Christmas in July 2019

Christmas July 2019

I had a wonderful privilege to sponsor the Christmas in July giveaway this year for those who follow my newsletter.

There was absolutely no purchase required and new quizzes went out daily for one and half week.

The questions were primarily based upon Vedic Philosophical Analytical Theories as well as the philosophies in which I practice. This was to be informative as well as fun. There were some that got a 100% this is because they know the types of readings which I am exclusive to and some won by just receiving a higher score and learning in the process. Nevertheless, there were no real looser, because everyone who engaged were made aware the the same questions that will be offered during the 12 days of Christmas giveaway this year. Thus, having another opportunity to win at Christmas.

Even though I had limited what was given away, I was able to give the following items at no cost to anyone including postage or handling

Free Dharma Reading for all (retail price $39.99)
Free 3 months forecast for all (retail $49.99)
Free planetary inferences for all (retail price 24.99)
Free Informational package on VPAT understanding for all (retail price $21.99)
Free organizational directives for all (retail price $19.99)

Total value of $156.95 for absolutely free including shipping and handling

At one point when I was doing a reading for a giveaway, I begin to feel a push and pull, and I went to my crystals and I began to feel the energy for this person. Then I felt its not fair to give to one person rather, give something that draws me every one that engaged in the free giveaway. Hence, different things drew me to different participants and below are some pictures which I wanted to share with you along with what they felt . I will be updating this page as the pictures come in.


“It’s very kind and caring of you to send something, you didn’t have to!

The gift was a bracelet, black and clear colors.Thank you again. “Amy


“Many thanks and blessings”-Barbara



“Ty Ty Ty That is extremely kind/generous of you & I am appreciative & grateful”-Cherylann



“Thank you so much for the incitement information. I’m a Pagan and a Buddhist, so I found the dharma reading to be spot on.

I love the crystals and plants you mentioned, too. The binder is an excellent idea. I will set that up.

I love the amethyst pendant. Thank you. I wear amethyst often. I was attracted to the gem when I was quite young. Very interesting that you picked up on that.

Thank you again for your kindness. Namaste and Blessed Be!”-Colleen


“I thought it was beautiful, with lots of personal thought in it.

I received a packet of what seems are bookmarks with postcard-like inspirational sayings on them.

Perhaps you were drawn to this gift choice because you picked up that I love to travel.

I plan on using them as bookmarks and giving some away with some of my books.

I wouldn’t change anything. I love surprises.”-Debby


“Thank you for the wonderful gifts. My Dharma reading was exactly what I needed to hear.

The 6 month forecast was very insightful. I love the idea of the binder.
Again thank you for everything!!”Deborah


“I loved how organized and colorful my package was!

I especially appreciated the detailed, well thought out organizational notes Maharani took to explain what to do and how to organize my chart and dharma reading.

My package came with a little gift that I was not expecting in a bright pink envelope (my fave color).

My surprise gift was a Rudra bead bracelet.

I did some research on the bracelet after asking Maharani what type of bracelet it was and found that it should be worn to bring luck and prosperity into your life.

I am very grateful for the entire package.”-Diana


No Picture
“Love the pendant. Thank you. I will wear it. I wear another one you sent. Rise quartz and get compliments all the time.”-Jessica



“Thank you so much for Dharma reading it was everything I needed to see and hear. 

Also for the Onyx stone.  I have already purchased the recommended stones and plants”-Judi


“I just got my package and I’m thrilled.
It is a very detailed and well laid out reading.
I’m very grateful for the thought and effort you have put into it.”-Kamal



“Love it!  The bracelet is so pretty! Did you make it yourself?”-Kirti



I keep it in a pouch in my purse! I thought the package was great!…

I loved my surprise gift and keep it with me always… I feel you should decide the gift and I appreciate anything you send me and for taking time out to focus…


“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated my package from you.

I was not expecting such a beautifully, well thought out gift. I am grateful for your kindness.”-Michelle


Pamela D

“I was excited that it wasn’t lost & I got it 😊
I got a lava stone bracelet.
I love it! Exactly what I need, my last one broke.
I believe it maybe because I really liked my last one & have been meaning to get one since.
I add essential oils to help me through the day as needed sometime”-Pamela


Pamela J

“After hearing I won a prize and it was being sent end of August it was fun to look for each day around that time. The day it came it made my day! I felt it was very thoughtful and very special. I had received reading packet and gemstone bracelet. I enjoy them very much! I wear my bracelet all the time. I think the dark beads on the necklace may be absorbent for essential oil diffusing.

All is great knowledge! Gemstone, oil and plant info great too!”-Pamela


Rachael K



Rachael R




“Was expecting just a 6 month forecast, but as always you surprised me with much more.Love it, I was looking for one to wear daily, but due to small wrist size, never found one which I really liked. This one was right size and looks great. Wear it daily, it looks real good. Besides when I look at it, it reminds me of you and some of the lessons you tried to teach me over the years.”-Ritesh

Tina P

“When i received the package, i was excited to open it.
The gift i received was a turquoise pendant.
I was surprised, its beautiful. I think you were drawn to it for the spirituality it represents. I’m going to add it to a chain and wear it. Meanwhile it is carried with me in my pocketbook.

As far as gift choices are concerned, I’m very grateful with what you have chosen and what you would choose in the future. Very grateful for your package and being chosen a winner”-Tina

Thank you Michelle, Ritesh, Pamela D and Amy for your generous contribution on the shipping and handling cost.

Thank you Judi for the beautiful flowers