Tarot Readings What You Should Know



What is a Tarot reading? “Reading the tarot is much like taking a snapshot – for just a brief second, time is frozen. Here is a picture of you at this exact moment. Here is the opportunity to look around – see where you have been, where you are now, where you would like to go next. Each tarot card holds a message. Much like someone learns to speak a foreign language or play an instrument; a reader learns the special language of the tarot deck and then interprets the messages for you. The tarot will not tell you how to win the lotto, how to solve medical or legal problems, or how to do harm to anyone. The tarot WILL show you possibilities and/or alternatives to solving your problems. It can tell you what the situation was in the past, what it is right now, what the most likely outcome is for the future. It can tell you your best course of action. It can tell you the challenge you face, the opportunity you have, what you need to know most, and what to concentrate on. The tarot teaches you how to know yourself, to follow your own path, and to make better decisions. The tarot shows you how to have a better life.

” HOW TO SHOP AROUND FOR A READER.If you have never called before, ask around and see if a friend can recommend a good reader. Word of mouth is always the best recommendation. Then check the reader’s feedback – surprisingly, some readers with very high ratings have some terrible feedback! They are trading on their past rather than their current performance. Look for feedback from repeat callers who report that something said before has been correct, not 5 stars left by people who are happy because they have been told they are meeting the man of their dreams and winning Lotto


THINGS TO LOOK FOR Make sure that the reader you call says something in their advertising about professional ethics. An advertisement that promises 100% accuracy is dishonest – no reader is that accurate. It is not ethical for a reader to : Demand that you rate them Make a death prediction Tell you that you have a curse on you, Put you on hold while they “meditate” or “pray” with you!!!


PRICING & COMMON PRACTICE Look carefully at the price per minute being charged If you have a limited budget, tell the reader right at the outset how much time you want to spend on the phone. But be reasonable – you cannot expect a decent reading in two minutes! The more specific your questions are, the more quickly the reader will be able to give you an answer. Be prepared to allow some time for what you have been told in the reading to come about. Don’t keep calling back every day until it does! You will only be running up a big bill. For the same reason, it is not a good idea to call several readers and get confused by apparently contradictory messages.


HOW TO RECEIVE THE MOST ECONOMICAL & EFFICIENT READING!! You need to talk to the reader a bit. The only connection between you and the reader is the voice energy. Even a few “ums” and “ahs” will help maintain the connection. The very best readings result from a dialogue between the caller and the reader. Keep a pen and paper beside the phone. Make some notes as the reader talks, and when you get off the phone, write down everything that you can remember, before the message fades. The best results come from readings that are acted upon. Life rewards action! It is also not sensible that you would receive a reading within 3 minutes.