Brave Beginnings: Leo Full moon 2020

Full Moon in Leo

Feb 09, 2020

By Maharani Rutan©

We are only two months into 2020 and it seems that, one by one, history is repeating itself. In my predictions of 2020, which I wrote in 2019, I stated it is apparent that one door after another is opening wide. “The most anticipated drama of the century will not come from your television, but it may come from the 2020 election” (Read more here). I did say drama. Look at what happened in Iowa. The phone app had glitches.

Hence, could I have said once again, I told you so? How is it possible to have such untested technology without it being tested? Perhaps if voters or administrators knew about the retrograde, maybe they would have reconsidered. “Approaches and inspiration for education, communication, and transportation are subject to snags under this aspect.(Read more here). But what shocked me the most during this period are the warnings we were given by the universe. “Some the issues were from Virginia Tech’s campus shooting which resulted in calls for gun control that could be seen again. As the bird flu caused an epidemic, now the coronavirus flu has caused alarms across the world.” (Read more here).

It was evident regarding the issues of viral epidemic. However, two days before I wrote this, the Texas A&M shooting shocked me.

On February 9, 2020, the beautiful full moon in Leo will open our eyes at 20 degrees, depending upon the orb. We must now transcend issues that no longer serve a purpose for us. However, many of us are not certain which doors to close or which ones to open. To better understand this, it is important that we go back to the time of similarities at the degrees in which the moon has had a placement within a few degrees.

In VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurveda Theories), it has been examined and determined that full moons are not endings, rather, they are beginnings, as we open our eyes to remove things that obstruct us. With new moons we are blinded, thus there is no sight to see things clearly (Read more about it here).

Let’s go back and re-visit the issues that we can no longer hold on to. Exactly on August of 2007, and like August of 2015. Furthermore, we need to perfect those areas which we visited in February 2001. Before I go back to the past, we must first consider the environment and those that will be affected by this moon, as the energy will be stationary for 6 months into the future. Additionally, as Vedic is unique in the way predictions are calculated, this full moon would be considered a Cancer/Leo moon.

The countries that would be affected by this moon (which is obvious, due to the impeachment and the State Of The Union address) would be the U.S, South Korea, Afghanistan, India, North Korea, and Ukraine. It could possibly mean that there could be ongoing disagreements or conflicts between these regions. Furthermore, I would not be at all surprised if Chicago, LA, Rome, Philadelphia, New York, and Amsterdam also make headline news.

Perhaps some of the events of 2001 some may remember; a Japanese fishing boat was struck by a U.S submarine and 9 were killed, and Dale Earnhardt raced for the last time and died in an accident while doing what he loved. Positive movement was the “Child Citizen Act” which allowed certain children from foreign countries to automatically become citizens. It was also the weather that made headline news; a derecho windstorm began to form in Louisiana and Texas which caused winds to exceed to 100 miles per hour.

Moving forward to August 2007, a South Asian flood kills over 2000 people in India. An earthquake on the Pacific coastline killed over 525 people and over 1100 were injured. On the financial end there was ongoing crisis within financial institutions due to the unregulated use of byproducts. On the other hand, as Prince debuted at the Superbowl and made headlines, so did J-Lo. As the iPhone debuted, the Sopranos called it quits. Then again two of the leading ladies of Hollywood faced their demons (Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton). However, the most important issue was climate change. Through a series of reports and research it was discovered that climate change is due to human disregard stemming from technology and economic and human errors.

Like 2007, in August 2015, once again climate change made headlines. Extreme heat covered one side of India in 2015, while the other side of India, near Tamil, had major flood damage killing over 400 people. Similarly, in 2015 the Dow fell to its low of 1867 points. Respectfully, insults flew from then Presidential Candidate Trump to a CNN anchor, while Bruce Jenner officially became Caitlyn Jenner, and our eyes were glued to television with the scandals of Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby.

To find similarities that may happen in 2020, I would say there could be some shocking news regarding the Weinstein trial and more issues regarding political mishaps. Flood and Earthquake damage would not surprise me. There is bound to be a financial crisis within the next 6 months that could shake and rattle feathers in the financial markets. It also would not be surprising if something to do with immigration and children, families, or extended families hits the news.

The Moon in Leo marks a time of purpose and magnetism. Ruled by the Sun, Leo generates a leadership of pleasantness, enthusiasm, and pleasure. People may feel enthused, polite, and abundant. It is a good time to chase romance, be cooperative, and to help others. Like the Lion that denotes Leo, people may feel confident but also want appreciation and gratitude. Attention needs to be taken to avoid melodramatic spectacles while trying to hold their fame, or in organizational positions.

The power of this full moon will be great for those who were born under a full moon PHASE, as well those that have significant houses in Cancer/Leo, and it will also reference those with fixed Sun Signs (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus).

The Leo liveliness can infrequently cause us to be more biased, tenacious, satisfied, annoyed, conceited, vain, and superior. It’s tougher (but not intolerable) to adjust or be supple, since the Moon is the closest ‘Planet’ to Earth, and this satellite literally zips around the Zodiac, finalizing its circuit in less than a month. It also touches us more deeply than most Planets.

The information which I am about to present is not based upon western or eastern astrology; rather, it is based upon a philosophy. This philosophy derives its roots on placeholders which use the procedure that there are no absolutes. Though astrology and numerology can be used as placeholders (like a name tag) the mixture is what makes a soul.

These are general tendencies based upon the methodology of VPAT (Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Theories) and not to be mistaken for astrology.

Every month, I will be emphasizing the signs that will go through a transformational period. During the full moon there usually are two placeholders. During the new moon there is only one.

As VPAT theories put placement of the moon behind the Western ideologies, the reference of determinations is already listing the previous month. Primary placeholders that will be affected by this moon are in Leo, I will therefore be emphasizing Cancer/Leo.


Welcome to your first and only full moon of 2020. As you should know, full moon brings to you completions with sparkling new beginnings for you, dear Leo. You may feel as though you may have to work really hard to get what you want, and struggles are a way for you to learn. But halfway into February you will see how your patience paid off. If you are easy-going and let things ride out, you will see yourself making it big. New opportunities are coming to you and they could be endless. Do not take any new opportunities until Mercury is direct as it may be hindrance for you in the long run. But don’t get any relationship blues as they too shall pass. You will have plenty of support from your family until the eclipse in July. Your finances will dive if you fail to keep an eye on them. Just remember, after May you may get a boost.

Saturn: Remember Leo, Saturn will change signs in the middle of May, going back into Sagittarius. Currently, it is transiting Capricorn. You will now discover your true path regarding your career and goals. Be careful with your health and do not invest unless you know you will get your return. Remember the old saying “Roses do not blossom overnight after planting” this means that you should wait for things to happen and they will.

Rahu: You are marveling in this transit. Your financial situation will get better and you will see that you will have enough to save. You may even start your own business or get a huge promotion. But remember, it is your friendships that will help you get what you want in your career.

Ketu: You may become easily confused and difficulties in making hard decisions. Misunderstandings in areas of interpersonal relationships could cause problems. Take care not to get upset too easily.

Uranus: This planet always brings unexpected things. Therefore, do not be surprised that opportunities come your way and you have to show what you are made of. Remember that Leo’s have courage, so stand up tall and make it happen.

Chiron: Confusion, aggressiveness, and doubts in areas of personal relationships are possible. Honesty and transparency will work well here

Neptune: Through networking you will find that your business alliances will play a lifelong bond. You could even have a very spiritual and humble heart to help those in need. Be careful as people may take advantage of you. With every connection you have, really get to know them before you put complete trust in them as Neptune blinds us between what is real and what is an illusion.

Jupiter: Your hard work will surely pay off. You will have plenty of support from those around you. But take care of your health. You may even see some competition, but no worries as long as you stay away from gossip and do your job you will be find. You may change jobs, residence, or take a spiritual journey somewhere.

Maharani’s Advice for Leo

Relax, dear Leo. Those dreams you had about things you wanted to do last year look very good this year. Your financial stability is coming very soon. Crazy arguments over minor issues are not necessary. Financial situations may be up and down at times. You may become tired at times, but major health issues are not here in the first half of the year. There may be plenty of travel for you from April through July. Remember though, nothing is without hiccups, meaning after the eclipse in May there may be a few issues with respect to your career but nothing you cannot get past. Enjoy this time as the light is all on you.

Dear Cancer: You had your full moon in January with your eclipse, you may read about your transits here. These take effect for 6 months forward.

Moon in Leo means you may have a delicate need to sparkle and be admired by others. You may express your feelings in a childlike manner – either energetically or melodramatically. You have a natural attraction with children. You have an ability to be influential. You encourage others by open-handed respect and reassuring them to be strong, courageous, and brave. You view your mother as a royal, powerful, or valued person, and look for autonomy, pleasantness, and power in that relationship.

Moon in Leo is Spirited, Daring, Melodramatic, Administrative, Prepared, AND TEMPERAMENTAL. It is my suggestion that you purchase a yellow candle and carve your name through to the wick. Anoint the candle with Orange and Rosemary Oil and chant Psalm 65. Additionally, you should chant, in silence, Psalm 40 three times.

Allow yourself to chant these words every night until the next moon cycle and let the magnificence of the higher power enter your body, mind and soul.

This year I have decided to bring to you one mantra which will advance those who are learning and those who have perfected the Sanskrit mantras to become more intoned. Mantra for Leo


Om Hreeng Shreeng Sauh

(oooommmm Hriiiing Shriiing Saaauuuhh)


This Siddha mantra uses the universal fundamentals that oversee each charka: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. The purpose of this mantra is the to keep us in balance and from losing our temper through darkness and unfocused energy. This mantra will aid significantly in the peaceable and pleasant transition to new and positive energy states.

Please Note: I do not claim to be a Western or a Vedic Astrologer nor have the admiration or academia to be titled as such. I am a Certified Vedic Philosophical Ayurvedic Reader. My philosophical explanations are based upon Science, Nature, Karma, Astrology, Numerology, Dharma, Ayurvedic, Philosophies, Universal, and many other planes to bring composed explanations of possible channels rather than absolutes.

Finally, remember that we are still under retrograde energy, therefore it is advised not to make too many decisions regarding career, finances, romance, or travel.



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