Explosive Endings-Blazing Beginnings: Partial Lunar Eclipse Summer 2019

Partial Lunar Eclipse

 Blood Buck Moon

Guru Purnima

Full Moon in Capricorn

By Maharani Rutan©

The heavenly spirits will gaze upon us once again with the most beautiful red moon. It will be a well energized and spirited partial lunar eclipse bringing with it the blessings of fresh starts and giving us the courage to face natural endings through the blessings of Guru Purnima.

This is the second eclipse this year in Capricorn and at the end of this year there will be one more. Even though some astrological philosophies believe that full moons bring negativity, pain and endings, Vedic Philosophies state that full moons bring light to our lives and thus are an ideal time for spiritual blessings. (Read more here)

Along with this stunning full moon and eclipse, it is a very fortunate day for some Hindus as the celebration Guru Purnima is the most spiritual event. For Hindus all over the world, mostly Gujarati, Brahmins call it Vyas Purnima. The full moon in July brings dedication and tribute of a Guru Ved Vyas who deciphered and transliterated the eighteen Purnas and the Mahabarata. Many consider a Guru as an educationalist, celestial faith healer, a remover of gloom, or a priest. Many factions fast and rejoice the consents of their Guru. They do this in gratitude for of all the wonderful teachings that have been spread on to them.

As we walk through 2019 with a heavy heart, we must keep in mind that the issues which are going on in the world are not something that have occurred recently. The glorious thunder moon will once again bring forth issues which have been placed in front of us time after time, yet we are not able to find a solid solution. In my 2019 prediction blog I had discussed aspects which could transform us in a positive way, or it could bring some tragic situations. (Read More here)

Furthermore, as I was writing this article, it was aired that there was a 6.4 earthquake in California. Then again, it was something that was already predicted in December 2018, “weather patterns and rain can cause issues, especially around mud slides, or something to do with tectonic plates and earthquakes.”Read more here. But the recent total solar eclipse did bring some breaking news of remarkable events that made history. “As this eclipse is in Gemini and Cancer it would not be surprising if U.S. cities such as New York and San Francisco make the headlines.” New York and San Francisco hosted the largest Pride Parade within the last 3 weeks. Thus, the issues of the Solar Eclipse and the past are issued in the eclipse on July 02, 2019. “Finding the parables to 6 months is easy; fires and dust continue to impact the west and focus on family, and LBGT issues are still topics of discussion.”- Read more here.

Here we are several weeks later and now as the solar eclipse was blocked by the Sun, the lunar eclipse will be blocked by the Moon. Rather a tit for tat?

The Blood Buck moon will begin strengthening its radiance at 2:38pm EST on July 16, 2019. Thereafter, the Penumbral Eclipse will begin to move northeasterly at 2:43pm EST. Perhaps we are lucky as it will not be seen in North America. This is because the old scriptures state those in the viewing area of the eclipse are naturally affected through political, natural disasters, and human crisis. Hence, this eclipse will umbrella over most European, Asian, Australian and South American cities and countries. Major countries such as Russia, Turkey South Africa, Brazil Spain, India, U.K, Egypt, Turkey, and many more will seem as if all goes dark for a moment or two.

I will not expand on the scientific notion of the eclipse as there are experts in this field that could probably explain it better than I. However, it can be certain that once again our history repeats itself through topics from July 2000, 2001, 2008 and 2011. Every aspect that is parallel during these times will be headline news or on our minds.

Let’s rewind again; it was noted that issues of July 2000 will be recalled or recollected in my blog during the Total Solar Eclipse (read about it here). The focus will be issues of the home, severe weather patterns, and earthquakes. I had also noted the cities which would take center stage were New York and San Francisco, and Countries such as England and South/North Korea. These issues will continue to be in the news for next 6 months.

Fast forward to 2001. The 2019 Partial eclipse is an umbrella covering the entire continent of Asia, and parts of Europe and Russia. This means that those areas will be impacted by weather issues. In 2001, a major earthquake shook in my hometown in India killing over 20 thousand people. Timothy McVeigh is executed in the OK bombing. 2001 was also known as having many shark attacks.

The 2008 eclipse was viewed by European nations and Asia. There was/is a pattern here. In 2008, the United Kingdom had their first earthquake, scaling at 5.2. Another earthquake struck China measuring 7.8 and killing over 60 thousand people. Furthermore, a suicide bomber kills 40 people at a gathering in Pakistan.

There was another eclipse in 2011, which was over scaling Europe, Asia and some of the Americas. New Zealand had an earthquake scaling 7.6 on the rector scale; Japan had two within two days and in Tajikistan another earthquake resulted in death. But we felt it in United States also where tornadoes in Missouri killed over 120 people and over 2 thousand injuries. Add to this, comes another terrorist bomb in Oslo killing over 70 people. Of course, we cannot forget the tragedy of 9/11.

There are some things to be noticed however, most natural disasters have to do with earth plates – Capricorn is an earth sign. Bombings have to do with fire and freedom which is a form of Sagittarius, seeking the truth even if it hurts. But Mother Nature is repeating its patterns again to make us see that climate change is something we need to be concerned about, after all, Mother Nature is by nature, changeable. In 2001, the United States was rippled with intense heat, wildfires, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes during the summer months. In 2008, once again the United States suffered Hurricane Ike, a tornado outbreak, and three major storms which caused intense floods.

In 2011, there were two named hurricanes, more tornado outbreaks, and fires broke out in Colorado, New Mexico and Texas due to the intense heat. The June eclipse was visible in certain parts of North America. Here we are 2019 and intense heat is already happening, and a tornado outbreak has already caused damage in the Midwest and Southeast. Flood damage has already occurred in Florida and certain parts of Texas. This year it is predicted that there will be 19 named storms and hurricanes. This only means fire and earth together will make a whole lot of steam and uproars can become something unsettled.

Perhaps examination of the specific years listed above will generate an idea what could happen during the next 6 months. I have had people tell me sometimes it’s the complete opposite and sometimes it’s the same. But the eclipse energy is always about endings.

The effects of this eclipse can be felt as early as 7 days before (July 10, 2019). The restlessness of the dynamism of the eclipse will be felt by everyone; yet, the strength of the eclipse will be contingent upon the house that the eclipse falls in an astrological chart. Every eclipse has a momentous attitude uprising in our lives for at least 6 months; therefore, early born Capricorns and Sagittarius may feel this consequence more so than ever.

The tendency of Capricorn is to be Real, Disciplined, and Careful while Sagittarius tendencies are to be Helpful, Superior, and Merciful. Therefore, by association, all cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), and mutable signs with Capricorn and Sagittarius in their chart (Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo) will also be affected. But all is not always great as there are tendencies to want to be free, lazy, procrastinating, and easily critical. Nevertheless, this should not be surprising since Mercury Retrograde Juncture can still cause confusion and chaos in all aspects of one life. (Read more here)

This eclipse is predominantly relationship oriented, and our relationships with others can be disconnected, tried, or abruptly mended as the disbelief calls one to action. Deep consideration of emotions and needs within the background of the house, sign, and planetary aspects can be pretentious. To fully grow in the lunar eclipse, we must reconnoiter both houses and signs that are brought into play. Where the Moon is located we can oppose our doubts, old manners and misgivings, and where the Sun is we may find the means of publication of whatever tyranny we experience in life through our creative efforts. In this case we have Earth (Capricorn), Water (Cancer), and Sagittarius (Fire) all in the mix.

If partnerships are not grounded and free flowing, what remains in the relationship will be destroyed. Hence one person will feel that they need more attention and other will be geared towards their own dreams and visions to be fulfilled. Therefore, having a perfect partner for those that have Venus in Sagittarius/Capricorn, or even involved with a Sagittarius/Capricorn, should understand that the relationships should involve continued learning, joking, playing, travel, understanding, dreams, beliefs, truth, practicality, and be grounded. It should also be understood that relationships are hard work.

With the moon in Capricorn, the tremor of Saturn is emphasized. It is time for solid drive and a consciousness of work and duty. However, while searching for monetary constancy people might become oblivious or even uncaring cruel, but the self-centered attitude may be a need rather than hostility. The Saturn impacts of Capricorn cause cynicism or pessimism to sneak in. Generally, while the Moon is in Capricorn, energy is lethargic. It is time for industriously applying yourself to responsibilities while living solely in the present day.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, right now I would not be surprised if difficult lessons are in place for Sagittarius, where work and reputation are a forefront for growth. Read more about Saturn in Sagittarius here

Allow the substantial problems of the past months to drop away. During the Lunar Eclipse we must try to look at life in a diverse characteristic. To understand this, one must be open minded to the old text. In ancient times eclipses were measured as presentiments of difficulties during the time of the eclipse and often in the current time it is as equally thought of. Eclipses usually trigger key devastation such as negative weather patterns which could include floods, earthquakes, and fires.

I would not be surprised if political issues, natural disasters, and human morals are in the news within the next 6 months for U.S cities such as Naples, New York, San Francisco, and Mexico City. I also would not rule out that countries such as the United Kingdom, Mexico, Haiti, India, Brussels, Singapore, Bangladesh, Kenya, South Africa, China, Chile, Australia, and Spain are also in focus.

The eclipses do not have to be all harmful as they can bring new social situations; a need to take account to make improvements is the key to permanency. It is a time for growth, grasping material, obtaining consideration of the spiritual and rational people, and expansion of your principles to the world. Also expanded will be the importance of sustainability and stability.

Hard work will now be blessed with rewards. But if the work was not meticulous and the passion was not delivered to its fullest, there may interruption in work, either through layoff, dismissal, or company closing.

Every month I highlight a characteristic of one zodiac sign within that month, and for this month the highlight is on Capricorn. What I bring to you is not Astrology, rather, it is VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories), which focuses on philosophical, numerical, and theoretical prospective of possibilities and diversions which are advised under the calculation of the teachings.


Dearest Capricorn, with Pluto in your sign it may seem like you are going in and out of a very dark place. Unfortunately, I wish I could say to you that it will be over soon, but I can’t. However, I can say that you may have a few more years until all the dust settles. One thing is certain, think of these eclipses as setting the stage for your life in the very near future. When the last eclipse comes around your birthday it will be last one you have in a very long time, thus you can exhale. This is not really a bad year for you. On the positive side, I would not be surprised if un-attached Capricorns bring solidarity to their relationships and take a big plunge. Additionally, you may even become daring by trying new things. However, do not try new things in your career as they may backfire. Sometimes, some of you are so competitive that during the competition you may forget the people who are close to you. Thus, these people may cause problems in your personal relationships. Nonetheless, you are breaking every barrier in your career and possible fame and responsibilities will follow. Financial and other unexpected gains are possible also this year. You will have slow steady progress this year. But be wise and eat right as you may have skin issues and special care is needed for joint issues. Eye and sinus problems are ongoing for you, and you may even find out that in the fall you discover a cure or a good doctor to help you.

Saturn: April 2019 – Sept 2019. Saturn loves to be in your sign; however, it is currently opposite and therefore may not be lucky for you. You may feel that you are working harder and getting little or no recognition. There is a chance of not being able to work collaboratively in the workplace and your personal relationships may also feel stagnate. There also could be some distance between you and your family, or loved ones, and increased financial expenses may be on the horizon.

Ketu – Financial expenses may put a damper on your health. Focusing on not making the same mistakes with your health will be beneficial to you. Travel is a possibility. There is plenty of stress due to work and family matters.

Rahu – You will be treated kindly with this malefic planet. Your career will take off even if it seems less likely, and there is a possibility of increased pay. No matter how you feel, you will rule over your challengers. Education is going to be excellent, while banking transactions and health will also be good for you. If you have legal issues give them time and they will go in your favor.

Uranus: There will be plenty of reflections between yourself and the environment in which you grew up. It is time for you to be able to communicate and express yourself. Looking with a magnifying glass will help you not to doubt what you do and how you do it, and to find a way to stop the creative blockage and move forward. Lastly, the magnifying glass will help you to know that everything in your past happened for a reason and you would not be where you are without them.

Jupiter: During this time, you will have mixed results. You will have enough financial support to purchase something expensive and be able to rent or sell a property. You have plenty of travel opportunities. Be careful of legal issues and risky business with your finances.

Mars: Being vigilant with interpersonal relationships is a must during this time as partnership and marriages may not be blissful. Ongoing misunderstandings are possible, also if you are in business with others there may be issues there as well. Being decent, ethical, and magnanimous is imperative to maintain cordial relationships. Some aliments and issues may be caused by stresses.

Maharani’s Advice

Dear Capricorn, I realize it is important for you to be financially stable and bring a sense of security to your life; however, there is no such thing as getting rich quick, and try to mind your own business as far as how others handle theirs. The only way you are going to be able to achieve your goals to know that you must not take work home or take home to work. Focus completely on your work and do not let uncooperative people cause you to lose focus on the task at hand. There are possibilities of legal issues regarding financial situations. You will realize that you do not have the backing of people, but you must step back and do not defend right now. Its best to keep finances to yourself. Due to stress and unplanned travel, there may be issues with your joints. Do what you to keep your health in mind when eating out.

While Capricorns are magnified this eclipse, so are others as many have mixed planets in their VPAT chart. The information I give is based on VPAT predictive theories and not to be compared to Astrology as these are based upon characteristics of possible predispositions. For a Western Astrological reading you may want to connect with my recommended astrologers here.

To best understand how both eclipses will affect you, combine the solar eclipse tendencies along with this article’s predispositions and an overall picture can considered. But this is not astrology or numerology. These philosophical theories are based upon Zodiac signs as contingent characteristics during the energy of the eclipse transition.

The emphasis is predominately in Sagittarius/Capricorn; therefore, they will be discussed first. After that, signs will be discussed in the order according to VPAT and intensity.

Sagittarius: With Saturn being in your sign this is a tough transit. But just remember Jupiter will be back to see you soon. This eclipse could cause some financial burdens as expenses will outpace profits. Remember, there is no such thing as successful get rich quick schemes, they may backfire. Educational studies will go well. Be careful of your health as stressors could cause aches and pains. Love relationships could go well but they may only make slow steady progress, much slower than you may have anticipated. This could also be the case because Mercury, by domain in Leo, could cause lethargic energy, and with Saturn and Jupiter in the mix it could be difficult to concentrate. Your six-month extended forecast and your solar eclipse can be found here. An updated forecast will be available to you in November

Capricorn: With Lunar Eclipse in your sign, remember that something must end to begin something new. With Pluto in your sign it may seem like things are very confusing. But remember, you will have back to back eclipses in the winter of 2019/2020, then your eclipse season is complete until 2027. You must work hard for your career and be careful not to sign any documents before reading them. You may see things start to happen suddenly in the fall. Be a little more vigilant with your family members and your health. Stay focused while traveling anywhere. Your next up to date forecast will be available to you next eclipse.

Earth Signs

Due to the association of Capricorn note that all Earth Signs (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn) will be affected as Lunar eclipse can cause confusion and disorientation. Virgo you are already over your eclipses and planetary influences; however, Taurus’ may need some assistance as they go through their high highs and low lows, causing them to worry more than you at times.

Taurus: Hard work is going to pay off during this eclipse, however, it means that you may have to network with the higher-ups so you can get your rewards. Your finances will remain status quo. Learning anything right now may not be best for you as you may not focus as readily as normal. In autumn you may find growth. If you keep your communication in check, there is a possibility of growth in a relationship even if when there was none. Be careful with stressors as they could cause digestive issues. Your extended forecast (solar eclipse) link and mercury tendencies can be found here. An updated forecast will be available for you in October.

Virgo: Financial situations will be better in the fall than in the summer. Educational and skill advancements may need complete focus and time management. For business owners, many new opportunities could on the horizon with profits. This is not a good time for career or job change; however, your performance, concentration, honesty and dedication will help your own self confidence. Being positive in all aspect of your life will give you great mental and physical health. Personal relationships will go well, but singles may find it difficult as common interests will clash. Your extended forecast link and Mercury tendencies can be found here. An updated forecast will be available to you in August/September.

Fire Signs

As this eclipse is in Fire/Earth signs, there are plenty of other planetary aspects that could be putting a damper on your progress. Examples include Saturn in Sagittarius (per VPAT), Chiron in Aries, and the retrograde energy as it will soon move into Leo.

Aries: You might find that you are being pulled from both sides due to Chiron in your sign. There are needs that are not being met and there is that personality which is trying to be someone you are not. However, this is not a terrible eclipse for you. There is bound to be instability in finances and expenses may skyrocket in the fall. But if you save now you will notice things are good for you. Your solar eclipse 6 months forecast can be found here and mercury tendencies here. An updated forecast will be available for you in October.

Leo: It has been a long journey for you. This is not the time for you to make difficult decisions regarding finances, but it is a time for you to save rather than spend. Those who are advancing in their education or skills may have a difficult time due to other distractions. In areas of self-employment, business will have growth; however, with that comes expenses, so watch your spending. Professionally, things are great for you and there are possibilities of growth and expansion. Healthy habits in exercise and eating well will assist you for the rest of this year. On the personal front, watch your temper with those dear and close to you; its best to talk it out calmly.  Your 6 months solar eclipse forecast can be found here and mercury tendencies here. An updated forecast will be available for you later this month.

Water Signs

By association, due to the Cancer eclipse being tense and gravitating, it may feel like nearly every one of you are emotional sponges. But remember Cancer, you do have two more eclipses. The last eclipse may not have been the greatest for you due to a clash with Mercury retrograde.

Cancer: The eclipse in your sign earlier this month may have disturbed you, and with Mercury retrograde, you may have felt like someone is out to get you. But no worries now that you have been slapped a couple of times as this eclipse is bringing you hugs and kisses. There could be potential anxieties about you needing to be on top, however, you need not to worry because you will be much better financially than you thought. Nevertheless, you do need to watch your spending and do not get involved in any get rich quick schemes. Education and advancing in your skills will be positive for you. Those who are self-employed will see growth in the late summer and early fall. You will have super collaboration with colleagues where work may not seem as stressful as before. There are possibilities that you are being turned down for a leadership role which will cause problems. Your health may be up and down depending upon how stress is handled. Eating healthy and exercising is an important factor. Existing interpersonal relationships will go exceptionally well and quality time with family will also be fantastic. Your solar eclipse 6 mo forecast can be found here.  And your mercury retrograde tendencies here.  The next forecast will be available to you next year.

Pisces: With Mercury retrograde three times a year, it may seem all is lost and very confusing. Planning and decisions will go well for you, however, be careful as your communication skills especially what you say may cause more issues than you meant. Your focus with family members, especially children and mother, must be your priority. Do not let expenses outpace your profits and if you have a business idea, keep it to yourself. Competitors may have an upper hand, but you have strategic ideas for that as well. Minor colds, allergies, and body aches are possible. Your solar eclipse 6 months predictions can be found here.  Also your mercury tendencies until August can be found here.  The next updated forecast will be in September.

Scorpio: As Jupiter is in your sign right now enjoy this time until August. Financial increases are possible and there could be opportunities that cross your path without much effort. In areas of education and advanced skills there will be many blessings. Those that are in business for themselves will profit; however, expansion may be difficult at this time. Your extended 6 months predictions for the solar eclipse can be found here.  Mercury retrograde can cause a damper until August, this too is available here.  Your next forecast will be in October/November.

Air Signs

Since the Gemini/Cancer eclipse will transform many air signs with Rahu/Ketu influences it may be a little tough not wanting to look at the past.

Gemini: With Mercury Retrograde causing disturbance and the Ketu/Rahu shift, uncertainties may be experienced across the board. Hence, this eclipse will not treat you badly as financial stability is possible. There is however a possibility that spending uselessly could cause a problem where things could become tight. Education and skill advancements may be difficult due to a lack of focus and negative thinking. Business owners difficulties in concentration and overspending could set you back. Hence, those working for others may have clashes with their colleagues which could cause outbursts that should be avoided. Health issues are possible due to a lack of sleep. Family disturbances and conflicts are possible, and challenges are possible in areas of interpersonal relationships. Your extended 6 months solar eclipse forecast can be found here, mercury retrograde here.  The next extended forecast will be available in December

Aquarius: As your eclipses are now behind you, there is nothing that could stop you. This eclipse will bring mixed results as your career will advance; however, the lack of appreciation and acknowledgements are possible. Financial situations will be status quo. Those seeking a new position will have an opportunity to advance. Personal relationships will also be status quo. Hence, there is a part of you that may become assertive and aggressive towards people you love, and this could cause a lasting impact. Your extended 6 months solar eclipse tendencies can be found here.  Additionally, mercury retrograde could cause some problems for you until August.  Your next extended forecast will be available to you in August/September

Libra: There are no planets standing in the way of Bliss. This eclipse will not treat you badly. Any major investments will now go well for you; however, caution must be taken to revisit legal documents as there could be deceptive practices. There will be spending but you will be happy that you did, as it may have been for philanthropy or for the good will of others. Your financial growth will soar and decisions you make will be solid as well. Educational success is possible with hard work. Those in business for themselves will advance as their creative prospects will give them inspiration. There may be ups and down in your career as there could be clashes with colleagues where controlling your temper is a must. You will have plenty of responsibilities to keep things in check. A healthy physical regimen will keep you active. There are bound to be clashes in partnership and minor conflicts with the family members. A lack of affection may cause you to question the relationship. Your extended 6 months solar eclipse forecast can be found here.  Furthermore, mercury retrograde tendencies until August could be found here.  The next extended forecast will be September or October.

What I have brought to you are predispositions not focused on, or expected within, a specific individual. Nevertheless, it has always been told in the scriptures of Vedas and Gita that any eclipse, whether it is partial, full, or total is a karmic influence. It does not matter how good or bad a person is, rather, it is about their karma and how they have lived their life. As eclipses are also a divine driven spectacle, they can cause issues of focus, water, and humanity. Thus, it is advised by ancient teachers to follow a certain regimen.

During the eclipse it is advised not to eat, cook, travel or be around sharp tools. When taking a spiritual bath, enter the bath during the eclipse and not before. After the eclipse it is advised to sprinkle holy water around the outside of your home. This will protect your home from negativity. Additionally, take a spiritual bath, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and donate to the poor.

Since this moon is Determined, Somber, Strong minded, Applied, Truthful, Explicitly Energetic, Self-assured, and Bright, we must remain neutral.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning for the next 6 months, along with a usual moon mantra to keep peace.

Remember that with all submissions of psalms and mantras accomplishing the anticipated result is dependent upon the eminence of intent.

The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. This year I have chosen only two mantras; one for those that are just learning to pronounce the mantras and one for those who are experts.


Om Shraang Shreeng Shroung Sah Chandramase Namaha

(om Shriing Shreeng Sho roung Sah Chan dra Mase Namaha)


Om Kshirputraya Vidmahe Amrit Tatvaaye Dheemahi Tanno Chandra Parchodayaat

This Siddha mantra uses the universal essentials that govern each charka: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. The intention of this mantra is to keep us in stability and from losing our temper through dimness and unfocused energy.

This lunar Eclipse brings a lot of changes. I will be doing 6-month in-depth readings instead of my normal 3-month readings. Remember that we have the ability to manifest whatever it is that we want.

For available appointments you may visit the list of appointments here. To look at what the readings will cover, please look here. Pricing is available here, however, if you have not signed up for my newsletter it may be advisable as special discounts are available.

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Wishing you the best of the eclipse and remember, full moons bring new beginnings.



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