Indispensable, Irreplaceable and Incandescent – Mother’s day 2018

Mothers Day 2018

May 13, 2018

By Maharani Rutan©

If you anyone had said to me 27 years ago that I would be a mother of two and a grandmother, I would have said you that they are out of their minds. But today, if I had a chance to answer the same question I would say how many and when?

In my opinion raising children is the most difficult job and I would not have given it up for anything in the world. The dreadful nights of wet diapers can’t beat the beautiful eyes of your own child glazing into your eyes with just delight that one would have thought he was in love.


Today, I look back all the things that drove me crazy, irritated, angry, tired and worried are memories that can never be erased and lord know I do not want to. Even if my hormones were whacked with little or no time to myself without children walking into a room or a bathroom without knocking. Forget locking anything they will find their way to you. The words, “Mommy Mommy..!” which used to drive me crazy, now are the nostalgic music to my ears. I only wish I would have appreciated them more.

Therefore, unlike all those blogs that thank mothers, I wrote about my nostalgic memories of days gone by. I hope you read about it and enjoy it. As they are just my thoughts and my emotions (read about An Irreplaceable Gift to Mothers).


“This weekend, we will once again celebrate Mother’s Day. Next to Valentine’s Day, this is the biggest holiday for florists, jewelers, and greeting card stores. We honor our mothers by giving gifts as a way of saying “thank you.” – Read more here

I hope you enjoy the gift that I give to all those mothers out there. Remember you are not a mother if you have not cried, laughed, angered, surprised, hugged, loved or even learned a little as you will be a mother forever. “Although we are the adults, mothers continue to grow alongside their children. Children teach us compassion, understanding, empathy, and most of all, how to overcome differences.” (Read more here).

Let us rename Mother’s Day-“Family day” remember it’s not just about you, but it’s about them. Don’t take anything for granted even if you did not get what you wanted. Remember they are just material things but love of a mother to a child cannot be ever replaced.

But every joy we share with our children is the generations of joy we hope they pass on for generations to come.




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