Total Lunar Eclipse December 10, 2011: The truth is revealed

Total Lunar Eclipse

Cold Moon / Full Moon in Gemini

December 10, 2011

By Maharani Rutan

Abstract: Leslie Hale

On December 10, 2011 at 9:30am EST, 6:32 am PT we will have a Total Lunar Eclipse as well as the full moon in Gemini at 18 degrees. The eclipse will transit the moon a little before the moon is full at 9:36am EST this the second series of the Total Lunar Eclipse in Gemini.  Though the degrees varies by 5 to 6 degrees in exact position, the effects will be very similar to the one felt on the last eclipse December 21, 2010, read more about here.

The visibilities of this eclipse will the light the sky for almost entire Western Asia and including parts of America and Canada.  The beautiful eclipse will take 51 minutes to pass the orbit and it will be a site to see.

Brilliancy of this moon is also known as the cold moon. Cold moons definition came about to identify it as the darkest, longest and coldest days of the winter season. As well as during the winter the moon has a tendency to be much lower in latitude than the sun. The cold moon could amply the chills through the lunar eclipse.

This Lunar Eclipse and Full moon will influence people with mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgos), whom will have obscurity in sorting out their view of them selves to the emotions they feel.  Failing to recognize that something or someone is not what it or they appear and it is not as emotionally connected as they had assumed. It is often said to understand what we will feel during the eclipse especially the ones that are geared to transform Sagittarius and Gemini we must think back at how life was about 19 to 20 years ago.  Since every eclipse hits the same point during that time.

During the eclipse the sun and the moon will have a vital role in the communication that is being delivered by this eclipse.  It is time to use these signs from the universe to make over something that is ended and start to build something new. Often times it means contemplating until there is total exhaustion and finally making a logical decision. Eclipses are used as signal for beginnings and completion of something and often they are lessons in life as often it can be said a turning point.

‘The eclipse is in Gemini, the natural ruler of the third house of communication, speech and writing as well as immediate family members, or those you consider your immediate family, such as co-workers.. Communications of all types will take on a more serious role in our personal lives and on the world stage. Gemini is the realm of ideas, conversation, and debate.  New ideas may come from nowhere, but now is not yet the time to implement them.  That will come later in the month”- Leslie Hale

Many people will revolutionize their plans of the future by taking the time to look at all the things that have not met their needs to bring about new goals.  Especially to look at what has held them back for so long to obtain their sublime bliss. Since the eclipse falls in ruler of Sagittarius/ Gemini we are seeking the truth through meditation.  However, mercury is still retrograde know what you what you are saying and be kind always.  Read more about it here.

This eclipse brings surprising scenarios to bring to surface how we are with one another and questioning if our acts or reactions have met the higher good for all.  The eclipse energy brings Jupiter to focus where we bring spirituality into our lives and really clean up our act.  With Sagittarius also in the mix we are looking for the truth and seeking constancy.  Additionally, with Uranus joining the picture in Aries we will act in haste which will push many of us to doing things we are not used whether we like it or not.

Eclipses always come in pairs-keeping in mind for everything that ends there are always a new beginning. This is the first series of eclipses which will capture the heart and soul of Sagittarius and Gemini’s.  During this time something could very well end and plan begin anew and may manifest for the partial solar eclipse on June 01, 2011, read more about it here.

This eclipse will also re-stimulate to some degree the issues were raised during the solar eclipse in 2004.  According to Vedic astrology during this eclipse it triggers Shani (Lessons learned) and Ketu (Anger) to aspect the sun. Therefore, many unexpected and sad events are possible all around the world.  Gemini’s are also the rulers of uncertainties and thus causing situations to be a bit out of control. However, Rahu’s placement (Jupiter) will make things slight bit tolerable. If you would like to refer back to when this kind of energy may have felt like look back at January 09, 2001, November 2003, April 2004 if you can remember that far back as well as December 21, 2010, and June 1, 2011.

“Pay attention to what you hear and you may find out want you want to know, either now or later, after Mercury goes direct on the 13th. An eclipse during retrograde Mercury often has the effect of delayed results, and the energy of an eclipse lasts for months, at times, years. While these are the general effects of this eclipse, all eclipses are personal, depending on what it is transiting in your personal natal chart. At times full moon eclipses signify endings, and if something ends in your life at this time, know it is simply in preparation for a new beginning, or a new door to open.”- Leslie Hale

December 21 eclipse I talked a little bit about relationship endings referring back January 2001, which was a pivotal time for my own transformation, and once again November 2004, I came to learn what I thought was love was a mere reflection of someone else’s  passion to discover themselves and it had nothing to do with me.   I was just a utility to find themselves and who they really were. Though I ignored all the signs to leave that relationship because my need to fix them, it was NOT rational or love, I hung on due to my own faith that God will find a way.  Only to discover that God will never let me have anything that is toxic, and under any circumstance I can not stop my life for anyone.  I continued my goals even through most difficult times and did not stop, and went further to seek to accomplish something even higher.

Since this eclipse is geared toward, education, learning, communication and seeking the genuineness.  The path that was unseen was not discovered until 2004 eclipse.  The eclipses were all about starting something innovative when the old was getting dull. It was also about exploring the depths of relationships which were psychologically, physically and spiritually exhausting while serving others and finding a median.  Whatever, I grasped during the eclipses I was always led to leave things that were never useful and spiritual.  If it meant I left friends and relationships to have a higher calling than that is what the eclipses does for everyone.

Look back and see how profession, money and relationships transformed you? What choices did you make? Did you learn from them or are you at the same place doing the same thing that you were doing during 2001, 2003, and 2004, 2010 and 2011?

This eclipse falls in areas of communications whether it is news about your next door neighbor, your ex or global events it will most insubordinately get your interest.  Everyone will be talking it may even feel like you have information overload.  But it could also mean publishing and writing it is about upgrading already learned skills however, it can be quite negative people who are born within 5 days before and after December 10th.  This could be affected by the energy of this eclipse which may bring some issues to the surface. Sagittarius are not the only ones that will feel this nudge rather anyone that has Gemini and Sagittarius in their chart somewhere will feel this impact more so than ever.

At the same instance the eclipse urges you to expand your work or go on a vacation.  But having this during retrograde may impose some problems. Technology may cramp your style or even the way you approach every day life.

When a lunar eclipse occurs, the earth is passing between the Sun and the Moon, creating a Full Moon as we experience every month – but in this case, the alignment is perfect – the occultation of the Moon absolute. The greatness of the Full Moon is magnificent, yet she is totally covered for about an hour by the earth’s shadow. You might even see violet, orange and possible blue moon. The Sun and Moon are occupying opposite Astrological signs, therefore emphasizing the particular polarity inherent in those signs. During the period of occultation, the Moon’s supportive light is temporarily we may experience a crisis of need, and the particular sort of lack depends universally upon the astrological sign in which the eclipse occurs, and personally upon the natal astrological house (realm of influence), as well as the major aspects made to natal planets.

This eclipse is predominantly relationship oriented – and our associations with others can be disconnected, challenged, or suddenly welded together as the shock calls one to action. This eclipse centers on the home and family.  We may be deeply considered about our feelings and needs within the context of the house, sign and planetary aspects affected. To fully appreciate the potential in the lunar eclipse, we must explore both houses and signs that are brought into play. Where the Moon (Gemini-communication and fickle-mindedness) is – we can confront our demons, old behaviors and doubts, and where the Sun (Sagittarius-truth and learning) is we may find the means to embrace a release from whatever repression we experience in life through our creative efforts. In any event, there are opportunities for deeper understanding, and finding a balance in our lives.

“Mercury rules the eclipse and Mercury accents young people, debates, transportation, aviation and publishing.  With Mercury retrograde, you may be reviewing education, transportation issues, writings, journals or new ideas”- Leslie Hale

Mystery of mysteries, the Moon calls to the farsighted soul to wake and drift in kingdom beyond the rational, the lucid, and the solar daylight self… It is time to travel in the dreamtime, listening to your sixth sense, seeking answers in ancient memories deep within your unconscious… Release your hold on the ordinary now; don’t try to have it all make sense? Keep a dream diary, and open to moon sigh… Work with foresight; don’t be in a hurry and embrace forms of magic that let the mind float free… It is time to be a lunatic, and worship the ever-changing beauty of the night…

While the moon is in the dualistic sign Gemini, people may never make up their minds.  With the Gemini ease of seeing both sides of everything we feel more supple, erratic and voluble.  It is a good time to write, take care of household tasks make speeches, or just let ideas fly through the clouds.  Intellectual pursuits and mind games may become more inclined to rationalize emotions.  A spontaneous tongue may rapidly express things that are only true for the moment.

There is a need to determinedly articulate your feelings. People are quick to arrive at a logical solution for any emotional problem – and will jump right in to provide a helpful opinion. The feelings may switch on and off. There are diverse aspects of a situation, and bend and adjust to others. This could make people appear fickle or two-sided, but it is really the sign of an open mind. The need is to nurture others by staying in friendly communication. There is also a need to relate to your mother as a friend and keep in regular contact.

The Gemini moon stimulates your curiosity. Fascinating ideas appear constantly, like doors opening up to reveal other doors. Now is the time to make connections, perhaps via e-mail or telephone. Explore your garden, learn from it, but don’t plant. The Moon in Gemini also brings time of communication and flexibility. People may feel very talkative and curious. This is a time to pursue intellectual interests and to take care of communications both verbal and written. Like the Twins that symbolize Gemini, people may be able to see both sides of a problem, but they may also be fickle and restless, unable to make up their minds. Caution needs to be taken to avoid saying something in haste that will be regretted later.

“Eclipse writer Celeste Teal calls this eclipse, “Solicitations.” and writes, “For the USA the eclipse falls on Mars, ruler of the military and affecting activity in the marketplace. Focus on speculation, stock market, children’s interests, birth rate and places of amusement. Falling birth rate. Deaths of soldiers or those engaged Mars occupations. Health Concerns.  Mercury retrograde: reviews of  legislation regarding education, transport and communication. Spirited debates.  Could be good for literary projects, scientific discoveries, inventions and beneficial strides in motoring or aviation.”- Leslie Hale

Allow the heavy burdens of the past months to drop away. You should swim like a light being and an angel of the heavens, in the harmonious seas of bliss and peace. I strongly suggest taking your aspirations that you have made last month and cross them out one by one.  Remember never beg for your aspirations.

It is my suggestion to bring out those aspiration papers again and cross off the ones you have already have changes and make new ones.  Also I suggest to purchase a Yellow candle carve your name on it and anoint it with sandalwood or frankincense oil and chant the following chant: “”I ask to find the inner light of my creativity” I wish for the universe to help me achieve the recognition that I desire.” “I pray that I may find the strength to take chances with my creativity.”  Along with Psalm 7 every night until the next new moon-phase this will be December 24, 2011 (Christmas Eve).

Since, moon in Gemini tends to be Friendly, Witty, Aware, Rational, and Flighty. The Airy Gemini Moon gives our heart wings of delight… friendly chats, neighborly visits, community interest and a bit of change-your-mindedness….

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is depended upon the quality of intention, and when it comes to finding a satisfying relationships and success, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but it is a powerful source of energy the mantra for Gemini moon is:

Om Veshnu Namaha

(OM Vesh nu Na Ma Ha)

This Siddha mantra uses the universal elements that govern each charka: Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

For the lunar eclipse

Om Chandrakia Namaha

(Om Chan dra Kia Nam aha)  


The intention of this mantra is to call upon the God of protection and harmony to give you internal and external peace without uncertainties.

Please note these are general tendencies, and highly recommend that you make an appointment with Leslie Hale to find out how this eclipse will affect you.  Most of the time Astrology is a guide to what is coming in the future and Astrologers are able to give you a glimpse of what you can expect. At the same time Vedic readings are also quite important because it uses the aspects of the sun, moon, karma, dharma, destiny and spiritual inclinations to encode what is about to come so that you can modify your life to have the most benefits from the eclipse.

I will be offering 6 months personal in-depth reading starting the 10th.  Which will be encompassing areas of life that may not be touched upon by an Astrologer, I provide you choices and astrologers provide the journey.  Together the messages unify the sublime bliss of your choice.

Additionally please note I am not a Astrologer nor claim to be one and the conditions of this information is completely general so that you can get a basic notion of what you can expect. Vedic reading encompasses a basic notion of how we live in the physical world and how we can change our destiny to be written in pencil never a pen. Vedic reading also embraces the concept that for every action there is a reaction.  Until we know what action are going to be touching our lives we have no idea how react to them when it happens.  Vedic readings predetermines the actions so that your actions or reaction can be reactive sustainable rather than over-reactive and unmanageable.

Wishing a safe journey through the passages of lunar eclipse. Have a blessed a wonderful holiday season. Always remember holidays are not about what you give it is significance behind the season.