Concept of Soulmates: Coversations between two Sisters


Rudra: “You know sis I have been reading outside of keen for so long and no one has ever asked me a question about soul mates.  I guess it is probably because I had only read with Hindu people and they understand the scriptures of soul mates or?  How do I explain?”

Rutan: “You have to understand the concept of soul mates and the history behind soul mates before you can explain this to any culture.  As you know the word derived from the Hindu scriptures of the Gita.”

Rudra:  “Yes the dialog between God, Krishna and Rama. And God gave Krishna a Devine vision to save man kind and learn peace and love, and Rama was his brother.”

Rutan: “That’s right.   But remember the dialog.  Which said ….”

Rudra: “I remember that.  God said to Krishna be on earth and be your brothers soul mate.  And when Krishna asked what is a soul mate.  God said, “Soul mate will be someone that is placed on earth to learn and teach from?”

Rutan: “Yes and No, Soul mates are special people who are brought into our lives that we learn from and eventually teach.   Soul mates are not always here to cause you harm and soul mates are not the opposite sex or someone you will eventually marry.  Soul mates hold a special place in your life and when the lesson is finished they go away”.

Rudra: “Are our parents our soul mates? Or are you?”

Rutan: “Yes, you and I have been chosen to be associated with special people that are there to protect, teach and help us grow as people, all of them are in our lives for special reasons”.

Rudra: “So you are telling me that soul mates are everyone we are associated with? And if so than why do people say to me that other people tell them that soul mates are there to give a person a hard time?”

Rutan: “Soul mates do not give difficult times to anyone they teach us things.  Hence, it causes us as humans to be come defensive.  For example when our parents scolded us for picking mangos at the neighbor’s home, you remember why?”

Rudra: “Because they did not want us to take the fruit without asking.”

Rutan: “Exactly!”

Rutan: “So in short my dear sister, soul mates are everyone around us. And often they stay around until there is nothing more to teach or learn, just like your high school sweetheart.  When you saw him months back and he was with another girl, I remember you were so happy to see that he was happy.  Do you remember?”

Rudra: “Yes I remember.”

Rutan: “Why were you happy?”

Rudra: “I don’t know all I know was that it was nice to see him happy.”

Rutan: “This is because there is nothing more to exchange my dear and he will meet you in heaven because he was your guide for a while and now he is on his own taking with him all that you taught him and you have all that he taught you and lessons is learned”.

Rudra: “It is that simple?”

Rutan: “ Yes, soul mates are people we learn from they are not here to give us a difficult time but to exchange values to become better people from difficult lessons, soul mates are not people we eventually marry, they are people that we are associated with.  Why do you think mom and dad did a astrological comparison on you and your husband?”

Rudra: “Culture?”

Rutan: “No, they want to make sure you both have lots to learn from each other so that you are prepared for the next life.”

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