What is a Mantra?

Mantras know cause and effect.

Though people say mantra is a word or a phrase in Hinduism it is always a phrase. It is a Sanskrit word which is a combination of two words and its roots is manas (which is the mind) and tram (protection) which literal meaning is mind protection. This is because humanity is lead by emotion it is emphasized that if we control the mind (ego) we will silent the soul. Mantra has a phonic significance. It is reverberating in everything in the Universe. It is known that everything makes noise even the earth because when we walk the footsteps produce sound that too is a mantra. Mantra is also known as a healing prayer. Sound can change our entire life’s course in an instant.

For example words spoken out of anger can cause permanent problems between people, gender even the society. Mantra is a mental tool that can release us from our conditioned mental habits and form the bondage of any predetermined life circumstances. The journey form mantra is to free one self of restrictions and it takes you beyond the static and status quo of everyday thought into fundamental essence of oneness and consciousness.

As you know Karma of our lives plays a negative or a positive role. Usually mantra is the cure for bad karma it works directly with your negative or positive karma and helps us process the conditions to heal various physical, emotional and spiritual conditions that we bring to this life as a part of karmic inheritance.

For example Saturn is known as part of a lessons from past life time. We call this Shani. So sometimes the universe brings us harder lessons because we have not learned it in this life time and so that we do not take expriences of the world for granted and understand our lessons but the pain can be a little soother we can recite the following mantra which is:

Om sri shaniasiwaria namaha
Om shani namaha

So that Saturn can help ease the pain and move you forwards .

What I mean by this is two different teachers one that is very hard on you and criticize everything you do and say takes out the red pen and even embarrasses you in front of the class and there is a teacher who is a compassionate who teaches you with love who takes extra time to spend time with you to make sure you understand and perhaps even when you fail a test she/he can offer extra credit to make up for the bad grade. In both instances you will learn but it is the type of delivery that allows you to continue with the subject. Therefore by reciting the mantra it helps ease the pain and uses the second teachings as a part of healing rather than maleficent.

Mantras also energizes the chakras as well the vibration produces by chanting mantra begins to alter our inner conditions, both psychically and spiritually and to break down energy patterns stored in the subtle body. These can be anything from subconscious habits or predestines to karmic potential for mishaps.

To summarize the foundations of mantras and the effects:
• Mantras are energy base sounds that produces energy.
Mantras are also chakra base sounds to allow us to grow in spirit and flesh.
• Mantra enlightens physical and spiritual benefits by which mental energy goes towards healing.
• Mantras are energizes parna(our basic form of life energy being transformed between individuals) by allowing a self healing tool when ever possible.
• But most of all mantra is also like fire mantras too evoke powerful energies and should be treated with respect. Yes there are mantras that can have adverse effect like any kind of spell work.
• But mantras should always be used as a positive healing rather than negative and you will not see too many negatives in mantras because it is not available to many. Brahmins do have them but they usually keep it in a safe or hidden in passages of the Gita or cryptic languages that only the priest can understand and this is practiced only by the elders. Please don’t ask me about it because I won’t tell. This is how much I respect the power of mantras.

There are mantras for every planet (astrologically) so if something bad is happening in your astrological chart than a mantra is suppose to lesson the blow, there are mantras for attracting love, even for healing through health. Mantras does not hurt it is NOT evil and it has no religious animosity, mantras do not have a specific religion except if you don’t believe than like anything why do it. But before you invoke a mantra make sure you know the difference between needs and wants. For example I have some Indian clients that come to me once a month to get their vedic reading done they are either single looking or are in a marriage that is having some problems and they always ask me what mantra this month I always say you mean what can you add this month and I suggest Sat Patim Dehi Parmashawara which in Sanskrit means (by the way this for women only yes mantras do have gender differentials) which means Heavenly above hear my prayer I come to you to please give to me a man of truth who embodies the perfect masculine attributes as your self” I am very careful giving this to single women because when a good one comes along they always go back to a dysfunctional relationship from the past and ever give good one a chance because they themselves my not understand the kindness from a man because they are not used to. This does not mean we attract only negative men it means that sometimes we can not understand kindness or humility because we are used to the opposite. When using this in a marriage a husband always comes and gives the truth sometimes it can be hurtful but it is the truth, and than steps is taken to compromise in a relationship.

So mantras can be powerful depending upon their usage always remember every mantra evokes a NEED not necessary a want. Meaning if you want a man just any man than doing the mantra that I told you will not work but if you want a man that speaks the truth and is masculine though it may take a while because its almost like god is in the kitchen making the perfect being for you. You are basically reminding him that I am waiting and for the perfect man and I have not given up on you.