Fall event: Blood Moon & Venus Retrograde

October 22, 2010

9pm EST 

BlogTalk Radio

 Lets talk about ..

The Blood Moon & Venus Retrograde

Friday, October 22, 2010 is a very inspirational day.  Not only is it the 2nd Full Moon in Aries but also begins a list lunar cycles which will be very revealing to many.  This is the first of many patterns which are about to began a new chapter of celestial transformations.

The new moons will always begin at early degrees from now on and the full moon will end at later degrees. Also for truth is being discovered for the 2nd time in areas of relationships and convictions to move forward with grace.  The question is for many to realize if the past is really worth holding on to if it is then hold on tight because the Universe will bring distractions along the way to question you.

I will once again open the doors to Eastern Serendipity to discuss two issues love and money and our truths. My special guests will be Leslie Hale, whom I adore and respect with highest regards for what she does so well.  She has also been my gateway to the unknown. And ShyOwl who is the most compassionate, spiritual and enlightening highlights of many of my days there are no real words to discribe what a insperation she has been to me as well as many others.  I am absolutely sure that both of these guests will bring a spiritual awakening to you as well as they have done for me.  It is through both of these people which I am able to awake to reality and continue my path to no longer walk in the shadows of others and soar higher than ever to the sky spirituality and transformation. So….

Reserve this Friday evening, Let us celebrate new beginnings.  We have lots to talk about.  Especially three topics: First how Maharani will celebrate her birthday.  That folks is a joke.  2nd the Blood moon a Pagan’s new beginnings and astrological new beginnings with ShyOwl. Lastly, Venus in retrograde with Leslie Hale. Who will answer what will be in store for you while you double check your relationship? My wonderful guest ShyOwl will talk about the Blood Moon and Leslie Hale my  Astrological Guru will invite discussion of Venus retrograde and the celestial changes that are in store for the rest of 2010.  The show begins exactly at 9pm EST on Blog Talk radio, no you don’t need to be around a radio, just a phone or a computer and if you have a question come and stand in cue around 9:15 and call into 914 338 0876.  If you feel you don’t want to ask question but just listen and chat with us, you can join us there too.  Come and say hello Chat will be available and I surely will be there.  The direct link to the show is here.

I hope you can join me for this only show for October… the next show is under way for later November and I am trying really hard to convince my one and only my confidant and my hero Lee Stillwaters to join me to talk about the end of choas…



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