurgency, enters Taurus for the first time in 80 years. The last time this magnificent planet entered Taurus, our world was not the same; it was the time of the Wall Street crash (first wall street dip April 2018), the great financial depression, and World War II. This difficult time is negative or positive depending upon how one handles it during the 8 years of its existence. But following this, money pours in like a water faucet. Uranus in Taurus is not all that bad as it brings positive resolutions in areas of money and financial sectors. I do believe that we have all learned from the past that something must change. The full moon in May will make sure it does with the bright light waking us all up in the summer; following the light of justice and fairness across the board.

June 2018

From the chaos of Winter and Spring, June seems like a breeze. Some of us will open our eyes, becoming very emotional when Mercury enters Cancer and the New moon Gemini on the 13th graces us. This month, Mars and Neptune will once again be retrograding. As I stated before, not all planets when they are in retrograde can be bad. Mars rules men as well as action. Anything one does abruptly, without thinking it through, and without a backup plan will surely fail. This is the time to work on projects that were placed on hold and making them successful.

We will also get a little help from Neptune as it goes retrograde. We even may feel drunk. Now is the time for a truthful look at yourself; get real as you examine your actions. In what ways do you let feelings damage your relationships? Freshen up your demeanor. Maintain simplicity of your emotions, do not be insincere to yourself and your soul, it is not fair to you. This will be very clearly said by the universe when it ends the month with a Full moon in Capricorn where practicality will be at the forefront of changes.

July 2018

As you know, there is never a dull moment in the cosmos and the universe will never let us rest for too long. Maybe this time it will, or will it? The see saw of ups and downs will begin in July with its own healing efforts when Chiron, the wounded healer, goes retrograde. This is also not bad as we will have about 6 months to go through a beautiful healing. It is time look your deepest spiritual pain in the face.

During the Chiron retrograde, it is the best gift given to humanity to deal with the past and move forward into the future. Perhaps the best gift possible will arrive after Independence Day in the Americas. Then, from out of nowhere things will start to go in slow motion again when the universe wants us to rethink the last 90 days. It’s done very covertly when Mercury begins its ghost period in Cancer and ends in Virgo on July 7, continuing until September 5, 2018. Hence, at least Jupiter is direct and ready to work for those air signs again. We may not realize it now, but we will need Chiron, Jupiter, and Mercury as we move into back to back eclipses.

The first solar eclipse in the summer will begin in Cancer on July 12, 2018. Possibly reverting to the issues of July 2010. Hence, it is a new moon which could only mean we start something new and open our eyes. Then the universe will let us breathe and enjoy the beautiful sun in Leo – Leo’s and the sun are like two peas in a pod. Mercury will be moving through Leo and slowing down all fire signs(Leo, Aries, Sagittarius) on July 25, 2018. As we all sit still for a while, the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius will surely wake us all up on July 26-27, 2018.

The issues of July 1991 will be tossed and new issues could be in place; but once again we must be careful as floods and weather patterns are on the horizon. As the past has repeated itself, we could see the season of Tropical Storm Anna and Hurricane Bob all over again – will we have the infrastructure now to withstand it? One of the best things that could happen is to Aquarius, with no more eclipses until 2026. I now give you permission to dance with an invisible partner.

August 2018

With the chaos of July behind us, we are ready to move forward into August. It is hard to do, but when Venus is in Libra, love is everywhere. Yet, universe is finally giving a break when Uranus, which is in Taurus, goes backwards on August 1 and will stay there until January 2019 (Can you say thank God!). I am sure many of you will hear about the Grand Trine in Earth signs by many Western Astrologers. However, the moons, nor the planets, are the same; therefore, I leave the great constellation for those that are experts in that field.

Now we come to our final eclipse on August 11, 2018 at 18 degrees in Leo, but this time it will share the issues of 1999. I would not be surprised if political issues of 1999 get reformed. Hence, something could come to a screeching halt and weather patterns could mess up again. A little more than a week later, Mercury will begin to move direct and Jupiter will trine Neptune. What a way to have a mid-summer! Ending the month with a full moon in Pisces will bring forth the ending of one state of emotions and psyche, and bring another.

September 2018

By the time 2nd and 3rd of September the shadow of Mercury is all clear and everything is full steam ahead, except for those who are Sagittarius. Saturn now goes direct and hard work is ahead. The strangest situation is when Venus enters the passionate Scorpio, the new moon is in Virgo, and Mars enters Aquarius one day later. What is all this mumbo jumbo?

Basically, this is fun loving masculine energy which is hard working and chasing beauty. Only time can tell how this will pan out, but we do know that the Full moon will bring natural endings in September and Chiron begins its journey retrograde in Pisces.

October 2018

This may be one of the quietest months of 2018. The new moon in Libra will bring a new way to love money and love. Mercury (talking and communicating) becomes very secretive again when it enters Scorpio. The full moon in Taurus on October 24, 2018 will once again end things for those early born Scorpio and a few days later we will stomp our feet again.

Unlike most retrograde periods this year, we have four Mercury retrogrades with the next beginning in Scorpio around the 25-27 of October, and it will not end its journey again until Christmas Eve 2018. Does this look a little familiar?

November 2018

Uranus is back in Aries, double checking to make sure that everything is ok on the home front, while Jupiter tries to make everyone happy. The new moon in Scorpio will surely bring some exciting things on November 7, 2018; however, not only is the new moon in Scorpio, but Jupiter is entering Scorpio the very next day. All systems will not be moving forward at the same time as Mercury will be stationed at the most horrible time.

On November 16, 2017, Mercury will be in the red zone while the Full moon in Gemini on the 23rd wants to talk. So, a gag order for Gemini. Hmm, that sounds very interesting. Possibly we are drunk again? Not seeing everything, as Neptune is now direct making everything so groovy.

December 2018

As we are walking like we are on cloud 9 gaging Gemini’s, Mercury will begin to go direct and be in station on December 6. The following day, the New moon in Sagittarius will bring justice and fairness to all; not without emotions though. The full moon in Cancer will make everyone very emotional and Mercury starts to straighten out on Christmas eve. The cosmos will end the year with Mars in Aries which could cause some anger and resentment issues, and all I can hope for is peace by December 31, 2018.

As I conclude my blog for 2018, I will continue to add my predictions months in advance, because sometimes they don’t all come at the same time. As far as I can see, there will be ups and downs on the political front, financial worries, juggling finances and family, political upheaval, lies, deception, and that little voice in your head that tells you … that’s a LIE! On the other hand, so much collaboration with neighbors and families that collective thinking will be the name of the game.

The information which I have brought to you is a VPAT general tendency. It is not Astrology, or Numerology. These are predictions based upon the visions, theoretical prospective, and my sixth sense. To find out how 2018 will be for you personally, I would suggest you contact any of my recommend astrologers and make an appointment.

For now, … “Hold on…… this is going to be a very bumpy ride….”


Maharani Rutan©


Copyright © cosmicpsychic, cosmicpsychics, Maharani Rutan 2017. All Rights Reserved.

“We are here” – by Alicia Keys

Luminous moon with wailing tears: First Super Full moon in Cancer 2018

First Super Full Moon 2018

Full Moon in Cancer

January 1/2 2018

By Maharani Rutan©

Light of the most incredible moon will force people to look up and wonder as we move into 2018 with our first Super Full Moon. The luminosity will enter our glorious sky with its elegance and radiance. This Full moon is a Capricorn-Cancer axis and will be at 11 degrees, depending upon the orb. The brightest point will be on January 01, 2018 at 9:24pm EST and 6:24 pm PST.

The first and brightest moon of 2018, is often referred to as the Old moon in the Northern hemisphere and as Thunder Moon in the Southern hemisphere; which will be exactly what this moon will bring, rain and gush. As I stated in my blogs of the Eclipse in Leo and Aquarius, the unsteady weather patterns will continue in our orbit for some time and I would not be surprised if the colder states are colder and the warmer states get much more rain than anticipated and it too becomes very cold or hot. This will go hand in hand with our feelings as pressure from the water and the rain causes many of us to become more emotional than normal.

Often times we all like to reflect on what we have once experienced before, and 2007 is the key to this full moon when it was in Cancer at 12 degrees. But the moon at this degree will not come exactly, but very close to the degree of the 2007 moon in 2048. Therefore, embrace it as it was the first-time experience.

The moon rules Cancerians and our passions which rule our own thought patterns. Where many of us may hug family and structure, for Cancers, it is time to step up and say which family they will hold on to and which one will go. This full moon will affect all those that have primary planets in Cancer and triggering the secondary planets as well. It would not be surprising if these people will have to spurt out everything they have been clinching inside of themselves. Being open and honest is not always easy. Cancerians do not like to leave a situation and it is difficult for them to adjust.

This emotional, nurturing moon is also named the Full wolf moon. The name was espoused through nature by Native Americans. The full wolf moon is termed due to the freezing cold weather and lack of food for the wolf and one could hear the howls of appetite and thirst across miles. Some say that the old moon emphasizes that the old one is going out and a new moon will bring love and nature.

During the full moon waves are usually tall, as are the emotions of people. A couple of days before the full moon emotions get hefty, especially for water signs (Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio) and their opposite fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius); these astrological signs are the most affected.

I would not be amazed if there is flooding, snow, or slush starting January 1 and for two weeks outwards. But just as our air transports mother natures’ wrath into our earth, human lives will dive into the all-time low of their own emotions. Cancer moon often brings a lot of water, snow, and rushing rain which could cause destruction to hills and mountains. It could also cause impairment to our own emotions.

However, for all that is devastated there is an opportunity to restructure with beauty and bliss. Full moon frequently brings endings leading us to a new beginning by the next moon. This full moon will bring to the fore how confident we are with the feelings attached to our communication, how much we stake, and how much we recount to others. Full moon can be a luminous time; however, it all depends upon our realism with the energy.

The Full moon gives a sign for us to raise in value the implication and drive of what has been given to us and what is around us. To learn what it means to be aware of the reason. It is as dominant as everything the moon stands for. This moon rules parts of society, ideas, and karmic memories. Domestic issues will consume most of us during the full moon in Cancer. State of mind and past recollections will attract us to people from our past. These lines happen on a karmic level that allows us the gamble an reserve in reverse through saving things and people from our past; in many cases we thought we have let go yet were unable to before.

Hence, according to VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories), Mercury retrograde has not reached his station point until January 10, 2018. Therefore, the intense energy to bring people and issues of the past will be the norm for the energy involved with this moon.

Our emotions and energy will be pumping since Uranus, a planet of unexpected surprises and shocking events, will not keep us quite for too long. As troubling as it may seem, many of us wanted change and this is exactly what will occur in the months to come. As the old saying goes, be careful what you pray for because it may just happen.

A full moon in Cancer is also a terrible time for many, especially if they cannot unite with people from the past. This will cause us to binge with things such as drinking, eating, or sexual liaisons, which we all later regret. It will be a bad hangover which may take months to get over.

The Cancer full moon is also very different as the energy will allow for independence from old injuries which may have caused painful wrongdoings and the weakness to excuse and move past spiteful things. The energy of this moon will provide the repair essential to release oneself from emotional constipation. To imagine a world without handcuffs or bring the energy back into the self so the energy can be placed somewhere else consequential, such as beautiful things for the future.

This moon lets that dignity intensify to a level where it previously was not. Our desire to hold onto the views of our condition makes a person feel the way they do. Whether it be people or places, the voices have caused a lot of pain and arbitrary decisions based upon other’s morals and standards, not your own.

Hang on tight! Allowing the harmful energy is not always stress-free, since it has been steady for so long. Imagine for a moment an addict going cold turkey. It can be the most problematic healing that a person has to tolerate. Similarly, love can be just as co-dependent if it is makes us feel good. Therefore, letting go will cause many to be volatile and unreasonable. Give yourself and others time to remake.

Faith and trust in your own intuition will be the key to future opportunities. Open your consciousness and emotion broader than ever before. If you need to cry, then cry. Let it all go. Your mind, soul, and especially psyche, will let you know that it is OK to do so and the shouts are not of pain but of love. Show your love to someone with the kindest spoken words and the hurt will be restrained through empathy. However, if there is vagueness or hostility then the spoken words will cut like a knife, deeper than the pits of any soul.

The primary step of letting go is to significantly do it. Cancers love to favor and love their homes. The power of this moon will give the energy needed to clean the home of clutter, finish the projects which were not finished, and bring beauty and light of the full moon into the home. With all this power in the air don’t overlook going into your shell too from time to time. Cancers love their lonesomeness; this is how they love themselves and are accepting of others. Through separation there will be answers to recognize the past and plant the seeds of tomorrow. Cleansing the body, mind, spirit, and physical world will lay a solid groundwork for tomorrow. However, Cancerians know that tomorrow cannot happen overnight; it is going to have to happen one day at a time.

The status of this moon is not just about feelings but it is also about loving-ness. Cancer is a sign of fostering and love of a mother for her son or daughter. It’s a karmic link, a sacrifice, and commitment to protection of the family. The need to protect may be so strong that there may be propensities to bring out the releases such as eating, drinking and spending too much. It is a mountain to release feelings and at the same time trying to appreciate what you have.

Your birth mother may play an important role in your life while trying to stabilize the deep meaning of love with reprimand. Recollections of bright childhood influences will create artistic reactions, thus prompting the psychic energy which will be directly connected to the birth mother. The feelings may be relied upon and persistent, but the need to follow them is more satisfying.

The moon in Cancer brings reassurance, moods, kindness, visions, and emotional problems in our lives. The Watery Cancer Moon brings up remembrances of childhood, warm motherly arms, and tender touches for loved ones. Our emotions spin in a sea of primal symbols…. watch out for grouchiness! There may be elusiveness and a need to hide in your shell sometimes. You may be a strong guard of family and customs. Although your disposition may become erratic, people will come to you enthusiastically for reassurance and care.

Since Cancer is ruled by the moon, lunar provocations are toughest and most easily expressed when focused through this sign. The moon greatly effects personality, the unintentional, and the emotions which cause primeval actions. When the Moon is in Cancer it is a time of tense emotions and countless concerns with people responding to life through feelings rather than purpose. During this very susceptible period be careful not to emotionally wound others or allow yourself to be injured.

Generally, people will be compliant, laid back, emotional, dedicated, and appreciating. Unfortunately, this motherly expression of caring is often expressed with food and it is easy to overeat. Cancer is a nurturing sign and the most fertile sign of the zodiac. With the moon in Cancer, it is a good time for creating life and for growth. Don’t be surprised if you find some news about a new baby or give birth; it could also be weddings and reunions. It is all about families and children.

Moon in cancer represents Inspiration, Subtle, Calm, Creative, and Pensive. It is my suggestion that you purchase a pink candle and carve your name, and the name of your loved one, through to the wick. Anoint the candle with lavender oil or inspiration oil and chant Psalm 70. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle.

By now, those who have been following my blogs, know the importance of the mantras is to bring vibrations of the Divine healing into our lives. Even if the pronunciation may be incorrect, over time it becomes a ritual which leads to perfection.

In 2018, I challenge all those who recite the mantras delicately in the morning and at night to be able to move past the easy pronunciation to more difficult. And those who are familiar to advance to even more difficult.

The mantra for Cancer moon is:


Om Aing Kleeng Shreeng

(ommm I ing Kliing shriing)

This mantra should vibrate three chakras (the head, nose and the lips)

More difficult (recommended for those who have perfected the easy mantra)

Om Hiranya Garbhaya Avyakta Rupine Namah

Advance users of Mantras

Maata Cha Paarvati Devi, Pitaa Devo Maheshvara Baandhavah Shiva Bhaktaacha, Svadesho Bhuvanatrayami… Hey Gauri Shankarardhangi Yatha Tvam Shankarpriyaa Tatha Mam Kuru Kalyaani Kaantkatam Sudurlabhaam”


Shwetambarah Shwetavibhushanam Shwetadyutirdandadharih dvibhahrih chandroaumatatma vardah kireeti mayi prasaadam vidadhwata devah

Om, and welcome to the inspired plenty that is the very form of the universe

Please note that I am not an astrologer nor do I claim to be. These are universal predilections; not necessarily specific to the individual recipient. However, it gives a basic indication of what to expect during the lunar cycle. To understand what to expect in your situation, you might want to consult with an astrologer. My recommended astrologers (here) who can help you fill in the voids of confusion. You can find them at my useful link page here.

Vedic readings are very idiosyncratic in many senses; they integrate the stages of the moon and produce a reading which is based upon actions and reactions to more ordinary parts of our lives which we can oversee. This switch is stimulated through arrangements and responses which create a magnum opus of destiny, karma, dharma, and spiritual transits which often cloud us. Our life is not just about considering the past; it embraces the present so that we can choose to shape a future of our love. A Vedic reading grips those values and helps create that picture-perfect world through spiritual messages.

Wishing you the most memorable 2018, use this moon to cultivate others inspiration and bring about a collective change.

Maharani Rutan©

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Create your own magic: Jupiter Gifts

Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theory


The Planet of Prosperity


By Maharani Rutan©

In trying to write this blog, I have stopped and started many times. I’ve been trying to find balance for those that have no knowledge of VPAT(Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories), as well as stimuli of planetary constellations, has been difficult. Though the information which I am about to bring to you may seem a bit confusing, I will do my best to make it simple for those that know nothing about planetary constellations, and perhaps bring new visions for those more advanced in the philosophies that have been practiced for years yet never revealed until now.

This entire blog is with the permission of my Guru, who encourages sharing knowledge and wisdom of the ancient teachings. Additionally, knowledge should not cost anything; rather, it is a privilege to share this so that humanity can understand we are all as “one.”

I have been meaning to write about one of the most beautiful, auspicious planets, Jupiter, for a while now. However, I did not want to discredit any western or Vedic theories as I highly respect both methodologies. What I am about to write is from Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories (VPAT) and not a representation of Western nor a Vedic astrology. This is only a prospective and point of view; it is not set in stone to specific individuals, nor is it specific to any particular person’s life.

In the VPAT, every planet is not just a planet but a God, aka Lord. This is because VPAT states that anything that has control over human action/reaction or outcome has special powers and should be respected as such. Not only is Jupiter the largest planet in our solar system, it is also the 9th house planetary in focus of Astrology or Vedic Philosophies. The 9th house is one of most significant and spiritually driven in the theoretical prospective.

Many people understand that Hinduism is driven by the concept of Dharma, Karma, and past life issues, and believe in the concept that we must live the humble life today, as well as prepare to be better for the afterlife. Those that have had a Dharma reading from me know that I am a firm believer in Dharma and the aspect of Dharma is the 9th house. This is where Jupiter sits and it represents virtue or integrity.

However, the philosophies and meaning of Jupiter is lost in the definition and not respected as unique phenomenon. Not to confuse the meaning any further in this article, depending on what ideology one follows, Jupiter by western astrology may derive from Greek or Roman mythology. In the Vedic philosophies and astrology, planet Jupiter is considered a God and has been called Deviguru, Guru Angras, etc.

Jupiter in Tropical (Western) astrology is the most predominant and influential planet next to Mercury and Venus. Hence, unlike Sidereal (Vedic) astrology and philosophies, base their religion and culture around planetary stimuli, and believe that the Devine controls the fate of humanity through the constellations. Nevertheless, some of the common themes between the two are that both Vedic philosophies and astrology really feel that if Jupiter’s place in a person’s Janma Kundali (birth chart) is in Sagittarius or Pisces, it is always favorable. They also agree that Jupiter is not always positive for many and it depends upon other aspects of a person’s life.

Now that we have moved past the technical and historical aspects of Jupiter, there are still many questions that are unanswered. In mundane terms, VPAT considers that no matter what is happening in one’s life, anything and everything can be averted. To elude or reduce the intensity of the energy or rather chaos (VPAT states humanity cannot embrace Chaos as a learning period but rather creates chaos to make it worse), VPAT teachings are that we must first understand the 4 W’s and one H.

Before we are able to completely understand the concept of Jupiter and its effects on Humanity, there is one more common dominator that Western and Vedic philosophies have in common. This is that Jupiter is in everyone’s chart; there is not a single person that will not have this. Because Vedic philosophies believe in the concept of rebirth, it is understood that no one can complete there Karma in one life.

Because Karma is everyone’s life, Jupiter also rules over the sun and the moon. Jupiter is what makes, or rather molds, us as it is a beneficial planet. Our thoughts and how we conduct ourselves through the lessons of life is what Jupiter rules. Thoughts: philosophies, religions, spirituality, and how we see ourselves in these aspects. Conduct: how we conduct ourselves when we have recognition, achievement, principle, prosperity, children, marriage, and relationships to others will bring the good or bad in those areas depending upon the conduct. At this time, I will not expand on what triggers those conducts as this would be in the methodology that a Pandit, Joythi, or Astrologer specializes.

Who does it affect?

VPAT does not concern itself on what causes conduct, rather, what we can do to avoid the conduct. Jupiter, of all the planets except for Venus, Ketu & Rahu (which won’t be explained in this article), is most prevalent to females, or female energy, as it determines the relationships she will have with her partner. As Jupiter is considered a male counterpart, almost like a father figure, teaches humanity to be truthful, humble, work hard, and calm your temper. But most of all, to make wise decisions across the board. Concluding that Jupiter presides over everyone as to whom does it affect. Just like any planet, it affects all humanity.

Jupiter is a teacher, teaching certain people the value of resources, family, interpersonal relationships, spirituality, customs, honor, and how our outside influences affect our tolerance. For example, Jupiter rules over diabetes and cholesterol. As they say, too much of a good thing can kill you. Who does not like sweets? Everyone has an itch for ice cream every now and then, but too much can cause problems. Those who do well with Jupiter are fire and water signs. Others can also do well, but these folks not only have learned a lot, it has been told they are a little bit closer and have the ability to understand and adapt well to changes.

What does it affect?

As Jupiter is considered a teacher it is also considered a planet of luck. It will create a mixture of complex issues in one’s life; it could be personal which gravitates into professional as both professional and personal are intertwined. Depending upon the placement of Jupiter in a persons VPAT chart it can have the most positive influence if it is strong; however, everyone benefits once in a while. A robust Jupiter will impact understanding of conviction, universal growth, and prosperity. However, that prosperity does not have to materialistic, it can be of the heart. It can also affect other parts of the material world depending upon the negative or positive placement.

Where does Jupiter affect in a person chart:

If the placement of Jupiter is in your 2nd house it usually brings prosperity and understanding in a deeper sense. The placement is as important as the number of years Jupiter returns in one’s life. As Jupiter is considered “Guru” – the teacher, it comes around to teach new ways of maturity and abundance, or the opposite. What it teaches depends upon the virtue of the person’s chart as well as their humility within their world. It is advisable to seek an astrologer that best suits your needs when trying to find out how it will affect you personally.

When does Jupiter effect people

Jupiter, as stated earlier, is a natural remedial factor in Sagittarius and Pisces life. However, Jupiter under VPAT theology, takes 12 years to come back to the same circle. As I write this article, the current placement of Jupiter (according to VPAT) is in Libra for another 18 months and there will be a 6-month cooling period. Not only will Libra’s benefit, but also those that are Cancers, as Jupiter loves to bless Cancers. However, it may not have good affects for those that are Capricorns as their nature causes Jupiter to get frustrated easily. No matter which sign Jupiter is in, it always effects nearly everyone. The positives and negatives depend upon the placement of Jupiter in your VPAT chart.

The first Jupiter usually comes into one’s life during their first puberty cycle (10-15 yrs. of age) this is when one fights or learns gradually into maturity. Of course, every 12 years it comes to test and see how much the individual has learned and how many seeds have been planted for the good of all.

How does Jupiter sync?

Sometimes people do not feel Jupiter at work and it can seem very hard at times. Things just slip out of one’s hands. What one may have thought to be sustainable and what will always remain forever changes before our eyes. Whatever seems old and outdated, serves no purpose, or has ran its course, vanishes or we simply lose interest. The more we hold on to it the more difficult things may be. These can be considered as purging moments. At the end of it we may feel lighter and seem optimistic with our hard work paying off.

Jupiter brings everything new: cycles, work, relationship, money, and even including a new place to live or play. Jupiter creates different outcomes not only for society but individuals, depending upon its placement.

Jupiter effects on society and people

Whenever Jupiter is in a specific sign it takes over the characteristics of that sign. However, other placements do have an impact on the negative and positive impacts. For example, if Jupiter is in a fire sign (Leo, Aries or Sagittarius), the impact will make people take a management or authoritative role, expansions of new ideas (look back at Summer 2014 until almost fall of 2015).

In the same aspect, if it is placed in Earth sign (Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo), it would focus on constancy, correction, and curing (Look back at fall of 2015 to fall of 2017).

Thus, in Air Sign (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius) which is going on right now, this could mean that many of the things which transpire will be focused around revolution of society or persons, kindness towards people and society, valor, and communication which could comprise of how and whom we affect.

Lastly, when it moves into water signs (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) this would be considered the most spiritual time with creativity and psychic phenomenon.

As I write this blog we have just entered Jupiter in Libra according to VPAT; however, western ideology would consider it being in Scorpio. Either way, my predictions in 2018 will continue to focus primarily on the communication and compassion of humanity as revolution is almost here and innovation will change the world as we see it.

By the time 2020 is here it will be time for spirituality and healing. Perhaps the leader of one of the strongest country’s would be a water sign (Cancer) . Or History could repeat itself by having a fire sign president that is charismatic and care about his/her people such as a Leo?

Perhaps the destiny is in the stars – what will come of it depends upon how we plant our seeds for our children and their children.

Maharani Rutan©

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