“..Darkness was over the surface of the deep..”:Total Solar Eclipse 2016


Total Solar Eclipse

New moon in Pisces

Super New Moon

March 08, 2016

“Now the Earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the water.” Genesis 1:2

By Maharani Rutan©

Abstracts by : Leslie Hale

The turn of events in every aspect of our world gives us no choice but to make changes in our lives. Those choices are either forced upon us or burdened so that we have no option but to transform.

Not only is the eclipse transformational but it is as spiritual as one can comprehend. This is the 2nd eclipse of the series of eclipses in Pisces that began in March of 2015 (Read about it here). This absolutely does not mean that only Pisceans’ are affected by this eclipse; rather, each and every one of us will be affected.

In ancient Vedic philosophies it states there is a piece of God/Universe in all of us; we are part water and creatures of confusion with great strength. Therefore, it is concluded that there is Pisces in the chart of every human being. To prove their point, ancient Vedic philosophers sanctioned all people to prove them incorrect and anyone that could would sit on the thorn of power. That challenge is still offered yet no one has stepped up. This is because no matter which astrological traditions are practiced, whether it is Natal, Sidereal, Sinhalese, or Tropical, nothing departs from the philosophy that “God is within in all, therefore we are as one.”

The most magnificent will be the questioning in the cosmos by our very first Super New Moon. Supermoons are known to appear bigger and brighter than all other moons. It also means that at these times the moon is closest to the Earth. As far as the new moon, we may see it but the eclipse will surely be eventful for those living near the Pacific Ocean and partially for people in South and East Asia, including parts of Australia.

The total solar eclipse only occurs during a new moon. As the planets shift through the orbit the moon happens to get between the sun and the earth which casts a shadow on Earth’s surface. The shadow creates a total, or a partial, eclipse. As you may recall, the last total eclipse was on March 20, 2015 which was also the new moon in Pisces (Read more about it here).

The eclipse will begin its motion on March 08, 2016 at 6:19pm EST and the moon will slowly move between the earth and the sun around 7:15pm EST. The moon will be formed perfectly void exactly at 8:55 and will pass between the sun and the earth, forming an exact total solar eclipse, at 8:59pm. This event will take about 1 hour and 38 minutes to complete the eclipse, then entering partial eclipse mode at 11:34pm on March 8, 2016. Even though it seems that it is a long event the actual total eclipse will only last for 10-15 minutes.

As beautiful as it may seem, the New moon and causation of the energy of the eclipse in Pisces is more detrimental than the cosmos. The new moon will void our skies at 8:55pm EST, 7:55pm CST and 5:55pm PST at 18-19 degrees Pisces (depending upon the orb); can I say rewind, re-run? We had a Solar Eclipse at the same exact degree on the same exact day: March 08, 1997. However, while moon has not been at this exact degree since 1997, the closest it has been was in 2008 and it won’t be this exact degree again until 2035. Thus, not only will this be serendipitous for many of us, it is spiritually connected.

As I began to write this blog, I had just completed writing the blog about the full moon in Virgo. Many people do not understand how the full moon and new moon affects individuals and how planetary inferences affect people’s world view and actions. Often they dismiss these ideologies and then wonder why there is so much chaos and confusion while looking for rationalization in their everyday life. Yet there seem to be no answer. Finally, when someone explains it in terms that they can understand, the Ah-Ha moment comes to them.

When the cosmos shuts out the light, like it will during the eclipse, this can impact the world view and focus of humanity; instead of looking at what is in front of us and things that are available to us, we look at what we cannot have. Solar eclipses end key periods in our lives to begin a new cycle. In this case, as I stated, this cycle began in 1997 & 2008. Therefore something which began in 1997 (if some of you were around) is finally ending and a part of something that began in 2008 is also ending. Its best to look deeply into what was really going during the spring equinox of both years and look at the circumstance now; if it is not complete it is time to let go.

“The Pisces eclipse opposes Jupiter and squares Saturn. The opposition to Jupiter means things may be blown out of proportion and the square to Saturn can show us where our restrictions are in life, and in some cases endings. “-Leslie Hale

Depending upon which philosophy one follows, eclipses have always had a bad omen associated with them by definition. To some it puts things out of order which causes fear and chaos. Some fear that because it becomes dark, evil will dominate the earth. This all stems from the Greek definition of the word “abandonment”, to leave, or detach. In literal terms we are doing the same, detaching the old and making room for the new. We are evolving and as we continue to do so we must look at each element in our life through different levels as we mature, and bring new concepts into our life while looking at each particle through spiritual glasses. How else are we going to be accepting of spiritual power if we are not mature enough to understand and accept it? Thus, we must let go and make room for new.

Whether it is a full moon or a new moon, whenever there is a Pisces moon there are Neptune qualities which embark several properties. Pisces has extraordinary restorative properties; however, as a water sign, Neptune has the usual propensity to bring desolate gusts and water. We have a new moon in Pisces every year and every year we have had natural disasters involving water, gusts, snow, and things revolving or surrounding water. Usually, the events occur without warning, and for others there are no meditative factors to stop them.

“Pisces/Neptune rule the things dreams are made of and at the same time it can show us our worst nightmares. It is important to stay grounded in reality during this period.”Leslie Hale

This eclipse is the proclamation of the events of 1997 and 2008. We are also now aware that the energy of the eclipse can be felt as early as 5 days before a major eclipse. The propensity for natural disaster damage of Neptune caused major flooding in the Ohio River which was declared a major disaster on March 04, 1997, Cyclone Justine in March 1997 cleaned house in New Guinea, and Cyclone Hina in Tonga. Let’s fast forward to March 2008; Neptune was at it again when major floods hit parts of Texas all the way to Pennsylvania killing 14 people and thousands of people had to evacuate. The Bihar Floods of India in 2007 -2008 destroyed many, including entire animal herds and farmlands worth millions to farmers. But there is an old saying – whatever Neptune destroys was confusing and not secure, thus not passing his test. In our own lives, similar to those things from 1997 and 2008, if things do not pass the test, they will be gone.


Solar Eclipse dynamism is marginal, gentle, protecting, and energetic – ricocheted and transported from within our life power. This eclipse is particularly detached and purpose oriented and our ideologies and persistence can be improved and reinforced. We initiate deep reflection of our influences in the world and the complete manifestation of our humanity.

It is now time to eliminate all sluggishness or choices that you may have put off. It is time to act and change your life. Without modifications in the areas of immobility and delay, there will be karmic lessons to pay after 6 months. The information that will be received from the cosmos and our own psyche will certainly revolutionize what you thought something or someone was. Actions are based upon the disclosures that are exposed within a few weeks after the eclipse and transiting for 6 months. Therefore, the moon in Pisces plays a significant role for revelation and spiritual awakenings.

“Eclipses reveal, shock and sometimes end situations. Not all eclipses are bad however, and depending on where this eclipse falls in your natal chart will show you where your focus is going to be personally.”-Leslie Hale

This eclipse is so influential that it is prudent to treat it as if it was a total full moon. Therefore, do not make any choices regarding relationships, careers, legal issues, or moving. Any decisions that are made 7 days before and 7 days after the eclipse may either not turn out in your favor or show that what you saw, and you think you need to see ,will be two totally different things. Neptune (Pisces) will cause mis-perception creating the need for reconsideration in every decision.

“Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion and issues that have been clouded, can now come to light as Saturn is involved in this eclipse and Saturn shows us our realities and what we actually have to contend with.”Leslie Hale

This new moon will provide adequate energy to exact self-destructive thinking and actions. The moons vigor will permit the awareness to use our secretive power to join to our main psyche (God) helping us to manifest our visions. However, Saturn (planet of lessons and Karma) entered Sagittarius on December 23, 2014 and has continued its journey transforming Sagittarius, people with Sagittarius in their chart, as well as mutable signs (Read about it here).

As of March 21, 2016 Saturn is retrograding in Sagittarius. Retrogrades are often characterized through evaluating things from the past, how they were controlled, and what could have been done to create better outcomes. While Saturn retrogrades, messages, ego centrism, as well as clashes, are possible if we are not patient. While in direct motion (read about it here) it reforms, produces, rewards for hard work, and brings lessons and challenges. When retrograding, it will slow down our life; Saturn is on a coffee break and takes advantage of preparation, shaping, and creating goals to plant seeds in the autumn of 2016. Saturn will affect all those who are Sagittarius and those that have planets and houses in Sagittarius. You may consult Lee Stillwater if you need further information on Saturn and Chiron (here).

As if we have not had enough retrogrades this year, poor earth signs and Virgo’s continue to experience them. This is especially true for Virgos; we know how much you like your sweets and the universe had given you the pleasure of lady luck right by your side. A gift of Jupiter last August (read more about it here), many Earth signs including Mutable signs and all those who had Earth signs in their charts, were happy and content with their financial security, prospective careers, or job hunting, and things did not look bleak. Then the cosmos asked, and continues to ask, a question from January 07 until the middle of May 2016. Whatever the question, it has a four prong theory: self-discipline, karmic test, smugness, and lastly, spiritual growth.

There is an old saying; “nothing in this world is free” frankly, this is true. But to have such a gift one has to earn every bit of Jupiter, a planet of expansion and fulfillment. Self-discipline is exactly how it sounds; when things don’t go your way, do you have a tendency to over react, worry, blow things out of context, etc.? If you do, you must break this habit as patience, self-discipline, and faith will work for you. The second prong deals with the Karmic Test which is that you must, no matter what you have or don’t have, always be content and good to people as happiness comes to those with good spirits. This means to accept everyone, no matter their status in life. Self-righteousness/smugness focuses primarily on ignorance, greed, selfishness, and wastefulness; always be humble and kind. Lastly, spiritual growth says that this is time for being involved in spirituality. If you don’t have a faith or religion get involved in mundane philosophies as yoga, meditation, self-help, or anything that brings peace and happiness to the soul. For a deeper look into the effects of Jupiter, I would suggest you contact my recommended adviser here.

With Mercury having just moved out of retrograde, Jupiter and Saturn still remain in retrograde. Essentially, every person will be pretentious in one way or the other as a result. Whether this is through Jupiter, Saturn, or this moon, circumstances and world understandings will certainly be implementers of rebellion, either physically or psychologically. The change will open many doors to medicine (perhaps cures) and spirituality. The greater importance will be where Pisces is obvious in one’s chart. It is extremely important to comprehend the Pisces sensitive impact and how prone we are to be psychic sponges.

“This eclipse forms a mutable T-square with Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun and we may actually be trying to cover a lot of ground during this time. Mutable planets, especially one involving a complex pattern like a t-square means things can be changeable.”Leslie Hale

The spiritual moon will give resistance while enchanting us to act, give rise to mortality and its nature of secrecies, and finally, rebirth. This moon will increase visions and shock the mind to a new path in life. The past and present of life must die. Discriminating patterns must also be determined. Remember, this is the silence and darkness before the dawn. The theme will be to signify life as if it can really be unnatural through manifestation and thoughts.

The New moon is an indication a time to clear things through reflection and unrestricted love. To be able to differentiate that people are doing what they can with what they have. It’s a respectable time to absolve those whom have hurt you. It is time to let go of principles, even if it means to cry, and let it all go so you can trigger a relaxing process. It’s a time for fate, the eye of infinity. Fastening the love you have for someone and being the psychic sponge for those that value healing energies. Provide yourself the consideration of new beginnings.


Pisces moon highlights a time of immobility, prayers, and the sowing of seeds for springtime. It is a time of earth regeneration when the first traces of spring are so enticingly close. It’s also a moon of Shiva who removes our inefficiencies in order to bring spiritual development and perfection. Shiva is the graceful lamination that carries us to an upper plane in our lives; to give us passageway to hold our life with humbleness and kindheartedness so that we walk in his light.

The information which I am about to present to you is not predisposed to individual astrological charts; rather, it reflects Vedic tendencies and generalization. If you want a personalized astrological reading I would suggest you make an appointment with my preferred astrologers, Leslie Hale, Melanie, or Lee.


Please note I am NOT an astrologer and will never claim to be. The universal predispositions are grounded upon Vedic examination and evolution’s. They are NOT Western Astrology, nor are they Vedic or Progress Astrology. Rather, they are a determination of the conflicts that can be avoided by each individual.

Remember that the trend is currently based only on the solar eclipse. When combined with the lunar eclipse broad tendencies (will be posted at the end of March), one will be able analyze the situation as a whole for a full six month prophecy.

Remember that the trend is currently based only on the solar eclipse. When combined with the lunar eclipse broad tendencies (will be posted at the end of March), one will be able analyze the situation as a whole for a full six month prophecy.

I will begin with the prophetic symbols impacted by the eclipse more intensely than others. These people could become extremely irritable or extremely kind depending upon how they are able to handle the energy. Again, it is advisable to understand that to get a complete picture of how the next 6 months will be determined, you will need to combine the solar and lunar eclipse tendencies.


Mutable signs are continually metamorphosing with Mercury retrograding 3 to 4 times a year and slowing things down for them. Learning difficult lessons through Saturn crossing through Sagittarius and the retrograde energy of Virgo.

Pisces (Meena): All Pisceans, including those that have minor Pisces in their chart, will be affected by this eclipse. The intensity of this eclipse will be experienced by those people who have the sun and the moon in Pisces and minor and major planets in Pisces, especially those that are born March 03-13. Pisceans will now be able to find some of the most gratifying changes in their own personalities, especially those that are in industries which use vision. They will now be able to express themselves better and in the way they should. The key points are integrity, pride, existence, and experience. Things that no longer benefit them will now exit. The problem with this is Pisceans have a difficult time letting go. The things that have to be let go are things that have made them defensive, angry, and very touchy about discarding.

Gemini (Mithuna): There could be major changes in occupations and projects with possible promotional endeavors. They may have the complete focus they need to be recognized for their work; if they are writers they will shine, if they planners for large groups of people they will be recognized beyond their dreams. You may not be as affected by this eclipse as you will the next eclipse in Libra, by association, so get prepared for your own transformation.

Virgo (Kanya): Though this may not be more about you, you could inherit more than you could have desired. Your life partner or your mate is about to be delighted, and with this you will receive maximum joy and moral support like you have never received before. If you are not married, or with someone, it’s an ideal time to open the doors to new possibilities and start the show. Don’t worry Virgo, lady luck is only gone until May. Make sure your decisions are spiritual and humble in every way.

Sagittarius (Dhanu): It’s spring time! It’s time to fix your home and bring the beauty back. If you are looking for a house, this is the time go for it. If you are looking for a car, it is best to do it 2 to 3 weeks before retrograde, or before the next eclipse in the fall. Then again, Saturn is retrograde so it’s best you do it now before you get bopped by lessons learned in the fall. (Read about it here)

The next eclipse will be a lunar eclipse in Libra, similar to the alignment we had in March/April of 2015 last year (read about it here). Therefore, another alteration for Cardinal Signs (Cancer, Libra, Aries and Capricorn) is equally important. But remember Libra, this is it for you. If you have not learned it by now you may pay the price in 7 years when the universe asks you what alterations have you made? Have you taken risks for the price of pleasure?

Libra (Tula): The eclipses you may have ridden through (April 2014 – read about it here), or (April 2015- read about it here), should have taught you needed lessons. If you haven’t learned them you will be stuck with what you have. Staying busy and entertaining will be great; however, taking good care of your health and debt must be your number one priority right now. This is the time to get your health regimen in gear. Most of all, because Libras are naturally charismatic, there is a high chance of envy among friends.

Capricorn (Makra): This is the best time to travel. Open up lines of communication because important good news is on its way. You are also looking and thinking from a whole new prospective, but this time with effectiveness and improvement. Please remember Capricorn, by association you will be affected by Jupiter retrograde until May 2016 (read about it here).

Aries (Mesha): If you just came back from a long journey and you want to go back, then you may do so. But you must, be very careful as you may have some unplanned expenses if you have not saved. You also must watch out for health issues as you may not have paid attention and now they may get worse. Remember Aries, you still have a lot of cleaning up to do, and you too, by association, will have many changes to make due to Saturn in Sagittarius (read about it here)

Cancer (Karka): Protect your character at all cost; it seems that people want stomp on it a little bit. If you want to go on a long distance trip this is the best opportunity for you. If you are looking for news from a distance, it is on its way. It is time to learn spiritual activities such as yoga or meditation, and it won’t hurt if you go back to college and heighten your skills.

Fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, & Scorpio): Some of you have been beaten, stepped on, or ran through the garbage disposal, and came out on the other side (Saturn in Scorpio). Others went through one year of intense introspective time when Mercury was in air signs, beginning with Mercury in Aquarius . But lucky for you Leo, you were in the grand time of your life when you have lovely Jupiter in your sign for almost 2 years, until August of 2015 . Now it is time to rest. Many of you may only feel restless energy, while others become emotional sponges for people in their lives.

Aquarius (Kumbha): Finally, your time has come. The eclipse is on your side and it comes with success in your finances. Many Aquarians will now have the focus they need to plan their financial endeavors more successfully. The garbage of family negativity is now in the past and the universe is now giving the healing energy necessary to move past difficulties.

Taurus (Vrishabha): On one hand things may be coming in a trickle where Jupiter Retrograde (read about it here) may teach you important lessons to be humble. On the other hand, I am sure you remember that you had some unexpected money that may have come to you last year and this year I would not be surprised if it happens again. Another positive thing is that your circle of friends is about to expand too. For those working in larger corporations, this is going to be a blissful expansion in your professional life.

Leo (Simha): You have had almost 2 years of bliss. Some of you may have gotten married, had children, new jobs, or had a baby; something positive must have happened. If not, you did not take the opportunity of Jupiter . Now, by association, Saturn is bringing difficult lessons (read about it here). But no need to worry too much as this is the time to dive deeper in areas of the philosophical world to find your calling, and in the financial world to get yours in order.

Scorpio (Vrischka): You have been run over by the Saturn truck for two years (read about it here) and now it is time for you to rest. But, you know you. You seem to have the knack of being an emotional sponge to people. So why not get away from it all and go back to school? If you decide that education is your path, this is the best time for it. Brush up your skills because you will benefit. Or, if you want to have children, it might happen; be careful though, if you are not planning them an oops moment could also happen. Then again, if you already have children they will surely bring news that will bring music to your ears and cause your heart to pitter patter.

Keep in mind that everything above consists of general Vedic philosophical tendencies and NOT astrology. General astrological charts and predispositions can be uncovered by a learned astrologer such as my recommended astrologers, Leslie, Melanie or Lee. My predictions are based on the groundwork of Vedas and learned prospectus; not to be compared to Astrology of any kind.

Please keep in mind that I am not an astrologer, rather, I am a Vedic reader, and there is an infinite distinction. Astrology is a tool which opens the door into the enigmatic future. Alternatively, the philosophies of Vedas give me knowledge to determine the forks ahead while the cogitative and psychic energy force interprets these paths into Vedic Readings.


The Pisces new moon denotes a period of immense viewpoints and responses. However, for those with large egos, self-destructive impulses will emerge. For many, it is difficult to cultivate and demand significance, and the excellence, of life. The inspiration of subtle energy can be helpful if focused into pioneering endeavors and self-healing. However, there is a vigorous desire to merely slip into prying. It is better to indulge in creative hobbies rather than generating more malicious, troublesome undertakings.

Low-spirited tendencies can certainly rule under this New Moon. The motivation of this New Moon can be predominantly tough or perplexing for those who were born under a New Moon phase, as well as for those of the mutable Sun Signs Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius. This also holds true for those that have any planets in Pisces (in this case, everyone) plus those whose birth Moon is in Pisces. The New Moon can suggest a solemn time for likely accidents, hurts, negligence, and the accountability of hurried choices or judgments.

Pisces Moon makes many feel desolation with a sympathetic and discerning heart. Donate to others, share your revelations, and open your feelings. Don’t let your itinerant heart get lost! The Moon in Pisces results in a time of exhilarating compassion, and devoutness. People may become more sensitive, understanding, and ingenious. As innovation will be intensified, this is a noble time to learn musical skills and other creative activities. Signified by a pair of fish, Pisceans are self-sacrificing and sanctified, often mightily conscious, and they are vulnerable to the accommodating.

As the Moon moves through Pisces, individuals could sense feelings of being excited and caring but also restrained, distrustful, and appalled. Revelations and memories might stir throughout this influence. Neptune transmits a driven energy psychic tentacle which rules Pisces. Views are robust when the moon is in Pisces. There is unadorned warmness to music. Propensities to experience uncovered, spiritual, and altruistic pleasures are also felt.

The moon in Pisces adds an embryonic dogmatism that can generate moods of powerlessness, drifting into withdrawal as an expressive armor. Individuals may feel compliant, subtle, sincere, considerate, and content but effortlessly dispirited. Some might see combinations of blurred remembrances (often identified as past lives) or insights into spiritual wisdom’s and how they relate to present circumstances.

The moon in Pisces demands an answer to the question: how spiritual is life’s path? It’s about transporting us nearer, rather than letting go. The moon is supporting us to form our lives for the following year.

The liveliness of Pisces strengthens and begins to grow more intense as early as March 02 and this energy may persist for another 6 months. This is a period to love those who love you, let go of the wounds and discomfort of others, and inspire yourself. Envision for an instant that you are walking on the beach, as you walk you leave footprints and the waves wash them away just like this moon does. Leave the past behind. Be the change and move concerning your destiny. Reflect more. Bond with people who are around you. Center on things that have formed difficulties and losses, find the spiritual path, and learn the lesson.

The moon in Pisces is Mysterious, Ingenious, Psychic, Detached, and Creative. We must continue to be observant and use our psychic gifts to move in the course of decision-making. It is my suggestion that you purchase a Purple candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with Sage oil or Lavender oil and chant Psalm 08.

You may also choose to re-count a mantra every morning for 6 months. The gifts of prayers and mantras are remedial approaches through honest prayers. These prayers must be focused on your essentials: i.e. food, peace, etc. instead of your yearnings for a person or material things. When looking for peace in your relationships, it is important to begin with a pure understanding of what your aim should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy.

The mantra for the solar eclipse:


Om Surya Namaha

(Om Sur ya Nam aha)

The purpose of this mantra is to call upon the God of shelter and harmony to give you internal and external peace without reservations.

The mantra for Pisces moon is:


“Om Nama Shivaya”

(Om Nah-Mah Shee-Vah Yah)

This Siddha mantra uses the universal origins that rule each charka: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. This is also a time of Mahashivratri for most Hindus and thus an auspicious time for regeneration and reawakening for many.

When dealing with distressing situations it is my recommendation that before you have a reading done you must clear doubt and apprehension from your emotions so a reader can give you the richest reading possible.

I will be offering 6 month personal in-depth readings starting on March 09, 2016. Appointments will be accepted as early as the 3rd of March and my schedule will also go out on the same day. The appointments are on a first-come, first-served basis regardless of how late or early you have booked your appointment.

I hope that this solar eclipse, super moon, and new moon in Pisces convey to you and yours a serene, affectionate, and sweet 6 months. Remember that eclipse readings come in pairs. As most clients are aware, equate and dissimilarity is essential to get the most vibrant and correct reading. If you are not able to complete your reading or not going to be at a silent or quite place where you can take notes it is best to wait.

For my regular clients, there is a new spiritual cleansing recipe to prepare and be grounded work for your reading. The cleansing offers wholesome restorative, vision and serenity.


Maharani Rutan©

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