Stubborn Blindness: New Moon in Taurus 2021

New Moon in Taurus

May 11, 2021

By Maharani Rutan©

Before the Mercury Retrograde, Lunar, Solar Eclipses, and Saturn Retrograde, universe will surely give us a blind eye to something.

The new moon in Taurus at 21 degrees (give or take 6-degree orb) will void across the sky on May 11, 2021 at 12:00pm EST, 3:00pm PST. Those that will be affected by this moon will be those that have later degrees in Taurus or anywhere in their chart.

By the time this moon voids our skies and the energy settles, Mercury Retrograde will enter Taurus/Gemini axis. Regrettably, it will only become more intense as we get closer to the eclipse.  This will be an exceedingly difficult transit for mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius). Mercury won’t station direct completely until June 23, 2021, which means most of us will have feelings that we are vague about and there are still good prospects to revisit things from the past.

In Western ideology, new moon is significant in many ways as optimistic fulfillment days. This means if the desires are filled with bias and egotism then they would most likely not occur. Occasionally it can cause confusion and our needs become a battle with our wants. The new moon is also a time of renewal – a time when fresh starts are needed.

However, according to Vedic Philosophies, how can humanity see without the light, and in the darkness we make decisions that are not always in our best interest and end things without thinking things through. (read about this here)

Different from Western, Venus is in Taurus where it brings a beautiful symphony.   But Venus in Taurus brings forth beautiful things and the focus is primarily on making loved ones happy.  It could renovate the home, bringing new furniture, beautiful music, and flowers.  This is where Taurus feels the most comfort.   Venus will change signs on the day of eclipse, exactly when Mercury will station retrograde.

Mars also shifted signs in Gemini, and it will be a little softer than when it was in Taurus in February. Mars will stay in Gemini until June so enjoy the assertive personality dear Gemini. But be incredibly wise and careful as you can be very impulsive and often brutal without knowing it.

Hence, the ballet is going to be with Jupiter and Pluto. Jupiter is of Aquarius and Pluto is still in Capricorn, in retrograde motion, which means it will all be very muddy for a while.  

During every full and new moon, I bring forth tendencies specific to the astrological sign emphasized by the lunar events. The principal placeholder affected by this moon is the sign of Taurus.

All others, the predisposition for your new 6-month transitions will be posted during the first eclipse. Additionally, within 30 days we will have our 2nd pair of eclipses, therefore the predispositions will change.


Even with the Eclipses, Mercury retrograde will be taking you out of your comfort zone, but your financial situation does not look bad at all. Just like everyone else, if you have not saved you may be shocked by your expenses.  Your career should see some expansion; however, you need to be very cautious not to share too much as people maybe a bit jealous of your plans.  Hard work in your career and education will pay off.  On the other hand, your love life may be dull until the fall.  If you are single there may not be substantial relationships because of minor misunderstandings and your temper.  You will surely reach some goals this month, along with some monetary gains. With the June eclipse I would not be at all surprised that there is a financial increase and possible promotions in the month of June, and this would be a theme until your full moon.  To get the most in-depth forecast be sure to combine the lunar and solar eclipse predictions.

Saturn: Family, education and financial situations improve, however, there may be minor rifts with your siblings.

Ketu: Minor health issues are possible; however, things are strengthening in all aspects of your life.

Rahu: Mental stress, a blind eye toward friends, and stress at work are possible.

Uranus: Insecurities across all aspects of your life are possible.

Chiron: Difficult changes could impede your energy.

Jupiter: Conflicts at work are possible, but family life could be blissful.

Maharani’s advice

Though you could have very blissful family interactions, your own temperament could cause a beautiful event to turn into something unbelievably bad.  Support your family no matter how much you may not agree. This temperament could also carry over into personal relationships whereas new romances could be short lived and marriages could tarnish.  Do not be surprised if there are unnecessary conflicts with your neighbors. You may find your work life to be a bit stressful, however, do not let anyone take advantage of you.  Collaborate and continue a peaceful rapport. The chaotic nature of family and career strains may make you feel anxious which could cause health issues related to the stomach.

A moon in Taurus presents an excellent time to move to individual objectives; the experiences revolve around contentment and being happy. The energy is correct for making impulsive change subsequent to your inclinations.

The Moon in Taurus leads a time of alertness and rationality. People may feel more essential and strong. This is a good time to resume or to end projects that have already been started, as people may be more reliable and disciplined. Like the tenacious Bull, representative of Taurus, people may be bull-headed — hesitant to reunion and argumentative. Care needs to be taken to avoid overindulgence and extreme anxiety or desire for material possessions.

This year I have decided to do something different.  Not only will I bring forth a Sanskrit mantra, but also a mantra to create change in the way one is viewing life, which can assist in making the transition easier for 2021.

Maharani’s Mantra for Taurus

As the road to my life is challenging, I must remember this is a path to my maturity.

Since the moon in Taurus represents Serene, Solid, Sensual, Persistent, and Constant, we must use practical insight. It is recommended to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy.

The mantra for Taurus moon is:

Om Sri shukraya Namaha

(om Shri Shu Kra Ya Nama Ha)

May this moon bring productivity and prosperity in everything you do.

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