Partial Lunar Eclipse June 2012: Revealing the Truth

Partial Lunar Eclipse


Full Moon in Sagittarius

By Maharani Rutan©

June brings the opening curtain to what has been hidden and the search for the truth will be illuminated by the full moon and the partial lunar eclipse. On June 04, 2012 the full moon will illuminate the skies at 7:03 am EST, 4:03 PST, while the partial lunar eclipse will partially hide the moon at 7:12 am EST, 4:12 PST.

The visibility of this will not be seen in the north eastern sides of North America and Canada however, the western coast of America and Canada will have the best view.  For the best visibility pacific areas and eastern Australia will have the most magnificent visibility.

The partial lunar eclipse will fall at 14 to 17 degrees in Sagittarius depending upon the orb. This eclipse is will be concentrated around Sagittarius.  The emphasis of this eclipse will be more on being collective, spiritual, tolerant, and risk taking; at the same time the dislike for internment, boredom, doubt and disapproved. The eclipse will focus upon all mutable signs, especially Sagittarius, including those that have the sun, moon and any signs in Sagittarius.  However, Sagittarians will not be the only ones affected by this eclipse; every mutable sign (Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini’s and Virgos) or those that have any mutable sign in their charts will be affected.

This is not just a normal eclipse as we know it but it will make a grand cross like it did for Cardinal Signs in 2009.  This time Mercury, Venus, Mars, Chiron and Neptune will wind the mutable signs and even if people don’t have mutable signs in their charts, they will be affected by those who do have mutable signs.  This will be focused around communications, and interpersonal relationships of all kinds.

In short, Venus (Goddess of Love and money) and Mars (God of men or higher authority and drive) will square each other. Additionally, since Sagittarius focuses on legal issues, it could be for the next 6 months that any legal issues may not go as planned.  Depending upon where the placement is for some, it could be a sign of relief but during an eclipse anything is possible.

People with mutable signs  will have difficulties unraveling their self-image from their feelings; failing to recognize that someone or something is not what it appears and it is all a self image or a mirage rather than a responsive commitment.  These people will be obsessed with doing things that inhibit their passionate satisfaction or chasing after their desires while talent and skills are wasted so there is a tug of war between passions and motivations.

This eclipse will also re-stimulate, to some degree, the issues that were raised by the December 2010, and June 15, 2011 eclipses.  Perhaps looking at those days, or rather reconsidering what happened during those months, can help in assessing what is about to take place for the next 6 months.

When a partial lunar eclipse occurs, the earth is passing between the Sun and the Moon, creating a full moon as we experience every month – but in this case, the alignment is perfect – the occultation of the moon complete. The intensity of the full moon is great, yet she is partially covered for a few minutes by the earth’s shadow. The Sun and Moon are occupying opposite Astrological signs, therefore emphasizing the particular polarity inherent in those signs. During the period of occultation, the Moon’s reassuring light is temporary. We may experience a crisis of lack, and the particular sort of lack depends universally upon the astrological sign in which the eclipse occurs, and personally upon the natal astrological house (realm of influence), as well as the major aspects made to natal planets.

This eclipse is particularly relationship oriented – and our connections with others can be severed, challenged, or suddenly welded together as the shock calls one to action. We may deeply consider our feelings and needs within the context of the house, sign and planetary aspects affected. To fully appreciate the potential in the lunar eclipse, we must explore both houses and signs that are brought into play. Where the Moon is we can confront our demons, old habits and fears, and where the Sun is we may find the means to embrace a release from whatever bondage we experience in life through our creative efforts. In any event, there are opportunities for deeper understanding, and finding a balance in our lives.

At times this Full Moon can highlight important technical or scientific advances, or social changes and reforms. Computers and other hi-tech equipment can be subject to malfunction and other disturbances. Be on guard against “the unexpected or unusual” around this time.  Individuals may present with some rather bizarre behavior patterns under this influence as well and sudden estrangements or separations may occur for some around this time.

The Fiery Sagittarius Moon impels us to speak honestly and get straight to the heart of the matter. Trust is strong, small talk is out… big dreams and lofty plans take shape in our minds. Take a little trip… read a book.

The Moon in Sagittarius brings a time of exploration, seeking, and impulsiveness. People may feel more courageous, sociable, and fun loving. It is a good time for discovering benefits and ideas and for broadening the mind. Like the Archer that represents Sagittarius, people may have a predisposition toward pursuing out truth and higher meaning and following intuition, as well as flights of fancy. While the desire for freedom will be strong, people may want to do what they want, when they want, and be impetuous and autonomous. These inclinations can cause edginess and a strong need for independence.

Moon in Sagittarius is very candid with her feelings. She is wise and metaphysical in emotional situations. She treats others with respect, kindheartedness and a sense of humor. She believes in telling it like it is, even if the truth hurts. Sagittarius Moon needs for others to be truthful with her as well. She is deeply wounded by dishonesty. She has a talent for teaching others, and is an avid learner. Every emotional challenge is an opportunity for her to learn, and to help others with the information she has gained.

Allow the heavy burdens of the past months to drop away. You should swim like a light being and an angel of the heavens, in the harmonious seas of bliss and peace. I strongly suggest taking your aspirations that you have made last month and cross them out one by one.  Remember never beg for your aspirations.

During the Lunar Eclipse we must try to look at life in a different aspect.  You might want to re-write the aspirations like this: “I need help in creating what I dream of and power to manifest happiness through this process.  I need the knowledge to love more and the ability to engage in a positive environment.  I need to understand about my goals.”  I also recommend that during this moon cycle that you purchase a purple candle, carve your name on it, and anoint the candle with lavender or peppermint.  Chant, in silence, psalm 40 three times.  Allow yourself to chant these words every night until the next moon cycle and let the glory of the higher power enter your body, mind and soul.

Since, moon in Sagittarius is Honest, Straightforward, Energetic, Optimistic, and Wise all mixed together, we must remain balanced. It is my suggestion that you purchase an orange candle and carve your name through the wick.  Anoint the candle with sandalwood or Lavender oil and chant the psalm 17.  You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is depended upon the quality of intention, and when it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be.

The mantra for Lunar Eclipse is:

Om Chandrakia Namaha

(Om Chan Dra Kia Nahm ah ha)


The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but it is a powerful source of energy the mantra for Sagittarius moon is:

 “Om Gurave Nahmaha”

(Om Goo rah vey Nahm ah ha)

This mantra begins to awaken and activate the entire chakra. It specifically prepares the chakra to able to handle the inflow of Jupiter energy that give chakra is power.


With every moon cycle, remember to cross out the old affirmation even if there is the slightest change and create new ones. The perfect number for aspiration is 10.  This means to list 10 aspirations and recite them every night until the next moon cycle.  Remember, never make the affirmations beginning with “I want”, it must be worded “I need to be guided.”

Many people have asked the question how often they should have a reading done by a physic or a tarot reader.  In my opinion an in-depth reading should be done every moon cycle.  Since, every moon cycle represents a change it not only affects our external forces but our internal forces as well.  Of course, we all have burning questions every now and then and it may be necessary to have a reading done more often, but sometimes we have to let universe take its course.

When dealing with a tragic situation, it is my suggestion that before you have a reading done you must clear away negativity and fear from your emotions so that a reader can give you the clearest reading possible.  Remember also that every psychic bases all their telephone readings on your energy. So remember to ask guidance from the higher power before having a reading so that you can be neutral with your energy.  The clearest answers can be given when energy is at a neutral point.  Never get a reading with your energy is scattered because you may not receive the best reading possible.  98% of all psychics are empathic and clairvoyant so this energy is very important to them as well as you.   Always remember that every reader has their boundaries as to how far in the future they want to read.  This is of their choice; however, reading beyond 6 months is a very hazy situation. Our free will plays an important role in our destiny and we are able to change anything.  This is the main reason why many readers do not go beyond the 3 to 6 month marks.


Please remember these are general tendencies.  It is my suggestion that all mutable signs set up an appointment with me and get a 6 month in-depth reading on the self before getting a relationship reading.  In addition, please remember that I am not an astrologer, but rather, a Vedic reader who incorporates tendencies of the sun and the moon which is the ground work for a specialized reading.  I bring to you the outcomes that can be changed.

Furthermore, I would advise you to speak to my recommended astrologers and get a path to remedial changes and incorporate the two; building a future that you would like to have.

My recommended Astrologer, Leslie Hale, will be happy to help you find your way through western Astrology and paired with Vedic Readings, change the future you want to see.

If you are an existing client you may make an appointment with me here and details will be in your keen box for those that are new.  Welcome and embrace the blogs and allow the changes to happen quietly and peacefully.

May the changes be everything magnificent and may the moon bless you with wonderful transformations.

Looking forward to speaking with you and blessed be.