Bodacious, Boisterous Blue Moon on Halloween 2020

Blue Moon

Micro Full Moon in Aries/Taurus

October 31, 2020

By Maharani Rutan©

October 31, 2020 marks the most beautiful constellation, as I stated in my 2020 predictive blog (written in December 2019), “Our Halloween 2020 will come with the best surprise, which is not only a Blue moon but a Micro Full moon in Aries/Taurus. Goblins, Vampires, little faeries, and frozen characters will walk the streets for trick or treats and no need to worry about light as there will be light everywhere, just look at the sky and you shall see.” Read about it here

On October 31, 2020, we will have a full moon entering in Taurus at 8 degrees, give or take the position of the orb. This magnificent light may be visible around 10:55 am EST or 7:55 am PST and glisten down upon many to help realize what is important.

Even though some would say full moons are endings in Western ideology, instead Vedic ideology embraces the full moon and calls it light (read more about it here).

But the beauty of this moon is that it is the only blue moon in 2020. This happens when there are two full moons in a single month. I am sure you recall the full moon in Aries/Pisces on October 1, 2020 (read more here). Thus, this is the 2nd full moon in October, making it a blue moon. The second full moon now, will cause us to wake up and look at our resources and material attachment to things.

The planet of communication has already begun to move forward slowly to station direct. Yet we still have a long way to go. When planets retrograde, they bring us significant lessons. It is a time of feelings, obsession, awareness, letting go, and finding the truth. Read more about it here.

According to VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories), this full moon is in Aries/Taurus; therefore, both signs will be affected by the new beginnings. With Jupiter still in Sagittarius until end of November, all fire signs should embrace this time as a gift.

During every full and new moon, I bring forth tendencies specific to the astrological sign highlighted by the lunar events. The principal placeholder affected by this moon is the sign of Taurus. For Aries, it is suggested to look at the full moon predisposition here.

Additionally, it is suggested that you combine that with the last lunar and solar eclipse in June and July. Within one month these will change, according to the eclipses in November and December.

From September 24 through November 19, including the Mercury retrograde, tendencies will give you an overall picture of the good, bad, and advice. Read more about it here.

For all others to gain the best prediction of your scopes, according to VPAT, it is suggested you find your full moon predisposition under “Vedic Post” on the main page here.


Dear Taurus, have I ever told you that you worry more than you need to? From the end of September, and moving forward, you should see that there may be conflicts in the workplace. However, this may all have to do with things that have been brewing since earlier this year. If you have made any investments during September, you could see some high returns at this time. And moving forward, on the love front, Mercury Retrograde always brings to you mixed messages and I would suggest not to be involved in conflicts as they could cause rifts in your relationships. But this is a short-lived scenario; just watch what happened from the 23rd of October until the middle of November. There does not seem to be any conflicts except for your temper and unnecessary worries.

Saturn: There could be dissatisfaction at the workplace. Patience will be your virtue soon. Be careful with what you say and making promises you cannot keep.

Rahu: Officially in Taurus now. Courageous decisions in your career will boost your career. Communication will be powerful. However, financial ups and downs are possible. Respecting other people’s space will be good for relationships.

Ketu: Relationships will go through difficulties. Take care not to escalate conflicts in the workplace or at home. The less you are heard or seen the better it will be for you.


Uranus: Retrograde in Taurus until 2021. A change of appearance, attitude, or direction are all possible. Now is the time to be honest to everyone, but not brutally.

Jupiter: Your financial life could get better either through inheritance or just hard work, but this is not the time to be with people, rather, spend time alone to heal rather than be co-dependent.

Chiron: Internal exploration and healing from within. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Maharani’s Advice:

Dear Taurus, October is not, or was not, meant to make any logical or life changing decisions. You really need to be careful how your defiance affects others. Any kind of last-minute travel will cause a lot of headaches. You may see many changes in your career; changes which you may not like but require the use of “prudence.” Moving into November your focus may not be on areas of career; rather, in relationships of all kinds. There may be a little chaos in areas of career, and it may be advisable to seek counsel with higher ups. Be careful of any legal or health issues in the month of November as they may not pan out. Whatever you decide to do by the end of the year, make sure you do your due diligence before jumping into anything head first.

Right now, it is time to breathe out and in, as we move further into fall and embrace the winter which is not so far away. In less than 30 days we will have our first Lunar Eclipse (November 30, 2020) and two weeks later a Total Solar Eclipse. Also in the mix, Mercury will be direct just in time for Thanksgiving.

The Moon transiting Taurus gives us very diverse feelings. Moon in Taurus is motivated towards content, determination, concentration, and preservation. This is a good time to pull out or to plan a lazy day of respite and sensory enjoyment. It’s a time to get into your physical right mind and to enjoy the physical world around you through your mind. It is also a good time for conservation or conservancy efforts.

The theme note seems to be dependability and holding fast. This is not the time to clean out closets and drawers. You’ll want to keep everything.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all submissions of psalms and mantras attaining the anticipated result is contingent upon the eminence of intention. It is of the utmost importance to begin with a clear consideration of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many, but are an influential foundation of energy.

The mantra for Taurus moon is:

Om Shring Shriye Namaha

(om shriing sheeriivee namaha)

Don’t forget to light a white candle that day. Carve your name on the candle, anoint it with Frankincense oil, and chant Psalm 65 three times.

Please keep in mind that I am not an astrologer, nor do I claim to be, but the Astrological alteration is an essential value to incorporate the best results in Vedic Sanskrit readings. Vedic readings are based upon Indian sages who use the planetary stimuli to be more informative to aide mankind through honorably and thoughtful of karma’s. It is through Vedic Sanskrit readings that we can include how our actions cause reactions which confer conflicts which can be easily be avoided through kindness and adjustment of our egos.

May this moon bring you peace and productivity.



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