Spontaneous Rebirth: Lunar Eclipse in Aries October 2013


Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon in Aries

October 18, 2013

By Maharani Rutan©

Abstracts from: Leslie Hale

This eclipse transits all astrological signs at least one time or sometimes as many as 3 or 4 times in 100 years.  There are times when it affects all people and other times when only a few are affected.  On October 18, 2013 we will see a glimpse of this with a Penumbral Lunar eclipse in Aries at 25 degrees, depending upon the orb.

The eclipse always begins with a full moon as the Penumbral Eclipse begins at the horizon. As the moon begins to move towards the horizon this is seen as a skim of light.  The last Penumbral eclipse was on May 10, 2013 and it occurred as fast as it ended.

Unlike the May 10, 2013 eclipse, visibility may be a little broader as it will be seen by eastern Canada and cover the entire Canada.  The U.S will see it when the moon comes up.  This time it will entirely miss Asia and Europe due to the time zone.  This beautiful eclipse begins at 5:53 pm EST. As the moon fills the sky at 7:38 pm so the highlight will begin shortly after.

“October 18, a lunar eclipse occurs at 25 degrees of Aries at 7:38 p.m. Aries is the natural ruler of the first house of self–our own desires and needs will come into focus at this time, and they may conflict with others, as they (others) will be focused on their wants and needs as well. Look to see major events occurring in the world as the Uranus Pluto square is exact,  and Aries is ruled by Mars, the God of War.” – Leslie Hale



This Libra-Aries full moon and Aries Eclipse is basically a polarity of two equals.  The Libra motto is “I choose what is balanced” while Aries has: “I want what I want and I will find force to get it”. Therefore, this eclipse questions what in their life is balanced and what force or determination is needed to get it.  The last eclipse in Aries was on March 29, 2006 but it affected all early born Aries; this time around it affects all later born Aries. However, this eclipse is very unique as it has Libra and Aries written all over it.

Those that have Aries in their chart will either end relationships or begin new ones with new agendas but they will surely be based on principle reasons which could cause future conflicts. For Aries it is a time for change, or it is to magnify what is already here.  Especially for those that were born Late March, watch your health as you may get sick, ill, or just suffer from fatigue.

There may also be inclination to slow growth or major frustrations due to the Ghost period of Mercury Retrograde which began its journey backwards on October 1, 2013 and will continue to the confusion period until November 27, 2013. Read more about it here



The effects of this eclipse will vary from person to person depending upon their astrological chart.  This eclipse has primary focus around cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra) and they will be emphasized first.

Aries: this has your name written all over it.  It’s time to think about you and worry less about others. Have a deeper look at what you have accomplished and how much more you are willing to accomplish. As you already know, if you are happy then you will be automatically happy with, and appreciative of others, if you are not, you might want to cut the ties immediately if you have not already started to do so.

Cancer: You may change careers and if you have had tension in the past this will help you ease much of it away because of your decision to do so.  Take the risk and be very flexible because friends need you and don’t be surprised if those special friends become something really special to you in the future.

Libra: This is a very intense energy and you may begin to question people that are the closest to you and may not understand their motives, actions or reactions.  Take the spiritual side and be understanding as you do so you will attract those who may be attracted to you. This could bring more friends to your circle or even that someone romantic.
Capricorn: Let go of the past, it is finally time to walk away from people that do not walk in your same path.  You will finally realize that you are not superwoman / man; it’s nice to think that you are to everyone but you are not.  You have your needs just as much as others so enjoy yourself instead of holding on to negativity.



Mutable signs, which have been going through an ongoing transformation, will also be affected indirectly by this eclipse and some of the decisions that they make are crucial to their transits through this passage.

Gemini: Your impatient tendencies may stem from distractions by people. Resources that need to be invested may need to be rethought.  The duties with friends and social networks may cause you not to take care of things that are important and responsibilities may go to the side.

Virgo: Staying focused and centered may be challenging for you at this time and there may be uncertainties between what you value versus what you own. It’s time to rethink setting boundaries that are needed and standing up to those that take advantage of you and take charge of your life.

Pisces: Be careful with making financial commitments at this time; it may be time to reconsider those investments and if you are unsure, it may be better to recess your decision.  It’s nice to have financial backing but it is nicer when you are not in debt doing things with little or no financial backing.

Sagittarius: Taking too many risks and leaps of faith without thinking things through may leave a very bad taste in your mouth.  You may be tempted to take risks in every part of your life, including love and career. Many may even find ways to amuse themselves and place themselves in a risky situation.



As this eclipse sets a stage for the next eclipse in November, with a total solar eclipse in Scorpio, this may be just a beginning of what is going to transpire for many.

Taurus: It’s time for hibernation, meditation and renewal.  Spending time with family and friends is where satisfaction will come and there is greater energy to find our way out of any difficulty.

Leo: Money matters may be the focus of this eclipse. It asks you to focus on self-sacrifices and knowing your limits in finances.  Buying and managing money will bring the energy that the universe wants you to consider.

Scorpio: As I stated, this is eclipse is setting the stage for your own transformation.  Sudden changes in career or even daily routines may cause a disturbance in how your life appears day to day.  Kicking bad habits, focusing on self-improvement, and being patient with others will be to your benefit.  Don’t get too deep in a thinking process because you will have a tendency to doubt yourself and your abilities.

Aquarius: Talking and learning is the main focus of this eclipse for you.  You may feel rushed or delayed and these things may cause you to miss some critical detail which will cause you to redo the things that need to be done.  It’s ok to try something new as it brings newness to you.


One unique prospective of this moon is that it is geared toward all cardinal signs looking for accuracy and being the best they can be.  It boosts dichotomy to be the change we would like and the world would want you to have.  Anyone that is a cardinal sign or has cardinal signs in their chart (Aries, Libra, Capricorn or Cancer) will be powerfully affected by the full moon in Aries.

“Mars opposes Neptune, exact on October 19, and this transit is confusing, tiring, negative and prone to hearing information that is false, negative, and unclear. Action may be thwarted in some way. We may see events related to water, gasses, and murky situations and circumstances. Gay rights may in some way come into focus during the days surrounding the eclipse.  This eclipse will pack a punch and some things will end during this period, including relationships if it is adversely affected in your chart.  The Sun opposing the moon is considered to bring up emotional confrontations, especially between the sexes. Those most affected will be the cardinal signs-Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer.” Leslie Hale

From a pagan and holistic point of view, the first full moon is considered as the Blood moon.  With all this fiery energy it could not have been so uniquely named. With the Aries energy what better way to spend this energy. Harvest moon connected humans to the Earth, harvest and creation. Now the Hunter’s moon in October focuses around connecting with animals, or rather, totem.  For those who practice looking at the degrees of the lunar cycle, you may realize that this is the last time the moon will be at a later degree.  This conjunction will allow many to look at life differently every time the new moon approaches and allow us to look at both the past and the future at the same time.

The Hunters moon or rather, blood moon, forces us to look at love completely differently and ask the question: What is love?  Does the love you have live unrestricted?   Love does not have to be just in the area of relationships, but also our interactions with people. It can even be love of work and things you have learned. Additionally, it means to be able to let it go of someone or something no matter how much you love because it needs to be set free. The past years have reminded us that changes need to happen; that this kind of life is no longer forbearing and peaceful. We will be reminded once again that we can no longer walk in other people’s shadows.



The Aires Full moon brings to us a purpose of who we are and who we are becoming. Our purpose of this message will be focused around compliant, discriminate and bringing out our very best. With it, bring out the best results through goals and wishes being granted by the universal energies. However, one thing it will bring is a path that must be followed and there is always rage when a person goes against the protocols of the universe.  But if you follow the advice of the universe and the path that the universe is trying to lead you to, then you will follow your spiritual path in connection with the universe bringing with it a Divine light.

This full moon and the Lunar Eclipse will cause many people to act out their character; including animals this time.  This type of moon has been known for viciousness, recklessness and domestic disputes over things that may or not exist. Because this moon focuses around the totem stages, some of us may become very hostile in what we say or do.

This is a gift from the universe; to try to resolve pain within every situation of relationships as lesson learned. Be careful that while you are contemplating your thoughts you don’t overdo eating, drinking or any compulsive tendencies.



The uniqueness of this full moon is at 25degrees Aries/Libra, which means we are coming to some sort of a conclusion and it is in the house of relationships which means that a final resolution will be made either to move forwards with any one relationship (i.e. business friends, lovers, family etc.) or its time to end it all together because it may not be productive or proactive. There will be many messages from the universe so listen closely.  Libras are also known as a focus of justice through mindfulness and balance which means listen to your intuition.  Aries is the power which is also known as an awareness of something.  Remember, in the spiritual world the Universe gave the Aries Ram divine willpower as creator himself.

This moon is a polar opposite of two signs whereas, Libra requires harmony in every aspect of relationships and Aires can be very impetuous. Aries really yearns for happiness and has to be the best at everything and Libra wants to be exclusive to others.  Therefore, there are two mantras which must apply to bring the most benefit to this harmonious moon.

It is my suggestion that you purchase a white, yellow and pink candle and carve your name through to the wick.  Anoint the candle with lavender oil, sandalwood, and chant the psalm 39 and psalm 26, 18.  You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention. When it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. The mantra for Aries moon is:



“Om Angrakia Namaha”

(Om Ang-er-kya Na-ma-ha)

The mantra for Libra energy is:

Om Shukrya Namaha

(Om Shoo-krah-yah Nahm-ah-ah)


The mantra for the lunar eclipse is


Om Chandrakia Namaha

(Om Chan-dra-kia Na-ma-ha)


These mantras are to bring stability across every aspect of your relationships.

Please note, these are general tendencies and not particular to any person.  I would suggest that you contact an Astrologer for the latest update on how to handle this energy and what to expect. To contact a recommended Astrologer such Leslie Hale or Lee Stillwater or many of my recommended astrologers on my useful link page here  .




Additionally, I do not claim to be an Astrologer but as a Vedic reader we must use astrological graphs as our celestial transformation ground work as utility to give you the most objective path way to a spiritual light which is only handled by the universal powers.

Again, if you are a Cardinal sign or have any Cardinal signs in your chart, I would encourage you to get updates on yourself through a reading or a relationship reading.  I normally do not encourage two relationship readings in one month however; this may be an exception to the rule due to the polar opposite coming together to make transformation of a lifetime.

“Mercury goes retrograde on October 21, at 6:29 a.m. EST, at 18 degrees of Scorpio and events of this full moon/lunar eclipse may be delayed. Communication and events will be intense, and situations will involve 8th house matters-sex, money, death and change that seems forced.” -Leslie Hale

Please remember that on October 14, 2013, mercury retrograde will begin its ghost period and this gestation will continue to almost 10 weeks out and in between will be a total solar eclipse in Scorpio in November.  Look for more about these transformation changes in my future blogs here.

Be kind to your self and others and take a spiritual path..







Compassion, Compromise, Collaborate: New Moon in Libra October 2013


New Moon in Libra

October 5, 2013

By Maharani Rutan©

The preparation for the eclipse is drawing near as the new moon in Libra makes its way through our celestial skies on October 05, 2013.  Previously, the closest to this degree of the moon took place was on October 7, 2010 when it transited at 15 degrees. Now, it will impact 12 degrees in Libra depending upon the orb at approximately 8:34pm EST, 5:35 PST and 00:34 GMT.

Those that will be affected by this passionate moon would be those that are born in the later part of Libra October 15-23, and those that have Libra in their chart.  It does not matter where moon sign is placed; it matters to know what will be the area which the moon will impact the most.

This new moon comes just in time to prepare for the bumpy ride as it gives breathing room before two eclipses change our lives or rather, life as we had once known it.  This truth can be revealed in many different aspects of one’s life.



To truly understand how this new moon will affect one’s life it is best to contact either a western or eastern astrologer.  Western Astrology focuses around the sun and the impact of the sun in your everyday life whereas eastern astrology focuses on the moon, impact of the future, and how it can be changed.  For example, in the western astrology people born on October 24 would be known to have characteristics of a Scorpio but depending on what time they were born, in the Eastern astrology they are characterized as Libra (Tula). The placement of moon has a greater impact on the Vedic culture as it has no effect in the western.

The New Moon is always about personal cycles.  The new moon gives us the energy we need to set goals towards the things we want the most. One of the biggest tasks of human beings is to understand relationships and this is what this new moon is about.

The center stage for the moon is new beginnings in every sector of your life that need, or rather, want a change.  Though we are prone to act out of compulsion, this new moon forces us to act out of our hearts and trust that things will go as planned and if not its ok, you at least tried.  The new moon gives you all the blessings you need to take chances to live in the movement and dance like you have never done before.


The new moon now forces us to think about planting those seeds which may have been reconsidered before and looking at opportunities that embrace the types of people, places and things that are yearned for, as long as it is not obsessive. Hence, planting seeds to your garden, changing your fashion, or even that perfect job is the seed of change.  There are bits of warning here; don’t plants seeds hastily or on a whim as it may be more than you are able to bare.  Do it out of the heart without any expectations and embrace what ever that is brought to you.

The full moon, and days after, shook up relationships or created difficulties in areas of relationship.  The new moon brings a fresh prospective to change the things that no longer fit the accustomed life style. The new moon is a beginning of birth; what is clear and refocusing on equilibrium. It’s time to spend alone time to visualize goals, bring them to fruitfulness and embrace the transformation that is sublime.

During the new moon there are selfish tendencies where there may be doubts with other people’s motives and to question if others fit the way you perceive life. Due to the inner and outer conflict of good versus bad it is again a time to cleanse your soul.  Since the new moon creates conflicts between status quo and possibilities, by cleansing your mind and spirit you will honor your life journey and find ways to release.


A new moon in Libra has a romantic overtone as well as social.  There is a greater need to bounce ideas between people that we care for.   The new moon in Libra allows us to be comfortable and engaging.  It also craves attention and mutual affection; both of which are needed so that we see the best in the people around us.  There is a strong indication that during the Libra moon some sort of an inspiration may come forth on the table to bring some balance where there may have been conflict.

Libra moon encourages us to find peace within ourselves so that we can negotiate, arbitrate, and restore the balance needed with families and friends.  It is also a time to bring flowers into your home and beautify the home, decorate and purify to welcome friends.  It may even force people to learn art, write, change fashions and indulge in things we can not afford.

Added to this harmonious moon, Libra moon also reassures fairness and allows us to bring new people into our lives; if it is to bring someone new or to filter out conflicts so that important matters are more balanced it does not matter as long as there is harmony and peace. The scales of Libra are very unusual; it is the only sign that does not have a living thing attached to it but it is a sign of scales.  This means that it we are prone to be very impartial, where the head may rule over the heart-it’s an insensitive to explore your own self before you can make a decision in any area of relationships.  This is the time to give good intentions towards any conflicts.



The New moon in Libra, which is the first New moon after the Autumn Equinox, forces us to look very deeply in ourselves to see what has not worked and what has .Try not to compromise for the sake of peace if it is not what you really want.  True compromises are made with decency, respect, honesty, accepting and trust.

The Libra moon allows us to exchange dialogs, including an opportunity to listen and to be heard which allows great clarity and allows us the courage to get rid of habits and expectations that have killed our soul and heart.  The experience that comes with this new moon gives you the available energy you need to take your time.  Relationships will take a new dynamic and brig forth great awareness fueled with life of encouragement, sincerity, value and realization.  If you change your thought patters and your expectations you will change yourself.

A moon in Libra means you may need a melodious relationship with an affectionate partner to feel at tranquility psychologically.  Consistent evaluation and equilibrium with others will be the force of the new moon energy. An urge to beautify, express, nurture and being fair is what this new energy is all about.


Libra Moon values harmonious relationships. It behaves so as to make sure that he/or she is loved and the love is kept. It’s a need to please the people you feel close to, and so want to be supported with compassion, a charming manner, and with music and beautiful things. Libra Moon needs a close friendship, partnership or marriage to feel nurtured and safe.  You may have need for peace, harmony and pleasant surroundings. In emotional situations, the Libra Moon tends to act very rationally and strives to make fair decisions.

People will have strong kindness and magnetize to others.  This comes from the Libras hunt for harmonization and immovability, for the Libra life emphasizes teamwork.  It’s a good time to form partnership of all natures—friendships, marriages, and business.

The planet Venus that manifests the surroundings as a friendly, liberal nature and a desire to redecorate many things rules Libra. It is an excellent time for artistic work as the beauty of Venus is a combination with the academic ease of an air sign.


Altogether it’s a lovely time for social gathering; when the consciousness of self, as expressed in the first six signs of the zodiac, becomes united with the awareness of needs and desires of others.

But all may not be well for everyone in the astrological front and for some it will be a something that will glorify:


Aries:  There is a strong desire to start something new; either to learn or even meet someone from a different culture or just exchanging ideas.  But be very prepared for the eclipse on October 14, 2013.

Taurus: There is something mysterious about mysteries that fascinate you and you are now getting very serious.  There is no space in your world for non-committal relationships – it is the intensity of the passion that drives you.

Gemini:  It is time to relax and perhaps, unlike any other time, you want to relax and enjoy your time with family and friends.  You crave passion just like your fellow Taurus and you too want a more emotional and serious relationship.  You will now attract more people your way with your relaxed tendencies.

Cancer:  It is all about time management and focusing on work or education.  Because of your moods it may be that either you will become so lazy that responsibilities will fall to the side or others are driven to find new work or finish projects with great ease.

Leo: Don’t you just love you? Your creativity will be at its highest and you may become more carefree. Because of this you may become more attractive to people and your five senses are working on overdrive.

Virgo: Like a virgin you love your family and loved ones.  Status quo is the name of the game for you.  It’s scary to try something new?  Why not? Redecorate your home and be at peace with your loved one otherwise you may become very unfocused and may even get ill.

Libra: This is your moon. It’s time to talk to people and exchange ideas.  Your charm is working very well and you may even decide to treat yourself to a nice gadget.  How about an Iphone5C? If you can’t afford it I know you will find a way.

Scorpio: Get ready, the eclipse in November will change you too.  But for now you love to treat yourself and you invite all the senses in your life.  You must taste, you must smell, you must see, you must hear and you must touch; especially things that are natural but you are not willing to make adjustments either.  Go ahead and make a big purchase but don’t spend to make yourself feel good and only if you need it.

Sagittarius: Ok so you think you are all that? Or perhaps you are better than you know you are.  You are ready for the gym, new clothes, a haircut or you may even decide to go on a diet.  Don’t be foolish with plastic surgery, you are beautiful just the way you are.

Capricorn:  You are being very secretive in areas of love.  PSA (Public Show of Affection) is out of the question.  Be careful not to attract those that are restricted in any way and you may shy away from discussing your personal life to anyone.

Aquarius: Put away those romantic overtones and it’s time to socialize! You will embrace and appreciate those people who appreciate you and the thoughts of inspiration and dreams will cause you to always have a smile on your face so enjoy!

Pisces: Money, Money, Money, Money.  You are now ready to be successful; your goals are the number one thing to you.  The more successful you are the happier you are.  Perhaps you may even be a little detached with people you love because your mind is on … MONEY.


Take this time to enjoy every part of you and know that if nothing changes then you are not changing.  These are general tendencies; to find out how this moon would affect you personally, I would suggest you contact my preferred astrologer: Leslie Hale or Lee Stillwaters or any one of my recommended astrologers here.

Since the moon in Libra represents Appeal, Attractive, and Luxurious, Fair-Minded, and loving, it is my suggestion to remain balanced. This New moon is extraordinary to many signs. It is my suggestion that to purchase a yellow candle and carve your name through the wick.  Anoint the candle with lavender or peppermint oil and chant the psalm 26.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention, and when it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. The mantra for Libra moon is:



Om Shukrya Namaha

(Om Shoo-krah-yah Nahm-ah-ah)

This mantra produces the quality of friendship within oneself including others.

The intention of this mantra is to smooth your path in life by helping you appreciate the lessons you have set for yourself and through karma the negativity will be surpassed.

With every moon cycle, remember to cross out the old affirmation even if there is a slightest change and create new ones. The perfect number for aspirations is 10.  This means to list 10 aspirations and recite them every night until the next moon cycle.  Remember, never make the affirmations beginning with “I balance”, it must be worded “I call for balance in my life with companionship and love.”



Please note that I am not an astrologer nor do I claim to be however, the utilities of the planets play a great emphasis on Vedic Sanskrit Readings.  In the Hindu philosophies it states that we are mortal beings and we will always react to our environments through ego driven actions until we can surpass the ego, become one with the universal energies, and learn to adapt and improvise what is in front of us with complete embrace.

Enjoy yourself for now and remember the Eclipse in Aries October 14, 2013 will affect all Cardinal signs including Aries.  The Eclipse in November will once again will impact Scorpio but it will be awesome to see a total solar eclipse. To top it off, Mercury will begin its retrograde motion as early as October 14, 2013.  Ouchy!

I wish you the best of the new moon and that you able to capture the truth during the full moon so that you can began your journey into sublime bliss.