Serendipitous Mystical Metamorphism: The most unique Total Solar Eclipse 2015


Total Solar Eclipse

Super Moon

Spring Equinox

New Moon in Pisces

March 20, 2015

By Maharani Rutan©

Abstracts from Leslie Hale
When I began to write this blog, so many things went through my mind. I was unsure how to begin and what I should really emphasize. This will be one of the most important new moons and eclipses of our lifetime. It is not often that an eclipse affects all mankind. Additionally, it is not often that there are so many aspects of an eclipse besides just a new moon.

Depending upon the orb, on March 20, 2015, the new moon will enter our solar system at 29 degrees in Pisces. This new moon will begin to go void at approximately, 04:46 EST. The new moon is affecting people at later degrees in Pisces. But the most fascinating part of this new moon is that it barely leaves Pisces and it barely enters Aries while it is transitioning to a new moon within 10 minutes of the Total Solar Eclipse.

“As Neptune rules salt water and the sea we could hear of water related events. We will probably experience more water related weather conditions that could go on cyclically for a long period of time.”- Leslie Hale


It is not enough for the universe just to give us a Total Solar Eclipse, but this phenomenon is much more grandiose. This is also the last super new moon of 2015. As you may recall in my previous article, in 2015 we will have 6 super moons. Three of them will be new moons, which we recently passed, and this being the last one. The other three will be called super full moons which will be here in the summer/fall of this year. Read more about this transit (Farewell 2014 here).

Super moon is defined through a two-prong theory. The first super moon, whether a new or full moon, is based upon the theory that when two new moons or two full moons arrive within 30 calendar days, the most recent moon will be considered a super moon. Second, a super moon is identified as the moon that is the closest to earth’s orbit. But the universe will not stop there. The change of seasons will also be ignited by this new moon.

“This new moon/eclipse is also considered a SuperMoon. Astrologer Richard Noelle coined the phrase ‘supermoon,’ and wrote, “SuperMoons are noteworthy for their close association with extreme tidal forces working in what astrologers of old used to call the sublunary world: the atmosphere, crust and oceans of our home planet – including ourselves, of course.”-Leslie Hale

Every year there are two equinoxes (equal night) and one solstice. The two equinoxes are represented as spring and fall. The equinox theory dates back to the ancient Egyptian and Mayan calendars of time. On a scientific level, the equinox always occurs when the Earth’s axis stays perpendicular to sun’s rays whereas normally Earth’s Axis either tilts away or towards the sun. During the spring equinox and fall equinox it stays perpendicular. This often represents spring season change. Every year the spring equinox falls during the 19th through the 21st of March.

My perception of March 20, 2015 is three letters: “WOW”. In my lifetime I have not seen as many wonderful transits during an eclipse as the one on March 20, 2015. However, a similar eclipse may have occurred in 1988 and I was way too young to even notice it yet I have felt the energy that this moon is going to give. The last time the new moon was closest to the degree of the orb in Pisces was March 2007. This was not too long ago and I believe all my readers can relate to that energy.

“Spring begins at 6:45 EST, March 20, finally! Happy spring, and let the astrological New Year begin.”- Leslie Hale


Along with all the wonders of this moon, eclipse, and season, people will be less aggravated by having to accept something that was hidden for so long and revolting against it. The Uranus-Pluto eras are too deeply incorporated in western astrology and it has transformed the world as we have seen it. This difficult aspect began in the summer of 2012. However, the ideology and learning’s of my philosophies are based on Vedic Astrology with a western touch. And according to Vedic astrology, the outer planets such as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are replaced with other shadow planets such as Rahu (north node) and Ketu (south node). Rahu acts similarly to Uranus energy and Ketu is similar to Neptune while Pluto takes on characteristics of both (death and rebirth). Had I not understood and studied these aspects for so many years, I would find the two types of astrology very confusing. But one thing I do know is that we are done with some of the strongest aspects of this uncomfortable transit and we can breathe a little better for now.

“The 29th degree is considered the anaretic degree-the degree that is often associated with crisis situations or endings of some type, and this falls on the heels of the Uranus-Pluto square which is still exact at 15 degrees of Aries-Capricorn, and this will amp up the energy of this eclipse and will see many events occurring in our own lives and the world.”- Leslie Hale

Often, I have been asked why Vedic readings incorporate astrology. Rahu & Ketu is our ego and our reaction to it. Not only do environmental issues affect human behavior, but also planetary and environmental changes as well. Therefore, bringing this aspect into Vedic readings is an added bonus to make sure the readings are solid and concrete without mistakes. Vedic readings incorporate numerology, astrology, cognitive, intuitive, and behavioral psychic abilities which give Vedic readings a very unique prospective.


Now that I have given you lessons 101 in Vedic readings, equinox, and super moon, it is time to come back to the topic of eclipses. Some will say that eclipses happen because humans needs to change, others say that eclipses are an end of one era to begin another, and scientists state the eclipses are natural to our environment. But which is it?

Though there is no scientific concrete theory as to how often eclipses occur, one thing is certain; solar and lunar eclipses come in pairs. Therefore, the lunar eclipse will be next month. Some scientists also call the total solar eclipse a ring of fire. This is because the moon completely covers the sun but because the sun is much larger than the moon, it casts ring of fire. There is also a scientific study which states that temperatures in our atmosphere can come down approximately 15 degrees during this time.


This will be one of those rare eclipses where it will not be visible to the Northern Americas. Hence, Europe will never have an eclipse such as this in magnitude until 2026. Additionally, scientists claim that we will not have a solar eclipse of this magnitude until 2017. This eclipse is a European eclipse the totality of which is estimated to be viewed by Norway and Faroe Island while a Partial eclipse will be seen Northern Europe and Northern Asia.

The first point of the eclipse begins on March 20 at 3:41am EST, begins its motion, and will be able to be visible by Europeans at 5:09 am EST. The eclipse will not maximize to its totality until 5:45am. As the sun and moon separate at 6:22am EST the ring of fire begins to disappear, thus reverting back to partial and completeness at 7:50am EST. The most fascinating part of this eclipse is what happens in the background.

As the eclipse begins to maximize, the new moon begins to form at approximately, 5:37am EST transiting into Pisces. Then as the sun and moon begin to separate through the eclipse the super moon is formed at 6:36am EST. Exactly 12 hours later spring equinox occurs at 6:45pm EST which means the sun has crossed our equator and spring is officially here. (The timings which I have given could give or take a few minutes and can change depending upon the time zone.) Never in my lifetime will I see, have researched, and feel all three phenomena as the one on March 20, 2015.

I had stated earlier in this blog that this was the final super new moon of 2015. So what is so special about this moon? One aspect is that New moon often represents the beginning of something and full moon is a closure or forced closure.

This beautiful moon in Pisces has remarkable healing properties; however, as a water sign, Pisces natural tendency is to bring wild wind and water. We have a new moon in Pisces every year and during those times we have always had water disasters. The most noticeable was the tsunami that hit japan during the new moon in Pisces in 2011. This was a trigger to bring people together and take a humanitarian prospective and faith in the universal energies. Though it could have been done differently, it may have been that the wrath of Neptune just could not resist.

Solar Eclipse energy is peripheral, caring, shielding, and dynamic – echoed and conveyed from within our life power. This eclipse is particularly objective and determination oriented and our principles and tenacity can be boosted and strengthened. We initiate to profoundly reflect our influences in the world, and the complete manifestation of our mortality.


This 6-month period can seem very unstable as the fire of Aries and coolness of Pisces create steam. We are coming into a very unusual time where this is the first eclipse of Virgo/Pisces elements and axis. Whenever the eclipse is in the last degrees of a specific astrological sign it has been know that it is endings of some sort then there will be a holding period and by the end of the month those that have any planets in Pisces start over.

Since Pisces often affects our psyche and emotional nature this can be quite upsetting. If you want to really understand and compare the energy of Virgo/Pisces eclipse energy think back to 1995-1998. What were you doing 18 to 19 years ago and since you have already matured after all this time did you get your needs fulfilled, are you at a better place? Now we are called into question; our emotions, spirituality and truth.

“Pisces, Neptune and Jupiter are all associated with religion and spirituality. I’ve noticed over the past several years during the Pisces periods we’ve head news of the Vatican, Pope, and there is an emergence of TV shows about religion, such as CNN’s current, Finding Jesus series on Sunday nights.Religion may be front and center in some way on the world stage and I expect to hear news of ISIS and their misguided or alleged religion.”-Leslie Hale


It is now time to remove all stagnation’s or decisions that you may have put off and time to act and change your life. Without changes in the sectors of stagnation and procrastination, there will be karmic lessons to pay after 6 months. The information that will be received from the cosmos and our own psyche will definitely change what you thought something or someone was. Actions are based upon the revelations that are discovered within a few weeks after the eclipse and transiting for 6 months. Therefore, the moon in Pisces plays a significant role.

The new moon sets the stage to a new spiritual awakening when it enters Pisces at 28-29 degrees depending upon the orb. Whenever there are moon changes between the new moon and full moon we are called to question how our actions are reflected to cause conflict; and how our reactions bring a sword between spirituality and love.


This eclipse is so powerful that it is advisable to treat it as if it was a total full moon. Therefore, do not make any decisions regarding relationships, careers, legal issues, or moving. Any decisions that are made 7 days before and 7 days after the eclipse may either not turn out in your favor or that what you saw and you think you need to see will be two totally different things. Neptune (Pisces) will cause confusion.

“Some people turn to drugs and alcohol and issues surrounding substances can arise during time, as well as secrets, lies, and vague types of commitments and understandings, so if a promise of any kind is made, make sure you have a clear understanding and leave no stone unturned. Mercury conjuncts Neptune a few days before the eclipse, creating further confusion”-Leslie Hale

There has been a lot of research about Pisces and how it relates to humanity. Some scientists say that because we are 90% water that Neptune (Pisces) equals Water and there must be someone in our chart to justify our place on earth. Spiritual leaders say that God is a Pisces and since we are children of God, his characteristics of Pisces will be in everyone’s chart somewhere. It does not matter what study you prefer to accept, the conclusion is that every human on this earth has Pisces somewhere in their chart. Therefore this eclipse, especially the Pisces moon, will initiate incredible transformations for many.


This new moon will provide sufficient energy to correct self-destructive thinking and actions. The moons dynamism will permit the consciousness to use our personal power to join to our main psyche (God) to help us to manifest our visions. However, Saturn (planet of lessons and Karma) entered Sagittarius on December 23, 2014 and has continued its journey transforming Sagittarius, people with Sagittarius in their chart, as well as mutable signs (Read about it here).

As of March 12, 2015 Saturn is retrograding in Sagittarius. Retrogrades are often represented through assessing things from the past, how they were handled, and what could have been done to for a better outcome. While Saturn retrogrades communication, ego centrism, as well as conflicts, can occur if patience is not practiced. While in direct motion (read about it here) it restructures, creates, rewards for hard work, and brings lessons and challenges. When retrograding it will slow down our life, Saturn is on a coffee break, and takes advantage of planning, organizing, and creating goals to plant seeds in autumn of 2015.


Virtually every person will be affected by this new moon in one way or the other. Whether this is through Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, or this moon, conditions and world views will definitely be a facilitator of revolution, either physically or psychologically. The change will open many doors to medicine and spirituality. The greater importance will be where Pisces is noticeable in one’s chart. It is vitally important to understand the Pisces emotional impact and how in-tuned we are to be psychic sponges.

Some people turn to drugs and alcohol and issues surrounding substances can arise during time, as well as secrets, lies, and vague types of commitments and
understandings, so if a promise of any kind is made, make sure you have a clear understanding and leave no stone unturned. Mercury conjuncts Neptune a few days before the eclipse, creating further confusion.

The spiritual moon will give the control while compelling us to act and appreciate humanity and its nature to mysteries and resurgence. This moon will boost dreams and surprise the mind to a new course in life. The past and present of life must die. Discerning patterns must also be resolved. Remember, this is the quiet before the dawn. The theme will be to symbolize life as if it can really be affected through manifestation and imagination.


The New moon will signal a time to clear things with thoughtfulness and unconditional love. To be able to distinguish that people are doing what they can with what they have. It’s a good time to forgive individuals who have offended you. It is time to let go of beliefs even if it means you have to cry and let it all go so that you can activate a soothing process. It’s a time for destiny, the eye of eternity. Clasp the love you have for someone and be the psychic sponge for those that merit healing energies. Give yourself the understanding of new beginnings.

Pisces moon emphasizes a time of stillness, prayers, and the planting the seeds for spring. It is a time of earth renewal when the first scents of spring are so defiantly close. It’s also a moon of Shiva who eliminates our inadequacies in order to bring spiritual progress and improvement. Shiva is the light that carries us to a higher plane in our lives; to give us pathway to hold our life with humility and compassion so that we walk in his light.


Depending upon an individual’s astrological chart, the energy and the outcome of the eclipse will be different. The information which I am about to present to you is general tendency and not particular to a specific person. I would suggest that if you wish to have an astrological reading done you may contact my preferred astrologer, Leslie Hale. If you wish a progressed chart done where you are able to consider the options available way into the future you may contact my preferred astrologer XtrologyofHollywood. For a move chart and standard progressed chart you may contact Lee

Please note again, I am NOT an astrologer and will never claim to be. The general tendencies are based upon Vedic analysis and transitions. It is NOT Western Astrology, nor is it Vedic or Progress Astrology. Rather, it is determination of the conflicts that can be avoided by each individual.


Remember that the tendency is currently based only on the Solar eclipse, when combined with the lunar eclipse general tendencies (will be posted at the end of March) one will be able analyze the situation as a whole for a full six month prediction.

I will begin with the astrological signs that will experience a greater impact prior to others. These people could represent behaviors that are similar to “Intermittent explosive disorder” and the rage could affect everyone around them.

 Mutable signs (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius), especially Pisces


Pisces (Meena): Your eclipse season is just now beginning. Before you know it, at the end of the tunnel, Pisces people will definitely go through a transformation. Even though the eclipse falls in later degrees the significant tendencies will remain through the structure of Pisces. However, it will be much more intense for people born on March 15-20. This eclipse is triggering your self-image and the way you are interacting, attracting, and communicating with the world around you. This uniqueness brings forth the reflections of those whom you befriend. Also known as Lagna, it is the most important role in your life. The key points are honor, dignity, life, and how you made it your life. Anything that does not fit it must go away under every circumstance. The problem is that Pisces cannot just let go. Toxic things in their lives cause them to become very disturbed and often become very defensive or, as I stated, have a slight chance of intermittent explosive disorder, especially the native who is born on or near the new moon.

Gemini (Mithuna): In one hand, there will be a great deal of introspection in the areas of work, success, promotions, honor, and recognition. And on the other hand, it is about your own reputation and how clearly we can talk and articulate who we are through our dreams and trying to reach them. For the next 6 months moments bring clarity and you will be no longer looking through rosy glasses.

Virgo (Kanya): This may be one of the more positive shifts in the solar eclipse my dear Virgo. This eclipse is about spiritual awakenings, social life, partnership, and relationships of all kinds. You are now ready to look at other people’s needs as well as your own. Partnership, success, legal issues, and reputations will pave a way to your own dispositions.

Sagittarius (Dhanu): This is the opposite of your sign and as you know, mixing fire and water makes steam. Not only is Saturn in your sign embracing you for a transformation, but the eclipse will also be an added bonus to make sure it takes place. You are now examining where you want to set down your roots. Perhaps you just went through a relationship change and you are ready to work and experience what is real. The key point to this eclipse for you is a possible change of residence, domestic life, secret love affairs, and perhaps you might even consider going to school or learning a trade.

 The next eclipse will be a lunar eclipse in Libra; therefore transformation for Cardinal Signs (Cancer, Libra, Aires and Capricorn) is equally important.


Libra (Tula): The eclipse last year was incredible and may have caused many Liberians to decide who they want in their life. The eclipse forced those with birthdays in the middle of the Libra cycle – and this eclipse is similar. During this eclipse you will be focusing a lot on your work, health, nutrition, and looking at your entire life with clarity and dignity. The key aspects of this eclipse for Libras will be debts, work, service, health, jealousy, and hidden enemies.

Capricorn (Makra): This eclipse blesses all research work and perhaps exploring communication lines, including how we communicate through our voice and our writing. Capricorns will be looking at life and its restraints, being able to work with what we have, and being very realistic. It’s time to investigate, take trips and embrace your brothers and sisters. The key to this eclipse for Capricorn is courage, sibling relationships, writing, moving, contracts, communication, and traveling.

Aries (Mesha): Oh my, oh my, Aries’ have been pounded and transformed. This eclipse is very spiritual indeed. It is all about looking at how your dreams can manifest into reality and how they fit into our lives. It also includes the sacrifices we are going to have to make to make it happen. You might find that people are not respecting you like you need to be respected and the universe is looking at your reaction to see if that transformation is spiritual. The key elements for this eclipse are restriction, deception, misery, misfortune, sorrows, and limitations. Look especially at spiritual inclination as the pathway to peace.

Cancer (Karka): This is a very religious eclipse for you dear cancer. Now you will be looking at what you need to do to purify yourself, plant the seeds to seek the thought. You will now discover that certain philosophies knock at your heart and you will place all those things that are dear to you here. Key elements for this eclipse for you dear Cancer: faith, religious disposition, meditation, sacrifices, legal issues, learning, teaching, travel, and academic advancements.

 Fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo & Scorpio) Some of you are going through a transformation still and be aware that Saturn will be coming back into Scorpio for its last round this summer (read about it here); most if not all fixed signs will be affected by this transit. Nevertheless, the energy of the eclipse may be a Godsend.


Aquarius (Kumbha): Many Aquarius people got shaken up, slowed down and got confused this year with the two new moons in Aquarius, Mercury in Aquarius and the black moon. The focus of this eclipse is revolving around what needs to be done to secure (resources, security, and properties) yourself and to live the kind of life that is glorified with success. Money, work, and career are all those resources that will give you the push you want. Perhaps you will get a new job or your business will do well, whatever it is that makes you feel successful. The key elements for this eclipse dear Aquarius is: profits, gains, power, material success, stock, and bonds.

Taurus (Vrishabha): This eclipse for you, dear Taurus, is fun and interesting. During this eclipse you will see that that your hard work in the next 6 months will be very fruitful, and humanitarian work and goals will be well worth it. Meeting and finding new friends, along with shared communities will be the key to understanding through conversation and shared visions. The key elements for this eclipse for you dear Taurus is: community wishes coming true, success, siblings, and most of all, friends.

Leo (Simha): You have been on the road to success since last year and all of a sudden you might discover things to be a little tight in area of finances and luck. This is only because Jupiter has been retrograding; making every move like molasses and it will be all better by April, so just hang on. This eclipse will be triggering your own transformation through cleaning house whereas; people and things that take up space will be eliminated. You focus will be primarily on business ventures and finding out how other people’s money affects you. The key elements for this eclipse dear Leo are: growing up, insurance, accidents, misery, misfortune, worries, delays, disappointments, obstruction, and theft.

Scorpio (Vrischka): I wish I could take you and tuck you away somewhere. Between Saturn in Scorpio for the last two years, perhaps you felt a little relief. But the eclipse transformed you once again. Unfortunately, Saturn will be back this summer for one last round but I don’t think it will be as painful. Think of it like coming home from the hospital and now it’s time to heal at home. It does not mean however, that things won’t be difficult; it will be just a little different. The pleasure of this eclipse is well worth the pain this summer. This eclipse will bring awareness of your emotions and finding an outlet, regaining self-confidence and ownership of everything you do is the first step recognizing that we are not perfect. Every experience will hit home to bring a path of reality in knowing why we feel what we do. This eclipse, my dear Scorpio, is beautiful indeed and the key elements will bring a wave of healing. Focusing more on children, pleasure trips, entertainment, being competitive (in a fun way), love affairs, going back to school, and most of all, spirituality at its best.


Keep in mind that the information which I have given to you is general tendency not to be a replacement of an individual astrological chart and inclination. If you are looking for more focused information on how this eclipse will affect you, I suggest that you contact my recommended astrologers Leslie Hale or XtrologyofHollywood for an individual astrological reading. They will inform you of the trends and my gift will provide you the possibilities.

Please keep in mind that I am not an astrologer, rather, I am a Vedic reader, and there is a vast dissimilarity. Astrology opens the door into the mysterious future which allows me to show you the forks ahead and how best to recognize the energy forces through Vedic Readings.


The Pisces new moon signifies a time of gargantuan outlook and answers. Self-destructive urges can rise for those who hold sarcasm. For many, it comes to be more problematic to grow and question value and the quality of life. The influence of sensitive energy can be accommodating if directed into innovative accomplishments and self-healing. However, there is a robust craving to simply slip into snooping. It is better to indulge in productive pursuits rather than creating more spiteful, disrupting activities.

Low-spirited propensities can easily govern under this New Moon. The stimulus of this New Moon can be particularly hard or challenging for those who were born under a New Moon phase, as well as for those of the mutable Sun Signs Virgo, Gemini & Sagittarius. This also holds true for those that have any planets in Pisces (in this case everyone) including whose birth Moon is in Pisces. The New Moon can signify a serious time for possible mishaps, injuries, carelessness, and the responsibility of hasty choices or decisions.


The Watery Pisces Moon feels everyone’s despair with a compassionate and perceptive heart. Contribute to others, share your visions, and make from your deep feelings. Don’t let your drifting heart get lost! The Moon in Pisces marks a time of exciting kindness, downhearted, and spirituality. People may become more perceptive, sympathetic, and imaginative. As originality will be heightened, this is a good time to discover musical abilities and other artistic accomplishments. Represented by a pair of fish, Pisceans are selfless and blessed, often powerfully aware, and they are open to the cooperative awakening.

As the Moon moves through Pisces, people may feel enthusiastic and kind but also subtle, defensive, and abysmal. Visions and recollections may stir during this influence. Neptune carries a pumped energy psychic antenna which rules Pisces. Opinions are resilient when the moon is in Pisces. There is severe warmth to music. Tendencies are to be exposed, spiritual, and altruistic. The moon in Pisces adds an emerging inflexibility that can create feelings of helplessness, wandering into withdrawal as an emotional shield. People may feel obedient, sensitive, warm, thoughtful, and happy but too easily discouraged. Some might experience mixtures of unclear memories (often identified as past lives) or perceptions into spiritual senses and how they relate to current situations.


The moon in Pisces questions: how spiritual is life’s passage? It’s about bringing us closer rather than letting go. The moon is assisting us to shape our lives for the following year.

The energy of Pisces intensifies and begins to change March 15 and this energy may continue to remain complex for another 6 months. It’s time to love those who love you, let go of the injuries and pain of others, and motivate yourself. Visualize for a moment that you are walking on the beach, as you walk you leave footprints and the waters waves wash them away just like this moon does. Leave the past behind. Be the adjustment and move toward your destiny. Meditate more. Connect up with people who are around you. Focus on things that have created trials and misfortune in your life and find the spirituality in the lessons being learned.


The moon in Pisces is Elusive, Imaginative, Psychic, Removed, and Artistic. We must remain attentive and use our psychic gifts to move in the direction of decision-making. It is my suggestion that you purchase a Purple candle and sculpt your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with Sage oil or Lavender oil and chant Psalm 08.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning for 6 months. The gifts of prayers and mantras are healing methods through honest prayers. These prayers must be focused on your needs, i.e. food, peace, etc. (not a person) instead of your desires (person or material things). When looking for peace in your relationship, it is important to begin with a pure understanding of what your aim should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. The mantra for the solar eclipse:


Om Surya Namaha

(Om Sur ya Nam aha)

The intention of this mantra is to call upon the God of protection and harmony to give you internal and external peace without uncertainties.


The mantra for Pisces moon is:

“Om Nama Shivaya”

(Om Nah-Mah Shee-Vah Yah)

This Siddha mantra uses the universal origins that rule each charka: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. This is also a time of Mahashivratri for most Hindus and thus a propitious time for renewal and rebirth for many.


With every moon cycle, remember to cross out the old affirmations even if there is the slightest change and create new ones. The perfect number for aspirations is 10. This means to list 10 aspirations and recite them every night until the next moon cycle. Remember, never make the affirmations begin with “I must”, they must be worded “I will be guided.”

Many people have asked the question how often they should have a reading done by a psychic or a tarot reader. In my opinion, an in depth reading should be done every 40 to 50 days, nothing sooner. It is claimed that God’s energy comes in intervals within the 40 to 50 day cycle and co-dependency and fear does not bring healing and faith.


When dealing with heartbreaking circumstances it is my suggestion that before you have a reading done you must clear away pessimism and anxiety from your emotions so that a reader can give you the richest reading possible.

Please note that these are broad dispositions, and I highly recommend that you make an appointment with Leslie Hale to find out how this eclipse will move you. Often, Astrology could be guide to what is forthcoming and Astrologers are able to give you a pointer of what you can expect. At the same time, Vedic readings are also relatively significant since aspects of the sun, moon, karma, dharma, destiny and spiritual predispositions translate what is about to come so that you can adjust so you get the most benefit from the eclipse.


I will be offering 6 month personal in-depth readings starting the 20th of March. And appointments will accept as early as the 15th of March and my schedule will go out also on the same day. The appointments are on a first come first serve basis regardless of how late or early you have booked your appointment. These readings will be incorporating parts of life that may not able to be expanded on by an Astrologer. Incorporating both readings will give you complete clarity of what is to come, what can be done to prevent it, and what needs to be understood. Together, you can amplify the best of both worlds and create a destined path of your choice.

Please remember that I am NOT an Astrologer nor do I privilege to be one, rather, I am a Vedic Sanskrit Reader who combines Astrology as a value and basis of the reading. This surrounds the splendid transformational destiny and Karmic reading as an inference to all readings. The interrelations between Astrology and Vedic readings could be seen as similar however, the information received by a Vedic reader can often be overwhelming, true, and substantial to progressive and peaceful future.


I hope that this solar eclipse, super moon, and new moon in Pisces brings to you and yours a peaceful, loving, and harmonious 6 months. And remember that eclipse readings come in pairs. As most clients are aware, compare and contrast is necessary to get the most vibrant and accurate reading. If you are not able to finish your reading or not going to be at a silent or quite place where you can take notes it is best to wait.

For my regular clients, there is a new spiritual cleansing recipe to prepare and be grounded for your reading. The cleansing provides pure healing, insight and calmness.