Trepidation of the Truth: Full Moon in Sagittarius 2018

Full Moon in Sagittarius

Flower Moon

May 29, 2018

By Maharani Rutan©

Emotions run deep and sit center stage on this glorious full moon in Sagittarius. Between graduations, Mother’s Day, and Early spring weddings, versus early hurricanes, tropical storms, volcanoes, and destroyed homes, we can only wonder if we should be happy or sad. Either way, our emotions will be adorned with flowers as the name highlights the blooming of the Spring/Summer.

Surely, the “The Flower Moon” will be one to remember. The full moon will appear fully round and planet Jupiter will present very close to the moon, thus triggering the truth we are looking for – but one must be able to swallow it. The answers will be loud and clear through the luminous full moon on May 29, 2018 at approximately 10:19am EST and 7:19 am PST. As the full moon enters the truth finder Sagittarius and chattering Gemini at 8 degrees, depending upon the orb.

Gemini/Sagittarius moon has never been at 8 degrees in the 21st century and will not enter 8 degrees again. The closest it has come was at 6 degrees in 2013 and will be at 9 degrees in 2021. However, this is called a Sagittarius year whereas truth will set everyone free (read more here).

The natural endings during this full moon will be the most respectful and natural possible. Therefore, release the fear through the truth. Let it be known that anyone who is a Sagittarius, or has any planets or houses in Sagittarius, will be affected by this Full Moon. The effect of this moon is a discrete insight and specific influence, depending upon the placement of the moon in one’s chart. For the most accurate possibilities of how this moon will affect you, I suggest contacting my recommended astrologers here, or my most highly recommended astrologer (here).

During the full moon there is a propensity for impartial reality, attentiveness, and the observing of wishes for yourself and others through a magnifying glass. This full moon cares for us through being more plentiful to our own divine way of life. It also energizes our dreams and endorses the captivating chances that create a better picture of our lives.

As a result, we are permitted to bear witness to the embroidery of our own fundamentals. Though the drapery of our lives can be remarkable and occasionally awful, there is no hesitation; it is our own cloth that has created this life while involved with circumstances or people that have transported us toward joy or agony.

At times, this Full Moon can bring a culmination to significant working or efficient advances, or social changes and shakeups. Computers and other hi-tech equipment can be subject to catastrophe or other disorders. Be on guard against “the unforeseen or infrequent” around this time. Folks may present with some rather bizarre patterns under this stimulus while unexpected goodbyes or separations may occur for some around this time.

The Fiery Sagittarius Moon urges us to express nobly and get conventionally to the heart of the matter. Opinion is strong, small talk is absent, and big ideas, or egotistical plans, take shape in our minds. Take a little trip… read a book.

Moon in Sagittarius carries a time of searching, chasing, and spontaneity. People may sense more daring, friendly, and fun-loving attitudes. It is a good time for searching for contentment and beliefs, as well as enhancing the mind.

Like the roguishness that represents Sagittarius, people may have a tendency toward the road to looking for the truth and sophisticated consequences, resulting in awareness, as well as actual journeys. While the longing for independence will be robust, people may want to do what they want, when they want, and be impulsive or unconventional. These dispositions can cause annoyance and a strong need for liberty.

Sagittarius’ are very true with their feelings. Intellectual, ethical, and sensitivity are the forte in situations; seeing others with admiration, empathy and an intelligence of humor. Being straightforward and truthful is the way a Sagittarius believes.

Sagittarius Moon desires for others to be honest, and with an aptitude for coaching others, is a passionate student. Every expressive meeting is a chance to engage and help others with the evidence.

The moon in Sagittarius is Forthright, Direct, Vigorous, Passionate, and Careful. It is my suggestion that you purchase an Orange candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with sandalwood or Lavender oil and chant the Psalm 17.

You may also select to narrate a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Know that with all submissions of psalms and mantras, attaining the anticipated outcome is reliant on upon the excellence of purpose.

The mantras can be tough to articulate but are an influential source of energy.

This year there are four different and progressed mantras for those want to advance on their recital and be more powerful in obtaining their outcome.


Om Hreeng Kleeng Sauh

(oommm hriiing kliing sa yuh)


Om Shreem Devakrishnaya Urdhvashantaya Namaha


Om Namo Bhagavathe Dakshinaamoorthaye

Mahyam Medhaam Pragnyaam Prayachas Swaha

Vrushabath Vajaaya VidhMahe Kruni Hastaaya DheeMahee-Thanno

Guru Prachodayaath ApraMeyathva ya theedha Nirmala Nyaana Moorthaye

Manogi raam Vidhooraaya Dakshinaa Moorthaye Namaha


Gurubrihaspatirjeevah suracharyo vidaanvarah vaagisho

dhishadon dirshashamshruh pitambaro yuvaa

These mantras begin to stir and trigger chakras. They specifically prepare the chakras to be able to handle the influx of Jupiter energy which gives chakras its power.

Please note that these are universal propensities of the Full Moon with direct positives and negatives not being set in stone. Always remember, for the most accurate forecast of how the Full Moon will affect you, or even to get a glimpse of the rest of 2018, I would suggest you consult with any of the recommended astrologers .

Finally, please remember that I am NOT an astrologer, nor claim to be one. However, as a Hindu Sanskrit reader, I use these values as a beginning for our readings. In the Hindu philosophy of planets, influence or resistance, and our free will, act upon our lives. Therefore, anything done through humbleness will play great importance in life’s positive outcomes.

Wishing you a fun and fulfilled Full Moon



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Meticulous, Miserly, and Moral: Full Moon in Virgo March 2017

Full Moon in Virgo

Full Worm Moon

March 12, 2017

By Maharani Rutan©
While I am writing this blog, I cannot believe that we are two weeks into March and it is still snowing. Yet the birds are still flying in the snow and picking at what bird food is left out for them. I can only anticipate that this will be the last snowfall for this season, yet I know that our weatherman tells me that Mother Nature has other plans for next week. It is, however, likely that this will be the last full moon for the season. The name of this moon seems so appropriate “Worm Moon” as the earthworms will now come out to welcome the spring.

In my excitement, I hurdled to flip the channel to the weather channel. I scrolled to the weather for the week and it seemed 2 days before 2 days after the full moon, nasty weather was around. I should have not expected anything less. As the full moon always bring nasty weather patterns usually 5 days before and after the full moon and nastiness in people 7 days before and after the full moon. I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part…

We can’t expect anything different from Mother Nature as she brings her beauty to us. On March 12, 2017, we will be transiting to a Full Moon in Virgo. This transit will occur at 10:54am Eastern Standard Time and 7:54am Pacific Time.

With this frigid spring I can only ponder about the Spring Equinox which will be here within 8 days and Holi which is the most fun and auspicious holiday for Hindus. In the Hindu culture March 18/19 Holi, translated to Festival of Colors; ‘is propitious event is celebrated by all Hindus and Sikhs. To welcome the spring with bliss and pleasure, it is also renowned to bait away the despair of winter and wishing for promising summer days and nights. I surely hope that the celebration helps to do this.

On the 12th evening is called Chhoti ( Also the Spring Equinox) people will gather at major cross roads on the street and build a huge bonfire; this is called Holika Dahan. Usually it is celebrated by Gujarati’s to give gratitude to Agni which is called a God of Fire. These bonfires are made from shoots of gram and the harvest of stalks and are offered to the God with humbleness. Ashes left from the bonfire are known as very sacred and often people will place the ashes on their foreheads and it is believed that ashes protect them from evil forces.

On the 13thh March, it’s an splendid day of fun, laughter and play. Most all business in India will remain closed. Water colors will be filled in squirt guns, caulk colors will made into paste or just kept dry. The colors that are more prominent are hit pink, bright red, bright yellow, and shocking green and white. Colors will be applied to everyone there will be singing and dancing and the tale says it was all Lord Krishna’s doing.

Since Krishna has been known as playful and mischievous and always loved playing with colors especially his beloved Radha; people who are in a relationship are encouraged to celebrate exchanging and drinking Bhang. Though I can’t go into the recipe of Bhang all I can say is that it can get you higher than alcohol. Read more about Holi tradition here..

As we transit through Virgo, we must take into consideration we are still under the effects of the Solar Eclipse in Pisces February 26, 2017 (read more here), where the effects could last up to 1 year depending upon intensity of the planets in the individual’s VPA chart.

However, this will be an added bonus for Virgos and those that have plenty of Earth in their VPA chart. But it is a double-edged sword. On the negative side, all the hidden anger, animosity, and pressure will be exploding. This will be especially true when one person is giving and the other just keeps taking.

Quite often, Virgo is known to be a martyr as they want to help everyone and they sacrifice themselves for the happiness of others. But to what degree? The moon is so powerful that many will be affected as people may binge, self-suppress, break sobriety, eat too much, etc. The best way to use this energy is to keep busy, do tedious things, or do things to tidy up and organize the home. This is what Virgos love the best.

On the positive side, there will be aspects of Rahu/Ketu where home, truth, disclosure, sudden uncertainty, pain, and blockages may also at the eye-opening center. Then how badly do you want to know the truth? This is a personal transformation and development period with Jupiter joining the moon for earth signs, especially Virgos. This moon will finally allow the strength to Virgos to break the shackles which were forced on them by philosophy en-grained by others and emancipate their souls and mind to focus on their goals and success.

This moon is Virgos moon and they will claim it while taking their brothers and sisters (Capricorn and Taurus) on a ride with wisdom and maturity. It will be period of individual satisfaction, but also a period of exploration. A root of abysmal significance which was created by our hands. Our vision into positive improvements of the world, leading to the greater good of all mankind.

The Full Moon urges “US” to distinguish and give rectitude to the significance of the “other” – other people, philosophies, and ethics. Relationships are of abundant significance at this time, and a sense of wanting to share, unite, and partner, whether romantically or through other channels. “We” are called upon now to work in the direction of accomplishing set of scales – finding the balance of our inner nature.

During this enormous time of the incandescent and stunning full moon reaching goals is our first priority. Strip yourself of all outward roles, doubts, and unimportant chases, and dive into the ocean of light permeating all existence. Like a grain of sand that dissolves in the vast sea, release your singular ego into the endless encirclement of celestial awareness. Inhale in light; exhale out light. Feel the cells of your body become luminous and translucent with the all-pervading glow of the Divine. Allow the dense encumbrances of the past months to drop away.

The Moon in Virgo brings a time of sensibleness, scrutiny, and proficiency. People may feel more conscientious and detail-oriented. As a result, this is a good time to achieve assignments, particularly smaller scale projects that require organization and attention to detail. Due to Virgo’s association with health, food, and fitness may be concerns during this time. Also, people may be wary as they are engrossed in scrutiny and academic pursuits. Because precarious rational is highlighted, caution needs to be taken to avoid being too precarious or condemnatory.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, as is Gemini. Be cautious as Mercury retrograde is not far away and the Spring Equinox is just around the corner. Saturn is still in Sagittarius; therefore, Sagittarius’ must be careful with their anger and health.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention. When it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be.

This year I have decided to incorporate two mantras for those who are fluent in mantra reciting. The first will be an easy mantra for beginners and the second will be difficult.

The mantra for Virgo moon is:

Easy pronunciation

“Om Shreeng Aing Sauh”

(Om Shreeeng Aiiing Sauuuuh)

(When you are pronouncing this you should be feeling the vibration from your nose to your lips; the word om should be inhaled and exhaled through the nose, the same with the rest of the words)

Difficult Mantra

Om Namo Prim Pitambaraya Namaha

Additionally, if you are Virgo, I would suggest not stopping the guru mantra for Jupiter until September 2017.

This mantra summons energy for constructing any projects which will be productive and effective. The intention of this mantra is to keep us stable, and from becoming irritated through darkness and unfocused energy.

Wishing you the best this moon has to bring and breathe in this energy. Know that if we wish enough, perhaps Mother Nature will actually bring some spring to us soon.


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