Full Moon Libra

Full Moon In Libra

March 29, 2010

On March 29, 2010, we will have a Full moon in Libra 9:25 pm EST and 6:25 pm Pacific time at 9 degrees in Libra.

When the Moon is full, the gravitational pull between the Moon on one side of the earth and the Sun on the other has a great affect on our own bodily water levels, as well as the earth’s. You may or may not notice the effect (depending on how powerful the Moon is in your Astrological chart), but there is no doubt that this energy creates an inner pull, fullness – and may help us to connect psychically with others. Everything becomes clearer and more intense under the light of the Full Moon – emotions and egos can become quite inflated, and we may have more awareness and focus on relationships. You may also feel energized by the light of the Moon and have more luminous dreams.

However, this full moon is vicious it involves a T zone between Saturn (Lesson Planet and Pluto (Emotion Planet).  You may find people to be just outrageously cold and cut throat. For most of you this is a Cardinal Grand cross which means that Cancers stay at home if necessary.  During this time you will be forced to close doors as difficult as it would be and accept every change as good.

Some of you may have to find a balance between independence and concessions.  It will tension in a relationship as well between personal freedom and wanting to be with someone.

Bleeding and hemorrhaging are more likely during a Full Moon, so take care. This is the time to Harvest, Pray and be Thankful, and to work on fertility and prosperity.  Love and Romance go wild under a Full Moon, especially around midnight. In a full moon you may become highly objective, clear minded and aware of your own needs and the needs of others.

UNDER THIS FULL MOON, ENERGIES ARE GEARED TO THE MENTAL REALM. Traditionally, the early Europeans knew this FULL MOON as the WORTMOON.Plants and herbs were harvested and dried as the richness of the first harvest was realized.
In Native Lore, this Full Moon was known as the MOON OF RIPENING BERRIES. As ripe berries were gathered and used for paints, dyes and as a source of Vitamin C. Health and creativity are emphasized and there is a sense of well-being and drama to this lunation.

A moon in Libra, you may need a harmonious relationship with a loving partner to feel at peace emotionally. You may be constantly assessing your emotions, seeking just the right balance with others. You have a flare for beauty and art, and can express these in a meaningful way. You nurture others by treating them fairly and seeing their beautiful qualities. You may expect your mother to be a model of beauty, kindness, charm and fairness.

Libra Moon values harmonious relationships. It behaves so as to make sure that he/or she is loved and the love is kept. It’s a need to please the people you feel close to, and so want to be nurtured with kindness, a charming manner, and with music and beautiful things. Libra Moon needs close friendship, partnership or marriage to feel nurtured and safe.  You may have need for peace, harmony and pleasant surroundings. In emotional situations, the Libra Moon tends to act very rationally and strives to make fair decisions.  Hating a fight, she may even finesse her way out of confrontation. People will have strong sensitivity to and attraction for others.  This comes from the Libran search for harmony and balance, for the Libra nature accentuates teamwork.

It’s a good time to form partnership of all natures—friendships, marriages, and business. The planet Venus that manifests the environment as a friendly, tolerant nature and a desire to beautify many things rules Libra. It is an excellent time for artistic work as the beauty of Venus is a combine with intellectual ease of an air sign. Altogether it’s a lovely time for social gathering, when the consciousness of self as expressed in the first six signs of the zodiac, becomes united with the awareness of needs and desires of others.

Since, moon in Libra represents Charming, Attractive, and Luxurious, Fair-Minded, Loving it is my suggestion for us to remain balanced.  This full moon is extraordinary to many signs. It is my suggestion that you purchase a yellow candle and carve your name one through the wick.  Anoint the candle with lavender oil or peppermint and chant the psalm 26.  You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle.

Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is depended upon the quality of intention, and when it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but it is a powerful source of energy the mantra for Libra moon is:

Om Shukrya Namaha

(Om Shoo-krah-yah Nahm-ah-ah)

This mantra produces the quality of friendship within oneself including others.

The intention of this mantra is smooth your path in life by helping you understand the lessons you have set for your self and through karma the negativity will surpass with every moon cycle, remember to cross out the old affirmation even if there is a slightest change and create new ones. The perfect number for aspiration is 10.  This means to list 10 aspirations and recite them every night until the next moon cycle.

Remember never make the affirmations beginning with “I balance”, it must be worded “I need balance in my life with friendship and love.”



Karma: What you need to know

What do we know about Karma?

Do we understand it?

Will we ever Understand it?

How do we get it?

How do we get rid of it?


What is karma? Though many spiritual teachers have tried to rhetorically define Karma many have only defined it or a minimal aspect which left many people in society with unanswered questions, only to continue the efforts into finding answers in the history of Hinduism.

We must first understand that our actions, communication whether verbal or non verbal directly affects humanity- one person or many therefore, it directly affects our relationship with the universe (which I call God).  This means it is the way we speak to God, if we do something bad or evil, this is how we relate to God in its most unique way.

To best define Karma we must know the root of Karma and its history.  Since the word Karma is a derivative of Sanskrit language must understand the meaning which is actions or conduct.  Basically the word Karma first appeared in the Hindu Gita better known as cause and affect.  It is also known as a fundamental law of nature.  The cliché is that it is not something that God will interfere in nor a system of punishment or repayment basically means that it is a direct result of negativity which imposed upon your self therefore when you speak ill of someone you speak ill of God, though God is forgiving, God is not punishing because he gave humanity a free will, speech and a way of emotions therefore, God will respect your actions and reactions but the consequences of these reactions if of your own to handle.

For example if you rob a bank and do not get caught for a long time eventually the law of Karma is that you one day will get caught if not in this life time but in the next.  As a result the severity of the crime will be a lot more than you had anticipated because your evil deeds.

There are three types of Karma

  1. Prarabdha Karma which is only experience in this life time.
  2. Sancita Karma- which has yet to be experienced
  3. Sanciyama Karma which is experience in this life time to be carried into the next.


The process in how we develop Karma is very important because through each Karmic experience we go through a re-birth process to learn or experience something to become more spiritual and practice humility.  Humility is an action and tendency, therefore anything good or bad that we do there is a result is graduated into more bad or good. Through this graduation it reaches our soul and our physical body.  For example we may become very ill not necessarily because we are bad people or did bad things it just means what ever that you are doing no longer benefits you and since you are not able to learn through your action the result is that it manifest it self into our physical body.

In Hinduism, it is believed that we must do what ever we can not take ill actions, and reactions to eliminate or reduce bad karma so that we can encompass good karma to be fruitful in this life time so that we have fewer lessons to learn in the births to come. The sublime bliss is to release our moksha (inner soul) so that we are better people in next life time.  A person who comes into this life time with released moksha can acquire a blissful moksha so that they can prosper in this life time.  I am sure you have heard the saying, “why do good people die and bad people continue to live and prosper?” This is because the good has released their moksha and going to a place where they have good fortune in the next life time and there comes a time when they will not be born again until they are a perfect being without greed, attachment to materialism, and evil deeds.

Good people usually give things without asking for anything in return, good people often can be those who have the least materialistic things, good people are usually those suffer quite often and get the least.  Why? Because these people have learned to detach tangible things out of their lives and bring humility into their lives. This means that body and mind will bring the ultimate life which is known in the Gita as Brahman.  When a person reaches the Brahman stage they are at their last life time where life is not so bad but the lessons are difficult continuing their lives through humility and spirituality. Through the experiences of karma we have the sense of certain elemental of life which is through dharma which is Devine justice. In lament terms how God would want it.

It is also believed in the ancient scriptures of the Gita that we are egotistical beings meaning everything we say or do is based upon the ego. When we release the ego we perform our duties in our lives with deep spiritual transitions rather than egotistical thinking processes.  Therefore karma is meant to teach us lessons of life through God so when you deliberately or unconsciously hurt someone remember look at your actions because if not in this life time but perhaps in the next we will have negative consequences due to the disrespect of God’s children and things. Therefore if we shun evil actions we earn good Karma. Therefore, if we shun good actions and do things out of personal and selfish reasons we suffer the consequences of through mysterious ways.  Therefore every action good or bad should not be ignored but must be tackled in a honest, humble and respectful way.

Concluding Karma does not being soul mates but we must not react in a negative way but do it in a humble way, though in silence there is a resolute, however through our own resolute must act in a human law which is to devoid desires, actions are knowledge which can burn us and God is the active Principle in all matters.  We can not control the world and we can control our actions through our desires behind them.  Remember there is no time frame as to when Karma will come back to you and it is baggage of negative Karma that e can not just leave behind but a person of good deed dies and enjoys life of sublime bliss and person of evil deeds goes through the darker world and continues to return to earth to relive the Karma.

Karma is not of liberation rather for embodied soul which means at the end you will realize that circumstances in your own life is of your own making and you are own your own creator and you will take responsibilities of your own actions one way or the other good or bad. And when you listen to your conscience and do things that are good for you and others you will no longer blame others for your problems or expect them to save you from them. , you will also no longer will be a martyr nor will you try to victimize others knowing the consequences of your own actions.  You can not blame God for things that happen to you nor others but one must understand God does neutralize the bad effects of Karma through Mantras and release of Moksha and Dharma and when you seek him through grace of good deeds God too feels more respectful of your actions and brings visions and a more sensitive and blissful world for you today.

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Soulmates: Who are they? Where are they?

Soulmates: Concept & Understanding

The concept of soul mates has had many rhetorical arguments in the psychic world.  But some how the definition got lost in the actual spiritual meaning.  Therefore, I bring you this topic so that not only is it understandable as it should be because lets face it the word soul mate originally derived from the Hindu philosophies which meant between two souls.  So if we are going to understand the concept of soul mates lets us understand it in a correct way and in nature’s way. 

The concept of soul mates did not arrive the United State or England until the early 50’s this was adopted through the transition of Eastern philosophies through England then to the United States.  And it all began really when the silent movies came in but most of all it became very popular in the 60’s when the Vietnam War became the catalyst to many things that kept people together or at least brought a sense of “love and flower.”

So what is a soul mate? According to the ancient scripture of the Gita it was a dialog between God, Krishna and Rama .And God gave Krishna a Devine vision to save man kind and learn peace and love, and Rama was his brother.  This is why Krishna is known as a God of Love because he brings love to many. 

During the epic dialogs, Krishna and Rama used to argue philosophically a lot so, God said to Krishna be on earth and be your brothers soul mate.  And when Krishna asked what is a soul mate.  God said, “Soul mate will be someone that is placed on earth to learn and teach from?”

Therefore, Soul mates are special people who are brought into our lives that we learn from and eventually teach.   Soul mates are not always here to cause you harm and soul mates are not the opposite sex or someone you will eventually marry.  Soul mates hold a special place in your life and when the lesson is finished they go away. We must remember soul mates are our parents our siblings, teachers, neighbors even the grocery clerk we see every now and then and to surprise even the man walking down the street holding a sign. 

The association with these people and the message/s they are trying to deliver are important transit to your own transformation, karma and destiny.  Some of these people have been chosen to be associated with special people that are there to protect, teach and help us grow as people; all of them are in our lives for special reasons.

It is especially important to remember sometimes our soul mates come into our lives over and over again to finish old business from past life times and our Karma and Dharma plays a important role in their lives as much as our own.  So think of each individual as a part of your lessons in life, whether they bring your joy or tears the emotions you feel are a feelings and they shall pass but at the end of the day these people have touched your life one way or the other.  And one day that time will come when you may see them again where there won’t be animosity but just forgiving feelings.  And soul mates are again everyone you come in contact with.

So the next time a psychic tells you he/ or she is your soul mate this is why they give you a difficult time say, “thank you” and ask them to read the scriptures of the Gita and define soul mates for you until then remember the real definition of soul mates are those who are lesson givers to you and those whom you give lessons to

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New Moon in Pisces

New Moon in Pisces

On March 15, 2010 we will have a New moon in Pisces 4:01 EST, 1:01 PST and 25:10, GMT.

 The New Moon signals a time of emergence. There is an impulse to take action and begin something new, be it a small change in the way you approach your daily routine or a whole new path on your journey through life. The energy is right for making spontaneous moves and following your instincts. This is the time to act from your heart and trust the process – take a risk, live in the moment, dance to your own drummer.

 It’s also a moon of Shiva who destroys our imperfection in order to bring spiritual growth and progress.

The New Moon blesses new beginnings, and invites you to take a chance! What do you want to create in your life? What vision do you wish to manifest? The New Moon is an asking (invocative) time, and a time to formulate what our needs are according to the opportunities available through Pisces this month.

 The new moon in Pisces, normally a time of peace, love, and the planting the seeds for spring. It is a time of earth renewal when the first scents and stirrings of spring are so tantalizingly close.

The Pisces new moon represents a time of very dramatic feelings & responses. Self-destruction impulses can arise for those in the grip of negativity & pessimism. For many it becomes more difficult to enjoy and appreciate the quality of life .The power of emotional energy can be beneficial if directed into creative endeavors and self-healing, but often there is a strong desire to simply slip into escapism It is better to indulge in positive pastimes, rather than yield to more destructive escapist activity.

 Depressive tendencies can easily dominate under this New Moon. The influence of this New Moon can be especially difficult or challenging for those who were born under a New Moon PHASE, as well as for those of the mutable Sun Signs Virgo, Gemini & Sagittarius. Also, for those whose birth Moon is in PISCES, this New Moon can represent a critical time for potential accidents, injuries, carelessness and the undertaking of rash decisions or judgments. 

The Watery Pisces Moon feels everyone’s woes with a kind and sensitive heart. Give to others, share your dreams, and create from your deep imagination. Don’t let your wandering heart get lost!  The Moon in Pisces marks a time of emotional sensitivity, nostalgia, and spirituality. People may become more sensitive, compassionate, and imaginative. As creativity will be enhanced, this is a good time to explore musical talents and other artistic endeavors. Represented by a Pair of Fishes, Pisceans are selfless and spiritual, often strongly intuitive, and they are receptive to the collective unconscious. While the Moon moves through Pisces, people may feel devoted and gentle but also fragile, passive, and timid. Dreams and memories may stir during this influence.

Neptune that brings as inclination towards psychic impressions rules Pisces Imagination is strong when the moon is in Pisces There is a heightened sensitivity to music and other intangible forces.  Tendencies are to be emotional, spiritual, and self-sacrificing.  The moon in Pisces adds a developing impressionability that can create feelings of vulnerability, drifting into withdrawal as an emotional protection.  People may feel passive sentimental gentle, kind and cheerful but too easily discouraged.  Some might experience stirrings of vague memories (often identified as past lives) or insights into spiritual meanings of current situations. 

Since, moon in Pisces is Sensitive, Imaginative, Psychic, Empathetic, and Creative we must remain focused and uses our Physic abilities to move towards our decision-making. It is my suggestion that you purchase a Purple candle and carve your name through the wick.  Anoint the candle with Sage oil or Lavender oil and chant the psalm 08.  You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is depended upon the quality of intention, and when it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but it is a powerful source of energy the mantra for Pisces moon is:

“Om Nama Shivaya”

(Om Nah-Mah Shee-Vah Yah)

This Siddha mantra uses the universal elements that govern each charka: Earth, Water, Fire and Air, this is also a time of Mahashivratri for most Hindus and thus an auspicious time for renewal and rebirth for many of us.

 With every moon cycle, remember to cross out the old affirmation even if there is a slightest change and create new ones. The perfect number for aspiration is 10.  This means to list 10 aspirations and recite them every night until the next moon cycle.  Remember never make the affirmations beginning with “I must”, it must be worded “I will be guided.”

I hope that you transition through this time in a wonderful way and continue to make progress and always remember we are transformational beings so nothing will be the same as it is today for tomorrow.