Soulmates: Who are they? Where are they?

Soulmates: Concept & Understanding

The concept of soul mates has had many rhetorical arguments in the psychic world.  But some how the definition got lost in the actual spiritual meaning.  Therefore, I bring you this topic so that not only is it understandable as it should be because lets face it the word soul mate originally derived from the Hindu philosophies which meant between two souls.  So if we are going to understand the concept of soul mates lets us understand it in a correct way and in nature’s way. 

The concept of soul mates did not arrive the United State or England until the early 50’s this was adopted through the transition of Eastern philosophies through England then to the United States.  And it all began really when the silent movies came in but most of all it became very popular in the 60’s when the Vietnam War became the catalyst to many things that kept people together or at least brought a sense of “love and flower.”

So what is a soul mate? According to the ancient scripture of the Gita it was a dialog between God, Krishna and Rama .And God gave Krishna a Devine vision to save man kind and learn peace and love, and Rama was his brother.  This is why Krishna is known as a God of Love because he brings love to many. 

During the epic dialogs, Krishna and Rama used to argue philosophically a lot so, God said to Krishna be on earth and be your brothers soul mate.  And when Krishna asked what is a soul mate.  God said, “Soul mate will be someone that is placed on earth to learn and teach from?”

Therefore, Soul mates are special people who are brought into our lives that we learn from and eventually teach.   Soul mates are not always here to cause you harm and soul mates are not the opposite sex or someone you will eventually marry.  Soul mates hold a special place in your life and when the lesson is finished they go away. We must remember soul mates are our parents our siblings, teachers, neighbors even the grocery clerk we see every now and then and to surprise even the man walking down the street holding a sign. 

The association with these people and the message/s they are trying to deliver are important transit to your own transformation, karma and destiny.  Some of these people have been chosen to be associated with special people that are there to protect, teach and help us grow as people; all of them are in our lives for special reasons.

It is especially important to remember sometimes our soul mates come into our lives over and over again to finish old business from past life times and our Karma and Dharma plays a important role in their lives as much as our own.  So think of each individual as a part of your lessons in life, whether they bring your joy or tears the emotions you feel are a feelings and they shall pass but at the end of the day these people have touched your life one way or the other.  And one day that time will come when you may see them again where there won’t be animosity but just forgiving feelings.  And soul mates are again everyone you come in contact with.

So the next time a psychic tells you he/ or she is your soul mate this is why they give you a difficult time say, “thank you” and ask them to read the scriptures of the Gita and define soul mates for you until then remember the real definition of soul mates are those who are lesson givers to you and those whom you give lessons to

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