Luminous moon with wailing tears: First Super Full moon in Cancer 2018

First Super Full Moon 2018

Full Moon in Cancer

January 1/2 2018

By Maharani Rutan©

Light of the most incredible moon will force people to look up and wonder as we move into 2018 with our first Super Full Moon. The luminosity will enter our glorious sky with its elegance and radiance. This Full moon is a Capricorn-Cancer axis and will be at 11 degrees, depending upon the orb. The brightest point will be on January 01, 2018 at 9:24pm EST and 6:24 pm PST.

The first and brightest moon of 2018, is often referred to as the Old moon in the Northern hemisphere and as Thunder Moon in the Southern hemisphere; which will be exactly what this moon will bring, rain and gush. As I stated in my blogs of the Eclipse in Leo and Aquarius, the unsteady weather patterns will continue in our orbit for some time and I would not be surprised if the colder states are colder and the warmer states get much more rain than anticipated and it too becomes very cold or hot. This will go hand in hand with our feelings as pressure from the water and the rain causes many of us to become more emotional than normal.

Often times we all like to reflect on what we have once experienced before, and 2007 is the key to this full moon when it was in Cancer at 12 degrees. But the moon at this degree will not come exactly, but very close to the degree of the 2007 moon in 2048. Therefore, embrace it as it was the first-time experience.

The moon rules Cancerians and our passions which rule our own thought patterns. Where many of us may hug family and structure, for Cancers, it is time to step up and say which family they will hold on to and which one will go. This full moon will affect all those that have primary planets in Cancer and triggering the secondary planets as well. It would not be surprising if these people will have to spurt out everything they have been clinching inside of themselves. Being open and honest is not always easy. Cancerians do not like to leave a situation and it is difficult for them to adjust.

This emotional, nurturing moon is also named the Full wolf moon. The name was espoused through nature by Native Americans. The full wolf moon is termed due to the freezing cold weather and lack of food for the wolf and one could hear the howls of appetite and thirst across miles. Some say that the old moon emphasizes that the old one is going out and a new moon will bring love and nature.

During the full moon waves are usually tall, as are the emotions of people. A couple of days before the full moon emotions get hefty, especially for water signs (Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio) and their opposite fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius); these astrological signs are the most affected.

I would not be amazed if there is flooding, snow, or slush starting January 1 and for two weeks outwards. But just as our air transports mother natures’ wrath into our earth, human lives will dive into the all-time low of their own emotions. Cancer moon often brings a lot of water, snow, and rushing rain which could cause destruction to hills and mountains. It could also cause impairment to our own emotions.

However, for all that is devastated there is an opportunity to restructure with beauty and bliss. Full moon frequently brings endings leading us to a new beginning by the next moon. This full moon will bring to the fore how confident we are with the feelings attached to our communication, how much we stake, and how much we recount to others. Full moon can be a luminous time; however, it all depends upon our realism with the energy.

The Full moon gives a sign for us to raise in value the implication and drive of what has been given to us and what is around us. To learn what it means to be aware of the reason. It is as dominant as everything the moon stands for. This moon rules parts of society, ideas, and karmic memories. Domestic issues will consume most of us during the full moon in Cancer. State of mind and past recollections will attract us to people from our past. These lines happen on a karmic level that allows us the gamble an reserve in reverse through saving things and people from our past; in many cases we thought we have let go yet were unable to before.

Hence, according to VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories), Mercury retrograde has not reached his station point until January 10, 2018. Therefore, the intense energy to bring people and issues of the past will be the norm for the energy involved with this moon.

Our emotions and energy will be pumping since Uranus, a planet of unexpected surprises and shocking events, will not keep us quite for too long. As troubling as it may seem, many of us wanted change and this is exactly what will occur in the months to come. As the old saying goes, be careful what you pray for because it may just happen.

A full moon in Cancer is also a terrible time for many, especially if they cannot unite with people from the past. This will cause us to binge with things such as drinking, eating, or sexual liaisons, which we all later regret. It will be a bad hangover which may take months to get over.

The Cancer full moon is also very different as the energy will allow for independence from old injuries which may have caused painful wrongdoings and the weakness to excuse and move past spiteful things. The energy of this moon will provide the repair essential to release oneself from emotional constipation. To imagine a world without handcuffs or bring the energy back into the self so the energy can be placed somewhere else consequential, such as beautiful things for the future.

This moon lets that dignity intensify to a level where it previously was not. Our desire to hold onto the views of our condition makes a person feel the way they do. Whether it be people or places, the voices have caused a lot of pain and arbitrary decisions based upon other’s morals and standards, not your own.

Hang on tight! Allowing the harmful energy is not always stress-free, since it has been steady for so long. Imagine for a moment an addict going cold turkey. It can be the most problematic healing that a person has to tolerate. Similarly, love can be just as co-dependent if it is makes us feel good. Therefore, letting go will cause many to be volatile and unreasonable. Give yourself and others time to remake.

Faith and trust in your own intuition will be the key to future opportunities. Open your consciousness and emotion broader than ever before. If you need to cry, then cry. Let it all go. Your mind, soul, and especially psyche, will let you know that it is OK to do so and the shouts are not of pain but of love. Show your love to someone with the kindest spoken words and the hurt will be restrained through empathy. However, if there is vagueness or hostility then the spoken words will cut like a knife, deeper than the pits of any soul.

The primary step of letting go is to significantly do it. Cancers love to favor and love their homes. The power of this moon will give the energy needed to clean the home of clutter, finish the projects which were not finished, and bring beauty and light of the full moon into the home. With all this power in the air don’t overlook going into your shell too from time to time. Cancers love their lonesomeness; this is how they love themselves and are accepting of others. Through separation there will be answers to recognize the past and plant the seeds of tomorrow. Cleansing the body, mind, spirit, and physical world will lay a solid groundwork for tomorrow. However, Cancerians know that tomorrow cannot happen overnight; it is going to have to happen one day at a time.

The status of this moon is not just about feelings but it is also about loving-ness. Cancer is a sign of fostering and love of a mother for her son or daughter. It’s a karmic link, a sacrifice, and commitment to protection of the family. The need to protect may be so strong that there may be propensities to bring out the releases such as eating, drinking and spending too much. It is a mountain to release feelings and at the same time trying to appreciate what you have.

Your birth mother may play an important role in your life while trying to stabilize the deep meaning of love with reprimand. Recollections of bright childhood influences will create artistic reactions, thus prompting the psychic energy which will be directly connected to the birth mother. The feelings may be relied upon and persistent, but the need to follow them is more satisfying.

The moon in Cancer brings reassurance, moods, kindness, visions, and emotional problems in our lives. The Watery Cancer Moon brings up remembrances of childhood, warm motherly arms, and tender touches for loved ones. Our emotions spin in a sea of primal symbols…. watch out for grouchiness! There may be elusiveness and a need to hide in your shell sometimes. You may be a strong guard of family and customs. Although your disposition may become erratic, people will come to you enthusiastically for reassurance and care.

Since Cancer is ruled by the moon, lunar provocations are toughest and most easily expressed when focused through this sign. The moon greatly effects personality, the unintentional, and the emotions which cause primeval actions. When the Moon is in Cancer it is a time of tense emotions and countless concerns with people responding to life through feelings rather than purpose. During this very susceptible period be careful not to emotionally wound others or allow yourself to be injured.

Generally, people will be compliant, laid back, emotional, dedicated, and appreciating. Unfortunately, this motherly expression of caring is often expressed with food and it is easy to overeat. Cancer is a nurturing sign and the most fertile sign of the zodiac. With the moon in Cancer, it is a good time for creating life and for growth. Don’t be surprised if you find some news about a new baby or give birth; it could also be weddings and reunions. It is all about families and children.

Moon in cancer represents Inspiration, Subtle, Calm, Creative, and Pensive. It is my suggestion that you purchase a pink candle and carve your name, and the name of your loved one, through to the wick. Anoint the candle with lavender oil or inspiration oil and chant Psalm 70. You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle.

By now, those who have been following my blogs, know the importance of the mantras is to bring vibrations of the Divine healing into our lives. Even if the pronunciation may be incorrect, over time it becomes a ritual which leads to perfection.

In 2018, I challenge all those who recite the mantras delicately in the morning and at night to be able to move past the easy pronunciation to more difficult. And those who are familiar to advance to even more difficult.

The mantra for Cancer moon is:


Om Aing Kleeng Shreeng

(ommm I ing Kliing shriing)

This mantra should vibrate three chakras (the head, nose and the lips)

More difficult (recommended for those who have perfected the easy mantra)

Om Hiranya Garbhaya Avyakta Rupine Namah

Advance users of Mantras

Maata Cha Paarvati Devi, Pitaa Devo Maheshvara Baandhavah Shiva Bhaktaacha, Svadesho Bhuvanatrayami… Hey Gauri Shankarardhangi Yatha Tvam Shankarpriyaa Tatha Mam Kuru Kalyaani Kaantkatam Sudurlabhaam”


Shwetambarah Shwetavibhushanam Shwetadyutirdandadharih dvibhahrih chandroaumatatma vardah kireeti mayi prasaadam vidadhwata devah

Om, and welcome to the inspired plenty that is the very form of the universe

Please note that I am not an astrologer nor do I claim to be. These are universal predilections; not necessarily specific to the individual recipient. However, it gives a basic indication of what to expect during the lunar cycle. To understand what to expect in your situation, you might want to consult with an astrologer. My recommended astrologers (here) who can help you fill in the voids of confusion. You can find them at my useful link page here.

Vedic readings are very idiosyncratic in many senses; they integrate the stages of the moon and produce a reading which is based upon actions and reactions to more ordinary parts of our lives which we can oversee. This switch is stimulated through arrangements and responses which create a magnum opus of destiny, karma, dharma, and spiritual transits which often cloud us. Our life is not just about considering the past; it embraces the present so that we can choose to shape a future of our love. A Vedic reading grips those values and helps create that picture-perfect world through spiritual messages.

Wishing you the most memorable 2018, use this moon to cultivate others inspiration and bring about a collective change.

Maharani Rutan©

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