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Establishing New Membership

For Future Reduced Price Readings

The following items must be in place met prior to establishing a full time reduced price membership

  • You must have sign up for the newsletter which can be found here.
  • Please email me at and I will send you the private email address which you need to add to your address book.
  • You will be given certain criteria in which membership is adhere to
    Two documents must be signed protection of copy write and protection of membership
    After the 3rd reading you will be part of the “client base”



Existing Clients

  • Please read your personal emails between January 5-07, 2017, you will receive some valuable information to receive further discounts.

  • There are some price changes & some information that you need to be aware of which will effect future readings and how they will be done.

  • I will be giving away gift certificates 4 times a year to private clients this information is only available through emails.

  • If you have not re-signed up for the newsletter since 2016 please do so otherwise you are not on my list and you will not receive the discounts.  The link is here