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XTROLOGY is a stand-alone system of astrological prediction based on the work of Ptolemy, Placidus, Leo and Mason. There is no other system which produces consistent, accurate results. XTROLOGY cracked the code.
After 20 years of research, XTROLOGY is the standard bearer for accurate predictions — using transits as supplementary. While famous astrologers, including Robert Hand with Project Hindsight, are looking backward for wisdom, XTROLOGY has moved into the future. Several factors contributed to my success:

Computers removed the tedious process of the mathematical calculations allowing many more charts to be erected for the purposes of comparison

  • I have kept detailed diaries since I was 18 years old documenting what happened on each day of my life
  • I have an unusual amount of high and low cycles
  • I started a blog in 2009 for celebrities giving me data that normal clientèle did not provide

Welcome to 21st Century astrology which I call XTROLOGY. There are no claims of predictions by famous astrologers unless you go back to William Lilly who foretold of the great fires of London in 1666 — but his method produced mixed results. For a theory to be relevant, it must work all the time. It is thought that Evangeline Adams made accurate predictions, but she did not leave behind the key to her results. If astrologers today could predict, they would be screaming from the mountaintops. No system of prediction before XTROLOGY produced consistent results.

On a personal note she was the only astrologer that predicted my marriage in 2010 as she stated, “in a couple of years” and within 2 years I met my husband and 2 years later I got married. \

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