Trends: Autumn 2010




Astrological Tendencies for Autum 2010

Trends: Sept, Oct and November 2010


Maharani Rutan

It has been an uncomfortable period for many with Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron being retrograde.  It’s almost like being torn in all directions. Thus I will break each cycle down and perhaps you can feel some relief. I will put the summary in timeline order so that you can follow how things develop.  In the Vedic philosophies when a planet is retrograde it means Karma time so remember always retrograde is not always bad it means what Karma do you have to pay back and what do you need to learn?


Beings its direct movement September 12, 2010 and stations September exact on September 27, 2010.  Unlike most retrograde periods, in 2010 Mercury retrogrades four times.

Normally Mercury retrogrades two times a year however this year it is three some people will say four.  The last retrograde period being December it seems to feel like a re-run show from last December. Therefore, the retrograde periods were in April/May, August/September and last one December/January

Mercury is basically a planet of thought, reconsideration and communication.  Mercury about thinking through things before acting, looking at possible reaction before action and lastly it’s about either letting go of things that are no longer useful but before you do you must think about the consequences of your own action.

Mercury begins its motion directed today September 12, 2010, at 7:09pm EST. If anyone says the Mercury is direct to you this means they do not understand the Ghost period.  Mercury is NOT direct it is moving direct. Usually any planet that turns retrograde it must go back to position.  It’s like a train that has no coal this means that it will take just as long to get back to normal.  Though some of you may feel a tad bit better in how things are with you.  Don’t get too excited yet.  Mercury will be station and finish its journey on September 27, 2010.

This means what ever you have, what ever you think, what ever it is that happened to you during retrograde will be until it is revisited again December 10, 2010.

Beings its direct movement September 12, 2010 and stations September exact on September 27, 2010.  The next retrograde period begins November 22, 2010 (Ghost period) effects will be noted more so December 10, 2010 and it will reach its station January 18, 2010.  


Pluto is a planet of change.  Whatever that is toxic for you will eventually leave.  Moreover, Pluto will make sure it goes and even if you want it will go.  Pluto is also about accepting changes that Pluto is about the self.  If it is not healthy let it go.  Many Capricorns may have felt these aspects. Perhaps you fought to keep someone in your life that is not beneficial or make you happy.  Perhaps it was that you are changing not them. Nevertheless, it has to go and it must go. Either they change to accept or you change to accept if you want to keep them.  Since you can’t control the other you can control you.  So its time to ask how badly do you want it and for what purpose? This is what Pluto does.  It scares, angers and confuses you to force you to throw it away.  But the big relief comes back to Capricorn what ever is gone is gone.  It won’t come back to this degree again this year.

This means many people who are undergoing these affects will feel some relief September 13-14 but remember give it about two weeks and look for complete relief for this year around September 27, 2010. However, it may peek his little head out in November 2010 for a temporary phase.


Jupiter is a wonderful planet it is the one that one should always embrace.  It is Luxmi it is the planet of luck and fortune. During retrograde time which began approximately July 23, 2010, your money could have been slow or the luck you used to have seems to have runs out.  Or even that job you wanted falls through and it sat in Aries. Jupiter enters Pisces so look at what happened to you around January through July.  Was your money good? Did you have a good job? Or the opposite?

Whatever that it is just hang on for just a little while longer because it will all change November 21,  2010 when Jupiter begins its motion forward.


Neptune is a planet of confusion and ego.  Usually in the Vedic Astrology it is known as Ketu as planet of clashes and denials.  Even if we think we are satisfied in something we are not and we have a vague inclination of something is not true to us. Neptune is about the inner voice, and your psyche. During retrograde there is a chance of suspicion and overwhelmed by feelings of dissolutions.  This period began on May 31, 2010.  So be calm! Your suspicions or accusations may not be totally true and this may mean you may loose something important to you because of your own suspicion.

This period will last until November 7, 2010 and perhaps giving an additional two weeks which will fall right around the November 25, 2010 right at Thanksgiving would not be a bad idea. This period made Aquarius a little chilled and those who have Aquarius in their chart may have felt a little too.


Chiron is about feelings and realization. When Chiron is retrograding those painful times in our lives become more intense and we feel more than we want to. Chiron is known as a teacher who could not heal himself.  Chiron represents a focus that we must face the issues in hand first and learn to rise above them.  But during retrograde time we are not able to see beyond our blinders.  Denying what you have must go or what you had is really gone.

This period begin June 4 in Pisces.  It will not begin its motion forwards until November 7, 2010.  Give or take two weeks for the ghost period will, this means things may become very clear around November 24, 2010.

More good news is that Venus and Mars entered Scorpio this means if you are a Scorpio or have any planets in Scorpio what out all eyes are on you.  But Venus wont stay there forever it will retrograde in beginning of October and may not move to is position until middle of November.

There are so many wonderful things about to come in November it seems like many of us may actually sit down for dinner with our close ones and be embrace.


Beautiful Venus, she goes retrograde every 18 months for us to review our love life and think about our needs.  One of the wonderful things she has been doing is she has decided to use mars as a punching back in Scorpio for a little while.  But the punching bag is turning into love love love for Scorpios.  With all this energy she will be visible a gigantic star in the sky.

Venus affects our way of thinking, our emotions, and hunger for relationships it can also be a desire for money and success.  She sets the stands for social attitudes, and behaviors.  She looks over areas of romance, marriage and every asset of interpersonal relationships.  She allows us humor and gives the incentives for happiness. While it is retrograde a relationship or partnerships slow down like a car with a flat tire.  When Venus is retrograde it forces us to re-evaluate relationship of all kinds and focus upon unfinished business especially in areas of feelings and finances.

Fixed signs will be greatly affected by this retrograde (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) or those who have Scorpio in their chart

This period begins October 5  in Scoprio.  Venus will then change signs on November 12, 2010, into Libra.  I will write more about it as it becomes a bit closer.

Please remember these are general tendencies and not everyone will fell all the effects.  But you can change your destiny by not allowing these things to bog you down.  For example during retrograde I got rid of things that were no longer beneficial for me by discarding things that weighed me down to make room for new and better things.  When Pluto went retrograde instead of Pluto forcing me to let of people I did it my self because I can no longer allow toxic things in my life. Always remember everything depends upon your faith and how you handle the situation.  You can change your destiny either choose to accept the Karma that the Universe brings to you or resist it but at the end you shall too realize there is no power higher than the Universe.

Additionally please keep in mind I am neither an astrologer nor claim to be but in Vedic readings we have to encompass the Karmic views as our maps to reality.  For more information of how these aspects will affect you, I recommend that you make a special appointment with my recommended Astrologers Here.

Wishing you the best of September, October and Part of November 2010.. but remember Cardinal signs may still be going through their ups and down for quite sometime. It is my suggestion that you set up an appointment with a recommended Astrologers Here. Or set set up an appointment with me at a 20% discount as long as you are on my mailing list.

The best way to contact me is

Choose the change otherwise it will be forced upon you and always remember you are in the Univeses playground not vice a versa.


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