There is no Yes or No Questions



Often times, I have clients ask me as to why I do not do Yes or No questions.  Though, it is difficult for me to explain the Indian ideology, I feel the urge to be theoretical. 

Indian ideology is in a very high context level where as we are people of less words and more actions.  We always take into consideration the thoughts of others and how others view us in a cultural prospective. Family face and social respect is highly important to every Hindu, and often times they are seen as sacrificing their own desires for the responsibilities and moral obligation to society.    Thus there more gray attached to our culture.

In example of the psychic world when asking a reader, “will we reunite?” One must be look deeper and ask the question to them selves, “if we do for how long will we stay together?” These answers are very complex in the spiritual world.  There are no Yes or NO because spirituality is NOT a fixed and it is very complex. There are casual issues make the clearest answers complex.  Many readers will give you a percentage chance of reunion or they will simply say yes or no and rounding to the most valuable instrument. If a reader seeks counsel with an advisor and there is negative aura, the answer will be their NO, based upon the energy level.  This will most likely force you to seek other advisors because it is not what you wanted to hear, or it may be yes, because it is what you would like to happen. This energy of wants and needs creates chaos in ones mind and often time it affects every part of our self autonomy. This being instrument of destruction. 

On a hypothetical note let’s say the answer is yes you will reunite.  This will eventually lead to more queries such as, “how can this be possible since were not even talking?” or “he/she is with someone else, how will change?” Thus readers go into deeper level of question.  This would eventually prolong the readings. Hence a simple yes or no question has now been progressed into more complex gray matters of question.  

In the event the answer is NO.  Once again the question of why will recede into more complex situation.  Often leaving the client in despair and self esteem, and self autonomy becomes an obsession. The more rejection the client receives the more the self ego needs pampering thus looking for an advisor who will make them feel good (temporarily). Usually with hope and compassion as a mother would to a child to say everything will be alright.  When the simple answer to it is it all depends on your actions.

Life is not a Yes or NO or either you do or your don’t.  It is about what is the cause and affect and what will happen over time and what is really going on which is the answer to every question.  For example the sky is not always blue there for when someone ask is the sky blue, in one persons perspective the it is a shade of blue but it has a hint of violet so its really not blue but it is in the family of blue colors.  In the same prospective, whether you are buying or selling a home or trying to pass the exam.  There is again no Yes or NO, if you buy a house yes it can be possible that you can purchase it but under what conditions and will you be able to afford it in the future.  In the case of an exam, will you pass it? It all depends right now what you have all the hard work you put into it, but since space and time are flexible, what if you go to the exam and you forget everything.  Thus the reading becomes null and void. 

In conclusion remember no real reading can be done in one minute or 5 minutes always remember that there are no use or no question and to find the best advisor seek out those who are willing to answer open ended question. Giving you every option available to seek your own answers within your self.  We all have been given intuition this to the Indian community is your own physic.  Don’t loose your self in the answer gain something in gray matters.  

Ask complex question and let the readers lead the way to your reading if there are too many pauses this can on create uncertainties. Look for the gray areas and understand you can not change anyone you can only change you in how you perceive things.  Readers are not always going to give you what you want they are going to give you what they see.  If you go into a reading negatively you will have a negative reading however, if you seek counsel with an objective point of view rather than subjective you will receive a reading better than you had anticipated and even the most complex questions can be answered. 


In conclusion there are no real yes or no answers such as time and space is never consistent it is always drawn into flexibility the only consistency we have is that we must place the higher power which brings us faith before any other human being and you being second.