Into the Spiritual Darkness : Moon in Pisces

New Moon in Pisces

March 13, 2021

By Maharani Rutan©

On March 13,2021, we will have a New Moon in Pisces at 23 degrees Pisces at approximately, 5:21 am EST, 3:21 PST depending upon the orb.  Those that will be affected by this moon will be just about everyone, especially those that have primary planets in Pisces.

The New Moon signals a time of endings as the darkness falls on the sky; humanity becomes blind, thus not able to see what needs to stay or go.  But for certain, those things that once were crucial in our lives no longer serve us purpose.  Read more about the Vedic Moons here.

To understand the energy of this moon is to go back to things that began exactly on September 15, 2008 as well as energy that took place in fall of 2015 and 2019.

Most certainly the biggest issue in 2008 was the fall of Lehman Brothers which caused a financial crisis for the world, especially in the U.S., where the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act was passed with a $750 billion government bail out to assist homeowners from foreclosure through the HOPE program.  Today, as I was typing this, a $1.9 trillion COVID package is being signed to assist those that earn less than $75k and for those families that earn less than $150k.

Similar in 2015, the economy was off to a good start but had a loss by autumn and spending was at an all-time low.  Equate that to similar issues in 2019, whereas the economy grew by the end of 2019 it slowed down tremendously, and now, here we are in 2021.  Could we have something similar?

As the full moon brings new beginnings according to Vedic philosophies, the new moon blinds us. We all have felt this energy before, especially those that are able to understand this.  The moon was at the exact degrees and dates for 2002 and 2005; what were we oblivious of? What blinded us?

The U.S hurdled through recession in 2001 through 2002 and the world also felt the impact of the U.S through its buying power. Consumers were conscientious in their spending which hurt the middle class. This hit even harder in the last quarter of 2002.  Moving forward to 2005 the housing bubble burst and it hurt the pockets of every citizen in the world.  No one was prepared for two powerful trends and now the universe is asking are we going to be blind again? Where is all the money for unemployment subsidies, economic stimulus and small business assistance coming from and do we continue to put IOU’s in SSI and cut important programs? Or could we once and for all open our eyes and see how much can be done? These questions will be answered during the fall of this year with the hope that the world economy could bounce back.

I also would not be surprised if Morocco, Portugal, Egypt, and Scandinavia play a big role on the world front during this moon.  Here at home, Phoenix, San Francisco, Hartford CT, Florida (especially Miami), Savannah, GA, Maine (especially Augusta), Nebraska, Reno, Trenton NJ, Syracuse NY, North Dakota, Ohio, Pittsburgh PA, Columbia SC, South Dakota, Houston TX, Vermont, Virginia, Madison WI and Cheyenne WY will be highlighted.  This is an important event as the vaccine begins to roll out and perhaps it could be an opening to many states, or rather, something was blinded so there is not enough.

The new moon in Pisces typically is a time of concord, love, and the setting of every seed, whether it is a life or in the ground.  It is a time of world rejuvenation, when the first traces of spring are so suggestively close. It is also a moon of Shiva who destroys our inadequacy in order to bring spiritual expansion and development.

The Pisces new moon symbolizes a time of very sensational attitudes and results. Self-destruction and impulses can arise for those in the hold of negativity and misery. It also becomes more difficult to realize and expand in the value of life. The power of passionate energy can be beneficial if directed into creative pursuits and self-recovery, but often there is a robust longing to simply slip into confusion.  It is better to procure in constructive activities, rather than yield to more damaging escapist activity.

Miserable tendencies can easily take control of one’s life under this New Moon. The influence of this New Moon can be especially difficult for those who were born under a New Moon PHASE, as well as for those of the mutable Sun Signs Virgo, Gemini & Sagittarius. Also, for those whose birth Moon is in Pisces, this New Moon can represent a critical time for potential accidents, injures, carelessness, and the undertaking of reckless decisions or opinions.

With Venus in Pisces affecting Taurus, Libra, and Pisces, love will be brought forward while those that occupy Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces will have blessings looking at what career or professions they are good and how to change it if needed.  However, with Mars in Taurus I would not be surprised if people are a little reckless yet creative. Nevertheless, glory and hard work is currently in the sign of Capricorn where Saturn (hard work) and Jupiter (success) bring a drive to want to do better than ever before.

During every full and new moon, I bring forth tendencies explicit to the astrological sign highlighted by the lunar events. The principal placeholder affected by this moon is the sign of Pisces. For all others, your predisposition for the next 6 months can determined by combining the last lunar and last solar eclipse.

Remember, this is the time to take charge of your own life, focusing on your health, strength, and self-esteem.


You may find this year to be one of the most peaceful years in the area of family, however, at the end of this month until the summer, there could be things which you are not going to be able to foresee. There also seems to be a consistency in areas of love and marriage, however, if you feel that you know everything and you wish to be self-centered, then I cannot say it will be smooth sailing. Just as I warned you about your love life, the same is true for your career. Financially, you could have success, but this also means expenses to go along with it.  You should also have great success if you choose to learn a new skill or go back to school.  But take good care of your stomach as there could be some related issues due to stress. 

Saturn: Financial and career successes are possible, along with overcoming competition.

Rahu: Positive blessings in areas of love and travel could bring beneficial results.

Ketu: Isolation and sibling rifts are possible.

Uranus: Transformation in areas of travel and communication.

Chiron: Plenty of travel and healing deep wounds.

Jupiter: Health issues become problematic but hard work brings success.

Maharani’s advice

If you want to succeed in all aspects of your life, then you must respect other boundaries and stay away from having to be right 100% of the time.  It is time now to change the way you communicate with people.  Though your situation through your hard work and through other means such as government and family will be good, health related issues for yourself or family members could keep you stressed. Also remember that as you may have financial growth it does tie in with your expenses; unexpected issues could arise therefore, I suggest to always have a little savings to help you through the summer and fall. Be practical with your loved ones this year if you want things to be smooth. I would not be at all surprised if there is a trip abroad or trips that bring you spiritual strength. Be careful with your relationships in March.  Your need to risk money through gambling or lucrative risk could cause you to have issues in April, and unexpected expenses are also possible during that time. 

Since the moon in Pisces is Philosophical, Creative, Psychic, Empathetic, and Visionary we must remain focused and use our psychic abilities to move toward our decision-making.

It is my suggestion that you purchase a purple candle and carve your name through to the wick.  Anoint the candle with Sage oil or Lavender oil and chant the Psalm 08.  You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle.

This year I have decided to do something different.  Not only will I bring forth a Sanskrit mantra, but also a mantra to create change in the way one is viewing life, which can assist in making the transition easier for 2021.

Maharani’s Mantra for Pisces

Accept the universal gift by respecting your feelings and intuitive abilities.

The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy.

The mantra for Pisces moon is:

“Om Hreeng Kleeng Sauh”

This Siddha mantra uses the universal elements that govern each charka: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. This is also a time of Holi, where the vibrancy of spring and colors shine through the love of humanity.

Please remember that I am not an astrologer, rather, a Vedic reader. My readings focus on the changes that could be implemented to bring sublime bliss to difficult situations and help you find forks where choices can be made.

Let this moon bring you possibilities in every segment of your life, particularly spirituality.



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Dominant Perfection: Full Moon in Virgo 2021

Full Moon in Leo/Virgo

Full Snow and Sturgeon moon

February 27, 2021

By Maharani Rutan©

On February 27, 2021, we had a full moon in Virgo/Leo with its axis at 8 degrees. Those that continue to be affected by this moon are those that are in the first 10 days of Leo / Virgo.

In these aspects’ Virgo is a sign of health, hard work, and nature, while Leo is a sign of love and family.  Therefore, many of us, like myself, may have been torn between work and obligations to family.  At the same time, Mercury retrograde is not yet over and obstacles in thinking, technology, and communications continue to cause glitches for people (read more about it here).

Between deadlines and over-exhaustion there is a fine line of what one can do and what energy we have left; including having to divide yourself between responsibility, duties, and hobbies.  This energy halted me into not being able to post and it was incredible. I don’t know if others felt that push and pull between February 24 and February 27, 2021 but the intensity was high.

The beautiful snow and sturgeon moon is like the energy we have felt before in 2013 and in 2002.  Recalling the uncanny similarities of 2002, you will see that natural history is happening all over again.

As the moon’s energy escalates 7 days before and after, recalling those scenarios from the 20th of February onward will synchronize what are no longer coincidences, but rather, lessons we have yet to learn.

In February 2002, a reporter from the Wall Street Journal was held hostage and killed by a radical Islamic group. Fast forward to February 2013, a bombing in Turkey at the U.S Embassy left two citizens dead; a suicide bombing carried out by an Islamist extremist. Whereas just a few weeks ago, rockets launched from a Kurdish run region killed a contractor in Iraq, causing an air strike by the U.S.

The world of science was also replicated and advanced.  In February of 2002, Mars Odyssey landed on Mars. February 2013, Curiosity, a Mars rover, drilled for the first rock sample.  And just a few days ago, Mars Perseverance rover recorded wind on Mars for the first time.

I also would not be surprised if cities such as Little Rock, Oakland CA, Anchorage, Denver, Tallahassee, Atlanta, Boise, Boston, New Mexico, LA, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Utah would be in the news.

Abroad, India, Bolivia North and South Korea, Pakistan, Ukraine, Turkey, Brazil and Costa Rica, Athens, and Mexico City.  

The temperatures will soon be warming up and the birds will also fly back north.  This magnificent full moon demands our interest. The full moon marks a period of new beginnings by getting rid of what does not work.

This means to examine and assess life and find where there can be a balance between our needs and wants. Recognize people in your life also, as relationships can be quite significant at this time. There is a great need to share and merge ideas of a higher plane and bring to this world the inner nature and outer personality through abilities to give what can be given.

According to Vedic philosophies, with the moon in Leo there are trends of looking at our family and how that family makes us who we are.  Moon in Leo expects us to be sincere in what we do and have strong integrity, dignity, and fairness.  At the same time, there is an exceptionally fine line between Leo and Virgo.  They both demand respect and do not like to be taken for granted.

The energy will be establishing strong values. There will be plenty of energy to do spring cleaning. Through this moon there may even be some tiredness thinking about all the projects that are left undone.

Due to Virgo’s correlation with health, food, and fitness, worries in these areas may occur during this time. Also, people may be reserved as they are immersed and focused on their schooling or education. Vital thinking is highlighted, and prudence needs to be taken to avoid being too unstable or fussy.

During every full and new moon, I bring forth tendencies explicit to the astrological sign highlighted by the lunar events. The principal placeholder affected by this moon is the sign of Virgo. For Leo, your predisposition for the next 6 months can be found here.

For all those that have not had a full moon or a new moon in their sign, please look at the predispositions for your next 6 months here, during the Solar eclipse and Lunar Eclipse.


Though it may not seem like it now, your financial situation should improve by the end of March into April.  You also need to be more vigilant regarding your health as you have not been taking good care of yourself.  Known as a hard worker, you will see growth in your occupation but continue to learn new things.  I would not be surprised if there was some travel involved for you in April or May. You might find your relationships will go through ups and downs in the spring, so do something to let your partner know how valuable they are to you. Try to create collaboration and good rapport with your co-workers and seniors as when you do, you will see how smooth it is for you. Be careful not to create tension with loved ones and most of all, false allegations may cause your stomach to turn every now and then.Saturn: While financial situations could soar, relationships could go through tests.

Saturn: While financial situations could soar, relationships could go through tests.

Ketu: Success at the workplace and travel is foreseen.

Rahu: Advancing in new skills will bring forth rise in income.

Chiron: Low self-esteem and uncertainties.

Neptune: Uncertainties regarding your career, duties, and responsibilities could cause confusion.

Jupiter: Stress at the workplace and health issues may cause tension for you.

Maharani’s advice:

Be vigilant on how you speak to people; you will need to be more careful because you don’t want to make enemies at the workplace.  You will find people at workplace do not have your best interests in mind from the end of March through Autumn, so be careful with whom you trust. Take time to go for a relaxing walk otherwise you will feel fidgety or lethargic. Take care of your loved ones as they will need you in the summer. Stay strong for those that push your buttons at work. Pay more attention to your health by finding time to meditate, exercise, and relax your mind.  You may think about, or want to change your job from April to September.  But it may be a hiccup.  You get what you need, and you will see yourself rise in March and May if you can manage to not become tense.  Breathe more and let others breathe also.

While the Moon is in Virgo, it also a good time for educational pursuits; but it is not better for those needing critical details rather than creativity.  This is a good time for taking care of any matter that requires careful thought.  People may become anxious and repossessing with Moon passing through Virgo and will tend to be cautious, hard to please, and overly serious at times.

This year I have decided to do something different.  Not only will I bring forth a Sanskrit mantra but also a mantra to create change in the way one is viewing life, which can assist in making the transition easier for 2021.

Maharani’s Mantra for Virgo:

Take the moment to appreciate you by enjoying small accomplishments through unlearning your modesty; and be joyous.

The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy.

The mantra for Virgo moon is:

“Om Eim Saraswatiyei Swaha”

This mantra invokes energy for making any projects fruitful and successful.

The intention of this mantra is to keep us in balance and from losing our temper through darkness and unfocused energy.

I wish you the most peaceful journey through this full moon and know I am always a phone call away however, careful as post mercury period could still cause some confusion.



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Detaching Darkness: New Moon in Aquarius

New Moon in Aquarius

February 11, 2021

By Maharani Rutan©

As the residue of 2020 slowly moves away from us, many of us are ready to move forward into 2021. But as Mercury continues to create a push and pull for us, it continues to perplex us with what could be or could have been.

On February 11, 2021, our moon will be voided and entering Aquarius at 23 degrees. The darkness will cover the sky at approximately 2:06 pm EST & 11:06 am PST.

The last time we felt this degree, or close to this degree, was in 2002. Unfortunately, it will never be at this degree again in our lifetime. Vedic philosophies state that humans cannot see in the darkness therefore it is not the time to start anything in the dark as we cannot see the conclusions without light.

Aquarius is a sign of innovation, science, and breakthroughs, and in 2002 a new protein was discovered for Rheumatoid arthritis, perhaps they can do the same with COVID and the new strains?

However, Mercury retrograde is forcing us to slow down, introspect, and most of all, take a deep breath (Read more about it here). Mercury continues its wrath until the middle of March (which includes the ghost period as well as the calculation of the Vedic transformation).

The new moon gives us energy to look at everything in a new perspective, however, it is not the time to act.  The Aquarius moon’s principal focus is on doing things which are group linked, whether they are large-scale plans or small things such as shopping. Every group action will be blessed to talk things over, see all the obstacles ahead, and talk about them.

Aquarius people are renovating and really seeing what they need to change. Not only is Mercury in Aquarius (read more about it here), but the sun is in Aquarius and Venus will be moving into Aquarius in less than two weeks.

Aquarius is the sign of the zodiac which signifies the supportive awareness, community mindfulness, and thorough preparations. It is to reflect what you can do by yourself; liberation and independence will unfetter those that have been trapped under other people’s philosophies.

This new moon asks us to echo, to find a way to reconcile another way, visualize your life another way, and how as a united humanity we can work in an organized manner to imagine how we will bond to repair old injuries and live by values rather than reactions.

Aquarius is a sign of emotive objectivity. Often, these people incline to continue impartiality toward almost everything because everything in their eyes has a motive. This is the time to do things that need the collective mind, fostering your friends, and remaining unbiased. The energy is just right to channel rational quests. You will find yourself most content being around friends, and their company may gratify the sensitive voids felt by letting go of things. Through appreciation and being sentimental there is a great care of nurturing and equality.

Hence, this energy is not just the individual focus of Aquarius, perhaps all fixed signs (Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, and Taurus) could disengage passionately and remain very detached to avoid arguments. There is a bottomless drive where expressiveness will be done with judgment and validation rather than emotions.

New moon in Aquarius is about uncertainties in our lives and finding stability through coherent rational things. Aquarius vigor often reasons us to be distant which can be central to seclusion or feeling helpless, but once we realize that entertaining, making fluctuations, and being repeatedly generous will be the cause of energy, we will feel less lonely.

During every full and new moon, I bring forth tendencies explicit to the astrological sign highlighted by the lunar events. The principal placeholder affected by this moon is the sign of Aquarius. 

For all those that have not had a full moon or a new moon in their sign, please look at the predispositions for your next 6 months here. During the Solar eclipse and Lunar Eclipse.


This may not be the best year for you.  Right now, until the spring, you may not be completely settled with a love relationship or that thing which is based upon self-gratification.  Any career advancements may be difficult, however, finding a new position which will better suite you is possible.  On the other hand, financially, you may have more expenses than rewards. Educational advances seem to go well for you, however, there are possibilities of mood swings which could lead to health issues.  Then again, Mercury is also doing a number on you for the next couple of weeks; read more about it here.

Saturn:  Sleepless nights, marital problems, and financial uncertainty is possible.

Ketu: Career and family fronts will have their ups and downs.

Rahu: Family tension and health issues are possible.  However, support from co-workers will lighten the load

Chiron:  Be careful with any relationships that begin in the workplace as they could damage your reputation

Neptune: You will have plenty of independence and creativity flowing

Jupiter: Even though things may be unsettling, come the spring and summer, you will feel content.

Maharani’s Advice

This is one of those years that will transform you.  If you work hard and play hard you will have the recognition you are searching for.  At the same time, you may have a habit of spending to feel good or take on undue expenses that should be avoided.  There is a possibility that you may not be residing near your family only because of unnecessary conflicts. Try hard not to raise your voice and sometimes in life, when we say nothing we have said enough.  You could find that your own temperament and jealousy could lead to failures in the workplace and relationships. Sleepiness nights could cause issues to your eyes or feet.  “Get rich quick” and “healthy miracles” could cause you plenty of disillusionment. It may be important for you to stay focused, real, and economical this year.

Since moon in Aquarius represents Defiant, Unforgiving, Lucid, Friendly, and Unsettled, it is my suggestion for us to continue being well-adjusted during this energy. This new moon is inexplicable to many astrological signs. It is my recommendation that you purchase an orange candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with lavender oil or sage oil and chant the Psalm 51. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle.

This year I have decided to do something different.  Not only will I bring forth a Sanskrit mantra but also a mantra to create change in the way one is viewing life, which can assist in making the transition easier for 2021.

Maharani’s Mantra for Aquarius

Challenges in my life whether negative or positive I will work my magic- there is nothing I cannot overcome.

Sanskrit Mantra

Om Hreeng Aing Kleeng Shreeng

This mantra produces the quality of friendship within oneself, including others.

The resolve of this mantra is to balance your path in life by serving you to understand the teachings you have set for yourself and through karma, the doubt will be overcome.

Please note, I am not an astrologer no claim to be one. For the most up to date astrological tendencies you may contact astrologer of your choice Vedic or Western.

Vedic reading is very exclusive where it shapes a diagram of choices and permits the receivers the influence to make selections based upon the planning. Astrology is also used, as groundwork to embrace the energy within the cosmos.

Wishing you the most wonderful journey through this friendly new moon. Be cautious of relationships and communication, and breathe through until mid-march.


Maharani Rutan©

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Vindictive Arrogance: First Full Moon in 2021

Full Moon in Cancer/Leo

By Maharani Rutan©

As we slowly continue move through 2021 with a new President and vaccinations slowly moving into the community, we embark on our first full moon of 2021.  However, it won’t come without glitches, misunderstandings, and confusion.

Mercury retrograde continues to pull us down while the cosmos wants us to open our eyes.  The beautiful Cancer Leo moon sitting on the axis Aquarius/Leo will gravitate full at 9 degrees (depending upon the orb).  Some of us can see how bright it will be just by looking up a few days before.

On January 28, 2021, the old moon in the north and thunder moon in the south will certainly be auspicious for many of us, especially around 2:16pm EST and 11:16 am PST.   For many Vedic followers, full moons represent a very auspicious time to throw away the old and raise our hands to a new beginning from the cosmos. (Read more about it here).

In the Hindu calendar this full moon is also considered as a Poshi Poonam by the Gujarati Hindu calendar.  On this day mandirs (temples) are adorned by many communities and families that walk for miles to receive the blessings.  Flowers and fruits are given as a token of a blessing.  This Poonam (full moon) is celebrated to receive the blessings for those children who have slow speech. The old legends say that if the blessed fruits are given to the children who have delayed speech, they will receive the blessings and will be cured or blessed to speed up the process.  Many Hindus follow this as a way of continued religious practices. 

It may be a while before some of us will feel the energy of this full moon at this degree again.  However, this is not the first time we have felt this. Rewind for a moment to January 2002 and January of 2010 (one degree off).  The magical number is 8 (destiny).

There are many things that occurred in 2002 and 2010 which could possibly occur in January 2021, or rather, an end of an era to begin anew.  In January 2002 “The no child left behind act of 2001” finally became law which required schools to develop an assessment tool for students to continue to receive federal funding. Perhaps now President Biden will reinstate the DACA; even though he pledged to do so, perhaps now it will finally be established so those young immigrant children cannot be deported and now they can apply for federal loans and Pell grants, allowing them to afford higher education.

It is obvious that the FDA has already approved Pfizer and Medora vaccines, however, I would not be surprised that Johnson and Johnson vaccines will now be approved as Metformin was in 2002. 

One of the greatest pastimes for Americans is the Superbowl; lets rewind for a second and see if my prediction is correct, as I have never predicted a game before.  On a mathematical and VPAT aggravated calculation: In 2002, the Patriots won their first Superbowl, and their quarterback was Tom Brady.  Now Tom Brady plays for Tampa Bay.  In 2002, the Rams quarterback in the Superbowl was Kurt Warner, who is no longer playing. As I write this, Tampa Bay has already made it to the Superbowl, and while I am not getting a 100% certainty on who will be playing against them, between the Buffalo and Kansas City, but if I had to guess it would be Kansas City. 

As far as the score, all I can say is that we will be sitting at the edge of our seats and just as when we saw it all it will be a surprising win from nowhere with a possible score difference of 3-5 points in favor of Tampa Bay. For those who are rooting for either team, this is just an experimental prediction, so please don’t bet as I am bound to be wrong.

Even though the recycled energy of the energy at the same exact degree continues to unwind and rewind, this is the beginning of a cycle of something that began as an idea and embarked upon around August 2008.

Another obvious connection to 2008 occurred in August when Obama announced Biden as his choice for Vice President; now he is the President.  I have yet to wonder if history will repeat itself but on a different scale. Frequently on a full moon something outrageous and unforeseen always has occurred 5 days before or 5 days after the full moon (January 23-Feb 2).

I also would not be surprised if issues of weather warming focus on Anchorage, racial disparity issues in Montgomery, Alabama and Arkansas, immigration issues in Arizona, and vaccination issues in Connecticut, Florida, and Georgia. Additionally, authoritative issues between people and government in Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Michigan.  Lastly, political issues in New Hampshire, Oregon, and Washington State.

Worldwide, there could be new beginnings with China, Mexico, and Nigeria.

However, all will not be bad; this will be a beautiful aspect for those that have placement of Leo anywhere in their chart or even Cancer & Aquarius.  However, all water (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) and Fire (Leo, Aries and Sagittarius) will be affected.

Hereafter, the touchiness of the full moon and the retrograde energy may cause some hopelessness for earth and mutable signs due to Mercury, which hasn’t gone completely direct yet. Read about it here.

The full moons are a sign of change and strength, causing many humans to feel dispirited due to the gravitational pull of the moon around the Earth.

All our five senses will be enlightened with the full moon; however, the energy may cause pessimism and inflated actions, especially in area of interpersonal relationships of all kinds. The energy is so powerful that powerful dreams are likely.  

Often, full moons are related to chapters in a book; the notion of creating new chapters in our own lives is like a chapter in a book.  Every full moon gives us a chance re-write chapters that are no longer working. Whether it is the way we connect, relate, perceive a situation, or deal with problems in our lives. 

The Moon in Leo marks a time of determination and charm. Ruled by the Sun, Leo creates a power of loveliness, drive, and susceptibility. People may feel inspired, acknowledged, and generous. It is a good time to chase requirements, be supportive, and to help others.

Like the Lion that represents Leo, people may feel eminent but also desire for support and reaction. Care needs to be taken to avoid melodramatic demonstrations, to grab the attention, or control positions.

During every full and new moon, I bring forth tendencies explicit to the astrological sign highlighted by the lunar events. The principal placeholder affected by this moon is the sign of Leo.  For Cancers, please look at your predispositions here and your eclipse.

Remember, this is a beginning, therefore, something must end which could have been started in and around the new moon last summer, which was the lunar eclipse on 4th and 5th of July, and the solar eclipse here.


For the next 6 months, be aware that you may not receive the type of support you want from your loved ones, but things could turn around for you in the spring. However, if you are feeling lonely or feel that you need someone to talk to, avoid people you don’t know as it may be likely they could find something to use against you. During the first half of the year you may also find things to be difficult on the work/career front, and it may be surmised that you are not meeting their expectations; but once again, this will be short lived. Hard work could cause plenty of fatigue and care should be taken with how you walk as you may trip.  But it is not a bad 3 months if you look at your Mercury retrograde pre-disposition here.

Saturn (Until May 2021):  Health issues are possible. Education, exams, and unexpected increase in finances will be possible for you.

Rahu: Work related issues are possible, but you will overcome them and plenty of success is possible

Ketu: Possible family issues and mental stressors are possible. A family illness could also cause you stress.

Uranus: Fame and recognition are possible.

Chiron: Improvements in the way you take care of yourself and how you view your life.

Jupiter: Love and career bliss is possible.

Maharani’s Advice

For the next 6 months, at least, try very hard not to be egotistical and remember that you don’t know everything.  Working hard and diligently will be the success you will crave.  Your professional aspects look awesome.  Keep yourself away from sick people and have routine checkups; this is because often, if you are tired or run down the immune system can’t fight as hard. Don’t let other people get involved in your relationships and keep them private. If you want to open a new business do it without a partner otherwise it will not be successful. Until April you will have to be extra vigilant with your finances.

The Leo energy can sometimes cause us to be more partial, stubborn, satisfied, unfulfilled, vain, conceited, and patronizing.  It’s harder (but not intolerable) to make changes or be supple, Since the Moon is the closest ‘Planet’ to Earth, and this satellite literally zips around the Zodiac, finishing its circuit in less than a month, it also touches us more deeply than most Planets.

Leo is Spirited, Courageous, Melodramatic, Executive, Prepared, AND UNPREDICTABLE. It is my suggestion that you purchase a Green candle and carve your name through to the wick.  Anoint the candle with lemon oil or Lavender oil and chant the Psalm 65.

This year I have decided to do something different.  Not only will I bring forth a Sanskrit mantra but also a mantra to create change in the way one is viewing life, which can assist in making the transition easier for 2021.

Maharani’s Mantra for Leo for 2021

Be who you are and trust that everything you do will turn out fine

Sanskrit Mantra

“Om Sri suryaya namaha”

(Om Shree sur-ya-ya nam-aha)

This mantra will aid greatly in the peaceful and sweet transition to new and positive energy states.

Please note I am not an Astrologer nor claim to be one.  The Vedic readings incorporate the energies for the moon and sun, guiding the reader to bring the most cultivating answers to everyday changes which bring forks in the road, and to make your own destiny through answers of the future.

Share this beautiful journey which we call life with gratitude, peace, love, humility, and honesty which embraces changes bringing sublime bliss.  I hope that it is the best journey you have ever taken.



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Unpredictable and Pessimistic Discussions: First Mercury Retrograde 2021

First Mercury Retrograde for 2021


Pre-Juncture: January 15-20, 2021 (Capricorn)

Pre-Junction: January 20-26, 2021 (Aquarius)

Pre-Progression Juncture: January 27-29, 2021 (Aquarius)

Mercury Retrograde (Station): January 30, 2021 (Aquarius)

Mercury Station Regression: Jan 31- Feb 3, 2021 (Aquarius)

Mercury Retrograde Junction: Feb 04-Feb 16, 2021 (Aquarius)

Mercury Retrograde Juncture: Feb 17-19, 2021 (Aquarius)

Mercury Direct: Feb 20/21, 2021 (Aquarius/Pisces)

Post-Regression Juncture: February 22-25, 2021(Pisces)

Post-Juncture: February 26-March 13(Aquarius)

By Maharani Rutan©

On January 15, 2021 the trickster of disorder, hindrance and suspensions goes backwards in time. This shadow period, often referred to as the ghost period, began to motion backwards on January 15, 2021. This is where Mercury will continue to move backwards in time even quicker, forming strength, sluggishness, and weary feelings. The most powerful time will be from January 30, 2021 through February 20, 2021, and this is where Mercury will stay for approximately 3 weeks, starting to motion forward February 22 through March 13, 2021.

If you recall, last year’s first Mercury retrograde was on the February 1, 2020 and if you can recall how you felt during that time you will also be able to understand this year’s Mercury retrograde. If you are a mutable sign (Gemini, Pisces, Virgo, or Sagittarius) Mercury can be very problematic for you.

The attentiveness of Mercury retrograde will fall more on-Air signs (Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius). The best way to comprehend this energy is not to create too many responsibilities as there may be things that will cause them to go erratic. Blame it on Mercury.

This retrograde begins its passage in the Capricorn/Aquarius axis which typically represents doubts, relationships, and governments, until January 29, 2021. Thereafter it moves backwards in motion until March 13, 2021 where it will end the journey in the Aquarius/Pisces Axis.

So many astrological implications are going on right now that it would not surprise me that we feel a little faint every now and then. Saturn recently moved away from Sagittarius and moved into Capricorn on the 20th of January and retrograding on and off all last year and this year.  Jupiter, being a planet of luck and expansion, also moved from Sagittarius on to Capricorn as well.  Therefore, much of this has to do with government work, communication, and friendships.

Mercury rules mutable signs, but this time everyone will be imprisoned. Expect communication mis-perception, deceit, and confusion. Those that will be impacted by Mercury will be almost everyone, including but not limited to Aquarius, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and all those that have any of these planets as their primary in their charts, especially Aquarius in their chart. Planets are never actually retrograde or stationary, they just seem that way due to this visual delusion.

Retrograde times, while often thought-provoking, are not chiefly rare. Each planet retrogrades, except the Sun and Moon. Mercury, much like the feathered messenger of the Gods, comes in on feather-light wings and orders us to speak. Communication, sentiment, and consciousness are all within Mercury’s terrain, as are goals and lucidity, our technique of rational, and how we express our thought progressions will be highlighted.

A changeable nature transports normal consideration into annoyance and motion. Rat-a-tat-tat — things happen frantically. Mercury is about a fast wit, attitude, choices, defiance, understanding and the competence to defend things. Mercurial energy can be ethical or callous, but it will surely be stimulating! This Planet also encourages us to transfer from one thing to the next and to get responses on both a physical and psychological level. Further, Mercury’s vigor is both energetic and observant. Consequently, it pushes things so fast that, sporadically, we can say or do things without justification and regret them later.

To be able to understand the energy of this mercury it may be wise to look back at mercury was in the same sign and similar energies.  The last time mercury was in Aquarius/Pisces was in February of 2020.  “As the bird flu cause an epidemic, now the coronavirus flu has caused alarms across the world” (read more about it here). 

Scientist and researchers alike can not understand how it was that the Spanish Flue of 1918 infected and killed 50 million people and people were able to get vaccinated by the millions and now our infrastructure is not able to handle it as advanced as we are? Perhaps it may be time to review the past and see how it was done and do it all over again.

Mercury is about short trips: a social call to a neighbor or a friend at a short distance, the daily travel, and a weekend retreat. Relatives and transportation over-all are also within Mercury’s realm. Communications, letters, paperwork, online communications, and education are also within Mercury’s domain. This Planet begs us to be hasty — and well — just be yourself.

Discussions might be more interesting, as crossed signs and blurred consequences cloud generally straightforward discussions. Still, with minor care and reflection, you’ll get your details across. Likewise, be ready with a back-up plan when you’re traveling. If your trip gets put off or your car won’t start, stay passive and make the best of it.

After the 20th of February, Mercury retro in Pisces produces numerous and fervent confusion, with strange views upon occasion, protuberant to psychic capabilities. Psychological methods being tangled with feelings, we find it hard to separate perceptions and ideas from yearning and clumsiness. Our psychological shape can be unbalanced, improbable, and overly spiritual but it also disposes to fatigue and surges the impulse to drink liquor or do things to suppress, either through eating, smoking, or even doing drugs.

With all these energies, it is bound to get a little confused; be very well prepared.

The inferences which I am focusing on are ideally from Vedic readings as these are NOT Western Astrology or Eastern Astrology predictions. Rather, all inferences below are universal tendencies. Each tendency will be unique to that individual.

I will begin the over-all tendencies on the astrological signs that will be affected the most. But remember that everyone will be a hostage here. Air signs & Mutable signs, listed in order below, will be taking the pain for many of us. If a chart has air or mutable signs anywhere those planets will be activated.


January 15-Feb 20 & Feb 26 through March 13: This is not a negative transit for you; actually, your creative juices will flow, and your charisma will allow praise and honors that wish to be received.

Feb 21-25: Impressive communication will assist you to increase your financial flow.


January 15-Feb 20 & Feb 26 through March 13: Careless spending and investments could cause you to get into difficult situations which you may not be able to get out of.  Being overconfident will also not help you. Do not spend or invest beyond your limits.

Feb 21-25: You will have plenty of support from your partner, additionally, you may want to build a home or invite people for a celebration.

Secondary influences


January 15-Feb 20 & Feb 26 through March 13: A new project will lead to a successful completion and your confidence will soar.

Feb 21-25: A possible move or relocation.  Your temperament could land you in big difficulties.


January 15-Feb 20 & Feb 26 through March 13: High energy and doing good deeds will surely bring you luck.  However, instead of looking at all that does not work, focus on your goals.

Feb 21-25: Your expenses could rise and struggles at the workplace are possible.

Third Influence


January 15-Feb 20 & Feb 26 through March 13: Stress at the workplace is possible.  Maneuver the negativity as it may harm your health.

Feb 21-25: Your professional and romantic life could soar.


January 15-Feb 20 & Feb 26 through March 13: Your financial structure will become strong during this time and you can do it with great confidence and a realistic approach.

Feb 21-25: Your thoughts may revolve around a new house, car, or something that you really want.  But remember to stay focused as all the ideas in your mind regarding a better way of working will give you the recognition in your career.

Fourth Influence


January 15-Feb 20 & Feb 26 through March 13: Projects will finally be completed, and you will have major success in your career life due to hard work and focus.

Feb 21-25: Your financial structure will bring sustainability and you will accept and cherish what you have in areas of love and relationships.


January 15-Feb 20 & Feb 26 through March 13: Positive energy in your love life is possible and transparent communication will help build a stronger foundation.

Feb 21-25: Financial losses or unexpected gains are possible.  Be careful not to overwork yourself, causing you stress.


January 15-Feb 20 & Feb 26 through March 13: Family and personal life is going to be very peaceful.  Property, vehicle, or land purchases are possible. 

Feb 21-25: Refrain from unnecessary arguments with your loved ones as they could cause major rifts.

Fifth Influence


January 15-Feb 20 & Feb 26 through March 13: Focus in areas of complicated projects. Ideas will give the financial uplift you seek.  Your negotiation abilities will soar which could lead to advancement in your work or career.

Feb 21-25: Ideas will assist your loved ones and family to have a better blissful life.


January 15-Feb 20 & Feb 26 through March 13: Hard work will finally pay off.  Confidence and enthusiasm will soar which will enhance new financial growth.

Feb 21-25: Refrain from making any investment decisions as they may not work in your favor.


January 15-Feb 20 & Feb 26 through March 13: Tedious work will give you the most rewards and you may have the energy to complete pending projects. Try to be mindful regarding higher ups.

Feb 21-25: There is a possibility of being more spiritually inclined and you may receive the support from your siblings.

Remember that these are just universal propensities; for a deeper look at your own planets and the intensity that you will experience, you may want to contact an astrologer.

Anxiety and substance, even groundless worries and distrust, are stirred, especially from employment or if you are living in a hostile situation. You may be inclined toward being cold with a pessimistic tongue. Support privacy and poise in your employment and do not try to interpret written things too much.

Mercury retrograde gives rise to distinct misunderstandings; hurt, anxious, or suspended communications, talks and occupation; breakdowns and catastrophes with telephones, PCs, automobiles, and transportation in general are possible. All these malfunctions often rise because some serious element or piece of data has gone askew. When Mercury is retrograde, everyone’s awareness is more inattentive, and we are motivated to reason problems. Worries around communication can be attributed to the sign involved.

Mercury is very lethargic, and it touches almost all planetary signs. It is my suggestion that you purchase a yellow candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with Inspiration oil or Eucalyptus oil and chant Psalm 70 every single night. This period will last for 6-7 weeks total and it will be hard on all of us.

This year I have decided to do something different.  Not only will I bring forth a Sanskrit mantra, but also a mantra to create change in the way one is viewing life that can assist in making the transition easier for 2021.

Maharani’s Mantra for Mercury retrograde:

Give me the power to make the right decision at the right time

Sanskrit Mantra

Om Braam Brim Braum sah budhaya namaha

This will allow friendly communication as well as understanding in situations. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until March 13, 2021. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras, achieving the anticipated outcome is reliant on upon the eminence of purpose. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy.

Vedic readings offer a distinguishing possibility. We discover the incorrect and catch answers by producing a characteristic of gratitude through engagements and responses. Astrology is just the groundwork to Vedic readings. I am not an astrologer nor do I claim to be, however, a basic understanding in astrology does assist us in applying what we know to what we need to know in order to embrace the energy and direct it to the most positive outcome.

Please use this energy well to restart and find your solutions because there is an uncomfortable path ahead with the eclipses.

Be gentle with yourself.


Maharani Rutan©

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Unforgivable Darkness: First New moon 2021

New Moon in Capricorn

January 13, 2021

By Maharani Rutan©

As we still struggle to realize that we are in 2021, the universe will continue to make sure we are still sleeping a little and blind us with the its glory.  However, it seems for many of us, when we asked the universe to give us a little slow down, it never occurred to us that it would be taken to such extreme.  

Just like you, I have been doing a lot of work from home; however, it seems that even though I try to accomplish a lot I still have so much still left to do.  Soon I will be posting my predictions for 2021; however, as I re-read and re-analyze how many of 2020 predictions came to pass (Read more about it here),  I am a bit fearful if I should even bother writing about the predictions of 2021.

The polite new moon will enter the sign of Capricorn, which will marvel through the cosmos at 23 degrees on January 13, 2021 at approximately 2:22am EST and 11:22pm PST.

To sanctify this transit, Venus moved into Sagittarius (per VPAT, Vedic Philosophical Ayurveda Theory) on January 4, 2021. Some of us will enjoy Venus being in Sagittarius, it will be a glorious time for keeping things playful and free. However, do not get surprised if communication with our loved ones, and those around us, becomes more drawn to serious talks as Mercury also moved into Capricorn on January 4, 2021 (Per VPAT).

 On the other hand, I would suggest for you to enjoy your time with loved ones as Mercury retrograde will be moving into its ghost period in Capricorn/Aquarius on January 15, 2021 where anything is possible.

But this is nothing compared to Uranus shaking things up for Aries and Taurus.  While Capricorn is riding the wings of Saturn dazed and confused, Pluto is also inspecting Sagittarius and Capricorn to make sure they understand things are still hidden in their lives.  Then again, almost everything is hidden when you are swimming in the sea of Neptune, sorry Aquarius/Pisces but it seems like a dream, so keep dreaming.

Nevertheless, nothing is as hard as the aspects of Rahu in Taurus and Ketu in Scorpio.  This is karma baby! As the old saying goes, whatever you do will come back to you or you will change through it.  Almost everyone comes out a deeper, richer, and more spiritual being so this road is not as difficult.

The Earthy New Moon brings a time of splendor and maturing. It is a period of distinct serenity and a time to introspect. It’s time to reflect.  In the darkness, often we cannot see beyond our faces, therefore, this is not a time to start anything, rather, something will definitely come to an end. (Read more about Vedic moons here).

The New Moon motions a time for being brave and taking plenty of risks as long as they are divine. Remember that perfect career? Manifest it, draw it, and picture it. Remember the flawless relationship you wanted? Think about it and ask – does it happen or is it trickery that the cosmos is playing?

Hesitancy and egotism in all things will be the determination, thus, communication may be difficult to express. Take all delicate situations honestly, seeing the conclusion of opinions and actions.

With the moon in Capricorn, the energetic of Saturn is stressed. It is time for determinate energy and an awareness of work and responsibility. In the pursuit of status and financial security, people might become intimidating, even emotionless hostile, but the self-centeredness is a condition rather than actual aggression.

Just one week from now a new President will be inaugurated; but unlike the normalcy that many of us are accustomed to, such as big crowds and mounds of energy, this inauguration will be much quieter as only 1,000 attendees will be welcomed instead of 20,000.  The President-elect is encouraging people to watch from home and continue to practice social distancing.

Just like many years in the past, this year will also replicate all those aspects of 2002.  To familiarize yourself and understand the circumstances that will repeat is to recall January 2002 when the moon was in the exact degree and astrological sign.  Additionally, issues of January 2005, 2010, and 2013 could be recalled.

In 2002, the republican party ruled the Senate, by only one vote and it stayed that way until 2004 and 2005. As we moved in 2010 the parties flipped where the democrats held the majority in the Senate.  As our current President leaves, he leaves as the republican majority has been flipped again.

For many readers, politics is not crucial, however, it should be, as the U.S Senate controls how the Government should spend their money or how it should be distributed. It also confirms appointments nominated by the President.  It will determine how the United States will operate in 2021; if it will be politically driven presidency like its predecessor or for the people.

Areas of technology also saw a glimpse of the future.  Apple introduced the first iMac 64 to the world in 2002, and in 2004, Apple introduced the Mini Mac while Google Maps launched.  These inventions opened the gate to the next generation of technology, from digital store scanners to Google glasses, the flood gates opened.

I also would not be surprised if U.K, Mexico and Delhi make the news.  Furthermore, New York, Florida and Texas make some headlines also.  But the most obvious would be issues of data, accounting, supply chain and finances will be headlines for the next two weeks

The Saturn effects of Capricorn often causes cynicism or pessimism to creep in, and while the moon is in Capricorn energy is lethargic. It is time for carefully applying yourself to errands while living solely in the present.

During every full and new moon, I bring forth tendencies specific to the astrological sign highlighted by the lunar events. The principal placeholder affected by this moon is the sign of Capricorn.

Remember, this is an ending, therefore, something that began during the last full moon, which was the lunar eclipse on 4th and 5th of July, in this case it was the fitness of the President, is now being recalled read more about it here.

Additionally, it is suggested that you combine that with the last lunar and solar eclipse in November and December, to understand the overall tendencies. 

All general tendencies can be found here for the lunar eclipse and solar eclipse here.


Nothing will be easy in the beginning of the year but at the end of the day it will make you much wiser and more put together.  There are possibilities of new career advancements.  Try to control your temper when things become difficult for you, and continue to push forward.  Remember the old saying, the harder you work the more you will gain.  Unfortunately, your finances could be status quo until spring.  Lucrative gains are possible, but I would not suggest you gamble. A few challenges in your love life are possible this winter to spring, due to agitation. Take care with your eating habits in winter and spring, especially with junk food.

Saturn: Unexpected financial gains, however tension could arise in the area of interpersonal relationships.

Rahu: Education and training will be excellent; however, health and mental stress could cause further trauma.

Ketu: Increase in income, successful projects, and honors are possible.

Uranus: You will be forced to keep things light and fun.

Jupiter: Financial success and family bliss.

Maharani’s Advice

Try to maintain a good budget for spending and don’t waste unnecessarily as things may go from bad to ugly.  You might find that the beginning of this year is a struggle for work but don’t worry; see what happens after Mercury leaves your sign after March / April. Though making big purchases will be profitable for you in the beginning of this year, be careful after March; if you can wait until the summer, do so. Try not to have disputes with your colleagues or business partners, not everyone will favor your ideas. Between now and the summer remember, if you decide to advance in your occupation through learning new skills you will do fantastic.  As long as you maintain good eating habits, there may not be that many illness issues for this period.

The moon in Capricorn is Attentive, Melancholy, Vigorous, Concrete, and Whimsical.

This year I have decided to do something different.  Not only will I bring forth a Sanskrit mantra but also a mantra to create change in the way one is viewing life that can assist in making the transition easier for 2021.

Maharani’s Mantra for Capricorn for 2021

Sometimes in life anxiety and hesitation is a part of growth.  Do not be afraid of taking chances.

Sanskrit Mantra

Om Aing Kleeng Hreeng Shreeng Sauh

Please note that I am not an Astrologer. These are universal tendencies which are combined in Vedic forethought which improves and brings division between the East and West.

Vedic reading is exclusive; the assessments and outcomes are based upon enhancing actions beyond words, transporting enlightenment, and theories.

It brings difficulties to the head to bring calmer resolves. It brings two pathways which motivations are on what is in the present day and what could be in the future. But most of all, it stops time, like it is in warp energy, so that fitting assessment can be made as to which path could deliver positive or manifested results.

I wish you the best of the new moon. Just remember to plant those seeds that can sustain you through chaos as there will be a lot of shaking and stirring the pot at the end of the month.



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Emotional Judgments and Farewell’s : Last moon of 2020

Last Moon 2020

Full Moon in Cancer

December 29, 2020

By Maharani Rutan©

Within a few days, 2020 will be behind us along with tears, loss, uncertainties, separations, anxieties, restrictions and difficult changes. Perhaps the last moon in 2020 will bring needed healing and bless us with beginnings to appreciate things that we may have taken for granted.

Often, people refer to full moon as endings, something disturbing that seeps through the emotions of humanity. However, in the Vedic philosophies, the full moon brings new beginnings, a new dawn, and of course, light for us to see our own pathway better than ever. Read more about it here.

The cold moon, or the wolf moon, named by the historians, will be the longest full moon that will sit above the horizon. Often, the cold moon lets us know that the coldest part of winter is on its away and to get prepared.

The last full moon of 2020 will enter our splendid sky with its grace and luminosity. This Full moon is a Gemini-Cancer duo according Vedic philosophies and will appear at 8 degrees, depending upon the orb. The brightest point will be on December 29, 2020 at 10:28pm EST and 7:28pm PST.

I had said in December 2019, that this year would be tough. “As we end the year it is important to understand that when we began on 1-1-2020 our numerical number was 6 which emphasizes our work, daily routine, health, diet, exercise, and physicians.” Now we need to consider, were any of these changes in our lives?” Read more about it here

Now we end the year on 12-31-2020; whereas the numerical number is 2, this is the sign of Taurus, and currently, Uranus is in Taurus. Everything happens unexpectedly and takes us to the abyss. The number two represents our relationships, especially family, and questions how we used our finances, and did we verbalize our concerns whether written (social media or other means) or verbally (through marches and reform)? But it’s not just as simple as that – it’s deeper. It is about how much we rely on money, it is our needs and core values, and does money dignify who we are? And to what degree and to what sacrifices? Read more about it here.

Cancer is a fostering sign while Gemini is a talkative one. Wherever the placement of these signs is in your chart will be the topic of the conversation. I would not be surprised if it is emotionally driven. The full moon rules Cancerians and our feelings are ruled by us. Cancers are known to hold family and structure, now it is time for Cancers to step up and say which family they will hold on to and which one will go. At the same time, there will be plenty of fickle mindedness and procrastination. Do not be surprised of outbursts over everything that has been held inside. Being open and truthful is not always easy because we don’t always know what it will be like to leave a situation.

I would not be surprised if there is more flooding, snow, wind, or slush as it already started and ended for northern U.S on Christmas Eve. And I expect the on and off switch to go on for another two weeks.

But, for all that is ruined there is a chance to restructure with beauty and joy. Full moon repeatedly brings new beginnings leading us to endings by next moon. This full moon will highlight how confident we are of the feelings that are attached to our message, and how much we share and collaborate with one another.

The Full moon gives a sign for us to upsurge in value the meaning and purpose of what has been given to us and what is around us. To study what it means to be mindful of the reason. It is as powerful as everything the moon stands for. This moon rules areas of humanity, thoughts, and karmic memories. National issues will consume most of us during the full moon in Cancer. Emotional state and memories will influence us toward people from our past. These methods happen on a karmic level that permits us the gamble of going in reverse through saving things and people from our past; in many cases we thought we have let go yet were unable to before.

A full moon in Cancer is also a frightful time for many, particularly if they cannot bond with people from the past. This will cause us to gorge in things such as drinking, eating, or sexual liaisons, which we all later regret. It will be a bad after-effect which may take months to get over.

The cancer full moon is also very distinct as the energy will allow for autonomy from old injuries which may have triggered painful offenses and the helplessness to excuse and move past vicious things. The energy of this moon will provide the restoration required to release oneself from emotional constipation. To only imagine a world without handcuffs or to return the energy back into the self so the energy can be placed somewhere else, resulting in beautiful things for the future.

Belief and faith in your own instinct will be the key to future chances. Open your consciousness and emotion wider than ever before. If you need to cry, then cry. Let it all go. Your concentration, soul, and especially psyche, will let you know that it is OK to do so and the cries are not of pain but of love. Display your love to someone with the kindest spoken words and the hurt will be restrained through empathy. However, if there is inconclusiveness or hostility then the spoken words will cut like a knife, deeper than the depths of any soul.

The primary step of letting go is to significantly do it. The power of this moon will give the oomph needed to clean the home of disorder, finish the projects which were not finished, and bring exquisiteness and light of the full moon into the home. With all this power in the air don’t overlook going into your shell too from time to time. Cancers love a little loneliness; this is how they love themselves and are accepting of others. Through the parting there will be answers to distinguish the past and plant the seeds of tomorrow.

I would not be at all surprised if emotional situations occur in England, Norway, Sweden, U.S Columbia, Bahamas, and South Korea. Here in America, more focus will be on Washington State, Oregon, Ohio, and Arkansas.

Cleansing the body, mind, spirit, and physical world will lay the solid groundwork for tomorrow. However, Cancerians know that tomorrow cannot happen overnight; it is going to have to happen one day at a time.

During every full and new moon, I bring forth tendencies specific to the astrological sign highlighted by the lunar events. The principal placeholder affected by this moon is the sign of Cancer/Gemini. For Gemini your 6-month predictive post can be found during the Lunar eclipse in November. Read more about it here.

For all others to get a better overall picture for the next 3-6 months, it is suggested that you combine the predictions of the last lunar eclipse in November 2020 and solar eclipse in December 2020.


Every year cannot be the best as we cannot always learn from our roller coasters dear Cancer. There will be plenty of difficulties at the workplace, but the harder you work the more successful you will be at what you do best. If you are single, this year is the most opportune time to find the right person for you. But it will be your impoliteness in work and career that will cause you restless energy. One thing for sure, you will not have to worry too much about your career as long as you are consistent and show all that you are not replaceable. You may worry too much which may mean that you have to work a little harder to overcome family challenges. This is not a good time for those who wish to go back to school, rather, with burdens of work and family there may not be that much time left over to study. Be careful, if you take on too much you may have gastrointestinal issues which means exercise and eating clean is needed.

Saturn: Possible illness with those who are dear to you, disturbed energy in areas of interpersonal relationships. Work and career progress is possible.

Rahu: Financial increases are possible, romantic situation will bring building blocks for the future.

Ketu: Be vigilant towards family members not feeling well. Possibility of growth in friendship and networking. However, stay focused as you may become sloppy with your work.

Uranus: New friends and new networks will now enter your life unexpectedly and old friends that no longer serve a purpose in your life will be gone suddenly.

Jupiter: Ups and downs in every aspect of your life are possible, unfortunately, things may not necessarily change for you until April, therefore, for now be focused and be vigilant.

Maharani’s Advice

This is the time to figure out solutions to the problems that may have been very difficult from 2020. The beginning of the year will not be bad and there could be some sort of a bonus or promotion possible for you. You may not see that many positive changes until March when financially things will be much better for you. If you decide to move into your own home or invest in any properties, make sure you do it after the first Mercury retrograde if you want things to go well for you in the summer. Even if things are having their ups and downs you will find you are growing so much in 2021. Make sure you pay careful attention to your loved ones and compromise a lot for every bliss; there are challenges but none that you both cannot overcome. Be very vigilant with your temper and avoiding accidents. Don’t drive at night. Take care of your immune system and while handling fire and sharp things.

The moon in Cancer brings inspiration, frame of mind, kindness, ideas, and emotional issues in our lives. The Watery Cancer Moon brings up memories of childhood, warm motherly arms, and tender drops for loved ones. Our emotions whirl in a sea of ancient images…. watch out for grumpiness!

Although your temperament may become unpredictable, people will come to you eagerly for encouragement and care. You look to a sage or an elder for shelter and encouragement. Care needs to be taken to avoid hurting the feelings of others as well as having your own feelings hurt.

Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, lunar spurs are strongest and most easily expressed when focused through this sign. The moon greatly effects personality, the subconscious, and the emotions which cause primitive actions. When the Moon is in Cancer it is a time of strained emotions and uncountable compassion with people responding to life through feelings rather than purpose. During this very vulnerable period be careful not to fervently wound others or allow yourself to be injured.

Moon in Cancer represents Inspiration, Subtle, Tender, Creative, and Pensive energy. It is my suggestion that you purchase a pink candle and carve your name, and the name of your loved one, through to the wick.

Anoint the candle with lavender oil or inspiration oil and chant Psalm 70. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy.

The mantra for Cancer moon is:

Sarva Mangala Maangalye, Shive Sarvaartha Saadhike
Sharanye Tryambake Gaurii, Naaraayanii Namostute

(Sar va Mung ala mungal ave shiv e sar verrtha sad hike; Shar rauve trumba ke guree nar rayani namo stute)

This mantra opens the universal forces in your life and allows the righteous changes to occur.

Vedic readings are distinguishing in many intelligence; they integrate the stages of the moon and produce a reading which is based upon actions and reactions to more everyday parts of our lives which we can administer. This change is triggered through arrangements and answers which create a masterwork of destiny, karma, dharma, and spiritual transits which often cloud us.

Our life is not just about seeing the past; it holds the present so that we can choose to shape a future of our love. A Vedic reading grips those standards and helps produce that picture-perfect world through spiritual messages.

Wishing you the most memorable 2021 and that you are in touch with your emotions and how they affect others.

Maharani Rutan©

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Suspicious Insensitivity: Searching for the Truth during the Total Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse

New Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius

December 14/15, 2020

By Maharani Rutan©

As some of us prepare to share our time with our loved ones in celebration of Christmas and New Year, the cosmos will also share its liveliness with us.  The energy will be forming a beautiful total solar eclipse.

This year has been very powerful in the cosmos, when it comes to eclipses; unlike previous years, this year we had six eclipses. However, for Sagittarius/Scorpio, this journey began in June and unfortunately, the journey is not over until May 2023 for both.

As the partial eclipse begins on December 14, 2020 at 8:33am EST, Chile will be the first to see the total solar eclipse at 9:32am EST.  Just as the eclipse reaches its maximum at 11:14 am EST the new moon will cover the sun.

The new moon in Sagittarius/Scorpio is about endings to make room for new beginnings next year. Eclipse brings with it a closure from last eclipse in Sagittarius/Scorpio at the exact degree and sign in the summer of 2003, but also exact degree of something that ended on December 14, 2001.

The second eclipse is just the beginning of series of eclipses which will be expanding Scorpio/Sagittarius, or those who have Scorpio/Sagittarius anywhere in their chart.  Moreover, those that have any mutable signs in their chart will feel the jolt of this eclipse.

The ability to feel, or rather, relate to the intensity of this eclipse is to recall the eclipse that occurred in December 2001 or November 2011. Both eclipses paved the path to the eclipses which are about to start the gesticulation of overstated alteration for many.  This eclipse is the halfway point to the destination for subliminal transformation and the eclipse is the nudge to make it happen; this is going to continue until December 2021.

I had previously predicted in December of 2019, “The total solar eclipse in Sagittarius will most definitely uncover secrets and bring truth to the surface. This is an ending of a cycle that began in December 2001, was redefined in June 2003, and now those ideas, places, and things are no longer useful. For example, in 2001 the world suffered a major economic deterioration due to the 911 attacks. The economic fall in 2001 was not seen at that severity for 20 years. In the summer of 2003, our eyes opened when we saw unemployment rise to almost 6.5%, again going back to 20 years prior.”Read more about it here

The effects of this eclipse can be felt as early as 5 days before (December 10, 2020).  The restlessness of the get-up-and-go of the eclipse will be felt by everyone; however, the specialty of the eclipse depends upon the house that the eclipse falls within in one’s specific astrological chart.  Every eclipse has a substantial bearing on insurgency in our lives for at least 6 months; therefore, Sagittarius and Scorpio may feel this result more so than ever.

Eclipse does not single out Sagittarius or mutable signs, it will touch countless people, particularly those that are in relationships which are poisonous.  Every eclipse is connection, whether it is focused on romance, family, business, or associates; it has no specialized comportment.

However, having Venus in Scorpio just before the eclipse, and with Mars in Aries, there will be a serious undertone. Emotions will be deep, passionate, and mysterious.  With Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Aries the word is steam.

The total solar eclipse of the sun happens when Moon blocks Sun and as it appears for us that that the planet is starting to be voided. Some experts conceive that eclipses occur when the moon blocks the rays between the sun and the earth and casts a shade around the Polar Regions.

In prehistoric times eclipses were thought of as omens and occurrences during these times are unresolved or bringing revelation for 6 months into the future.  Eclipses typically trigger foremost destruction such as damaging weather patterns which could be such things as floods, earthquakes, and snowstorms.  However, since this eclipse is in Sagittarius/Scorpio, there could be unknown electrical shortages, fires, or floods without warning.  Things happen without a justification or an alarm as Scorpio brings mysteries and Sagittarius brings fire or truth yet to be revealed.

During this time the energy will be restless, and it could even prompt depression or sadness.  This could lead to disorder politically, financially, and even emotionally. The solar eclipse is a consciousness or a nudge as I had mentioned, to grasp that world we once knew which is shifting, what’s more, we change with it so we can fight it.

With Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, expect everything to be stripped away and start anew.  Especially with the pandemic, society will be stronger when it is rebuilt.  Perhaps handing off the leadership could bring more respect back into our economy.  

The eclipses do not have to be all adverse, as they can bring new social status, a need to take inventory to make progresses, which is the key to durability.  It is a time for growth, breathe in information and obtain the information of the spiritual and knowledgeable evidence people, while expanding to the world your philosophies.  Exhale the standing of sustainability and constancy.  If hard work was the focus then you will be rewarded, but if you have not put in much effort then the angle of the eclipse will show you the direction your lack thereof led.  

This 6-month period is a time to focus on being resourceful, being a service to others, teaching, knowledge, ideas, travel, and development. This particular Eclipse chart places a huge planetary emphasis in two areas of the Zodiac, Sagittarius and Scorpio; however, Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo will be strongly highlighted as safeguarding counters to out-of-control devotion, confusions, and over-sensitivity about limitations. Tiny details can overrun long-term goals.

The Moon in Sagittarius brings a time of exhilarating movement looking forward, and freedom. People may seem more tentative, courteous, and fun loving. Whereas, moon in Scorpio is about being accepting of the spiteful parts within us and voiding ourselves so our spirits can heal to help others like us through empathy and goodness.

It is a good time for traveling safely, philosophies, and for augmentation of the mind. Like the Archer that represents Sagittarius, people may have a predisposition toward seeking out validity and sophisticated connotation resulting in perception, as well as flights of fancy.

Moon in Sagittarius is very honest with her feelings. She is astute and ethical in expressive circumstances. She pleasures others with admiration, compassion, and a sense of humor. She believes in telling it like it is, even if the truth hurts. On the other hand, with the Scorpio moon, people may be feeling more powerful and more inspiring, as well as being mandatory and practical. In general, emotions at both ends of the spectrum are sharp and likely to vary quite a bit throughout this guidance.

But the best part the moon in Sagittarius is that it’s time to have fun and meet people.  It is also about music, art, and the finer things in life.  It’s about demonstrating what you want with the all the truth behind it.  There is a better need to wage battles in a calm and steady manner to overcome rivals. However, as Sagittarius hunts for the truth, there is a propensity of inflexibility when the argument is in your favor and you may become distrustful.  At the same time, Sagittarius wants peace but in their terms. So why not make music or draw art instead of making war?

However, with the power of Scorpio, we develop more modifications to hidden or profound powers and our psychic sensors may be inspired.

This is a time for working to sustain emotional control, and for working on overwhelming inner possessive thoughts or desires. There can be a need for recognizing habits and responses that keep you locked in power struggles.

Please note, I am not an astrologer and the information which I will be giving is a part of Vedic transformational inferences, not necessarily fixed in stone.

The inclination is a 6-month forecast of what is possible in one’s life, integrating the lunar and solar eclipse transits. This eclipse has Scorpio (secrets) and Sagittarius (in search of the truth) written all over it and is highlighted for the next 6 months. Effects may appear as early as 90 days from now and climax in 120 days.

During every full and new moon, I bring forth tendencies specific to the astrological sign highlighted by the lunar events. As this eclipse is in the sign of Scorpio/Sagittarius with sun in Sagittarius, they will be highlighted first. Scorpio your tendencies can be found here

In Vedic Philosophies, the prophecies which I bring forth to you are NOT astrology.  The named signs are place holders grounded on inclinations within those signs.  They are comprised of numerology, Vedic tendencies, and a portion of astral predictions.The predictions could give an overview of what to expect in the next 6 months by pairing the predictions of the Lunar eclipse (read more about it here) and this solar eclipse. Additionally, Sagittarius will be amplified in this forecast.


Even though 2020 is almost over make the best of it, as December does not bring you any hardship.  However, be mindful of your finances as you may have plenty of expenses, possibly having to do with your health or family members.  Nevertheless, that was 2020, now the drum roll please! Plenty of wonderful surprises are waiting for you in 2021.  Financial and professional growth is possible at the beginning of 2021 and right around the first eclipse in May.  But you must work hard, even if things are delayed everything will be in your favor.  Keep calm, cool, and collected. I also would not be surprised if there is another move.  Education and studies will be off to a great start, while marriage, affection, and love will also be great in the winter and spring.  Eat healthy and do some exercise, even if it just means walking.

Saturn: Old issues are resolved, unexpected financial gains. Be careful of what and how you say things. You will regret the relationships which you will burn.

Rahu: Be careful with your health. Expenses could be on the rise.

Ketu: Expenses increase, and sleepless nights are possible, along with mental stress.

Uranus: Productivity, unexpected work-related issues.

Jupiter: Short trips and hard work will bring profits.

Chiron: Love adventure is on its way if you are in a relationship you might flirt or re-engage with your loved one

Maharani’s Advice

What can I say Sagittarius?  You will find 2021 very delightful. Your energy is high, and you are finally doing proper planning.  Finally, you will be able to maintain balance between family and work obligations, and some recognition won’t be so bad either. But like everything in life, if you decide to be in your own business you must find new ways to make money; this means not to spend more than you have and don’t borrow from, or rely on, other people.  Your health needs attention due to the fact you have not eaten well in 2020 and you will now see how it affected you.  You must budget as you may see that you will need this, so you don’t borrow from people and look, and feel, foolish. But relationships are not the best for you as unimportant issues lead to misunderstandings and cause separations and ego clashes. Instead of being a party clown where everyone knows everything about you, why not be the mystery that everyone wants to come to?

As this eclipse is geared towards Scorpio and Sagittarius, all fixed signs and Mutable signs will be affected first.  Remember, this is a 6-month prediction and when taken in combination with the Lunar eclipse, will bring forth the best possible predictions.

Scorpio & Sagittarius

As a sign that can handle almost everything, Scorpio, this too shall pass. The beginning of this year may not be as great as you want it to be, however, hard work, building consistency, and rapport may get you through this.  Sagittarius, I am totally jealous of the wonderful sweet melodies that are playing for you.

Scorpio: Financial situations may come up suddenly, it’s best not to spend and to have a cushion so expenses can be handled. Family and business issues could cause emotional disturbances. Be careful of eye injury or eye issues.

Sagittarius: Be mindful and vigilant as there could be minor mishaps or accidents.  Tension could arise which could cause difficult aspects with family.  Do not avoid health issues, especially breathing issues.  You could have financial difficulties because you spent on the wrong things.  Don’t borrow. 

Aquarius, Taurus, Leo

Aquarius: New connections help networks expand.  Financially, things will be comfortable and unexpected monies could bring pleasant surprises. Relationships will also have precious moments.

Taurus: Due to processed food, there are bound to be health issues; family and financial issues are possible.  Control your temper as stress could cause disconnection in family, relationships, and even clients. Be appreciative of what you have; take time to volunteer somewhere so you may be at peace.

Leo: Relationship issues are possible if not handled with kid gloves. Even though financially things are not the best, you are good at budgeting, so it all works out.  This is not the time make major investments. Take your time on tedious work and do not rush as your reputation may be on the line.  Stomach issues are possible.

Pisces, Gemini and Virgo

Pisces: Confusion and stress are possible.  Discomfort in areas of work/business, expansion, and networking may be necessary to build business and work profitability.

Gemini: Health issues, confusion, relationship disturbances, and difficulties at work are possible. Don’t get into unnecessary conflicts.

Virgo: Home appliances could go awry. Hard work may be required to keep your standing or your position in place.  You may feel that you are not being recognized. Keep in good health as there may be illness due to stress. Take care when driving while under stress or in a hurry.

Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, and Libra

Capricorn: Anxieties, arguments, and health issues are possible.  Maintain peace with your family.  You may feel trapped or bound due to circumstances out of your control. A lack of focus in your work could cause the inability to work, which could cause a financial crisis. Peace and understanding could assist in controlling situations.  Eye and leg injuries and diseases are possible.

Aries: Delays, and obstacles are possible.  Heated conflict could cause abusive dialogs or issues.  Financial issues are possible.  Lethargic energy could lead to further conflicts with loved ones.

Cancer: An optimistic view with outstanding health and great work results are possible, and some debts can now be paid off.  Patience is needed in work and play, however, do not get overly emotional about minor health concerns.  Be careful not to want control over everything; give some up so that you don’t need to be under pressure.

Libra: Education, learning, and goals will have a powerful impact.  However, financial and career issues are possible.  On the other hand, you will have plenty of support from upper management in the workplace. Do not make too many financial decisions at this time.

The eclipse can be a very problematic time, even when things are flawless.  Appreciate the favors that have been bestowed upon you by the cosmos.  Namaste the name of the sun and embrace the complications while asking for forgiveness when hindrances have overcome modesty.

Since, moon in Sagittarius is honest, explicitly active, self-assured, and brainy, we must remain impartial. Add to the mix Scorpio, which characterizes impetuous, firm, blistering, bold, and dynamic, and it is my suggestion for us to remain balanced. It is my suggestion that you purchase a purple candle and carve your name through to the wick. 

Anoint the candle with sandalwood or Lavender oil and chant the Psalm 17. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next eclipse cycle.

Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras, attaining the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention. When it comes to finding satisfying interaction, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be.

The Sanskrit mantras can be difficult to pronounce but are a powerful source of energy on levels of sounds through us and the creator.

For the Solar Eclipse it is suggested that mantra of Surya be chanted every morning and every night for the entire transit (6 months).

Om Bhur Bhuvah Swah

Tat-savitur Vareñyam

Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi

Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat

Auum bhoor bho vaha sw ah tat sa vi tor var unn yam Bha rgu de va sya Dahee ma hi dhi vo yon a h pra cho dau at

This mantra begins to awaken and activate the entire charka. It specifically prepares the charka to handle the inflow of Jupiter energy that gives charka its power.

Remember the 12 aspirations.  Don’t forget to cross the ones you have already accomplished and make new ones. Don’t forget to manifest matters concerning materialistic things currently.

This solar eclipse I will be doing 6-month in-depth readings to prepare us to conclude 2020 and begin 2021, starting the 16th of December 2020. Schedule will be posted on the 15th.

Being a Vedic reader does not make me an Astrologer.  Vedic reading is geared towards transformational changes which are embarked upon by actions and reactions.  One ounce of prevention brings solace understanding of the future.

Please contact me prior to making an appointment so that I can be sure the slot for your appointment is available. Information on the types of reading and pricing is listed here.

Wishing you the best of the transitions through this eclipse.



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Diligent Dialogs: Last Lunar Eclipse 2020

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon in Taurus/Gemini

November 29/30, 2020

By Maharani Rutan©

As the seasonal frost is due to cover the grasses of those living in the northern states through its Frosty moon. The southerners will finally get to see their own delights of flowers that blossom through Flower moon just a few days after Thanksgiving in the States.

The last Penumbral Lunar eclipse will begin to grace our sky on November 30, 2020 at 2:32 am EST and 11:32pm PST.  As the eclipse continues to move east, the Maximum Eclipse will bring forth a Full moon which will be gracing in Gemini/Taurus at 8 degrees, at 4:42am EST and 1:42am PST.  The full moon grace will be at its fullest at 6:53am PST when the full moon will be visible.

The eclipses don’t often come alone in one sign, rather, they are paired either with a lunar or a solar eclipse.  The paring of this eclipse will be coinciding with a Gemini eclipse in 2021. However, as we embrace the eclipse in Gemini, according to Vedic Philosophies, this is a Taurus eclipse at 8 degrees, even though the sun will be in Sagittarius.

The visibility will be vast; from Eastern U.S including NYC, and Washington D.C., to Canada, Mexico, China, Cuba, Philippines, and Australia. Unfortunately, those in view of the eclipse will be impacted, therefore, the cities of New York and District of Columbia, and within Puerto Rico will be affected.  However, this is not an ending, rather, it is a beginning.   Perhaps the change of power is something new we may all need.

In Vedic Philosophies, full moons are blessings allowing space in our lives to plant seeds, remove baggage, and give us clear vision. Thus, if there are endings this is because one refuses to live in the spiritual world whereas, if something does not fit in our lives it will be taken away.Read more here. As the full moon will bring natural beginnings and stubborn endings, I can say it is not like we have not seen this all before.

In my 2020 prediction post, which was written in December 2019, I had stated well prior to the election, “This energy will be exactly like the energy in November 2001 and 2012; can you see something already? Perhaps elections every 4 years? In 2001 the U.S Election was between (R) George W Bush (Cancer/Gemini) and (D) Al Gore (Aries/Sagittarius). Of course, there was a legal issue that was brought, arguing that all the votes were not counted, and the Supreme Court sided for George W. Bush.”Read more here.

Nevertheless, this eclipse will certainly impact both Trump and Biden, with the sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Gemini/Taurus it will be a heated battle for sure.

Full moon and the eclipse will influence people with mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgos) including (Taurus and those with ascendant and decedent in Taurus), whom will have obscurity in organizing their understanding of themselves and their thoughts (according to Vedic Philosophies).  Wanting to differentiate that something or someone is not what it or they seem, and it is not as ardently related as they had expected.

During the eclipse, the sun and the moon will have an energetic role in areas of messages that are being brought by this eclipse.  It is time to use the symbols from the universe to recreate something that is over and start to build something new.

Often it means preparation until there is total fatigue and finally making a rational decision.

Many people will alter their strategies of the future by taking the time to look at all the things that they have not finalized and understand if it is worth it to put in any further energy.  This is especially true for examining what has held their tactics back for so long, thus not having their goals met.

Since the eclipse falls in the ruler of Sagittarius/Gemini/Taurus, we are looking for the truth through echoes in our minds to what our material losses and gains will be.

This eclipse brings delightful situations to the external forces, such as how we treat others, how we act toward others, and if our actions are in the best interests of all.  The eclipse liveliness brings Jupiter to effort (currently in Capricorn according to Vedic).  This is where what we do for a living will be based upon morals, skills, discipline, drive, and intellect to foster success.

Mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgos), or those who have mutable signs in their charts, including fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will be absorbed to do things that involve emotional fulfillment or chasing after their wishes while wasting their talents and skills trying to balance a war between their hunger and their desire.

According to Vedic astrology, during this eclipse, Rahu (Misunderstanding) and Ketu (Irritation) are activated to aspect the sun. Therefore, many unforeseen and sad events are possible all around the world.  Gemini’s are also the rulers of hesitations and thus producing situations to be a bit out of control. However, Rahu’s placement and Jupiter could make trivial things a bit more bearable.

This eclipse is geared toward schooling, knowledge, messaging and seeking genuineness.  The path that was unnoticed will not be complete discovered until next year’s eclipse.  Eclipses are all about starting something innovative when things have become old or dull. Realizing the depths of relationships which could have been emotionally, physically, and spiritually fatiguing while serving others and finding a center.  It will be a time to leave certain friends behind and start over.

Muddle through your past and see how occupation, money, and relationships changed you. What difficult decisions did you make? Did you absorb anything from them or are you at the same place, doing the same thing that you were doing during 2001, 2009, and 2012?

This eclipse falls in areas of communication and material gains and losses; whether it is news about your next-door neighbor, your ex, or global events, it will most definitely get your attention.  Every person will be talking, and it may even feel like you have information overload.

As the sun is in Sagittarius, the eclipse will also rule learning, training, and travel.  But it could also mean publication and writing, and it is about advancement of skills and learning something new. It can, however, be rather confusing for people who are born within 7 days before or after November 30th. This means all those who are born between the 21st of November through December 6, will be affected. This includes Geminis that were born May 20-30 (cusp count) and Taurus’ born April 19-26, Sagittarius November 21 through 29.

Though many will be interested in how eclipses are formed, this I will leave to astronomy. On a more mundane spiritual and karmic level, all eclipses, especially lunar eclipses, are relationship focused and our relations with others can be disengaged, challenged, or abruptly ended together.

Where the Moon (Gemini-communication and fickle-mindedness) & (Taurus-power and stubbornness) is located, we can confront our demons, old ways and doubts, and where the Sun (Sagittarius-truth and learning) is, we may find the means to hold or release from of any kind of tyranny we experience in life through our creative efforts. In any event, there are prospects for deeper understanding and finding a balance in our lives.

The secret of mysteries; the Moon cries to the visionary emotion to wake and drift in kingdoms outside the convincing, the well-spoken, and solar daylight self.  It is time to travel in the dream time, heeding to your sixth sense, and looking for answers in ancient remembrances deep within your insentient mind. Release your grip on the commonplace now; don’t attempt to have it all. Keep a vision diary and open to moon murmur. Work with intuition; don’t be in a hurry and hold forms of the magical that let the mind float free. It is time to be shocking and worship the ever-changing beauty of the night.

While the moon is in the dualistic sign Gemini, people may never make up their minds.  Also, through Vedic lenses, Taurus will certainly be geared toward money matters.  Both signs are prone to anger, resentment and holding grudges. Therefore, things that could be said may be said without thinking of how they will hurt others. 

There is a need to firmly express your feelings, as Gemini’s demand for communication and Taurus’ demand that they must always be right even if they are wrong. This could make people seem unpredictable or two-faced, but it is the sign of an open mind. The need is to cherish others by staying within welcoming communication.

The Gemini moon stimulates your imagination; inspiring ideas appear repeatedly, like doors opening to expose other doors. Now is the time to make contacts, perhaps via e-mail or telephone. Discover your garden, learn from it, but don’t plant. Meanwhile, moon in Taurus presents a brilliant time to oblige personal goals; the lessons revolve around security and contentedness. Emotional reactions are calm, firm, and shying away from confrontation.

The Moon in Gemini also transports time of communication and resistance. People may feel very talkative and intrusive, while Taurus ushers in a time of concentration and reasonableness. People may feel more conventional and steadier. This is a good time to endure or to finish projects that have already been ongoing, as people may be more dependable and thorough.

During every full and new moon, I bring forth tendencies specific to the astrological sign highlighted by the lunar events. As this eclipse is in the sign of Gemini/Taurus with sun in Sagittarius, they will be highlighted first.

Please note in Vedic Philosophies, the predictions which I bring forth to you are NOT astrology.  The named signs are place holders based on tendencies within those signs.  They are comprised of numerology, Vedic tendencies, and a portion of astral predictions.

The predictions are also not complete as all eclipses come in pairs to give an overall prediction.  Therefore, combining the December 14, 2020 total solar eclipse with this lunar eclipse will give the best overall picture. 

Additionally, Gemini’s will get the extended forecast, while Taurus predictions can be found here.  Therefore, Sagittarius will be elaborated on December 14, 2020.

I can truly say that it was not that bad of a year for you.  But it is not over for you yet, as the last eclipse you will have until 2030 will be next summer, so get prepared.  This is a beginning of something new for you.  Thank your stars that at least Rahu/Ketu transits have left. If you can get past this eclipse and the next, you will see so many new things happening and those who are trying for a child could see that occur as well.  Your health should also improve. If you are single don’t worry about your love life, trust me, it will happen.  By the spring you will see plenty of growth in your professional life and your creative juices are flowing. The biggest surprise for you will be that if you have conserved well last year, then you will see how your financial life improves even further by your birthday.  But be aware as May/June 2021 will be your test.  So, improve your life now.

Saturn: Relationship misunderstandings, stomach issues, promotions, or an increase in finances and exceptional educational skills are possible.

Rahu: Expenses will be on the rise, overworking, and great success in projects or new business.

Ketu: Family, health, and property issues are possible. Educational goals look fantastic.

Uranus: Contemplation, mis-perception, and reassessment.

Jupiter: Arguments, delays in money and property.  Unexpected luck will wow you.

Maharani’s Advise

This year you will be tested on how trustworthy you are.  How much unconditional love you have, and how patient you are.  The problem is not really them; it is that you have to also be right. Be careful with your loved ones as this could cause some unforeseen words that could create damage for a lifetime. There are possibilities you may argue with your loved one or even your mother, or a female that you look to for guidance. Be loving to your mother.  Healthier eating habits will help you from getting ill from now until May.  Your hard work will pay off, but it could take a minute or two.  Though your financial life looks good, you know that you spend more than you have, so if you do not want to go on that roller coaster do not get on the ride.

Lunar Eclipse predictions

(Make sure to combine the Lunar and Solar Eclipse predictions to get an overall picture)

Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Taurus: Be careful not to make any decisions without thinking things through. Misunderstandings and conflicts are very possible if you do not choose your words wisely.  Disagreements with your very dear ones should also be avoided.

Gemini: A surprising illness is possible related to distress from unexpected expenses.  Do not over-stress things when it comes to family or loved ones. Take care of your mother or other female that is like a mother to you. A lack of focus on projects or work-related issues are possible.

Scorpio: Be careful of any auto or potential slip and fall.  You may be the victim or person accused.  Take care with your spending.  Backing by your spouse or loved one is possible.  Be vigilant to any minor health issues. Do not overthink and keep focus.  There may be times you may feel lonely or isolated from your family.

Sagittarius: Be mindful to your partner, spouse, or others that you are in a relationship with.  Also, there could be heightened power struggles with your colleagues or those in business.

Capricorn and Virgo

Capricorn: Work life will be very beneficial, and promotions are possible.  Professional networks will assist in the advancement of your career, but don’t look for instant gratification.  Be mindful of your health and expenditures.

Virgo: Probability of spiritual advancements, past work will bring self-gratification. Be mindful of daily career routines and not to take anything for granted. Conflicts and misunderstandings with authority figures are possible. Take care that your decisions, actions, and reactions are honorable.

Aquarius, and Libra

Aquarius: Home improvements will finally get underway.  Mindfulness in areas of career, task orientation, and financial decisions are imperative.  Relationship issues are possible.

Libra: Financial difficulties are possible so be mindful on how you handle them. Take care of your health.  Tension in the family could cause stress. Doubts in your spiritual path could cause you discouragement.

Aries and Leo 

Aries: Be careful with your temper as it could cause financial losses, family disengagement, or relationship issues. Hard work will bring the completion of projects and plans which could bring financial gains.  Travel is also possible.

Leo: Financial increases are possible which could be more than one job or project.  Be mindful to your loved ones. However, your enthusiasm at the workplace could bring increases in income through creativity.  There is also a possibility of meeting powerful people. 

Pisces and Cancer 

Pisces: An increase in work responsibilities is possible.  But conflicts with siblings and neighbors are the source of your stresses.  You will have the energy to complete things that you have put off. Your temper may be short, and it may affect your health.  It is advised not to make large investments at this time but if you do, make sure you have someone read everything.

Cancer: Pressure, anxieties, and expenses on matters of health are possible.  Your consistency, honesty, and skills will be viewed very positively with superiors. Closeness to family members will bring less tension and financially, things will be smooth and steady.

Please remember these predictions are the most accurate when combined with the total solar eclipse in December 14, 2020.  Additionally, these are general tendencies, not exactly accurate to your astrological sign.  Therefore, it is my suggestion you speak to a western astrologer or Vedic astrologer for the most up to date predispositions.  

Let the substantial impediments of the past months drop away. You should fly like a bright being and an angel in the heavens, in the sweet seas of bliss and peace. I strongly suggest taking the aspirations that you made last month and cross them out one by one.  Remember, never begging for your aims.

Also, I suggest purchasing a Yellow candle – carve your name on it and smear it with sandalwood or frankincense oil and chant the following chant:

“I ask to find the inner light of my inspiration. I wish for the universe to help me accomplish the gratitude that I desire. I pray that I may find the gift to take chances with my imagination. 

Along with Psalm 7 every night until the next new moon-phase, which will be December 13, 2012. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle in Gemini in June 2021.

For every recitation of psalms and mantras, accomplishing the anticipated result is dependent upon the value of purpose. The mantra which I give you will help bring relief for all those signs directly impacted by the eclipse; you may also recite a mantra for your country or cities.  With the pandemic, it is important we heal together.

Countries that will be directly impacted are: South Africa, Ireland, Cuba, Cyprus, Sweden, Tongo, Norway, Kuwait, Australia, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Belgium, Spain, Kenya, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Panama, Turkey, and Vatican City.

U.S cities: Anchorage, Oakland, CA, San Francisco, Fort Collins, Honolulu, Springfield, Indianapolis, South Bend, Annapolis, Ann Arbor, Saint Paul, Jackson MS, Lincoln, Reno, Trenton, Charlotte, Bismarck, Canton, Cleveland, Salem, Portland, Greenville, Waco, Montpelier, Charleston, and Laramie.

This year I have chosen a Lunar eclipse Mantra to begin the healing of the world.

Om Mahalakshmi Cha Vidmahe Vishnu Patnyai Cha Dheemahi Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayaat

Aummm mahal ask shmi ch vyd ma he Vis nu Pat nivi cha dehe mahee ton no lak shmi Prac ho da ya a t

I will be offering 6-month personal in-depth readings starting Dec 01 through the 9th, encircling areas of life that may not be touched upon by an Astrologer.  Together you can strengthen the best of both worlds and create an intended path of your choice. To make an appointment follow the link here

Additionally, please note that I am not an Astrologer, nor claim to be one, and the conditions of this information are completely general so you may get a basic notion of what you can expect.

Vedic reading encompasses a basic notion of how we live in the physical world and how we can revolutionize our destiny to be written in pencil – never a pen. Vedic reading also holds the concept that for every action there is a reaction.  Vedic readings predetermine the actions so that your actions or reaction can be reactive and sustainable rather than over-reactive and unmanageable.

Wishing a safe journey through the passages of lunar eclipse.


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Resentful Endings and Loyal Beginnings: Scorpio New Moon 2020


November 14/15, 2020


By Maharani Rutan©

Of all the new moons that come and go during the year, there two new moons that are quite special to all of us. They always seem to come between October and November of every year.  It is the new moon during Navaratri read about it here and this moon, the New moon of Diwali.

On November 14, 2020, at approximately 9:07pm PST and 12:07am Est (November 15, 2020).  The moon will move into the avid energy of the new moon transiting Scorpio at 23 degrees. 

In normal circumstances new moons are always considered endings in the Vedic and new beginnings in Western culture (read more about it here).  This can also be true now as many Hindu’s end the year and begin a new year by putting the past behind them.

In literal terms Diwali often can be referred to as festival of lights, or rather, light that empowers humanity with the higher power.  Diwali always happens on a new moon when the celebration of Diwali is commemorated with light in every window of people’s homes.  This is to allow Devine energy to enter the homes.  It also symbolizes grace for our families, and a celebration of good and evil.

If you are a new moon baby, it triggers areas of your life which need your energy and focus. This means that to flourish, one must place importance on things that are spiritual; it also means spending time with elderly. This is an ideal time to finish things which were left unfinished.

However, like every moon this year, this moon also replicates areas of our lives which coincide with those issues in the autumns of 2001, 2006, 2009, and 2012.  Additionally, it finally puts to an end something that began in the summer of 2014.  

Could it be that, while there were pro-democracy protests occurring in China in the summer of 2014, that a similar situation occurs here after the election? In 2014, America was through contemplation mode, everything hung on the ballots; abortion, healthcare, climate policies, and racial injustice.  And here we are again in 2020, is this happening all over again? 

“I can’t help but to say something is really hidden in New Orleans, Baltimore, Washington, and Cincinnati. Could it be that votes were lost, or could it be there may have been some election fraud? Whatever it is, know that it won’t be long before it is uncovered.”- Read more here about my prediction of 2020

The Scorpio Moon can be complex for control impulses, which can often result in ferocity or even destructive urges. Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio thus their impact carries out vigorous cravings and Pluto shows some very robust desires. People often become aggressive, serious, annoyed, and temperamental while the Moon is in Scorpio.

Amplified attentiveness and a colored sensitivity to personal wrongdoings and verbal abuse are possible. Remember that Scorpio has a suspicious and mysterious nature. Avoid social problems. Beware of suspicion and watch out for the Scorpio Sting. Please remember to forgive and forget. Be cautious when interacting with the opposite sex. However, this could be a good time for intense merging with another on a deep emotional level!

At this time, Mercury is still retrograding until November 19, 2020, and nothing will seem as it is and so far, there are no finales (read more here).

After this moon, Venus will move into Libra, where it loves to be, where friendships and relationships are quite important.  At the same time, Mercury will move into Scorpio in 5 days, and Jupiter will be direct in Capricorn which will bring hard work, according to VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories).  

Could it mean that we must differentiate between love and work? Whatever the case may be just remember, Mercury will not be direct until a couple of days after Thanksgiving and the Lunar eclipse will surely open our eyes at the end of the month.

During every full and new moon, I bring forth tendencies specific to the astrological sign highlighted by the lunar events. The principal placeholder affected by this moon is the sign of Scorpio.

To get a better overall picture, for the next 15 days it is suggested that you combine what I give you with the last lunar and solar eclipse in June and July. Within 15 days these predictions will change, according to the eclipses in November and December. From September 24 through November 19, including the Mercury retrograde, tendencies will give you an overall picture of the good, bad, and general advice. Read more about it here.

For all others to gain the best prediction of your scopes, according to VPAT, it is suggested you find your full moon predisposition under “Vedic Post” on the main page here.


Dear Scorpio, you may be overwhelmed with many issues in your life, therefore, it is suggested you take extra care of your health, especially with sweet, salty, and oily foods.  The remainder of the year is also your chance to build a stronger rapport with the ones you love.  For those who are taking exams or involved in education, you must stay focused, you must work hard and keep reading and practicing getting the concepts correct. Keep a close eye on your finances as you may lend or spend more than you have. Hard work in your career, including motivating things, will prompt positive work opportunities.  Do what you can to control your temper when things start to change before your eyes.

Saturn: Laziness and fatigue could cause negative results in the workplace.  Financially, things will turn around, but only if you have handled them mindfully.  Friendships will soar and academics will beam.

Rahu: Partnerships and relationships may undergo difficulties. Be careful not to trust everyone. Crossing your T and dotting your I’s in every agreement may be beneficial for positive outcome.

Ketu: Fickleness, difficulties in making decisions, and uncertainties at work are possible.  Take care with your spending.

Uranus: People will go through transformation; don’t assume and just let things happen naturally.  Financially, unexpected increases are possible.

Jupiter: Your financial life could get better.  Try not to make promises you cannot keep.  Gratitude at the workplace is possible.

Maharani’s Advise

If your relationships were stable, then they will sustain and become more stable as time moves forward.  If you did not put personal responsibilities first, then surely relationships may break up or go through a troublesome period.  This is the time to go back to school and study like you never have before and you shall see the results next year. Be careful not to get into difficulties with family members the rest of the year which could cause unnecessary problems next year.  Take care at the workplace as people may try to make trouble for you. Most of all, do not invest or borrow for the rest of the year.  Remember, next year you will have eclipses that will change who you are and whom you are becoming.

Since moon in Scorpio signifies Impetuous, Mindful, Unpredictable, Brave, and Feisty, it is my suggestion for us to remain balanced. It is my suggestion that you purchase a white candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with musk oil or sandalwood oil and chant the Psalm 39.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention.

As Diwali and new moon fall on the same day it is advised to follow the Diwali mantra:

Om Hreem Shreem Kleen Maha Lakshmi Namaha

Auum hriim shriim Klaiin ma ha Lak sh mi namaha

This mantra is the to call to the goddess Lakshmi to bring overall abundance for 2021.

The intention of this mantra is the to keep us in balance and from losing our temper through darkness and unfocused energy.

Please note, I do not claim to be an astrologer, and these are all-purpose propensities. The values of astrology are used as rudiments into Vedic readings – they encircle and incorporate transformable changes into sublime bliss.

Dance Scorpio, like you never have before, and embrace this time like it was the first day of your life. 


Maharani Rutan©

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