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My readings are a blend of intuition focused on your questions or areas of concern balanced with a seasoned foundation in astrology. This approach facilitates exploring the depths of our truest Selves for making informed decisions while navigating the uncharted waters of our lives. Our life cycles bring a myriad of sunrises and sunsets beyond our daily experiences. Astrology can help us prepare for and recognize when to let go and progress towards new lessons, satisfaction, and fulfillment in the gift of life.

I provide a full range of astrological services including natal chart interpretations, relationship compatibility through synastry & composite charts, and personal life timing through transits, progressions, and solar returns. I also offer relocation astrology for changes in residence or travel. My own chart is endowed with the elements of fire and water, so intuition is present in each reading. If you have life questions that you would like to clarify and resolve, then a session with me should assist you on your path.
On a personal note I have known Lee for 10 years also and had the great pleasure to see him for the first time at my beautiful wedding.  The depths of that journey broke the grounds of that everlasting friendship.  I felt so bad that he ran out of memory in SD card on his phone.  What I found so interesting was his relocation and progressive interpretation.

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Leslie is a professional astrologer who approaches all consultations in an open and honest manner. Astrology is her passion and she has studied under many successful and well know astrologers for over 30 years. She has been a full time astrologer for nearly a decade, has since consulted with over 5,000 clients in all walks of life.

On a personal note I have been speaking to Leslie for well over 10 years now and feel that her compassion, delivery and understanding is very exceptional.

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Sensibility and stability: Spiritual oneness: Solar Eclipse April 2014

Annular Eclipse at Sunset

The Annular Solar eclipse

New Moon in Taurus

April 28/29, 2014


 By Maharani Rutan©

As we move away from what could have been and should have been the heavens above give us a new start. We must prepare to understand that in 2014 -2015 we will have three total lunar eclipses. The celestial energy would never allow humans to not be able to breathe uneasy, therefore every storm gives us some guidelines or precautions, but it is up to us to embrace or avoid them.

The eclipses always come in pairs; when there is darkness there is light and when there is light there is darkness, and again history is repeating itself from October 2004. As we have moved past, or are at least trying to move away from the Total Lunar eclipse, red moon eclipse, or rose moon eclipse, whichever the name seems right (read about it here), we are moving into the light. Along with the new moon in Taurus, the beautiful celestial skies will open up for our first solar eclipse for 2014. No, it is not a total solar eclipse, it does not have grandeur, and some will not even see it. I believe the polar bears on Antarctica may see it, if there any bears there. There will be one country that may see some of this, such as Australia, but it is not as grand as the one we have already seen.

Even though it is not a spectacularly visible event like the one we had on the 15th/16th of April, it is just as important to our charts, visions and our world view. Therefore, every eclipse should be referred to as a magnificent evolution to the human psyche or evolution to our own spiritual transformation.


Vedic history used to claim that spiritual people (Pundits) who were Vedic astrologers, readers, psychics, and priests often used to be decapitated for not warning the people of their town of upcoming eclipses. As these were times, and often still are, to view the eclipses as dreadful events that impact every aspect of a human’s life. Even though many people don’t feel the impact in an instant, often these transformational changes happen gradually through the course of 6 to 8 months from the first eclipse to the next.

Eclipses can often bring political, economic and personal changes in one life. More often than not we have to look at every eclipse as the match that lights a fire but it does not mean the fire will continue burning. Often, we may have to light it again and again until the fire is steady and it warms us or something that needs to come to a comfortable level.

Vedic view and culture, unlike the western, often relies their predictions on the moon sign of the person while western practitioners rely on the sun sign of the person. Therefore, the April 28 eclipse is 14 degrees in Aries in the Vedic view and is at 8 degrees in Taurus according to Western. For the purposes of this information however, I will focus most of my points according to Western and abstract the Vedic viewpoints so that the best of both worlds combined can bring a broader spectrum to the ongoing changes and bring forth diversity to unite the message of both worlds.



The Annular Solar eclipse will begin its motion at 11:04 PST on the 28th of April and the moon will void the sky with a new moon at 11:14 PST which means that within 10 minutes we will have a solar eclipse. Retrospectively, at 2:04 am EST (Eclipse) & 2:14 am EST, the New moon in Taurus will occur on the 29th.

The new moon will be entering Taurus at 8 degrees depending upon the orb on April 29, 2014. We did have a similar event that brought vital changes to our lives, as history always repeats itself, to propel us to make the changes so that we do not keep repeating the same mistakes. In my last article on the total lunar eclipse (read about it here), I had mentioned that a similar event took place on October 14 & October 28, 2004 retrospectively, but eclipses were reversed. Therefore, when we learn to walk we normally crawl first, then we take baby steps but it is often harder to walk backwards because we are afraid we are going to hit something. Now that we have crawled and walked, we are going to walk backwards. But remember, we were taught to run as well so the lesson is now being repeated to see if we remember all the steps without thinking twice.

Scientifically, during the lunar eclipse, the earth’s shadow falls directly on the moon so it seems as though it is covered. Conversely, during the solar eclipse it is reversed where the moon now blocks the sun. The time during a solar eclipse is like a sandwich: imagine for a minute that the Earth and the Sun are the two pieces of bread and moon is the meat. Therefore, looking sideways, if the meat is large you can see it; the same things happen in the cosmos. Always remember, the solar eclipse only happens when there is a new moon. The last annular eclipse occurred around the same time last year May 08/09, 2013 which was a total solar eclipse. This eclipse is considered Annular, meaning that the meat in the sandwich is too small to see if it is just two pieces of bread or something is in it, therefore the moon was too small to cover the sun completely and its very far away from the earth to cast a shadow that a human eye can see without a telescope. This happens so fast that it can last as long as 12 minutes or it’s over in seconds.


Therefore, the new moon and the eclipse are in 10 minutes of each other. This does not mean we won’t feel it, it just means we won’t see it and those that do, according to the Vedic Culture, must go into mediation and ask for forgiveness and in the western culture wear protection. So why meditation? This is because Vedic culture believes that everything which happens in the cosmos is a gift of God and there are certain things that are not meant for humans to consume, view, or even touch because it is sacred.
It’s been known that in the Vedic culture those that have seen it often start feeling tingling in their skin like there are insects in their bodies and have to shower and meditate (wise or a myth? Something I won’t question). But always, an eclipse is idealized in both cultures as an omen because it brings change and change is difficult for humans. But change is NOT bad at all to a Vedic reader. Change means we are becoming more God like.

An eclipse often brings eye opening events that were dismissed or ignored but no longer can be. Eclipses also bring blessings to learn from but to a Vedic Reader it is the most auspicious event of any. There is big difference between Vedic readers, and astrologers. Astrologers use science and mathematics to predict events whereas Vedic readers use energy and vision to bring meditative factors for preventions and intervention.


As I write this blog I have not dove into the Grand Cardinal Cross. Many say “it is s a wait and see type of energy” but why the scare? This is a subject for Astrologers and many mediums to discover. I truly feel that there is nothing we cannot handle, but one thing is for sure; major events such as these, especially a cardinal cross, will only bring forth important lessons and room for growth. Vedic culture, however, does not recognize the grand cardinal cross as a major event because of the Ayanamsa. As I have stated, Astrology is based on scientific measurements combined with astronomy in the Western Culture whereas, in the Vedic culture there is a similar theme which also incorporates numerology.

Therefore, the Vedic views are based upon Ayamasa which is defined as a variance between the tropical, Sayana, or sidereal zodiac. For me, this is even too complicated as I am not a scientist or an astrologer. The only understanding which really makes any sense is the scientific methods in how predictions are made in an astrological way. Additionally, the predictions between western and Vedic is that Vedic has 24 years behind western alignment because it is based on the moon sign of a person rather than sun. And these squares have been colliding with each other 3-5 degrees since summer of 2012 in the Vedic view. Therefore, the best way to view the Grand Cardinal Cross is to historically note what occurs between April 20 through 24, 2014. Take a lot of notes, actually, I invite you to keep a journal of all the events small or large during those times and try to recall similarities of the past and do something new and different.

The new moon, especially paired with the solar eclipse, wakes us up and opens our eyes to new innovation, thoughts, ideas, and inspiration. It is not the time to try to work through relationship issues. Vedic culture brings forth a very volatile energy not to resist. It is time to walk away from things that serve absolutely no purpose and bring that garbage out of the closet; look at it, discard it, and realize that it is now time to buy new in replacement.

Solar eclipses bring light to our path where there was darkness and begin our own spiritual personal development with a new moon’s company. During a solar eclipse make a personal commitment to yourself to keep the promises that bring you closer to the Devine. This could mean something as simple as making solid plans, creating spiritual events and inviting friends, or creating a challenge for you to be closer to nature and slowing down. The energy can be so intense that all of a sudden the life that was once in synchronicity seems too fast to handle, however, we learn to set priorities. There is no reason to fall, rather, deadlines can be met in an intellectual manner and being in a crisis mode is not going to make things go any faster.


This however, is a beautiful new moon with blessings of the solar energy; New moon is influential in many ways. Frequently, it is a time of optimism and desires; hence it is also a time to assess if your desires are collectively possible. Examining the values of wants, making sure they have no bias and selfness and if so, they will be granted. At the same time, there is a high chance that there will be misunderstanding between ones wishes and hungers. Understanding the needs will always take priority over the wants through this new moon.

The effects of this eclipse and the moon can be felt as early as 5 days before (April 23, 2014). The awkwardness of the energy of the eclipse will be felt by everyone; however, the intensity of the eclipse depends upon the house that the eclipse falls in your astrological chart. Every eclipse has a momentous demeanor on uprising in our lives for at least 6 months; therefore, early born fixed signs or those that have influential planets at early degrees will be affect especially (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius). But also those that have planets in fixed signs will also be affected. To find out where your planets are you may consult your astrologer for further details or you can speak to my recommended astrologers here.

Taurus moon allows ample influence to commit to personal aims, which will revolve themselves around security and serenity. The enthusiasm is enough to make accurate spur-of-the-moment assessments while following your awareness. This is a time to act from the heart without bias and selfness. Trusting the process will give the result that is needed to live for the moment; to be the unique energy that belongs with the stars and heaven.



one man and field of summer grass

The eclipse does not have to be disruptive as many will claim; eclipses can bring advancements in one’s life allowing personal inventory to make improvements to immovability. It is a time for development; gasp facts, acquire information of the spiritual, and get wise information from people. Let your breath out for the importance of sustainability and stability. If your job or work was done with hard labor and precision then definitely the heavens will support you, however, if it was revolving around just getting by then the angle of the eclipse will show you the direction you’re lacking to be successful.

This eclipse will be unique in its own way. It is a fresh start for many while for others it is an eye opener. Please note, I am not an astrologer and these are general tendencies that will affect world views and perceptions of many depending upon how well it is handled. The general tendencies will be chronologically listed by the sign which it will affect. Both Lunar and Solar eclipse predictions should be combined to make a map of what is to occur in one’s life over the next 6 months, including cautions. Remember that the lunar ends by our action and solar begins with our reaction. Since the new moon is in Taurus we will begin with Taurus.

However, before I elaborate on the general tendencies remember that Vedic reading is not a scientific study or based upon calculation; it is based upon metaphysical tendencies beyond the prediction of astrology. As you will notice in the general tendencies you will see the western astrological sign (Zodiac Sun sign) which is based on the position of the sun at the time of birth. This includes physical, personality, state of thinking, and other characteristics. These charts are created scientifically on a circular path and move 30 degrees in segments as it defines a person. I call this the Lion Kings song “circle of life” because each sign represents an animal of a species, except for a Gemini (this one has no real artifact associated with it) maybe because Gemini’s continue to evolve … perhaps and perhaps not. This is not, again, something that I am an expert in but I explain it as I have been taught.




Whereas, the Vedic Culture (mostly Hindu practitioners) calls astrological signs Rashi, and the Rashi is based upon the orbit of moon. Unlike western astrology, it builds the characteristics of a person based on orbital sun. Vedic astrology makes the moon its preference. It even goes as far as naming the children by various symbols of their Rashi. Many Hindu are so involved in areas of Vedic astrology that they base the time and day of their marriage, businesses and even names of their children based on the convictions of Vedic astrology. Nevertheless, whether it is a zodiac or rashi ,their sciences do believe that the planets movement and the persons birth does have an effect on what a person will do and they are 30 degrees in segments. Not only is each house represented by a specific sign and both ideologies agree that the first house is the self and it belongs to Aries; only the name has changed to Mesha (Vedic Rashi).

Both Vedic and western astrology is very unique, scientifically driven, and to understand them it involves deep study and practice. Often Vedic astrologers are also called Pandits (Priest) and I feel that Astrologers should also be called a similar name such as a (Guide). The only difference is that Pandits can perform certain Hindu rituals and understand which deity, stone, and mantras should be incorporated in one’s life to lessen the pain. Whereas, western astrologers can do this also but have to be very careful due to so many religious beliefs. Timing is extremely crucial to both practitioners. Thus I have included both Rashi and Zodia signs because I do believe the best of both worlds is to embrace diversity and unification.




Taurus (Vrishabha Rashi): You are most definitely a go getter and often times as stubborn as Aries but this eclipse will be a deep cleansing or a deep awakening. Often times when it is a new moon, and a solar eclipse, it usually awakens us to new possibilities; especially for you. It is all about you and your journey through life and how you will define yourself again and recreate. You will really be concentrating on what your goals are, what you are capable of doing, and how you will contribute to your own world which is called life. This deep journey could take you back to where you came from, how you grew up, and how you had to grow up. It is now time to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself how you are being viewed by your approach to life and how it affects others by the way of your character and capabilities. (Read more about your prediction from the Lunar eclipse here) and combine both predictions to guide your change for the next 6 months. Therefore, how you relate to others in areas of communication and action will be the key to your success.


Leo (Simha Rashi): Home has always been your heart; your mother is dear to you, as well as your family. But you are now growing up and it’s moving so fast with some people are leaving your life while others are staying. This solar eclipse looks at you, where you are in society, and who you are becoming. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to speak on behalf of the community or a cause. This eclipse also looks at where are working and what kind of career you want to pursue. It is all about your social status and how you fit into certain groups, but perhaps your father may play a larger role in your life this time around than ever before. But it is where Shani is, where difficult lessons and hard work brings you rewards. (Read more about your prediction from the Lunar eclipse here) and combine to guide your change for the next 6 months. Therefore, whatever you did in haste was your lesson in last eclipse and how will you do it different in you social status is your lesson this eclipse.


Scorpio (Vrishchika Rashi): Often times you are such mysteries that no one can figure you out. Not to worry, this solar eclipse also brings its presence in your world. Perhaps this eclipse may be difficult for you since it looks at cooperative partnerships as a whole. Collaboration, cooperation, and partnerships in work, love, and fully collaborated creativity is the matter of success for you. It will question how you will define yourself as member of a larger society. Partnerships have very different forms between marriages, business, agreements, and even groups at times. This eclipse questions the partnership as every tension teaches us a very important lesson of the dark side. At its worst your friend could turn into your enemy and your enemy into your friend but on a larger scale. It all depends upon how the difficulty and collaboration is implemented. (Read more about your prediction from the Lunar eclipse here) and combine to guide your change for the next 6 months. Therefore, choosing to be alone and having some quiet time or spending time with a partner may be difficult to balance because both may be important to you during this eclipse


Aquarius (Kumbha Rashi): My dearest Aquarius did you all of a sudden go to, or make a planned visit to, the hospital? Well perhaps it was Gods way of letting you know you need some time down time. This eclipse has something in store just for you. You are now going to be looking at where you call home. You are about to lay down deep roots and find a place you call home and you will say to yourself it is home. It is now time to get grounded physically, psychologically, and spiritually, making your home a sanctuary of a lifetime. You will be looking all around you and will see what is real and how you will be with people or this home in your life. This eclipse will be where a mother figure will play an important role in your life and you may nurture or be nurtured. (Read more about your prediction from the Lunar eclipse here) and combine to guide your change for the next 6 months.) Therefore, remember that I told you not to go China and make sure you come home? Now you are home … and you may have to make a decision whether you want to go off in your la la land or be home where you belong.



Aries (Mesha Rashi): This eclipse will trigger how you make your money and what you have. It’s about your personal finances and creating financial stability to be able to look at what defines you. But it will also question the way you make your money; does it really give you the notion that it will result in the recognition or love you need? Can you really buy love? Old debt will be part of the issue here. Questions will be raised on whether you’re budgeting your money or are you investing well enough for your future. Perhaps you will get a better job where you make a lot of money or you may have to give up your job or will be forced to leave; either way it will set you free. (Read more about your prediction from the Lunar eclipse here) and combine to guide your change for the next 6 months. Perhaps the two eclipses are trying to tell you to control yourself through habits and in the way you make your money. If it is not done with kindness of humanity or there is some manipulation involved it may not work. Make self-sacrifices to earn a living which is helpful to humanity.

Capricorn (Makra Rashi): This eclipse sits in the matters of the heart. It’s about hopes and things that fulfill our pleasure. It’s a childlike eclipse, it will bring you back to what you felt that was creative, and it is also about our children or children in general. This risk here is risk, which is life; listen to your gut with the greatest hope and healing. This eclipse is all about the family, how we see ourselves within our family, and what risks are we taking for the purpose of our family. Life is about not just telling people you love them but showing them. Life is also not just about a new venture but knowing that new venture will turn out right. It’s about taking action for family and foundation. (Read more about your prediction from the Lunar eclipse here) and combine to guide your change for the next 6 months. Perhaps this eclipse has you wondering if you are repeating the same mistake as your parents did when you were a child or that you want more for your family than you had. But to what extent? This is most definitely for you to figure out.

Cancer (Karka Rashi): Your friends are dear to you but are they worthy of your love, or is it that you don’t have the same common ground anymore? This eclipse will question every friend you have and if these friendships have been spiritual. Not only is it about your friendship, but it is about where you are headed (destiny). This eclipse triggers faith, visions, desires, achievements, but most of all questions; if you have time to do everything you need to do to show love. But if the love is not returned to you then why do you stick around? It is not the type of friends but the type of love you give also. It is what defines you and what will you do to improve to give to people selflessly and to what extent? Most of all, this eclipse focuses on hard work, along with the confusion and chaos that it brings. (Read more about your prediction from the Lunar eclipse here) and combine to guide your change for the next 6 months. Between both of the eclipses do not be surprised that you are no longer happy where you live or no longer happy with your friends and that you want to do things out of self-sacrifices so much so that you lose yourself. You won’t lose yourself, however, if you are doing it for humanity purposes. It will also question how your friendships affect your family life. Friendships may be lost but new spirituality and new spiritual friends will come.

Libra (Tula Rashi): This eclipse really triggers you; it’s about deaths and rebirth. It could mean one part of a relationship may end to create newer and greater ones, a career change, or a rebirth of a maximum kind. It is also about support of all kinds. Joint resources and budgeting are a part of this change. If support does not change we don’t evolve as people. Through this transformation there is a deeper question of the soul and past lives. Evolution occurs in the areas of healing, interaction, state of mind, changes, and secrets. These are all a part of our relationships. It is about being dead honest and being that effective and responsible person who brings richness to groups, humanity and even a company. But most of all, how we are in society and our conviction will set the ground work for stability. (Read more about your prediction from the Lunar eclipse here) and combine to guide your change for the next 6 months. The last eclipse asked you the question who are you, and now it is telling you what you are becoming. Are you going through a transformation and perhaps you are being reborn? Either way, this is a transformation of a spiritual kind. It allows us to be more in touch with humanity, more so than ever and it’s time for great changes.

***Note*** I am considered as a Tula Rashi only because I was born on a new moon on the 24th day of October which brings in the UTC time of being born on the 23rd of October. Therefore, I’m not as much of a Scorpio (4 planets in Scorpio) in the Western culture but in the Vedic Tula. Often, when a person is born on the new moon, or a full moon, it greatly affects their personality and character. Therefore, being very careful not to assume but to stick only to one type of astrology, or bring mixture, and thus creating a more diversified look into the vision of unification ***

The new moon and the eclipse will bring the mixture of what is practical and spiritual while what is known will encourage self-consciousness to make life much easier. The focus to accumulate, develop, and increase personal and material issues will be welcomed with great rewards at this time. These are generalized tendencies for those who continue to evolve three times a year, especially during mercury retrograde when it enhances their flexibility and ever changing direction of thoughts, actions, and reaction. This is why they are called mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius).


Pisces (Meena Rashi): Eclipses and moons always seem to escalate in the house of Pisces; this is not news. But this is a teaching and learning eclipse for you, my dear Pisces. It is how you talk to people and how effective you are, using what you know and doing it with love. Research, listening, learning, educating, and communication are the name of the game. It is not what you are saying, it is how you are saying it that will make or break your point and determine if it is clear and embraced. To maximize this eclipse, gather your intuition and your knowledge to make powerful points of an action plan for the relationship that you hold so dear to your heart. Make sure your communication and work is oriented around objectivity, not subjectivity. (Read more about your prediction from the Lunar eclipse here) and combine to guide your change for the next 6 months. Both of the eclipses question how you make your money, save your money, and how your communication affects your productivity and profitability.

Virgo (Kanya Rashi): The eclipse is perfectly in sync to where you want to be if it means learning something new. This eclipse is asking you to learn things, comprehend what you learn, and remember. It is a time, or ship, which is sailing into areas of discovery, knowledge, ideals, and ethics. There may even be enough energy left over to understand spirituality. Make sure that your thoughts, ideas, expansion of learning, and knowledge is based on possibilities and is not made through hunger and ruthless ambition or greed. You should demonstrate the purpose of your study through productivity, interaction, and learning other cultures. How we speak and interact with others will set the stage for the future relationships. This is really good for aspects but it is all about the truth and luck. (Read more about your prediction from the Lunar eclipse here) and combine to guide your change for the next 6 months. Between the two eclipses you may be questioning money matters and how to get ahead, or make more, and what you need to do to get where you want to go. Partnership and new cultural diversity is an important factor of your transformation in this eclipse. Embrace the knowledge and be careful because while you making good money, your focus may still be on money. Stay focused without greed.

Gemini (Mithuna Rashi): Even though you may not understand the nature of this eclipse it surely will bring some major revelation to you. Everything you do is a factor of Karma and how one deals with difficult and positive karma; making sense out of it determinedly or passively. It will most likely give the answers to why you were born and how you are maturing through the things that have been molding you, but it is also difficult. Often we begin to find our answers through charitable work to learn about how we transcended. It is about learning the karmic lessons of forgiving people, bringing some difficult closures in a most spiritual way for your own growth. However, be careful that you do not spend time in hospitals and find an enemy which you never thought you have; it is about feeling restricted. Because of this karma there may be a tendency that you are taking a spiritual path through luck and confusion. (Read more about your prediction from the Lunar eclipse here) and combine to guide your change for the next 6 months. Your gift is being a twin, therefore, one minute you are a flower and the next time you are a cactus. So for all the fun you had, the universe shows you how to appreciate it because things may become a little difficult so you appreciate your freedom and learn from it; both as a spiritual journey of bliss and restriction.

Sagittarius (Dhanush Rashi): You work so hard but sometimes you work yourself and get nothing in return. Sometimes you work so much that you get sick both mentally and physically. This eclipse is questioning what affect your work has on you. But more meaningful is the responsibility to see if our work bring personal growth and also if our work is fully being realized. If not, be careful as there may be a crisis of health which could get the best of you; affecting how much you work and how fast you heal in order to return. You are thinking so much about responsibilities, and worrying if you have done everything, that you will not experience the simple things in life such as breathing the air and taking time out for yourself. Sometimes it is ok to take care of ourselves and let others worry for themselves. You may have difficulty expressing yourself to people and may even be afraid, or get worried, that you will say the wrong thing at the wrong time. (Read more about your prediction from the Lunar eclipse here) and combine to guide your change for the next 6 months. The combination of this eclipse is all about what you say and what you don’t, what you have done and what you should have done. Especially, how it affects how people view you; the more you say you may be afraid its misunderstood and more you don’t you may feel you should have. If you keep thinking like this you may make yourself ill.



Certainly the grand cardinal cross is making an impact on many of us, especially Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra) and as I stated it is a wait, watch, and see perception by many. The cardinal cross will create disharmony, confusion, and it carries very heavy responsibilities. Though many of you will not see the effects of all this probably until June 2014, think of this eclipse as leap into potentials of transformation, cosmic truth, spiritual enlightenment and the most unique way of fulfilling self-prophesy. I wish there were words to describe the grand cardinal cross but understand that in the end you will be taught unconditional love and make a quantum leap. So I commend all cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra) for your strength, love, spirituality, and your equality. Thus, Cardinal signs general tendencies will change you from whom you were to what you are becoming.

Along with the solar eclipse the heightened new moon will bring a new beginning to set out a passage of new projects and endeavors. The energy is just in the right place to bring growth, development and creating a physical world which one calls their own. The restless will for the impulse to take action and begin something new, be it a small change in the way you approach your daily routine, or a whole new path on your journey through life, will dominate. The energy is right for making spur-of-the-moment moves and following your instincts. This is the time to act from your heart and trust. Know that the Cosmos will support you as long as your intentions are true.

These are definitely general tendencies not to be taken as a perfect science or an astrological reading. The energy between the moon and eclipse may cause the need to continually express feelings. We may arrive at a quick logical solution for any emotional problem – and will jump right in to provide a helpful opinion. Emotional feelings are not consistent and often switch between on and off. This could make people appear fickle or two-sided, but is it you or them. Be open-minded. The flip side of this energy may be that the urges of being super friendly in communication and a need to stay in touch with your mother or a female guardian becomes a must.


The mixture of what is concrete, mystical, and what is known will encourage self- consciousness to make life much calmer. The focus to gather and advance while increasing personal and material issues will be welcomed with great rewards at this time. The spectacle of the last full moon and the lunar eclipse, a little before and during, gave many the ground effort needed to express what they feel. The way it was said and how it was said had previously been the attention and now through the full moon there was a need to let it out. Now the new moon ushers the new element. This does not mean that the forcefulness and hostility will continue but whatever was said, or needed to be said, is let out and it is time to learn the consequences of those lessons and move ahead.

The Moon in Taurus ushers in a time of forethought and common sense. There is a feel of purity and constancy. A good time to continue working on, or finish, projects which were started and never surfaced. This type of shaping may cause people to be to be tenacious and unwilling to negotiate. Extra care is needed to avoid self-indulgence and unnecessary worries to secure material belongings.

The eclipse can be a very problematic time even when things are flawless. Appreciate the gifts that have been granted upon you by the cosmos. Namaste the name of the sun, grasp the problems, and ask for understanding when hindrances have astounded, with humility.


A few days prior to the New Moon, known as the DARK MOON, vitalities are at their lowest ebb, laying the groundwork for the new cycle to begin. Each New Moon signifies the prospect to kick off a new cycle in your life. Depending on the fundamental quality of the sign in which the New Moon falls in a chart, energies, on erratic levels, are sensitive, be they holy, impartial, systematic or outgoing. The modality of the sign determines whether the emphasis is on consecutiveness, power, or obedience. I would highly suggest you make an appointment with my recommended Astrologers and discuss how this phase will magnify your new beginnings or endings.

Due to the nature of the eclipse, I highly recommend that you clean out the clutter of anything that was not dealt with during the lunar eclipse and finish projects which you began. It could be as small as cleaning out your junk drawer, to organizing your closet. Even minor tasks as cleaning out junk mail in your in box will make a difference; for everything that gets discarded there will be room for something new to come to you.

On the day of the eclipse it is recommended you take a new moon spiritual bath, as well as decorate your home with fresh white and yellow flowers, which will allow positivity and new blessings to your home letting every essence of spirituality into your home.



Along with the lunar eclipse mantras, I also recommend three additional mantras and spiritual work until the next eclipse in October 2014.

Solar energy is marginal, defensive, remorseful, and vigorous – resonated and articulated from within our life force. This eclipse is particularly impartial and purpose oriented, and our ideals and resolve can be enhanced and intensified. We begin to deeply consider our influences in the world, and the full expression of our humanity. Therefore, I also suggest that you purchase a Yellow candle, carve your name on it, smear it with sandalwood or frankincense oil, and chant the following chant: “”I ask to find the inner light of my creativity”. “I wish for the universe to help me achieve the recognition that I desire.” “I pray that I may find the strength to take chances with my creativity”.


The Sanskrit mantras can be difficult to pronounce but are a powerful source of energy on levels of sounds through us and the creator. For the Solar Eclipse, it is suggested that the mantra of Surya be chanted every morning and every night for the entire transit (6 months).


Om Surya Namaha


(Om Sur-y-a Na-ma-ha)

The moon in Taurus represents a serene, practical, corporeal, lenient, and determined tendency which means the use of everyday senses is the best substitute through this new moon energy. The splendid sparkle of this energy calls for more grounded character and to be tuned into the earth. Through relationships between earth and humans there is a gift of seeking new ways to have more confidence and solidity in our lives between nature and nurture. The new moon energy encourages an emphasis on body, mind and soul renovations.

Remember the 12 desires. Don’t forget to cross the old ones and make new ones. Don’t forget to manifest matters concerning money-oriented things at this time. And most of all, don’t forget to light a white candle that day; carve your name on the candle, anoint the candle with Frankincense oil, and chant Psalm 65 three times.

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras attaining the desired result is contingent upon the quality of purpose. When it comes to finding a satisfying relationship and success, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. The mantra for Taurus moon is:



Om Sri shukraya Namaha


(om Shri Shu Kra Ya Nama Ha)


For the practicing Hindus it is advisable to fast during the eclipse. Pooja is highly encouraged during the eclipse time for prayers are heard louder during that time; 3 poojas are recommended, Rahu, Katu and Surya. This mantra is also difficult to pronounce for the non-practitioners. But saying it slowly greatly increases the chances of proper pronunciation

Aum Hreem Hleem Surya Namaha


(A-um Her-eem hel-um –sur-ya-Na-ma-ha)

You will notice that this mantra is similar to the first one but hleem is more pronounced in this mantra and in poojas this will be a great help.

For Western practitioners, the first two rituals would cover all that is needed, along with merging the lunar eclipse recites and recommendations. All these are recommended for the next 6 months, especially for those Cardinal and Fixed signs or those that have cardinal or fixed signs in their charts.
Please note that I am not an Astrologer, but am a Vedic Reader. Our ground work is the blending of vibration into Astrological tendencies, along with Vedic preventive medicine, so that revision and fluctuation occurs with the vision of humbleness and spiritual predisposition rather than forced changes which could sometimes create chaos or breaking in alliance.

For this eclipse I will be recommending all Cardinal signs, as well as those that have Cardinal in their chart, to get their second reading. I also recommend all fixed signs to follow the same. For this solar eclipse I will be doing 6 month forecast readings on the changes and implications of the situations in your life. Again, please check my schedule before making an appointment. If you are already in my existing database you should receive a newsletter on, or before, the 26th to book a reduced rate reading.
If you recently did a relationship reading you may choose to have another done even though it is breaking the 3.5 rule; only because of the grand cross, which affected all kinds of relationships.


However, I am unable to read both 6 month self-readings and relationship readings in the same sitting as it is way too much energy and it must be split into two separate readings.
The offer of a reduced rate will continue until May 02, 2014 so don’t forget to set up your appointment ahead of time. However, due to the vast number of appointments, I am not able to reschedule any appointments that are missed and the slot will be filled immediately for stand by appointments.

Wishing you a wonderful eclipse and may Goddess Luxmi shine upon your soul and spirit.



Renovate: Repair, Restore, Rest: Love Essentials: Total Lunar Eclipse April 2014




APRIL 14/15, 2014

By Maharani Rutan©

Spectacular! Even though many could consider it an omen, or fearing the worst, whenever a major lunar eclipse casts shadows in our skies, unlike any other eclipse this will be the most beautiful site to see.  This is the first total lunar eclipse in almost 2 ½ years and even better, for the first time in a very long time it will be viewed by the entire North and South Americas.  I call this “our” special eclipse.  This eclipse will last for 78 to 80 minutes and it will naturally run its course from the pacific to eastern boarders of the United States.

This beautiful eclipse, which begins its transformation on the 14th of April at 12:46 Am PST, will continue to move into phases until a Total eclipse is formed.  A total Eclipse usually occurs when the moon completely blocks the sun and it’s parallel to the earth shadow. The dark shadow covers the sun and the moon.  However, the spectacular thing about this eclipse is that it will be visible to almost everyone including Australia, the Pacific and the Americas.  How beautiful can it be? For astronomy, this is probably one the of the most beautiful sites next to shooting stars,  new comet’s ,or stars being developed, but to the human eye this is also graceful to watch.

Although every experience is unique and often we compare one to another, we can use our own familiarity to compare what it could be like.  Degree wise the last eclipse in Libra was very close to the one we felt October 14, 2004. This eclipse is at 25 degrees in Libra give or take the position of the orb while the one in October, 2004 was at 21 degrees depending also on its position.


The full moon in Libra will begin this eclipse at 12:42 am PST, 3:42 am EST and directly afterwards will become the total lunar eclipse.  Therefore, the name given to the first moon in April fits perfectly as a pink moon.  Love, change, balance, and equality; is it all or nothing? This is yet to be determined as things following this eclipse will set the stage to magnificent changes.

According to the farmer’s almanac the first full moon in April is usually referred to as a Pink moon, or the Grass Moon.  Often the reference of the Pink moon is due to the color of moss that covers the trees and grass against the shadow of the moon light. Additionally, the Green moon gives the encouraging nourishment to bring dull grass from the dreadful winter to green.

Since the eclipse is paired with the moon, there must be a very straight line between beliefs and understanding. Depending upon what ones world view is in the western culture, eclipses always bring chaos and sometimes this chaos can be difficult but it does not have to be bad.  We must keep in mind that this is a lunar eclipse (in the darkness) and wherever the lunar eclipse falls in a specific chart it affects the opposite houses. In natural terms, it will be the secondary area which will affect the crisis the most.


In October, 2004 we had a Solar Eclipse in Libra and shortly after we had lunar eclipse in Taurus. As you will see, it will be a similar situation 10 years later however, the eclipses are reverse.  Which means that  this time it is a lunar eclipse in Libra and a solar in Taurus.  Why is this so? And why does history repeat itself?  Oftentimes it has been discussed by ancient astronomers that if history does not repeat we cannot change the path we live.  For example, if we learn to ride a bike and we fall down, years later we try to ride the same bike and we fall down we can either feel the pain worse or brush it off because we know that pain (experience) is not so bad or it is tolerable.  This is the same in life.  And how we handle people and things in our lives, some of us could feel this already. Therefore, it is always tested forwards and backwards to make sure every lesson is learned at great length in order not to have it repeated.

This is re-consideration, or a test, of the last eclipse. Therefore, those people that are born 5 days before or after the following dates will feel this eclipse more than others. Remember to look back at what happened around April/ May, 2006 which is about to happen again.  So whatever is felt will last until the Spring of 3 years from now.  The intensity of this eclipse is guaranteed to make changes for all those that have Libra and Cardinal signs in their chart, especially those that are born on 10th of any month which means 5 days before and after so from 5-15 of any month. Additionally, those that are born on the 24th to the 29th of the month will be affected.  To sum this down even further, birthdays Jan 9-13, Feb 9-13 & 23-26, March 9-13, April 9-15, May 9-15 & 24-31, June 9-15, 27, August 9-15 & 23-28, September 9-15 & 23-28, October 9-15, November 9-15 and 21-28 and lastly December 9-15.  Many of you will own your own actions by the fall of this year. Again, this does not have to be bad, it can be the most wonderful experience and you pay it forwards.

When the moon is full it usually indicates growth, emotions, and our hearts and memories as we plant the seeds of our emotions by confronting our deepest ones.  In 2012 the new moon started something new and we worked at it for 2 years and now here we are where the celestial energy is basically letting us know that we have learned our lessons and its time move forwards to the next stage of our lives.


Libra moon awakens our balance as Aries charges us with energy to create a better future for us.  Saturn is still in Scorpio however, moving backwards in time, which asks us important lessons: what have we learned from all that we have had, worked, and been? Giving us even deeper questions of what do we know about ourselves and how we handle our relationships with others. The idea of this full moon is to question what was created on the new moon on March 30, 2014. Was it deep, creative or was it so reckless and dangerous that it needed to happen?

Both Aries and Libra, being Cardinal signs, have very unique personalities. Aries works with fire and robust Libra uses sweetness and negotiation as passage way to collaboration.  They are, however, both determined, no matter how wrong they are they will get their way.  Libra looks at and analyzes everything, looking at all possibilities both good and bad.  Aries, on the other hand, just risks everything. There is too much for them to think about in their actions until they wonder why they even have to choose.

Just a few days before the eclipse Pluto, the planet of the underworld and ruler of Scorpio, is one of the most powerful planets and will be retrograding also until September. Hopefully tempers will not rise and with it joining Saturn in Scorpio, perhaps hard lessons will also be eased.  The lucky Sweet Jupiter will be there for us to bring us joy.


The pink moon or rather, a full moon in Libra, wants all of us to be in harmony and wait for the right moment to make any decision.  It is highly important right now to connect with your relationships including family, friends, and even partners. The most beneficial part is if your occupation is a lawyer, psychologist, criminologist, sociologist, and you have Libra anywhere in your chart, your career may soar as you bring the energy to light to build, and discover things.  Full moon in Libra always brings fairness with co-workers but be ready to face constructive criticism also.

As peaceful as this full moon is this just the energy’s way of asking all cardinal signs including Libra, Cancer, and Aries what have you done since 2012.  Many of you must remember all the eclipses that rocked our world it all began in 2012.  So many astrologers have written about the cardinal crosses that in the western world it seems so bleak and so scary, but in the Vedic world it is reformation.   If you run, what are you running from and where will you go?  So for now until 20th of April let’s leave the worries of the Cardinal Cross behind and focus on the present and on today.

This beautiful pink moon brings us light and love but it could also bring endings to toxic relationships. Libra Moon values harmonious relationships. It behaves in a way to make sure that he/or she is loved and the love is kept. It’s a need to please the people you feel close to, and want to be nurtured with kindness, a charming manner, and with music and beautiful things. Libra Moon needs close friendship, partnership or marriage to feel nurtured and safe.  You may have need for peace, harmony and pleasant surroundings. In emotional situations, the Libra Moon tends to act very rationally and strives to make fair decisions.  Hating a fight, she may even finesse her way out of confrontation. People will have strong sensitivity to, and attraction for, others.  This comes from the Libran search for harmony and balance, for the Libra nature accentuates teamwork.  It’s a good time to form partnerships of all natures—friendships, marriages, and business.


Even though this moon is placed to bring blessings to relationships and any difficulties, the sun in Aries will bring separation in everyone.  It’s an echo of one in other people’s lives and how we, and others, foster it.  Whatever is good will be blessed and whatever is bad will have its punishment. Being the best you can be will be the ideal way to go. Concentrating on the needs of others will defiantly bring brownie points during this full moon emphasis.

This eclipse and the moon energy is so strong that many people will feel this pull as early as around the 2nd or 3rd of April while others may already be feeling it. Therefore, bring diverse diplomacy in your relationships.  Find a way to be independent yet supportive.  However, there may be some pressure between our time alone to introspect and others time wanting to be with us.  Take your time and if others don’t respect it, then this is the catalyst to see if the relationship is really worth the respect and honor.  But at the same time, making decisions to end a relationship, or harsh behavior, will not be the way to go unless this is what the best conclusion is.  If it is, it will NEVER come back at the same compassion it was when it began because the eclipse gives that much energy and initiative to never go back again.  Eclipse and full moon together is natural energy to end things.

Often, Libra moon and the eclipse open our eyes to look at things so clearly that it answers the question that we cannot carry other people’s burdens as they are too heavy.  This moon and the eclipse questions what is ours, what is theirs, what is ours not to fix, and what belongs to others.  It also questions individuality with support not to fix people or things. The pressure may be so much that finally those important things that should have been said will be said, and sometimes, honesty hurts but it needs to be done to let go with grace.  It’s best to look at self-accountability, self-reflection, how our actions hurt others, and to question why bad things happen to us? Perhaps we are so easy to judge others yet we can’t avoid looking at ourselves. When we do we accept our karma, but when we don’t chaos always happens.  Libra moon, along with the eclipse, is this reflection and eye opener.


Don’t over evaluate as emotions may get the best of us – be sensible.  Due to the volcanoes within our reactions control issues may not allow balance to be restored as it should. Therefore watching what you say to avoid heated arguments may come through alliance rather than silence or arguments.   Discuss needs and find the sacrifices which are needed to alter your own identity so that relationship can be honored.

The full moon brings with it energy to plant and harvest.  With the moon in Libra, there is a need to have a satisfying relationship with a loving partner in order to feel at concord spiritually. There is an urge to repeatedly assess feelings, seeking just the right equilibrium with others. There is also a sparkle for grandeur and fine arts which can be expressed in a significant way. Fostering others by treating them equitably and seeing their stunning potentials is the theme for this full moon.  There also could be a look toward the idealism of mother or a motherly figure to be the model of radiance, gentleness, allure and fairness.

As interesting as it can be when there is a full moon in Libra with Aries energy, it can be complimentary towards one effort which is to supplement each other’s goals and desires, however, tempers can rise if there is a misunderstanding in shared resources. There is a greater chance of being bold, passionate, and very adventurous.


Poonam, as they call it in Hindu scriptures and languages, is usually relationship linked, therefore people who are born on a full moon, and it does not matter what sign you are, will experience a higher impact than anyone else.  Often, when paired with eclipses, it brings out repressed emotions which are often activated with the energy that it holds.  Cardinal signs are naturally sensitive to their surroundings.  However, no matter what sign one is born under, this is something that has been brewing for so long that it could go both ways – either you finally tell someone how you really feel and it starts a romance of a lifetime or a sudden break up or argument comes from nowhere, bringing out things that were never discussed.  Therefore, 5 days before and 5 days after the eclipse is as crucial as the day of the full moon, thus if there is nothing nice to say then don’t say it at all. Otherwise, like the old saying goes, “you can never take back your words and apologies can bring forgiveness but never forgetfulness”.

Vedic readings have always incorporated astrology, perception, action, and reaction as an intertwining methodology to clarity and by all means what I am about to give to you is not a perfect science nor should be it considered as such.  This generalization is at its face value, where the eclipse and the full moon bring forth changes, but to have your own individual reading I would really recommend that you speak to an astrologer and see what it holds for you.  I am not an astrologer nor claim to be – I don’t have the analytical prospect to pursue it; the information is a mere generalization as a precaution so that this transition becomes as simple and transitional as possible.

Remember to really analyze where these astrological signs fall in your chart before maximizing or minimizing what could occur.  What is given to you is for warning and remedies to avoid chaos and bring peace during this difficult transit.

Aries & Taurus: With your enterprising techniques you always seem to get things done, but please be very cautious of your words, especially to your loved ones.  If you have once thought about marriage this is the time to discuss the outcome or make that commitment which you know is right to do.  However, there could be intense hidden pressure and it may be advisable to be cooperative and collaborative to save the relationship.  If you don’t, the words could cause many relationships to sever. Additionally, legal issues, if any, may not go in your favor because you did too much or said too much hastily.

Gemini: Such grace and fun, you’re always moving.  You do have this knack … you are the procrastinating one. This can be auspicious or lead to a breaking point, but either way it will be close to your heart.  You may finally decide that you want to bring someone new into your life or that old relationship is no longer benefiting you and you leave for good.  But your heart is like a child.  If it is not relationships it may be younger person who will bring out the child in you that you never thought you had and you will finally be alive with creativity and zeal.  Hooray for you Gemini, this is what you wanted or…

Cancer: Your heart is always in the right place and your home is where you always find comfort. But do you remember 2009? This lunar eclipse is as pivotal to you as it will be every Cardinal sign. Your number one priority is your home: whom you will live with, where you want to live, and who you want to have in your life as a family member.  Whether you decide to sever the ties with a family member or reconnect, your home is where your heart will remain. This eclipse will surely shake it up or bless it but it all depends upon how much it means to you.

Leo: My sweet Leo’s, oh I love you all so much. Everything always happens to you, but why? Well probably because you did not take care of something well enough. Or is it that you did not make yourself clear? Whatever the case, maybe it will affect everything you count on to function. If it is a car that gets you to and from work which you did not get fixed or that computer you need to go to school,  I guess being reckless and procrastinating did not help.  But then again, sometimes you just want everyone to be at peace but to what point? So it’s a little bit of a bumpy ride but don’t say I didn’t say so.


Virgo: My sweet, kind, loving Virgo’s, if I did not love them so much I would not have married one.  But you do have some habits – you aim to please.  However, sometimes we can’t buy what we want and when we want it.  This eclipse will make you realize what you want and I don’t mean love.  Remember, the Macy sale can wait … or can it? This eclipse will get you very busy thinking about how you will make your money, how you will spend your money, and what you want in the future.  If you want a big house with a white picket fence don’t you think that you might have to conserve just a little? Can sales wait for your dream? There is a song for your call money, money, money.

Libra: This is your eclipse as you have been through so many things, but your heart has always been in the right place.  This eclipse is all about you.  Who are you? What in the world are you wearing? Are you tired of listening to others or are you ready to be who you want to be and to what lengths will you go to get there? You are always self-aware of your actions but are you always accountable? If you decide to change your hair or your style just to be in the mode of changing – try to stay away from psychedelic colors will you? And I don’t think Flare pants are your style anyway.  Get ready for great changes, stand up for yourself and be exactly who you want to be.  Remember the old saying: you can please some people some of the time but not all the people all of the time.

Scorpio: Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways. Oh wait am I talking to myself? Remember dear Scorpio you are exactly who you are but are you ready? I mean really think about it. As a natural ability, you know your spirituality but why are you so afraid of being alone? You don’t need to be.  Go away to a retreat; hide in your own world and sometimes its ok to be lonely, but you are doing it to yourself you know.  When you disconnect yourself from people, you find your own natural talents of creativity and expression – you are breaking through everything that is destined for you.  But to be more in touch with the higher spirit, remember that the higher power always talks to you in silence.  Most likely, during the eclipse, you can’t be any more spiritual than you are and many people will need you because you will help this eclipse as the connection with you and the spiritual world will become so intense that it may overwhelm you. Don’t get scared, it is not to be used to just run away but it should be used to be more Devine.  You are given permission to be alone and more than that, you will love your connection with the higher power.  But please don’t become a yogi (nun) just yet unless you really want to.


Sagittarius: You do realize that you love people and you love to get out and do things.  You are awesome listeners and sometimes you are emotional sponges because you always want to make people happy and not to disappoint anyone, don’t you? But you also realize that sometimes you take on things that are not yours to have, hold, or fix, and when you can’t it’s so hard for you – truth always sets you free, doesn’t it? I believe your list of friends is about quality not really quantity though you like quantity too but too much of that takes all your energy and de-bunks you.  Many of you Saggys have taught me a word and if it was not for you I don’t what I would do but as I always say we must practice what we preach.  Don’t you hate it when people judge you?  So do you remember someone saying to you that you are the company you keep? Your reputation relies on the friendships you keep and your grace happens with you when you always do the honorable thing.  And remember that word I said? With others “whatever”! Say it over and over and over again.

Capricorn: You are such a straight shooter.  Sometimes you can be a little stubborn but you mean well in your heart.  But as I said, all Cardinal signs, including yourself, may go through some changes that may make you see life from a whole new prospective.  But you do have a habit of worrying way too much at times and your entire life depends on who you are in the world.  The eclipse always makes changes. Sometimes when things don’t work, and we keep working at it anyways even though we know it’s not going to work, we have to try harder and we can’t keep holding on to junk.  If your character and how you are viewed by others is important to you, remember that because of this eclipse, depending upon who or what it was meant to do, will highly depend on your identity.   I wish I could go into further explanation but it seems the changes you make are often hidden.  My best advice is that if it was humble and the only role you played in it was to volunteer your service then it will be recognized.  If, however, there was any kind of selfishness or self-reasoning for fame or recognition I can’t tell you how it will go.  Perhaps it may go exactly as you planned, perhaps not, only because this eclipse will change its course one way or the other.

Aquarius: And to this day I still can’t figure you out.  I do know you need to be in the public eye, you are very resolute, and often keep to yourself – but when you have something to say, my goodness you say it.  My only concern is you often live in a world of your own and you are happy with that world which is fine but you can’t make a home out of Lego’s and not expect it to fall down.  But this eclipse forces you to take risks again.  It also asks you very important questions: Have you learned all you wanted to learn? Do you know where you are going? Do you know what you are following? Do want to be more God like if so then are you practicing God like ways? You know that you don’t like being in one place for too long and its ok to run off to China to practice Buddhism but can you make it a round trip ticket because you might not come back and I might have to hunt you down?


Pisces: You are so spiritual at heart.  You know that it has been said God had the same birth sign as you. Another advantage is that everyone, and I mean everyone, has Pisces somewhere in there charts but you’re the closest to spirituality. Oh, and your psychic antennas are quite right (ok most of the time) nooo… all the time.  So this eclipse you will question why you were born, where you were born, perhaps even the reason why you were born but the problem is Karma – it’s time to pay the fiddler.  I don’t mean it in a spiritual way; I mean it in the materialistic world. It’s time to pay the debts off. There may be intense pressure of debts to be repaid or you may find out that you owed a debt you never paid off and you have very little time to do it.  Or perhaps you will feel that the other people’s money is not coming to you fast enough.  Look at this again, have we been there before?  I believe a couple of eclipses ago the same issues arose and I hope you had a chance to work that out then so that you don’t have to do it again.  But, if you had not done so, it’s here again for you to pay the Karma and be spiritual and humble while doing so. 

The interpretation which I have elaborated previously is a generalization though each experience, each chart, and each perception is individual in nature; the energy does apply in many senses.  Vedic readers are NOT astrologers and we do not claim to be astrologers.  We are the messengers to avoid trouble. Almost like one client called it a “GPS” but unlike a GPS, we can tell you about traffic and we can tell you what will happen if you go into it. We can also tell you why the traffic occurred, but we cannot enable you.

Eclipses are favored by Vedic Readers, not so much Vedic Astrologers, and perhaps not even Western astrologers depending upon their convictions.  Vedic readers consider them as an open window or an opportunity to consider, contemplate, reflect, getting rid of clutter, and being in touch with the higher self by connecting with our consciousness and the actions which cause others reaction.


We have a full moon every month and during this time the universal energy calls upon us to look at our oppositions.  This is especially when Aries and Libra moons ask many questions of us. Aries always calls into action to make something happen even if it is not the right thing to do but do something.  On the other side, Libra asks us to spend time by ourselves and we find solace in animals and things of beauty.

But Libra moon wants justice and bravery to bring forth freedom, creativity, and living in the moment. Moreover, Libra tests every relationship; questioning its solidarity, denials, repression, aggression, and conflicts while analyzing safety and peace. All Cardinal signs will be affected, not only by this moon, but by the eclipse; it is judgment day.  This day asks, is the heart, the soul, or is the truth the balance?  Things that were once ignored can no longer be ignored.  The passion that forces an action, many issues will occur not by force but by nature, brings new experiences which are greatly needed.  Whether finally letting go of something or someone that has been a heavy monkey on a shoulder, or a fresh new look to a relationship, for sure this new moon and eclipse will be wake-up processes and reckoning.

But not all eclipses or full moons, as I explained, have to be bad, they can also be time for miracles, awakenings, flexibility and a new perception.  The energy will be right to not let conflict bring us down but to allow many of us to take the time to listen and to be heard. It allows many different viewpoints and different interpretations to be able to make choices that are best for us.


This eclipse is very much relationship oriented.  Many relationships can break or be restructured.  During the lunar eclipse, and the full moon, it is always encouraged to let Goddess Luxmi or any spiritual energy enter your home with your arms wide open.  To do this, clean your home of clutter and create and ambience of pure scents of incense and candles.  Lighten your altar, and your work space, with stones such as jade, amethyst, and most of all, Aventurine if you can find them at your nearest new age store.  You don’t need much, just a small amount.

The Libra full moon represents energy that is beautiful, cordial, comfortable, impartial and devoted. However, the lunar eclipse fosters change, endings, and conflicts.  Therefore I suggest that three candles be purchased for this eclipse.

Libra moon: Yellow candle. Carve your name under the wick with a pen or a pencil or purchase a candle in a glass and write your name on a piece of paper and tape it to the bottom of the holder. Make sure you anoint the candle with lavender oil if it is a single solid candle or place a couple of drops around the base of the candle and place the candle in a dish so that it does not crack and recite psalm 26 every morning until October 15, 2014 when the moon enters Taurus. However, since this is an eclipse in Libra, I encourage that if time allows, continue this mantra and psalm for 6 months forwards.


Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras, achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention. When it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. Mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but are a powerful source of energy. The mantra for Libra moon is:

 Om Shukrya Namaha

(Om Shoo-krah-yah Nahm-ah-ah)

This mantra produces the quality of friendship within oneself, including others.

The intention of this mantra is to smooth your path in life by helping you understand the lessons you have set for yourself. Through karma the negativity will surpass with every moon cycle. Remember to cross out the old affirmation even if there is a slightest change and create a new one. The perfect number for aspiration is 10.  This means to list 10 aspirations and recite them every night until the next moon cycle.  Remember, never make the affirmations beginning with “I balance”, it must be worded “I need balance in my life with friendship and love.”

Many people have asked the question how often they should have a reading done by a psychic or a tarot reader.  In my opinion, an in-depth reading should be done every moon cycle or when it is affecting you astrologically.  Additionally, relationship readings should be limited to once a month so that anxiety and urgency does not become the emanate energy instead of patience and faith.


Every moon cycle represents a change; it not only affects our external forces but our internal forces as well.  Of course, we all have burning questions every now and then and it may be necessary to have a reading done more often, but sometimes we have to let the universe take its course.

However, poonam (full moon) is energized by Cancerians therefore; we must respect the energy that it brings to us.  Full moons can be very nurturing, emotional, sensitive, and it is my suggestion that you purchase a pink candle either in a glass or a solid carve your name and anoint with also lavender oil or inspirational oil and chant psalm 70 until the next moon cycle which is April 27, 2014.

The full moon mantra is

“Om Shrim Chandrakia Namah”

(Om Shreem Chan dra kia nahm – ah- ha)

Om, and salutation to the creative abundance that is the very form of the universe.

This Mantra opens the universal forces in your life and allows the righteous changes to occur. With every moon cycle, remember to cross out the old affirmation even if there is a slightest change and create new ones. The perfect number for aspiration is 10.  This means to list 10 aspirations and recite them every night until the next moon cycle.  Remember; never make the affirmations beginning with “I feel the resolute. I protect, save, nourish, assimilate all of the life’s emotions, have a desire to connect to the source of subconscious, and be reserved, quiet, and love without conditions.


However, the grand finale is the eclipse which means great changes and this can be very tough for many of us. Therefore, I recommend that for Christian practitioners, Psalm 16 is the most ideal of all psalms.  Also acquire a white candle either a solid or a glass anoint the candle or the glass bottom with myrrh and the mantra for the eclipse is:

Om Shree chitra Nakshtra Devataye Namaha

(Om Sh-ree Chit-ra Nak shri tra de va ta ye Na maha)


This is mantra is a dispeller of difficulties and will assist in making a full transition through the next 6 months for cardinal signs.


Please note again, I am not an astrologer and do not claim to be an astrologer.  Vedic reading incorporates astrology, numerology, and Sanskrit divination as a path to direction.

I will be offering 6 month in-depth readings for all those that have cardinal signs in their chart, including relationship readings, at a reduced price starting April 15, 2014. Please note that due to the Cardinal Grand Cross, I am recommending updates at the end of the month.  If you do not have cardinal signs in your chart, it is advisable to wait until the second eclipse on April 28 to get the most accurate reading possible.  Two readings are only encouraged for cardinal signs or those that are involved with cardinal people.  If you also had a reading done less than 3.5 weeks ago, I also recommend for you to wait because it could end up to be very negative or redundant.

Wishing you the best of journey on this wonderful full moon and the total lunar eclipse. Take lots of pictures and remember, this does not happen but once in a great while.