Heaven or Hell, Good or Evil; Eerie Finales: Total Lunar Eclipse 2015


Final Total Lunar Eclipse 2015

Super Moon

Blood Moon

Harvest moon

Full moon in Aries

By Maharani Rutan©

Abstracts by Leslie Hale & Rex Estell

The most unique phenomenon which will be occurring on September 28, 2015will be similar to the energy we felt on October 08, 2014 (read about it here). Not only is it a super moon, it is also a total lunar eclipse, blood moon, and a full harvest moon. Nothing can be as spectacular as this. But I can say that the October 8, 2014 total eclipse came pretty darn close.

“This also means matters relating to our hearts and prime projects as well as our minds/thoughts/agreements will come to a completion stage, and we move in to the next cycle that began 19 years ago and ends with this Full Moon!”- Rex Estell

Unlike the eclipse on October 8, 2014, this eclipse will fall on 5 degrees of Libra/Aries axis. The energy of this full moon can be compared to the one that was felt on September 28, 2004. Here we go – history is about to repeat itself. It seems as though history always comes back to question us almost every 12 to 13 years later.

“We experienced a lunar eclipse at this degree September 27, 1996. If this period was significant, this eclipse may be significant as well.”Leslie Hale

As I have explained how the polarity seems to drift and come back together in the 2014 eclipse (read about it here), similar issues may arise again if we compare it to the 2004 eclipses which affected Libra/Aries.

“The lunar eclipse at 5 degrees of Aries occurs September 27, peaking at 10:50 P.M., EST, and this is considered a Supermoon. A Supermoon is closer to the earth and it affects on weather and tidal conditions have been noted to be more severe, and in the past we have seen extreme weather conditions connected with these moons, and can see it again. Energy can be more volatile.” Leslie Hale

I had mentioned in my December 2014 blog (read about it here) that we will have six super moons; this includes 3 new super moons and 3 full super moons. The last super moon was on August 31, 2015; this is the second and the third will be in October. However, scientists state that this moon will be the closest to the earth. Another moon this close to the earth will not occur until November 14, 2016. So enjoy the bright illumination!

“We let go with Full Moons, and manifest on New Moons!”Rex Estell

There will be a massive amount of turmoil in our stratosphere, so much so that every planetary part will be vital. Our spectacular moon will begin its passage a couple of days before the eclipse by creating a Blood moon. The moon will go rose-colored carroty as it begins to convert to full. This moon is powerful as it implies a revolution of times. It is also known as a harvest moon; old theorists state that the full moon in September stays bright for over 50 minutes and it gives farmers time to seed and plant longer.

“This eclipse is considered a ‘bloodmoon’ as the Earth will block out the Sun, making the moon appear blood red.”Leslie Hale

But 5 days before this moon will be the autumn equinox where the season is marked as fall. Soon the leaves will turn brown, orange, and yellow, and the sweet smell of the season leaves will fill our noses with delight. Warm fuzzy sweaters and hot cocoa will be the theme for family and gatherings as we prepare for autumn.

“The North Node, or our ‘destiny’ is in Libra for this event, and accents the energy of compromise, togetherness, being agreeable, and exposes the fact of whether a relationship is meant to be, or not to be!”Rex Estell

The total lunar eclipse usually happens every 2 to 3 years. This wonderful phenomenon occurs when the Earth, Sun, and the moon are forming a completely straight line. The sun is blocked by the earth and its light never reaches the moon. Thus the earth casts a shadow instead and when the entire shadow covers the moon it is called the total lunar eclipse. The next eclipse like this will not occur until January 31, 2018.

“The eclipse will occur just under 5 minutes making it one of the shortest in recent history. It will be easily visible from Australia and east Asia and those of us in the Eastern part of the US have a greater chance of seeing it than those on the West Coast.”- Leslie Hale

The shadow of the Earth will move over the moon at around 8:11pm EST (depending upon the orb) but this part of the eclipse is rarely seen by people on earth without a telescope. By this time the Earth is moving towards the moon. At 9:07pm EST the actual eclipse begins to move and the first phase would be a partial lunar eclipse where the moon begins to change its color to red or an orange tint.

“We purge on the Full Moon, and with a Lunar Eclipse in full sight for most, our consciousness expands and we can see what has been invisible to our eyes and senses! “ Rex Estell

When the moon is completely red/orange this will be around 10:10pm EST and intensity begins. Not only will the moon begin to be full, the maximum eclipse (when the moon is the coolest in the shadow) will be at 10:47 EST and within minutes it will be a full moon in the Libra/Aries axis at 4 degrees to 5 depending on the orb. Within approximately 20 minutes time the planets begin to move away and the moon remains red at 11:23pm EST. The partial lunar eclipse will begin to move away around 12:27am EST and the eclipse will come to its final stage at 1:22am. Not only is it a beautiful site to see, it is a very lengthy eclipse thus giving every human time to witness it for themselves.

“By the time the actual eclipse occurs many events and situations will have already unfolded. As this Moon will oppose Uranus some events may seem sudden, unexpected and shocking, and as it squares Pluto there is an element of transformation that can be associated with the eclipse”Leslie Hale

The last total lunar eclipse was on April 14, 2014 (read about it here) and it was a sight to see. The total lunar eclipse occurs when the sun is parallel to the earth whose shadow voids out the moon completely. The beauty of this eclipse is the moon turning pitch red. But this time the entire continent of North America will be able to view this eclipse in the late evening of the 27th and early morning of 28th. Since this eclipse makes its way from Europe and then crossing over, the intensity for some will be greater as they will see the entire sight, whereas others may not.

“The effects of Eclipses varies from 3 to 6 months after they take place…”Rex Estell

Part of the eclipse will be seen by almost everyone including those in the Eastern United States; however the partial lunar eclipse will only be viewed by New Delhi, India. The full eclipse will last for about 72 minutes while the entirety of eclipse phases will last for 5 hours and 11 minutes. As they say, Aries always like to make grand entrances and exits; this time will be no exception as this will be the last eclipse in Aries way beyond 2020. It is determined that every astrological sign goes through a cycle every 12-13 years and Aries, by all means, is not eliminated from this. But beyond the eclipse, and the red moon, the full moon is a magnificent utility for transformations.

“Events happen during eclipses in our lives and in the world, and this is a period where we may not have total control of what the events will be that affect us personally. Endings can be associated with lunar eclipses as it is a full moon and things come to culmination. Not all eclipses are negative and positive events can occur although sometimes the positive situation comes after an initial shock.”Leslie Hale

The full moon carries powerful finales and the eclipse frequently transports transformations. Experiences and powerfulness of this eclipse will differ from individual to individual depending upon their astrological chart. As I am not an astrologer, I would suggest you seek the counsel of my recommended astrologer Leslie Hale or Rex Estell. This eclipse has its chief focus around cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra) and they will be emphasized first. This is especially true for those that have primary planets in Libra and Aries as this will be an intense time period.

“Make a list of 10 things you’d like to eliminate from your life that no longer seem as important as they once did, whether it’s a pattern of behavior, an attitude or perspective, or any chips we may have on our shoulders! “- Rex Estell

Many people will feel the energy of the full moon as early as 5 days before (September 19-20, 2014) and the powerful energy could cause distressed sleep and energy. Never get a reading during the waxing period (which is between 5 days before the full moon) or even do anything impulsive as your intent may be a little twisted. To obtain the most optimistic result of the full moon take notice that while it discharges eccentric energy it will cause heaviness in the heart and enormous irritability.

During this full moon stay as composed as conceivably possible and excuse others as they may not be in the same space as you; try to think of positives as they will strengthen you immensely. Stay focused on whatever is happening around you while paying close attention to both the physical and psychological worlds. Just as the solar and lunar eclipse presses the red button to re-tune our long-term clock, the full moon does things comparable by reorganizing the clock for a shorter span.

“September 24, is significant as Mercury squares Pluto and this is a transit of propaganda, uncovering situations you may have been previously unaware of, or you, yourself may be trying to uncover something or find something out. This is a argumentative energy and control issues could come into play.” Leslie Hale

Even though the divergence of the lunar eclipse very unique compared to the one we felt in April of 2014, it’s as close as you can get to the 1995 eclipse. Where the sun in Libra wants stability and harmony, Aries wants instant gratification. Libra is willing to wait for things to happen but worries it won’t work out well. Aries, on the other hand, becomes impatient and wants it yesterday not minding if it works out or not – at least we gave it a try. Unlike Libras who want to talk about things and be cooperative with others, Aries always take the very self-protective position. This bring conflicts of “ours” (Libra) versus “mine” (Aries).

“Lunar eclipses can be overly emotional and seem to pull you in more than one direction. This one falls on the 1st/7th house axis-Aries-Libra, the axis of relationships and partnerships of all types. Some may experience a theme of relationships versus individuality or ‘we versus me.”- Leslie Hale

This Libra-Aries full moon and Aries Eclipse essentially is the opposition of two equals. The Libra motto is “I choose what is stable” and Aries: “I want what I want and I will find power to get it”. Therefore, this eclipse asks what in life is stable and what dynamism or willpower is needed to get it. The last eclipse in Aries was on April 14, 2014 but it impacted all those born in the early degrees of Aries. This one is determined to change the state of those that are born March 20 through April 1st. However, this eclipse is very exceptional; it has Libra and Aries transcribed all over it so it really does not matter what degree, the only thing that matters will be a transformation in one way or the other.


Everyone feels this eclipse with the intensity based upon the energy, perception, and free will of the individual. Look back to your situations during September 26, 1996, October of 2013 and 2014, and finally look at what has occurred within a year. What changed? Did something end? Was it a work relationship, perhaps you got married, relocated, or got a new job? The conditions have assuredly made a transformable impact on all Aries and Libra.

“Aries is ruled by Mars and Mars is square Saturn at 1/0 degrees of Virgo-Sagittarius and this will affect those with mutable planets in the early degrees: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, or those who have planets in these signs and degrees.”Leslie Hale

Occasionally eclipses bond things back together unexpectedly. Opening the passages of communication can even occur. However, don’t assume immediate alterations as Mercury retrograde is slowing many cardinal signs, especially Libra, fixed signs, and Scorpio (Read more about it here).

“Communication is important as Mercury is retrograde and clarity should be first and foremost in terms of our thinking, speech and communication in general. Jupiter is still in opposition to Neptune and this is a transit that fuels religious debates. Some will experience this as a time of spiritual awakenings, while others will view the Pope’s visit as religious propaganda.”-Leslie Hale

Those that have Aries or Libra in their chart will either terminate relationships or start new ones. This is a kind of a catastrophe eclipse where relationships of all kinds will be tried, shattered, or completely transformed over time. This eclipse along with the one in October is about getting rid of garbage from the past whether it is personal, business, love, or friendship, this entire eclipse is relationship related. This is the last eclipse that will leave instructions for Aries, as this is a completion of one cycle; however, Libras still have a long ways to go.

For Aries and Libra it is a time of adjustment, amplifying what is already here. Especially for those that were born in the first 10 days into the sign of Aries or Libra, look out for your health as sickness, lethargy, and headaches are possible. This eclipse questions what needs to leave and what needs to stay.

The transformational modifications as well as the intensity of this eclipse highly depend upon the individual strength, planetary aspect, as well as spiritual aspect. I greatly advise you make an appointment with my recommended astrologer Leslie Hale or Rex Estell to see how powerful it will be for you. As I am not an astrologer and do not claim to be one but rather, I am a Vedic reader. My philosophy integrates astrological extrapolations for the act and response due to terrestrial transference.

The broad propensities will have principal emphasis around cardinal signs; therefore, each summary will highlight people’s astrological sign which will be obstructed first. However, the best wide-ranging inclination is to associate Mercury retrograde tendencies with the eclipse and you will get a fuller picture of what is to come. (Read more about it here)


Cardinal Signs
Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra

Aries: This eclipse will not only bring you a sign of relief, but also bring things to a close, which was needed to be closed a long time ago. Aries’ have been transforming themselves and have gone through a personality reconstruction since 2013. The October 18, 2013 eclipse focused on later born Aries. (Read more about it here) Once again in October 8, 2014, the eclipse energized those that were born in the middle of Aries cycle. (Read about it here) And now the eclipse energy is transforming early born Aries. The premise of this eclipse is that it wants all Aries’ to focus on issues of 1996 and 1998. The transformational conversion was needed for Aries as they magnified the quality of their lives. This eclipse is about action. Aries’ are being pushed by the universal energy to consider what actions that are needed to change their appearance and how well they will take care of themselves. What will they do to regain energy and longevity? But most of all, what actions they will take to regain honor, dignity, and respect back into their lives. This full moon will make some jolts into the lives of almost all Aries’, as the umbrella will cover their transformation with illumination. Be careful not to hurt yourself, especially on the upper part of your face. But remember that introspection and all those endings may be slowed down during Mercury retrograde. (Read about it here) Hence, between the solar eclipse two weeks ago and the total lunar eclipse in your sign, you might want to consider your temper and take time to relax when you feel like being defensive towards people; it’s not healthy.

Libra: There are several things that make Libras happy. But the two main things are relationships and success. The total lunar eclipse focuses around your love life, reputation, and relationships in general. Libras will not regenerate them as they look at the world with a new perspective and realize life is not just about us but it is about everyone in our lives. The focus is on the needs of others and what it will take to give ourselves to other people. Between the solar eclipses a couple of weeks ago (read here) and Mercury retrograde in your sign (read about it here) Libras may feel like they are yo-yo’s. On one hand Libras want harmony and peace, but on the other hand passive aggressive personalities could cause relationships to be tested. Flexibility will be the most important part of Libras life in the next 6 months. Remember dear Libra, if it is meaningful then give it all you have. Libras have plenty of time to think about what is important in their lives as the past comes to face them during the retrograde phase and often times introspection and thinking becomes part of the norm between now and October 17, 2015. (Read about it here)

Cancer: Through your hard work and persistence, your work or business will now be recognized. Cancers could have a job change, recognition, success, promotions, or even new opportunity for fame and respect. This eclipse will also bring new dreams and new visions, especially being able to see life much more clearly than ever before. The Solar eclipse gave Cancers a chance to recognize their communication with people, take the time for short trips, and testing the limits in their lives. Now the time has come with their hard work, and its completion, they will shine bright in areas of career. This 6 month period is about the work the Cancers acquired and the recognition which they received. Instant gratification it is not important as Mercury will slow down the results. (Read more about it here)

Capricorn: It’s time for Capricorn to focus on their own family influences, infrastructures, and education. During the solar eclipse (read about it here), Capricorns career is going to receive a boost. But they may have some difficulties with partners and relationships. However, this eclipse will bring for them experiences of a life time. Capricorns will introspect where they want to live at the end of the day, how they feel about their lives, and what they have accomplished. But Capricorns must be very careful as their tempers may get the best of them and grudges may escalate. Relaxing and giving yourself time to think and analyze may be the key to Capricorns success. Mercury retrograde will give that time to Capricorn (read about it here) and Jupiter in Virgo (read about it here) will give Capricorns luck.

Mutable signs will have a double whammy; not only is Mercury retrograding which affects them three times a year (read about it here), but the eclipse always brings major changes in their lives as well.

Gemini: Your thoughts are focused around where you want to live. For some of you, it’s time to settle down and create roots, this also means that you may have to start over. Now you may be focusing on how to clean slates and stay away from friends and groups that cause you tension. Religion will play a very intense role in your life; many Gemini’s will get translucent dreams where there could be a direct connection between yourself and spirituality. Gemini’s may be unsure who they want to be with and wanting to change partnerships due to their own needs, however, Gemini’s need to watch out for being selfish. As they open themselves up to large groups they will also need to look at where they belong. Groups, relationships, religion, and friendships will all be tested and the answers will be coming to Gemini’s through metaphysical experiences with people, places, and things. In every association, whether it is acquaintances or association, there is a resolve; this eclipse exams the very drive to see if your determination is focused towards humankind. Be aware that Mercury will test you until October 17, 2015. (Read more about it here)

Virgo: This eclipse is all about transformation. As the last eclipse gave you new beginnings, this eclipse is now questioning things about yourself that must go. With this eclipse you will search within yourself and find out what you really need to focus on. But you may not take life too seriously which could be very good for business projects and enterprises. Now Virgos will get to the truth and heart of things. Virgos will now be more concerned about delays, disappointments, losses, life and life insurance, and pensions. Deep issues are focusing on how you share money with people and other people’s money. As if it is not enough with the last eclipse where you will be focusing on yourself and what is around you, this eclipse will surely bring some reconsideration. However, the planet of luck, Jupiter, is on your side (read about it here) and it is one of the luckiest planets. So don’t think too much as you may get a little headache with Mercury in the mix. (Read about it here)

Pisces: Something in your financial situation is about to change; whether shockingly something is about to end or something is about to change for the better. Whatever it may be it will be the chief concern of your own worry. The values you hold dear to your heart will be tested but if you like taking risks this is not the time to do so. Doing things selfishly will also cause Pisces problems as tasks could sink as quickly as they begin. The last eclipse questioned the way you communicate with people in your life and how Pisces react. It’s time that Pisces now see that life is not about just their pleasures and needs but others as well, and if it is not bad enough, you have to look at your communication and micromanage your money. Mercury retrograde is also forcing you to look at what you may need to compromise with people to get what you need. (Read about it here)

Sagittarius: This eclipse may be very welcoming to you, as the next six month will be focusing on love, intimacy, romance, fun, and awareness. It’s about not suppressing and being able to express yourself though self-confidence. You may now realize where you are going and how you will get there. However, with the blend of the last eclipse, Sagittarius is now looking at how they can assist other people. Their psyche is in tune with their philosophy (quirky, but tuned up). However, Saturn, the God of difficult lessons, is teaching you (read about it here); but then you are a good student and you will learn that Saturn is not bad. It may change your career and it will give you opportunities, however, you may have to work very hard to get to where you need to go. Expect communication with friends to be confusing and the past may come knocking at your door with Mercury saying hello. (Read about it here)

fixFixed signs, you have been through so much between the eclipses, Saturn, Mars, Uranus, and Neptune. You have been played by the universe like a puppet on a string doing its own dance. This is especially true for Scorpios who have risen through ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Scorpios’ journey is over until 2041 and the eclipses are too far away for them now.

Scorpio: The next 6 months is about your health, work, diseases, debts, and its time finally to take care of yourself and what you eat. It’s time to look at what is clean and pure, and what is not. Get rid of the baggage that is connected with your past and related to your health. During the last eclipse, the universe had Scorpios look at how their visions can become their reality and introspect on how to improve their lives. Therefore, it begins with the self and since health and the body is an incubator to one’s soul this will be first on the list of all things, Scorpios. But for the next month or so Scorpios will also question their religion and how much it affects the outcomes of their work, wishes, and health. The influence is powerful.

Taurus: The time has come for you to do some major internal soul searching. Taurus will recognize what needs to be done to make their dreams a reality and bring them into your physical world. It may be advisable to take some pointers from a Scorpio, as they have been doing that for the last 3 years. This eclipse is also about tolerance and disadvantages; focusing a lot on major institutions such as hospitals, schools, and prisons it can also mean that Taurus may get mistreated because of their negative responses. These are the very skeletons you have in your closet and revealing things that may be difficult. The last eclipse was about love, how you express yourself in areas of love, what you want to do with it, and how you plan on getting there. Mercury retrograde is in the mix also where work may slow down, or that you may feel uncertainty (Read about it here) Jupiter, on the other hand, is making a good aspect for profitability. (Read about it here) Through all the mix of energy, the universe is trying to tell you to look at all that you had/have with love, career, and a good home base. Are you willing to throw it all away for those skeletons in your closet?

Leo: This eclipse will bring out the spiritual side of all Leo’s. Leo’s will now consider going back to school, publishing something, and looking for many self-improvements by searching for their truth. All Leo’s will be on a mission to possibly take distant journeys, along with them they will carry their own message of philosophical truth. Whatever Leo’s find nearest and dearest to them is where they will cling and cherish. During the last eclipse Leo’s were looking at their money and things that they value. This time, writing and creativity will be blocked due to retrograde but it is the universe’s way of asking you if this is what you really want to do for a living. (Read more about it here)

Aquarius: This eclipse may be the very thing Aquarius loves to do. It is about how Aquarius communicates through written, verbal, and physical messages. It also reflects the intense passion of Aquarius who loves to probe, investigate, and research all kinds of new things. Their mind constantly needs feeding. Love and appreciation from people that you want it from will come but you must overcome obstacles in such a way that you show your positive true colors. Aquarius now has a chance to get rid of past baggage which they may be holding on to, finally finding themselves. The more Aquarius’ do not take life so seriously the easier they will be able to communicate and find a means to find resolutions. Through this, clarity will come and truth will be revealed. However, for the next month the universe is questioning if all the things that Aquarius counts on were not present, then who and what will Aquarius be? All three mercury retrograde has affected you some way or another .. and this one will also (read more here)

Aries moon is producing awareness to bring stability back into everyday lives, looking at how much is given, and if the same is given in return. Additionally, finding or looking for answers that will give stability in areas of relationships and money. Libra energy needs and wants a relationship and Aries energy loves to love but with freedom.

This moon is also known as the Harvest moon, attaching humans to earth as it is now time to harvest and pray. Native Americans found that during September it was the ideal time to harvest corn, grain, and wheat to save for the winter. Harvest moon always comes as close as possible to the Autumn Equinox.

Aries full moon brings determination. Our tendencies in this energy is cooperative, disengagement, and bring out best in people. Meanwhile, reaching for the top will manifest values and goals. If the drive and determination is selfish, without thinking of the consequences, there will be fury from the universe.

Rare as it seems, this full moon is also known as the blood moon. People and animals may act strangely and perhaps irrationally. The blood moon has a reputation of ferocity, recklessness, and could cause arguments. The energy is so extreme that it may be advisable to stay put or perhaps take your vacation at this time to get away for a while. Deeply spiritual people it may be very difficult to meditate or even connect with guides. Bringing positive manifestation and assertion will be the best way to handle the energy.

This moon is so powerful that perhaps it may be a time for you to sit in quietness for 3 to 7 days and let go of the baggage and hurt.

“The frustration, upset or anger can center around Sagittarius/Virgo related themes: audits, work, service, ideas, money, education, medical or legal issues, or the way we view things.”Leslie Hale

The full moon is transiting at 4 -5 degrees Aries/Libra. For many this will be the final straw that brings relationships, businesses, or friendships to a grand finale, or open a path to find resolutions. The course, or the pathway, of this moon does not matter as much as the conclusion. There will be numerous communications from the universe, therefore being attentive to the messages must be a priority. Libras are also known as having an emphasis of fairness through realization and constancy while Aries influences awareness of something.

Since this moon brings conflicting energy, Libra needs harmonization in relationships and Aires is hasty. Though Aries really desires serenity and yet is competitive, Libra wants best. Therefore, there are two mantras which must apply to bring the most benefit to this harmonious moon, the sun, as well as Mercury which will slow things down. I have also included Jupiter mantra for earth signs that should recite this until 2017.

“This moon will trine Saturn (security), oppose Mercury (communication issues, vehicles, irritation with partners, young people, transportation issues), square Pluto (obsession, control issues, meltdowns) and conjunct Uranus (unexpected emotional responses and events).”Leslie Hale

It is my suggestion that you purchase a 7 day candle blessed with scent and energy (this can be purchased through (Shy Owl Market place) or white and yellow candles and carve your name through to the wick or have Shy Owl do it for you prior to your shipment. You do not have to anoint the candle as Shy Owl will do it for you. Otherwise, you may purchase one yourself.

Anoint the candle with lavender oil sandalwood and chant the Psalm 39 and Psalm 26. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that the mantra is used to magnify a planet or ease the severity of the wrath. During your prayers do not ask for what you want, rather ask for what you need. Remember Shy owl can get the whole Lunar and Solar eclipse kit ready for you, contact her (here)

The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy.

The moons energy (this is a very powerful mantra for anyone but especially so for cardinal signs):

The Moon Energy:

“Om shram shrim shraum sah chandraya namah”

(Om sha ram shreem sh raum suha chan dray a Na ma ha)

The mantra for Aries energy is

Om Shrim Kleem Sri Angarakaya Namaha

(Om shreem shreee An gar Kaya Namaha)

These mantras are to bring stability across every aspect of your relationships.

But Mercury is also retrograding in Libra, therefore the Mercury retrograde mantra is:

Om Buddahya Namaha

(Om Bud dah ya Na Ma ha )

For Earth Signs, Jupiter is transiting Virgo therefore I recommend the Guru Mantra

Om Gurave Namaha

(om Gur avee Na ma ha)


Please note these are broad propensities and not specific to any one person. I would suggest that you contact my recommended Astrologer Leslie Hale, or Rex Estell or any of my dear friends and astrological guides.

Additionally, I do not hold entitlement to be an Astrologer, but as a Vedic reader we must use the grid of spiritual conversion as an effectiveness to give you the most unbiased route to the celestial light which is only touched by the universal influences.

This will be the last eclipse until March of 2016, and during this massive transformation all astrological signs are recommended to get an update on themselves, as well as their relationships, as one could end and a new one begin. For those who had a reading couple of weeks ago you may already have my schedule. Please book your appointment early so that you do not miss out.

“The frustration, upset or anger can center around Sagittarius/Virgo related themes: audits, work, service, ideas, money, education, medical or legal issues, or the way we view things.”Leslie Hale

This is mostly a relationship eclipse; it is about making it or finally breaking it. It is also about what I need, and what we need, so that ours can be strong.

A big thank you to Leslie Hale and Rex Estell in your contribution to this blog and Shy Owl being able to make the ingredients available for everyone.

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