Trends June & July 2010

This message is brought as preventive maintenance for those that have the sun, moon, and ascendants in cardinal signs.

On June 26, 21010, at 7:38am EST and 4:38 am PT we will have a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of the sun and at the same time we will also have a full moon in Capricorn.

This eclipse is the conjunction of the eclipse that took place the summer of 2009, December & January of 2010, this is phase III. The Cancer/Capricorn eclipses have been on going since July of last year and many of us were going through emotional roller coaster like no other.

The eclipse June 26, 2010, in Capricorn will be focused around Capricorn tendencies which calls for our focus to be practical, ambitious cautious, reserve, methodical and self controlled. The most effect signs will be cardinal signs such as Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, other signs will also be affected in the placement of their charts.

On a much more mundane level, everyone will feel the stresses of this eclipse and the level of the stress will depend upon where the eclipse falls in your astrological chart. There will be tendencies of deception, personal values could be threatened, and we will feel to express our selves more with no personal control.

Some may feel agitation, disgruntlement another may be out to impress to sow the fabrics of their own achievements. There is no doubt about thought no matter which direction we take we may feel irritated by circumstances which old us back

People with cardinal signs  will have difficulties separating their self-image from their emotions, failing to recognize that someone or something is not what it appears and it is all a self image or a mirage rather than a emotional commitment.  These people will be obsessed to do things that interfere with our emotional satisfaction or chasing after their yearning while talent and skills are wasted so there is a tug of war between emotions and ambitions.

But one of the things we need to understand is through this transformation … there is a beautiful metamorphosis…

Allow the heavy burdens of the past months to drop away. You should swim like a light being and an angel of the heavens, in the harmonious seas of bliss and peace. I strongly suggest taking your aspirations that you have made last month and cross them out one by one.  Remember never beg for your aspirations.

As time gets closer to the Lunar Eclipse complete blog will represent the expectations of events yet to occur and those that maybe influenced by past transitions.

For your personal trends and what you can expect out of this transition, I would suggest you set up a private consult with my inspirational astrologers Leslie Hale or my sweetest Boss Janet Moon or grounded Selene. Each and everyone of them are ready to embark you on a journey of inspiration and revealing truth.

If you like to hear them in person they will be visiting Maharani in her show Eastern Serendipity, look at the events page for show times and listings.

I wish you the most solace and wonderful June / July I hope to hear from you on the radio show or just opt in at my newsletter.