Involuntary Passage: Magenta Lunar Eclipse January 2018

Total Lunar Eclipse

Super Blue Full moon

Super Red Full moon

Super Full Moon in Leo

January 31, 2018


By Maharani Rutan©

Many of our lives are contingent upon the lessons of the past. Our characters are built upon our mistakes as well as our achievements. Once again, we are reminded that almost all of history must repeat itself to ensure that we have learned what we needed to learn to move to the next phase.

In only the first month of 2018 we have cried, mourned, been devastated, and fought for equality. We have watched leaders make fools of themselves while we scratched our heads with the question of “why.” Now, by the end of the month we question the very essence of family structure and what we call security; but most of all, we question how the lessons of the past affect us. These answers will not come to us overnight, rather, they may take several months to reveal themselves. I believe they will gradually come to us so that we can make sense of it all.

Some of the most positive aspects of January 2018, have been the beautiful Super full moon in Cancer and Micro New moon in Capricorn. Perhaps, planetary, our perception and emotions may have been tugged but the sky was beautiful to see.

January 31, 2018, will be one of those rare moments when the full moon will be described as a blue moon, one of only two that we will have in 2018. The phrase was coined by astronomers as “once in a blue moon”, meaning that only once in a blue moon do two full moons happen in a calendar month. But the rarity is that the second blue moon will be in the spring, and once again the past will repeat itself in 2037 when there will be exactly two blue moons in a year to repeat – January and March.

What I like about this moon is that this is the first time in a long time it is not only s blue moon, but it is also a red moon and a super moon. What a grand scale! We just passed our first super moon on January 23, 2018, and we are glorified again. We must enjoy this scenery as this type of aspect will not occur for at least 12 years, with the last occurrence being well over 130 years ago.

Scientifically, the total lunar eclipse occurs when three planets, the sun, moon, and earth form a straight line. Thus, any sunlight that is caste upon the earth is impassable to the moon. Because the density of Sun is much larger than the earth, the sun’s ray casts Earth’s shadow on the moon and it covers the moon entirely; often giving it a red luminosity.

Another uniqueness of this moon is that there will be NO FULL Moons in February. Therefore, some have adopted the January 31, 2018 Super Red-Blood moon to be renamed the “Snow Moon” as it is anticipated those in the northern hemisphere will have a very cold and possibly snowy February. Equally, in the southern hemisphere it is named correctly as the Red moon. This seems simple enough; blue representing the snow and cool weather, and red representing the light, enough for barley to grow. But its something even more special about this moon, which is also the day of our first eclipse in 2018.

The total lunar eclipse on January 31, 2018, will be visible in North America, the Pacific Ocean, Asia, and Australia. Its duration will be 1 hour and 16 minutes as it completes its cycle. The shadow of the sun will begin to cover the earth through the Penumbral Eclipse on the 31st at 5:51am EST and 10:51 UTC which can be seen by the eastern coast lines of the U.S and Canada. While the moon becomes full it begins its alignment with the Earth through its Partial Eclipse at 6:48am EST and 11:48 UTC. Though the total eclipse will not be seen by the North America’s, it will begin as the moon becomes fuller at 7:51am EST and 12:51 UTC. The moon will be completely full due to the super moon effect at 8:28am EST, 5:28 PST and 13:29 UTC; it will also be the maximum eclipse. The full eclipse will end at 9:07 EST and 14:07 UTC, thus within a half-hour or so, the magnificent cosmos show will wind down. The partial eclipse will end at 10:11 am EST and 15:11 UTC and will go back to original form at 11;08 PST and 16:08 UTC. This entire process could make it seem that the moon is red; however, it will depend upon the orbit’s degree.

Now that we have discussed the scientific gravitational degrees of the eclipse, it is time to analyze how this scenario relates to our past. I can say with certainty that this eclipse is at the exact degree, and sign, as the eclipse on January 31, 1991. Like the saying goes “Back to the Future”. As much as I would like to concentrate on other countries and pop cultures, I believe that more drama has been going on in some very specific nations i.e., U.S, Russia, and Korea, than any other countries, therefore, my top focus is going to be on these countries. It’s imperative that before the discussion of history is evaluated, the polarity is imperative to bring a connection between the past and the present.

In January 1991, the first African American woman was elected as Mayor of Washington D.C. (Sharon Pratt Dixon), and in January 2018 the first transgender person is seated in the Virginia House of Delegates (Danica Roem). January 1991 sees air strikes in Iraq, while in January 2018 air strikes continue in Somalia. January 2011, Eastern Airlines files bankruptcy but continues to operate for two more years, and in January 2018, Toys-R-US & Sears file for bankruptcy – could they operate for two more years? January 2011, President Bush appoints staff who retire or resigns, and in January 2018 President Trump appoints staff that resigns or are fired. Jan 7, 1991, Saddam Hussein prepares his military to wage a war against the U.S, and in January 2018, North Korea’s Kim John Un prepares to wage a war against the U.S. January 1991, Hurricane Hugo is linked to 61 deaths, while January 2018, mudslides and snow storms are linked to 60 deaths. There are many more polarities but the question is, what are we to learn from these coincidences? The answers are not available to us right away, rather, we must wait until the eclipses through Aquarius/Leo axis is complete.

The journey of the Leo eclipse will not end, at least until January 2019. What we will learn will be the things that are most intimate for us; which is the structure of society, leadership, security, and protection.

The first question of our structure was answered when our eyes were forced opened by the Lunar eclipse in February 10, 2017. “The only way this can happen is to alter separate ego centrism from ‘I’ thinkers to ‘We’ the people”. The first lunar eclipse of 2018 will do just that; opening our eyes while we hear the “Lions roar.”

The second question of leadership was answered in the past six months as we questioned the leadership during the fall eclipse on August 21, 2017 and on wards. “This could cause many leaders to take things out of context, being overly melodramatic or defensive, and could even have shortage of self-control and ethical reliability.” Read more here

The third question is one of security, which can be in the form of employment, taxes, finances, or anything to do with security of living and well being. All these answers will be provided for us in the next six months. We will be made to either rethink our budget or rethink what we need to do to secure ourselves.

As a VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theory) reader, I must observe and respect the Vedic rituals such as Chandra Grahan (literal meaning: stealing of the moon aka lunar eclipse). This eclipse is very unusual certain rituals must be done before sundown and after. To simply put it, if the eclipse is visible in your city you should observe ultimate sacrifice (half fast day) if not, then you may not have to. However, to be on the safe side it should be observed as weather conditions do not account for the visibility. Furthermore, not only is this eclipse going to be politically driven, but it will also be relationship oriented as the full moon always brings endings and new beginnings.
Because this is a super full moon eclipse I suspect the effects of this eclipse will be felt as early as the 21st of January and will continue outwards until the eclipse in August 2018. However, keep in mind that the predisposition of eclipses is based upon VPAT which states that the Lunar eclipse is in Cancer, not Leo. Additionally, Rahu and Ketu are in Capricorn and Cancer, which means these people are going to have a difficult time sleeping or are going to be unable to sleep during the times given above.

Lunar eclipses have always been known as an omen. As Chandra (moon) is related to family and personal dilemmas which causes social and psychological intensity. Mostly, the intensity is related to issues which were brought up or related to December 2010 eclipses.

I will not be surprised at all if the difficulties of world leaders continue to intensify, or if the weather patterns cause crops to be unavailable or enter the market at a high cost. Additionally, there may be issues of terrorism, depression, and unstable economy for those that reside within the viewing are of the eclipse (North Americas, Asia and Australia). But I hope that my visions are proven incorrect when world issues surround nuclear or chemical weapons that effect our environment. Hence, it could be the opposite when all are halted.

On a personal level, for 7 days before the day of the eclipse and 7 days after, no major decisions should be made that would change one’s life. These decisions could pertain to marriage, jobs, moving, or even traveling for business. There could be a very strange outcome or some shocking endings.

The end of January will bring roller coaster rides for many and continue through February. A couple of days before the eclipse, Mars will enter Sagittarius and with Saturn in Sagittarius (per VPAT) will cause many people to experience “Fight or Flight” feelings. Many will seem angry and in order not to say anything they don’t mean, they may run away. Furthermore, projects may not be completed, and if it is not smoothing they may not be completed at all.

In the Vedic Philosophies, anyplace the eclipse is observable will be affected the most. The lunar eclipse will have a long-lasting influence on all fixed signs due to its placement in Aquarius/Leo as both are in fixed signs; therefore, all those under those signs (Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus) will be magnified. I will go into more detail later in the blog.

This is also a time that Aquarius/Leo’s are discovering themselves; finding out who they are, and how they are in harmony with their relationships. Both Aquarius’ and Leo’s are often concerned about what others think; it is about looking privately and standing out for who they are. Unique creativeness are idyllic to bring modesty and effort, independently of others.

The full moon, or lunar eclipse, is always about discarding the old to make room for the new. Yet, in the Vedic Philosophies it is recommended that people recognize, and are cautioned to exercise, the same formalities as counseled during retrograde, but with even more discipline during the eclipse.

There is a profound anxiety for sensitive situations and wishes within the context of the house, sign, and planetary aspects affected. To fully increase in value the potential of the lunar eclipse, we must search both houses and signs that are brought into play. Where the Moon is – we can provoke our demons, old behaviors, and uncertainties, and where the Sun is we may find the means to hold and issue from whatever oppression. We can now have understanding in life through our inspired efforts. In any event, there are prospects for deeper empathetic understanding, and finding a balance in our lives.

The Moon in Leo marks a time of determination and charisma. Ruled by the Sun, Leo creates a guidance of cordiality, eagerness, and delight. People may feel inspired, gracious, and liberal. It is a good time to chase romance, be collective, and to help others. Like the Lion that denotes Leo, people may feel self-assured but also require gratitude and appreciation. Attention needs to be taken to avoid overemotional spectacles while attempting to clutch the limelight, or in management positions.

Often full moons, especially attached to the eclipse, are compared to chapters in a book; the conception of forming new chapters in our lives is like a chapter in a book. Every full moon we produce a thesis which means we propose a change rationally that we need to alter because of conditions which are no longer working. Whether it is our appearance or dealing with problems in our own lives, the transformation is imminent because old ways are not working.

As the moon begins to move from bright to dim, and creates a metamorphism to a New moon, we create antithesis. The prevailing energy of the new moon (which was a couple of weeks ago) gave the beginning of simplicity in what needs to change; our thesis (awareness or a change), is it likely or is it a nullification which causes a response, and we begin to plant the seeds.

When the moon orbits to nurture itself into waxing moon we triumph to resolve struggles between thesis (ideas or a modification) and antithesis (what we need to do to make it happen or what won’t work) and this synthesis will permit the truth to form new ideas while undertaking issues that do not work in our lives. In easier terms, we could end a chapter in our lives or even began a new one. But changes will be the climax.

A Lunar Eclipse is painstaking by its effect on zealous reactions. Psychic sensitivity and spiritual tendencies during a lunar eclipse occur because of the lunar energies. So, take this energy and put it toward constructive activities such as writing in your journal and acceptance of your feelings on paper. Remember things that happen within the 3-week period during and after the eclipse usually have long lifelong effect. If the eclipse happens on your sun it will have a great influence on your life, but if there is a clash it may be problematic for 6 months. To find out more about where your placements are I would suggest you speak to a western astrologer, either Leslie or Lee. If not, please refer to the link to find other recommended astrologers (here).

The power of this Full Moon and the eclipse can be particularly tough for those who were born under a Full Moon PHASE, as well those that have significant houses in Aquarius/Leo, not to mention those with fixed Sun Signs (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus).

The Leo vigor can frequently cause us to be more biased, tenacious, content, annoyed, conceited, vain, and superior. It’s harder (but not unbearable) to make changes or be supple, since the Moon is the closest ‘Planet’ to Earth. It also hits us more deeply than most Planets.
The material which I am about to present is not grounded upon western or eastern astrology rather; it is based upon a Vedic philosophy. This philosophy arises from its roots as placeholders which use the method that there are no absolutes. Though astrology and numerology can be used as placeholders (like a name tag) the mixture is what makes a soul.

These are general tendencies based upon the methodology of VPAT and not to be confused for astrology. Those that have had a chance to talk to me may have had their VPAT chart done and I recommend that you now take this material and use your columns to foretell your six-month outcome.

Principal placeholders that will be pretentious by this eclipse will be fixed signs therefore, I will be emphasizing Leo/Aquarius primary and move into those that may be least affected.

Fixed Signs

(Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus)

This is the 4th of Aquarius’ series of eclipses; the first was Aquarius/Virgo axis in August of 2016 which was focused around work (read more about it here). The 2nd Series in Pisces/Leo Eclipse changed how we looked at life. In the fall of 2017, the journey continued as both Aquarius Eclipse and Leo Eclipse changed their perception of life. This continual transformation will affect fixed signs until 2019 even when Aquarius leaves in the fall. However, Saturn in moved into Sagittarius (read about it here) until 2020. This means it will affect all fire signs including Leo. While all fixed signs will be affected by this eclipse as it is in their sister house.

Leo: This is the second of the series of eclipses for you, Dear Leo, until January 2019. You will now ask questions as 5 W’s one H. Who do you want to be like or who are you? What do you want to do in the future? Where do you want to work and live? When do you want to do it? The last question is how will you do this. The first step will be to examine yourself, your health, personality, and your visions of life. As you make ground breaking changes necessary to make these changes. But remember, Saturn in Sagittarius (per VPAT) will continue to transform you until 2020, in a way you have never experienced before.

Aquarius: Even though this eclipse is not in your sign this is an Aquarius/Leo axis which means you will be affected unlike the last eclipse which reformed you. This eclipse will force you to reconsider every relationship in your life, i.e. business, personal, and family. It will be a time looking at everything from desires to commitment as well as happiness, success and vision. Also remember Jupiter in Libra (per VPAT) will bring things you treasure and things that no longer serve a purpose will leave. Since VPAT does not focus much on the sun signs; rather, it has a moon focus, expect the unexpected good or bad, this is your eclipse too.

Scorpio: This eclipse is more karmic than you ever would have thought. You will now be concentrating on your career, goals, occupation and all things that make you the person you are. It will go profoundly into the origins of your accomplishments, influence, standing, social status, financial strength, recognition, esteem, and the position you are longing. It is about your face and how you will increase your goals in the bigger picture.

Taurus: Consideration of physical value is going to take much of your energy. However, it is a time to be able to balance your personal life and things that are meaningful to you. You may consider the focus of things that you own such as your home, vehicle, jewelry, and family values. Hence, it is time to look at your work and personal life, how you will maintain peace and harmony, and how you can have the best of both worlds while bringing yourself happiness. However, with Uranus in your sign now you must do what you can to save for a rainy day.

Cardinal Signs

(Aries, Capricorn, Libra, and Cancer)

This eclipse is making some significant changes to Cardinal signs. As we are now moving away from Uranus in Aries. Some Aries’ should feel good as nothing will be that shocking. However, Saturn in Sagittarius will continue to impact your work and friends, Dear Aries. If you have not paid your debt to someone, or something, you will pay Karma as Saturn governs your Karma. However, nothing will compare to the depths of Rahu and Katu transits in Capricorn/Cancer which will impact after life and a reconsidering of the present. Soon, Cancers will be going through their own transformations. A Little hint is the 2009 eclipses. Additionally, with Jupiter in Libra (according to VPAT) Libra’s will now go through their own wonderful transformation in areas of money, home, relationships somewhat a euphoria effect.

Aries: You should be feeling a lot better. Now is the time to revive and reflect on how you differentiate, justify, and examine everything in your life. It may be time to go back to school or do a spiritual vocation. As you do so you will have blessing and affluence. But the problem is you wager on your reserves too much. Whatever makes you feel good and whatever makes you feel bad will be the focus of the eclipse.

Libra: As you continue to enjoy the gifts of Jupiter, remember to watch your weight and indulgences as they could cost you plenty in the long run. This eclipse is about wonderful surprises for you. Unexpected money, happiness, and prosperity is coming to you. It does not mean go and win the lotto (well that could happen but I did not say so) it’s about inheritance, and profitable gain. You could be more social than ever before and you will have supporters that will assist you in every way.

Cancer: You have been riding high for quite some time now. The time is almost near for your own eclipses this summer. Hence Rahu/Ketu transit is making you look at life in a deeper sense. Consider whom you leave things behind for. Whom have you hurt that you need to mend with and what Karma will you take with you? It’s time to consider your family and how you are maturing. You will have a double-edged sword here. Not that it must be bad at all but it is about your family, relatives, moods, reactions, and how you relate to them. Your thinking and focus needs to be on budgeting debts and profits, and how you manage them. Remember that according to VPAT this is your eclipse even though Leo’s are focused. Something will definitely end.

Capricorn: Having Rahu/Ketu and Pluto in your sign is not always easy, you may have your high highs and low lows and it can cause depression or even anxieties. This is your transformation. If you have not taken care of your health you will be shown your weaknesses. Things will happen out of the blue and you could have enormous losses or gains. You may anticipate family money, or insurance which could be taken away or given to you. Even with any negativity, your psychic antennas are beaming and your intuition is strong, so use to your purpose.

Mutable Signs

(Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini)

With Saturn in Sagittarius, by association all mutable signs should be feeling the effects of Saturn. It could be dissatisfaction at work, long hours, fatigue, or unfulfilled expectations. Fortunately, at the end of the tunnel (2020) you will no longer let minor things change your moods or perception. With Uranus moving into Taurus, it could be that Virgos may feel things happen suddenly or unexpectedly. While Gemini is getting rubbed by Jupiter in Libra, they may be turned between having fun and working. Lastly, Pisces is still trying to dust their shirts from their eclipse last spring and continue their journey to change.

Sagittarius: Saturn can be quite difficult but also leaves a present at the door. Saturn is debt paying transit so be careful what you do and say as it will be a difficult transit if you don’t. On top of the disturbance of karma teacher this eclipse is also sitting in your dharma home. This can be a good period. You may go through a period when you don’t know where you are going but you will discover things which no one has ever known. It’s time to go back to school, go to a spiritual retreat, or do charitable work; the more you do the more you will be rewarded.

Virgo: As your transit of luck and financial uncertainties have moved past you, the universe tests you to see how you can handle things that are the unexpected. When Uranus goes into Taurus, your hard work and money will have unexpected shocks, both good and bad, so be prepared for the unknown. This eclipse is about endings. It will focus on impartiality, isolation, seclusion, depression, and dependencies. It is about letting go of things that no longer serve a purpose and cause negative thinking in your life. It is time for you to remove yourself from anything that is tangible and bring humility and freedom into your life.

Gemini: I guess it can be said that you may be on a win-win situation for a minute or two. With Jupiter in air signs you will find it benefits you. This eclipse takes place in a house which you are an expert at: communication, learning, and investigation. It is how you share your information with people and how you build rapport. However, it is not just about information, but also how you apply what you know with people. It is about media and every person in your life. Additionally, since you love to travel, this will be about travels also.

Pisces: You have now completed one phase of your transformation. Remember, every year after an eclipse you become more mature. But this means owning up to your mistakes and the lessons you have learned during your occupation. Now it is time to reconsider how you handle conflicts, adversaries, and how they affect your health. You will now have to dig deep to confront your fearful demons, and how you attend to others.

What I have offered are universal predispositions based upon VPA. Everyone’s characteristics will be diverse, contingent upon the individual VPA chart. This is not astrology and I strongly recommend if you need an astrological reading to contact Leslie Hale or Lee Stillwater, or any of my other recommend Astrologers here. If you are looking for a Vedic Astrologer, contact me privately as I can point you in the direction which is most beneficial to you.

Moon in Leo could cause a subtle need to sparkle and be well-regarded by others. You may express your feelings in a naïve manner – either vivaciously or dramatically. A natural magnetism with children, influence, and leadership comes naturally. Nurturing through respect while reassuring them to be strong, bold, and spirited will also come naturally. You view your mother as a royal, powerful, or a valued person; and look for autonomy, friendliness, and power in that relationship.

Through the Lunar Eclipse, it is vital to analyze situations in a changed facet. It is time to re-write your aspiration: “I need help in forming what I vision of and power to manifest happiness through this process. I need the information to love more and the ability to engage in a positive environment.”

Moon in Leo is Spirited, Brave, Studied, Administrative, Planned, AND MOODY. It is my suggestion that you purchase a Yellow candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with Orange and Rosemary Oil and chant Psalm 65. Chant, in silence, Psalm 40 three times. Allow yourself to intone these words every night until the next moon cycle and let the glory of the higher power enter your body, mind and soul.

The Lunar eclipse also needs extra care. For this lunar eclipse purchase a mauve candle, carve your name through to the wick, anoint the candle with passion fruit oil, and chant Psalm 51.

In addition to these mantras, I recommend a Vedic Spiritual Bath; though this year’s recipes are not available to the public, those that did receive it please follow it.

For this eclipse, as well as the full and new moons, I have incorporated 4 mantras, each one more difficult than the other and more powerful. Do what you can to use proper enunciation as it is the most powerful method of help.

Additionally, to calm the effects of the lunar eclipse, I have incorporated a lunar eclipse mantra. This I suggest reciting now until Feb 15, 2018 and during the midnight hours of the full moon. The Leo moon mantras are:

Easy Mantra

Om Hreeng Shreeng Sauh

Om (Breathe in) Hriing (out) Shriing (in) Suuuuah (breathe all the way out)


Om Kleem Brahmne Jagadadharaya Namah


Aum namah suryay shantaya sarva rog vinashane Ayuh arogyam aishwarya dehi deva jagatpate. japa kusum sankash kashyapeyam mahadhytim dhvantari sarva paapdhanam pranatotsim divakaram


Nagendraharaya trilacanaya bhasmanga ragaya mahesvaraya nityaya suddhaya digambaraya tasme na karaya nama: shivaya. Mandakini salila candana carcitaya nandisvara pramathanatha mahesvaraya mandarapuspa bahupuspa supujitaya tasme ma karaya namah shivaya

Mantra for eclipse for those who know proper annunciation


Om Shraam, Shreem, Shroum Saha Chandramase Namaha”.


Om Kshirputrayay Vidmahe Amrit Tatvaaye Dheemahi Tanno Chadrah Prachodayat

This Siddha mantra uses the collective essentials that manage each charka: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. The purpose of this mantra is the to keep us in balance and from becoming irritated through darkness and unfocused energy. This mantra will support an easygoing and pleasant transition to new and positive energy states.

Please Note: I do not claim to be a Western or a Vedic Astrologer nor have the credits or academia to be titled as such. I am a Certified Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Reader. My philosophical explanations are based upon Science, Nature, Karma, Astrology, Numerology, Dharma, Ayurvedic, Philosophies, Universal, and many other ideologies to bring collected explanations of possible channels rather than absolutes.

I have already started accepting appointments for those who have Leo in their 1st, 7th, and 10th house for February 1 and 2. If you wish to have a reading please remember that I am only offering 6 months reading for 6 days for this eclipse.

Wishing you the most blessed eclipse. This transit will be powerful and last for 6 months; beginning as early as 7 days before and after.

Maharani Rutan©

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