Critique in the Darkness: New Moon in Virgo 2020

New Moon in Virgo

September 17, 2020

By Maharani Rutan©

On September 17, 2020, there will be a void of the moon in Virgo at 7:00am EST and 4:00am PST, depending on the orb. Those at 23 to 25 degrees Virgo will be affected.

In July I had written about the prophecies of September 2020, and I am sure you will agree when I said, “perhaps we should become more spiritual and maybe there will be an advance in a vaccine for COVID-19.” (Read more about it here). However, I never said it would be miracle, as the full moon only brings forth new ideas and new beginnings, which means that the new moon brings us darkness and we are blind to what is really in front of us (read about the new moon and full moon meanings here).

The New Moon signals a time of beginnings for some. There is an impulse to act now because we feel our idea or thought, or change, has to happen in an instant. Though the energy may feel right for making impulsive changes and following your instincts, remember that the new moon blinds so that we cannot see the glitches or potential long-lasting change.

Therefore, analyzing our past mistakes or premature decisions and actions may be the best way to understand why we cannot repeat these again. The energy of this moon goes back, once again, to 2001; while not at the same exact degree, it is very similar. But for those that cannot remember that far back, perhaps autumn of 2009 and 2012 may refresh your memory. Nevertheless, the question that we will all ponder is what part of our lives needs a change.

As this moon is in Virgo, it can represent standards, logic, hard work, art, childhood memories, responsibilities, health, and most of all, earth. I believe that to see how we could have been impacted is important as we pave the way to the future; not to repeat those patterns so we are not blinded again.

Though this moon is not at the exact degree as the moon in 2001, you will see the similarities. As COVID has been the number one issue around the world, it is important that we look at similarities in the past. Cholera and Yellow Fever had rapid casualties in 2001, especially in Asia and Africa. Though a vaccine was not available for Cholera until 2016, the illness was fought with antibiotics. Like COVID, yellow fever is also a viral infection with no cure currently. In 2009, we also saw the H1N1 Pandemic, and while antiviral drugs which can lessen the severity were available, they are not a cure. Following this, in 2012, Hantavirus and Ebola appear in autumn; both are viral, both represent lung issues, and once again, there is no cure. Could it be that there is some common denominator? If we do have a vaccine it could be a cure to all, or perhaps close to it, but will it come in Spring 2022 or Spring 2025?

Nevertheless, we had opportunities for many health, earth, and work related issues in the spring of 2003, 2006, and an exact match in 2014. It was discovered 2003 that SARS was making headline news which began in Hong Kong, which is related COVID in 2020. In the spring of 2006 eight men joined a clinical gene trial and nearly died. In 2020, there are rumors that clinical trials of the vaccine for COVID have led to at least one death before the trials were halted last month. In 2014, a vaccine for Ebola worked during the West Africa outbreaks. Like COVID, currently, statistics state that vaccines given in U.K appear to work as well.

These similarities are not the first coincidences which were uncovered relevant to 2001. I have discussed similar events in the full moon blog in September here.

The New Moon is a time to articulate what our wishes are conferring to the predictions available (through Virgo this month). The moon in Virgo carries preparedness about all the slight specifics and how we can help others.

I also would not be surprised if major news regarding the aspects which I discussed regarding the energy of Virgo become headline news for those in Brazil, Costa Rica, Paris, and Mexico City. Furthermore, breaking news from California and Florida, especially LA and Tallahassee, is possible.

Enjoying nourishing foods and a clean environment. This is the time to be real! All emotions must be tempered with reason rather than raw. An endeavor for cleanliness and healthfulness, realism, and hard work is a must. The energy is great for ethical and divine gifts and will help anyone in need. Encouragement to others by weighing their burdens and helping to find answers for them will be very satisfying. Looking to your mother to be a model of cleanliness, ethics, hard work, and sensibleness may cause confusion.

For every full and new moon, I bring forth predispositions particular to the astrological sign emphasized. The primary placeholder affected by this moon is Virgo. For Virgo, your predisposition is listed below. For a general predisposition of all other signs, my suggestion is to combine your full moon predictions, or new moon predictions according to your sign, with the Solar and Lunar eclipse of June and Lunar eclipse of July for a complete picture of the possibilities in your future.


My sweet Virgo, first and foremost you know the old saying, “hakuna matata”, leave your worries behind. The remainder of this year will bring growth in your professional life and you will overcome several obstacles. I would not be surprised if more opportunities head your way by the end of September through December. But the only way things can go your way is by keeping your personal opinions and views to yourself, especially after 24th. Be as transparent as possible to your loved ones, as you do, so you will find the bonding is even deeper. If you are single, I would not be surprised if you find that special someone when Rahu changes signs. If you are married, be excited for your partner’s achievements by the end of the year.

Saturn: Work life can be rewarding as long as you are organized and hard working. You will gain recognition. New opportunities are possible. Financial life will also take a turn for the better. Because of this, your moods and outlook will impact your family and social life for the better.

Saturn (after the 29th): Illness with your spouse or family member could bring tension. Unnecessary spending. Difficulties with superiors are possible. Be patient and be dedicated.

Rahu (In Taurus Sept 24): Competition is possible at the workplace. Doing things in a hurry will not go over well. You will have support from your loved ones.

Ketu (In Scorpio Sept 24): Stress, difficulty concentrating, and accidents are possible. Keep cordial relationships with all.

Uranus: Positive influence where learning about other cultures, humanity, and inspiration to make a difference is the energy.

Jupiter: Any jobs or transfers are auspicious currently. Your work will be appreciated which will help you gain an even stronger reputation. Any charitable work you do will enhance that reputation.

Maharani’s Advice

This month does not bring any extreme conflicts or dilemmas into your life; you may get a lot of the support you are wanting in your work /career. But be sure you work as a team player. You might find that October is not as easy. There could be minor health or financial issues; unexpected expenses could be possible or glitches at work that could cause you to be short-tempered. This could lead to a presumed predisposition of being rude and short to others. Be humble; go on long walks somewhere which brings you peace of mind. In November there could be travel or a mini-vacation. Your active participation at the workplace will not be respected. However, you know that Mercury brings slips of the tongue. It will be retrograding from September 23 until Mid-November so be careful. In December, decisions and health related issues are possible, and there will be some sort of a significant change in your work environment. As long as you are true you should find no problems.

The Moon in Virgo brings a time of sensibleness, analysis, and efficiency. People may feel more hardworking and detail oriented. As a result, this is a good time to achieve completion of projects, particularly smaller scale projects that require organization and attention to detail.

Due to Virgo’s association with health, food, and fitness, there may be concerns during this time. Also, people may be shy as they are absorbed in study and academic pursuits. Because serious thinking is highlighted, carefulness needs to be taken to avoid being too unwarranted or overcritical. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, as is Gemini.

Since moon in Virgo is Tangible, Secure engaged, Nourishing, Trustworthy, and Cooperative, it is my suggestion that you purchase a Green candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with Inspiration oil or Eucalyptus oil and chant the Psalm 5. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle.The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. The mantra for Virgo moon is:

“Om Hrim Pitambaraya Paramatmane Namaha”

(Om ha rim petam bar ya Para matma nam aha)

Please remember, I am not an astrologer, rather, a Vedic reader where astrological tendencies are the groundwork for resolutions and directions to sublime pathways.

Wishing you one of the most productive moons ever.



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