Reconsider the past & Plan for the future: Mercury Retrograde Jan to Feb 2015


Mercury Retrograde

Ghost Period : January 6th – 20th, 2015

Intense Period: Jan 21-Feb 11, 2015

Stationing Forwards: Feb 12-27, 2015

By Maharani Rutan©
On January 21, 2015, the trickster of chaos, frustration and delays goes backwards in time. This shadow period, often referred to as the ghost period, began to motion backwards on January 06, 2015. This is where Mercury will continue to move backwards in time even faster creating intensity, slowness and lethargic feelings. The most powerful time will be from January 21, 2015 through February 11, 2015, and this is where Mercury will stay for approximately 3 weeks, starting to motion forward February 12 through 27, 2015.

If you recall, last year’s Mercury retrograde was on the 22nd of January and if you can recall how you felt during that time you will also be able to understand this year’s Mercury. If you are mutable sign (Gemini, Pisces, Virgo, or Sagittarius) Mercury can be very difficult for you. The concentration of Mercury retrograde will fall more on Air signs (Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius). Best way to understand this energy is not to do too many tasks as there may be things that will cause them to go haywire. Blame it on Mercury.

This retrograde begins its passage in Capricorn/Aquarius axis which usually represents worries, friendship, and organizations, until February 19, 2015. Thereafter it moves backwards in motion until February 27, 2015 where it will end the journey in the Aquarius/Pisces Axis.

So many astrological inferences are going on right now that it would not surprise me that we feel a little dizzy every now and then. Saturn recently moved away from Scorpio and entered Sagittarius on the 23rd of December 2014 (Read about it here) and it will go back into Scorpio one more time to finish any unfinished business. Jupiter, the planet of luck and money, is retrograde in Leo at the moment thus causing a financial crunch for those that have Leo anywhere in their chart and unfortunately it’s not going direct until April 07/08, 2015 so hang on, it will get better.

Mercury rules mutable signs but this time everyone is being taken captive. Expect communication confusion, dishonesty, and misunderstanding. Those that will be impacted by Mercury will be almost everyone, including but not limited to Aquarius, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and all those that have any of these planets as their primary in their charts. Planets are never actually retrograde or stationary, they just seem that way, due to this optical illusion.

Retrograde phases, while frequently challenging, are not predominantly rare. Each planet retrogrades, except the Sun and Moon. Mercury, much like the winged messenger of the Gods, comes in on feather-light wings and commands us to speak. Messages, sentiment and awareness are all within Mercury’s territory, as are goals and coherence, our method of rational, and how we express our thought progressions will be highlighted.


An unpredictable nature carries to attention irritation and motion. Rat-a-tat-tat — things happen recklessly. Mercury is about a fast wit, philosophy, choices, attitudes, perceptive and the capability to justify things. Mercurial energy can be moral or ruthless, but it will surely be invigorating! This Planet also encourages us to transfer from one thing to the next and to get reactions on both a physical and psychological level. Further, Mercury’s dynamism is both active and perceptive. Therefore it hustles things so fast that occasionally we can say or do things without rationale and regret them later.

Mercury is about short journeys: a social call to a neighbor or a friend at a short distance, the daily travel, and a weekend retreat. Relatives and transportation over-all are also within Mercury’s realm. Messages, letters, paperwork, online communications, and education are also within Mercury’s domain. This Planet begs us to be hasty — and well, just be yourself.


Negotiations might be more challenging, as intersected signs and blurred implications cloud generally forthright dialogues. Still, with a slight carefulness and reflection, you’ll get your fact across. Similarly, be prepared with a back-up plan when you’re traveling. If your trip gets postponed or your car won’t flinch, stay peaceful and make the best of it.

Mercury rules introspection and awareness, dispensation and circulating information, and all means of communication, trade, and transport. By extension, Mercury quite often creates problems for those people who work in these areas, especially people who work with concentration or intelligence: writers and lecturers, spectators and adversaries, gossips and medics, cheats and thieves.


After the 19th of February, Mercury retro in Pisces creates mystical and fanatical misperception, with bizarre thoughts on occasion, prominent to psychic capabilities. Psychological methods being tangled with feelings, we find it hard to detach concepts and ideas from desire and impracticality. Our psychological configuration can be unstable, unrealistic, and overly-spiritual but it also predisposes to exhaustion and surges the impulse to drink liquor.

With all these energies, it is bound to get a little confused; be very well prepared.


The inferences which I am focusing on are ideally from Vedic readings as these are NOT Western Astrology or Eastern Astrology predictions. Rather, all inferences below are general tendencies. Each tendency will be unique to that individual and I suggest that you speak to my recommended astrologers, Leslie Hale, Xtrology by Hollywood or you may contact any of my other recommended astrologers here.

I will begin the general tendencies on the astrological signs that will be affected the most. But remember that everyone will be a hostage here. Air signs & Mutable signs, listed in order below, will be taking the pain for many of us. If a chart has air or mutable signs anywhere those planets will be activated.


Aquarius: Last year you felt the crunch and confusion and this is year it is about looking at old business and making sure everything is in its place. This is a time for introspection on who you are, where you are going, and what you want to do. It is a time for transformation but it is not about acting, it is about considering what you want to change about yourself and how you will stick by the changes.

Gemini: I know how much you hate retrograde. No, the car is not broken it’s just Mercury. If you are in school things may seem very confusing and all of a sudden out of nowhere you may find you are involved in a legal issue. If you don’t settle or mediate this issue right now it will have to be reconsidered in the future. If you are in sales expect things to be slow and clients will surely misunderstand you.

Libra: Remember when everything was going so well in your love life, are people from the past wanting to reunite? Think about it carefully. You may find your love life is slowed down and you may also find that family life seems confusing too. If you choose to go back to someone from the past remember, they have not changed, perhaps you have? And if you are in a relationship and it does not seem satisfying just wait it out this time and don’t let your wandering eyes wonder because at the end of the day you will be happy you did.


Pisces: Aren’t you used to this by now? A beautiful aspect of Venus is entering your sign soon but in the meantime be careful as you may have a loss, you may have limitations, and people may take advantage of you. Now you may be looking at your own regression and how you have suffered pain through other people’s eyes. It is all about how you will move forwards to not feel the pain

Virgo: Do not be surprised if your work slows down or you feel as though things are very confusing. You may find that your subordinates are not supportive of you or you may be misunderstanding them. You may even discover that you have enemies that you never knew and you may also find out that work is not what it seemed or a missing piece of information is needed. You also find out about your health, whether a certain sickness will be curable or not.

Sagittarius: No … That’s not what I meant to say. Mercury will make sure everything you say comes out backwards or does not make sense, no matter how you write or explain, it may all be unclear. You may have difficulties with your family and you may also not have the courage or stamina to finish the projects that you start. Perhaps you just need to hibernate. But how can you do that when everyone wants your attention? You will find a solution.


Water signs are the most emotional people and often when Mercury retrograde comes around they are the ones who get blamed, hurt, or even pushed to the side. It can be good or bad but I am sure being run over by a stampede is not always a good thing.

Scorpio: What happened? Your relationship fussed? It’s ok. It’s time to sit down and discuss old relationship issues. Don’t worry, love is not lost, it is that the person is very preoccupied with other things. You may find that your car may break down or if you are going to school things will seem confusing. You might not want to clean your home or the home may not seem interesting to you. Or it may be that you want something new? But at times your mother may be a focal point where communication will be none or very little and perhaps you think she is mad at you … NOT. Let this time pass and it will all come clear to you.

Cancer: People are having a hard time paying you? Do they owe you money or do you owe money? Whatever the case may be you might have difficulties trying to recover. You may have a difficult time with your insurance company, you may have mere accidents or you will find out about someone dying. However, it is about your own disappointments and figuring out what makes you happy.


Fire signs, I know it is difficult and you get so frustrated when things don’t work but no worries, calm down and see how things are soon.

Aries: Perhaps you have having misunderstandings with your friends. Perhaps you may find that your community is not supportive of you and the money you wanted to make is not pouring like it used to. You may also have a hard time recovering if you get sick and it may feel like it is forever.

Leo: Is your love life slowing down again? Oh my. I know Jupiter is retrograde so you may not be shining, at the same time you may feel success and recognition is not coming to you fast enough. Quite often you may even feel that your selection of a person in your life is boring you. You may feel stuck. Wait out this time and know this shall pass and in April everything you want will come back to normal.


Earth signs, I know, whatever. You are probably the only sign that really does not feel retrograde like most people because to you it’s just another day to add to your worries.

Capricorn: Money may be trickling in one drop at a time. You may even forget where you put that favorite watch or even those earrings. Perhaps you were getting ready to sign a contract and they are telling you to wait. Be careful though, you may find out about a death in your family or close friend and most of all, be careful with sinus infections or a cold.

Taurus: You may feel unrecognized and the tasks you want to finish may even take forever. If you are looking for a promotion it may be delayed and you may even feel that your job is not stable, that perhaps they are going through some turnover. I would not be surprised if you miss appointments or you have something going on in areas of legal or government which also could be delayed.


Remember that these are just general tendencies; for a deeper look at your own planets and the intensity that you will experience, you may want to contact an astrologer.

Apprehension and heaviness, even baseless doubts and suspicion, are roused, especially from employment or are living in an aggressive situation; predisposed to being cold with a cynical tongue. Uphold privacy and dignity in your employment and do not try to decipher written things too much.


Mercury retrograde gives rise to individual misconceptions; injured, unsettled, or postponed communications, talks and occupation; malfunctions and failures with telephones, PCs, automobiles, and transportation in general are possible. All of these glitches frequently rise because some critical part of data, or element, has gone awry. When Mercury is retrograde, everyone’s perception is more preoccupied and we are inclined to reason problems and worries around communication can be attributed to the sign involved.

It brings travel holdups and overlooked appointments of all kinds. Papers can go astray. Be sure to carry a journal and refer to it often. The good things to do when Mercury is Retrograde: reflect, visualize, revise the book/poem/song/essay you’ve been scribing, clean your home, talk to your pets, listen to music, and most of all catch up on sleep!


Mercury is very sluggish and it touches almost all planetary signs. It is my suggestion that you purchase a yellow candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with Inspiration oil or Eucalyptus oil and chant Psalm 70 every single night. This period will last for 6-7 weeks total and it will be hard on all of us.

This will allow friendly communication as well as understanding in situations. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until February 26. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras, achieving the anticipated outcome is reliant on upon the eminence of purpose. When it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. I have chosen two mantras for you during this mercury retrograde:


“Om Budhaya Namaha”

(Om Bood-han-yah Nahm-ah-ha)

“Om and salutations to Buddha, presiding spirit of planet mercury”

These mantras are used to attain rational transparency, to evade and resolve misinterpretations and have welcoming communications.


Vedic readings have a distinctive potential. We discover the incorrect and catch answers by producing a characteristic of appreciation through engagements and responses. Astrology is just the ground work to bewilderment of Vedic readings. I am not an astrologer nor do I claim to be however, basic understanding in astrology does assist us in applying what we know to what we need to know in order to embrace the energy and direct it to the most positive outcome.

Please use this vitality well to reboot and find your solutions because there is an uncomfortable path ahead with the eclipses. Two will be in March/April and two will be September/ October. Two are in the sign of cardinal and the other two are in mutable signs. Be gentle with yourself.

Maharani Rutan©