Chaotic, Combative and Chilly Ebb of Energy During the Full moon in November 2019

Full Moon in Taurus

November 12, 2019

By Maharani Rutan©

We have been warped, twisted, investigated, wrecked, torched, drowned, and healed. We have wept, smirked, giggled, and been astounded by all the variations with the eclipses, retrograde, extraordinary moons, and lunar energies. Thus, the Full moon in Taurus should be no surprise and there will be a jolt of frigid energy.

As I write this blog, it seems that everything is exactly as what I had predicted. I just heard of the impeachment vote from the house and the next step is the process. “This will be one of the most intense months when it comes to political fronts… Perhaps we will be looking at the controversies and conflicts play out. I would not be surprised if there needs to be a recount as this election is right in the heart of Mercury retrograde.”- Read more about it here.

I consider this full moon in Taurus on November 12, 2019 a true autumn full moon. The moon will grace our skies with luminous delight at approximately, 7:48am EST, 10:48pm PST. I have continued to remind that every moon has been a replication of the same degree and date as the one in 2000 and with so many parallels I can only anticipate some sort of revolution. However, there seems to be an underlining cause of this degree; if you are keeping a journal as I recommend everyone to do, there is one more similarity. Whatever you may have started in May of 2013 is now complete and it’s time to move on to the next chapter. But don’t be surprised if you are to revise the same plans in 2043.

The Beaver Corn moon being the first full moon in November symbolizes trapping, preparing, and storing supplies for the winter. It been predicted that this will be one of those sporadic winters. I predict the winter in Northeast to be torture, wet and soggy for the South, and the West may be dry which could lead to more fires. But like no other it will be a wild winter with cold days immediately followed by warm ones; nothing will be settled. What saddens me the most is the melting of the polar ice. One of these days perhaps we can be more tuned in to climate change.

With all the intense energy it’s no wonder that VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories) considers this moon not in Taurus but rather, Aries. The fiery moon brings forth aggression when there are restrictions thus causing assertive behavior which is never thought through. Often, it can lead to power struggles as people want total control. Disregarding anyone that is not of their stature and the smallest issues can become the drama of a lifetime due to an arrogant harsh nature without self-accountability. Thus, not only will the full moon effect the nature of our character but it will also affect our entire environment.

The climate change is not the only thing we should be considering, as Mercury is still retrograding even though there will be plenty of feedback to say otherwise. Most retrogrades only last for 3 weeks according to western astrologers; nonetheless, according to VPAT Mercury is a slow-moving planet, not as slow as Saturn but slow enough to understand that planets take their sweet time moving through the solar system.

Transition through Mercury Juncture will not be as bad. “As we move the clocks back one hour to adjust to the daylight savings time, the intensity will lessen with time. This will set the stage for Mercury Retrograde Juncture November 5 through November 16, 2019. In the middle of it all we will have a full moon in Taurus, thus a double whammy for fixed signs but not necessarily in a bad way though.” read more here. Therefore, we should be clear to make decisions, travel, and wrap up relationship issues on or around December 7, 2019. It may seem long but it’s not far away at all.

Just consider that within 2 weeks of this Full moon will be Thanksgiving in the U.S and within another 4 weeks’ time it will be Christmas week. Then we will open the Christmas season with a bang! The Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on Christmas day. Consequently, I recommend you enjoy this break before the universe wakes you up again.

According to VPAT, Venus is comfortably sitting in Scorpio until November 20, 2019. A craving for profound and avid relationships with others is an absolute. On the other hand, it will be more serious in terms relationships, where playing and flirting will no longer be pleasurable. A deep warm attachment through every connection of our body, mind, and soul is the Scorpio energy as it is as the character of a Scorpio. Anything superficial won’t do. On the other hand, Mars will enter Libra the day before this full moon, and Libra always wants things to be loving and fair.

Furthermore, with Jupiter finally leaving Scorpio and moving directly into Sagittarius, legal issues, education, and truth will be displayed in our world. Along with Ketu and Rahu, past issues and karma will be playing a big role in Gemini and Sagittarius lives. It’s no wonder that some Sagittarius’ may be all over the place. With Jupiter, Saturn, and Rahu all in Sagittarius, they are learning very difficult lessons with plenty in return.

Everything becomes brighter under the grace of the Full Moon – fresh starts and blessings are also amplified during the full moon. As auspicious as the bright light of the full moon, so are the blessings that are bestowed upon us (read more about it here).

Bleeding is more likely during a Full Moon, so take care. This is the time to gather, pray, and be appreciative, and to effort on sensibleness and triumph. During a full moon people can often become tremendously detached, clear minded, and aware of their own wants while wondering how to satisfy the wishes of others.

This moon is quite exclusive. We are obliged to delay our own desire to allow our passion to change through nurturing and gentleness toward others. This individual progress has emitted a lot of anguish and difficulties which, in fact, has allowed us to share our educated understandings with others – this also helps us to recognize ourselves.

As the world continues to revolve and we deepen our understanding of ourselves and others around us. We must recognize what past events are teaching us. The similarities of this moon at this degree which I had stated earlier, fell on the same exact day and degree as 2000. Additionally, we are closing a chapter to events that may have occurred in May of 2013.

Almost everything in this world makes a full circle, events will also. As election issues were in question in November 2000 so will similar issues in 2019. This time they involve President Trump and Biden, in 2000 it was Bush and Gore. Tobacco companies were sued in Europe and the States; could it be that this time the big vaping companies face the same fate? Miranda rights were questioned in regards “custodial interrogation”. Can this once again be up for discussion in 2019? Extreme drought in the western united states caused over 9 million acres of land to be burned which resulted in 3 billion dollars of property damage. As of the first day of this November the damage has already surpassed this amount. These things are the call of the universe asking what could we do differently?

Since this moon is parallel to the new moon in 2013, there is a possibility of something which ended suddenly beginning again. Consider that cyber theft, pharmaceutical companies, bombings, tornadoes, and banking issues were in the news, even the IRS was under scrutiny. Could it be that the same issues arise again? I would not be surprised if they do.

I believe we could discover more hacking of large corporations where identity theft will be an issue. The continued talks over gay marriage could also be in the news. Additionally, I am sure we are all aware of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. What I fear is this was bad timing for the killing of the ISIS leader, but I am not a politician nor can I judge. All I must say is that we all need to be vigilant about everything around us, including the weather. Tornado outbreaks in Midwest and drought in the West could be our biggest setback. The saddest moments could be the ongoing onslaught of issues in Turkey and Syria.

Furthermore, I would not be surprised if the following countries make headline news in the next thirty days: Cuba, Cyprus, England, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Palestine, South Africa, Syria, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. On a smaller scale, the U.S cities that could be impacted would be Birmingham, AL and St. Louis, MO.

The moon in Taurus could give us the oomph to communicate more than usual. But most reliability is driven by steadiness and the comfort of that which often gives us a sense of security. Philanthropic efforts will create a great sense of wholeness for many people and socialization is not out of the question. Nonetheless, Mercury retrograde could put a damper on the ongoing communications we need (read more here).

After the retrograde is completely over, relationships could become smoother because steadiness brings a natural expression of emotions through love and understanding. These are great positives during the full moon but be careful – obstinacy can cause differences and possible break-ups. The focus of struggle can be around inflexibility and failure to stay consistent.

The Moon in Taurus pushes for a time of vigilance and levelheadedness. People may feel more old-fashioned and stronger minded.

This is a good time to finish household tasks that have been overdue as people may be more reliable and prepared. Like the stubborn Bull, representative of Taurus, people may be bull-headed; unsure in negotiation and argumentative. Care needs to be taken to avoid pleasure-seeking and changeable worries or desires for material wealth.

This full moon I will be highlighting Taurus and Aries as they are the most influenced by the moon. The information emphasized is predominately calculated through VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories) not to be confused with Western or Eastern Astrology. The distinguishing is principally based upon metaphysical opportunities according to cosmic features.

If you are searching for your specific sign’s VPAT forecasts, please see when your last full moon or new moon occurred and click on the link. Also, it may be advisable to view the last solar, lunar, and Mercury retrograde to get an overall picture. Please note the predispositions are valued until the end of the year but primarily only through December 15, 2019.


Dear Taurus, you should be aware that you are continually changing as your structures collapse and reform. It is very difficult for you to go through changes as a fixed sign. Along with your brothers and sisters it is much easier working with what you are familiar rather than with things that are different, especially habits and materialistic things. Even though the remainder of your year will consist of financial growth, be aware to make profit you must invest or spend to expand. Be careful not invest or do too much with stocks and bonds and make sure you know everything that needs to be considered before you do. I would also not be surprised if you decide during the remainder of this year to invest in a new electronic contraption or even a vehicle. On the other hand, be careful not to become too emotional in areas of interpersonal relationships as it’s better to have open and transparent communication than to assume or disrespect based upon your insecurities. It’s better to be easygoing and take things slow than to jump into situations and get a broken heart. It is time to put your body, mind, and soul into synchronicity. Exercise for your body, seek a professional for matters of the mind, but most of all, yoga and eastern exercises to calm your inner self will be a good bonus for you.

Planetary inferences

Saturn: (Direct Oct 21-2019 through 2020): Now that Saturn is direct in Sagittarius you may find this time to be difficult for you, especially when it comes to family and finances. Pay more attention to all family members. Make sure your i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed at your place of business as whatever that you do will be under scrutiny. To maintain your positive character, you must work hard and maintain the utmost respect.

Ketu: Since March 2019, there has been no change in the aspect of Ketu and it will remain there until September 23, 2020. Please refer to the new moon scope during May 2019 to examine more current possibilities (here).

Rahu: This transit will remain the same until 2020. Be cautious of being too direct towards people which will cause discomfort and possible hostility in areas of work and family. There could also be health related issues regarding all aspects of the face. Relax when driving and avoid unnecessary spending.

Uranus: Now that Uranus is back into your sign, Dear Taurus, remember that this is not only a radical change for you but the entire world until 2025. At the end of the day you will be completely different. Not only will your personality change, so too will the way you look, your health, and how you express yourself to people. There is going to be a tendency to hold on to things and overspending. De-clutter your life physically, mentally, and emotionally; remember that material things collect dust and emotional things collect baggage.

Jupiter: Now that Jupiter is back in Sagittarius until the spring of 2020, you may see life as a roller coaster. Health issues, restlessness, travel delays, financial worries, and having to work extra hard could cause problems with your health. But taking a spiritual role and bringing inner peace through eastern outlets such as yoga or meditation will be helpful to keep you in focus.

Since the moon in Taurus represents Calm, Real, Mature, Merciful, and Tenacious, we must use the real senses. Remember this is a very strong moon, therefore, know that if your sun or moon sign is not a Taurus or Aries this does not mean that you will not be affected. Rather, if there is Taurus/Aries anywhere in your natal or progressed chart you will be directly obstructed by this energy. The Moon transiting Taurus gives us a diverse range of feelings. Moon in Taurus is driven towards contentment, resolve, carefulness, and preservation.

This is a good time to take a vacation or to schedule a lazy day of letup. It’s a time to get into your corporeal wits and to enjoy the physical world around you through your senses. It is also a good time for environmental or conservation efforts. The theme seems to be reliability and holding fast. This is the time to clean out closets and drawers. You will frustrate yourself and stop your projects because you’ll want to keep everything, and you may hoard.

Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras, achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention. This year I am making things a little simpler as there is one mantra which is easy to pronounce for those that are learning and another for those that are fluent. This will give everyone an opportunity to perfect the pronunciations.

The mantras for Taurus moon are:


Om Hreeng Kleeng Shreeng

(uum Hriing Kliing Shriing)


Om Mahadevyai Cha Vidmahe Vishnu Patnayai Cha Dheemahi, Tanno Lakshmih Prachodyaat

Please remember, I am not an astrologer, nor do I claim to be. However, the astrological translation is a vital purpose required to assimilating the best results in Vedic Sanskrit readings. Vedic readings are based upon Indian sages who use the planetary provocations to be more informative and aid mankind through ethics and consideration of karmas.

It is through Vedic Sanskrit readings that we can integrate how our movements are the source of our responses which lead to struggles which can be effortlessly avoided through caring and normalizing our egos.

Please take a 3-minute survey and be a part of our visionary group (click to survey here)

Wishing you and yours a warm, safe, and loving first full moon in Taurus.

Maharani Rutan©

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Confusion Demands and Endings: Taurus New Moon 2019

New Moon in Taurus

May 4, 2019

By :Maharani Rutan

The New moon will enter Taurus on May 04, 2019 at, 6:45 pm EST, 3:45pm PST at 14 degrees depending upon the orb. This moon is especially important as the Sun and the Moon will conjunct one-half hour before and after the new moon. It is the best time to plan to plant your seeds and take actions to make sure they get the nourishment they need to flourish.

Although many philosophies may state it’s time to start things anew, notice that I stated it’s time “plan not plant”. Plantings always flourish during the full moon; however, new moon voids the light from humanity and therefore, often brings forth blurred visions and uncertainties.

New moon can be influential in many ways. Commonly, it is a time of optimism and wishes, while also a time to assess if your objectives are collectively realistic. Probing the ideals of desires, it may be wise to make sure they have no prejudice and selfishness, and if so, they will be arranged. Concurrently, there is a high probability that there will be misunderstanding between the wishes and needs. Consider the need always taking importance over the want through this new moon.

Furthermore, this moon is unique, yet like every moon this year, there is main common ground which leads to issues unsettled in 2000. I stated in my predictive blog that every moon seems to be at the exact date and degree as it was in 2000. Hence, we were given the opportunity to fix some of the issues in 2008, and 2011, but we were not able to or some stones were not turned enough. So here we are, at the exact date and degree again. Whatever remains unfinished or not perfected will definitely come to an end during the full moon in 2033.

There also could be plenty of confusing energy as there are several planets still in retrograde. According to VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories), Jupiter is retrograding in Scorpio, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Pluto is Retrograding in Capricorn. Thus, deities of abundance, difficult lessons, and confusion are all going backwards in time for people to realize what they have lost, what they will do to get it back, and how important is it to have it back.

Taurus moon permits sufficient authority for commitment to personal goals which will revolve around luxury and pleasure. The energy is enough to make accurate and instant choices while following your insight. This is a time to act from the heart without prejudice and selfishness. Trust that the process will give the result that is needed to live for the moment and be the unique energy that belongs with the stars and heaven.

Find the image that you wish to form. There is complete serenity in the air and perhaps there is a need to evade rivals. But it there is the suggestion that dodging conflict obviously dishonors who you are or what you believe in; then there is a total need to guard the position which is virtuously yours. The necessity to have a serene surrounding is a need for this new moon. It is even possible that changing the tone of your voice from forceful or hostile to a more soothing and considerate manner is necessary. If successful with this procedure a voice will carry a tune which is harmonious and will astonishingly bring out the musical talents which were never discovered before.

The combination of what is real and divine with what is known will inspire self-consciousness to make life relaxed. The emphasis to gather, grow, and increase personal and material issues will be welcomed with great rewards at this time.

Taurus moon escorts in a time of carefulness and common sense. There is a feel of conforming and constancy. This is a good time to continue planning to finish the projects that were left untouched. Extra care is needed to avoid indulgence and unnecessary anxieties related to acquisition of material possessions.

Every month highlights a certain Astrological sign and its energy; thus, I will bring to you the universal tendencies which could assist in making the shift from full moon to new moon as smooth as possible so that each step is spiritual. While many would want each astrological sign to receive focus, each astrological energy is highlighted only during their peak time and it would not be fair to bring forth analysis for every sign when one is more prominent than the other.

Please note this is not Vedic or Western Astrology, rather, it is based on VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories), which depicts causation that assists in making correct decisions in the future.


From May to October 2019, you may find that your work life has interruptions and complications. There may be glitches with the things you may have worked on before, however, if you are able to adjust and improve the situation in a calm and collective manner you will find it to be successful. Be careful as your aggressive nature could cause problems for you with friends and family this summer and autumn. Keep your hope low at this time and especially with investing in a new business or venture as it may not be good for you until the fall. You may pay off some loans and possibly purchase something large. Also, between now and the fall, assumptions, expectations, and misunderstandings are possible due to aggressive behavior on your part.

Saturn: April 2019-Sept 2019. The statement that Saturn is in Sagittarius often refers to the placement of where you stand in your life. This is the best time to expand your career; if you are looking for a new career or a new professional life this is the ideal time for you. However, it is best not do any kind of investment in areas of business. Bite your tongue with family and coworkers.

Ketu – Since Ketu changed signs, though it can be a positive aspect, you must live much more of a dynamic spiritual life. If you do not take care of your body, like a shrine, you may find your health may not be well. Any indulgence that alters your body or mind will have a negative impact on your financial life and in collaboration with others. Also, be careful as your aggressiveness may push people away from you.

Rahu – Ketu brings cautions and Rahu amplifies actions. You may have a financial crunch at this time. You are being told by many planets, including this one, not to be impolite, unforgiving, or overly dramatic with issues. This will cause many confusions. By staying calm and serene you can resolve issues by listening to another person. Focus on your mental attitude by practicing meditation or adapt a healthy outlet.

Uranus: until May 20, 2019. Uranus is back and forth in Aries. Therefore, the first 20 days of May will be depicted at this time. During the last 7 years, including the first 20 days of this month, you have transformed yourself. There have been souls (friends) who have helped you through your journey, but there will be a part of you that now needs to let go. Your loyalty no longer suffices as you have outgrown them. It’s time to make new friends with different experiences to grow. Pure maturity comes when you can stand on your own without the help of others; this is where Devine is.

Uranus: May 21, 2019 on wards: Over the last 7 years you were reminded of demons that haunted you but went unnoticed. If there were any inclination of indulgence, legal issues, break ups, or tears, this was very thing to ask; why were you holding to things that harm you? Now it’s time to be transparent with yourself. You must learn to allow things to happen naturally instead of being aggressive or assertive as you will see it won’t work in your favor this way. You will now discover what it is like not to have so many limitations and to have the ability to express yourself and be heard.

Jupiter – Right now Jupiter is transiting areas of your life that are hidden. Often, we suppress our discontentment which leads us to digest it internally. There is a possibility of stomach illness. Unexpected trips are possible which could hinder your finances. There can be major issues at work or with business owners. There may be times that you feel you are not receiving the achievements you are looking for. Instant gratification is not Jupiter’s forte and it is time to go through that spiritual journey; the one that is humble and accepting.

Mars: As Mars changes signs in June you must be mindful once again towards how you speak to people. There is an old saying, “you get further with honey than Vinegar”. Financial decision should be carefully thought through. There is a possibility of jealousy, disappointment, and irritation. Though offspring will do well, as a part of you, they may come down with a cold, fever or other issues that cause fatigue.

Maharani’s Advise

There are things this year that you may feel are the best for you. However, it is because there are things in your life that must give way. This is one of the most crucial years in areas of transformation, karma, dharma, and spirituality. You may have had many chances to make changes, but they did not stick. Duress personally and professionally may halt the process of new prospects which are yet to come. If you want to move forward in areas of career or finances, you must look at the situation from all angles without pressuring them to move forward. Urgency and impulsiveness will cause you to put yourself in debt. If you are in a healthy relationship, this would be a good time for a romantic situation, however, pressure and overreacting could cause problems.

The moon in Taurus represents a peaceful, practical, corporal, accepting, and determined tendency which means the use of everyday senses is the best substitute through this new moon energy. The splendid sparkle of this energy calls for more grounded character and to be tuned into earth. The new moon energy encourages emphasis on body, mind, and soul transformations.

You may choose to perform a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Understand that with all submissions of psalms and mantras, attaining the chosen outcome is dependent upon the eminence of purpose

The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. This year there are two mantras that are being introduced. One is for those to perfect or learn Sanskrit mantra and is labeled “Easy”, and for those who are able to pronounce correctly, and are fluent, it will be labeled “Advanced.”

The mantra for Taurus moon is:


Om Hreeng Kleeng Shreeng

(om Hriing kliing shriing)


Om Gopalay uttardvajay namaha

Remember the 12 objectives. Don’t forget to cross the ones that have already transpired and make new ones.

Though Astrologers can give you a pathway of evolution through life and what to expect, Vedic readings incorporate the roads ahead and give us the capability to make modifications of our destiny in such a way that they profit us. In addition, Vedic reading places motivations on deterrence, fixed defiance, and actions so that we are aware of them. Once aware, we are able to choose the path through the forks of free will or to choose to create a utopian world which we prefer to live in.

ON NO OCCASION will a Vedic reader will tell you what to do. They will permit you to choose the road that is best for you through choosing or taking change. Often, it is all in the arrogance and appreciation from which we play a larger role in humanity. This kind of insight cannot be embraced without devoutness, self-protection, and humbleness.

Astrology and Vedic readings are entwined; in combination, you can obtain the most intense path. Therefore, I highly recommend that you find an Astrologer whom you feel comfortable with and take good notes. Afterwards, I recommend that you speak to a Vedic reader who can help you assist in the tolerant shifting and deciding of issues that may stand in your way through human experiences.

I wish you the most prolific new moon and may you prosper in every endeavor you take with great pride and determination. Remember, if it is meant to be it will be, otherwise you may need to let it go.

Be sure to be appreciative of those who have brought you into your life. A mother is always destined to give you birth as it is a blessing. For all mothers you respect and honor, reach out and thank them for their wisdom and compassion through good times and bad. Mother’s Day this year will be on the 12th. Be careful how you approach your communication with the celebration of the most powerful women in the world. The full moon on the 18th could cause problems or it could bring a wonderful new beginning.

If you are Taurus or have any planets in Taurus, then this is a ideal time to get a update on your Eclipse reading. Additionally, for those who have not had their VPAT chart done since May of last year this is a ideal opportunity to take a advantage of a free VPAT chart. Just PM me on Facebook or Twitter, and I will be more than happy to do so at no charge.

Wishing you a blessed new moon. As always have my blogs sent directly to your email address before it is published on social media. There is no cost simply click here and everything is at your fingertips.


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