First New Moon of Autumn 2010




On October 07, 2010, we will have a New Moon transiting in 15 degrees in Libra.  You may be able to see this beautiful moon around 2:44pm EST or 11:44 Pacific time.  Those that will be affected by this romantic moon would be those that are born in the later part of Libra October 10-15, and those that have Libra in their chart, remember where ever Libra sits that is where it will be affected.  Additionally Aries and Libra’s are highlighted for this New moon.

This new moon comes just in time after having spent almost six weeks contemplating our thoughts because of mercury retrograde and the truth being discovered through the full moon in Aries.  Though this article comes a bit early we must understand we still have from September 19, 2010 until October 6, 2010, to discover the truth.  This truth can be revealed in many different aspects of your life.  Avoid trying to over power your point of view from September 19 through October 6, 2010.  Allow other to get their share of the limelight for a moment.  You will be greatly appreciated if you do.

To understand how this moon will affect you, you must be able to understand your planets and houses where it may sit. For example:  if Libra sits in your 7th house, than partnerships would be affect, or 1st house then your self image or as people see you could change.  However, it does not matter if your sun sign is Libra what it highly depends upon is the make up of your astrological chart.  But always remember nothing is absolute therefore depending upon how you handle the energy is the outcome of your destiny.  But during this moon Aries and Libras will be affected the most and those who have Libra in their chart.


The New Moon is always about personal cycles.  It’s also about understanding what has happened on the Full Moon or what we discovered right afterwards that forces us to make changes.  The new moon forces us rather gives us the energy we need to set goals towards the things we want the most and it is all about what we want. One of the biggest tasks to human beings is to understand relationships and this is what this new moon is about.

The center stage for the moon is new beginnings in every sector of your life that need or rather wants a change.  Though we are prone to act out of impulses this new moon forces us to act out of our heart and trust that things will go as planned and if not its ok, you at least tried.  The new moon gives you all the blessings you need to take chances to live in the moment and dance like you have never done before.

The new moon now forces us to think about planting those seeds which you have held off for so long and looking at opportunities that embrace the type of people, places and things you want as long as it is not obsessive. Hence planting seeds to your garden or changing the way you look because you don’t like the way you are or even looking for that perfect job is the seeds of change.  There is a bit of warning here don’t plants seeds due to impulses or emotions it may be more than you are able to bare.  Do it out of the heart without any expectations and embrace what ever that is brought to you.

Days before the full moon in Aries on September 23, 2010 and the weeks following it gave many a wake up call.  The truth got discovered it reminded us if the seeds we planted in the past or even the ones we are planting now are worth it.  Like a old friend said to me, “If love has no understanding, if love does not give appreciation, if love does not spend time watering it seeds, and if love is one way.. Than love is not really love but it becomes a need of obsession.” A strong individual would not be vulnerable to these synchronicities.  When we spend most of our time trying to understand, adapt, improvise and continue to accept the other persons false we don’t recognize our needs but we are driven to impulses of another and we always loose self respect.  The full moon provided you the self confidence and now the new moon provides you the vision.  Read more about the full moons effects here.

On the positive side the full moon shook us up and now it is here to bring a fresh prospective to force you to make some required changes to your life.  New moon is a beginning of birth a projection of clarity.  Its time to spend alone visualizing the goals and bring into motion transformational changes you need in your life.  It may still be some doubt but the world is yours.  During the new moon you tend to be very one-sided in your approach to life.  You may question the motives of others to yours to see where they are coming from and seeing if they are on the same wavelength of thinking. Due to the inner and outer conflict of good versus bad it is again a time to cleanse your soul.  Since the new moon is a conflict between what has been status quo for so long to possibilities that are now available that were not possible before.  Through the cleansing of your mind and spirit you will honor your life journey and find ways to release.

A new moon in Libra has a romantic touch as well as social.  We want to exchange ideas we are open to other peoples opinions and able to adapt to other peoples point of view.  The new moon in Libra allows us to be relaxed and be entertaining.  But it also craves attention and mutual affection is needed so that we see the best in the people around us.  There is a strong indication that during the Libra moon some sort of an inspiration may come forth on the table to bring some balance where they were conflicts.

Libra moon encourages us to find peace within our selves so that we can make compromises, mediate, and restore the balance needed with families and friends.  It is also a time to bring flowers into your home and beautify the home, decorate and cleanse to welcome friends.  It may even force a person to learn to see art, write, change fashions and indulge in things that are  not affordable.

Added to this harmonious moon Libra moon also encourages fairness and allow us to bring new people into our lives, if it is to bring someone new or to filter out conflicts so that matters are more balanced. The scales of Libra are very unusual it is the only sign that does not have a living thing attached to it but it is a sign of scales.  This means that it we are prone to be very objective, where the head may rule over the heart-it’s an insentive to explore your own self before you can make a decision in any areas of relationships.  This is the time to give good intentions towards any conflicts.

The New moon in Libra which is the first New moon after the Autumn Equinox forces us to look very deeply in our selves to see what has not worked and what has and to reap what you have done or said.  Try not to compromise for the sake of peace if it is not what you really want.  True compromises are made with honor, respect, integrity, understanding and trust and every aspect of this must be taken into consideration before you make up your mind.

The Libra moon give you the opportunity to listen and to be heard it gives great clarity and allows us the courage to get rid of habits and expectations that have killed our soul and heart.  The experience that comes with this new moon gives you the available energy you need to take your time while the positive energy is on us.  You may find your relationships will take a new dynamic and brig forth great perception fueled with life of inspiration, openness, merit and consciousness.  If you change your thought patters and your expectations you will change your self.

A moon in Libra, you may need a melodious relationship with an affectionate partner to feel at tranquility psychologically. You may be constantly evaluating your emotions, in quest for just the right equilibrium with others. You have a sparkle for beauty and art, and can express these in a meaningful way. You nurture others by treating them fairly and seeing their beautiful qualities. You may expect your mother to be a model of exquisiteness, gentleness, appeal and equality.

Libra Moon values harmonious relationships. It behaves so as to make sure that he/or she is loved and the love is kept. It’s a need to please the people you feel close to, and so want to be nurtured with kindness, a charming manner, and with music and beautiful things. Libra Moon needs close friendship, partnership or marriage to feel nurtured and safe.  You may have need for peace, harmony and pleasant surroundings. In emotional situations, the Libra Moon tends to act very rationally and strives to make fair decisions.  Hating a fight, she may even finesse her way out of altercation.

People will have strong compassion to and magnetism for others.  This comes from the Libran hunt for synchronization and stability, for the Libra life emphasize teamwork.  It’s a good time to form partnership of all natures—friendships, marriages, and business.

The planet Venus that manifests the surroundings as a friendly, liberal nature and a desire to redecorate many things rules Libra. It is an excellent time for artistic work as the beauty of Venus is a combine with academic ease of an air sign.

Altogether it’s a lovely time for social gathering, when the consciousness of self as expressed in the first six signs of the zodiac, becomes united with the awareness of needs and desires of others.

Since, moon in Libra represents Charming, Attractive, and Luxurious, Fair-Minded, Loving it is my suggestion for us to remain balanced. This New moon is extraordinary to many signs. It is my suggestion that you purchase a yellow candle and carve your name one through the wick.  Anoint the candle with lavender oil or peppermint and chant the psalm 26.   

You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is depended upon the quality of intention, and when it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but it is a powerful source of energy the mantra for Libra moon is:

Om Shukrya Namaha

(Om Shoo-krah-yah Nahm-ah-ah)

This mantra produces the quality of friendship within oneself including others.

The intention of this mantra is smooth your path in life by helping you appreciate the lessons you have set for your self and through it karma the negativity will surpass With every moon cycle, remember to cross out the old affirmation even if there is a slightest change and create new ones. The perfect number for aspiration is 10.  This means to list 10 aspirations and recite them every night until the next moon cycle.  Remember never make the affirmations beginning with “I balance”, it must be worded “I call for balance in my life with companionship and love.”

Please note I am not an astrologer nor do I claim to be however the utilities of the planets play a great emphasis on Vedic Sanskrit Readings.  In the Hindu philosophies it states that we are mortal beings and we will always react to our environments through ego driven actions until we can surpass the ego and become one with the universal energies and learn to adapt and improvise what is in front of us with complete embrace.  To find out how the effects of the new moon will encourage the your impulses I would suggest that you choose from the list of recommended astrologers here..  Each astrologers has a unique capability and understanding of the effects of actions and reactions, however, if you are looking to find out how to best deal with the actions feel free to contact me   for your personalized reading.

I wish you the best of the new moon and that you able to capture the truth during the full moon so that you can began your journey into sublime bliss.



Free Destiny Readings Offered in Sept 2010


As a token of my appreciation I have decided to launch a free destiny reading forum for September 18, 2010 through September 19, 2010.  If you are on my mailing list you can request to have your free destiny reading done.  All I request if you are not on my mailing list to join it than send me an email at for your free reading.

This offer is only available for those who have signed upon my mailing list and offer expires on September 19, 2010 at 5pm EST.  I am unable to conjunct this offer with other offers and any entries after 5pm on September 19, 2010 will not be accepted.

Here are some of the answers for those who have requested it, each one will only be posted here your birth date will not be shown on your first name.  Please be so kind to comment on this post after you have received your reading.




 Entry received September 18, 2010 @ 5:26pm EST***

Currently you are passing through very crucial and critical time of your life which is called a Shani (Shani is a planet of difficult lessons and testing) and because you are in between two cycles this cycle is the most crucial therefore I have chosen this instead.  This period will end on October 12, 2010.

Western Meaning

During this time you have great charisma and personal power.  This great skill will bring you great success when dealing groups or public work.  You also have the power to heal your self.  Your power is so strong that you could get away with a lot of things just by your charm.  You could have a lot of fun and you could progress very well in your business if you focus.

Sanskrit Reading:

You are abandoning a path and changing your plans. You are learning that things are not always as they have seemed.  You may also be escaping an unhealthy situation.  You may also be taking the initiative to redirect your own life.  Heeding warnings that are given to you by the universe, to recognize that you may have made wrong turns in search of fulfillment. You will move on but you may refuse to accept defeat.  Reworking priorities and enacting congruent lifestyles.

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 Entry received September 18, 2010 @ 5:49pm EST***

Right now there are two phases which you are passing through.  However, I am only going to focus on the aspect which may need your focus which is Gurve.  This period began August 3, 2010 and will not finish its journey until my birthday.. October 24, 2010.

Western Meaning

You will have considerable amount of financial power to make money and you may even use it for a special purpose.  This power can come from many different areas you may even apply for a loan and you will get it.  You will now know what you want to do with your money.  You will concentrate on things that matter to you the most and things that stabilize you by brining stability.


Sanskrit Reading: 

At this time it is all about work, commission, working to create.  You have the ability to use positive, productive use of your own skills focusing on your own energy at work.  The work that you do will bring self satisfaction.  And you will work hard.  You will have a creative side and learn new things as you go along.  You will have a modest attitude to accomplish almost everything and you will see that if you love what you do than it will bring you rewards..  

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 Entry received September 18, 2010 @ 5:52pm EST***

 This is a very intense period of time for you.  Shani has been transiting since 08/14/2010 and this transits will not leave the orbit until 10/25/2010.. day after my birthday thank you very much LOL

 Western Meaning

Your destiny talks about talking a lot of talking.  Talking can also lead to disagreement and arguments.  You may feel you need to talk to make sure someone is there on the other side.  Through talking you may be finding your self but also finding you are having difficulties in what you want and what you need.  But honesty is going to have to be #1 for you because if you are not honest to your self than you wont be honest to others which will lead to conflicts in the future.

 Sanskrit Reading:

 You are about to take on a lot responsibilities at this time.   You are proving to your self that you are able to manage small or large projects.  You are also exerting your self to get things done.  You may also brainstorm and contemplate and putting forth things that you have always wanted done.  You are planning for the future.  And through courage and maturity you will.  You are using all your talents to achieve a communal vision.  By using your intuitive insights to assist with your own decision making processes through this you may be able to lead something and you will have honorable motives.

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Paul (Mr Aquarius)

Entry received September 18, 2010 @ 6:17pm EST***

Wow you are the 3rd person with Shani.  You period began on September 10, 2010 and will not finish its cycle until 11/26/2010.  I would say you are simply irresistible if that helps any but hey you know better .. so here goes everything…

Western Meaning

Your destiny forces you to rise above standard thinking, acting or reacting.  It is focused around areas where you are the most creative such as work, health or anything that holds negative consequences in your life.  You must continue to think positive even it if seems everything is so bla.  You will realize how powerful the universe is once you think positive and manifest the very essence of your self.  Your entire destiny is focused around conviction and trusting that you will never go through anything that you cant handle. 

Sanskrit Reading:

 You are about to overcome some adversaries in your life.  You are going to gain recognition and the confidence of others and this will help you over come surmounting obstacles.   You are promoting unity and encouraging all sides to work together for a common purpose of good.  You may defend and nurture broad and noble visions.  Protect new and fragile growth but you can not sustain your self for any effort to look at your goals because they are important.  You will have courage, strength and success if you are up for the challenge.

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Entry received September 18, 2010 @ 6:43pm EST***

You going through some interesting transits especially in areas of Ketu this period may have began for you around September 3, 2010 and you will continue to transit through these aspects until 11/24/2010

 Western Meaning

You may be going through some wonderful peace within every personal relationship you come across.  And the harmony and shared loved is dependable upon the degree of sharing equally.  The balance you may want to seek is up to you.  This phase is about settling things and taking responsibility for your own actions and your own words.  This transit is about mediation, collaboration, and adjustments you may have to make to keep things balanced.  Through the effects of balance you will find out that you are here to help others and share love with everyone.  It is about peace, love and tenderness it is about loving unconditionally as God would want us to love.

 Sanskrit Reading:

 You may become very nostalgic where profound memories may make go back to your past to search for answers.  Its ok to draw nourishment and comfort from recalling fun and happy days of the past.  Old friends and relatives will bring pleasant way of your life and everything you may have done in the past will be recognized. Happiness will come through kindness and appreciating what you have rather than what you missed.

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Entry received September 18, 2010 @ 7:06pm EST***

You going through some fascinating transits especially in areas of Rahu this period may have began for you around August 10, 2010 and you will continue to transit through these aspects until 10 days after your birthday hmmm.. You and Lisa should get together … it looks like you guys have similar transits but as for you.  You may not completely enjoy all the things you may have to give more than you receive but it is still a wonderful aspect

Western Meaning

You may be going through some wonderful peace within every personal relationship you come across.  And the harmony and shared loved is dependable upon the degree of sharing equally.  The balance you may want to seek is up to you.  This phase is about settling things and taking responsibility for your own actions and your own words.  This transit is about mediation, collaboration, and adjustments you may have to make to keep things balanced.  Through the effects of balance you will find out that you are here to help others and share love with everyone.  It is about peace, love and tenderness it is about loving unconditionally as God would want us to love.

 Sanskrit Reading:

 You may become very nostalgic where profound memories may make go back to your past to search for answers.  Its ok to draw nourishment and comfort from recalling fun and happy days of the past.  Old friends and relatives will bring pleasant way of your life and everything you may have done in the past will be recognized. Happiness will come through kindness and appreciating what you have rather than what you missed.

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Entry received September 18, 2010 @ 9:05pm EST***

Ouch! I admire you for handling your aspects.  You are going through a Ketu transit and it has been really difficult for you.. but I must add its almost over.  It began on September 10, 2010 and it will end a day after thanksgiving which is November 26, 2010.  But through all this you have become so strong you have had a metamorphism.

Western Meaning

You have been transiting through one of the most successful and satisfying skills aspects.  You may be working very hard to get where you are and you may have to fight your health to work and work your health to work.  You may become so burdened with duties that you may even become fanatical about all the things you must get done.  Are you turning into me.. hmmm… workaholic I promise I did not make you this way .. smile!.. However, if you have goals in mind then you best get on it because YOU GOT THE POWER! But if you over do it .. then you will get sick… reasonable expectations will be the best.

Sanskrit Reading: 

You may feel tremendous pressure.  You will encounter an awesome task which tests your courage and diplomacy.  Sometimes you may feel as though you are out in your own depths.  Living under these restrictions of specific code of conduct may bog you down.  You may even temporarily be suppressing personal desires in order to complete the things you want to do.  And you sure do play by the rules.  You are always want to please others and your success will come with perseverance.

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Entry received September 18, 2010 @ 9:39pm EST***

You along with many other enjoyable readers here are also going through a Shani transit.  But perhaps it has been an inspirational transformation almost spiritual I might add.  This journey for you began on August 5, 2010 and it will end October 27, 2010.

Western Meaning

You have great financial success if you seek help of younger people.  If you are in your own business or working for someone your charismatic attitude will even sell a car that is not workable. Because your creativity and imagination is at its all time high and you will bring this to the table.  However at the same time be very careful who you deal with in exchange of money though young people will bring you money they can also take it away they are your luck and they are your failure so be careful not to get involved in any get rich quick schemes.  But if you were to go at a business on your own young people could be your fan club. This may get you success you need.

Sanskrit Reading: 

A person is coming in your life to become a supporter of your traditions and order.  This person is going to show you that your highest potential is in your ambition.  You will make solid and steadfast progress in your life and through patience, perseverance and stamina you will make it happen.

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Entry received September 18, 2010 @ 9:53pm EST***

You are going through a very powerful aspect of your life we call this Angrakeya. This transit may have begun for you around the 15th of August 2010 and will continue its path until the first week of November 2010. I want you to fully understand that Angrakeya is very unusual it is the only type of transits that creates a divider between western destiny and eastern because it polarizes it self so you must either have one or the other and nothing in between.

Western Meaning

Your destiny calls for a foundation which you call “family” it means basically that you will have a great social life and you are so attractive and irresistible that you may even have a fan club of your choice. You will also feel very satisfied and perhaps think about marriage. It is all about your family, where you live and how you built the threshold that carries you to the sublime bliss.

Sanskrit Reading: 

You may carry on a uninspired way of living.  You may become so very bored of the same routine every day that you may try to bring excitement that is not there.  You may feel that every day activity is no longer useful and this may cause you to loose motivation in things that you used to enjoy.  Even though you have achieved all the goals in life such as school, degrees etc, you may find your self asking, if this is all there is.  You have may have started something that was fruitful in the beginning but now it decays and you may not have the ability to recognize that you must transform your self to reach even higher goals.

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Entry received September 18, 2010 @ 10:16pm EST***

Whoo!!! You about to embark on a wonderful time of your life, see it was worth the wait.  The time is call shukria like I stated for you to wait until today and my goodness was it worth it.  The wonderful journey begins today September 19, 2010, and it will continue its journey until November 9, 2010.  Enjoy its about love darling..

Western Meaning

During this time you are going through a wonderful spiritual journey which in turn will help you find you’re self and create lessons to have the strength to change whom you are and what you have become and show your how negative thinking may have bogged you down.  Be careful not to think of things as the worst ever and know that you will have the power to embrace spiritual transformation and have the capacity to continue into awareness, however how you do this is all up to you.  You can either be bogged down in a negative pattern or think and manifest the positives where you can find your self.

Sanskrit Reading:

You will have no choice but to overcome adversity.  Gaining recognition and the confidence of others will be through strength of your own by surmounting obstacles.  You will have to promote unity and of everyone and your self.  Your main goal is to use the techniques of group think.  You must retain courage and strength to retain what is needed to accomplish the things you want. Like anything your must protect your self and your own growth through a slow process.  Almost like delivering a child or a snake that sheds its skin always remember at the end the transformation is remarkable.

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Entry received September 18, 2010 @ 12:23pm EST***

Wow! Do you have the power too? The power of shukria must give you this. You got the power around the 20th of August and keep holding on to the power until October 29, 2010.  I fear you! You have so much strength.. it must be the wisdom and experience all I can say is you are incredibly strong right now.  Like I have said, in the Vedic readings and western readings shukria is polar opposites so it is at its higher highs or very lows it depends upon how you handle this energy.

Western Meaning

You are completing a cycle in your life it could a plan you had for your self or something you wanted to do.  You have come to a point that something had to give so you may have changed the way you have been communicating and some things you have planned for your self is also coming to an end.  Though it is hard to adjust when something ends you must now let go of it these things are no longer useful in your life.  You may feel everyone or every thing is against you right now because you are holding on to something that no longer serves a purpose and the universe wants you to let go. But if you look at it you are ready for a change anyways to think on a more mundane level and you may even have some spiritual awakenings during this period.  Additionally, if you pursue something with a higher level of thinking with humility and honesty then the whole world is in your hands.

Sanskrit Reading:

You may anticipate hostilities most of the time.  Prepare your self for a battle and conflicts which may occur in your life.  You will gain an advantage to put your affairs in order before you anticipate this war.  The things you have learned in the past have given you the tools to get a better hand over your opposition when they strike.  You may not be sleeping well and you may even become defensive.  But you are too smart for unintelligent battles.  Because you have a strong mind and know what exactly you need to do.

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Entry received September 18, 2010 @ 1:17am EST***

Don’t feel threatened its just this energy of Rahu which makes you very protective but this is not new to you.  You began this transit around August 20th 2010 and try not to expect any changes for at least until October, 30, 2010.  There is nothing wrong be guarded but be careful not to become abrasive to people or harsh you might loose meaningful people in your life.

Western Meaning

You have great charm right now and appeal and through this you can bring success to your own life and the groups of people you associate with and if you are in sales get ready to rumble.  You also have all the energy from the universe heal through issues and if you don’t the universe will make sure you use it in positive direction.  But these powers are not being just given like a gift you must be careful how you use it.  You can convince anyone of anything with your charm and trust me when I say if you continue this charm you can have more fun and meaningful relationships

Sanskrit Reading:

You may be leaving a path that you have walked for so long.  You are learning through experiences that things and people are not what they seemed to you.  You are walking away from people who are no longer a healthy in your life.  Add to that taking all your and courage and strength to make a new journey for your self.  You have recognized the path you had was the wrong path because you wanted prosperity in every aspect of your life, but it may be hard to admit that you were wrong and may justify your change because of the behaviors of others.  You will be reworking your life by setting new boundaries and expectation to have harmonious life with others and your self

**Enjoy** Please be so kind to post a comment after you have read your free reading***


Entry received September 18, 2010 @ 1:17am EST***

Do you feel strong? You must feel like you have be just a tad more aggressive than normal only because you have angrakia transiting.  You began this period around August 30, 2010 and it will not end until November 10, 2010.  But angrakia can be used in a negative sense or a positive depending upon how you use this energy this is why western and eastern ideology may be different in this instance. Perhaps you and Carol should exchange ideas because you both are very similar in many instances.

Western Meaning

During this period you must love to talk.  It is all about finding some common ground and sharing ideas.  But in the negative sense it could also lead to aggression which may cause you to have power struggles with people.  But you really feel like talking things over and through these conversations you will find your self and find that it may not be a conflict between you and others but within your self.  Additionally, other people will help you find who you are but make sure you are honest to others and this is how you will be honest with your self.  Meanings don’t hide your feelings and what you mean to people.

Sanskrit Reading:

You will become more responsible than ever.  You are going to prove to your self you can do just about anything small and large.  You are using your personal power to accomplish these goals and thinking of things that could give you a better outcome.  You have the courage and maturity to use all your talents to achieve a wonderful vision.  You have the capacity to use your intuitive insight to help others make their own decisions.  And you have the strength to become a wonderful person of authority who acts by honorable motives.  

**Enjoy** Please be so kind to post a comment after you have read your free reading***


 **Entry received September 19, 2010 @ 8:17am EST**

All this love what are you going to do with it? You are currently passing though a very loving time and we call this shukria these aspects have been prominent since August 12, 2010 and will continue to create wonderful harmony in your life until October 30, 2010.  Wow its awesome isn’t it?

Western Meaning

You are going through an extra ordinary transit in your life right now.  You have the absolute power for success especially when you want to talk to people. Through this you will be a wonderful leader because you are ready and able to take responsibility for just about anything. But like with anything only area this is going to affect is your ability to converse with people that means if you are in some kind of career where verbal capabilities are needed than you are the man! You will become very perceptive that you will do anything to find the truth but in a noble way.

Sanskrit Reading:

You will have the wisdom and a voice of total experience in many facets of your life.  You are very reliable and because you are loyal and the strength inside your self you will set very high goals for your self and continue to work to achieve them.  You are going to become even more generous than ever and you have total wits about you.  Have you tried acting? Just kidding.  You may even decide to live in the country where everyone knows your name.  Isnt that a song of a sitcom?   But this is awesome! Congrats you are on a highest rock on a mountain.

**Enjoy** Please be so kind to post a comment after you have read your free reading***


**Entry received September 19, 2010 @ 8:42 am EST** 

Everything is not crazy it is this thing called love.  As Celine Dion says “When you want it the most there’s no easy way out. When you are ready to go and your heart left in doubt, do give up on your faith.  Love comes to those who believe it and that’s the way it is.”  You are currently passing though a very loving time though it may seem tough but it is really loving and we call this shukria these aspects will give you love of every kind even if you don’t see it right now.  It began August 30, 2010 and will continue to create wonderful harmony in your life until November 5, 2010. 

Western Meaning

Right now you have the total power but you don’t know it.  You will have total power over your work and your physical being.  You will over come obstacles.  You must have faith in your own will and create in a box rather than encompassing so many different things. You must focus on the here and the now don’t think about the future but you have to gain this through your own perseverance.

Sanskrit Reading:

You may be feeling a little trapped or bound by circumstances in your life.  And may feel everyone is against you.  You may not be able to have the strength to get your self out of bad situations because of your own will.  You are too reliant upon the judgment of others and expect them to resolve your issues rather than looking into your self.   You may go through some slander and possible domination.  You may even go through some regrets.  Personal efforts and courage is needed to take an advantage of a temporary route of escape because you are about to have things go your way soon. You will at the end become stronger than ever through these experiences. But only if you look for the answers within your self not others.

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**Entry received September 19, 2010 @ 12:36 pm EST**

Bravo, you are right now in a time of mangal you do know what that means Minesh since we come from the same state.  You have been on this route since July 29, 2010 and it will finish its full journey around October 14, 2010.  Wow how wonderful can you have it especially if you are a man.  So I call you .. that you are the man!

Western Meaning

Many changes are happening in your life right now , it could mean a job traveling or meeting new people.  But you may feel very restless which will force you to take leaps of faith at least on a more emotional level.  It is a signal that you have to make changes because you are not happy the way things are and you will continue to feel this way until you see progress and when this will happen is when you decide to have new things to think about, new places to go but the problem is you may flip flop religious values and beliefs and your own ideologies so there may not be one set standard nor one set of rules for your self.  Therefore staying in one philosophical way or religious way must be adhering to.

Sanskrit Reading:

Your destiny expands on issues of strong competition and lengthy struggles.  You may break down under stress and engaging your self in power struggles or conflicts to initiate oppositions. You may even have mass confusion.  You may feel unfulfilled and this may cause internal battles.  You must stay dedicated to one cause and learn from past mistakes.  Rethink the approaches you are taking and see if they work because at this time a new direction is absolutely necessary.  You need to calmly focus on redirecting these scattered energies and set a path without forks.

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**Entry received September 19, 2010 @ 1:54 pm EST** 

Hmm.. is your life a tad bid slow or are you reminiscing a lot.. well you should be because you are going through a Bhudah period of time it may have began for you around September 4, 2010 and it will continue until November 24, 2010.

Western Meaning

You will have total satisfaction of your wealth and health.  And some of the work may be very difficult when it is there and you have the strength to over come anything that is thrown at you. You may feel overly burdened and you continue to think of things you need to do rather than actually doing it. But when you do it you put your all into it.  What happened to your to do list? You need to keep focus on one task at a time.  Sorry wonder woman does not exist only in comic books.  One thing at a time and make remarkable progress with one task and finish the task before moving on to the next.

Sanskrit Reading:

Under pressure.. this reminds me of that song, “under pressure by Queen” you might want to listen to it.  You will see your self in the song. You may have some task or a project you are doing may require you to take great courage and remain diplomatic across the board.  You may even suppress personal desires to complete it.  You will defiantly play by the rules and do what you can to make others understand you and respect you.  You will succeed if you continue.

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**Entry originally received on September 19, 2010 at 12:021am EST. **

Thank you so much for remembering your date to email me back as you know when there are too many things in conjunction nothing can give you a clear answer under one planet passes another.  Like so many you are also going through a shani period by the way shani is a planet of difficult lessons and at the end you get a little light blub at the end this period began for you around August 6, 2010 and will not transit away from you until the 15th of October. You must pass this transit before we can look at anything in a futuristic sense because you must understand difficult lessons is difficult lessons.

Western Meaning

You may encounter some wonderful close relationships.  If you are looking for a relationship it could happen because you have the charisma and understanding to surpass anything.  You may also spend a lot of time with close friends as well as family members.  Be careful though if you don’t want to have a child and if you are a child you may find your parents to be more supportive than other times.  And if you don’t have someone in your life you will spend time with important people and they too will respect and love you back.

Sanskrit Reading:

You are currently forming very strong emotional bonds with people.  And there will be mutual understanding and sympathy.  You will share a lot of common experiences with people and you will have joy and contentment in your life.  You will also be able to trust the people around you and emotional stability within all your relationships.  You will also have a happy family life and you will begin to make new friends whom you can trust.  The light is there for you to get married or get engaged or who knows if you kiss a frog it may turn into a prince.. Hey I want some of that ..

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**Original entry submitted September 19 , 2010 @ 6:34pm EST

As promised here is your free destiny reading: I was waiting for a negative period to end to bring forth news of change.

You are currently transiting a very wonderful transit of Budha.  This began as early as September 20, 2010 and will continue to affect you until November 24, 2010.  Budah is all about communication and how you address people though it is not how you are addressing people or your expression but it the meaning of a change in your own life by doing so.

Western Meaning

For the next 60 days or so the ideas and the ways of communicating your ideas are ready to end.  Don’t resist these endings if you do than you will find a void in your life and which may make you feel hold tightly to things that are not beneficial to you any longer. You need to let go of things that are no longer useful to you and always remember you are ready to wake up the higher level expressing your ideas.  You may be going through a wonderful spiritual journey which will heighten your consciousness to a higher purpose in life which is to bring forth truth and convictions. 

Sanskrit Reading:

You are anticipating hostility to the changes in your life- and preparing your self for a battle which you will eventually win, through planning and putting your affairs in order.  The things you have learned from your past better prepare you to cope with anything that does not seem right.  You may not sleep well, your health may be affected and you may even have heartache and you are putting up a strong defense.  Quick fixes will not justify at this time.  The only way to outwit adversaries is the way you express and stick by things that are meaningful and makes sense.

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Full Moon In Aries 2010


Full Moon In Aries


Maharani Rutan

On September 23, 2010, 5:17am EST and at 2:17am PST the moon will move into 0 degrees Aires.  Which means early born Aires will be affected the most by this full moon as well as those with Aires in their chart. The affect of this moon will begin as early as September 18 or 19 2010 and can be felt up to the 27th of September.

Please keep in mind that we are still moving out of Mercury energies and many other astrological aspects. These aspects may cause some chaos before the light is brought at the end of the tunnel. You may read more about these aspects here.

Full moon usually causes people to react dramatically. And this drama may leave some to feel worried and nervous. These feelings will be more overwhelming than most other times since the full moon directs our emotions and character.  Often times when the moon is full we have a tendency to bring out the emotions which we may have been suppressing due to the cosmic pressure of the moon.

The corn moon or Harvest moon as it may be called since it falls right after the Fall Equinox is a time to clean up and place your life in order.  The full moon is all about healing old wounds and realizing what you will do with the new ones differently.  Clearing away the old garbage out of the home, car and office will also help you clear away the baggage mentally to find and clear space for new inventions as well as directions.

Full Moon comes to bring bright light into your life to let you see things that you have never seen before.  The full moon also brings clarity and objectivity.  You may be highly giving and nurture you’re self as well as others.  Mental thinking and planning is the key to full moons.

Full moon is also a time to gather your resources, plan for new harvest, taking care of your self and find the well being that nurtures you. The full moon also forces you to find the individuality within your self and seek out freedom of insecurities as well as toxics in your life.  Additionally to embrace people who have meaning in your life. You may become very outgoing, gregarious, or unconventional and disobedient. The energy depends upon how you handle this energy.

During the full moon you may be prone to accidents, cuts, bruising and bleeding excessively, take a lot of vitamin C and exercise physically and mentally to be centered and focused. You are call upon right now to bring balance in your life internal and external and recognize what is possible with realistic approach.

Remember if you have had 6 months in-depth reading on July 11, 2010 through July 31, 2010 this might be a time for an up date.  Otherwise you might want to wait until the next moon phase which is Oct 07, 2010, however if you are a cardinal sign it is recommended you get an update as soon as possible.


The Full Moon in Aries marks a time of augmented action and aspirations. People may feel more eager and be more vigorous. This is a good time to begin new projects or to try to implement desired changes.  Like a Ram people some of you may rush and be impulsive about things without considering consequences of you’re your action and forget how it will affect you in the future as well as those around you. Be cautious of selfishness, and anger. At the same time Aries bring out our deepest emotions, and it will be passion and brave to face anyone that challenges them.  Don’t fight the energy be strong and force your self to begin something new.

Since, moon in Aries represents determined, stubborn, irritable, courageous, and vigorous it is my suggestion for us to remain objective.  This full moon is astonishing to many signs. It will still affect all cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn) and Scorpio’s.

It is my suggestion that you purchase a white candle and carve your name one through the wick.  Anoint the candle with lavender oil sandalwood and chant the psalm 39.  You may also choose to recite a mantra every morning until the next moon cycle. Remember that with all applications of psalms and mantras achieving the desired result is depended upon the quality of intention, and when it comes to finding satisfying relationships, it is of the greatest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be. The mantras can be hard to pronounce for many but it is a powerful source of energy the mantra for Aries moon is:

“Om Suryaya Namaha”

(Om sur-va-ya Na-ma-ha)

This mantra is the dispeller of gloom and unawareness.

Again do not forget to make a list of 12 affirmations and chant the affirmation on the time of the full moon.  Light a pink candle carve your name on the candle anoint the candle with lavender oil (it can be purchased at a health food store or a new age shop) and chant psalm 111 on the night of the full moon.
Please note these are general tendencies and not particular to any person. I would suggest that you contact an Astrologer for the latest update on how to handle this energy and what to expect. To contact a recommended Astrologer of your choice click Here

Additionally I do not claim to be an Astrologer but as a Vedic reader we must use graph of celestial transformation as a utility to give you the most objective path way to a spiritual light which is only handled by the universal powers.

Again, if you are an Aries or have Aires in your chart I would encourage you to get a update on your self reading or get one to see where your direction leads to change it to make sublime changes.



Trends: Autumn 2010




Astrological Tendencies for Autum 2010

Trends: Sept, Oct and November 2010


Maharani Rutan

It has been an uncomfortable period for many with Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron being retrograde.  It’s almost like being torn in all directions. Thus I will break each cycle down and perhaps you can feel some relief. I will put the summary in timeline order so that you can follow how things develop.  In the Vedic philosophies when a planet is retrograde it means Karma time so remember always retrograde is not always bad it means what Karma do you have to pay back and what do you need to learn?


Beings its direct movement September 12, 2010 and stations September exact on September 27, 2010.  Unlike most retrograde periods, in 2010 Mercury retrogrades four times.

Normally Mercury retrogrades two times a year however this year it is three some people will say four.  The last retrograde period being December it seems to feel like a re-run show from last December. Therefore, the retrograde periods were in April/May, August/September and last one December/January

Mercury is basically a planet of thought, reconsideration and communication.  Mercury about thinking through things before acting, looking at possible reaction before action and lastly it’s about either letting go of things that are no longer useful but before you do you must think about the consequences of your own action.

Mercury begins its motion directed today September 12, 2010, at 7:09pm EST. If anyone says the Mercury is direct to you this means they do not understand the Ghost period.  Mercury is NOT direct it is moving direct. Usually any planet that turns retrograde it must go back to position.  It’s like a train that has no coal this means that it will take just as long to get back to normal.  Though some of you may feel a tad bit better in how things are with you.  Don’t get too excited yet.  Mercury will be station and finish its journey on September 27, 2010.

This means what ever you have, what ever you think, what ever it is that happened to you during retrograde will be until it is revisited again December 10, 2010.

Beings its direct movement September 12, 2010 and stations September exact on September 27, 2010.  The next retrograde period begins November 22, 2010 (Ghost period) effects will be noted more so December 10, 2010 and it will reach its station January 18, 2010.  


Pluto is a planet of change.  Whatever that is toxic for you will eventually leave.  Moreover, Pluto will make sure it goes and even if you want it will go.  Pluto is also about accepting changes that Pluto is about the self.  If it is not healthy let it go.  Many Capricorns may have felt these aspects. Perhaps you fought to keep someone in your life that is not beneficial or make you happy.  Perhaps it was that you are changing not them. Nevertheless, it has to go and it must go. Either they change to accept or you change to accept if you want to keep them.  Since you can’t control the other you can control you.  So its time to ask how badly do you want it and for what purpose? This is what Pluto does.  It scares, angers and confuses you to force you to throw it away.  But the big relief comes back to Capricorn what ever is gone is gone.  It won’t come back to this degree again this year.

This means many people who are undergoing these affects will feel some relief September 13-14 but remember give it about two weeks and look for complete relief for this year around September 27, 2010. However, it may peek his little head out in November 2010 for a temporary phase.


Jupiter is a wonderful planet it is the one that one should always embrace.  It is Luxmi it is the planet of luck and fortune. During retrograde time which began approximately July 23, 2010, your money could have been slow or the luck you used to have seems to have runs out.  Or even that job you wanted falls through and it sat in Aries. Jupiter enters Pisces so look at what happened to you around January through July.  Was your money good? Did you have a good job? Or the opposite?

Whatever that it is just hang on for just a little while longer because it will all change November 21,  2010 when Jupiter begins its motion forward.


Neptune is a planet of confusion and ego.  Usually in the Vedic Astrology it is known as Ketu as planet of clashes and denials.  Even if we think we are satisfied in something we are not and we have a vague inclination of something is not true to us. Neptune is about the inner voice, and your psyche. During retrograde there is a chance of suspicion and overwhelmed by feelings of dissolutions.  This period began on May 31, 2010.  So be calm! Your suspicions or accusations may not be totally true and this may mean you may loose something important to you because of your own suspicion.

This period will last until November 7, 2010 and perhaps giving an additional two weeks which will fall right around the November 25, 2010 right at Thanksgiving would not be a bad idea. This period made Aquarius a little chilled and those who have Aquarius in their chart may have felt a little too.


Chiron is about feelings and realization. When Chiron is retrograding those painful times in our lives become more intense and we feel more than we want to. Chiron is known as a teacher who could not heal himself.  Chiron represents a focus that we must face the issues in hand first and learn to rise above them.  But during retrograde time we are not able to see beyond our blinders.  Denying what you have must go or what you had is really gone.

This period begin June 4 in Pisces.  It will not begin its motion forwards until November 7, 2010.  Give or take two weeks for the ghost period will, this means things may become very clear around November 24, 2010.

More good news is that Venus and Mars entered Scorpio this means if you are a Scorpio or have any planets in Scorpio what out all eyes are on you.  But Venus wont stay there forever it will retrograde in beginning of October and may not move to is position until middle of November.

There are so many wonderful things about to come in November it seems like many of us may actually sit down for dinner with our close ones and be embrace.


Beautiful Venus, she goes retrograde every 18 months for us to review our love life and think about our needs.  One of the wonderful things she has been doing is she has decided to use mars as a punching back in Scorpio for a little while.  But the punching bag is turning into love love love for Scorpios.  With all this energy she will be visible a gigantic star in the sky.

Venus affects our way of thinking, our emotions, and hunger for relationships it can also be a desire for money and success.  She sets the stands for social attitudes, and behaviors.  She looks over areas of romance, marriage and every asset of interpersonal relationships.  She allows us humor and gives the incentives for happiness. While it is retrograde a relationship or partnerships slow down like a car with a flat tire.  When Venus is retrograde it forces us to re-evaluate relationship of all kinds and focus upon unfinished business especially in areas of feelings and finances.

Fixed signs will be greatly affected by this retrograde (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) or those who have Scorpio in their chart

This period begins October 5  in Scoprio.  Venus will then change signs on November 12, 2010, into Libra.  I will write more about it as it becomes a bit closer.

Please remember these are general tendencies and not everyone will fell all the effects.  But you can change your destiny by not allowing these things to bog you down.  For example during retrograde I got rid of things that were no longer beneficial for me by discarding things that weighed me down to make room for new and better things.  When Pluto went retrograde instead of Pluto forcing me to let of people I did it my self because I can no longer allow toxic things in my life. Always remember everything depends upon your faith and how you handle the situation.  You can change your destiny either choose to accept the Karma that the Universe brings to you or resist it but at the end you shall too realize there is no power higher than the Universe.

Additionally please keep in mind I am neither an astrologer nor claim to be but in Vedic readings we have to encompass the Karmic views as our maps to reality.  For more information of how these aspects will affect you, I recommend that you make a special appointment with my recommended Astrologers Here.

Wishing you the best of September, October and Part of November 2010.. but remember Cardinal signs may still be going through their ups and down for quite sometime. It is my suggestion that you set up an appointment with a recommended Astrologers Here. Or set set up an appointment with me at a 20% discount as long as you are on my mailing list.

The best way to contact me is

Choose the change otherwise it will be forced upon you and always remember you are in the Univeses playground not vice a versa.