Brutal Reality

Full Moon in Aries

Harvest/Flower Moon

October 1, 2020

By Maharani Rutan©

I put off on posting this as I had seen that so many secrets continued to be hidden from us, yet, we can now only wait to see the uncertainty of the future.  Hence these secrets are not the so hidden that we could not see it rather we had our rose glasses on as it was very well predicted

It appears many of my predictions which I had written in December 2019, are in our face.  Such as, “There are bound to be conflicts and society may go through a change”, for January 2020.  Again, “But I would not be surprised at all if there are some casualties in an Asian country such as China” in March.  It was obvious that COVID issues were hidden from the public and it is thought to have begun in China.  Then the predictions of May, “California may make history again as wind and water could bring major mudslides or fires– and those fires continue to burn.  Read about my 2020 predictions here.

There will be so much undertaking in our atmosphere that every global phase will be historic. Our stunning moon will begin its journey in a couple of days by forming a beautiful full moon. This signifies the change of seasons and is known as a Harvest, or Hunters, moon; providing light to collect food and meat for the long winter ahead in the northern hemisphere. While in the southern hemisphere, the cool air will bring about the flowers that would not normally bloom in the summer, thus it is known as the Flower moon.

The luminous light will shine brightly while the moon smiles upon us around 9:57am EST, and 12:57 pm October 1, 2020. The oomph of this light has not been felt so powerfully since October 2001, but we were very close in the Autumn of 2014, when there were revolutions and finales, especially in the areas of medicine, politics, and climate change.

Many people may have felt the vigor of the full moon as early as 5 days before (September 26, 2020), perhaps triggering uneasy sleep patterns.

This Libra-Aries full moon basically is the obstruction of two equals. Libra’s motto is “I decide what is stable” and Aries: “I hunger for what I want, and I will find the power to get it.”

Therefore, this full moon demands things in life that are in balance and what force or determination is needed to get them. Those that will be impacted by this full moon will be all Fire Signs (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius), air signs (Libra, Gemini and Aquarius), and Scorpio as in VPAT, Scorpio is dimensional to the Aries mix.

Those that have Aries, Pisces, or Libra in their chart will either end relationships or begin new ones. This is a type of catastrophic moon where relationships of all kinds will be tried, fragmented, or fundamentally changed over time. For Aries and Libra, it is a time for modification and to expand what is already here. This is especially true for those that were born in the first 10 days into of Aries, Pisces or Libra; watch your well-being as you may get sick or experience lethargy.

The Full moon Aries brings to us a thoroughness of survival. Our purpose of this message will be focused around compliance, disconnecting, and bringing out our very best. With it, bring out the best outcomes through goals and desires being granted by the universal energies. But take heed, one thing it will bring is a pathway that must be followed and there is always a fury when one goes against the rules of the universe. If, however, you follow the guidance of the universe and the path that the universe is trying to lead you to, then you will follow your spiritual path in joining with the Universe, bringing with it a Divine light.

The uniqueness of this full moon is at 9 degrees Aries/Pisces moon in Libra, which means we will soon make a choice regarding an important relationship, but the decision must be spiritual.  This means that a final determination will be made whether to move forward with any one relationship (i.e. business, friends, lovers, family, etc.). There will be many messages from the universe so pay attention to each one. But remember, they will not be clear messages as Mercury has already began to move backwards in time.

During every full and new moon, I bring forth tendencies specific to the astrological sign highlighted by the lunar events. The principal placeholder affected by this moon is the sign of Aries.  For Pisces, please view your predispositions here.  As far as Libra, there is a new moon this month where your predictions will be available.

For all others for the best prediction of your scopes, according to VPAT, it is suggested you find your full moon predisposition under “Vedic Post” on the main page here Additionally, it is suggested that you combine that with the last lunar and solar eclipse in June and July.  Within one month these will change according to the eclipses in November and December. Additionally, from September 24 through November 19, including the Mercury retrograde tendencies will give you an overall picture of the good, bad, and advice.


Dear Aries, it has been a rough road for you, and with Chrion in your sign, sometimes the healing process can be tough.  But certainly, a life lesson may arise; these lessons may cause issues in your career life.  However, by the middle of November you should be feeling much better.  Actually, your energy may be so luminous that you may even attract someone that you could fall in love with. Be very mindful of your spending until mid-October.  On the other hand, if you are involved in any legal issues this could they could be a challenge because there is a time and place to be assertive and that is not the time or place to do it.  By the end of November, you will see that your work life and outlook is much better than at this moment. Conflicts with family and loved ones are possible during this time which could cause you to suppress by turning toward foods that do not suit your stomach well.

Saturn: Career and financial life will have growth, however, continual problems in family and relationships are possible.  Be careful with your tongue as words can never be forgotten.

Rahu: Conflicts with family, relationship, and financial issues are possible, as well as being unnecessarily agitated with circumstances.

Ketu: Health issues may crop up from different directions and be very careful of legal issues.

Uranus:  Your career life may go through changes, with this you will meet people that will assist you in growth, but you may spend more than you have and lack the concern necessary for the future of your financial security. 

Jupiter: Emotionally and physically you will have plenty of blessings.  Hard work will pay off in your career and a possible home relocation or property purchase may occur.

Maharani’s Advice

You will find October to be beneficial in both your personal and career life.  You may even do some traveling for business. Be very careful with your health as it will affect your productivity in your career and be cautious with finances and legal issues.  Stay on top of everything as the eclipse could bring you unexpected issues which could cause frustrations. Work and career life will again boom for you in December, and I would not be surprised if you decide to take a mini vacation at the end of the year.  You will have to look deep inside yourself and reflect on how your assertive behavior causes issues in your relationships.  But just as importantly, you may become narcissistic which could also cause disturbances in the workplace.

This moon is so influential that it may be a time for you to sit in silence for 3 days or even a week, just connecting with your spiritual guides and embracing the energy as a good omen rather than evil.

This gift from the universe is to try and decide what lesson is learned from the pain within every situation of a relationship. Be careful that while you are contemplating your thoughts you don’t overdo eating, drinking, or any other compulsive tendencies.

It is my suggestion that you purchase both a white and yellow candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with lavender oil or sandalwood oil and chant the Psalms 39 and 26.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy.

The mantra for Aries is:


Om Kram Krim Kroom Sahi Bhaomaey Namaha

(aum cram criim Croom Sua Bhu oma ey namaha)

Please note these are general predispositions and not particular to any person. I would suggest that you contact an Astrologer for the latest update on how to handle this energy and what to expect.

Additionally, I do not claim to be an Astrologer, but as a Certified Vedic Ayurvedic Philosophical Theoretical Reader.

I must use the map of spiritual adaptation as a utility to give you the most neutral path to a divine light which is only handled by the universal powers.

This is mostly a relationship moon. It is about making it or finally breaking it. It is also about what I need, and what we need so that ours can be strong.



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Insensitive Darkness: New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries

Micro New Moon

March 24, 2020

By Maharani Rutan©

Finally, Mother Nature has calmed a bit and the spring season has set its course, as it should. Spring Equinox just passed us and “the post juncture period” is already sending some relief. (Read about it here)

Time and time again Mother Nature and the universal energies remind us not to take anything for granted. The slow period which is bestowed upon us is for us to be vigilant and appreciate everything in life, and yet, we did not listen.

The period of self-isolation, which we have been forced to take even without symptoms, has allowed me to understand why the song, which reminded me of 2020, makes so much sense:

“You would not believe your eyes

If ten million fireflies

Lit up the world as I fell asleep

‘Cause they fill the open air

And leave teardrops everywhere

You’d think me rude but I would just stand and stare

I’d like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly

It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep

‘Cause everything is never as it seems”

~ Owl City, “Fireflies”

I am sure if you read between the lines, so much can be translated to today: “teardrops” (droplets), open air (is only place we can go), earth turns slowly (isolation). Sometimes I don’t even know why these thoughts come to me, but they just do.

It seems that there were many signs that were imminent to keep society in check; in December 2019, I had posted my premonitions, and predicted that  “not only does an eclipse bring change to humanity, the solar eclipse brings environmental changes and the lunar eclipse brings internal or self-changes. Both also bring weather changes and chaos within a society or the worldRead more about the premonitions of 2020 here.

Many have said the pandemic has occurred before, yet we just did not know about it. I would say that is bound to be true. It was hidden, yet China was suffering in January 2020. Though the triggers were not obvious, I knew something was wrong, “According to VPAT, the eclipse planets trigger Shani (Lessons Learned) in Sagittarius (Truth) and Ketu (Anger) in Sagittarius to aspect the sun (Capricorn). Therefore, many unforeseen and sad events are possible all around the world. Gemini’s are also the rulers of doubts and thus cause situations to be a bit out of control.” – Read about my thoughts of world events in January eclipse 2020 here.

Maybe the new moon in Aries is exactly what we need. Something to finally end so that we can find a path of enlightenment helping us to determine what to keep and what to get rid of. This exactly what VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories) had in mind. During the full moon our eyes are wide open to the possibilities, yet things are very unclear when there is no light to guide us. (Read more about the understandings of the moon phases here).

The new moon in Aries at 4 degrees, give or take the alignment of the orb, allows humanity to put an end to anything that does not make sense and wait for the light. Our sky will be pitch black 5:28am EST and 2:28 PST.

To fully understand the vacuum of what is yet to come it is imperative, as the VPAT scholars envision, to look at our past carefully and know what it is that we must learn from. Moon in Aries will be at 4 degrees which was the exact degree, date and astrological sign as the one on March 24, 2001. This means that many events are going to like the ones that are occurring now.

Today, much our lives are focused around the COVID-19 virus, but there was also a similar outbreak in March of 2001. It was called “acute respiratory febrile illness.” This was due to a fungus in the soil in Acapulco Mexico. The sickness had symptoms of: “fever and/or cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, or headache.” At that time 18 states were made aware of the issues and it was even labeled an Epidemic, but many did not know about this.

When there was a full moon at the exact degree in 2015, the outbreak of measles rippled the United States, where continued controversy of religious beliefs regarding vaccinations became headlines. To understand the similarities, look at the symptoms of measles: fever, dry cough, runny nose and sore throat (it does, however, also include Kipolik spots).

In 2001 and 2015 the treatments for both was Tylenol or Advil for fever, rest and drinking lots of fluids. I am beginning to wonder if there is a sign here. Maybe/Maybe not. Or is it all in my head? Nevertheless, perhaps it’s the universe’s way of saying stop taking your body, mind, and soul for granted otherwise I will stop life and make you do it. This may just do it. I would not be at all surprised that during this new moon, something will come to an end for England, Syria, Israel, Germany, England, and Palestine. Could it finally build peace without intending to do so? This has yet to be determined, but we all know the universe has a weird way of making sure mankind is paying attention.

Aries moon coils the skies into a quick augmentation, and often an accurate powerful energy, to transport changes and potentials which we would have never considered in the past. It also blesses a susceptible heart to harvest and touch innovative ideas at a restful and secure pace. The moon also acts transitionally between our physical and psychological worlds.

Energized Aries gives us the vitality to break down the chains of confinement from everything that has prompted us to feel incomplete. The energy of this moon will provide plentiful time to recommence, rearrange, restructure, and reassess. Aries energy gives us willpower and control to get rid of illness in our home, body, mind, and soul.

When we rid ourselves of belongings that are wasting space, and clean ourselves, we get ready to be born again. Now is the time to become enlightened. For many it can be a beautiful healing liveliness to restoration of what is withering and to letting go of past injuries.

There is also a need for change in relationships, home, occupations, or whatever that has enforced unhappiness upon us; plan, but don’t put into action right now. Reserve things modestly. Honorable and true concepts will always work out well. Aries brings courage with vision-less faith. Expect this moon as an envisaged prophecy and the picture is your world. Use your imagination and begin to shade the most spectacular painting you want. Be sure you know what the picture looks like but don’t be selfish. This new moon forces many to center around independence, charisma, gratitude, and gives the skill and drive needed to begin a new cycle.

Within a few days there will be plenty of relief as Jupiter goes back in Capricorn and Mars in Capricorn. There will be a drive to do better and luck will be on many sides. Saturn, the deity of hard work, will move back into Sagittarius from May to September as it weeds and seeds work and career.

As VPAT theories put placement of the moon behind the Western ideologies, the reference of determinations is already listing the previous month.

The primary placeholder which will be affected by this moon is Aries.

It is vital that all signs, including Aries, combine the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse predictions, along with Mercury retrograde, to get an overall 6-month projection for themselves. For Aries, or those that have Virgo in any houses according to VPAT, predispositions are below and will affect those houses present in your chart.


Aries, do not take this year for granted. Nothing is coming easy for you, but you must do what you can to work very hard. You have plenty of energy, focus, and determination to do well. If you stay focused rather than worrying over things you cannot control you will see new positioning opening for you. Do what you can to avoid traveling from now until the fall as it will not be in your best interest and it could even have negative outcome. However, if you complete your projects with your all your hard work you can look for promotions and recognition. Do everything possible not to invest in property or anything that involves a large amount of money from the Eclipse until Fall of this year. Romance does not look bad until mid-April. However, your patience and explosions should be controlled. Family and health are also not bad except added expenses due to medication could be costly. This is because you may not be eating right.

Saturn: Hard work, obstacles, and delayed recognition are possible. Skin related issues are possible.

Rahu: Independence, self-esteem, and bravery will be positives for you, but misunderstandings are possible in areas of marriages and relationships.

Ketu: Any kind of self-sacrifice in areas of spirituality will bless your endeavors. However, going to a place just to get away without thinking could cost you big time when it comes to expenses.

Uranus: Un-predicted financial gains are possible as well as new career opportunities. This is the time to put your charm out there and finally get your finances in order.

Chiron: You may feel isolated or experience low self-esteem, feeling reserved, bursts of anger, or a lack of collaboration.

Jupiter: Mentally and physically you may feel better than you have in a long time. There is a possibility of purchasing a new home, new relationships, and financial and spiritual blessings.

Maharani’s Advice

The best I can say right now is to control your temper with any masculine energies as you may need your allies close. It is time to get your hands really dirty and focus on your work. Health issues can be present if you are not taking care of yourself. Try to get involved in things that relax you, but your eating habits will cause plenty of issues. If you are looking for a leadership role it may not occur just yet, but if it does happen or is about to, then things could change quickly. Leave your closeted demons in the closet. Just because you have a little bit of cash does not mean you use it on useless stuff. Be careful.

Since the moon in Aries represents Impulsive, Strong minded, Unstable, Brave, and Eager, it is my suggestion for us to remain composed. It is my suggestion that you purchase a maroon candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with cinnamon oil and sandalwood oil, and chant the Psalm 39.

The mantra for the new moon in Aries is:


Om Aing Kleeng Sauh

(ooom iiiiingg kliiiing suuuuahhh)

This mantra is the dispeller of obscurity and obliviousness. The intention of this mantra is balance; not losing our temper through darkness and unfocused energy.

Moreover, please note, I am not an astrologer, nor claim to be. Vedic readings are distinctive in perception and material. They are your path to consider. Astrology is a science which is written to calculate the inner workings of a specific star and how it impacts individual perception and action. Vedic readings are the conduits to a medicine that soothes the pain principal to self-realization.

Make this new moon the paramount and let go of things that no longer matter.



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