Coincidence or Serendipity: 2nd Full moon in Libra 2019

Full Moon in Libra

Hanuman Jayanti

Good Friday

April 19, 2019

by Maharani Rutan©

On April 19,2019 we will have a full moon transiting in Libra at 29 degrees. The full illumination can be seen around 7:12am EST and 4:12 pm PST, depending upon the orb.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the first full moon in April is usually referred to as a Pink moon, or the Grass Moon. Often, the reference of the Pink moon is due to the hue of the moss which often cover trees, and against the moon, it reflects dusty pink during the full moon light. At the same time, Green moon is when the grass turns green and brings life back to the bare ground.

It is also important to note that this also a very auspicious moon not only in the Christian Philosophies as being Good Friday.

A commemorative holiday when Jesus (Son of God ) died on the crucifix and was resurrected two days later on Easter Sunday.




Hence, this day is also important in the Hindu ideology. The celebration is known as Hanuman Jayanti.

Hanuman is often portrayed as the Mars ruler because he has incredible strength, able to lift mountains with one hand, and his duty and role are portrayed in the great Saga of Ramayana; the epic story of Rama.

He is often reflected upon as the deity of bravery and kindness for all humans that lack these traits. By reciting Hanuman mantra, it is said that the person receives great vision of self-confidence through compassion and love.

But this moon is particularly special. Not only is this moon in Libra, but if you recall in my predictions of 2019, this is the second full moon in Libra. On March 21, 2019 (during the Spring Equinox) we had a moon at 1 degree in Libra (.(read more here). It would have reflected all early born Libras, now, the full moon reflects on later born Libras. However, this is the most marvelous site as it will also be a blue moon.

The blue moon is associated with two full moons in a 30-day cycle; Spring Equinox was our first full moon. However, this is not a unique event as a similar event took place in 2018 (read about it here). Nevertheless, what is unique is that in my predictive blog I had recalled that the full moon is at its exact degree as it was in April of 2000; as matter a fact, it was on the same day. Furthermore, we were given warnings in April 2011 that something must give to make space. However, had we listened then we would not have been questioned again in 2014, and here we are 5 years later.

One of the biggest issues that occurred in April 2000 was named “Holy Week Blizzard”, which brought heavy rain, snow, and wind to the Midwest, bringing Wyoming and South Dakota to their knees with 40 to 55 mph winds.

As I have often said, the effects of the full moon can be felt about 7 days before and after the full moon, therefore, intensity of the weather patterns could be felt as early as April 12, 2019, through the 26th of April.

As I write this on April 11, 2019, just this morning it was announced on the news that snow is already falling in Idaho and Utah and moving west to Wisconsin, now the new name is “potentially historic.” I say this is not historic, but rather, history repeating itself.

As human beings we are moral people, therefore our process of attitude and rational could be disoriented due to the gravitational effect on humans as well as our environment. The full moon may cause aberrant behavior and generate fury, premature labor, and bleeding.

It has been a given fact that full moons do affect our views of people and often make us irritable; though some it has been a myth or urban legend. The scientific facts concur that pressure of the water current against the moon causes many erratic behaviors in people. Water is attracted towards the moon when the moon is full which increases the pressure of water retention and hermitages around the world including people, places, and things.

Added to this irritability, there are several planets which will be retrograding. We just came out of Mercury retrograde (read about it here). During the New moon in Aries, Jupiter is retrograding in Scorpio, and in two weeks Saturn will be retrograding in Sagittarius. Add to this, in less than a week Pluto will be retrograding in Capricorn. Sometimes retrogrades are bad sometimes they are good, it depends upon unfinished business, but they are always about reconsidering things.

In my full moon blog on March 21, 2019, I had given an abstract of how planets will affect Libras. It is imperative to keep those warnings in mind as you continue your journey.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. The mantras for the full moon are exactly the same as those depicted in my March 21, 2019 blog. They same holds true for affirmations.

This blog emphasizes inclinations which may not independently relate to a person’s chart, rather, they are a pathway tendencies of our environment. To find out how this full moon will affect you astrologically, it is advisable to set up a time with a recommended astrological advisor.

Vedic readings incorporate unpredictable destinies and forks that lay ahead for Karmic changes and how our own cunning to revamp and make changes allows affluence and happiness in our lives. Vedic reading is a pathway to changes and acceptable things in our lives where Astrology brings a foundation of the path. Together they bring a symphony of cohesion to bring peaceful resolutions.

If you are a Libra, or have any houses in Libra, this may be the ideal time to have a reading done on yourself.

Relationship readings should wait until April 29, 2019, as this is a very powerful moon and the energy could sway from one extreme to the other.

Wishing you a harmonious full moon.



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